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2016 Philippine Taekwondo Ground Rules

The 2016 Division Taekwondo Competition will begin on October 22, 2016 at Gaisano Capital

Any violation of the ground rules will result in the forfeit of games together with disciplinary actions.


A. Contestants may be fielded in any of the following categories:


A. Top 8 Teams of the previous season will be seeded into 4 different groups. This will be done by draw
of lots. Teams that competed in the round robin stage of the previous season will also draw to
determine their group assignment (A, B, C & D). New Teams will draw from Group C or D.

B. This will have a single elimination round with teams going up against only those in their group
(example: A, B, C & D).

C. From the elimination round, 8 teams will enter the Quarter Finals with the top 2 of each group in
terms of win loss record and 2 best 3rd placers of each group making the group of 8. (Win over the
other rule will apply in case of tie team scores and best quotient will also apply in case of a triple tie.)

D. The Quarter Finals will have a single knockout format. (1 8), (2 - 7), (3 6), (4 5).

E. The Semi Finals will be (1 3) and (2 4).

F. The Finals will have 1 match to determine the champion.

G. A Fighting Order of 10 Players will be submitted to the Tournament Director on the day of the
competition. The first five listed in the fighting order form will compete according to their respective
weight/height categories as specified in the ground rules.

H. The first five (5) contestants will compete for only one (1) round, according to their respective weight
categories following the specified time and rest period. This will continue until the 5th Player finishes.
The scored points of each contestant will be cumulative and displayed on the screen monitor. Total
Score will carried over unto the second stage of the contest. This will be called the Tag Round.

I. After having completed the 5 rounds in regulation time and competing in the specified weight/height
categories, the tag round will be a single round of five (5) minutes with unlimited substitution among
team members listed in the fighting order. The team with the most number of points after this round
will be declared the winner of the match.

J. It will be the discretion of the coach to designate the player and the time allotment in the tag round.
- 20 seconds is the minimum time before a contestant can be substituted.
- 1 minute is the maximum time allowed for a contestant to play continuously.
- A contestant, who has played continuously for 1 minute, must also be substituted for 1 minute and can
return after the mentioned duration.
K. Substitution will be done by the raising of the blue or red card on each side by the coach or
designated person. The time will be stopped upon the declaration of Kalyeo (2 3 seconds) and the
acknowledgment of the center referee. Match will continue upon the declaration of Kyeseok.

L. When the center referee has recognized a substitution and time has been stopped, no action must
take place and the substituted player must immediately leave the playing area. Failure to comply will
result in Kyongo or Gamjeum penalties. Penalties can be awarded in the tag round when there is no
action within 5 seconds between the contestants

M. In case a player in the regulation round is unfit to continue or withdrawn with time still remaining in
the round as a result of a legitimate technique, the player on the opposing side will be awarded 10
points aside from points previously scored.

N. The rule will also apply to a player who has been declared unfit by the commissioned doctor as a
result of a Gamjeum penalty due to an illegitimate technique. He/she will be awarded 10 points aside
from points previously scored.

O. In case a team will not be able to field a single contestant in a weight division, the opposing side will
be awarded 10 points for each slot.

P. If a player will compete 2 times in a specific category, 10 points will also be awarded to the opposing
side in order for the former to compete.

Q. Contestants will not be allowed to play twice in a specific weight category if their submitted line- up
has at least 5 players.

R. The 10 Kyongo disqualification rule will not be in effect in all rounds.

S. There will be a team tally for all divisions. No individual players tally.

T. All matches in regulation time and round for the Seniors and Juniors Division will be 2 minutes, 1
round. The Cadet Division will have 1 minutes, 1 round. Thirty seconds (30) will be the allotted rest
period preceding the next contestant.

U. There will be 1 or 2 courts (size: 8m x 8m or 10m x 10m) during the competition.

V. The Protective Scoring System (PSS, Electronic Armor) will be used for all divisions in all matches.
Electronic Scoring System (ESS) will be used when no PSS is available.

W. Video Replay will be allowed only in the regulation round of each contestant. He/She will be allotted
only 1 quota per player per match. No Video Replay in the tag round of the contest. However, in this
stage the corner judges can call for conference when valid points or technical points are scored but not
awarded or displayed on the screen monitor. Points to be awarded must be confirmed by at least two
(2) corner judges and the Video Jury. Center Referee cannot call for conference.

X. In case of a tied score at the end of the match, Golden Point (result of a kick) will decide the winner
with each team selecting their best player (regardless of weight) and competing in one (1) regulation
round. In case no player scores the Golden Point, winner will be decided by superiority. Video Replay
will be allowed during this stage of the contest.

Y. All rules and codes of conduct under the World Taekwondo Federation and Philippine Taekwondo
Association will apply in this tournament. (Proper Conduct and Dress Code must be observed at all times
during the event.)

Z. Provision for National Team Guest Players: National Team members will be allowed to compete as
guest players of a team that will be determined by draw lots prior to or on the day of the scheduled
match. National Team members will be allowed to play 1 round in regulation time in a specified weight
category. They cannot participate in the Tag Round.


B. Entries must be submitted using the official forms provided in the
ground rules.
C. If a team decides to withdraw from the league, the withdrawal fee will be P15, 000.00. A Team that
defaults on a scheduled day will be fined P10, 000.00

1. Protests shall be made in writing using the Protest Form. The protest fee is Php1, 000.00.
2. The protest shall be submitted to the Tournament Director or Division Chairman not later than 10
minutes after the match in question.
3. If the Arbitration Committee decides in favor of the protesting party, the protest fee shall be
4. A written protest and protest fee shall not be required in the following cases and shall be resolved
with the Tournament Manager:
a. Questions about a players affiliation or good standing with the PTA;
b. Questions about a players qualifications (eligibility, age, etc.)