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Mozambique Independent
After World War II, while many European nations were granting independence to their colonies, Portugal, under the Estado
Novo regime, maintained that Mozambique and other Portuguese possessions were overseas territories of the metropole
(mother country), and emigration to the colonies soared. Calls for Mozambican independence developed apace, and in 1962
several anti-colonial political groups formed the Front for the Liberation of Mozambique (FRELIMO), which initiated an
armed campaign against Portuguese colonial rule in September 1964.

FRELIMO was founded in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania on 25 June 1962, when three regionally based nationalist organizations
– the Mozambican African National Union (MANU), National Democratic Union of Mozambique (UDENAMO), and the
National African Union of Independent Mozambique (UNAMI) merged into one broad based guerrilla movement. Under
the leadership of Eduardo Mondlane, elected president of the newly formed Mozambican Liberation Front, FRELIMO
settled its headquarters in 1963 in Dar-es-Salaam. The Rev. Uria Simango was its first vice-president. Headquartering the
movement in Mozambique would not have been practicable because of the intolerance of the Portuguese for nationalist
movements and the strength of the police. (The three founding groups had also operated as exiles.) Tanzania and its
president, Julius Nyerere, were sympathetic to the Mozambican nationalist groups. Convinced by recent events, such as the
Mueda massacre, that peaceful agitation would not bring about independence FRELIMO contemplated the possibility of
armed struggle from the outset, although it did not launch its first attack until September 1964.

With the help of China, the URSS and some Scandinavian countries FRELIMO formed a very strong guerilla which fought
vigorously against the Portuguese regime. In 1975, after the April 1974 Carnation Revolution, and the overthrow of the
Portuguese Estado Novo regime, Portugal and FRELIMO negotiated Mozambique's independence, which came into effect
in June of that year. FRELIMO then established a one-party state based on Marxist principles with Samora Machel as
President. The new government received diplomatic and some military support from Cuba and the Soviet Union.

Source: Wikipedia 2010 - Modified by David

Section I. Answer the questions bellow

1. After World War II, while several European Nations were granting independence to their colonies, Portugal
A. also granted independence B. didn’t grant independence because of the Estado Novo Regime
C. maintained that several European countries were granting independence to their colonies
D. considered its colonies as its overseas territories

2. FRELIMO was founded because

A. of several colonial political groups B. the metropole refused to grant independence to Mozambique
C. there was an armed campaign against Portuguese colonial rule D. there were calls to independence

3. Under the leadership of Eduardo Mondlane:

A. headquartering the movement in Mozambique wouldn’t be practicable
B. peaceful agitation wouldn’t bring about independence C. FRELIMO lunched its first attack in 1964
D. FRELIMO was founded in Dar-es-Salaam on 25 June 1962

4. Mozambican were convinced that peaceful agitation wouldn’t bring about independence because
A. FRELIMO contemplated the possibility of armed struggle from outset
B. of the strength of the police C. there were different regional anti-colonialist movements
D. of the intolerance of the Portuguese for nationalist movements

5. The Portuguese Estado Novo Regime was overthrown

A. in order to negotiate Mozambique’s independence B. by Portugal and FRELIMO
C. before the end of 1974 D. by China, URSS and some Scandinavian countries
6. After Mozambique had become independent
A. Samora became the 2nd president of Mozambique B. a Marxist government was established
C. FRELIMO and Portugal established the new government D. Cuba and Soviet Union helped form a new government

Section II: a) Choose the correct sentence or phrase in 7, 8 … 18. Simply circle the letter.

7. By June 2 ------ the glasses in the windows

A. we will have put B. we will have being putting C. we will have putting D. we will be putting
8. I have got --------------------- money. I don’t know what to do with it.
A. a little B. so much C. much D. few
9. Nothing could be done ----------- for help
A. if you hadn't called B. if you called not C. if you haven't called. D. if you didn't
call 10. They had a hard time after the death of their son , but then they managed
to ________________ A. get on B. get away
C. get through D. get by 11. This is a very boring place to live.
------------ to do. A. there is little
B. there are a few C. there is a little D. there are few 12. I
wasn’t well yesterday. I spent -------------------------- in the bed
A. all the day B. all of the day C. most of day D. whole of the day
13. Which of the following is in active voice?
A. All of them have been present since then. B. Problems are solved C. He will be seen soon
14. My teacher always ----- me because of my absences.
A. gets to B. gets about C. gets through D. gets at
15. Chose the right set of synonyms.
A. blame/ accuse B. lethal/ deadly C. smile/laugh D. now/then
16. I was guarding the store at the front while the boxes -------- .
A. had been stolen B. were being stolen C. had being stolen D. were stolen
17. Which of these sentences is correct?
A. I watched a lot of the films. B. Few of the shops were open
C. Believe me. I don't know any of the tourist D. Much of this rice is rotten
18. To bring up has the same meaning as ...
A. educate B. create C. import goods D. spoil someone

II. b) Put the following sentences into appropriate reported speech

19." Do not move now. I will tell you when to move." _______________________________________________________
20. "I really didn't like your answers. They were given cunningly." _____________________________________________
21. "I confirm; Antonio was accused of being a slave trader." __________________________________________________
22. "My parents must be coming. So, you must be careful." ___________________________________________________
23. "I know we do not have enough money" ________________________________________________________________
24. "Did you manage to meet him on Monday?" ____________________________________________________________
25. "Yes. I did. But he got angry because I hadn't called him before." ____________________________________________
26. "I wish rather we didn't meet this evening. I am very tired."_________________________________________________
Good Luck – David