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Despite its generic title, this "Ancient Lemurian Prayer" was,

according to some esoteric scholars, actually quite important to the
history--and destruction--of Lemuria. It was a powerful warding
against the weakest of the "Elder Gods" (or more accurately Old
Ones). By one account, this very same prayer once worked against a
Lesser Old One called Suggor Yogeroth, who had invaded Earth from
a distant star. Suggor Yogeroth was only barely defeated by the
combined might of the Lemurians. Their victory had come with a
terrible cost--the sundering of their island paradise forever beneath
the waves.

Properly pronounced, the Lemurian words resonate with subtle

energies! The meanings of these words have been lost to the passage
of time, but with them the Lemurians cast out Suggor Yogeroth from
this world hundreds of thousands of years ago.

Be aware that the "Ancient Lemurian Prayer" is not always effective;

indeed--against some of recent paranormal and extradimensional
incursions--the prayer appears to be helpless.

Use this prayer to repel the Lesser Old Ones and their minions, and
other examples of lower entities.

Nef azz-ram.

Nef azz-diss.

Na Graf Azzur.

Ba Grom Nagrom Diss.

Nef Azzgrom Dis.

Diss Abbal!

Repeat as often as needed.

Due to the previous encounter between the Lemurians and Suggor

Yogeroth, that Old God from the Great Abyss is especially powerless
against this spell, this mantra, this prayer.

COMMENT: These words have passed down through the ages, hidden
in remote locations around the planet. They were preserved by the
hidden keepers of knowledge, about whom, more I cannot say. But
one can find them in Mike Mignola's Batman/Hellboy/Starman, a
two-issue crossover comic book story from 1999, and it is included in
the graphic collection Hellboy: Masks and Monsters (2010).