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Warehouse Automation

with Forklift Producer

Growing personnel costs
Inevitable human factor mistakes

Lower average order processing speed

Less effective space usage
Accidents, human injuries
Solution - Warehouse Automation
Significant decrease in both direct and indirect
personnel expenses
No risks of wrong placements of goods
Increase in orders turnover
Efficient usage of a wharehouse volume
No accidents, trauma, injuries
Example of Amazon Warehouse Automation

Warehouse dencity increased on 50%

Effieciency improved by 20%
Order making became15min instead of 90min
21mln items are stored and treated
Technology Algorithms Readiness
Placing / removing pallets on/from rack

Pallet placing / lifting in Zone

Narrow Aisle Stacker

Loader pass by stipulated trajectory to Zone Cell

NAS pass by trajectory to rack cell

Reloading Zone
Order Collection Zone
Obstacle detection

Detecton of a wrong load placement on pallet

3 4 5 6 7 8

2 9 Link of WMS with Loaders and NAS

1 0

Process Details
(1) WMS sends request to NAS to collect pallet with defined goods and place them to the cell of Reloading Zone(s).

(2) NAS uses both built-in and visual odometry to approach to the specific cell of a rack.

(3) While in (2) NAS checks whether it approached the shelf enough and gradually slows down to be in a nearest position at a shelf mark.
It checks the bar-code and verifies it with data from WMS.

(4) NAS fine-tunes forks according to the visual data both on pallet and shelf.

(5) NAS forwards forks and picks the pallet. At the ends of forks it has a breakers (B1) for safety during fork insertion. On the inner upper
side of forks it has another safety breakers (B2) that are both ON when both sides of pallet are safely touching it.

(6) NAS moves the pallet controlling it with built-in sensors and B2.

(7) It uses visual odometry to determing if the correct Reloading Zone Cell (RZC) is approached. It gradually slows down before RZC.

(8) NAS fine-tunes forks according to the visual data and places the pallet in RZC verifying action with built-in weight sensors and B2.

(9) NAS informes WMS about task completion.

(10) WMS sends Loader to pick the pallet from RZC and move it to Order ollection Zone. Loader uses passive RFID tags built in floor to
correct odometry errors.

(11) Warehouse Employees are present only in OCZ while picking boxes or items from the pallet to make the Order.
Addressing Safety Concerns
Front and rear ultrasound sensors on vehicles (NAS and Loader) for unexpected obstacle detection

Moving object detection algorithm on every vehicle

Safety breakers at the ends and sides of forks

Safety breakers on the inner upper side of forks to verify that the pallet is on place
during movement

Weight distribution control from vehicle built-in sensors

No access fences around the space with autonomous machinery

Client Economies
To be upgraded 20,000 sqm warehouse with 15 Loaders and NASes
~$10 per sqm to upgrade warehouse floor and structure, 12 months
~$30,000 for 1 Loader or NAS upgrade, up to 4 days
~$40,000 for link with WMS, 6 months
~$200,000 for training, 12 months
Charged to Client:
200,000 + 450,000 + 40,000 + 200,000 = $890,000 lump-sum
$1000/month for support
Client Economies:
Personnel savings of 20 * $1,000/month = $20,000 monthly
Efficiency and turnover improvements at least 5% of monthly warehouse turnover ~ $5,000,000 * 5% = $250,000
Less reserves for damages and losses ~ $50,000
Payback Period for Clients Expenses:
890,000 / (20,000 + 250,000) = 3.3 months
Current Project Team
1) Project Lead - Master of Science, MBA
2) Programmer - Computer Vision, Object Recognition & Positioning
3) Programmer - Computer Vision, Simultaneous Localization & Mapping
4) Hardware Developer
5) Hardware Programmer
What we need. What we suggest.
We need access to the forklift CAN control commands to
finalize Algorithms of Warehouse Automation (from 1 to 2
years). No additional costs from Forklift Producer.

We suggest options that are as follows:

(1) Joint Venture (any country)
(2) Profit Sharing
(3) Royalties
Project Lead - Aleksandr Tsygankov

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