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Tammy Dean was working as a

housekeeper when she decided to

re-route her future and entered the
Apprenticeship Program in 1994. Tammy Electronics Technician Rona Rose
was the first female plumber and the began her apprenticeship in
third woman to successfully complete the electronics while she was completing
Program. her undergraduate degree in
information technology. Her Energy
& Utilities mentors were always
supportive. I like the variety, pace
At the University
and the chance to work with different
people, she said.
of Virginia, women
are making
successful careers
in the trades.
Join us to create
Carpenter Jennifer Maiorano works on
your career.
many renovations including the historic
buildings. A lot of people know UVas Bonnie Barnett worked in Ohio as a
history but seeing it first hand is a whole skilled machinist. When she returned
different experience. I take great joy in to Virginia, machinists jobs were not University of Virginia Facilities Management
knowing that I am a part of keeping this available but her years in the workforce Human Resources & Training

beautiful, 200-year-old University, alive taught her to be adaptable and to use 575 Alderman Road

and functioning to its fullest potential, her wide range of skills. Bonnie now Charlottesville, VA 22904-4726
she said. works with our Project Services team.
Meet some of the women who are
creating successful trades careers at
the University of Virginia.
They have diverse backgrounds and a range of experiences.
They have different goals, career plans and family responsibilities.
And they share this fact: the trust, respect and opportunities at
UVa Facilities Management are the reasons they work here. Caitlin Murtaugh had
already completed her
Here are their stories.
Bachelors Degree in Art
Join us to create your career and your story. History and Architecture
at Pennsylvania State
Mariah Kurpel said she knew since she Kristi Williams interest in University before
was in the sixth grade that she wanted plumbing began when she she entered the
to be a plumber when she grew up. As was helping a friend snake Apprenticeship Program
a teenager, she helped with renovations lines, repair water heaters and in 2011. She chose the
on her familys home. Mariah entered pull well pumps not delicate plumbing trade because
UVas Apprenticeship Program in 2010. tasks but she enjoyed the she is fascinated by
My mentors have been great about work. She became a plumber construction. Caitlins goal
teaching me the trade and treating me apprentice in 2013. Kristis is to move into project
with respect, she said. favorite part of her job is management.
getting to use the advanced
When Daisy Dejesus toured CATEC tools UVa makes available.
with her seventh grade class years
ago, she watched carefully as masons
demonstrated their trade. I can do Nikki Lemmer wanted to be an auto mechanic but she
that, she recalled saying to herself. knew that after high school graduation in 2011, college
Masonry is an was not an option. She was accepted as an electrician
art, like playing apprentice that same summer. I enjoy the challenge its
the violin like a great puzzle, she said, and I have the satisfaction
it requires of seeing the finished product.
dexterity, Daisy
said. She has
learned the
On the front: Cheryl Larocco completed her electrical apprenticeship in Sacramento, CA
trade well.
and mentored other apprentices there for 20 years. She joined Facilities Management
She plays violin
in 2012. I love electricity and I love the variety here, she said. The big wires, the
well, too.
major distribution, full buildings theres always something different and entertaining.