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On the job training Report Paper

Philhealth is a government insurance company that cover for the insurance of people in
different places inside the Philippines and also including the people who is a Filipino but works
abroad as long as the person applies for a registration as a member of Philhealth. For a payment
of Php 2400 year or Php 600 quarterly or Php 1200 every 6 months a person can avail of the
different privileges that Philhealth can give. There are 9 categories of membership in Philhealth
namely the sponsored, which the payment will come from the local government unit or private
entities, overseas Filipino worker, NHTS this are people who cannot afford to pay the premium
of Philhealth or are part of the 4ps program, the individually paying members. Lifetime
members are classified into two part the senior citizens wherein when you reach the age of 60
years old you can become a member without paying and avail the benefits, second are the non
paying members in which when a person reaches constant payment of 10 years the succeeding
years will be non payment as long as he or she reaches the appropriate age. Government
employees, the employees of the government which share on the payment of their premium with
the employers. The private employees are the employees who work in private entities and also
they share payment of their premium with their employees.

Being part of Philhealth is fun and I have learned a lot from them, they have employees
that help us on the task that we are doing, they taught us a lot of things and are easily going. For
the past weeks we have been doing a lot and we have been busy sorting, encoding, writing and
also sometimes interacting with the customers. We have to sort the boxes that needed to be
sorted according to their category because each category has their own box codes and so that
they can be easily found especially when placed in the storage room and also for future purposes
they are being required to do it. For almost a week the 3 of us sorted boxes of PMRFs, arrange
them according to the dates and month and then place them in a box separately. I listed the
boxes, according to their number, I have to go to the storage to search for the numbers of each
box and listed them together with its description, and date when they will be able to be disposed
or destroyed after doing that I have to encode them by number and list them in the storage report
papers so that they will be able to track down the papers and how many boxes are there. We also
have to view how we can be able to edit information of some of the members, we had the chance
to try it with the supervision of our supervisors and that they teach us on how to do them. We
were also given the task to look at some of the employers master list and find the persons which
have been separated, resigned and to be added to the entity. We have to look very carefully so
that we would not be able to miss a person and later we are being taught how to add them or
remove them from the entity. The employee or person being removed from the entity will be
marked separated and this would also mean that the entity will have less to pay and if there are
people being added additional payment will be charged depends on the salary bracket of the
person. Employers who do not declare the name of their employees are being mandated to do so,
so that he or she can also avail the benefits that the company is giving, even when that person
will be working for a short period of time. Some employees also do not want to have a Philhealth
because they thought that it is just a minus on their salary, instead of applying for Philhealth they
would rather get the money for their personal needs but they also have to consider that if ever
something will happen to them they will not be able to avail of the benefits because they are not
members of Philhealth, only members can avail so they have to register also. People should also
pay their Philhealth premiums, not only when they need or someone is already in the hospital
before they will pay it.

On the third week of March there are few things to do in the membership section so we
went to the claims section to help or fellow on the job trainee to check the claims, count they if
the number of transmittal on the claims are the same with the number of claims being given. We
have to be very extra careful on counting because one miscount would be very hard. We counted
how many sponsored, NHTS, individually paying, overseas Filipino worker, government
employees , private employees, senior citizens and lifetime members are being admitted to the
hospital and tally them on a piece of paper. After counting we return them to the supervisor
assigned on the claims. We were also given task to assist employers on the EPRS, printing their
SPA and posting their payments. We got to teach them how they would do it, what to click they
also have to check if their employees are correct or if someone is missing and someone has not
been removed. Employers also had the chance if to see if the information is correct about their
entity, we also discussed with them the different functions of the buttons and if they have
concerns we are willing to answer. Interacting with the customers require a lot of
professionalism, patience and understanding because some customers would ask a lot of
questions that are repeated they would ask it again and again even if you already answered it.
Serve people with a smile on your face even if you dont feel like smiling because the customers
might think that you dont want to entertain them this is one thing that I have learned for the past
months as an on the job trainee.

We also printed IDs of senior citizens and sponsored members sorted them for
distribution to different Provinces and to their particular barangays. Double check if the
informations given are correct and match to the record and the one that they have signed, some
senior citizens at their age most of the time dont have a stable birth dates because some of them
would just remember the year but the exact date they are not quite sure so we have to double
check their senior citizen card ID and verify the information to avoid wasting IDs and so that
they will not return every time that they would discover the error made.

One thing that I have learned in Philhealth is be happy on the things that you do, enjoy
what you do. Learn to mingle with people adapt to the environment and especially deal with your
customers in a good way even if the situation is not good. The customers are the priority and that
they deserve a good treatment and assist whenever they need something. Without the customers,
there would be no work and no services to be provided for no one will use it. In Philhealth
every people must be a member, every member is protected/ bawat Pilipino dapat miyembro,
bawat miyembro are protectado. Members are guaranteed with full benefits in Philhealth it
lessens the burden of financial problems.