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Greetings & Welcome to the road to Sovereignty!!

We have attempted to make the process of becoming a Sovereign as simple as possible with our pre
formatted papers. We hope this helps you on your path to becoming Sovereign. First lest us get the legal
disclaimer out of the way.

****Notice of Legal Disclaimer****

Restore America Now does not give any legal advice whatsoever.

Restore America Now are Not lawyers and do not practice Law.

If you need law advice, Please contact an attorney at law. The information and
content provided on this website herein is for entertainment and educational
purposes only.

Restore America Now is making such material available to advance moral

understanding of environmental, political, rights, economic, freedom, scientific,
and other issues, etc.

Restore America Now and or its contributors mission is to educate men and women
and restore true peace to the living water, the living earth and the people and
animals that inhabit it.

Therefore Restore America Now is indemnified and held harmless in agreement by

all parties that so choose to use the Sovereignty documents.

Now that we have that out of the way we will describe certain things about the forms and
how to fill them out.

When filling out the forms you will notice there are sections that are in a RED text. These
are the areas that you will be needing to change to reflect your information or your
strawmans information, and then making sure that they are black when you print
them out. Other times in might be assets or other information that needs to be filled
in like a car, boat, home, birth certificate, SSN# application etc.

So here is a quick run down of the steps with some dos and donts put in.

UCC-1 Sovereignty Steps and Instructions

Sovereignty Introduction History and Background Steps and Instructions Document Templates Birth
Certificate Redemption
The Common Law The Courts Admiralty/Maritime Law Statutory Legislation The Uniform Commercial
Code Legal Language
Creating Income Daily Affairs Home and Land Traveling Sovereign Dos and Don'ts
Step #1 Towards Becoming Sovereign
Instructions and Greetings 1
File A UCC-1 Financing Statement and it's Associated Documents.

Here is a simple introduction to comprehending the process and reasons for filing one's UCC-1
(Uniform Commercial Code) Financing Statement or 'Security Interest' and and an explanation and set
of easy to follow correct steps of The UCC-1 Filing Process, The use of the agreements that go along
with UCC-1, and the Copyright Notice. This is all for the purpose of regaining control of your agent in
commerce, the STRAWMAN!

Filing a UCC1 Financing Statement is the filing of a legal document into the public as evidence of you
regaining control over your Agent in commerce, your strawman. It had been abandoned on the sea (see)
of admiralty where it was salvaged by Government and big corps to use for their own gain and benefit.

By filing the document you are noticing the state, the public, that you are regaining rightful control
over the strawman- birth certificate name for your benefit and not the states and that you are now no
longer delinquent.

By filing you also show that you are the secured party and Principal Creditor to the strawman vessel
trust cestue Qui Trust as the Trust was set up to benefit the living spirit within the body of a man and
NOT for the benefit of anyone else, government, corporations or your strawman.

You the living man, are the beneficiary of the Trust, the Trust being made up of a number of parties
including you, your vessel, the state and Commonwealth Governments.

The strawman is YOUR debtor. Because the living man is NOT to own anything, we have use and
possession, as good stewards it is the job of your vessel agent in commerce, acting as a Trustee to the
Trust, and whatever assets are being accumulated by the Trust is controlled by the Trustee your
strawman, for YOU as the beneficiary. YOU are therefore the Holder in Due Course (HIDC) of the real
estate assets held in Trust because the Titles are held in the name of you agent in commerce but the Deed
is in YOUR possession and that makes YOU HIDC.

Upon filing a UCC1, you also produce several accompanying documents that are all PRIVATE
documents and NOT to be issued into the public. All these documents ae referenced on your UCC1
filing by a code number so there is evidence of there existence, BUT they are to remain PRIVATE.

1. The first is the Security Agreement which is a private document evidencing a contract between you
and your dead at law legal fiction strawman crown security interest name. It is an agreement that
evidences that you have a mutually agreed with the agent in commerce that the vessel agent in
commerce owes you $1B, yep, one billion dollars. It lists a whole range of securities and their values
which YOU have the principal lien position over, the whole of the estate and is a principal mechanism of
protection against outside predators in the world, particularly on the high seas of admiralty law where
there are abundant pirates called Governments and big corporations. Because YOU are the Principal
Creditor, any other claimant against your vessel agent in commerce, can only be a secondary creditor
and can only get at your estate WHEN YOUR vessel agent in commerce has been paid the $1Billion
which you receive as beneficiary, then the predator may have access to the estate of the Trust. It is our
most effective defense to protect real estate and other property from predators on the high seas.

2. Hold Harmless and Indemnity Agreement. To my knowledge this private agreement between you and
your agent in commerce is effected to ensure that you indemnify the public against any damage you, as
the living, make against any member of the public as they operate only under limited liability insurance
and therefore are at risk to damage by your day to day activities. It is simply insurance to protect
members of the public from any accidental or delinquent actions from us as private people.
Instructions and Greetings 2
3. Private Agreement - is a private agreement evidencing a contract between you and your dead at law
legal fiction strawman crown security interest name. It is an agreement that evidences that there is an
agreement a set of tasks and objectives between the parties. For example, it shows the strawman has
agreed to accept all deposits for and on your behalf into his bank account(just look at your credit card or
statement to identify whose account it is) because you cannot touch that filthy lucre. You in return, have
agreed to fill out his tax return (he cannot because he is a piece of paper and is dead Fred!) and sign it

Filing A UCC1 Financing Statement

Note: It is important to first create the documents below before you create your UCC1 Financing
a) Security Agreement/Common Law Copyright Notice
b) Hold Harmless And Indemnity Agreement
c) Private Agreement
d) Security Agreement
e) Schedule-A for The Security Agreement
f) Declaration Of Sovereignty

NOTE: Bar the Security Agreement/Common Law Copyright Notice you do not have to show/provide
a) Hold Harmless And Indemnity Agreement
b) Private Agreement and
c) Security Agreement
to any 3rd party whatsoever. These documents are for your private usage/filing. There is no law that
forces you to have to disclose the contents of these documents or even provide a copy for any 3rd party.
Just keep them in a safe place and do not show them to anyone unless you really want to. However, you
will need to show the Security Agreement/Common Law Copyright Notice to 3rd parties from time to
time as evidence that you have copyrighted your name.

Also, don't forget when creating/writing your documents to 3rd parties to use your trademark (TM) at
the end of your name. There is no registration required for the TM. Joe BlowTM or Joe BlowTM

Before You Register Your UCC1 Financing Statement You Must Have Completed A
1. Security Agreement/Common Law Copyright Notice With Number (CN),
2. Hold Harmless And Indemnity Agreement With Number (HHIA),
3. Private Agreement With Number (PA)
4. Security Agreement With Number (SA).
5. Schedule-A For Security Agreement (SA-A)
6.Declaration Of Sovereignty

The Number For Your Security Agreement/Common Law Copyright Notice Is Derived From The Date
You Turned 18 (eighteen) And From The Initials Of Your Full Name e.g. JOHN ALEXANDER SMITH
born 23rd May 1968 = JAS-230586-CN.

The Number For Your Hold Harmless And Indemnity Agreement Is Derived From The Date You Turned
18 (eighteen) And From The Initials Of Your Full Name e.g. John Alexander Smith born 23rd May 1968
= JAS-230586-HHIA.

Instructions and Greetings 3

The Number For Your Private Agreement Is Derived From The Date You Turned 18 (eighteen) And
From The Initials Of Your Full Name e.g. John Alexander Smith born 23rd May 1968 = JAS-230586-

The Number For Your Security Agreement Is Derived From The Date You Turned 18 (eighteen) And
From The Initials Of Your Full Name e.g. John Alexander Smith born 23rd May 1968 = JAS-230586-

You may now file your UCC-1s on line via the state of Washington. You can see a video of how to do
this at the following youtube link.


Otherwise you can do the following and then send your UCC-1 into your state but if you file via WA
State website you will have the ability to choose your state.

****NOTE*** if you choose to file on line be sure that you get a print out of the UCC-1 otherwise you
will have to call and request one and you will be charged a $15 fee.

Go to your Birth State Secretary of State Website and download a UCC-1 Financing Statement. It will
most likely be in Adobe PDF format.

Also do not forget to delete the red instructions off the top of all the forms
and to make sure that you are only printing in black and white.

If you have any questions or would like arrange a call in which

one of the Restore-AmericaNow.Com team will call you and help
you with your paper work for a fee of $25 per half hour please
email the team at:

You will receive a email reply with request for contact information so that a team
member may call you.


The Restore-AmericaNow.Com Team

Instructions and Greetings 4