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Subject : Comparative Police System

Topic : Jordan Policing System

Submitted by : Emerson T. De villa 4thyear-CCJ

Submitted to : Dr. Ricardo Aquino Jr.

Government System in Jordan

Parliamentary Monarchy Led by monarch

King Abdullah II bin Al-Hussein

Branches of Government

Legislative Makes the law.

Executive Enforce the law.

Judiciary Interpret the law.

Policing System

Name of Police Agency: "Public Security Force

Under the Department of: Public Security Directorate of the Ministry of Interior

History of Policing System

The first police force in the Jordanian state, was organized on 11 April 1921. Ali Khulqi Pasha

Alsharairi was appointed as the first commander of the security force and as a National Security

Counsellor (minister) in the first Transjordan government.

Jordans Legal System

Jordan has a mixed legal system based on civil law, Sharia Law (Islamic Law) and Customary law.


Civil courts

Military courts

Religious courts

Public Security Force are divided into three major functions:

Administrative Police

Judicial Police

Support Operations

The Special Police Force (SPF) used to be separate and elite branch of the Public Security Directorate

(PSD) that focused primarily on combating terrorism.

It has been taken from the PSD and has become a separate law enforcement agency in Jordan known as

"Daraq" which roughly translates to Gendarmerie.

General Directorate of the Gendarmerie of Jordan

Gendarmerie responsibilities includes:

Maintaining law and order;

Riot control;

Arrest of dangerous suspects;

VIP and diplomatic protection;

Supporting other security services.


Towards an excellent security organization at the local, regional and international levels which is able to

contribute effectively in enhancing security and internal stability.


To perform a major role in maintaining security and order through applying the best practices utilizing

human recourses and comprehensive knowledge which provide high degree of security and

assurance for both citizens and residents.

Missions and tasks of Jordanian Gendarmerie

Public surveillance and crime prevention;

Protection of people and property;

Physical protection of installations;

Public order and anti-riot;


Explosive ordinance disposal;

Special operations;

Information gathering and intelligence;

Intervention in civil emergencies and natural disasters;

Relief and rescue operations;

Highest and Lowest rank

The police are headed by the General Director of Public Security, traditionally a senior Jordanian

Army general who then reports to the Minister of Interior

Ranks and insignia of the Police are identical with those of the army.