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Grading Rubric for Written Assignments

HST 197 Fall 2017

Rough Drafts, 10 pts.

10 pts. Excellent: The draft demonstrates superior knowledge of the text(s) by specifically citing 2-3 examples, including
direct quotations, which are analyzed in detail. The draft directly answers the question, and an argument is beginning to

9 pts. Very good: The draft cites 1-2 examples, with at least one direct quotation. It directly answers the prompt, but the
argument is not yet crystal clear.

8 pts. Good: The draft demonstrates a close reading of the text(s) with use of specific examples, but lacks direct citations or
quotes. It answers the prompt, but does not contain a specific argument. The analysis needs development.

7 pts. Needs improvement: The draft contains a partial answer to the prompt but without specific examples and information.
There is no argument present. This draft may have one or two errors. Some analysis, but not thoroughly developed. The
language and main points are very general.

6 pts. Poor: The draft does not show that the student has completed the readings. It hints at an idea or theme that could be
useful in the final draft, but does not explore it fully. There are multiple errors and/or a lack of analysis.

1-5 pts. Substandard: The draft demonstrates no knowledge of the text, and provides only a vague answer to the prompt. It
contains little solid information and/or many errors.

0 pts. Student has failed to complete the assignment.

Final Drafts, 15 pts.

Does the paper follow the directions of the assignment? YES or NO

Criteria Unacceptable Poor Fair Good Excellent

Is there a strong and 0 pts. 1 pt. 2 pts. 3 pts. 4 pts.
evident statement of
argument at the
beginning of the
Is the argument 0 pts. 1 pt. 2 pts. 3 pts. 4 pts.
supported by
evidence that is
correctly cited?
Is the paper well 0 pts. 1 pt. 2 pts. 3 pts. 4 pts.
organized? Does it
stick to the point?
Are there smooth
transitions between
paragraphs and
Is a real conclusion 0 pts. 0.25 pts. 0.5 pts. 0.75 pts. 1 pt.
offered in the final
Is the paper free of 0 pts. 0.5 pts. 1 pt. 1.5 pts. 2.0 pts.
basic grammatical

Specific Comments: