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Wishes in resounance

Table of contents
The first knowledge

Chapter 1 Where I find the spring of my strength?

Chapter 2 Which reality is truth in my life?
Chapter 3 How I make my thoughts the reality?
Chapter 4 Uncovering your divine I

The base

Chapter 5 Your deliberate mind becomes the centre of your reality

Chapter 6 Concentration and attention as a successful key
Chapter 7 Your visualization becomes the biggest power
Chapter 8 What is your right thinking worth?
Chapter 9 What you thinking, happens in your life?
Chapter 10 Thus you live with natural laws
Chapter 11 Your conclusion in the thinking
Chapter 12 Creating your desirable picture
Chapter 13 What is a cause and what is an effect?
Chapter 14 Your discipline in the thinking
Chapter 15 Thus you work with the universe
Chapter 16 Wishes according to the science
Chapter 17 How the intuition will help you

The construction

Chapter 18 The law of the attraction

Chapter 19 Vitality in your thought
Chapter 20 Thinking for your new life
Chapter 21 The big secret of the success lies in the thinking
Chapter 22 You have become a new person
Chapter 23 Wealth consciousness in the service of the humanity
Chapter 24 New truth frees you

For quick beginners

Lesson 1 Freely from worries and fears

Lesson 2 How I dissolve negative thinking?
Lesson 3 More prosperity in my life
Lesson 4 Thus I create success
Lesson 5 I wish a work to myself fits
Lesson 6 Why you are here?
Lesson 7 Now I steer my own growth
Lesson 8 How I maintain relations with others?
Lesson 9 What is a property and what is bad?
Lesson 10 Come to health and vitality
Lesson 11 to club right decisions
Lesson 12 Thus luck becomes no more chance
Lesson 13 Hear on your internal guidance
Lesson 14 True love find and harmony in the marriage
Lesson 15 How I remain young also at the age spiritually?
Lesson 16 Life with God

Chapter 1
Where I find the source of my strength

Welcome to the first chapter. This is the beginning of your trip to itself up to the roots of your
existence. There you will discover the power and strength which flows out by the universal, to
you and whose access you can open.

By recognizing this spring you will begin after a short time to internalize knowledge, to
understand and to change thereby your new thinking and your mind. Thus you come to the
possession of this power and strength.

In the first chapter, it is about the respect between your subconsciousness and your experienced
world. To make use to you this respect.

1. Your first realization is that you recognize for yourself that you have a real, experienced
consciousness and you are in the possession to you still of unknown consciousness - to your
subconsciousness. All the same how you feel, whether well whether badly, the state is aware to
you because you experience him really, so really. Causing that what puts out your state you are
made as from Outside when call this or that situation. You experience this state as an illness, as
an exhaustion be poor as, than loneliness etc. very briefly, as a lack.

2. That what you experience depends on what you think. All the same whether you experience
this process in your prevailing feelings, or whether you call thought to you. The result is that you
have something what you do not want thus. That what you do not want is based first in your
internal world. It receives his order by the stream of your thoughts and is still strengthened by
your feeling world, to your emotions, and these cause new thoughts of the same kind again. Thus
you are in your world of thought and feeling world in a constant circulation and experience
accordingly also again and again what you do not want what you call negative. Therefore it is
clear that you are controlled by the most often thought and with the stronger emotions equipped
3. The more often you think a thought, you give the more attention him and this thought is the
more importantly because you integrate this then into the creation of your daily routine. The
thought you dedicate such attention, is also the thought to which you make available most space
in your brain and in your emotions.

4. A clear statement, because if you argue with negative thoughts, feels bad, you will move over
of negative before yourself and your action will have negative effects.

5. What do you do now to change this? Take a good thought, one which brings you in your life
what is pleasant for you. Up to now you know that your thoughts take a certain space in your
brain and with it also in your feeling world. Concentrate your attention now on a thought, for
example, after wealth. Now this thought finds, because it is not yet a wealth, still no space in
your brain. So begins first to create this space to you, to form him and to get ready. If this acts
best of all with the emotional pictures which are available to you. If you have none, then look a
film, go to a travel agency, to a jeweler or make other to get a feeling for wealth. Thereby you
receive first a space for your new thought.

6. Now we create to you a consciousness for your space, so that you can reach this. This means
that not only a space will exist for this thought, but now this space is put on a consciousness step,
so that you are able to do the space also fill with the suitable thoughts and feelings. The new
consciousness gives you in addition the possibility. We must create to you this consciousness
first in your brain, so that you receive access to your subconscious when it has there his existence
you about this consciousness. This consciousness you will also tangle so nicely as you would
want it. If this acts so well you are able, because only on fertile ground this will also grow what
you will scatter later than seeds, as thoughts with feeling.

7. This new consciousness which we have created now in you was already before in your
subconsciousness. Only that you have still made no use of it because to you his was hidden
Existent. You have created now the comparison to your subconsciousness. This subconscious,
falls under influence by your mind, however, it needs for it a consciousness in your mind, so that
it knows what it has to react to. Now this consciousness created in your brain gives you the
chance to place accordingly thought to send these thoughts then as a message to your

8. Your subconsciousness waits for youre consciously thought thoughts to express this then in
your perceptible world. This has always done your subconsciousness, by the way. The difference
was only that you have not thought consciously, but lost in thought and uncontrolled has sent in
your subconsciousness what has perceptibly expressed itself then in your life. Now you are so far
that you deliberate thoughts win as messengers in your subconsciousness most smartly and this
by your emotions in strength, around then better and to achieve clearer results. So that you make
this clarity clear to that what you want, you produce to you in your thought the picture in such a
way that you pay attention to every detail and equip it with most valuable, the nicest and most
colourful one. Since your result should be also nicest, the most colourful and most valuable ones.
Thus you give to your thoughts the suitable form and with it a concrete instruction for your
subconsciousness which wants to know, finally, what exactly is to be done.
9. Now you will have to make some preparations, so that you can hold your thoughts, until the
desired materializes in your life. To see to beginning, you in harmony and rest, in such a way
that you are not deflected, so that the connection, the conversation with your subconsciousness is
not interrupted. Thereby you also protect to yourself your perzeptible success.

10. Only by internal harmony you will be able to think constructive thoughts and to receive the
control of your thoughts and therefore control of the experience which you want to make.

11. Now with your new thoughts you start to decorate the picture and to lie down rightly the
materials which you need to produce just this picture as it should appear in your perceptible
outside world. Then this picture is the order, which message, for that what your
subconsciousness produce what it should produce for you. By the construction of the picture you
have to concentrate only on WHAT and never upon this LIKE, because this LIKE is excluding
job of the subconsciousness which produces with absolute perfection and perfectly this what you
by order gives namely in such a way as you have illustrated it.

12. That what carries your subconsciousness in your life for it you have a consciousness. If it is
for poverty, loneliness, laziness, homelessness, hostility, war, illness etc. Only if you have a
consciousness for something, then it can also express itself in your life. Here so you learn not to
enter your old people of consciousness levels any more, but to deal yourself with new,
wohlgesonnen. You will not visit the old rooms any more.

13. Your knowledge about your change, your new thinking, is the starting point from which you
begin your training. Training means concentration, attention and discipline for you. No changing
the subject more by old habits, no taking up more of stamped thoughts, no attention more of the
external circumstances which are, nevertheless, only one reflexion of your inside, your

14. Your knowledge and your knowledge are it which give you wisdom, so that you can use his
powers in the harmony with the subconsciousness.

15. Remember, your pictures originating in you automatically visit your subconsciousness to
express themselves perceptibly in your life for you.

16. That what offers you the subconsciousness is, by the strength of your thoughts to find an
expression pleasant for you. Even if you do not know it yet, contain your subconsciousness every
conceivable answer and solution on any out thought problem.

17. For everything what you think for whom you have also a consciousness of that you are also
in the possession. The meaning is that you a consciousness develop for the possession which you
have taken over. If you are in the possession of love, you have a consciousness for love. If you
are in the possession of money, you have a consciousness for wealth, you are in the possession of
fitness and balance, then you have a consciousness for health, you are in the possession of a job,
then you have a consciousness for prosperity. Without consciousness, the realization, you cannot
come to the possession. To hold the possession, you need the concentration on what you want,
the attention to equip your thought and to remain the discipline, in order with your thoughts.
18. Your new thoughts must be on the one hand in the harmony with you and your
subconsciousness and stick together at the same time also in harmony. This is of the greatest
possible use to you. Also it is of need that everybody must pull partners of it her greatest possible
use in your last-limited picture. This is one of the big physical laws.

19. If we come now to the possibilities of your connection with your catalogue of the desirable
fulfillment. On this occasion, it is your deliberate mind which shows this connection. This
deliberate mind which has his seat in your brain also is at the same time the seat of your
thoughts. There originates what you want. However, there also reaches all influence to form up
in thought. This makes the importance of your brain only so really clear. Since you are by your
brain now in the duty to filter for yourself favorable from the thoughts unfavorable for you.

20. The exactness with which you your thoughts sound out is also the exactness with which your
thoughts are sent as emissaries in your subconsciousness. These thoughts flow by your nervous
system and then will provide for you, after they have penetrated into your subconsciousness, the
suitable state which your thoughts have released as a cause.

21. To learn to beginning now, to expel negative thoughts from the brain, while you substitute
for them with positive ones. Easier you manage this, while you take away from the negative
thoughts the attention and draw this attention to this what you really want. Through this you start
to change the cause and to move thereby in your life what is pleasant for you.

22. By your brain you can control which thoughts receive access and which not in the door to
your subconsciousness. It is important for the better understanding to get to know this
subconsciousness. Your subconsciousness is without evaluation for what you leave as
emissaries. It counts on the fact that that what you have thought is so right. It holds your thoughts
for plausible and does not question. This subconsciousness wants to project exclusively your
thoughts in your life.

23. Your deliberate mind and your subconsciousness, you bring only by harmony in harmony
what you manage only in the silence. In addition everyday practise is necessary.

24. Your subconsciousness is your treasury. It is a part of the universal, the divine which
expresses itself at all levels of your existence. The universal and your subconsciousness are one,
the only interruption between both has been caused by your EGO. Your subconsciousness and
the universal consciousness have as the only difference that you must grow everything what you
needs by your thoughts (growth principle) and that in the universal already everything exists
(development principle).

25. Because your subconsciousness and the universal one are, there is even a thought, because if
you think and your subconsciousness receives this thought, then the universal also receives this
thought, because your subconsciousness is a part of the universal. Now this thought expresses
itself by you as an individual. The universal and therefore also your subconsciousness always
26. As well as you also have other a subconsciousness. And if other has a subconsciousness, they
can also influence this subconsciousness and develop a life in such a way as they want it. All
people stand by her subconsciousness in connection with the universal consciousness and create
to themselves thus her reality.

27. It is the expression of the universal consciousness, just as I, Thorsten Gabriel whom
expression of the universal consciousness is. This connection is existent by your
subconsciousness. For you is important to know that this connection exists and that you can
make them to yourself by your thoughts benefit. With it you stamp to your subconsciousness
what you want.

28. The universal consciousness is a consciousness without movement; it is just. It is stiff. This
universal consciousness gets exclusively his expression by you as an individual. Just it has
turned back if you properly think, you can express yourself by the strength of your thoughts by
the universal consciousness, while you imagine in your life what is pleasant for you.

29. So that you can lend expression to your thoughts, you must bring this stiff thing which is
called universal consciousness in oscillation. You are able to do this exclusively about your
thoughts. The more hard, the more intensely your thought is, becomes the stronger and there
more intensive your experienced and perceptible expression. You give this swing to the thought
by your feeling, for that what you want and the faith that you already own that what you want.

30. In you the same forces, profundities, energy and answers are included as well as in your
subconsciousness which is the connection with the universal. Because it are a part of the
universal and have learnt that you can steer the subconsciousness by your thoughts and
influence, now you understand that every thought to which you think for itself searches his way
by the subconsciousness and the universal consciousness. There the contents of thought are
produced to appear then in the fastest possible time perceptibly in your life.

31. It should be aware to you that you do not search you any more for the arbitrariness of your
thoughts, uncontrollably her expression, must pause, but will be able by the control of your
thoughts to permit the best, the nicest and the most desirable in your life by this constructive
action only.

Chapter 2
Which reality is truth in my life

You learn that your thought which concentrates upon a certain aim becomes power and
strength. This is important to make your new thoughts thus the habit and to concentrate that
these are stamped to your subconsciousness. Your thoughts become an automatic action and you
will experience your new reality and have your new truth.
1. Your mind is your really experienced consciousness (your reality). With your deliberate mind
you have by your new right thinking, the possibility to feed your subconsciousness according to
your wishes. To give to your subconsciousness only this brings you the desired final result.

2. You will lay your concentration exclusively on this what you want and will not get like you it.
Your subconsciousness is in such a way procure that it itself around the ways concerns that are
necessary to move to you in your life what you have ordered. You cannot prescribe to your
subconsciousness how it has to work, so there lies your concentration on WHAT.

3. Your subconsciousness brings for you in your life what you have thought and what you
determine within your process of thought as a truth. This truth is chained with your feeling world
and the feelings are the engine for your thoughts to reach your subconsciousness. The more
feeling and emotion you contribute your thought and pictures, the experience in your world is the
harder. Therefore your thoughts become your reality.

4. Structure to you your possibility consciously to steer your subconsciousness with your
thoughts in such a way that it moves for you in your life what you want. This is to be created
only by your discipline, your concentration and by your attention.

5. If we take now first your discipline. It is this quality which brings you again and again in your
new way of thinking which holds you, as one says so nicely, with that pole. Your discipline
must be iron and strictly.

6. Now we come to your concentration. The concentration is the fuel which drives your thoughts,
pictures and so also from you desired. With your concentration on the thought, you enable to
this to proceed on the straightest way to your subconsciousness. Your thought takes no detours
and is also not dissuaded by old, disharmonious or ineffective thoughts of his way. If this
concentrated thought has found now his place in the subconsciousness, you hold him there and
indicate your subconsciousness by your concentration the importance and urgency of your

7. And now in the end your attention. With your attention you observe your thoughts, your
surroundings and your feelings. By your attention you feel whether you are still on course
whether you were deflected, or whether you must correct yourself. Your attention also lets know
you what puts out the time for actions, when you deal what to receive what wants to present your
subconsciousness according to your thought to you. This attention is so important, because you
have concentrated always exclusively on WHAT and never upon this AS and also do not know
therefore on which ways to you your subconsciousness will fulfill the thought.

8. Your qualified knowledge and your gained experience say you that your subconsciousness has
become your care spring that you brings in your life what you can reach by nothing else.

9. Your deliberate mind is the controller of your thoughts. Is to be controlled the only job of your
deliberate mind, thought which want in your subconsciousness. Thereby you become the
deliberate ruler and thinker about your experienced world.
10. Your deliberate mind is a changeable consciousness and deals with the external things
because it leaves all impressions from outside which are changeable in your consciousness, your
brain. There these impressions become thought.

11. Everything changeable, all everlasting, the infinite is not called your subconsciousness. Your
subconsciousness also has to the job to look after your respiration and your heartbeat and is
responsible therefore for all vital.

12. The most important job of your deliberate mind is the control of your thoughts. You attain
this control by the fact that you realize your deliberate mind. In addition you should practice to
infuse bad thoughts and to hold only good thoughts. Thereby you filter from your consciousness
what you do not want and gets only what you create to you about your subconsciousness.

13. Your will strengthens your deliberate mind. Your will meets the differentiation between what
you want and do not want what you. Your will and therefore your deliberate mind thereby carry
one high responsibility about your life. Your deliberate mind leaves information and an
impression in your brain and your will is responsible about which experiences or which meetings
you will thereby have. Your will is responsible for how it will go for you whether you are
healthy, well-to-do, happily and contently. For it your deliberate mind must learn to make a
distinction in cooperation with your will which thoughts he leaves in the subconsciousness, or
which thoughts he orders.

14. You are with your deliberate mind in the cooperation with your coached will the master of
your life. Since by your will you can select to you from the catalogue of the life what you want.

15. Your feelings say you which thoughts you must change, or which thoughts you will destroy.
Negative feelings have originated with you from wrong information or advice which your mind
has simply sent out thus and which was not controlled by your will. Thereby you have given to
your subconscious an order which you did not want because your attention did not agree with
your will. You have thought without being watchful, and so without protection, and this
disharmony, indisposition, illness, poverty has caused in you et cetera.

16. That what particularly makes your subconsciousness is that it works absolutely exactly and
delivers the results of your deliberate mind / of will. You must coach your will and your mind
exactly because your subconsciousness puts no questions, it does not judge about what you want,
it simply makes what you think, it makes what comes by your thoughts to him because it
assumes from the fact that you admit your thoughts and therefore that what it should pull to you
in your life controlled and holds it thereby for.

17. To be able to understand better, you can look at this constellation:

- Thoughts, all the same of which kind, want to express themselves always, and have to be able
to do as the only possibility around this exclusively your subconsciousness.
- Your subconsciousness is free of value and the only job it has your subconsciousness, is to be
expressed your thoughts. Whether you like these thoughts or not. Your subconsciousness
classifies your thoughts as true, because it does not judge.
- Your will and your deliberate mind are the only controlling bodies you have, around what you
think of examining and of classifying as true what you want.
- Also is to be known importantly for you that the divine one, the universal lends itself regardless
of your thoughts, about your subconsciousness, his expression, his existence. And just it is
important to know that your subconsciousness if you admit it uses the universal, the divine for
his possibilities to make your thoughts the expression, in your life.

18. At the beginning of your new way of thinking, we use the subconsciousness as a principle of
the growth. In your subconsciousness grow your thoughts. There you agree about your
discipline, your concentration, your attention and your feelings which need food them your
thoughts to appear then as full-grown as a ripe fruit in your perceptible life and to give you that
what you want by your thoughts.
Over again, by discipline, concentration, attention and feeling you bring up to you your thoughts
and thereby everything in your life what your deliberate mind with your will has let in to your

19. You perceive your subconsciousness exclusively about your feelings. These feelings inform
you whether produce what your subconsciousness to you that, this is what you really want to
have in your life.

20. Your realization is this that you recognize that everything meets what you in your life,
everything has happened what to you till present, was drawn by your subconsciousness and you
have released this with it by your own thoughts. To clean to beginning, your mind, your
deliberate mind and to infuse unintentional pictures simply and to substitute with artificial.
Practice this daily, until you attain in it perfection, so that in your mind clarity it rules over this
what is your truth what you want.

21. You thereby extinguish old mental patterns and dissolve old behavior, so that you free the
way for your new thinking.

22. Your subconsciousness does not speak with you. One does not say you that this or that
thought is injurious in his expression. It produces only. In your subconsciousness sit your habits
whether to you these of advantage or to the disadvantage were. It produces from his recollection
of your habits, and must learn by your new thoughts and your deliberate mind as well as your
will to go other ways and to use new possibilities, because it does not produce now any more in
old habits.

23. So that you can understand this, I would like to inform you here that your subconsciousness
on the spiritual side is the memory and the memory of your thoughts. And on the spiritual side it
is the access to the infinite, to the divine. The more deliberately to you this becomes and the
harder your understanding for this access and for this strength and possibility is, or the more you
accept this, there is the bigger the use and the more intensely the result which expresses itself by

Chapter 3
How do I make my thoughts the reality?

The quality of your thoughts, her nature and her character decide on what in your life kick and
therefore to your perceptible reality becomes.
Thereby you recognize that not other in your life carry guilt, but you are responsible completely
alone for it. If you do not like your life, it creates to you by your power about your thoughts

1. If we start getting to you in your life what is pleasant for you what brings you in your life
which makes you happy and contented. The basic condition, so the base on you will send out
your thoughts, is your internal and external harmony. You coach this just as a sportsman coaches
his muscles. So daily.
Sit down in a space, do not sit down on a chair, not too uncomfortably, however, also too laxly.
Inhale by the nose and lay, besides, your focus on the nasal point. Inhale, slowly and deeply,
exhales, until you feel no more breath in yourself, focusing on the nasal point breathes etc. it will
relieve to you finding your relaxation and harmony.

2. You find your harmony in your solar plexus. The solar plexus lies possibly 2 inch below your
breastbone and forms the access to your subconsciousness for you. You can call your solar
plexus also the seat of your feelings.

3. The more pleasantly your feeling is, your solar plexus and therefore the access to your
subconsciousness is the more openly and more ready to receipt. The more depressed or more
unpleasantly you feel, the access is the smaller and more narrowly, so that only a little or nothing
at all of positive can come more to your subconsciousness.

To the expiry:
- Your deliberate mind is fed on information and impressions from your sphere.
- Your brain takes up this information and impressions.
- Now your discipline, concentration and attention check this taken up information and
- Your will determines which information and impressions which have become now thought is
sent to the subsequent treatment to your subconsciousness.
- Your body is also involved in it, namely about your nervous system which is also the same,
from you artificial thoughts.
- Now your thoughts on the solar plexus, to the gate hit to your subconsciousness and are let
there without being checked again, because your subconsciousness assumes from the fact that
you have already taken this exam.
- In the end, you must hold the thought only in his intensity so long, until that what you have
packed in the thought in your life proves to be true.

4. So, from now on thinks only that what you want and makes to you this thought so strong and
strong as it is only possible to you. Of these strengths and strong you will improve by regular
practicing more and more, until it has become the perfection. Then you are only in the
consciousness which always gives to you this what is for you from use. Have from now on only
the thoughts which you really like. Since every thought which enters your subconsciousness
becomes involuntary and irrefutable his expression, and therefore cause your perceptible

5. By your new thinking you become one engaging personality become because you will draw
everything for yourself positives like a magnet from this moment. Thereby you win in radiation
and will look therefore on other people pleasant and reassuring. They become you as call

6. The activation of your solar plexus by you means that you now universal, divine energy flows
through and in you positive and pleasant feelings spread out. In you is by the activation of your
solar plexus absolute harmony and satisfaction and every meeting with you becomes for all the
other people a positive experience. To keep open attempts also here by practice your solar
plexuses after the activation.

7. You notice for yourself very fast whether you have opened your canal to the infinite still far
enough, or not. Your feelings say you these immediately and your surroundings gives you
appropriate signs like sudden poverty, an illness or any other grief. Care to keep the flow of your
subconsciousness to the universal openly and. This contain that you have opened the access, your
solar plexus, for the beauty.

8. Your solar plexus is the place where the life originates. It is the first step to the living, to that
what you want to realize in your life. In this door to your solar plexus you will meet as a limited
being the infinite, the divine, and unite. To these associations takes place in your
subconsciousness where the universal gets his expression by you and where you let arise with
your thoughts this what you want.

9. Your subconsciousness is your energy centre which forms the connection with the infinite
strength, the divine. And you have in yourself the power to use this energy centre for yourself
about your deliberate mind.

10. So that your thoughts are recognizable for your subconsciousness, you lend them by your
feelings and emotions the necessary push to make the need the realization of your thoughts

11. Now you give the suitable quality, the nature and the necessary character to your new

- This quality of your thought depends on how intensely you think these one thoughts. However,
the quality also depends on how in detail you have described this one thought. Have you
breathed to this thought colors and lives? Have you given to this thought a picture which gives
an exact description of that what the thought should fulfill?

If this acts, so that your subconsciousness can be directed after what exactly you really want. Do
not speak of this or that, or it could also be maybe something else, this picture pin sharp and with
all details makes equipped, so that it cannot come to a mistake with the Bewahrheitung of your
- The character is your motivation. Check this motivation.
Whether you form out this thought maybe from hatred, from envy, from avarice, from avarice or
deceitful intentions. Is so, then think that everything will fall back on you because in the
universal same always same will pull.
Structure this thought affectionately, so that he can achieve equipped exclusively affectionate
results with this character.

- The nature is in her structure a little bit differently than the quality or the character. The nature
puts out whether your thought also becomes all their use with his completion which get into
contact with this finished thought.
Go through all partners in yours project Thought. To consideration to you the people whom
your thought concerns. Look the localities in which your thought will find his expression. If you
have followed here everything to the use of the general public, you can send this thought of your
solar plexus and therefore checked and certificates in your subconsciousness.

12. Now your thought begins, because he is in your subconsciousness to emit an engaging
magnetic signal and to send out. This signal is strong by your emotions and your maintenance of
the thought and is continuous. You stretch through this concentrated thought now in your life
what you want.
If you liked to be able a little bit perfectly if you want to strengthen your access to what you can
change, then by now is clear to you: The more you practice, the more becomes your ability to
make thought true and also your ability, to emit more energy grow. By your everyday practice
you are able to change disagreeable situations. Therefore, WHAT always concentrates you on
and not on this LIKE. Since if your concentration on WHAT is due and you have your faith, then
your EGO can reproach you with nothing, because you have delivered this LIKE confidentially
to your subconsciousness and therefore to the universal.
Often you still become from yours to old lives experiences have which want to tell you that you
are not able a little bit that this or that is nothing for you and that you have tried already so a lot
and nothing to you even something brought etc.
Imagine that each of these negative feelings, each of these negative thoughts forms an opposition
for your free new thinking, opposition which pulls together to you your access to the solar plexus
and reduces. Pleasant thoughts, however, like those of courage, power, strength and trust
increase to you the access and keep open the admittance in the infinite.
Your EGO wants to prevent that you become him what you are, a part of the universal, the
divine. It has taken of you during the years possession and now fears around his rule which you
will snatch from your EGO by your new thinking. Your EGO enemy in you, must be
extinguished by your new thinking and be expelled. Your EGO tries to make everything
disputable and mellow to you in the last authority by fear. This fear, caused by your old habits,
obstructs the passageway to your subconsciousness to you. Your job is to destroy this fear, so
that in your solar plexus the sun seems again.
By the fact that you are in harmony and harmony with the universal consciousness you lose your
enemy, the fear which tries to press you in doubt and melancholy.

13. It is this fear which allows fearing you the present, the past and also your future. This fear is
personified in you, she appears in different and individual pictures and wants to rule furthermore
over you. Whether it is the fear which to itself no change points in the coat, in the coat
remains rather only, to the coat you do not need any more money or the coat this you do not
create, she wants to prevent that you get strength and courage and you the spring of the infinite,
the divine, the power which uses energy of the life.
Leave alone this fear, you will eliminate this fear and thereby you will be the ruler about your
life. Open to the infinite and this spring is yours.

14. Practice you in the unity with the infinity and practice you in harmony. Thereby you will
have thought of the strength and the courage. Nothing becomes more thus his as earlier, you have
taken your right, you have expelled the fear.
Now wealth, prosperity, health or loves with all her facets are available to you. You must scoop
only from this infinite spring. You know like, because you have practiced yourself in perfection.
You have started your natal right of the divine. There is no more limitation for you.

15. Now every experience which you want to make, every possession which you would like to
receive everything is possible to you. Think of quality, character and nature of your thoughts.
Your steadfast faith, your position and setting to your thoughts show you whether you come to
the full possession of that what you think, or whether you can take up only one part of it.

16. You have become a person who is invincible, you are a person of the courage, the trust and
can demonstrate your abilities other and to yourself practically. You are connected with your
gate to the subconscious, the access to the universal, the divine.

17. Concentrate with your thought. A concentrated thought is of full strength, it is the strongest
what you have. Contribute to this concentrated thought your whole emotionality, your whole
feeling. Faith, that that what you pack in your thought already owns and carries this feeling
before you. It will become your strongest magnetic strength which brings you in your life what
you draw. And if it appears in your life, let go, is grateful and put your next concentrated
thought. Proceed in such a way, until you are in your training so far that you register in your
deliberate mind only the impressions and information which is to your welfare, that you only
thoughts of the courage and the trust before you carry for itself.

18. To reach this you will practice daily, until you have come in yourself to the perfection by the
possession of the unity with the infinite. By these activities you will win in strength and strength.

19. The easiest practice is to concentrate upon the thought, to the thought the suitable feeling, to
give the right quality, the right character and the right nature. This is the easiest kind and the first
important practice to have an effect intensely on your subconsciousness and to experience the
first success.

20. It is the practice nicest for you which allow to perceptibly experiencing absolute,
extraordinary results as a method. This result will become for you a miracle.

21. By your faith and your trust in the strength of your subconsciousness, you make your thought
in your objective world concrete facts.

22. With it this so functions here one more explanation:

- Your subconsciousness is a part of the universal consciousness.
- A part, so your subconsciousness, is always same like the big whole, the universal, the divine.
- Because now the universal is creative, your subconsciousness, as a part of the universal, is also
- By your connection with your subconsciousness, about your solar plexus, it becomes strength
of your thoughts with which you steer your subconsciousness your Creator of your reality.
- About this own creation you determine what pulls your subconsciousness to you from the
infinite spring, the universal in your life.
- You become there the Creator of your own reality.

23. You control by your thoughts, your deliberate mind and by the use of your knowledge your
own history of creation. Since you can have an effect on your subconsciousness and make your
thoughts the reality to yourself therefore. Your thoughts become true.

24. If you are one with the universal consciousness, it is only your job to concentrate you upon
this WHAT and not on LIKE. Namely with all strength and power to you is available. Direct
your thoughts and your concentration upon what you want and leaves the rest confidently to your

25. You, your subconsciousness and the universal consciousness, the divine, you are ONE. And
because a part of the whole can never be against the whole, your unity with the big whole
accepts and thereby changes your reality.

Chapter 4
Uncovering your divine I

The true divine I is of spiritual nature, it lives in your subconsciousness and now you receive in
this chapter the knowledge and the possibility to free yourself of your ego and the whole base of
your life on your true divine I to put. You will recognize that you have drawn with the help of
your ego things which have not brought to you this what you really wanted.

1. First once again an explanation to you as an individual:

- To be able to express itself the only possibility of the universal, is by you as an individual.
- In addition the universal needs an open canal to your subconsciousness.
- The possibility for you to move in your life what you want and this to express is by the
- In addition you need first an open door to your subconsciousness (solar plexus).
- And secondly also an open canal to the universal.
- You use as an individual now five other organs:
- Your deliberate mind which receives all impressions and information.
- Your brain which takes up the received impressions and information.
- The thought which forms these impressions and information.
- Your feeling which lends the required swing to this thought.
- And your will which filters after this thought well or badly.
- To agree now what was let as a formed thought in your subconsciousness, three other steps are
- On the one hand, to want the discipline, it really.
- To hold the concentration, the thought straight.
- And not to be dissuaded the attention, from this thought.
Your ego begins where your will begins, because where the check should take place and
undermines your will by fear and lack. With this training you change the perception of the
deliberate mind.

2. Yours divine I expresses itself by you. It is the base from which you can pull everything
from the universal what is to you and the general public of use. By this I you are one with the
universal strength and only that what becomes for you cheers his, will also come to you.
This is different with yours ego. This forms no unity with the universal and uses you
exclusively to existent to bring you in your life what is not an advantage for you. Yours ego
draws by you and your subconsciousness this what holds yours ego in the life.

3. Till present you still had no knowledge about constructive thinking, that thinking which
carries thought in itself whose form of expression must be partners always cheers all in the
expression of the thought.
Your thinking, mostly unconsciously, was automatic with your countless habits, to your
conclusions of the preceding ways of thinking ties together and the power of yours Egos was so
big that it did not allow to you,to think consciously. Your way of thinking became by yours
ego steered, it was mostly devastating and always in the welfare ego interested.

4. To eliminate this ego, to give him no more attention, happens by the recollection to your
divine I.
Your divine I has the base in the universal consciousness, it steers your thinking from the
universal consciousness, it steers your mind from the universal consciousness, it expresses itself
about the universal consciousness in your physical body. Your divine I is of spiritual, spiritual
nature and has there his character. It is your divine I which uses there your spring of power and
strength. It is in your subconsciousness.

5. Your divine I is a part of the universal consciousness, the big whole. A part must be always
like the whole. This bringing together of one part, the divine I, with the whole is only possible
if you discover the divine I again and open the access to the universal again.
Yours ego has separated this connection between your divine to Me and the universal. The
strength, the miracles can allow to happen, is the thinking. The thinking is the strength, the
influence takes on everything what you want. Thinking lends you strength and the power. Your
thinking should always be on the welfare all in your thought partners and cheers the general
public, but the egoistic will take revenge in you to your disadvantage. You will think from the
todays time constructively. A thought is a frequency. Thoughts send out a magnetic signal
which draws exactly what you think. If you think a thought again and again if you fancy to this
thought, you send out this frequency constantly. And the universal immediately swings with
what you have thought and what you want.
6. The base from out you should think, your divine is I. The meaning for you is that any thought
is connected immediately by the increase principle with him universal consciousness.
Everything is tuned from beginning for the welfare of the general public and any negative
conclusion is excluded. Your thoughts swing from the origin up to the expression perceptible for
you in the divine.

7. It are a part of the universal, the divine and are therefore also like the universal. That what you
reach by discovering your divine I, is that you the separation between your subconsciousness and
the universal consciousness again lifts and a consciousness becomes.

8. This is the beginning to lift the dispersion of your thoughts and to use your divine energy
cheers and use of the general public. Now the divine in you can get his expression in attachment

9. Now we look that we bring you to your divine I. To be able to free there the way, your practise
will be an affirmation and your work is a discipline, concentration and attention. Everything in
all: your will.

10. Your affirmation is: My divine I can be what my divine I wants to be. In this affirmation
the meaning I must be clear to you. Yours I is not possibly your body or your mind, it is the
available divine in you which was separated by your ego of you. Around this To make
affirmation appropriate for brain and to stamp easier them to your subconsciousness, we use: I
can be what I want to be
The removing of old behavior patterns and mental patterns may not happen from you heartlessly.
You need courage and strength. Behind the curtain of the ego the light waits for you and you
become each of your thoughts, each of your actions by this light allow radiating and nothing will
be more impossible for you.

11. There originates in you a new freedom, a new power. You recognize that you can
consciously form your life, because you are by your divine I now in the harmony with the
About the understanding of your divine I which exists because of the all-embracing love you also
create to you your reality on basis of this all-embracing love.

12. To beginning with the affirmation I can be what I want to be every morning, she holds
about the day and falls asleep with it. Structure this so often you are able, if it stamps to your
subconsciousness. If your ego dissuades you from it, leaves the voice I can be what I want to
be become pure.

13. It is your ego which is expelled now by his place and the separation is lifted between you and
the divine. Is aware to you which you finish by attention, discipline, concentration and your will
the rule this ego and prepare thus the place for the divine in yourself. Is further aware to you if
you have begun with it, it for you nobody Back more in which gives old world. You begin here
with the way in your freedom.
14. It has broken the time that you create now your reality to you anew. Now you attain control
of your subconsciousness. It and your subconsciousness to her are one and your
subconsciousness, as well as also one are the divine consciousness. Both are creative and
therefore you are also creative by the control of your thoughts and everything what you thinks is
from the same creative nature like the universal, the divine.

15. You will accept this fact and make your mind a deliberate mind as a part of the universal

This acceptance becomes to you the access to yours divine I prepare.

16. Through this you are perceptible in the everlasting energy. God stays in you and you as
individual have combined with the universal to live in his present.

17. All strength and power comes from your inside. Therefore you have become by the
concentration on your internal world an energy bundle. Here everything originates what
expresses itself in your experienced world perceptibly.

18. By recognizing yours divine I these effects are positive for you and not more by this ego
falsifies and to his use.

19. As a unity with the universal consciousness this will be realized in your life what you want.
Structure to you consciously that you live in constant present of this energy.

The training
Now the classes begin the big secret with those you of the life will get to know. Not only what
for the inquisitive people, but for that who would like to understand the bases around this
knowledge and his use.
These single chapters require that you argue strictly with it. You will learn to deal with the
universal and to keep to physical laws without whose base you get though your wish full, but
their fulfillment you cannot hold.
If you make it right, you will experience in just one quarter year a complete change. You will be
so close to your aims that these will be realized immediately. Your life has taken a turn, you have
attained the mastery of your own existence.

Work with every chapter from at least five to seven days and go over afterwards to the next one.
If your personal rhythm prescribes to you a longer time, take this time.
If you have the feeling, a chapter again to compile, then do this.

Chapter 5
Your deliberate mind becomes the centre of your reality
In chapter 5 it is about the mind as a central point of your existence.
Today you learn that you influence your reality about your mind. The reality in your live, is that
who will create by your mind. By this knowledge becomes clear to you that it is the result of that
what you have thought. To give you a satisfaction in your life, we start to make to you your mind
deliberate to use him in such a way that you attain satisfaction with the results in your life.
We will create to you an internal world which exists of the best Material, and it is given you the
right nursing instructions for your internal home.
The better you select your thoughts and formulations; your experienced reality is the more
valuably and more nicely.

1. The biggest part of the use of your spiritual world happens unconsciously. Most people use
only 10 percent of the possibilities which they have. By this study you can escape from the
restrictions and free yourself from the mass.

2. Your subconsciousness is in constant movement and works 24 hours on the day, 365 days in
the year, lifelong. Up to now you were an only passive receiver of the different results of your
subconsciousness, you have yourself just drifty leave and had not taken part actively in the use of
your subconsciousness.

3. While you steer your subconsciousness, there originates your creative and creative process
which you can influence about the dominant / deliberate part of your mind and on the other hand
by your will.

Here the momentary expiry of your reality:

- By the external world your mind receives impressions and information of every kind.
- These impressions and information are passed on unfiltered to your brain.
- In your brain this information and impressions is formed to thought.
- Your brain sends these messengers of thought to your solar plexus.
- Here your thoughts are let without censorship in your subconsciousness and are processed.
- The only control which your thoughts receive is by this ego.
- This ego has by the knowledge about your subconscious abilities his right to exist.
- Now the subconsciousness creates to you a reality, like it was determined by this ego.

Here this create to your new reality:

- By the external world your deliberate mind receives impressions and information of every kind.
- These impressions and information are passed on filtered to your brain.
- In your brain this filtered information and impressions is formed to deliberate thoughts.
- Your brain sends these deliberate messengers of thought to your solar plexus.
- Here your thoughts are controlled by your will and then are let in your subconsciousness and
- Now the subconsciousness creates to you your reality as it was determined by your deliberate
mind and by your will.
4. Your will gives first to your deliberate mind instructions and secondly he steers your
deliberate thinking by which you influence events and events in your life.
5. Your will is the last authority which enables to you to control your thoughts. Only then these
checked thoughts reach for the implementation in your subconsciousness, where no other
correction more it is possible. Deliberate thinking requires his time within this training because
you should check your thoughts.

6. Your will must be watchful, so that also your thinking is watchful. By your watchfulness you
can keep away non-desirable thoughts from yourself and your subconsciousness. Also your
deliberate mind is also thereby practiced.

7. The thoughts in which you have let up to now in your subconsciousness were thoughts itself
about your education, about your friends circle, by started or, however, had also nested by your
experiences in your subconsciousness. You had trusted these thoughts and had submitted them
up to now to no control.
You have reacted carelessly to impressions and information. You got a negligent mind. You
leave her run to the things and have lived with the effects. You did not know that you can change
this if you follow the physical laws.

8. Your thoughts had become your reality, your truth. You had as accepted each of your thoughts
as he came and him then to your subconsciousness leave. Then your subconsciousness has pulled
for you in your life what has taken admittance in the subconsciousness as your thought. In this
subject this is spoken The Law of of Attraction, the law of the attraction (Which thinks of what
you, comes true).

9. You will receive by your deliberate thinking always this what you can also believe in, which
what you are persuaded absolutely and to 100 percent of. A thought without faith is like a dream,
just only one dream.
To bring this deliberate mind to the real truth, is like lifting of weights. At first begins with the
weights which you can lift. Exert yourselves in such a way that you get though muscular strain
(what means the increase of new musculature and in this comparison to increase in faith),
however, no muscle fiber tear, you even if you wanted it, no more allows with your strength to
train. You are put except battle. The faith in what you thinks is that what is called your own. And
you will filter this own by now about your deliberate mind.

10. Your deliberate mind is the property on you your spiritual house will build. Your deliberate
mind will take up only information and impressions which are to you cheers. You start to control
this mindto make him to yourself deliberate and creates to you with it a positive world view
according to mind.

An example: If you are a woman, and you are pregnant, then your mind takes up more pregnant
women. Your perception is consciously fixed on pregnant women.
Your deliberate mind will take up if it are a wealth consciousness now only the information and
impressions which confirm you in your wealth. You can make this by every form of the
consciousness (love, prosperity, health). You will create to you your form by which you will fill
your treasury from select material.
11. Your material is your clear thought. This thought must be cheers the general public. Think
demandingly and nobly,feelings like fear or worry have lost nothing more in this thought. You
need quite clear lines and clean structures of the thinking.

12. Your thoughts are full courage and optimism, they form the positive basis in your internal
world. You create with it to you the most valuable, most stable and surest material with you can
work and think. Then this material creates to you your future.

13. It is an easy formula, easiest generally: Keep clean your mind, your internal world freely
from moral and physical impurity. This is absolutely essential if you want to make progress.

14. If you have concluded your cleansing work if you have put aside any garbage, you are able
to realise every ideal and every spiritual image.

15. Now this expects you BIGGEST in your life. The only one what you only must act, this
new great achievement is to be in habit to be of use and she, with it to you then in your life
happens what you want.
To benefit your new possibilities by your discipline, your attention and your concentration, so
that this power is preserved to you.

16. This is the only one what you deal. You are the heir of this wonderful power and strength and
it is only required by you that you give up your restrictions.

17. You can wish everything with this formula, you must claim the strength and power, you must
take them in possession.

This exists of three steps: 1. the requests, 2. the faith 3. the receive.

To the request:
Let know your subconsciousness what you want. It answers your thoughts while it to itself to the
production of yours request makes.

To the faith:
Your faith is your firm conviction. This is shown as a steadfast faith.
Affirmation in addition: I know exactly that the desired is already on the way to me!

To the receive:
Feel in such a way as you feel if the desired comes. You must feel good, you must be happy,
then you are in harmony with that what you wish. This is the strength to manifest the desired in
your life.

18. To start this inheritance trusts meant for you, you with the divine and from him use to make.
This inheritance has originated from the old creation and you wake this inheritance to new life.

19. The secret of this inheritance is to be found in the spring of his power and strength.
20. You will think power, strength, strength and examination only in your inside where your heir

21. In your inside exists the access to the universal consciousness. The universal consciousness
appears by you and you use it by your subconsciousness.

22. You receive a feel for the power while you the secret and the principle has understood.

23. The strength comes from your subconsciousness if you give more of her, you will receive
more from her. It are the canal, the passage of the universal energy for every form of the
Visualize everything! Decisions you what you would like to reach and thinks in the fact that it is
accessible to you. To benefit your emotions, your enthusiasm, your joy, your gratitude and your

24. Realize the use of this power and strength, so that you appreciate her use. Is aware to you that
it is possible, for every enterprise and every experience of life for this strength and to use power.
The law of the resonance says that you draw always exactly this, what you concentrate upon.

25. By your mind you express power and strength, whether physically, mentally or also
spiritually. By your mind you are the heir and, therefore, also youre Creator.

26. All possession, from what, is an aggregation of positions of the consciousness.

Chapter 6
Concentration and attention as a successful key

By your concentration and your attention you reach the enlargement of your consciousness. You
are fixed only on a thing. This thing thereby becomes your success.
Concentration on the object desired by you becomes active energy.
Through this becomes your thought of too active and concentrated energy which pulls the
desired in your life to you.
Through this you impress to your subconsciousness a new behaviour pattern. Thereby you
become to what you want.

1. You are limitless part of the big whole, the universal and in your creative power and strength.
What you want about your concentration and attention, this materializes in your life. Your only
job is, you with the omnipotence to connect to the divine. You and the father to her are one. You
are connected by this unity with the possibilities of the universe.

2. To make clear to you what you want, you should know that first a need must originate. The
need has to do such a strong urge, such a strong feeling have that it becomes a desire. And this
desire will speed up in you the action (concentration, discipline and attention).
3. By your thinking you set in motion actions. Your thinking is strengthened by feelings and
thereby even more powerfully. By the actions (attention is necessary here) you receive the effect
of the thinking.

4. The secret around the effect is that everything depends completely on the mechanism with
which you combine and the universal consciousness. This special mechanism is the energy of
your thoughts. Energy follows the attention and converts itself to matter.

5. You find the mysterious and greatest mechanism in your brain. Here he has his origin.
A small excursion moreover: Plants and animals have a body and a soul. The person, so you as
an individual, has, in addition, the mind.

6. Because you believe, it is given you. You know this maybe, and, nevertheless, the truth is
hidden here in this sentence. Your world in which you live reacts immediately to you and to what
you think, acts and says. That what you fancy in your thought should also fit to you, it should be
equipped with the highest one what there is. Is, besides, in the harmony with you and the
physical laws. You receive in your life what you can also believe. You draw exactly this, what
you concentrate upon, what you concentrate your attention upon.

7. Your brain is the starting point for your mental process, and you learn to estimate every
cerebral cell which produces a reference point to which what you think what you see or feel now.
If you give a space and the picture a place for his origin to your thought, you have a relation in
your consciousness, why the thought then also his expression finds.

8. You can express everything in your life. To beginning with the trust in the next step and
remains in the faith in your aim.

9. You make yourself clear that your whole body is involved in your energy distribution.

10. Your body is called the temple of the living God. It is your true I which steers this
mechanism in the temple of God and controls, and the better it to him protect I succeeds, the
better results are achieved.

11. Your thought activates your cerebral cells which react at the beginning still sluggishly to it. If
you think, nevertheless, more often and more intensely these thoughts, is able your mind not
differently than these thoughts to explain after all considerations for true and to express him in
perfect manner by your subconsciousness.
In this lies the art: You begin with the small things, the small wishes in your life. Thereby you let
go in front your mind first of all outside. Your mind would explain to you for whom you go now
new mental ways that what you plans not functioned. He would also say you that you do not
create it. So we begin first with the small wishes at which your mind looks first as an
unimportant play and gives therefore to these new ways of thinking no meaning.
Later after your first results in the little one, your mind has also got used to your new way of
thinking and now accepts also bigger thoughts.
12. Your mind will repair all not desired results, also your body concerning, while you direct
your thoughts upon the respective things, situations, organs or extremities.

13. Your understanding about the law and your perceptive facility are from incalculable value.
You possess the power to distinguish things and situations and to understand connections and
occurrences better.

14. By the fact that you remain loyal to yours A thought concentrates upon this one thought,
you release fine-material oscillations, then with the universal in resonance step around this
thought to move in your life.

15. Your attention helps you at the right moment to do the determining, your concentration is the
help which you need to keep to it, until your thought materializes in your life and the discipline
your will is also to be done.

16. You bring your thought directed at a wish thereby to the fulfillment that you recognize the
truth which contains your thought.

17. The time which you need, so that your wish comes true, depends on it, how much you
wanted to have realized this wish in your life.

18. Just you will identify with the ideal. It is about it, how much you are in the harmony with the
divine and how much you accept your new truth. Think of Point 11.

19. Your success comes with the practice. Practice makes the master.

20. The size of your wish plays generally no role, is exclusive importantly in what you can
believe. To beginning only with the wishes whose fulfillment you can fancy and in which you
can believe and when accept true.

21. For your new thought a picture by which you can cause a happy feeling creates to you. If you
are happy, your thought on a happy ground is also built (he gets a higher frequency) and it is to
be thought for you more pleasantly happily inclined thoughts and to get full than to be in
unhappy mood (low frequency) and from it a desirable thought to form.
If it compares to the thought I am not ill (low frequency): you become first, before you can
begin with health (high frequency) the thought after illness must extinguish.
If you use, however, from a pleasant mood like the thoughts after health, this can start from a
higher level and the universe reaches faster and purposeful without itself still with other things to
have to occupy.

22. Summary: First there comes the mental, then it is a matter perception and opportunity, now
inspiration and then action, now knowledge and growth this consistent expiry to recognize.

23. It are the way by which the universal expresses itself.

24. The method to reach this, you learn with this book, you discover what you is to be able to
become around thereby what you want to be.

Chapter 7
Your visualization becomes the biggest power

The imagination, called also imagination, is the connection between the individual and the
Importantly is to be known that this expiry is systematic.

1. Idealization
2. Visualization
3. Feeling
4. Trust
5. Faith

This idealization deals only with you and becomes for you a great vision. While you paint your
ideal as accurate as possible, the visualisation originates and you start to feel in your
subconsciousness by which you develop a trust to your ideal and start to believe in the
preservation. Through this your word becomes meat.

1. Today we start coaching your imagination. In the subsequent chapters, we will still refine this
imagination and make you one pro in it.

To beginning with idealizing that what you want. Of the simplicity half takes down to you on a
sheet of paper your wish for his fulfillment. How should this look what you wish? What do you
receive by the fulfillment of your wish? Who has all one use of your full wish?
By the questions which contain the physical laws you create to you an ideal of your wish, an
unchangeable, clear and unequivocal picture.

2. Now this ideal picture visualizes before your internal eye. Thereby you create to you the form
which transmits your subconsciousness to the universe. This form is the given wish and serves
the universal for it, everything what stands in resonance to this form add to make perceptible
experience for your wish. Your visualization is the exact presentation of that what gets
expression in your life.

3. Bring in this visualization still feeling, so that your wish wins in liveliness, and the urgency of
the fulfillment is recognized.

4. Because you work first in your desirable world, you can develop your presentation so
delightfully, thus nicely, as completely as you want. You must limit yourself for the presentation
and the image of it in keinster manner. You may equip everything so excessively and admirably
as you want it.
5. The point is that there is nothing more what limits you. Want you to be rich? Then is it! Want
you to be in love? Then is it! Want it to be prosperity? Then is it! Want you to be healthy? Then
Be it! You can be what you would like to be.

6. The most important is the education of your ideal for you. In your mind, your deliberate mind
you let arise your ideal, your end product, your final state which you want to reach. This is the
step most important for you because he contains the whole architects plan.

7. At the beginning you may not manage this yet so and your wish will appear only shadowy.
The more often, the more often and more intensely you work on your ideal, the clearer the
picture becomes of it. Then you are to be compiled in the situation with the help of this clear
picture, the ideal, plans to give life to your ideal. Your whole concentration lies on that what you
want, at your wish and not on it, as you get it. Your subconsciousness is responsible for this As,
just as the universal consciousness.

8. Now it goes off. This means that you perceive outlines, you perceive the surroundings. People
will surround your ideal and you will develop possibilities to realize all this by which to
themselves for you now actions indicate. You will take part actively in your process of the
visualization. Now there will develop the circumstances which bring your wish to the realization.

9. Over again: First your ideal is in your thought, then on the paper, afterwards in the reality.

10. Structure you to the inventor of your life and it goes through. If it creates anew and it
constructs to you in such a way as you want it. You create trust to that in yourself what you
visualize. A steadfast faith originates in what you wishes, so that your ideal is realised. You
support yourself with strength, perseverance and concentration.

11. Your wish thereby accepts figure and form. You have come along to the authority of your
thoughts, to the master of your wishes. You are a divine thinker of your own thoughts.

12. Practices while you to you the picture again and again before eyes holds. This continuous
action allows to you to develop clarity and exactness and also a strong faith in your ideal.

13. Your picture originates in your cells, in your blood, in your organs. It grows everywhere in
you, so that it can express itself in your reality.

14. You have found out that your subconsciousness never sleeps. It always works - 24 hours on
the day, 365 days in the year, lifelong.

15. Support your wish by feeling which, besides, you have if your wish comes true. This feeling
supports the concentrated thought and makes the firm will for constant desire. Your feeling gives
vitality to the thought and your will holds on him continuously. It is the law of the growth.

16. Everything is in you!

17. Everything what you experience you had to think first. Everything what you think is that
what expresses itself in your perceptible world.

18. Give to the external conditions no more attention, deal exclusively with your
subconsciousness. Then you will come in noble sighting and courageous actions to the
fulfillment of your wish. This is the law of attraction.

19. Structure your internal world to that what it should be. Create to you your ideals and these
ideals will find the artificial expression.

20. Concentrate upon the things which you want to have, and not on the things which you do not

21. I know certainly that the desired is already on the way to me.

22. Is guided by your subconsciousness to be able to act at the right time at the right place.

23. Trust, and take the first step.