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Grants Pass

October 20, 2012 HAMP/Y

6 mon PIG.
Call 541- ths old. $225.
75 cents

Weather This amount of Candidates

A mixed bag Revealing the heroin, 6 grams,
sells for about
$1,100, accord-
are working
harder for
We will see
quite a mix of
weather over
the weekend,
dark world of ing to H. Ray
Myers, a Grants
Pass police donations in
with a little bit of sun, clouds
and a few sprinkles. See
Page 2A.
heroin addicts detective
assigned to the
Rogue Area Drug
this election
By Stacy D. Stumbo
Overnight low 48 team. A heavy of the Daily Courier
Sundays high 56 Mom didnt find out about her user might use a Candidates for Josephine
sons drug use until it was too late gram a day. County commissioner know
firsthand that signs, advertise-
Whats inside ments and brochures dont
By Shaun Hall come cheap.
Make a difference of the Daily Courier Collectively, Position 2 can-
didates Keith Heck and Toni
Help Two years ago, former Grants Pass
Webb and Position 3 candi-
High School student Christopher Bales,
make a 21, was doing well at Portland State Uni-
dates Cherryl Walker and Bob
difference Just have raised almost $49,000
versity. But he was doing terribly with
by taking in cash, plus more in in-kind
his heroin addiction.
part in one donations and loans, in their
Some of his friends knew he used, but
campaigns for the Nov. 6 elec-
of the his mother didnt.
many He often spoke with contempt of the
Radio personality Justs
communi- heroin addicts that he encountered in his
campaign committee, Friends
ty service projects across the life in Portland, said Bales mother,
of Bob Just, leads the pack. It
local attorney Rebecca Peterson. He
country. did things I would have thought incom-
has raised $22,637 in cash con-
tributions and $5,013 in in-kind
USA WEEKEND / Inside patible with that kind of problem.
donations, according to the
Bales rode his bicycle all over the
Oregon Elections Division.
city. He maintained a five-year relation-
The numbers may seem
ship with his girlfriend, who didnt use
large, but they dont come
close to the $53,365 raised by
Then came the day officers came to
Commissioner Simon Hare dur-
Petersons office with the news her son had
ing his successful bid to unseat
died of an overdose. Prescription drugs
incumbent Dave Toler in 2010.
and heroin were found in his system.
Large, individual donors to
Help with grief Justs campaign include

Lovejoy Hospices grief

By the numbers Grants Pass resident Marilyn
Bruner, who gave $2,000. Jim
counselor has some advice
and resources as the holi- 5 Number of heroin drug cases
prosecuted in 2010 in Josephine
R. Brumbach gave $1,000, Lisa
Keller contributed $1,000, and
David Brumbach gave $1,000.
days approach, a difficult
time for those who have lost The committee received a
a loved one. 22 Number of heroin drug cases
prosecuted so far this year in
Josephine County.
$2,000 contribution from Grants
Pass land management compa-
Page 9A ny Indian Hill.
The Daily Courier tried to

Cavemen stumble 10 Percent of Grants Pass High

School juniors who said they used
prescription drugs without a prescription in
contact some of Justs donors
for this story, but calls were
not returned by deadline.
The Rose- the previous month.
Walkers BCC3 Committee
burg High has raised $16,874 in cash dona-
football Sources: Josephine County District Attor-
neys Office; 2012 Oregon Student Well- tions, $1,249 in in-kind contribu-
team ness Survey, Grants Pass School District tions and $1,500 in loans.
showed this No. 7. Most of Walkers contribu-
isnt a tions have been for $100 or
down year less. Large donations have not
for the Indi- exceeded $400.
We had no idea he was using heroin
Community-minded philan-
ans with a 37-22 victory or had ever used it, Peterson said.
Christopher Bales grew up in Josephine County and died of a drug thropist Barbara Bean gave
against Grants Pass. None of his friends who knew saw fit to
overdose two years ago in Portland. He was 21. Bales had multiple $200 to Walkers campaign. She
tell us.
SPORTS / Page 1B prescription drugs and heroin in his system, according to his mother, has contributed to political
Piecing together the contents of his
candidates before, most recent-
room and things we have now been told, local attorney Rebecca Peterson. We had no idea he was using hero- ly to outgoing Grants Pass
it is clear that it had already affected his
World premiere life terribly, she continued. It had
in, she said. Mayor Mike Murphys cam-
paign. She said she is selective
Check out the become the focus of his life, had impact-
about whom she contributes to.
review of the
premiere of a
ed his relationships and made him finan-
cially desperate. They said it Bean said she supports
Walker because she has the
Since that day in March 2010, Peter- The first indication I ever had that he used heroin was the officers coming
new comedy experience and the intelli-
son has spoken out publicly at a local to my office to tell me he was dead of an overdose. Rebecca Peterson, local
at Barnstorm- gence and the capacity to lis-
drug abuse forum and before the Oregon attorney, speaking about her son, Christopher
ers Theatre ten to all sides, skills that a
Legislature, in support of a measure to
about mob- county commissioner needs.
force repeat heroin abusers into treat- According to certain addicts that have talked to us, the increase in heroin She also has budgeting experi-
ster Al Capone investing in a ment. (cases) is due to the increase in abuse of expensive prescription drugs. ence, which is vital.
theater production. Rafael Caso, drug crimes prosecutor for the Josephine County District Attor- Dixie Wilkes-Owens gave
Local officials say heroin use is on neys Office
ENTERTAINMENT / Page 5B $300 to Walkers campaign,
the rise. They believe the increase is
nursery owner Edward
related to increasing abuse of opiate- It becomes very expensive to relieve your cravings with pills. Heroin is Morey gave $450, and Grants
Whats online based prescription painkillers such as
Vicodin, Percocet and oxycodone. Users
quite a bit cheaper. Jim Shames, health officer for Josephine and Jackson Pass resident Kathy Gordon
counties gave $400.
become addicted to the pills, then switch
Former executive director
Football video to lower-cost heroin.

See video and photos of the

The trend has been a very, very
marked increase in prescribed opiod
Recent heroin cases of the Grants Pass Gospel
Rescue Mission Keith Hecks
committee, Heck Yes for
Grants Pass High football abuse, said Jim Shames, health officer This spring and summer, Grants Pass police worked a series of related Commissioner, has raised
team taking on Roseburg, for Josephine and Jackson counties, and heroin and theft cases: $2,885 in cash donations,
today at ... the director of a Medford methadone clin- In August and September, Grants Pass police searched two homes on Oak $1,627 in loans and $25 in in-
ic that treats heroin addicts. It becomes View Drive, where they arrested three men on heroin delivery charges: kind contributions. None of
thedailycourier.com very expensive to relieve your cravings Jonathon L. Carlson, 23; Anthony M. Fortune, 26; and Kelly Calcaterra, 37. Hecks individual contributors
with pills. Heroin is quite a bit cheaper. Carlson has skipped court and the other two have not yet been arraigned. Two have exceeded $500.
The difference might be $75 to $150 a
A look ahead day for pills, versus $40 to $60 daily for
other people were cited, including a 25-year-old man for possession of Vicodin
and a 24-year-old woman for possession of Percocet, both opiate-based pain
Former Commissioner
Dwight Ellis contributed $100
heroin, said Shames, whose methadone killers. to Hecks campaign because I
clinic serves about 550 clients. Even after getting stabbed during a drug deal gone bad, Thomas H. think hes the best person for
A significant number of them come Williams, 22, of Grants Pass didnt stop his dealing, according to Grants Pass the job.
from Josephine County, he said. Every police. Williams was stabbed in the throat May 23 after he showed up outside Ellis worked with Heck
week, I meet a new batch and I hear their the Highland Market to sell opiate-based prescription pills to the man who when he served on the county
stories. Most recently, Ive seen young eventually stabbed him and fled, police reported. Williams later was treated Budget Committee and came
people shifting from pills to heroin. and released from Three Rivers Medical Center, only to be arrested in July at to respect him.
Earlier this year, Shames was hon- Motel 6 with 40 grams of heroin and a large amount of cash, according to Hes not like another candi-
ored as doctor of the year by the Oregon police. Five other people also were arrested in the Motel 6 incident, on charges date who says you dont need
Medical Association, for bringing atten- that included armed robbery, burglary and theft. to know about budgeting, Ellis
Fish tales tion to the problem of prescription drug
abuse. A county forum he headed devel-
said, referring to a statement
Just made during a recent can-
A charitable organization oped a five-step procedure for doctors to killers are prescribed. Grants Pass police detective assigned didates forum. I think under-
helped veterans experience follow in order to help avoid abuse by to the Rogue Area Drug Enforcement standing finance is exactly
a guided fishing trip on the patients. The procedures include drug A gram of heroin costs about $180 team. what it takes to be a good com-
testing, a risk screening and a docu- and might supply a heavy user for a missioner, especially in this
Rogue River. mented physical problem before pain- day, according to H. Ray Myers, a Turn to HEROIN, Page 8A county.
MONDAY Grants Pass marketing con-
sultant Toni Webbs Committee
Where to find it to Elect Toni Webb has raised

Abby . . . . . . . . . . . . . .10A
Classified . . . . . . . . .6-10B
Shoppers flock to opening of Trader Joes $500 in cash donations and
$4,644 in in-kind contributions.
Webb contributed $200 herself,
retired Grants Pass resident
Entertainment . . . . . . . .5B By Greg Stiles put a store in 97502. Like the
Jim Stinebaugh gave $200, and
Obituaries . . . . . . . . . . .5A of the (Medford) Mail Tribune hundreds who poured through
donations of less than $100
the doors, they were more than
Opinion . . . . . . . . . . . . .4A Longtime Trader Joes happy to have the Monrovia,
each account for the rest.
Police . . . . . . . . . . . . . .3A The lady is very qualified,
shoppers and dozens getting Calif.-based chain with more
Sports . . . . . . . . . . . .1-3B Stinebaugh said. If shes elect-
their first look at what the spe- than 380 stores in 34 states set-
ed, she would probably be one
cialty grocer is all about lined tle for west Medfords 97501
Call us at 541-474-3700 of the most qualified commis-
up for Friday mornings open- address. sioners weve ever had.
email news@thedailycourier.com ing at the Northgate Centre Rick Alves of Cave Junction The figures reported in this
Marketplace in Medford. was among the long-suffering story came from contribution
Volume CIII Ive been waiting for years Trader Joes fans who have and expenditure statements
No. 29 Issue 30972 and years, said Cheri OCon- waited for this day. He said he candidates are required to file
2 Sections, 20 Pages nor of Central Point. This is a was surprised when he with the state.
happy moment. OConnor dropped by the shopping cen- Detailed candidate finan-
showed up with her friend Kim ter after making an early- cial information is available on
Backes of White City, who fre- morning drop-off at the air- the Secretary of States web-
quented Trade Joes in Sacra- port. site, www.sos.state.or.us/elec-
mento 20 or 25 years ago. I drove by at 5 and there tions.
Weve been doing the online BOB PENNELL/Mail Tribune was no one, he said. So, I
voting for them to come here knew it was going to be easy. Reach reporter Stacy D.
for years, OConnor said. We Courtney Thomas gets into the spirit of the moment Stumbo at 541-474-3806 or
always wrote in they needed to as Trader Joes opens for business. Turn to TRADER JOES, Page 2A sstumbo@thedailycourier.com