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Whats on an Electric Power Pole?

This is an illustration of basic equipment found on a typical distribution pole and can vary by location.

Primary wires are

Insulators prevent on top of the pole
energized wires and usually carry
from coming 12,000 volts of
in contact with electricity from a
each other or the substation.
utility pole.

Cutouts act like a

A crossarm holds fuse and open when
the wires up on there is a problem
the pole. with the line or a
section of it.

The neutral wire

is below the
Lightning arrestors
transformer and
protect the pole
acts as a line back
and equipment
to the substation
from lightning
and balances out
the amount of
electricity or load
on the system.

The secondary
wire carries the
lower voltage
electricity after it
passes through
convert higher
the transformer.
voltage electricity
carried by primary
wires and lowers
the voltage for use
Telephone and
by customers.
cable wires
are typically the
A ground wire runs lowest wires.
the entire length of
the pole. It directs
any electricity on
the pole safely into
Guy wires help
the earth.
stabilize utility