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NAME: Prince Bl O.



DATE: August 8, 2017

Gender Sensitivity"

From the book of Genesis, God created Man and earth so an a creation of God we are ought to
be pure and respective to the creation of the almighty God. God created humans equally, He
created us like his own images and likeness and when he left the world, he said go to world
and multiply this was asked by God to us, to multiply only man and woman can only bear a
child to give another life but that was thousand years ago.

The world has changed the lesbian, gays, bisexual or what called as the transgender are now
considered as a gender and by the help of modern technology they can also now bear a child.
The world has changed and this new born gender has rapidly altered the world wherever you
go you will meet bisexual persons but as a creation of God we are ought to respect their
differences even if they are unusual to you. In order to avoid misinterpretation and
misunderstandings because even though it is unusual for us but we should learn to understand
other differences when it comes to gender because even God accepts sinners, so as a son of
God all of us should follow his teachings on not to degrade others even if they are different to
us because they might not carry the pressure that they are different from others because all of
us treat others the way we want to be treated.

According to Julia Walton, it takes a lot more to hate than to love. Gender is fundamental to
who you are. It is what you as an individual identify and feel normal with the article does not
just only give a gender history lesson, but also to look for a stand for those who continuously
get degraded for where they identify on the spectrum. So for Julia Walton being different is not
a sin, Gods love is immeasurable, God accepts all of us even if we have differences but for
LGBT Community they should limit it because others are doing transplant and they are ruining
the best architecture of God and it is the human body, Others put female organs to a male
person and for the Catholic Church its a very big no for Christians because its degrading Gods

According to Deguzman 2010 he wrote a book and he stated that social media is the way of
LGBT society to express their feelings so they can be respected others no matter how different
they are, but sometimes social media is the reason why they are being underestimated because
there are people who dont know how to respect others opinion and it can also cause cyber
bullying that may degrade others. Even if LGBT community are different there are reasons to
start accepting those who may be different from you. All of us must respect each others
personality because being different is not a mortal sin but it is discovering what you really are
for example gays are well known for being different but gays are also known as talented
individuals, gays are known for being competitive they has a high potential when it comes to
competitions and gays are the center of attraction, gays are the most funny and the best friend
you could ever have they can make you happy in times of sadness, even if they are different on
the physical all of us must appreciate them, people should be sensitive or should understand
other differences when it comes to gender because if all of us will not understand them there
may be a reason why bad doings happen just like harassment, and other boys who are thug,
they make fun of gays and others laugh not knowing they have already hurt someones

According to Julia Walton 78% of transgender are students in k-12 report harassment; 25% of
transgender americans have been fired from work for refusing to confirm their true genders and
for example the Pilipino U.S Navy was not able to serve his duty because of U.S Pres. Donald
Trump but gender do not affect if you will serve your duty well. Even if LGBT are different in
their personality all of them will and will always be a creation of God.