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Second Term, AY 2016-2017


Individual Reflection

Name of Intern: Jannina Micaela Y. Luciano 4CMT

Group # 2 Barangay Assignment: 598-B
Output #

Inclusive Dates Activities/ Tasks/ Problem(s) Actions(s) Personal

(Tuesdays/Saturdsys) Responsibilities Encountered Taken Reflection

April 1, 2017 Plenary Insufficient data Take the advice Overall the plenary presentation went well.
in report and of the panelist There were a few minor set backs we
revisions to be to ensure that encountered but the issues were discused by the
done the paper and panelist and we were given tips on how to better
presentation for our report.
the next
plenary will go
April 8,2017 Zumba in the Organization Desseminate This fieldwork was a bit unorganized . There
community task and were children playing basketball where we were
listened to suppose to perform zumba and there were also
instructions minor problems with some officials. Overall
everything was solved.
April 22, 2017 Seminar in Noise Made people The lecture went smoothly. People listened and
thecommunity quiet down askes questions. They also learned a lot more
than at the beginning of the program.

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Jannina Micaela Y. Luciano Gianne Eduard L. Ulanday, RMT MPH, PhD