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A large multi-media company has decided that its eight

thousand four hundred seventy five square meters lot

located in a highly urbanized city shall be developed to host
an exclusive/ semi- upscale corporate residence project.

Junior architects proceed to plan buildings to prevent

from too much exposure on sunlight/ wind/ noise/ air. The
design will include the importance of the residence
behaviors, needs and amenities. The design will also
enhance the flexibility of the space while providing
comfortable setting for the residence in our proposed
exclusive/semi up-scale corporate residences in a
warm and inviting atmosphere of will be created through
the sensible use of warm colors that will be mixed into an
overall neutral color scheme.

Thus we also focus to deliver that flow follows

function. In each space interaction we can say that we
design is not just what it looks and feels like; design is
how it works. The goal of our association is to Work with
accessibility and conformity. Along this, our solution is
based on site characteristics and the orientation to get the
main goal, to establish the most efficient way of living their
lives in the residence. Coming up like they must be more
satisfied than what they are expecting. For the development
of the project we cut the land and have the height of 4 400
mm and achieve the appropriate vehicle and human slope of
20. In connection with noise and vehicular traffic we
solution it wisely under our observation, higher the
elevation the lesser noise variation as
In terms of design choice, we would like to do modern
piece of American country home and Filipino elements. To
bring phase in line we twist Filipino exterior to simpler
way. The design must be calming environment that
promotes the ideal of green architecture in our site project.
In this we can say that foreigner and allied Filipino people
can appreciate the design wonders.
Exterior and interior design are very important most
especially in designing a house or a building, because it is
the one that gives the beauty, creativity, and the comfort
which is very important from the outside and inside of the

Design concept
Concept is an idea of what something is or how it
works, this is the process in which we had based our ideas
on how to design it differently. Capability of the site to
occupy the concept, all the possibilities are taken into
consideration, since the residential houses is located here in
the Philippines. Moreover foreigners that has the attraction
of living here in the Philippines is also considered. So with
that, we designed and came up with a plan layout that could
fit in on both the wants of the foreign and Filipino people.
American country home design as being stated on the
problem, we use it to strengthen our phase. Twisting the
design and break its Filipino exteriors. the modern bahay
kubo residential with a touch of American county homes.
It is very important that the building has a touch of a
Filipino design since the buildings or residential houses are
being built here in the Philippines. Also, it is for the people
to be able to take in and see the wonders of the designs of
the Filipinos since there are foreign people that could
possibly live here.
We all know that foreign people are much taller and
bigger than other Filipino people, so we use the American
standard sizes for the rooms, furniture, height of the
building etc. for them to live much comfortable on the
certain house that they bought.
We also use tropical designs like putting plants and
trees to prevent the building from too much exposure from
the sunlight. We also used shed for the roof to also provide
the same purpose.
It is very important to consider all these things that
could really help your building to last long and for the
people to live comfortable, and to relax and feel the function
of the building or the house. because of these things you
could achieve not just the function, creativity, beauty etc.
but also a happier life of a certain family.