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Pronounce word meaning

pouvoir can
vouloir want to
voir see
devoir owe to
parler to speak
finir finish
apprendre learn
prendre take
comprendre understand
regarder watch
couter listen
Oh-siney enseigner teach
remercier thank
etudien student
1 tre to be
2 avoir to have
3 pouvoir to be able (can)

4 faire to do, to make

5 mettre to put, to place

6 dire to say, to tell

7 devoir to have to , must, to owe
8 prendre to take, to catch, to capture
9 aller to go
10 vouloir to want, to wish
11 savoir to know
12 falloir to have to
13 voir to see
14 rendre to return (something), to give back
15 venir to come
16 comprendre to understand, to include, to comprehend
17 tenir to hold, to keep
18 suivre to follow, to pay attention
19 connatre to know, to be acquainted with
20 croire to believe (in)
21 entendre to hear, to understand
22 attendre to wait, to expect
23 remettre to put back (on), to replace, to deliver

24 appeler to call, to contact

25 permettre to permit, to allow, to enable
26 devenir to become, to grow (into), to turn (into)
27 partir to leave, to depart, to proceed
28 servir to serve
29 revenir to return, to come back
30 recevoir to receive, to welcome
31 rpondre to answer, to reply
32 vivre to live
33 rappeler to call back, to remind
34 reconnatre to recognize, to acknowledge
35 perdre to lose, to waste
36 ouvrir to open (up)
37 lire to read
38 essayer to try, to attempt
39 sortir to go out, to leave, to exit, to come out
40 reprendre to resume, to recover, to take back
41 appartenir to belong, to concern
42 apprendre to learn, to teach, to hear of
43 obtenir to obtain, to get
44 atteindre to reach, to attain, to achieve
45 produire to produce
46 crire to write
47 dfendre to defend, to stand up for, to forbid
ER meaning IR meaning RE meaning
appeler call avoir to have etre to be
to do
rappeler cal back pouvoir to be able to faire

essayer try/attempt devoir have to/must/owe mettre put/place

aller to go vouloir want/wish dire say/tell

savoir know prendre take/catch/capture

falloir have to rendre return/give back
voir to see comprendre understand/include
devenir become/grow/turn suivre follow/pay attention
venir to come connaitre know/acquainted with
tenir hold/keep croire believe
partir to leave/depart/proceed entendre hear/understand
servir serve attendre wait/expect
revenir return/come back remettre put back/replace/deliver
recevoir to receive/welcome permettre permit/allow/enable

ouvrir to open repondre answrer/reply

sortir leave/exit/come out vivre to live
appartenir belong/concern reconnaitre recognize/acknowledge
obtenir obtain/get perdre lose/waste
lire to read
reprendre resume/recover/take back
47 apprendre learn/teach/hear of

atteindre reach/attain/achieve

produire produce
ecrire write

defendre defend/stand up/ forbid

tre to be; being prparer to prepare, make, get ready
avoir to have choisir to choose
aller to go conduire to drive, lead
faire to do, make chanter to sing
dire to say, tell prsenter to introduce, present
pouvoir can, to be able to accepter to accept
vouloir to want refuser to refuse, turn down
savoir to know terminer to end, finish
voir to see amuser to amuse, entertain
devoir to have to, must; duty, test intresser to interest
venir to come, occur Rire to laugh, have fun, joke
suivre to follow pardonner to forgive, pardon, excuse
parler to speak, talk embrasser to kiss; to embrace, encompass
prendre to take, get danser to dance
croire to believe, think dtester to hate, detest
aimer to love, like, be fond of maintenir to keep, maintain
falloir it is necessary, must, have to supposer to suppose, assume
passer to pass, go by, cross pouser to marry, to espouse
penser to think approcher to approach
attendre to wait for, expect craindre to fear, to be afraid of
trouver to find crier to shout
laisser to leave inviter to invite
arriver to arrive arranger to arrange, to organize
donner to give, give away remercier to thank
regarder to look at, watch rpter to repeat; to go over, rehearse
appeler to call, ring signer to sign
partir to go, leave, go away accompagner to go with, accompany
mettre to put, put on, wear oser to dare
rester to stay, remain permettre Allow
arrter to stop annuler Cancel
connatre to know, experience laver Clean
demander to ask, ask for, be looking for se plaindre Complain
comprendre to understand faire du mal Hurt
sortir to go out; take out avoir besoin to have
entendre to hear, listen to, understand peler to spell
chercher to look for, seek traduire Translate
aider to help, aid teindre turn off
essayer to try, try out, test allumer turn on
revenir to come back, return se rveiller wake up
jouer to play ajouter to add
finir to finish, end goter to taste
perdre to lose, miss coter to cost
sentir to smell, sniff, feel cuire to cook
rentrer to bring in, take in; to get in, go in, come home dcrire to describe
vivre to live, be alive, go through effacer to erase
rendre to return, give back, repay enseigner to teach
tenir to hold, run, keep, last nettoyer to clean
oublier to forget, miss noter to write down
travailler to work, work on, practice reconnatre to recognize
manger to eat remplacer to replace
entrer to go in, enter, come in visiter to visit
devenir to become souhaiter to wish
commencer to start, begin tomber to fall
payer to pay acclamer to cheer, acclaim
tirer to pull, draw accorder to admit
ouvrir to open accourir to hurry
changer to change, exchange accrocher to hang (up)
excuser to forgive, pardon, excuse accueillir to welcome
dormir to sleep; to lie idle acqurir to acquire
occuper to occupy, live in, take up adjoindre to appoint
marcher to walk, march, go admirer to admire
envoyer to send, throw, dispatch, refer annoncer to announce
apprendre to learn, to hear (about) arracher to pull up/out
boire to drink (consume alcohol), to soak up augmenter to increase
garder to keep, to look after, to guard avoir raison to be right
montrer to show, point out blaguer to joke
asseoir to sit down, sit up causer to chat, cause
porter to carry, wear cheminer to walk on
prier to pray confondre to confuse
servir to serve conseiller to recommend
crire to write dpenser to spend
retrouver to find; to meet emprunter to borrow
gagner to win, earn endormir to fall asleep
acheter to buy viter to avoid
rappeler to remind, remember, call back, be reminiscent of fliciter to congratulate
lire to read geindre to groan
monter to go up, rise, come up informer to inform
quitter to leave, depart nommer to name
emmener to take (somebody), take along louer to rent
toucher to touch ressentir to feel
continuer to continue, go on secouer to shake
Raconter to tell soutenir to support
rpondre to answer, reply jurer to swear, vow
sauver to save; languagedaily dot com mprendre to mistake
rencontrer to meet, encounter mlanger to mix
fermer to close, shut apprendre par coeur to memorize
valoir to hold, apply; to be worth reconduire to renew
compter to count rejeter to reject
bouger to move grer to manage
apporter to bring, supply reflter to reflect
dcider to decide presser to squeeze
vendre to sell rpandre to spread
expliquer to explain, account for frapper to knock
agir to act, behave; work, take effect remettre to put back (on)
adorer to adore, love revtir to put on
recevoir to receive, to get enregistrer to record
utiliser to use pcher to fish
coucher to put to bed, lay down, to sleep rougir to redden
prfrer to prefer tousser to cough
offrir to offer, give pleurer to cry
petit small, short
grand large, tall
jeune young
vieux old (masculine)
vieille old (feminine)
beau handsome; beautiful (with masculine noun)
belle beautiful (with feminine person or noun)
fort strong
faible weak (person, object
froid cold
chaud hot
bien chaud warm
long long
court short
clair clear, bright (light); thin (soup etc)
bas low
haut high, tall

lger light (as in 'not heavy')

lourd heavy
propre clean
sale dirty
plein full
vide empty
sec dry
humide damp, wet

frais fresh; chilly; wet (paint)

The following are

less physical
bon good; right
mauvais bad; wrong
nouveau new
proche near
facile easy
difficile difficult
dur hard (as in 'difficult' or 'not soft')
pauvre poor
riche rich
feelings, health, emotions

heureux happy
content happy, satisfied
fatigu tired
triste sad, unhappy
sain healthy
malade ill
gentil kind, nice
sympathique nice, friendly

il est... he's..., it's...

elle est... she's..., it's...
c'est... it's...
il fait... it's...(talking about weather)
plus... more...,
moins... less...
trs... very...
tout... all..., completely... (masculine)
toute... all..., completely... (feminine)
compltement... completely...
bien... quite..., rather..., pretty...
assez... quite..., rather...; sufficiently...
peu... hardly..., not...
pas... not...
si... so...
tellement... so...
nettement... noticeably...
gravement... seriously...
acheter to buy danser
admettre to admit dcouvrir
admirer to admire dduire
adorer to adore, idolize, worship demander
aider to help, assist dpendre
aimer to like, love descendre
aller to go dtester
amener to bring, lead devenir
appeler to call, name, invite devoir
apporter to bring discuter
apprcier to appreciate dormir
apprendre to learn, teach chouer
arriver to arrive, come, happen couter
assister to help, aid, attend crire
attendre to wait, await, expect embaucher
avoir to have, be, obtain emmener
btir to build, erect entendre
boire to drink entrer
bricoler to tinker envoyer
changer to change esprer
chanter to sing essayer
chausser to shoe tablir
chercher to look for, search, seek tre
choisir to choose, select, pick tudier
commencer to begin, start, initiate viter
comprendre to understand, comprehend exiger
conduire to conduct, drive, guide, lead exister
connatre to know expliquer
conseiller to counsel, advise, recommend exprimer
considrer to consider, ponder payer
consommer to consummate, accomplish, consume peindre
construire to construct, build, engineer penser
consulter to consult, interrogate, refer perdre
contacter to contact permettre
contenir to contain, repress, hold peser
continuer to continue plaindre
contrler to control, examine, inspect plaire
convenir to agree, becorriger to correct, rectify,courir to run pleuvoir
couvrir to cover, cloud porter
craindre to fear, apprehend,croire to believe poser
cultiver to cultivate pouvoir
faire to make, do, take prendre
falloir to be necessary prparer
fliciter to congratulate, compliment prsenter
finir to finish, conclude, close prter
frquenter to frequent, assoicate with prvenir
fumer to smoke, fume, steam procurer
gagner to earn, win, gain profiter
grandir to grow, grow up, increase promettre
grossir to enlarge, swell, get fat, increase, magnify proposer
habiter to live, inhabit, live in s'amuser
hsiter to hesitate s'appeler
inviter to invite, ask s'arrter
jeter to throw, hurl, cast, throw away s'en aller
jouer to play, act s'endormir
laver to wash, clean, bathe s'nerver
lire to read s'ennuyer
maintenir to maintain s'entendre
manger to eat s'excuser
marcher to walk, step, work s'habiller
mener to lead, take s'inquiter
mriter to deserve s'inscrire
mettre to put, put on, lay, set, place s'intresser
mincir to get thinner s'occuper
monter to go up, ascend, escalate, rise, climb savoir
montrer to show, display, point out, appear se coiffer
mourir to die se coucher
natre to be born se dbrouiller
noter to note, to write se dcourager
nourrir to feed, nourish se demander
obir to obey se dpcher
obtenir to get, obtain se dtendre
offrir to offer se disputer
organiser to organize, arrange, plan se fcher
oublier to forget se fiancer
ouvrir to open se laver
parler to speak se lever
partager to share se maquiller
participer to participate se marier
partir to leave, depart se peigner
passer to pass, spend, happen se prparer
quitter to leave, quit se promener
ranger to arrange, straighten, order se rappeler
rater to miss, fail, spoil se raser
ragir to react, respond se renseigner
recevoir to receive, accomodate se reposer
rciter to recite se rveiller
recouvrir to recover, overlap se sentir
rdiger to write, draf se souvenir
redoubler to redouble se spcialiser
rduire to reduce se tromper
rflchir to think, reflect scher
refuser to refuse sduire
regarder to watch, look at, view, regard, consider sembler
rgler to adjust, regulate, rule sentir
remettre to put back, bring together, postpone servir
remplir to fill, replenish simplifier
rencontrer to meet, encounter songer
rendre to give back, surrender sonner
rentrer to go in, re-enter, return sortir
rparer to repair souffrir
repasser to iron, pass again souhaiter
rpter to repeat sourire
rpondre to answer, respond, reply suivre
reprendre to take, take back, resume surveiller
rserver to reserve, book, set aside tlphoner
rester to remain, stay tenir
retenir to keep, retain, repress tomber
retourner to return, turn around toucher
retrouver to recover, rediscover, find again tourner
runir to unite, join, gather tousser
russir to succeed, pass travailler
revenir to come back, return traverser
rver to dream trouver
rire to laugh valoir
to dance
to discover, find,dcrire to describe
to deduce, deduct,dfendre to defend
to ask, demand
to depend
to descend, getdsirer to want, wish,dtenir to detain, hold
to hate, detest
to become
to have to, owe,dire to say, tell
to discuss, argue,distribuer to distribute,donner to give
to sleep
to fail, be stranded
to listen, listen to
to write
to hire, take on
to take away, lead
to hear, understand
to enter, go in, let in, bring in
to send
to hope
to try
to establish, settle
to be
to study
to avoid, avert, elude
to require
to exist
to explain, demonstrate
to express, formulate, voice
to pay, pay for
to paint
to think
to lose
to permit, enable, allow
to weigh, ponder
to pity, complain
to please, enjoy, like
to rain, shower
to carry, wear
to put, lay, set, pose, ask
to be able, to be allowed
to prefer
to take, have
to prepare
to present, introduce, show
to lend, loan
to warn, forewarn, prevent
to procure
to benefit, profit, take advantage of
to promise
to propose, suggest, offer
to have fun
to call
to stop, arrest, apprehend
to leave
to lull, allay
to get excited
to be bored, bothered, hassled
to get along
to apologize
to get dressed
to get worried
to write down, register, enroll
to be interested
to take care
to know
to cap, cover, put on a hat
to go to bed, lie down
to unravel, disentangle, sort out, clear up
to discourage, dishearten
to ask, demand
to hurry
to relax
to argue, quarrel
to get angry
to get engaged, become engaged
to wash oneself
to rise, get up, wake up
to make up, disguise
to get married
to comb
to prepare
to go for a walk
to remember, recall
to shave
to inform
to take a rest
to wake up
to feel
to remember
to specialize
to be mistaken, wrong
to dry
to seduce
to seem, look, appear
to feel, taste, savor
to serve, wait, be useful
to simplify
to wonder, think
to sound, strike, ring
to leave, exit, go out, take out, bring out
to suffer
to wish
to smile, grin
to follow
to supervise, oversee
to phone
to hold, keep
to fall
to touch, feel, contact, near
to turn, rotate
to cough
to work
to cross
to find
to be worth
to sell, market
to come
to age, mature
to visit
to live
to see, look at
to want, wish, please
to travel