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II Samuel 13:19-22 II Samuel 13:23-33

II Samuel 13:34-38 II Samuel 14:23-33

II Samuel 15:5-12 II Samuel 18:1-18

Absolom for King

August 20-August 26

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Tier #1: Complete 8 out of 12 Power Cords in 1st quarter
Connectors are invited to a Rewards Party during the beginning of regular service.
God does not help those who try to promote themselves through
disobedience and rebellion.
Tier #2: Complete Tier #1 + complete 8 out of 12 Power Cords in the 2nd quarter
Connectors attend the Rewards Party and receive a Wordless Book gift bag.

Tier #3: Complete Tier #1, #2, + complete 8 out of 12 Power Cords in the 3rd quarter
Connectors attend the Rewards Party and receive a T-shirt.
I Peter 5:5c, God opposes the proud, but He gives grace to the
Tier #4: Complete Tiers #1, #2, #3, + complete 8 out of 12 Power Cords in the 4th quarter humble.
Connectors attend the Rewards Party and receive a Bible

**Children are notified one-week prior of the Rewards Party invitation by receiving a Golden

Father God, The story of Absolom is about relationships in the family of King David. Just as
Thank you for loving me and taking care of me. Bless my church, Pastor Ron and his in our families sometimes there is arguing between brothers and sisters. King
family. Bless my teachers for teaching me Your Word. I believe your love is flowing Davids children were not behaving or getting along with each other. In Bible
through me to other people. Help me to obey my parents so things will go well with days, older brothers were to protect the honor of their sisters. King Davids
me and I will live a long life on the earth. I will tell how great You are and how much I
son, Amnon, had disgraced his sister, Tamar, which made his half-brother,
love You. I thank You that by Jesus stripes I am healed in my body and my soul.
Absolom, very angry. King David had been told about the disgraceful incident
In Jesus name, and he was upset about it too.
Although he was the father of both Amnon and Tamar, King David did not take
responsibility to discipline his son about it. This only made Absolom madder.
He felt like Amnon was getting away with his sinful and disgraceful acts against
his sister. Absolom was also mad at his father for not doing something about
I am humble and obedient. it. He carried his grudge for 2 years. He felt he was right in hating his brother
as someone had to stand up for Tamar. Anger turned to pride as he judged his
I Peter 5:5c
brothers sin. Pride and hate grew until he killed Amnon. Then he ran away and
hid. Three years later he returned but his father would not receive him back
I trust in the Lord, and not on my own understanding. into the family.
Proverbs 3:5
Again, the pride and the judgmental spirit rose up in Absolom, but this time it
I will prosper and be in good health. was against his father, King David. As he rebelled and fought against his father
III John 1:2 the Bible says that God Himself fought against Absolom. This is a great lesson
warning us not to fall into a prideful spirit, but to follow Gods plan trusting that
God will not let anyone get away with sin.