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Lesson 31: Obeying God

August 20 - 26, 2017

Power Cord Connector Challenge God speaks to us through His Word, the Bible.
Tier #1: Completes 8 out of 12 Power Cords in 1st quarter
Connectors receive a blue draw string bag and wordless book Frisbee.
Tier #2: Complete Tier #1, and complete 8 out of 12 Power Cords in the 2nd quarter
Connectors receive a sip cup and a carabiner verse clip.
Tier #3: Complete Tier #1, #2, + complete 8 out of 12 Power Cords in the 3rd quarter
Connectors receive a T-shirt. . . .we will obey the voice of the Lord. . .
Tier #4: Complete Tiers #1, #2, #3; + complete 8 out of 12 Power Cords in the 4th Jeremiah 42:6
Connectors receive a Bible.

God, When Jesus was a boy, he went to Jerusalem with his

parents, Mary and Joseph, for a special celebration. Later,
I worship You with all my heart. I want to know You as they started their journey home, they realized that
by reading Your Word, listening to You, going to church, Jesus was not with them. They returned to Jerusalem to
and being willing to forgive others. Thank You for good look for him. They found him in the temple, listening to
teachers and help me to choose good friends. Help me the teachers and asking them questions. The teachers
to obey my parents so things will go well with me and I were amazed at Jesus wisdom. He obediently returned
will live a long life on the earth. Bless Pastor Ron and his home with them. Jesus continued to listen and obey his
family with strength and grace. Help me to look for ways parents as he grew in wisdom and strength.
to bless others. Thank you that because of Jesus, I am Luke 2: 41-52
healed and whole.

In Jesus Name, Proverbs 3:5

Amen I will trust in the Lord with all my heart and not lean on my own