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Article 18 Abolition of all titles 58. (B) Limestone Sedimentary 71. (C) 72. (A) 73.

except military honour or title rocks. 74. (C) Lac is the protective secretion
conferred on the basis of Marble & Slate Metamorphic of an insect on a plant where the
educational accomplishments. rocks larvae settle.
Granite Igneous rocks 75. (D) P.Darpan
42. (B) Hiuen-Tsang, Fa-Hien,
59. (D) 60. (B)
Marco Polo and Nicolo Conti
61. (A) Balloons used in sports are Facts at a Glance
visited India during the reign of
filled with hot air. Hydrogen is
Harshavardhan, Chandragupta not used since it is highly Minerals and their Primary
II, Md.-bin-Tughlaq and Dev Rai combustible. Producers
I respectively. 62. (B) Due to electrical discharge in Minerals Greatest Second
43. (A) atmosphere during thunder- producer greatest
storms. producer
44. (A) Aryabhatta and Varahmihir
63. (C) Aluminium U.S.A. Russia
were the mathematician and the Asbestos Canada Zimbabwe
astronomer respectively. 64. (C) Ester is the product of Bauxite Australia Guinea
combination of alcohol and Chromium Zimbabwe India
45. (B)
organic acids. Cole U.S.A. Russia
46. (C) Though Mahatma Gandhi 65. (D) 66. (D) Copper (Ore) Russia U.S.A.
was the first important person to Crude oil Saudi Russia
67. (C) Valentina Tereshkova, a
call Patel by the name of Sardar, Arabia
Russian, was the first woman to Diamond Australia Zaire
Bardolis women were the first to
go into outer space. Whereas Gold South Russia
call him by this name. Africa
Yuri Gagarin, also a Russian, was
47. (D) 48. (C) 49. (D) the first person to enter into Graphite Ore Russia Brazil
50. (D) This college was founded in Iron ore China Russia
space. Lignite Germany Russia
1920 by Sir Syed Ahmed Khan 68. (C) Magnesia ore Russia S. Africa
which later became Aligarh 69. (C) The CO 2 present in the Mercury Italy Spain
Muslim University. Mica India
atmosphere traps the infrared
Natural Gas U.S.A. Russia
51. (B) 52. (C) 53. (C) 54. (C) radiation emitted by the earths Nickel Ore Canada Russia
55. (A) Increase in Carbon-di-oxide land surface and oceans and Platinum U.S.A. Kuwait
(CO2) level in the atmosphere warms the atmosphere. The Salt U.S.A. China
leads to Green House Effect. emission from earths surface is Silver Peru Russia
Greater percentage of infrared due to the heating of the surface Sulphur Italy Japan
radiation from the earths surface due to isolation. In the absence of Uranium Canada U.S.A.
is trapped by this gas and CO2 this energy in the form of Zinc (Ore) Canada Russia
consequently less heat is lost to infrared rays will be lost in the
the outer space. outer space. Corrigendum
56. (C) 70. (B) Lithosphere is the soil taken July 2007 Issue
57. (B) Olive Ridley is a protected together with lofe forms on it. On Page 94, Q. 30 please read C.M. of
species of turtle found in the Bay Hydrosphere is the water bodies Punjab as Prakash Singh Badal (in place
of Bengal. These turtles come in on earths surface together with of Ibobi Singh)
hundreds and thousands to lay aquatic life in them. Atmosphere On Page 78, Read Sunil Gavaskar as the
is the layer of air surrounding in first Indian to play in 100 Test Cricket
their eggs on Orissa and Andman Matches.
& Nicobar beaches. the earths surface.


Topic : In India, the Presidents Role is Pre- Topic : Protection of Ecology and Environment is
dominantly Symbolic and Ceremonial. Essential for Sustained Economic Deve-
Last Date : August 25, 2007 Last Date : August 25, 2007
Prizes : Rs. 500/- Each (For 5 best entries) Prizes :
Ist : Rs. 600/- , IInd : Rs. 500/- , IIIrd : Rs. 400/-

Rules and Regulations :

Participation is open to students and competitors only.
The Essay/Debate should not exceed a word limit of 2000.
The Essay/Debate accompanied by a passport sized photograph must be sent by mail or courier.
The selection committee will decide best entries and they will be awarded.
The winners in Essay Contest will also receive an award certificate from Pratiyogita Darpan. The prize winning
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