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American Foreign Policies are Good Only for America

In Favour the USA who has just no hesitation last two-three decades has never
whatsoever in openly joining hands received Americas solid backing
Sanjeev Sirohi with Pakistan who all know is and on the contrary it has always
It goes without saying that the mother of Taliban regime in been a leader in supplying the
America has always and always only Afghanistan but about which the US deadliest weapons to Pakistan which
bothered about its own interests and is least bothered as they feel that we all know has become the most
nothing else. America has chalked Pakistan itself is no threat to them ? It safe breeding ground for terrorists
out its foreign is here that American foreign policy just because they need Pakistans
policies too in such makers have just failed to read the cooperation for eliminating Taliban
a manner that its clear writing on the wall that if you terrorists in Afghanistan and Al-
own interests only are partial in following different Qaeda leaders. America is just not
are only secure and yardsticks on the issue of terrorism, bothered about terrorists training
is least bothered you are openly inviting trouble for camps operating openly in Pakistan
about anything yourself because terrorism recognises occupied Kashmir and many other
else. It is here that I no borders as has been proved parts of Pakistan because they feel
Sanjeev Sirohi very strongly feel recently. But still they are not pre- that only India is affected by all this
that America has made the biggest pared to accept this harsh reality. and they are totally immune to it. So
blunder which it is just not prepared What a pity that American why should they bother or be
to accept. American foreign policies foreign policies are proving to be not disturbed ? America forgets that it is
are proving to be worst for America only not good but worst for America this selfish thinking which is mainly
and what a pity that even the 9/11 and what is even more shameful is responsible for Taliban coming to
attack on America in 2001 has failed that still they are unable to face this power in Afghanistan and Osama-
harsh reality boldly and make suit- bin-Laden creating new terror net-
to make them realize that overlooking
able amendments so that the damage
terrorism in other countries just work there which was solely res-
can at least be controlled to some
because they are not affected will extent from spreading further. I am ponsible for the 9/11 terrorist attack
undoubtedly affect their long term afraid but cant just restrain myself on USA which then compelled them
interests also most adversely. While from speaking the truth that if to wake up partially at least for
America always tries to convince America still fails to make the much safeguarding their own vital interests.
India of entering into a meaningful required drastic changes in its foreign It is due to this that I very strongly
dialogue with Pakistan whom we all policy even now then it cannot blame feel that American dubious foreign
know has been openly aiding, abet- anyone for its own downfall except policies are proving to be worst for
ting, sponsoring and giving every themselves. It is high time that Americans themselves but still they
American foreign policy makers woke are just not mentally prepared to
possible help to terrorists directed
up before it is too late and realize that
against India for more than two wake up their ideas and are interes-
it has to deal very sternly with
decades and as General Musharraf countries like Pakistan which is res- ted only in taking retaliatory action
himself admits in his latest book In ponsible for the creation of Taliban against Taliban and Al-Qaeda and not
The Line of Fire that Kargil war had and many other terrorists organisa- against anyone else. This alone
full blessings of the Pakistani army tions operating freely from their soil explains why so many terrorist
and even former Prime Minister if they genuinely desire that terrorism leaders like Syed Salaluddin, Chief of
Nawaz Sharif was fully aware of it has to be totally eliminated at any Hizbul Mujahideen, Maulana Masood
but as we all know America is least cost as the US President George W. Azhar, Chief of Jaish-e-Mohammad
bothered about all this as it feels : Bush repeatedly affirms also. and many othersthe list is just
why should they bother when they Just taking a few cosmetic steps endlessare openly enjoying every
and very conveniently ignoring the type of patron-age in Pakistan about
are not affected in any manner ? On
real cause of terrorism will only
the contrary, when Americas own which America knows everything but
further compound US problems
interests are adversely affected as because different Islamic terrorists still closes its eye or looks in another
happened after 9/11 terrorists attack groups are unanimous in striking direction as they feel why should
on US in 2001 then it lost no time in adversely wherever possible US vital they bother when they are not
openly attacking two independent interests which America must realize affected at all by this and has just no
and sovereign countries Iraq and soon before it is too late. hesitation whatsoever of any kind in
Afghanistan on the charge of shelter- There is just no doubt that describing Pakistan as the most
ing terrorists and having lethal American foreign policies are aimed leading partner in fight against
weapons killing thousands of inno- only at protecting and furthering terrorism without the support of
cent civilians about which they are Americas own interests and they are whom no war against terrorism can
just least bothered. What better least bothered about everything else. ever be won. General Musharraf once
example can we look for double This alone explains why India which rightly said that, America always
standards openly being followed by has been a victim of terrorism for the supported Osama-bin-Laden when