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Shaping Success in Business and Finance

Shaping Success in Business and Finance

Shaping Success in Business and Finance

Shaping Success in Business and Finance

What are we offering?
1. Emerald
2. World Bank
3. (A) Mintel GMN (B) and Mintel Academic
4. Business Source Complete
5. Keynote
7. Osiris BVD
8. FT.com

Shaping Success in Business and Finance


Access to E-Journal resources with over 68 articles

from over 120 journals plus 175 selected journals in
specific areas of research
Access to over 650 peer reviewed books and 80 titles
in 15 business, management and economic areas
How do I log in?
Go to http://www.emeraldinsight.com via campus computers

For Remote access to Emerald click on this link

1.Click on the access token or copy and paste the token URL into your
2.You will be taken to the Emerald Insight login page and prompted to log-in
to the site:
If you have an Emerald profile please log-in with your e-mail address and
If you dont have an Emerald profile, please register
3.The redeem voucher page will be displayed and your token activated
4.You will now be able to access your institutions subscriptions

For tutorials and support, go to

Emerald Video guide https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_cZZuiPL_58
World bank E-Library
Access to World Banks online collection of 6,000+ World
Bank publications :
Access to nearly 2,500 World Bank eBooks some dating from
the 1970s plus all new eBooks as they are published
Access to World Bank Economic Review and World Bank
Research Observer Journals (currently published by OUP)
since the 1970s
Access to a growing archive of more than 4,200 Policy
Research Working Papers
Access to all World Bank flagships and annual publications
(WDR, WDI, etc.)
How do I log in?
World Bank E-Library
Remote access is also available from the website
Username: LSBF
Password: WBeLibrary

Worldbank Video Guide

Mintel Market Sizes

Mintel Market Sizes - All Regions - All Industries

gives you access to reports designed to provide instant preliminary market
Each report provides an overview of the defined market, including market
size, market forecast, segmentation and company market share along with
top-line socio-economic data.
The data is supplied in both graphical and tabular format for ease of
interpretation and analysis.
A wealth of international sources feed into GMN. This is a mix of primary
and secondary data sources.
In addition each market contains an exclusive 5 year market size forecast.
What can you use the resources for?
Mintel Academic
Mintel Academic - Consumer market reports
E-commerce - UK
Leisure - UK
Lifestyles - - UK
Retail - UK
Retail Intelligence - Europe
Retail Exposure - International
Technology - UK
Travel - UK
Travel & Tourism Analyst & Country Reports
Mintel Trends
To login go to the student My Page
and click on the Announcements page where there is an
announcement called LSBF Online Resources there is a referrer
link to both Academic Mintel and Mintel Market Sizes these links
should work remotely as well as on campus but you must click the
link from within my page dont copy and paste the link outside of My
Page or it will not work.
Mintel Academic Video Guide academic.mintel.com
Mintel GMN Video Guide http://gmn.mintel.com
What can you use the resources for?
Business Source Complete
Contains scholarly business journals, dating back as far as
1886 in full text.
In addition, searchable cited references are provided for more
than 1,300 journals.
Full-text journals available include all disciplines of business,
including marketing, management, accounting, finance and
Company information and company profiles
Regional Business News for the United States
Business Source Complete
Company View
This component of BSC provides detailed company information for more
than 1.1 million of the worlds largest public and private companies.
Company View data includes:
Case Studies
Industry Profiles
SWOT Analyses
Articles from Business Journals, Magazines & Trade Publications
Market Research Reports
Product Reviews
News Articles
Country Reports
How do I log in?
Business Source Complete
Business Source Complete can be accessed both
via IP recognition and remote access
IP recognition requires you to click on or follow
the link http://search.ebscohost.com and enjoy
Remote access is available through
Username: ns111032main
Password: main
Business Source Complete Video Guide
Key Note - Market reports

In depth covering UK industry sectors including SWOT or PESTLE analysis

Sections include Business Services, Accountancy, Clothing, Computing,
Construction, Defence, Drinks, Education, Electrical, Energy,
Environment, European Markets, Food, Healthcare, Insurance, Leisure,
Lifestyles, Marketing, New Media, Printing, Retailing, Telecoms,
Transport, Travel & Tourism plus more
Market Size: The total market size by sector
Industry Background: Recent history, industry concentration, distribution
channels, employment, trade associations
Competitor Analysis: The major players and their brands, advertising and
promotion spend where appropriate
Buying Behaviour: Trends, survey results, purchasing patterns,
Market Forecasts: 5-year forecasts and prospects
How do I log in?
Key Note


Remote access is available through

Username: student2@lsbf.org.uk
Password: academic2013

Keynote Video Guide

Arts and Sciences IX Business & Economics and Political
With a minimum of 150 titles available, the Arts & Sciences IX
Collection widens JSTORs coverage in business and the social
sciences. Journals from more than 25 countries provide
outstanding international diversity, and rare materials bring
unique depth to the collection, with research covering
archaeology, anthropology, sociology, business, economics,
population studies, and political science.
How do I log in?
JSTOR can be accessed both via IP recognition
in LSBF campus from computer terminals and
wifi, follow the link http://www.jstor.org/
For remote access go to student My Page
http://mypage.lsbf.org.uk/ and click on New
Online resources for all LSBF students

JSTOR Video Guide

What can you use the resources for?
Osiris BVD
Osiris has information on listed, and major
unlisted/delisted, companies around the world.
The information is very detailed and includes a
lot more than financial reports.
Different templates are used to show accounts
in the correct formats for their company type
and location.
How do I log in?
Osiris BVD
Osiris can accessed via IP recognition on all
LSBF campus sites via this link:
Remote access is available via
Username: Lsbf Student
Password: LsbfStudent1

OSIRIS Video Guide

Features include
Search archive of newspaper from 2004
e-paper for UK, Europe, US, Middle East, Asia,
annotation of articles
watch lists of companies and portfolios, company
profiles, Share prices
save articles on the platform
case studies written by lecturers, videos, podcasts,
blogs, Market data, alerts hub, email briefings, clippings,
app.ft.com for iphone and ftepaper.ft.com for
Special reports on industry and region
FT Lexicon of terms/definitions
How do I log in?
Sign up with your email address from an LSBF
building location: http://www.ft.com/home/uk
If you click on an article you will see this pop up
How do I log in?
For Remote sign up for students and staff off site
use this link:
Once you have signed up you can access the FT.com
http://www.ft.com/home/uk from anywhere.