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Grading Period: MIDTERM Duration: Week 1-5

Learning Standards:

A. Orientation: Schools Vision and Mission

B. Introduction to Biology
C. Cell Theory and Endomembrane System
D. Other parts of the Cell and Types of Cell
E. Cell Types
Core Value: Social Responsibility

Related Values: Awareness on the human body and other life process and to
value health and wellness.

A. ORIENTATION : Schools Vision and Mission

USL Student Handbook: Rule and Policies

CEPSI (Core Values of USL)
Discussion of classroom agreements
Giving of Course Outline
Discussion of Course Requirement

Essential Question/s:

1. How relevant are these rules and policies in our life as Louisians?
2. Why do we need to have rules and policies in our school?classroom?

Teaching &Learning Activities:

Guided Discussion



Value Integration: Rules are for the Obedience of Fools and the Guidance of

Time Frame: Week 1

B. Introduction to Biology

Explain the different characteristics of a living thing.

Describe and explain the hierarchy of life.
Essential Question/s:
1. How do we describe life?
2. Are viruses considered as living things?
3. The current world population today is approximately 7,450,000,000.
What do you think would be the impact of the continuous growth of
population in the next decades?
Teaching and Learning Activities:

Guided Discussion
Video Clip Presentation
Power point Presentation

Paper Pencil Test


Value Integration:

Gods masterpiece is all made perfect, we should take good

care and give importance to it
Time Frame: Week 2

C. Cell Theory and Endomembrane System

Explain the postulates of the cell theory.
Illustrate the structure of the endomembrane system, label its
parts, and explain how it works.
Essential Question/s:

1. What discoveries led to the discovery of the cell?

2. Why are cells generally small in size?
3. What is the difference between the organelles in the
endomembrane system to the other parts of the cell?
4. How do environmental toxins like lead and mercury alter the
function of the cell?
Teaching and Learning Activities

Guided Discussion
Powerpoint Presentation


Paper Pencil Test

Group Quiz
Draw and Label Test

Value Integration:

The battle belongs to the persistent the triumph will go to the one
who never quit
Time Frame: Week 3

D. Other Parts of the Cell and Types of Cell

Describe the structure and function of major and subcellular
Compare and contrast eukaryotic cell from prokaryotic cell.
Essential Question/s:

1. What is the significance of having membrane-bound organelles in

eukaryotic cells?
2. What do you think are the ethical issues in stem cell research?
3. In the near future, cloning humans would be a possibility. What is your
stand in this kind of development? Explain.
Teaching and Learning Activities:

Power Point Presentation

Guided Discussion
Group Activity
Microscopic Mission

Value Integration:

The limits of the possible can only be defined by going beyond

them into the impossible.
Performance Task:

Cell 3D Making


Paper and Pencil Test

Venn Diagram

Value Integration: Everything made by God has a purpose, even to the most
little things that was created.
Science Teacher
Time Frame:Week 4