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Select Bibliography Works by Octavia E.

(From readers guide to Kindred)

Titles in ABC order

Adulthood Rites. New York: Warner Books, 1988.

Bloodchild and Other Stories. New York: Four Walls Eight Windows,
1995. [In addition to the title story, this volume collects The Evening and the Morning and
the Night, Near of Kin, Speech Sounds, and Crossover with two essays, Positive
Obsession and Furor Scribendi.]
Dawn. New York: Warner Books, 1987.
Future Forum. Future Life 17 (March 1980): 60.
Imago. New York: Warner Books, 1989.
Kindred. 1979. Reprint. Boston: Beacon Press, 1988.
Liliths Brood. New York: Aspect, 2000. [Collects in one volume Dawn,
Adulthood Rites, and Imago.]
The Lost Races of Science Fiction. Transmission (Summer 1980):1718.
Mind of My Mind. New York: Doubleday, 1977; London: Sidgwick and
Jackson, 1978.
The Monophobic Response. In Dark Matter: A Century of Speculative
Fiction from the African Diaspora, ed. Sheree R. Thomas. New York:
Warner Books, 2000.
Parable of the Sower. New York: Four Walls Eight Windows, 1993.
Parable of the Talents. New York: Seven Stories Press, 1998.
Patternmaster. New York: Doubleday, 1976.
Survivor. New York: Doubleday, 1978; London: Sidgwick and Jackson,1978.
Wild Seed. New York: Doubleday, 1980; London: Sidgwick and Jackson,

Secondary Sources

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Reconstructing Womanhood, Hazel V. Carbys feminist revision of the traditions of American black womens
writing, contrasts the image of the slave woman as victim in mens slave memoirs with a very different image that
emerges in such autobiographies as Harriet Jacobss Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl, Lucy Delanys From the
Darkness Cometh Light, and Mary Princes History of Mary Prince, a West Indian Slave. In those narratives, Carby
argues, women define themselves as agents rather than as mere victims, and they record the brutality of their
treatment by their owners in order to emphasize their resistance to victimization and their claim to freedom. <278

Sorjourner Truth <?

Narrative of Sojourner Truth: A Northern Slave (1850) <wikipedia

The conclusion of Kindred can be compared with the final episode of the other notable feminist time-travel novel of the 1970s,
Marge Piercys Woman on the Edge of Time (1976), in which Consuela Ramos kills her doctors in self- defense, a revolutionary
act made in the hope of bringing into being the utopian future she has visited. <281

Titles in topical order [de http://www.sfwa.org/members/butler/Bibliography.html ]:

Patternist series:

Wild Seed (1980)

Mind of my Mind (1977)
Clay's Ark (1984)
Survivor (1978)
Patternmaster (1976)
Xenogenesis series:

Dawn (1987)
Adulthood Rites (1988)
Imago (1989)

And the two collected versions of all three novels:

Xenogenesis (Hard cover, 1989)
Lilith's Brood (Trade Paperback, 2000)

Parable series:

Parable of the Sower (1993)

Parable of the Talents (1998)


Kindred (1979)

book of short fiction and essays:

Bloodchild and Other Stories (1995)

There are also two uncollected stories on line in the archives of scifiction.com:

The Book of Martha [offsite link] <broken

<http://www.lexal.net/scifi/scifiction/originals/originals_archive/butler2/butler21.html> <found 2-18-12
{05.21.03} <http://www.lexal.net/scifi/scifiction/archive.html> 2-18-12

Amnesty [offsite link] <broken

<http://www.lexal.net/scifi/scifiction/originals/originals_archive/butler/butler1.html> <found 2-18-12
{01.22.03} <http://www.lexal.net/scifi/scifiction/archive.html> 2-18-12

[Fledgling (2005)]

Titles in chron (by year written) order:

Patternmaster (1976)
Mind of my Mind (1977)
Survivor (1978)
Kindred (1979)
Wild Seed (1980)
Clay's Ark (1984)
Dawn (1987)
Adulthood Rites (1988)
Imago (1989)
[Xenogenesis (Hard cover, 1989)]
Parable of the Sower (1993)
Bloodchild and Other Stories (1995)
Parable of the Talents (1998)
[Lilith's Brood (Trade Paperback, 2000)]
Amnesty (01.22.03)
The Book of Martha (05.21.03)
Fledgling (2005)