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All-in-one software

for Discovery, Man-

agement, Monitoring,
Alerting, Logging,
Graphing & more.
Multi-Unit Interface For AVTECH Monitors & Axis Cameras... Network-Wide !

Room Alert was designed to optionally run

with Device ManageR application software to
monitor the sensors of Room Alert units and then
provide alerting and/or automatic corrective
actions. It provides powerful enhancement to
Room Alert because the capabilities of Device
ManageR go beyond the scope of basic
environment monitoring. All connected Room
Real time readings
Alert devices managed through a web interface Graphing & Reporting
via a single IP address.
Logging to database
Room Alert is a hardware and software so- Visual / Audio alarms
lution that allows easy remote monitoring of the
environmental conditions and is perfect for envi-
Send Email Alerts
ronments such as data centers, communication Send SMS Alerts
& control rooms, cold storage facilities, ware- Temperature
houses, multi-building plants and many others.... Phone Dialer
Humidity Room Alert 32W
Shutdown Servers
Water / Flood
Smoke /Fire
Electric Power
Fuel Tank Level 32E
Air Flow
Sound / Light
very easy to install and typically operational in
minutes as they plug directly into the network via Motion / Room Entry 12E
Ethernet and use 'built-in' or 'attached' sensors,
making it a very cost effective solution and ex-
Dry Contacts
pandable at any time.
Room Alert monitors offer users the ability to
monitor sensors both indoors and outdoors and
allow alert notifications via email, and SNMP via
web browser interface for settings changes and 3E 3W
viewing real-time temperature, humidity, power
and other environment sensor status from any-
CAiTEK delivers top performance and quality of service assurance

We provide end-to-end IT services with excellent customer service. Our

business focus on data infrastructure solutions and we provide planning,
installation, and maintenance services for all types of data infrastructures from
structured cabling to wireless networks, server and network design, and the
latest in integrated networking solutions such as routers, switches, relocation
services , monitoring solutions to managed services for server rooms, data
centers and networking operations.

Our services include:

Infrastructure & Cabling

End-to-end Infrastructure deployment solutions that does not depend on a
specific hardware or software coverage which gives us the ability to advise
and implement what is right for the customer.

Data Centers & Computer Rooms

End-to-end capabilities and solutions for Computer Rooms, Data Centers,
Communications Rooms, and Equipment Closets. We help our client in
deployment and managing data centers for optimal performance.

Environmental Monitoring & Alerting

Hardware and Software solutions for remote monitoring and alerting of
environmental conditions for Datacenters, Communication & Control Rooms,
Storage Areas and Warehouses and more ... to protect valuable equipment
and assets against damage caused by heat, humidity, water leaks, fire &
smoke, theft and more ....

Alerting through visual & audio alarms, email and SMS with capabilities of
taking corrective actions automatically and can be managed from anywhere