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David, Princess Belle Marie R.

Toledo, Gabrielle Y. 2013-68094

Compare and contrast electromechanical motors and combustion engines in terms of (i) operation
and (ii) application. Which technology is more important in present day society?

Electromechanical motors and combustion engines are two of the most utilized machines
that converts one form of energy to mechanical energy. Combustion engines are engines that
convert chemical energy to mechanical energy through combustion of a fuel while
electromechanical motors are motors that convert electrical energy to mechanical energy.

There are two types of combustion engines used today namely, the spark ignition engine
cycle and the compression ignition or diesel engine cycle. These two types of engine way of
supplying and combustion differs from each other. In a spark ignition engine, the fuel is mixed
with air and then inducted into the cylinder during the intake process. After the piston compresses
the fuel-air mixture, the spark ignites it, causing combustion. The expansion of the combustion
gases pushes the piston during the power stroke. In the diesel engine, only air is inducted into the
engine and then compressed. Diesel engines then carry out combustion by spraying the fuel into
the hot compressed air at a suitable, measured rate (Internal Combustion Engine Basics). On
the other hand, electromechanical works by generating force within the motor from the interaction
between the magnetic field and winding currents of the motor.

Both machines are useful to the transportation industry although combustion engines are
more commonly used. Combustion engines run some of the large electric generators that power
electrical grids. It is also used to power small devices like lawnmowers, string trimmers, chain
saws, leaf blowers, and pressure washers. Applications of series wound motor range from cheap
toys to automotive applications. Fixed speed applications of shunt wound motor are automotive
windscreen wipers and fans. Train and automotive traction are applications of separately excited

Both technologies are useful in todays society but we believe that electric motors are more
important since it has lesser contribution to pollution unlike combustion engines that can greatly
contribute to air pollution.

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