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oi) n canton of the fir.--t a lion, lanip.uit, of llio K.\Yiii.K, af. a mound gu. on a canton sa. a lion,
St'cond. passant, or.
Kauij, gu. on a cbcv. ar. betw. tlivec- bucks' KA"iT.r., [Connvall,] quarterly, battelly, coantcr-
lieads, erased, or, as many mullets of the field. battelly, ar. and sa.
— Crest, a dexter arm, erect, couped Iielow tlie KaijJe, quaiferly, ar. and sa. bi'lettee, counter-
wrist, ])(ir. lioldiiig' a dag'ger ar. liilt and pouiel changed.
Ka'\n"i;ll, or Keynem,, [Bridestone, Wilt-
K.viMMCKi:, or Cahiucke, [Gloucestersliire,] sa. shire,] ar. a fesse, flory, counter-fiory, gu.
liiree cinqiiefoils ar. IvA'iNiLLE, iir. a fesse gu.
Kariiauo, [Venice,] per fesse, ar. and a/., a lo IvAYNTON, ar. a pale, nebulee, sa.
zen'g-e, occupying iLc whole of the shield, coiin- ]CA"i KE, sa. a chev. ar.
terclianged. Kkarsley, or Kkarsly, [Lancashire and Lod-'
Kakvell, [Norfolk,] gu. a chev. betw. three don,] or, two bars sa. betw. six lions' heads, •

leo]iard.s' heads ar. couped, gu. three, two, and one. —

Crest, a demi
KurvcU, or Kervcll, [Watlington, Norfolk,] sa. eagle ern;. \\inged or. [Granfed Octoher 2d,
three leopards' heads, jessant, fleur-de-lis, ar. 16G2.]
Karvcll, or Kurwell, [Wiggen-IIall, Norfolk.] Keate, [Iloo and Pauls-Vralden, Hertfordshire;
See Caravi:i,l. Grovehurst, Kent; and Woodford, Essox,] ar.
KarvcN,gu. p. chev. ar. hctw. three leopards' lieads three mountain-cats, passant, in pale, sa.
or. Keating, or Keching, [London,] ar. a saltier
Karvill, 02. a chev. ar. betw. three lions' heads, gu. betM-. four nettle-leaves vert. —
Crest, a boar,
cal'ossed, or. passant, or, tln-ough a pari'el of nettles ])])r.
JvASSYE, orKAYP.H, [Northumberlaud,] gu. on Motto, Providenlia divina.
a chev. ar. thi'ee estoi'es sa. Kcalimj, or, a saltier gu. betw. four oak-leavv?
Katkkell, or Cath};rall, a^. three mascles vert. —
Crest, on a mount vert, a boar, pas.-atit,
or. sa.
Katkrley, or, three piles sa. Keats, jjeun, three cats-o'-mouutain, passant, in
Kathcairt, az. three cross crosslets, fitdu'.e, and pale, ar. on a canton or, a fesse gu. siu'inounted
issuing out of as niaiiy crescents ar. by an anchor of the by a vreath
third, eucircled
Kathuram, or, on a bend sa. three leopards' of latirel vert, for Keats, quartering Goodrcln
heads ar. (or, a lion, passant, giiardant, sa. on a chief gu.
Katiikhi.kk, K.\TKj,LiiR, or Katklkr, az. three lozenges vair.) —
Crest, on a naval coronet
three Catharine-wheels or. or, a tiger, statant, guardant, pjjr. charged on
Katiierley, or Katkrley, or, three piles sa. the body with an anch.or sa. Supporters, on the
Katyng, Kating, or Kattinc, ar. a .saltier, dexter, a trifon in the act of blowing a conk-
betw, four pine-apples gu. shell, all ppr. a libbon round his neck, white,
IvATZ, [Germany,] quarterly first, or, a lion, ; edged blue, therefrom pendent a gold medal-
rampant, az. second, az. ; third, purp. on a
; lion, represeutuig Victory crowning Brit;uinia:
inouut vert, a tree ppr. fourth, ar. on a mount,
; on the sinister, a sea-lion ppr. gorged with a
base, vert, a f^ox springing p])r.
ill collar az. vimincd or, thereon the word SUPER]}
Kaw.SON, or, a bend betw. six cross crosslets sa. in letters of gold ; beneath the collar, the ribbou
Kawston, ar. abend, betw. six cross crosslets sa. and medallion, as the dexter supporter. IBurne
Kay, [Edith-Weston, Rutlandshire, and Wood- 1)1/ Sir Richard Goodwin Kcals, of Dorrant-^
some, Yorkshire,]" ar. two bendlels sa. — Crest, House, Devon, G.C.B. Vice- Admired of the
a goldfinch ppr. lied, (Did Goccrnor of Greenwich IJosy.ltol,
/voy, [Glatton, jl nntingdonsliire.] The .same 1825.]
arms and crest, with a mullet for ditrerencc. Kekbell, or Kebyll, [London,] ar. a chev.
K(ti/, [Dalton, and of the Heath, Yorkshire, and az. on a chief of the second, three mullets or,
JiJilshaw,] ar. a mintlet in the dexter chief pierced sa.
poiiit, betw. two bendlels sa. Cvesl, a grillin's — Kehell, or Kchhle, [London and Warwickshii'e,]
head, erased, ar. beaked gu. charged with a ar. a chev. engr. gu. ou a chief az. three mullets
martlet sa. hohling in his beak a key or. or, pierced sa.

Kai/, or Ca>/, [Scotland,] ar. a benil sinister sa. Kchell, Kchhle, or Kehyll, [London,] sa. a chev. !

betw. an annulet in chief gu. and a grifiin's engr. or, on a chief ar. tliree mullets gu. I

head, erased, in base of the second, in his beak Kehell, ar. a chev. ongr. gu. on a chief az. threa j

a key az. mullets or. j

K E ]=; K E I

}»i:nr.J?,or Kebyli,, barn*, wavy, of six, ar. ;ind Kefforp, [York.shire,] a fesse, embattled,

sa. a canton R'u. betw. three bees, volant, or.

Uible, [West-Crcfing-, Old Nt^Ytnn, and Stow- Keigiilev, ar. on a fesse .sa. a mullet of the field.
Market, SuOolk,] ar. three bars, ncbulc-c, sa. — Crest, a dragon's head, erased, ar. charged
a cauton p;u. —
Crest, a dcmi eagle, displayed, ar. on the breast with a mullet sa.
KMc, or Kehdl, [Suflblk,] barry, nebulae", of six, Jv EIEJNC, [Nev, castle-under- Line, StafTordshire,]
ar. and a?,, a canton of tlie lirst. su. a lion, rampant, or, liolding an eseocheon ar.
Kthlc, [Homerston, Leiccstcrsliiif,] barrv, ju'bu- charged v.ith a cross, formee, fitchee, gu.-
loe, of six, ar. and sa. on a canton gu. a crescent Crest, a demi lion, rampant, or, holding an
of the first. — (Irest, a denii eagle, disiilayed, ar. eseocheon, as in the arms.
gorged V itli a bar, gemelle, gu. beaked of the Kein. See with Ken'I'.
last. KeiS'es, [Somersetshire,] az. a bend, wavy, cot-
Kehle, [Leicestershire,] barrj', nebiilee, of six, ar. (ised, ar.
and sa. on a canton gii. a crescent or. Kclnes, az. a bendlet utidee, cotfised, ar.
Kchk, [Sir Henry, Lord ]\Iayor of London, 1510,] Keinsiiam, [Bedfordshire,] per pale, ar. and az.
ar. a chev. eugr. gu. on a chief az. three mullets three cinquefoils couuterchanged. —
Crest, a
greyhound's head or, charged with three bars
Kchle, sa. a cliev. engr. or, oti a chief ar. thiee vert, guttee d'or.

mullets of the field. -Crest, au elejihant's JiCad, Keir, [Scotland,] ar. a cross engr. sa. betw. four
cou])ed, bendy of roses gu.
Kchijll, ar. three bars,wavy, sa. a canton cnn. Keith, [Scotland,] ar. on a chief gu. three pales
Kchyll, ar. a fesse, wavy, gn. on a canton sa. a or. { Another, paly of six, or and gu.)
lion, passant, of the field. (Anolhcr, the field Keith, [L\ukjuhairn, Scotland,] ar. a cross cross-
or.) let, fitchee, and an escallop in fesse az. on a
KcbiU, ar. a cliev. enr^r. gu- on a chief a?., three chief gu. three pales or. —
Crest, a dextev hand,
escallops of the field. casting an anchor into the water.
K.EDORXK, ar. a chev. betv.-. ten crosses, pattee, Keith, [Sir Robert 3hifray, installed Knight of
the Bath, 1.5th June, 1772,] quarterly first and;

Kkck, [Inner-Teiiiiile, London, Gloucester, and fourth, ar. a bordiire embattled gu. on a chief of
Great Tow, Oxfordshire,] sa. a bend erm. betw. the last, tlnee pallets or, (for Keith) ; second
flory, counter-floiy or.
tv.o cottises, Crest, out — and third, or, a fetter-lock sa. on a chief az.
of a mural crown gu. a maidenhead erm. purfied three estoiles ar. (for Murray J. — Crest, an
or,her hair dlsveloped of the same, and notanf, ermine, passaut, ppr. over the crest this motto,
adorned with a chaplet vert, garnished ^^iIh JCx candore deciis. Supporters, tv.o stags ppr.
roses ppr. attired or, the dexter gorged with a collar nz.
Keuall, or Kkypall, [Cornwa.U,] ar. a chev. charged with three estoiles ar. to the collar a
betw. three dolphins sa. chain or, the sinister gorged with a collar gu.
Ki:dmarston, [Suffolk,] ar. three war-bells gu. charged with three jialk'ts or, to the collar a
two and one. chain of the last. Motto, Animum rcge.
KnoyyiiLLY, or, a fesse, indented, gu. Keith, [Auquhorsk, Scotland,] ar. a chief paly of
Ivi'.DWELLYN, or, a fesse, dancettee, gu. six, gu. and or, on the second a buckle of the
Khki.ixg, ar. three scaling-ladders, in bend, gu. first.
—Crest, a lion, sejant, or, supporting a scaling- Keith, [Craig, Scotland,] ar. on a chief, embat-
ladder gu. tled, gu. three pallets or, \\ithin a bordure, 'cve-
Ki-ETE, [Chellesbume, Dorsetshire,] az. a chev. uellee, of the second. —
Crest, a stag, standing
betw. three kites' heads, erased, or. Crest, an — at gaze, or, in a watching posture under a holly-
unicorn's head, erased, ar. collared gu. buckled bush ppr.
and garnished or, armed of the last. Keith, [Inverugio, Scotland,] ar. a chief paly of
Kfc/e. erm. a fesse, invecked, az. betw. two bees six, or and gu. within a bonlure engr. sa.
Aolant, in chief, ])pr. and a dauiask-rosc in base Kcilh, [Ilarthill, Scotland,] or, a cross crosslet,
gu. barbed vert. —
Crest, a dexter arm, ( inbow- fitchee, az. betw. two crescents, and a fusil iu
ed, coupcd at the shoulder, liablted az. cuff ar. base, gu.
holding in tlie hand ppr. a balile-axc of the Keith, [Tillygone, Scotland,] per fesse, or and ar.
second, staff or, c'ntwincd v.ith a seqient vert. on the first throe demi yjallets gu. in i) a
[Gyanied io John ICeele, Esq. of Canlerhury, man's heart of the last. —
Crest, a knire ppr.
1745.] Keith, [Arthurhouse, Scotland,] ar. a saltier and

chief g\i. the la-l chi'.rijcil with Ibreo pallets or, in chief three fleurs-de-lis of the last. — Crest, r
all wiiliiu a bordure, coiiiponv, ;iz. and nr. demi tiger, salient, or, maned ar.
Crest, a dexter luuid, holding a pick, erect, ppr. Keelav.'av, or Kr.EEOWAY, [Stowford, De-
headed fir. von,] ar. two glazier's snippers in saltier sa.
Kkkklouiini', or Keici".buk>;k, ar. a chev. betw. four pears or. —
Crest, a tiger, passant, re-
betv. fen cross crosslels sa. guardaut, sa.
KEK.KWVGHK, [Lancashire,] ar. tin-ce leopards, Kellawatje, [Sherborne, Dorsetshire,] ar. two
in bend, sa. cotlised gii. glazier's snipjiers per saltier, betw. four pears
Kfkfinjclie, [Lancashire,] ar. three lions, in bend, within a bordure engr. sa.-— Crest, a cock ar.
passant, betv/. two cottises sa. combed and wattled az.
Kckf'uich, [Cornwall,] ar. tv.o lions, passant, in ir.EELE, [LoudGU,] per bend, creflellee, ar. and
bend, sa. cottised gu. sa.
Kr.KiTJroRE, gu. three text S's or, two and one. Keleet, ar. ou a mount vert, a wild boar sa.
KeldoN, gu. a pall,reversed, crn^ chained and —
firmed or. Crest, a cubit arm,
Kelkman, gu. a bend, betw. two talbots, pas- h.abited sa. oiff ar. ))ufied of the last, holding in
sant, ar. the hand parchment pjjr. [Confirmed
a roll of
Keltokd, gu. on a chev. ar. three mullets of the to Matthew Kellef, ofPdpley, Surrey, Ist Oct.
first, two bucks" heads, erased, of the
in chief 4th Edward YL] "

second, aitireil or, in base a cat, passant, of Keeley, [Kelley, Devonshire; Petv/orth, Siis-
the second. sex; and Ireland,] ar. a chev. betw. three
Keliiam, ])er pate, gu. and az. three, covered squared billets gu. fi.e. showijig the thickness.)
two and one, on a chief engr. ar. as
cu])s or, — Crest, out of a ducal coronet gu. an ostrich's
many —
Crest, a demi eagle, display-
estoiles sa. head ar. io his beak a horss-shoo or.
ed, with two heads
a?., semee of ermine spots Kelley, ar. on a chev. betw. three leopards' heads
or, ou each wing a covered cup of the last. sa. as many annulets or.
[Borne hy Kelham, Msq. ffoniierhj Kelley, [Terringtou, Devonshire,] sa. a lion, ram-
Lonrjduh,) 182u.] pant, or, betw. three fleurs-de-lis enn. —
Kelhuel, paly of six, gu. and ar. a chief az. a sea-horse in water ppr. holding in his paws a
Kelliull, gu. three pales ar. a chief az. spiked ball., [Hackney, ]\liddlesex,] sa. a lion, ram- Kelly, [Fitzroy, Lincoln's Tun,] az. two lions,
pant, or, holding in his paws an escocheon ar. rampant, or, stipporting a castle ppr.
, charged vrith a cross pattee, fitchee at the foot, Kelly, [Kelly, Scotland,] or, a saltier sa. betw.
gu.^ —
Crest, out of a mural crown, a demi lion four fleurs-de-lis az.
or, holding an escocheon ar. charged with a Kelly, [Ireland,] gu. on a luoxmt vert, two lions,
cross pattee, fitchee at the foot, gu. [Granted rampant, supporting a tower ar.
io John Kelina, of Ilucknen, QOt/i Ajn-il, Kello, gu. a fesse or, betw. two lilies, slipped,
1G32.] in chief ar. and an annulet in base of the secoiul.
Kelke, [Kelke, Lincolnshire,] sa.a bend cotti- Kl^LLOBEKY, gu. a bend or. (Another, ar.)
sed, flory, or. (Aiioilier, ar. quarters gu. three Kellow.* Y, [Roborongh, Devonshire,] ar. three
escallops ar.) grosing irons, In saltier, sa. betw. four Kelway
Kelke, [Barnaby, Lincolnshire,] ar. three escallops pears ppr. wifliin a bordure engr. of the second.
Kelle.m, or Ki:LnuLL, paly of six, gu. and ar.
Kelkefield, ar. a cross engr. .sa. a chief az.
Kele,' or, on a chev. vert, betw. a lion, passant, Keesall, [Boston, Lincolnshire; Kelsall, Che-
in chiif, and two nudlets in base gu. three gea-bs shire; and iMiddlesex,] erm. a bend engr. sa.
or. Kelsey, [Chelmsford, Essex,] sa. on a pale,
Ki.Li.ALL, palv of six, ar. and g-u. a chief az. cottised, or, three escocheous gu. —
Crest, two
Keeeam, gu. a lion, rampant, with one head and cubit arms, erect, vested sa. cufl'ed or, holding
two bodies, or, crowned az. within a bordiure ar. in their hands ppr. an escocheon of the last.
Kcllam, gu. two lions, rampant, or, crowned oz. [Granted lo'John Kekey, of Chelmsford, Essex,
within a burdure of the second. and Henry Kehey, his brother, and io all the
Kcilnni, gu. three lions, rampant, or, with wreaths issue of Georye Kelsei/, of Thorp, in the said
cu their heads az. County, 2-i/h June, IGS'J.]
Kelhm, or Killomc, [Danby, Yorkshire,] az. thiee Ki:LSU.v>i, sa. a fesse engr. ar. betv, three garbs

covered cups or. or.

K-ELLANn, [Totuess, "Devoushire,] h,a. a fcsse ar. Keeso, [Kelsolaud, Scotland,] ^a. a fesse engr.

hcAvf. three g-aibs or.--CrL'sl, a garb or. jMoUo Kcmpc, [Norfilk, Kent, Ncv/ Forest, Ilamp-
over crest, Otiinn cum cliqnila/c. .shire, and Slindon, Sussex,] gu, three garbs,

I{i:i-STON, sa. a snltier engr. or. within a bordure engr. or. —

Crest, ou a garb,
Kihion, sa. a saltier eiigr. ar. Iviiig fesseways or, a falcon, with wings endor-
IvKi/roN, [Shropsiiire,] ertii. three ciiiqiiefoils in sed ppr.
fesse sa. pierced ar. —
Crest, a lion, passant, per Kempe, [Devonshire,] gu. a bend vair, betw. three
pale, erm. aud ermines. escallops ar.
Kelton, or, three, eagles, displayed, gii. Kempe, [Sjjarishall, Essex, and Suffolk,] ar. a
fvr.LVERTON, g-u, a bend vaire, erVaid az. betw. chev. engr. gu. Ijetw. three cstoiles az. Crest, —
two eagles' heads, coiiped, ar. —
Crest, an eagle's an arm, couped at the elbow, vested ar. charged
head, coii])ed, ar. gorged with a chaplet of roses with two bends, wavy, az. cuffed of the first,
ppr. holding in the hand ])pr. a chaplet vert.
IvEi.WiCH; ar. two lions, rampant, ia bend, bctw. Jiempe, [Norfolk,] or, on a saltier engr. gu. five
as many cottises sa.— Crest, a lion's head, guar- (ieurs-de-lis of the field.
dant, sa. Kemjie, [Ca^endish, Sufiblk,] ar. on a chev. engr.
Kk'mule, [Lambovne, Berkshire,] sn. on a bend gu. betw. three estoiles az. an annulet or.
erni. tJn'ee leopards' heads cf the lirst. Kcvipe, [Norfolk,] erm. on a chev. engr. gu.
Kcmhle, [Gloucestershire,] ar. a chev. betw. three betw. three estoiles az. an annulet or.
mullets sa. within a bordnre of the last. Kempe, [Norfolk,] az. a bend engi". betw. three
Kcmhle, az. ou a bend or, cottised ar. a rose gii. garbs or.
betw. two leopards' faces sa. —
Crest, betw. a Ke.mvenfelt, ar. on ground in base vert, amanii;
branch of laurel on the dexter side, and one of complete armour, standing v\it!i his sinister arm
palm on the sinister, ppr. a boar's head and embowcd, the dexter arm holding a sv>ord above
neck sa. erased gu. charged with an cstoile ar. his head, all ppr. —
Crest, a demi man as ia the
K]-,MES, [Wales,] ar. three pheons sa. arms betw. two wings, erect, vert.
Kkmisii, or Keymichi:, [Lancashire,] ar. tv. o Kempley, or Kemsey, [Shropshire,] gu. three
lions, passant, in bend, cottised sa, sithes in pale ar.
Koiiishe, barry of six, vair and gu. Kemi'.son, or ICemI'STON, [Ardens Grafton,
Kemok, or "Kemur, [Gissing, Norfolk; and Warwickshire, aud Stafibrdshire,] or, three bars
Suflolk, Sussex, Gloucestershire, Kent, and vert, in chief as many mullets, pierced, of the
Middlesex,] gu. a chief or. first. — Crest a demi lion
az. gorged with a col-
Ke.mi', [South Mailing, Sussex, and AVestbroke, charged with three mullets of the first.
lar or,
ZS'orfolk,] gu. a fesse erm. betw. three gai'bs or, Kemi'THORKE, [Movestow, Cornwall,] ar. achev.
all within a bordure of the second. —
Ci-est, on a betw. three bears' heads, couped, and bend-
garb, lying fesseways or, a falcon, v.itli wingri v.ays sa. muzzled or.
endorsed erm. Kcm'plhorac, [Cornwall,] ar. three pine-trees
Kemp, or Kempe, [Norfolk,] gu. three garbs or. Ki'NiHfON, [iladley, Middlesex, London, aiid
Kemp, [Croydon, Surrey,] gu. three garbs, witliin Cambridge,] az. a fesse or, in chief three iicurs-
a bordure engr. or.^—^Crest, a falcon ppr. beaked de-lis of the second. —
Crest, out of a ducal co-
aud legged or, hooded gu. ronet or, a garb ar.
Kemp, ar. a hoii, rampant, gu. on a chief sa. three Kcmpltin, [Morden, Cambridge, and Londojr,]
escallops of the field. —
Crest, a goat, sfatant, ar. az. a pelican, wings elevated, vuluing her breast
Kemp, [Comistoun, Scotland,] gu. two hands, betw. three Ileurs-de-lis or. —
Crest, a goat crjn.
holding a two-handed sword, bend siiiisterways, horns and hoofs or, collared and lined sa. li.e
broken near the top, ar. collar charged with three bezants, with a ring at
Kemp, gu. three garbs, within a bordure engr. or, the end of the line. {Grunled hy Cook, 1577.J
entoyi-e of poraeis. —
Crest, on a mount ^ ert, a Ki:myeli., [Cornwall,] ar. three dolphins, naiant,
pelican or, charged ou the breast with a pomci, in pale, sa.
pickujg at a garb or. Keini/rll, or Keintijdl, or, three doljjldns, haurient,
Kempe, [Norfolk, SuHolk, and Kent,] gu. a briid in pale, .sa.
engr. betw. three garbs or. Ki::>i'iNR, [Somersetshire,] eriu. three crescents
Kempe, [Dover, Kent,] az. a fesse, betw. three gu. two and one.
garbs or, all within a bordure engr. of the last. Ki:mys, [Ke\an, Mabley, aud V/ickwicke, Gla-
—Crest, a demi griflin or, winged gu. holding a morganshire,] vert, ou a chev. ar. three barbed
garb of the first. ]_Grantcd to Edicard Kempe, arrow-heads s.i. —
Crest, ou a mount vert, ua
of Dover, Esq. anno 1G41.] unicorn, sejant, ar. armed and crined or.

Kcmys, [Rcdmiustcr, Kcmys, Soraersotsliiru,] ar. crosslets of Crest, a hind's head,
the third.- —
on a fhev. sa. tlirce pLeons of the field. Crest, — erased, ar. gorged with a collar p;u. charged
oa a iiiouut vert, an uiiicoru, sejant, az. inaned with three bezants, to the collar a ring- or.
ami armed or. Kene, erm. a cross flory, sa.
Ki:nj)all, [DcvonsLire,] ar. a bend vert. Ktne, [Ipswich, Suffolk,] az. a talbot, passant,
Kendall, [Jiedfordsliirc.] The same, witli a la- or, on a chief ar. three cross crosslets sa.
tiel of tliroe points gii. (Another, five points.) Crest, a hind's head or, peilettee.
Kendall, [Bedfordshire,] ar. a bend and label %\\. Kene, erm. a cross fiowered ermines.
Kendall, [Hertfordshire,] ar. a bend, dancettee, Kene, erm. a cross flowered sa.
verl, bctw. two cottises gu. ICenn, [Langford, Somersetshire.] erm. tl-.ree
Kendall, [Thorp and Thafe, Durham, and Ilip- crescents gu. —
Crest, three crescents interwoven
jjon, Yorkshire,] per bend, dancettee, ar. and
sa. Keenc, a cross crosslet erm.
Kendall, a bend, checni_y, ar. and az. Kenne, [Keniie, Somersetshire,] erm. three cres-
Kendall, [Alcslree, "Warwickshire,] gu. a fesso, cents gn. —
Crest, an unicorn's head a-z. bezan-
cliequy, or and az. betw. three eagles, displayed, tce, maned or, horn or and sa. [Graiilcd ]5fil.]
ar. Kein, [Hethelry, Scotland,] gu. a gauntlet, in
Kendall, [Cornwall, and Ivingbridge, Devou- fesse, or, on a chief ar. three stars of the first.
sliire,] chev. betw. three dolphins, naiant,
ar. a Keen, [North Cove, and Thandeston, Sufi'olk,]
sa. —
Crest, a lion, passant, gu. az. a talbot, passant, or, on a chief indented
Kendall, [Leicestershire, Lancashire, Biecon, ar.three crosses flory sa. Crest, a hind's head, —
Snielhesby, Derbyshire, Basingborne, Essex, erased, sa. bezantee. [Granted ht/ Harvey,
audlilabys, Leicestershire,] gu. a fesse, chequv, Clarencieux, M
May, lOGS.]
or and az. betw. three eagles, displayed, of the Keneet,, [Kent,] or, two chev. gu. a canton of
second. the last.
Kendall, gu. a fcsse, counter-compony, or and az. wavy az. and ar.
Kcnell, barry
Kendall, [Essex,] sa. three dolphins, enibov.ed, KENEUA>r,'or Kf.verAM, or, a chief, bendy of
ar.— Crest, a lion, passant, gu. his tail passing- six, ar. and gu.
betw. his legs, and over his back. Kenerby, per fesse, or and gu. three lions, pas-
Kendall, or Cendall, or, a cross vert. sant, counterchanged.
Kendall, [Tfertfordshire,] ar. a bend \'ert, cottised, KftMNGiiAM, or Kenyngton, sa. a pale betw.
indented gu. two cinquefoils, pierced, ar.
Kendall, [Cornwall,] ar. a chev. betw. three dol- Kenisham, [Semford, Bedfordshire,] per pale,
phins, naiant, embowed, sa. ar. and az. three cinquefoils, counterchanged.
Kendall, ar. two bars gu. on a canton of the last, -a — Crest, a greyhound's head, couped, az.
lion, passant, or. charged on the neck with tliree bars betw. as
Kendall, per fesse, indented, or and gu. many gultes d'or. [Granted lilli Novcmher,
Kendall, [Bedfordshire,] ar. a bend gu. over all 157t).]
a label of three points of the second. Keneey, [Ireland,] ar. on a bend sa. three es-
Kendiffu, vert, an ant ar. callops of the field.
Kkndi.kmarsh oz/rf Kendkmakch, per fesse, Kcnley, per bend, indented, ar. and sa.
arm. and ermines, a lion, rampant, counter- Kenley, per bend, embattled, ar. and sa.
changed. IvEX.V, 7
Kr.NUOi,i'ii, [Vt'allingford, Berkshire,] gu. on a Kenne 3
cross ar. five horse-shoes sa. Kennvrd, [Ireland,] gu. a chev.engr. erm.
Kkndkick, [Reading, Berkshire,] erm. a lion, betw. -three keys or. — Crest, an armed hand
rampant, sa. ppr. holding a broken sword gu.
KcndricJc, ar. five pallets sa. Kknned.vy, ar. on a fesse az. three mullets of
Kene, [Norfolk nr.(i Sidl'olk,] ar. a talbot sa. the field. — Ciest, an a.rm, erect, grasping- a belt,
charged <.n his sinister slioulder with a trefoil, all ppr.
slipped, or, on a chief indented, az. three cro.-s Kennedy, [K itk- .\] n ',- i:I, Scotland,] ar. a chev.
crosslets of tiie third. —
Crest, a hind's head, gu. betv,-. Iv. o ,],-.. ( iM- Lis lilchee in chief sa.
erased; ar. peilettee, charged \\ith a trefoil or. and a boar's lu ;; '. i i.'- .1. in base, of the last.

Kine, [Stiirston, Norfolk,] ar. a talhot, j.assant, Crest, a palni-l)i-.uic!i, slipjied, vert. -

sa. eared an'd collared or, to tlie collar a ring of Kennedy, [Lochan, Scotland,] ar. a chev. indent-
the second, on a chief indented, az. three cross ed gu. betw. three cross crosslets, fitchee, sa.
— '

Kcnnafii, [Iii'laiKl,] an cscallo]) or, 'oehf. <liree
sa. Kent, ar. a fesse gu.
lif^lmels, close, .ir. garnished ol' (lie second.— Kent, gu. a fosse ar.
Crest, a liand pjir. fiolding an acorn betw. two Kent, az. a lion, passaTit, or, a chief erm.
oak-leaves vert. [Gtanied in Ireland, 1st Fe- Kknthury, sa. a chev. betw. three spread-eagles
hruani, KilB.] or.
KenneJi/, ar. on a clicv. gii. lietw. tlnee cross croN-;- Ki-.NTJiORi'):, ar. a fe.sse betw. three escallops
lots, iitci.ce, sa. a lleiir-de-lis or. gu.
Ktnnedt/, [Scotland,] ar. a chev. betw. tliree
cross cros.slets, fitcliee, sa. all witliin a doable Kentisburv, [Somerset,] gu. a pair of wings,
tres.'iiire, ilory, counterflory, of the second.
Crest, a dolpliin, naiant, ppr.
conjoined, ar. over
demi oslriel
all a bondlet az. Crest," a —
with wings endorsed,
Kennedtj, [Kirkliill, Scotland.] The same arms. hoMiiig in his beak a horse-.shoe..
— Crest, a hand, g-rasping- a dagger, ppr.
K K.N-TON, ar. a fret az. over all a fesse g'u. charged
Kcnnedij, [Garviiiraains, Scotland,] ar. on a chev. with three mullets or.
gu. betw. lliree cross crosslcts, fitcliee, sa. a IvENTWOon, [Berkshire,] ar. on a bend, betw.
boars' head, erased, of the first, in the middle six (another, three,) cross crosslets, fifchee.
chief point a man's iieart of the second. Crcsf, — sa. three cinqnefoils or. (Another, the field
a dolphin, iiaianf, ]ipr. or.)
Kf.xnktt, [Norfolk,] ar. abend within a bordtue Kr.NWrcK, gu. on a bend eugr. ar. tliree rose? of
engr. sa. the field.
Kcnnett, [London,] quarterly, or and gu. overall Kenu-ick, ar. three martlets gu. on a chief of tlie
a label of tlirce points sa.—Cre.^t, an arm. cm- second, as many martlets of tlie first.
bo^ved in armour, liolding-iu the gauntlet a iiel- Kenwicke, or Kenrick, [Lancashire, Beikshue.
met, erect, all ])pr. Northampton, and Ower, Shropshire,] erm. a
Kf.nnixg, or Kkxnixgs, [Norfolk,] az. a lioji, vami)ant, .sa.— Crest, on
a bundle of ar-
fesse engr. betw. throe escallops ar. rows, lying fessewaY.s, or, feathered and headed
Kenning, [Northumberland,] az. a fesse betvv-. nr. bound sa. a hawk,, of the second,
three escallops ar. and belled of the first.
Kkxrick, [Sir John, Lord Mayor of London, Ki;xwoRTHV, ar. a fesse, counter-coDvpouv. or
rampant, sa.
1G.52,] erra. a lion, Crest, on a — and gu. betw. three eagles, disjjlaytd, .sa.

wreath upon a .sheaf of arrows, fesseways, a Kexvan, [London, and Easthall,' Oxfordshire,
hawk ppr. (Anollwr three arrows, one
crest, 1590.] sa. a cross, lozengy, ar. in the chief
in pale and two in saltier, bound with a ribbon dexter point an eagle, displayed, of the second.
]ipr. thereon a bird, stafant, [Borm: hi/
sa.) —Crest, a demi lion ar. supporting a battle-axe
M'illiam Kcnrick, Rsq. J3roome, Be /eh worth or, handle gu.
Surreij, IS^-S.] Keni/on, [Wales,] sa. a chev. engr. or, bctv,.
Kkxsky, [Hertfordshire,] erm. on a bend gn. three crosses, flury, ar.— Crest, a lion, couchcUit,
cottised az. three escallops or. Crest, a demi — ))pr. liolding betw. the fore-paws a cross, fiorvi
griirni,erased, erm. holding betw. his paws a ar.
mullet or. K EOG [Ireland,] ar. a lion, rampant, gu. in the
IvExsiXG, ar. a chev. betw. three squirrels, se- dexter chief a dexter hand, in the sinister chief
jant, gu. (Another adds, CTMk'wr'nwiii ov.) an increscent of the last.— Crest, a boar, pas-
Kent, [Berkshire, Yorkshire, Gloucestershire, sant, az. armed and crined or.
find Y/arwickshire, Lincolnshire, and IJnvis, Kkppel, [Middlesex,] gu. three escallops ar.
^^^iJtshire,] az. a lion, passant, giiardant, or, a Ker, vert, on a chev. betw. three unicorns' heads,
chief erm. —
Crest, a lion's head, erased, ormi- erased, ar. as many stars sa.
nois, collared, liapd, and ringed az. (Another Ker, [Scotland,] gu. on a chev. ar. three mullets
crest, a lion's head, erased, or, collared and armed of the first.
su.) [Grant ud h.y Uichard St. Gcore/e, and Ker, [Littledanc, Scotland,] on a chev. ar.
borne by Clemen't Kent, of Thaichan'i, Berk- three stars gu. in base an unicorn's hjad, erased,
shire, E<:q. M.P. for the Boroiujh of Heading, of the second.
anno 172(5.] Ker, [Greenhead, Scotland,] gu. on a chev. ar.
^•^mt, quarterly, gu. and or, on a label of three three stars of the
first, and a buck's head, erased,
points sa. nine bezants. in base.
^^"w;f, [Sullbik and Wiltshire.] gn. three ci.ique- Krr, [Chatto, Scotland.] The same, within a
toils erm. jiierced or. bordure az.

[ 3 T ]

Kc)-, [Cavers, Scotland,] f;;u. on a cliev. ar. tbrce on a mount vert, a hedge-hog or. [Grauttd hu
stars of tbe first, all vvitliin
a lonlure, clietjiiy, Cook.-]
of the second and first. —
Crest, a stag's head, Kerxaisv, ar. a demi lion, rampant, az. a can-
erased, ppr. ^vith itn tvns or. ton of tlie List.
Kcr, [,Sulht^rland-]]all.]"<;u. on a chev. ar. three Kl-'.RNliY, ar. two bars az. iu chief three hurts.
stars of the first, in base a stag's liead, erased, Kerne, vert, six doves ar. three, two, and one.
(anolln-r, a iuintiug-horn, stringed, ar.)all >vitliin Kerne, sa. a cross crosslet, in saltier, ar.
a boidiire, iiivecked, of tlie second. Crest, a — Kerne, [Truro, Cornwall,] sa. a cross crosslet, in
dexter liaud, holding a dagger ])pr. saltier, betw. four crescents or.— Crest, on a
Kcr, [I'aldonside, Scotland,] vert, on. a cbev. ar. mount vert, a greyhound, courant, per pale, or
betw. three unicorns' heads, erased, of the last, and ar. collared gu.
as many stars gn. Kerne, ar. a chev. betw. three lobsters' claws gu.
Xe/'j [Fcrnelie, Scotland,] vert, on a chev. nr. three Kernev, vert, on a chev. ar. three pheous sa.
stars gn. iu base a pelican, vulning her breast, or. Crest, an unicorn, sejant, sa. armed and maned
Kcr, [Samelstoiin, Scotland,] ar. an nnicorn, sa- or.
liant sa. horned or. Kerr, vert, on a chev. bctv.'. three unicorns'
KiiKiJV, [Lincoliishire.] The same as Kirby. heads, erased, ar. as many mullets sa.
KiiiiGV, or Kr.r.SKY, ar. guttee de poix, a saltier Kerr, gu. on a chev. ai-. three mullets of the field,

gu. betw. a fleur-de-lis in chief or, and a dove in

Keusa, gu. a chief ar. base of the second, beaked and membered gn.
Kerciikk, Kkrsiier, or Kershak, ar. three a crescent for difference. —
Crest, a stag's hei;d,
cross crosslets sa. on a chief uz. as many bezants. erased, ppr. (Anotlier, or.)
Kcrcher, three crosses, bottonee, az. ou a chief
or, Kkrridge, sa. on a pile ar. a cheval-trap of the
of the last, as many bezants.- Crest, a cross, — field. [Granled to Thomas Kcrridqe, June 17
bottonee, az. betw. two wings, inverted, sa'.tier- 16:29.]
Vrise, or. Kerrich, or Kerrick, [Dersingham, Norfolk,]
Kerchcr, ar. a cross crosslet az. on a chief of the sa. on a pile ar. a caltrap of the first.
last three bezants. [Granled
Rev. to Ike Kerry, [^Yorfhanl and Binweston, Shropshire,]
Kerchcr, D.D. of Norfolk, April, IGOG.] per saltier, erni. and az.— Crest, a bee-hive sa.
Kercher, or, three cross crosslets az. on a chief of with bees, volant, or.
the last as many
bezants. [Granted io KiiRTHER. See Kercher.
Kercher, of Norfolk, April, IGOG.] Kerton, ar. a fesse gu. in chief a chev. of the
KiincuKSAhh, [Parv.ell, Northamptonshire,] gii. last.

three horses, courant, ar.- Crest, a demi bay Kervill, [King's Lynn, Norfolk,] gu. three
horse, ai-nied and bridled or, on his head three leopards' heads, reversed, or, jessaut-de-lis sa.
feathers, az. or, and ar. Kervill, or Carrill, [NorfoU;,] gu. a chev. or, lictw.
KiiROKSTON, [Norfolk and Suffolk, Temp. Ed- three lions' (or leopards') faces ar.
ward I.] gu. a saltier engr. nr. Kervijh, [>^''allington, Norfolk,] gu. three leo-
Kcrdeslon, [Norfolk,] gu. a saltier cugr. or.
KcitDiKrK, az. a fesse or.
pards' heads ar. jessant-de-lis sa. Crest, two —
lions' gambs, erect, ar. holding betw. their claws
Kerdijj'e, az. a fesse, betw. six mullets or. a cone, reversed, gu.
Kerdiffe, az. a fesse, betw. six marllets or. Kervyle, [Wiggenhall, Norfolk,] gu. a cbev. or,
Kerdife, ar. a chev. bet\^'. three door-staples sa. betw. three leopards' heads ar. Crest, a goat,—
Kcrdijj'c, [Ireland,] ar. a chev. g>i. betw. three passant, sa. the attire and beard or.
door- staples sa. Keryell, ar. a canton and bend gu.
Kr.Ri;sroRTii, [Kercsforth, Yorkshire,] az. two Kcnjell, [Kent,] ar. a chev. canton and bend gu.
millrinds, fesseways, in pale, ar. Crest, a demi — Kesacics, per pcde, or and az. a fesse, count'er-
lion, rampant, gu. holding in hi.s paws a mili- chiuigcd.
riud, fesseways, ar. Kessall, o;- Ki:.s.seei., ar. five lozenges, in cross
Ki:RFORD, ar. a fesse, embattled, sa. betw. three gu.
butterflies gu. Kesteee, [Kesfell, Cornwall,] or, three to^^•ers
KERK.)iONKLL, ar. a cbev. betw. tliree cross cross- gu. —
Crest, a demi bull erm. aitired and ungii-
lets or. led sa. collared and lined of the las'.
•KiiiiMJKiGG, a saltier cngT. vert.
ar. Keslell, [Pidney, Cornwall,] ar. a chev. sa.
Ki-;ui-.E, vert, on a chev. or, betw. three fleurs- betw. three falcons, close, ppr. legged and belied,
de-lis of the second, a cinqucfoil ,50. Crest, — or.

Kktching, ai'. oil a clicv. gii. Lctw. three cor- I'iLEVH.i., sa. a chev. or, on a chief ar. three mul-
iiioraiifs sa. as many bezants. letsgu.
Kktk, [St. Ciillomb, Cornwal!,] ar. tlirce cats, Kew, [Yorkshire,] az. six garbs or, three, Iv.o,
passant, in pale, .sa. and one. —
Crest, a demi lion or, holding betw.
Iv ni'lOfJlDGK, [Loudon,] sn. a lion, rampant, or. his paws a garb az.
—-Crest, out of a mural coronet, a lion's licad Ki;v, [Openshaw, Yorksliire.] Tl)e same as
or. ^Granted 15f)3.] Kaye.
Ivr.TFulM), g-ti. on a cbev. ar. tliree mullets of the Kci/, [Millcomb, Oxfordshire,] ar. two bendlets,
first, in chief two bucks' heads, erased, of (lie luimetlee, juir]). —
('rest, on a wreath, a griffin's
second, attired cr. head, cooped at the breast, vangs endorsed, ar.
Kfiford, [Gloucestershire,] gii. a cliev. helw. holding in the beak a key or. [Graided h'j
three bulls' heads ar. attired or. Thomas Si. Gcorrje, 1C88.]
Kktiiall, paly of six, gii. and ar. a chief az. ICEYriE.LD, gu. a fleur-de-lis erm.
Ki'.TiiiNG, [Ireland,] ar. a saltier gu. betw. four K);ymer, [Chclbrough, Dorsetshire,] ar. three
pine-apples —
Crest, a dexter hand, hold- wolves, courant, in pale, az. a bordure
ing a pine-branch ppr. Keyne, [Cretingham, Suffolk,] ar. a talbot,
KetSFORD, r.r. a bend, lozengy, sa. and collar oi-.
])assant, sa. ears
K.ETSON, [London,] sa. three fishes, haiirient, ar. Keyne, [Rowlesby, Norfolk.] The same, with ;i

on a chief or, an ogress, charged with an anchor crescent.

of the third, bet\T. two torteauxes. Kc)/ne, [SufioU:,] ar. a talbot, passant, sa. eared
Kelson, [London ai;d Lancashire,] sa. three fishes, and collared or, on a chief indented az. three
hanricnt, ar. on a chief or, a lion, rampant, ;;u. cross crosslets of the third. (Another, three
betw. two ogresses, esch charged with an anclior crosses bottouee.) —
Crest, .six arrows iu saltier
of the third. ppr. feathered ar. barbed or, tied with a rib-
Kett, or, a lion, rampant, guardanl, gu. betw. bon sa.
three leopards' lieads sa. —
Crest, ou a nioiait Keynes, or Keignes, gu. bezantee, a chief
vert, a peacock ppr. [Granted io WUUam erm.
Kett, of KcUsall, Suffolk, 1750.] Keynes, or KeUjncs, az. bezantee^ a chief erm.
Kettle, [London,] az. a bend, betw. two bucks' Keynes, or Keiynes, az. p. bend, wavy, coltised,
heads, erased, or. ar.
Kettlkhy, [Steple, Shropshire, Lincolnshire, Keynes, (Tai'ent, Dorsetsbire, temp. Jleu. I.)
and Glloucesfershire,] ar. two chev. sa. a file of vaire, three bars gu.
three points gu. —
Crest, a lion's head, erased, gu. K.EYNION, [Lancashire,] sa. a chev. engr. or,
Keftlehi/, az. a saltier, raguly, ar. betw. four mart- betv,-. three crosses, fiory, ar.--Crest, a lion,
lets or. sejant, ppr. resting his dexter paw on a cross,
Kj^tton, az. six garbs or, three, .two, and one. flory, ar.
Keilon, three leopai-ds' head sa.
ar. Kr.YS, cjuarterlv, or and az. four crescents,
KiiVELioc, az. six garbs, three, two, and one, counterchanged.
or. Keyes, [Keiit,] gn. a chev. cvm. betw. three leo-
Kea'ell, ar. a fesse, flory, sa. pards' heads ar. (Another, or.)
Keverdale, [Lancashire,] quarterly, ar. and Keyneto, [Dorsetshire.] See Keyne.S, of
sa. four leopards' heads, countcrchanged. Dorsetshire.
Keverdox, [Keverdou, I/ancashire,] per bend, Keyt, [Ebringtoii, Gloucestershire,] az. a chev.
sinister, az. and or, a griflin, segreaiit, counter- betw. three kites' heads, erased, or.— Crest, a
changed, Yiilhin a borduie eiigr. and gobonated, kite's head, erased, or.
ar.and sa. — Crest, a buck's liead, per pale, ar. KIliORO^Y, gu. a bend, betv,. two lions, ram-
and az. attired, counterchanged. pant, or.
Kevereel, [Vrarv.ickshire,] ar. acliov. sa. betw. ICicriARi), or, billetty, a lion, ramiKint, oz.
three mullets gu. KiDD, [Norfolk,] az. a fesse, betw. tliree lozen-
Kevermond, gu. an ea:;le,disiilayeil, or. ges ar.
Kkvett, [Wanvicksliire,] ar. a chev. betw. three I'riiJDAEE, [South Fereby, Lincolnshire,] sa. a
demi lions, rampant, pi;rp. nuirally gorged, lined, saltier,raguly, ar.— C'rest, a goal's head, erased,
and ringed or. ar. ducallN g.^rged, attired, and bearded or.
Kcvctte, ar. a chev. betw. three demi lions, ram- Kiddull, [Cornwall,] ar. a c'lev. betw. three dol-

pant, purp. [Granted to Thomas Kcretle, of phins sa.

Coventrij, anno 105S.] Kiddelt, alias Benner, [Camden, Gloucestershire,]
[ 3 T 2 ]
— —

palj' of six, or iiiid p;a. on a cliief az. lliice lioiis, Kijlche, ar. a lion, rampant, az.
iain]>aiit, of the first. —
Crest, a talbot's lic;ul Ki/lchicke, sa. a gridin, segreant, volant, ar.
ar. gorged \Nitli a collar az. studded and j-inuued ICiLDAKli, erm. a saltier gu.
or. Kli.DEKCi-.E, [Suflolk,] erm. on a bend, cottised,
KiUDKimiNSTKi:, az. two chev. or, belw. two betw. two crosses pattec, gu. three escallops,
liozaiils. — C^rc'st, a gri'yliound's herd ar. i;on:>ed —
Crest, a denii cockatrice or, charged
with a fcise, daucetlec, az. cLarged with three on the breast with an escallop, and upon each
bezatits. wing with a cross pattee,
Ki/dennasier, [Coushall, "NVarwickshire, and Lia- Kill, [Kill, Scotland,] sa. three oval peels or.
toln'.s Inn, l^ondon,] az. two chev. trminois, KiLLEG]tE\\, [Arwenike, Cornwall,] ar. an
Letw. three bezants. —
Crest, on a chapeaa az. eagle, displayed, within a bordiu-c of the
tnrned up crui. a cockatrice erminois, \miij;s —
second, bezautec.- Crest, a demi lion sa. charged
elevated and endorsed. with three bezants, in pale. (Anoihcr, in
Kydennaster, [Sussex,] az. two chev. ar. bctw. bend.)
three bezants. —
Crest, on a chapeaii gu. turned [Cornwall,] ar. on a cliev. sa. betv,.
up crm. au eagle ar. wings endorsed. three torteauxes as many annulets of the field.
KiDLKY, alias PoVNTEU, [Devonshire,] gu. (Anoilier, three bezants.)
three pales or, on a chief of the second, as KiUetjrew, [Devonshire,] gu. three niascles or.
many ogresses. KiLLERM.\-N, gu. six llcurs-de-lis or, tlnee, two,
KinxiiY, on a chev. or, betvr. two lamlis in
az. and one.
chief, and a rara
in base ar. three lamb's kidneys KiLLESSON, or Kyllmessane, sa. three swans
goi. — Crest,
on a wreath a moiuit vert, thereon ar.
an eagle, reguardant, rising-, ppr. in the beat; KiLLGOUR, ar. a dragon, wings displayed, within
a kidney, as iu the Anus. [^Granled to David a bordure, inv/ardly circidar, sa. charged witii
Kidiitij, of London, and Marke Harhorou(jli, three crescents of the first.
ill Leicestershire, 1765.] KiLLiGREW, [Larochc, Cornwall,] ar. an eagle,
KiDWALLEY, or, a fesse, dancetteo, gu. displayed, with two heads sa. a bordme of the
KiDWKLL, az. a wolf, salient, ar. collared gu. last, bezantee.
Kidwell, [Wales,] az. a wolf, salient, or, col- Ktllinghall, [Cumberland,] gu. a i)end, ra-
lared az. bezantee. guly, ar. bctw. two garbs or.
[viFKi>i, [Knolyraute, Shropsliirc,] per fesse, ar. KUlinfjliall, [iMiddleton St. George, Durham,] gu.
and a lion, rampant, countercliauged.
sa. a bend, ragulv, ar. betw. three garbs of "the, [SIrropshire,] ar. a chev. gu. betw. three last.
jjheons sa. two in chief lying- fcsseways, point KlLLI.NGWORTif, Or Kl LI N G WORTH, [Sihblc,
to pt)int, and one in base, erect. Essex, and Killingworth, Northumberland,] ar.
KiJJiii, [Essex,] gu. a lion, rampant, ar. three cincpiefoils, two and one, pierced sa.
KiGiiLEY, or KiGiiTLKY, [Keigl'lov, Yorkshire, Crest, a sea-horse, az. ducally gorged or, in his
South Littleton, Worccstershiie, and Lanca- mouth a scroll, with this motto Prate et Fe-
shire,] ar. on a fesse sa, a mullet or. Crest, a — tacjo.
dragon's head, couped, sa. KiLLOUE, [Dale, Cornwall,] or, a chev. sa. in
Ki(/hleij, [Gray, Essex, and Yorkshire,] ar. a cliief (wo cinquefoils, in base a mullet of the
fesse sa. — Crest, a dragou's head, couped, sa. second.
A {(jldcij, ar. a fesse and bordure sa. KiLAioRE, sa. an eagle, displayed, or.
KikiNGTON, oiifl.? CoLBKOOKii, ar. a lion, rani- Kilmore, az. three standing cu])s or.
)iant, sa. on a fesse or, three cross crosslets, JviLi'ATRicK, az. a saltier, in chief, ar.
(Itcliee, of the second. KUpalrick, az. a chief ar.
Kilhuknk, [London, and Hawkehurst, Kent,] KiLi'EC, [Kilpec Castle, Herefordshire, Temp.
ar. a chev. az. betw. three bald coots, close, John,] ai-. a sv.'ord in bend sa.
sa. heads ar. beaks tawny. Crest, a bald coot — KlLTU.\, az. two crescents and a star, in ]>ale, ar.
ppr. KiL-sv^ARliY, ar. on a bend gu. three eagles, dis-
Ivu.CillCCli, [Eilrhick, Lancashu-e,] quarteih, played, of the field.
fust, iU-. au eagle sa. taking up a child gu. face K [ME, az. a chev. or.
ppr. second, ar. a griflln, segreant, .sa. third KiNARBY, ar. a fesse sa. betw. three crescents
as the second, fourth as the first.
JCUcheche, ar. au eagle sa. seizing on a child, tla' KiNARDisLEY, az. .semee of cross crosslsfs or,
face ppr. WTapjied gu. s«addled or. a lion, rampant, ar. langued and armed g-u.
—— — .

Kinardi'shi;, [Shropsliiie,] gii. crupuly, a liou, Kin//, [l^ondon,] sa. on a cliev. erm. three escal-
nimpntit, nr, lops g(i. —
Crcbt, a dog's head, erasL-d, sa. col-
1\ISAST0N, enn. u clicv. gti. lared and eared or.
Is'iNCAli), [Kiiicaid, Scotland,] gu. a fcsse erm. Kincj, sa. a lion, rampant, or, crowned ar. betw.
Ijotw. two mullets, in chief,or, and a castle iu three crescents of the second.
tmse. J-'iii(/, [IJampshire,] or, on a pale az. three regal

KiNi'H, or KiNTCH, [TreUiiul,] gu. a rlipv. crow ns of the lirst. —

Crest, on a v, reath, an es-
lietw. Uiree round buckles, fesse\\a\s, or. quire's helmet ppr. garnished or.
Crest, a deiiii lion, ppr. liokling' bcivr. Iiis paws I'^»'<J. [Exeter,] sa. tv^o flaunclies erm. a lion,
a round huclde, as iu the Anus.
Kinder, or Kyndkk, [Ely, Cambridgeshire,
rani]jaut,betw. three ducal coronets or. Crest, —
out of a mural coronet ar. a lion's head and neck
and Nottinghamshire,] or, a column gu. betw. sa. charged with three ducal coronets or.
three Cornish choughs p])r. —
Crest, on a wreath, [Granted 1691.]
on a columu or, a Cornish chough sa. beaked and Kin(/, [Leicestershire,] sa. on "a chev. ar. three
legged gu. escallops of the field.— Crest, a lion, passant,
Kinder, a saltier, embattled, couuter- erin. ducally crowned or.
embattled, [Borne hi/ Dr. B'cliurd JCin(j, sa. a lion, rampant, ducally crowned, betw.
Kinder, Bishop of Bafh and iVells, 101)7.] three cross cros.slets or.
RiNNERSLEY, [StaOordshire, and North Cleo- Kin;/, [Barra, Scotland,] az. on a fesse ar. three
bury and Badger, Shiopshire,] az. crusuly, a round buckles gu. in chief a lion's head, erased,
lion, rampant, ar. —
Crest, on a mount ^ crt, a and in base a mullet of the second.
gi-eyhound, .sejant, ar. collared or, under a Kiu(j, [Middlesex,] erminois, on a chief ar. three
holly-tree of the first, frucfed gu. escallops sa.
IviNGLii^bL:, or KiN'GSBKD, ar. a saltier, cngr. King, [Lincolnshire,] gu. a chev. betw. ten cross
vert. crosslets, fleury, or.
King, sa. a lion, rampant, ducally crovnied or, Kinfj, [Ireland,] or, on a fesse, betw. a lion's
armed and langued gu. betw. three cross cross- Jicad, erased, in chief gu. and a mullet in base
lets of the second. sa. three buckles of the field. —
Crest, a cubit
Kiu'j, ai'. on a chev. gu. throe lions, passant, arm, holding a dagger, erect, all ppr.
guardaiit, or.
Norfolk,] three
Kin;/, sa. a chev. erm. betw. three fish ar. Crest, —
Kin;/, ['J'ilney, escn'lops a demi grifliu or.
in bend, cottised, on a canton, Kin;/, sa. a lion, rampant, or, crooned ar. betw.
a garb, ...... three cross crosslets, fitchee, of the second.
Kincf, sa. a lion, rampant, bet\v'. three crosses, Crest, a greyhound's head, couped,
fo'rraee,fitcliee, or. [Granted Kill.] ducally gorged
KiiH/, [Towcester, Northamptonshire, and Devon- Kimjc, on a chev. betw. three cross crosslets
shire,] sa. a lion, rampant, betw. three cross ar. as many
escallui)s of the field.— Crest, an
crosslets or, ducally crowned ar., out of — armed arm, conped at the elbow, ppr. garnished
a ducal coronet or, a demi ostrich ar. wings en- or, holding in the gauntlet a broken spear of the
dorsed, beak of the fust. second, headed ar. and girt round the arm with
Kimj, [London,] sa. on a chev. betw. three cross a scarf of the last.
crosslets or, as many escallops of the field. Kin;/c, [Sherborne, Dorsetshire,] sa. a fesse,
Crest, an arm, couped at the elbov.-, in i)ale, v.avy, betw. tliree escallops ar. —
Crest, a lion,
ppr. holding a broken spear. [Granted hy .sejant, ppr. resting his fore-feet on an escallop
Camden.} ar. [Gmnied to Richard Kinq, of Sherborne,
^iing, [Towcester, Nortliamptonshire.] The same. mh April, IG-IL] .

/vi/if/, The same as Kintj of London,

[?\]idhurst.] Kinfje, [Essex,] az. a bend cottised or, charged
with this Crest, viz. an ostrich's iicad ar. ducally with three escallops sa.
gorged or. Kimje, [Essex,] az. a che\ . gu. voided or, charged
^'^ii'(j, [Bromley, Kent,] sa. a lion, rampant, v, ith five escallops ar.
guardant, erm. betw. three crosses, pattee, Kingc, [Gainsborough, Lincolnshire,] sa. a che\
lilfhec, at the fool or.— Crest, a lion's gamb, betw. th.roe escallops ar.— Crest, a talbot's head
erect and erased, sa. holding a cross, jiattee, sa. eared gu. collared and ringed or.
fifchee, or. Kihffe, [Lincolnshire,] sa. ou a chev. engr. ar.
'''"'.7> [nuckinghanishire,] sa. a lion, rampant, three escallops of the field.
or, fail forked. Kintje, [London,] sa. a chev. erm. chaiged
vitli llirce csccillops gn. — Crest, a talbot's Iiccid, a chev. ermines, betv,'. three millrinds of the \

ornscd, sa. eared and collared or. [Granlt-d second.— Crest, a cubit arm, erect, vested ar. j

1590.] CUH sa. holding in the hand ppr. a rnillrind of \

Kbiqc, az. on a bend ar. thvee fcniiails of the the second. i

field. Kingsmill, ar. semee of crosses, bottonee, fitchee, ]

Kin(jc, a bend engr. erm. tv o eagle.s, sa. a chev. ermines, betw. three ink-molincs of

g-ii. lietv.-.

displavcd, or. the second, a chief sa. I

Khujc, [London,] az. a bend, betw. two eagles, KingsinUl, [Hainj)shire,] ar. semee of cross cross- j

disjdayod, vrith two necks or. lets, fitchee, sa. a chev. ermines, betw. three i

Kbitjc, ar. a fcsse di.iiccltee, bctw. three eagles, mlluinds of the second, a chief erm. j

di.^jilayed, sa. KiNG.STON, [Gloacestenshire and Leicestershire,] |

Kuujc, [Essex,] az. a bend en;:^-. crni. betw. three az. a cross or, betw. four leopards' heads ar. ;

eagles, dis])layed, or. Khujsfon, [Grimslye and, Lincoln- I

Kiiuje, [London,] or, a fessc, bctv/. two ducal shire; and Gloucestershire.] The same.— Crest, '

crowns sa. a goat, salient, ar. against a tree vert. j

Kijic/e, [London,] sa. a chev. gu. betv.-. three Kiiujsion, [Wendoxer, BuckingLamsliire,] sa. a
salmons ar. lion,rampant, or, tail forked.
Kinc/e, [Ireland,] az. three lozenges or. Khujston, [Bedfordshire,] sa. a lion, rampant, or. ;

KlNGDrOi, ar. a chev. betw. three birds sa. Kingston, sa. three leopards' heads, ducfdiy \

KiNGFiELD, gn. two be)]ds erm. crowned ar.

KiNGFORD, [Yonlkston, Cornwall,] az. three bars, [Earwick, Xorthundisrland,] sa. a lion,
K'iiujsion, ;

wavy, erm. in chief an eagle, displayed, betw. rampant, or, tail forked, a label gu.
two ducal coronets or. —
Crest, an eagle, dis- Kingston, [Derbyshire,] az. three swords, in jiale,
played, per fesse gn. and az. crowned or, hold- ar.
ing in his beak a rose ar. slipped and barbed Kingston, cheqny or and gu. a bend era'..
vert, seeded of the third. [Gra/ttisd IWl.'] Kingston, ar. a bend, cottised, gu.
KiNGLKY, ar. a close hehnet gu. Kingston, [Yorksliire,] ar. a bend, wavy, cottised
Kinglet/, erm. a close helmet gu. gu.
Ki>i(/Ie!;, or, a close helmet gu. Kingston, [Lc;ucion,] sa. gutlee d'eau, a lion, ram-

KiNGSCOTT, [Kingscot, Gloucestershire,] ar. ten pant, or. —

Crest, out of a mural coronet, coun-
escallops sa. four, three, two, and one, on a ter-compcuy, or and sa. an imicorn's head az.
canton gu. a mullet, pierced, or. crincd ar. horn gobony, sa. and or.
KlNGSKY, or Kynsky, [Cheshire,] ar. a chev. Kingston, ar. guttee de sang, on a chief az. three
betw. three squirrels, sejant, gu. cracking nuts croM ns or.
or, stalked and leaved \ert. Kingston, az. three swords, in pale, or.
KlNGSFORD, gu. two bends erm.. Kingston, az. a cross, betvr. four leopards' heads
KiNCsiiAMED, barry of eight, or and az. on a or.
bend ar. three escallojis gu. Kinqsion, [Leicestershire,] az. a cross or, betw.
KiNGSLEY, vert, a cross cngr. erm. Crest, a — four lion.s' heads, erased, ar.

goat's head, couped, ar. Kingston, [Temp. Richard II.] a steel cap,

Kin()sh-y, ar. a fesse sa. ppr. in (he front thereof a feather gu.
Kini/slci/, [Sorrelt, Hertfordshire,] \ert, a cross KiNGSWF.l.L, [Hampshire,] gu. a saltier, betw.
engr. ar. —
Crest, a goat's head ar. four lions' heads, erased, or.
[Canterbury,] sa. a cross engr. erm. in
Kia'ji^li'ij, KiNi-. LEY, gu. a chev. engr. ar.
(he fnst quarter a mullet or. Crest, a goat's — KinUey, az. three lions, rampant, ar. on a cantou
head ar. or, mullet gu.

KiNGSMi'.AD, barry of six, or and az. on abend KiNXAlHD, [Scof!nnd,]qnavterly first and fourth,

ar. three escallops gu. or, a fesse wn\\, b.-(\\ three mullets gu.
second ;

KiNGSMll-L, az. crusilly fitchee ar. three fer-dc- and ihird, gu. a saltier, bc(w. four crescents or.
molines erm. — Crest,
a crescent, risiiig from a cloud, betv,-.
Kiutjsinlll, [Warwickshire,] ar. a clicv. ermines, the. horns a mullet, all within two branches ot

l.etw. three millriuds sa. a chief of the second. palm disposed orlev.ays, all ppr.
Ki)i(/smill, [Hampshire,] ar. crusilly, fitchee, sa. KlXLEY, ar. on a bend sa. three escallops of the-
fichev. ermines, betw. three fer-de-molincs of first.

the second. KlXl-OCll, [Scotland,] az. on a chev. ar. a uiuUet

Kini/smill, [Milbrook, Hamushirc,] ar. crusilly sa. cu. bctw. tv.o muscles in chief of the last, and

K 1 11 K 1 K
A boar's head, erased, in base or. — Crest, an Kyrhy, or Kyrkhy, [Kent,] az. five lious, ram-
ciijle, re<^uiu'dan{, vings endorsed sa. armed gu. pant, or, on a. canton ar. a mullet gu.
looking at the sun ppr. Kyrhy, or Kyrlhy, [Essex,] sa. a lion, rampant,
KiiilocL-, az. a boar's head, erased, befw. three ar. holding in liis paw a garb or.
iiuiscles —
Crest, an eagle, statant, with Kirhy, or Kyrhy, ar. two bars gu. on a canton of
\fii)gs distended and addorsed. Motto, over t!)c the second, a lion's head, erased, or. ( Anollnr,
crest, Aldus icno'o. —
a cross crosslet or.)^ Crest, out of a ducal coro-
IJiSNK, ^». a cliev. ar. net, i)er )Kde, or and ar. an elephant's head gu.
jviNNEiK, [Kinneir, Scotland,] sa. on a bend oi-, eared of the second, tusked of the first. [Borne
three cauar_y birds ppr. hji Roherl Kirhif, TCsq. of Meupthams-Bank,
KiNNKR, gu. A chief, dancettee, or. fuiihri(l(/e, Kent, Sheriff of Loudon, 1816-17.]
KiNNERSLEY, ar. a chev. engr. lietw. three See Plate of Arms.
nudiets sa. Kirhy, or Kyrkhy, [Lincolnshire,] az. a fesse,
KiNNKliTOX, ar. a chev. gu. bctw. three undlets I'Otv,'. two ciiev. engr. erm.

Kirhy, or Kyrkhy, per ]3ale, gu. and sa. a lion,

KiNNVMOUTii, [CraiL;hall, Scotland,] az. a chev. rampant, ar.
betw. three fleurs-de-lis ar. KiRCHAM, or KiRKMAM, erm. three lious, ram-
ICiNNYMAN, gu. a bidl's head ar. armed or. pant, gu. within a bordure engr. of the last.
Kinross, gu. a chev. chequy or and az. l)etv.-. KiRUE.STON, gu. a saltier engr. ar.
three swords, paleways, ar. hilts and pomels or. KlRiULL, or KiRHiR, [Devonshire,] or, ;in
JviN'sMAN, gu. a bull's head ar. aimed or. eagle, displayed, sa.
KimMian, or Kyniicman, gu. three bulls' heads, ICiRlEL, [Leicestershire,] ar. fv.o chev. and c;ai-
cabossed, or. ton g\i.

Kinsman, or Kynncsmuii, [Loddiiigtoii, Pipweli- KiRK.AEniE, gu. a chev. ar. betw. two stars in
Abbey, and Broughton, NorthaniptorishircJ per chief, and a crescent in base or. Crest, a njan's —
j'ale, az. and gu. three salfiers ar. Crest, a — head, looking upwards, ppr.
buck ppr. lodged in fern, vert. Kirkaldy, [Incliture, Scotland,] gu. three stfirs ar.
Kin\J::r, per cliief indented, or and gu. KiRKATDR, az. on a cross ar. live escallops gii..
KiNVETON, alias Gilbert, [Derbyshire,] gu. a KiRKBRii), [Kirkebridge, .Cumberland,] sa. a
liend vaire, ar. and sa. cross engr. ar.
KiNWELMARCH, Or Ki!>MARGH, per fesse, erm. Kirkhride, ar. a cross cngT. vert.
iuid ar. a lion, rampant, sa. KiRKERRiDGE, ar. a saltier engr. vert.
Kipping, [Tewdley, Kent,] lozengy, or and az. KlRKBY, ar. two bars gu. on a canton of the last,
on a chief gu. a lion, passant, or. a mullet or.
KiRIiY, az. a lion, rampant, or, on a canton ar. a Kirkhy, [Rowclin', Lancashire; Kirkby, York-
imdlet gu, shire; and Cumberland,] ar. two bars gu. on a
Kirhy, [Kent,] az. six lions, ramp.iiit, ai. three, canton of the second, a cross avelance or.
two, and cue, on a canton or, a lauUet gu. (Another, moline ar.)
Kirhij, gu. three cross crosslets or. Kirkhy, [Stainbridge, Hampshire,] per pale, ar.
Kirhy, ar. a cross, vvithiji a bordure engr. sa. and gu. on a,chief sa. a lion, passant, or.
Kirhji, [London,] ar. on a fesse vertj three crosses, Kirkhy, [Leicestershire,] per pale, gu. and a s;...

fenuee, or. lion, rampant, ar.

Kirhy, ar. on a fesse gu. three cross crosslets Kirkhy, ar. a cross vert.
or. Kirkhy, gu. a chev. erm.
Kirhij, or Kirkbi), [Kirkby-Theve, Westmore- Kirkhy, [Leicestershire,] ar. a cross, betw. tv.
iiuid,and IJawtliorn, Burham,] ar. on a fesse annulets vert.
vert, three crescents or. Kirkhy, [Kirkby-Hall, Lincolnshire,] ar. two bars
Kirhy, ar. two bars gn. oil a canton of the second, gu. on a canton cjf the last, a cross ruoline or.
a cross, sarcelly, or. hlirkchy, [Derbyshire,] ar. on a fesse vert, i^hrcKr
I'^irhy^ [Notts,] ar. tiio bars, and a canton gu. crescents or.
[iSonii' Inj John Kirhy, of Not.tinrjhdm, Temp. Kirkchi/, ar. tv, o bars and a canton gu.
J'iizabeth.] Kirkchy, [Lincolnshire,] gu. a fesse, betw. !vo
Kirhy, ar. two bais gu. o;i a canton of the second, cliev. erm.
a cross moliTie of the iirst. —
Crest,- on a chajieau, Kirkehy, ar. on a chev. betw. tliree martlets gu.
<:rlm.son, turned up erm. a cross moline ar. within five lozenges erm. a bordure engr. vert.
a circular wreath ar. and gu. Kirkchy, sa. a lion, ranipa\)t, supporting a garb ar.

Kirkchy, ar. betw. three cocks gu.
a cliev. a/., KiRKKXTON, KiRKTON, or KlRTON, [Kirton,
KiKRK, [Enst-llaiii, I'"ssex,] pur fesse, or and lincoinshire,] gu. three bars erm.
S". a lozenge counterclianged, on a canton az. a Ki]u;niLL, [Devon,] or, an eagle, displayed, sa.
lion, rampant, or, supporting a cutlass-blade ar. KiRKiN, ar. a fesse az. a label gu.
ciiained and collared of tbe last. —
Crest, a dex- Kirkland, sa. three mullets ar. witliin a bor-
ter arm, emboiived, in armour, p])r. garnished dure, engr. or.
or, iiolding u cutlass ar. hilt and jioniel of the Kirkland, two
bars, gemelles, ar.
second. Kirkland, on a mount, in base, vert, an oak-
JCirk-c, per fosse, or and p:ii. a bend erni. tree ppr. debruised by a fesse gu. charged witii
Kirke, per fesse, or and gu. a lion, rnrnpant, tlireo owls ar. —
Crest, an owl, as in tlie Arms.
counterchanged. KiRKLEY, or Kirkland, ar. tliree bars, ge-
Kirke, per fesse, or and gu. a lozenge counter- melles, sa.
changed. Kirkh'i/, gu. two bars or, in chief, three keys ar.
Kirke, [Yorksliire,] or, a chev. az. in chief a label Kirklei/, per jjale, or and gu. ou a chief, sa. a
gu. lion, passant, of the first.
Kirke, gu. a crosier or, surmounted v, iih a sword Kirklcij, per pale, ar. and gu. on a chief sa. a
in cross ar. ponielled of the second, ou a chief lion, passant, or.
of the last, a thistle p])r. Kirkley, gu. a chev. erm.
Kirk, [Retford, Nottinghamshire,] ar. a chev. Kirklcy, gu. a chev. or.
bet^\ l!u-ee boars' heads, erased, sa.
. Crest, a — Kirk PATRICK, [Kilosbmn, Scotland,] ar. a nal-
boar's head, erect and erased, sa. lier and chief az. tlse -last charged with three
Ivirk, gu. a crosier or, and sword in saltier ar. on cushions or. — Crest, a hand, Iiolding a dagger,
a chief of (he second, a thistle vert. in pale, distilling drops of blood.
KikkeuyKd, ar. a cross engr. vert. KlRKSWOLD, gu. and az. a griOhi ar.
p(^r fesse,
KlliKKFTOX, gu. two bars ai-. ariiied or, seizing on a dragon vert, holding a
KiRREi.AND, ar. a saltier engr. vert. plume of the third.
Kirkland, or Kirkeley, ar. three bars, gemelles, KiRkSLow, or KiRSTOVV, [Lancashire,] cv-
sa. ronny of twelve, errand sa. on a canton guV a
KiKKKLOUi), sa. three mullets ar. and a bordare covered cup or.
engr. or. KiRKTON, or Kirton, ar. three eagles, dis-
KlRKKRTON, ar. three bars erni. played, sa.
KiRKETON, orKiRTux, az. three vrater bougets KiRKVX, ar. a fesse az. a label gu.
ar. KtKLE, [Muchmarcle, Herefordshire,] vert, a
Kirke/o/i, gu. two bars erm, chev. betw. three fleurs-de-lis or.
Kirktlon, gu. three bars erm. KiRSLow, gyronny of twelve, or and sa. on a
Kirkcton, or, three eagles, displayed, sa. canton gu. a cup, covered of the first.
Kirkclon, ar. a fesse gu. KiRSTOWE, [Lancashire,] gyronny of twelve, or
Kirkcton, az. three martlets ar. and az. on a canton sa. a covered cup of the
Kirkelon, or Kerkelon, [Kirketon, Lincolnshire, first, ou a chief gu. three covered cups of tlie
temp. Edward II.] barry of six, gu. and ar. last.
KiRKliAM, [Blackdon, Devonshire,] ar. three KiRTOX, [Thorp-Maudcvil, Nortliainptonshirc,]
lions, rampant, gu. v/ithin a bordure, engr. sa. cjuarterly first, ;ar. a fesse and chev. in chief
•—^Crest, a lion's licad, erased, ar. gu. second, ar. a crescent, Mithin a bordure,

Kirk/iam, [Northamptonshire,] ar. on a fesse, invocked, sa. third, per pale, or and gu. a

gu. three bezants. — Crest, out of a

ducal coro- fosse betw. three leopard.s' heads, counterchan-
net or, a jNIoor's head, side faced, jjpr. and ged ; fourth, ar. a fesse, betw. three hawks'
w reathcd about tlie temples ar. and gu. lioods gu. —
Cro>t, a falcon, witli wings expand-
Kirkham, [Fynnsljcd and Cutterstock, in Nor- ed, ar. bLM;^ed, jessed, and
belled or, resting
th.amptonsliiie,] ar. on a fesse gu. three bezauts. liis dexter
cl,;v, on a hawks' hood gu. (The
— Crest, on a Saracen's head, full faced, ppr. ancicnl, a hawk, close, ppr. hooded gu.
couped at the shoulders, gergi-d v.ith a ducal beaked and hg.'.vd or.)
coronet or, wreathed about the Irmjiles ar. and Kirton, [JJncohisiure,] barry of eight, erm. and
sa. a poppiiijay vert, beaked and collared gu.
Kirkham, ar. tinx'c lions, rampant, gu. Kir/on, ar. six eagles, displayed, sa. three, two,
KiKKWRiJ, [Yorkshire,] ar. a .<altier engr. and one.
vert. Kirton, sa. a fesse, erm. betw. tlirce fishes ar.

Kiifon, sa. a fesse, erm. in chief four fleurs-de-lis three trouts (or lucies), haurient, ar. a chief or.
or, in base, three jiikes ar. — Crest, an unicorn's head ar. attired and ma-
Kirloji, [Thorp- ?»landu it, Nortbanijjtonsliire, and ned or, environed with palisadoes of the last.
Wiltshire,] ar. a fesse and chev. in cliief gu. (AvoUier crcsl, on a mount or, in flames, ppr.
C'rfst, a hawk, close or, hooded ppr. belled of an uniconi's head sa.) [Co7iJirmed to Thomas
the first. Kitson, of IleiKjravc, ISth Fehruary, 15G8.]
Kirtor., [Westmortland,] ar. a fesse, chev. and Kn iLioc, or Ki\ F.LLiuc, aa. six garbs or,
chief gii. three, and one.

Kir ton, ar. a fesse g^?. Ki.ADrair.SL [Germany,] per fesse, gu. and

Kiiioii, ar. a chev. belw. three cross crosslcts g'ti. ar. in chief three N's
Kirlon, [Lancashire,] gyronny of twelve, or and Klkrk, or Kt>KERE, ar. a cross betw. four e.^-
az. on a canton gu. a covered cup of the first. toiles gu. (Another, the field or.)
Kirlon, sa. a fesse enii. in chief, four ficiirs-de-lis KxAPi.ocK, [Winchester, 1601,] az. a fesse,
or. betw. two chev. gobony, erm. and gu.— Crest,
Kirlon, [Wiltshire,] or, a fesse and chev. in base, a boai-'s head, couped, or, the mouth cinbrued
with blood.
KutviLL, [CoriAvall,] sa. three irons' heads, is- Kn API', ar. a cross gu. betw. four roses ppr.
siuint, as luaay fieurs-de-lis ar. Knupp, [Tuddenhimi, Xeedham, V/ashbroke,
KicuiN, [London,] ar. on a pile
hetw. tv.o a/., Sullblk, and Norfolk,] or, in chief three close
cross crosslets gu. an eagle, displayed, of the helmets sa. in base a lion, ]>assant, of the last.
lield. —
Crest, a pelican's head, erased, az. — Crest, an arm, embowed, in armour, ppr.
beaked and vulned gu. garnished, or, the hand of the first, grasping
Kichin, [Jleales, Lancashire,] gu. a chev. paly of by the blade a broken sword ar. hilt and pome)
four, ar. and sa. belsv. three bezants, each of the second, with a branch of laurel vert.
charged with a lapwing of the third. Knappe, sa. a lion, passant, in chief three hel-
KiTC'HlNER, ar. or a chev. quarterly, gu and sa. mets or. IGrdnted to Henri/ Kvappe, of
hetw. three bustards of the second, as many Woodcot, Oxfordshire, 2d September, 1669.]
bezants.— Crest, a Ijuck's head, erased, pierced KxARESBUKGii, [Knaresbrough, Yorkshire,] ar.
through the neck by an arrow, in bend, all ppr. a lion, rampant, gu. ducally crowned or, within
KiTcniNG, ar. on a chev. quarterly, gu. and sa. a bordure sa. charged with eight bezants.
hetw. three bustards of the second, as many K NATCH JJULL, [Slershamhotci), Kent,] az. three
bezants. cross crosslets, fitchee, betw. two bendlets or.
Kilchiitg, [Herefordsliire,] ar. a chev. betw. three — Crest, on a chapeaa az. tinned \ip erm. a leo-
hustards gu. pard ar. spotted sa. [Bo)-ne by Charles Knatch-
KiTciilNGiiAM, ar. on a chev. quarterly, gu. and bitll, of Babinton, So7nersct, J825.J
sa. thiee bezants. KnatchbuU, [Kent,'] az. three cross crosslcts, in
f\ilc/iin(/hain, ar. on a pile sa. betv>'. two cross bend, Ijetw. two cottises cngr. or. Crest, on —
crosslets, fitchee, gu. three lozenges of the a chapeau az. turned up erm. a leopard ar.
lirst. [^Granted IGIC] spotted sa. [Granted 1574.]
t'lTi;, o?- Keytk, [Cheselborne, Dorsetshire, Knell, gu. a chev. betw. tlu-ee roses ar.
Worcestershire, and Lord ISIayor of London, Knell, gu. crusilly, a lion, rampant, or. Crest, —
J'G/,] az. a chev. betw. three kites' heads, a demi lion or. holding in his dexter pav.', a cross
erased, or. —
Crest, an unicorn's head, erased, crosslet, fitchee, az.
iir. armed and collared gu. Knell, or, Knclky, ar. on a chev. sa. three mul-
^'ile, or Keyle, [Ebriugfon, Gloucestershire,] lets of the field.
fiz. on a chev. hetw. three kites' heads, erased, Knell, gu. semee of cross crosslets, fifch6e, alien,
or, as many trefoils, slijiped, gu. Crest, a kite's — rampant, or, crowned and langued az.
'lead, erased, or. Knesi'ON, gu. a chev. vaire, ar. and sa.
'\iTsoN, sa. three salmons, erect, in fesse, ar. a Kneslon, or Kni.sfon, [Derbyshire,] gu. a chev,
chief or. undee, ar. and sa.
,ait; jmbatlicd, betw. four Kneton. The same as Kenton.
I'TiTtiets or. Knevet, ar. a bend, betw. three trefoils sa.
^itlltlnj,or Kilielbj, [Steple, Shropshire,] ar. within a bordure engr. of the last.
'^o chev. .sa. ; a label of three poinU az. Crest, — Knevi'l, ar. on a bend sa, three trefoils of the firsti
II lion's head, erased, gu. (Another, or.) within a bordure engr. of the second.
J^'nsoN, or KiTSON, [Hengrave, Suffolk,] sa. Knevet, az. three knives ar. hafted gii.
[3 u ]
K N 1 K N 1

Knevcf, three knives, hafted, oi'.

;iz. ther, of Clerkenwcll, Middlesex, 25th July,
Kneret, ar. tlirec chaplets gu.
Knevcl, [Escrirk, York, and Norfolk,] nr. a Knight, [Hampshire, Shrewsbury,] ar. three
bend. sa. ^vit!lin a bordure engx. of (lie second. jjiiles gu. on a canton of the second a spur or,

Kficcclf, [Norfolk,] ar. a bend sa. witbin a bnr- widiin a bordure engr. az. —
Crest, on a ducal
dure enijr. az. coronet gn. an ea2;le, displaced, or. [Granted
Kneveti, or Knevif [Norfolk, Siiflblk, and IJosc-
maryn, Coinuall,] ar. a bend T.itbin a bordure Knight, [Ruscomb, Jlerkshire,] ar. three pallets
engr. sa. —
Crest, a drajjon's bead betw. Iv.o gu. on a canton of the secoiid a spur will) a
vings, expanded, sa. rowel downwards, leathered or, wiliiin a bor-
Knevett, ar. a bend en^^r. v.itbin a bordure sa. dure engr. sa.
Kneyswoktii, or KnkSWOrth, [Lord ]Mayor Kniglit, [Euckinghamshire,] sa. agridin, segreant,
of London, L505, Staffordsbire, and Cornwall,] erm. beaked and armed gu. within a bordure
erm. a cbev. wavy gu. betw. three greyhounds, of the second.
ill fidl course, sa. (Another, the field or.) Knight, [Banbury, Oxfordshire,] ar. three bends
Knife, az. three knives, in pale, ar. hafts or. gu. on a canton az. a spur, w ith the down-
Knife, paly of six ar. and az. on a chief sa. two wards, leathered or, within a bordure of t!ie
swords, in saltier, of the first, liilts or, second.
Knigtit, [Baserhoreth, Shropshire, ]ar.threepales Knight, [Brockbole, Nort!ian)ptoush!re,] paly of
gu. witliin a bordure, engr. az. on a canton of six, or and gu. a canton erni.
the second, a spur or. —
Crest, on a spur, lying Knight, [Ireland,] nr. on a quarter gu. a spear in
fesseways, or, an eagle, per fesse, ar. and az. bend or.
wings expanded of the first, beaked and logged Knight, paly of eight, gu. andar. on a canton of
the first a spur or.
Kn'if/hl, ar. on a canton gu. a sjinr or, \si!lilu a Kniglit, [Middlesex,] quarterly; first, vert, a
bordure sa. bend lozengy or second, per chev. ar. and sa.

Knicjli!, or, on a chev. sa. three three ciuquefoils, counterchanged the third as

grifllns, segrcant, of the first. the second; the fourth as the first; over all,
Knlijhl, [Retsford,Nottinghamshire, Baldock, as an augmentation of honour, an escocheon,
and Weston, lierlfordshire,] sa. on a fesse ar. ar. charged with a cross of St. Geojge.
three quatrefoils of the field, in chief a nag's head, Knight, [London and Kent,] vert, a bend of
erased, of the second. —
Crest, a goat's head or, fusils or, a crescent for ditl'erence.— Crest, a
attired and erased, per fesse, gu. holding- in his demi friar ppr. vested arid hooded ar. having an
month a laurel-spiig ver(. upper mantle or, holding in his dexter hand a
Knight, \qv\, a bend fusilly, (or fusils co)ijoined,) lantern, pnrfied of the third, in his sinister hand
or, in base a cinqucfoil ar. a canton gu. Quar- a pater-noster gu. with a crucifix pendent at the
tering Austen, viz. or, a chev. gu. betw. three end. [Heralds Office,' Loudon, C. 2-1.]
lions' gambs, erect, sa. —
Crest of Knight, a Kniejht, az. on a fesse betw. three pikes, haiirient,
friar, habited, ppr. holding in the dexter hand a or, as many roses gu. seeded of the second.
cinqncfoil, slipped, ar. and in the sinister a cross Knight, [Hoo, Hampshire, and Clopton, Ab-
sa. suspended from the \yrist, the breast charged thorp, Northamptonshire, lut)-3,] ar. on a fc.sse
v.'ith a rose gu.— Crest of Austen, on a nuiral betw. three bulls' heads, erased, sa. ringed at
crown or, a buck, sejant, ar. attired or. [Borne the nose or, a fret betw. two doves of the field.
- hij Edward ]Cnigh( Esq. of Godmersham-Porh,
, — Crest, a dexter arm, embowed, in armour
Kent, and Chaivton-lJouse, Hants, ]S"25, who ppr. holding in the hand a sword of the last,
by lloyal Sign Manned assumed the Surname hilt and pomel or, the point resting ou the
and Anns of Knight.^ See Plate of Ariiis. wreath.
Knight, ar. on a canton gu. a spur or, wilhin a Knight, ar. on a fesse betw. three bucks' heads,
bordure sj. erased, sa. attired or, a fret betw two maif-.

Knight, [Hampshire,] or, on a chev. sa. three lets of the third.

grinins, segTeant, of the first. Knight, per chew ar. and sa. three trefoils, couu-
Knight, ar. on a canton gu. a s])ur or, within a terchangad. (Another, three cinqncfoils, couti-
bor(hn-e of the tliird. terehanged.)
Knight, [London,] ar. a fesse gu. frefty or, betw. Knight, [Piddington, Northamptonshire,] gn-
three bidls' heads, erased, sa. attired of the two bars ar. in chief three wolves' heads, erased,
third. [Granted to Henry Knight, alius Bro- of the second.


Kiiiffht, three Cornish choughs in fesse

az.- ar. a bend, a?,, a tilting-spear of t!ie second.—
on a chief or, as many foiteauxcs. Crest, a stag's head, ar. attired or, charged on
Kn'Kjhl, [Charv.ettori and ]^o\viiigf'oii, Northamp- the neck with a trefoil vert.
tonshire,] ar. three bendlets g^u. on a cunton of Knightleg, (piarterly, erm. and or, three pales gu.
the second a spur, leathered, (lie rowel down- Knightleg, [Stanbrdsliire,] quarterly, paly of six,
wards, or. —Crest, a spnr, leathered or, Itetw. or and gu. second erm. third as the second, fourth
a pair of wings gu. [Granted 1013.] as tiie first.

Knight, [Southampton,] per chev. engr. ar. and Knighllg, [Uplon, and I'awesley, Northampton-
sa. three griffins, passant, countercliangcd. shire, and Abchurch, V/arwickshire,] quarierly,
Crest, a griftin's head gu. hcak and dexter ear first erm. and second paly of six or fanother,
ar. tlie sinister sa. gorged with a collar ar.) and g\i. third as the second, fourth as the
Knight, [Chawton, Hampshire,] vert, a bend lo- first. — Crest, a l)uck's head ar. attired or.

2engy or, in base a cinqucfoil ar. Crest, a de- Knighllg, [Northamptonshire and Yorkshire,]
uii gray friar ppr. holding in his de.xter hand a quarterly; first erm. second paly of six, or and
cinnnefoil, slipped, ar. from his sinister wrist, gu. the third as the second, the fourth as the
a hraccl'.'t of beads, pendent, sa. \_Granicd first, within a bordurc az.

1738.] Knighllg, [Siadbrdshire,] paly of six, or and gu.

Knight, [IVorfhauipton, ]C)13,]ar. tin-ee bends gu. Knighllg, [Worcestershire,] ar. on a fcsse sa. a
on a canton az. a Sjuu-, with buckle and leathers mullet of the field. —
Crest, a dragon's head sa.
or. [Confirmed hg Sign Manual to Jane D<i- with two tongues gu.
7-ies of St. Marg-Ie-Boni', Middlesex, io talc /wiiV/A^/;/, quarterly, orand erm. the first and fourth
the Name and Arms of Knicjht, diUcd 'J'Jlh quarters charged with three ])ales gu.
April, 1772.] Knighllg, az. a hart's head, cabossed, or.
Knight, ar. a hehnei gu. Knightly, az. a hart's liead, cabossed, ar.
Knight, ar. on a canton 2.u. a spur, leathertd or, Knighllg, [Chorley, Lancashire,] vert, a cross
rowel downwards, within a bordnre sa. engr. erm. in the first quarter a mullet pierced
Kniqhf, [Norfolk,] ar. three pallets gn. on a can- —Crest, a goat's head ar. charged -^rith'

ton of the second a spur or. a mullet for difierence.

Kniglif, or, on a cliev. sa. three griffins, segreant, Knighilg, [Falv.esley, Northamptonsliire,] quar-
of the field. —
Crest, out of a ducal coronet or, terly; first, paly of six, or and gu. second, erm.
an eagle, displayed, erni. third as the second, fourth as the' first, within
Knight, or, three pallets gu. on a canton sa. a a bordure az.
spur-rowei of the field, wiihin a bordure engr. Knigh'I'ON, vert, two lions, rampant, in fesse, or.
of the third. Kyiighton, [Suflolk,] barry of eight, ar. and az. on
Knight, per chev. or and sa. tliree cinquefoils, a canton or, a tun, palev.'ays, gu. —
Crest, out of
counterchanged. a ducal coronet or, tv^o dragons' heads and necks
Knight, or, on a chief sa. three griliins, segreant, in saltier p|5r.
of the field. Knighton, [Hertfordshire,] ar. two bars az. on a
Knight, ar. two pallets az, on a canton gu. a spiu', canton of the second, a tun or.
buckle and strap or. Knighton, [Bayford, Hertfordshire,] bany of
iynight, per chev. engr. sa. and ar. throe griffins, eight, ar. and az:— Crest, out of a ducal coronet
passant, counterchanged. [Granted to Michael or, two dragons' heads and necks in saltier ppr.
Knight, of Wcstcrham, Kent, 20//; Fel). 1GG2.] KNiLiiGlf, or Kii.KcrJ, az. a buck's head or.
Knight, Vfit, a bend lozengy or. [Borne hg Ed- Knipe, [Lancashire and Westaiinster,] gu. two
mund Knight, Ksg. Nurrog, hing of Arms, bars ar. in chief tlnee wohes' heads, couped, of
'J cmp. EHzabefh, ab. 1593.] the second. —
Crest, a ^^•olf's head ar. transfixed
Knight. The same arms, a crescent for difference. through the l)reast vith a broad arrow or, plumed
[Burne bg Thomas Knight, JJlsq. Chester He- and armed of the first. [Granted to Christo-
rald, Temp. James I. oh. KJIS.] pher Knipe, of London, Nov. IGih, lulG.]
K'NiGHTBRinGr:, [Chelmsford, Essex,] ar. on KniiM'LL, o;- Kmpkhlky, az. ou two bars or,
two bars sa. three garbs or. three gu.
)nullet.s (Anolher, pierced.)
KxiGHTMn-, quarterly; first and fourth, paly of Knip;i.\i;skn, [Prus.sia,] quarterly; first and .

six, ar. and gni. secondand third, erm. all wiihin

; fourth, a wivern vert; second and third, ar.
a bordnre az. a lion, rampant, sa.- —
Crest, out <of a coronet,
l^^ nigh
I leg, [Kingston -n])on-Tiiaines, Surrey,] with seven pearls on llu; rim, a d&mi lion, ram-
quarterly, erm. and paly of six, or and gu. ou •])ant, sa. betw. two wi.'jgs or.

[ 3 u 2 ]

Kniveton, [Mircaston, Devonshire,] g«. a cliev. Edward I.] ar. three estolles gu. (Anothtr,
vaiio, ;u-. tmd ^;a. mullets.)
J^Tiivelon, pii. a clicv. vair. Knovill, gu. six mullets, pierced, or, a label a7.
Kntvelon, [Eradley, Derbyshire,] gu. a bond vair, Knowell, [Somersetshire.] See Knowles.
betv/. sis crosses, forniee, or. Knowle, Knowell, or Knowles, [Sand-
Knocks, az. three Roman K's ar. i\\i> and one. ford,] sa. three fusils upon slippers transposed,
Knoll, or Knowles, [Cheshire,] ^;u. a chov. points downwards, ar.
be(w. three roses ar. Knoavler, [Stroud, Kent,] ar. on a bend, beiw.
Kiiolle, or Knolls, g«. a chev. ar. betw. three lor- t\^o cottises sa. a lion, passant, guardaut, of the
teauxes, ])ierccd, or. field, crowned or. — Crest, a dcuii hem ppr.
KnoUes, [Little llauipston, Devonsliirc,] or, a volant, issuing out of reeds. (Another crest,
falcon sa. preying on a moor-couk ppr. on a out of a ducal coronet or, a demi hern, issuinic
chief sa. three "bird-holts ar. enn.)
KnolU's, [Hampshire,] or, three deiui lions, pas- KxoAVE);s, [Knowlcs, Scotland; Cole-Ashby,
sant, guardaat, gii. —
Crest, a grifiin, segi-eant, Xortiiamptonshire; and Walton, Suffolk,] gu.
or. on a chev. ar. three roses vert, barbed and
Kitolhs, [Cheshire,] ar. on a chev. gii. three roses —
seeded of the first. Crest, out of a ducal coro-
of the field. net gu. an elephant's head ar. [Granted 1580.]
Knolls, or Knoicls, [Chisping, Lancashire; Che- Knowles, [Aylesham, Norfolk,] gu. on a chew ar.
shire; Ciiipping- and Ilarpley, Norfolk,] gu. on three roses of the field, in chief a crescent or.
a chev. ar. three roses, barbed and seeded of —
charged with a mullet sa. Crest, a ram's he:id
the field. —
Crest, a rani's head ar. attired or. ar. attired or.
[Boi'ne bi/ Sir Robert Kiinids, K.G. Tcuip. Knoioles, az. crusilly, a cross nioline, voided
jMhvard in. and Jiichard II.] throughout, or.

Kkollvs, [Berkshire; and Kinge.^burv, War- Knowlcs, or Knoell, [Samford Oreas, Dorset-
wickshire,] az. a cross nioline, voided throu;,h- shire; and vSomersetshire,] gu. on a bend ar.
out, betw. twelve cross crosslets or. Crest, an — three escallops sa.
elephant ar. Knowlcs, gu. on a chev. ar. three rose.s of the
Knollys, [Grove-Place, Hampshire,] gu. on a first, a canton eruj. —
Crest, out of a ducal coro-
chev. ar. three roses of the iicld, a canton erni. net gu. a ram's head ar. armed or.
ICnomlv, Knowlfs, or KNOf<viLii, [Glou- Knowles, az. a hawk .seizing a j)artrid?e ar. on a
cestershire,] ar. three mullets gu. two and one. chief of the last, three bolts of (he first.
Knoviley, or, three stars gu. a label of five points K^o^v.S, [Knows, Scotland,] gu. on a chev. ar.
a/,. three roses of the first.
Kiiomlr/e, ar. tlu'ce nnillets of six points gu. a KxoWTON, ar. a chev. gu. hetv^-. tluree crowns sa.
label of five points az. Knox, [Ireland and Scotland,] gu. a falcon,
Knot, sa. a key, erect in pale, or, belv,-. two pal- volant, or, (another, ar.) Mithin an orle, wav},
lets crminois. [Qmntcd io Anlhoiii/ Knot, of on the outer, and engr. on the inner side, ar.
Whitchirch, Soiiihampion, l^>th April, 1G32.] Crest, a falcon, perched, ppr.
KNOxroRTii, [N'i^orcestershire,] ar. four fusils in Knoyle, gu. on a bend ar. three escallops sa.
fesse sa. Knvll, [lierefordshire,] gu. crusilly, fitchee, or,
Knotshull, sa. a chev. embattled, betw. three a lion, rampant, of the last.
crescents ar. Kni/ll, [Knill, Ijcrefordshire,] erm. tlu-ee bars
Knotshull, az. guttee d'eau, a chev. laguly, betw. gu. in chief as many lions of the last.
three crescents ar. KN"i PEUSLEY, az. three spade.s, in pale, ar.
KnotswoI!T1I, ar. four lozenges, in fosse, .sa. Knii])crsley, [SfaObrdshire,] az. three spades or,
Knott, [Suffolk.] az. guttle d'or, a chev. of the handles ar.
last, betw. three crescents ar. Knysi ON, sa. a lion, i-ampant, double queued or,

Knott, [Sussex,] az. guttee d'or, a chev. botw. in chief a label of three points gu.
three cre.scents of the last. —
Crest, a Tmiconi's Knv\');tt, ar. a chev. gu. betw. three stags"
liead w. armed aud crined or. heads, couped, ppr.
Knotton, ar. a fret az. on a fe.sse gu. three Kognose, [Nortiuunberland,] gu. a fe.-ise ar. in
mullets of the field. chief three lozenges of the second.
Knotu'OOU, [Norfolk,] ar. tlu-ee cinquefoils gu. KotE, az. three cocks ar. armed, crested, acd
(Another, the field or.) jelloped or.
KNOViJL»,XSalopj Gloucester, and Stafford, Temp. Kohes, sa. three bends ar. .^ -.,s jvi., .; v, . ,
K Y D -K Y N
koS'•HA^f, <-u-.on a cross sa. a mullet or. cated ppr. willi a liiuiting-horn, pendent from a
Kakeliam, ar. on a cross sa. a inullef of six points, branch or, stringed g-ii.

pierced of the field. Kyd, [Woodhill, Scotland.] The snme, on a chief

Koicr:RELL, ar. on a cross gn. five cocks or. az. three mullets or.
ICoiCKSATTOX, ar. fretU' f?u. KvDDY, sa. a lion, ramj'ant, ar. armed and Inn-
KdKiNG, [Herefordshire,] per pale, wavy, ar.
Jvvi)):i;viAST)'.u. See with Kidij]:rmipter.
KoklNGTON, gu. three cocks ar. two and mie. ICygih.ey, ar. a fesse sa.
See CocKiNGTOx. Kylc-hh, and Kylciuche. See Kilchccii.
Kol.HROCR, ar. a lion, riinipai'l, <^\}. over all a Kyle, or Killey, [Devonshire,] ar. a chev.
l)elid or, charged with tliiee cross crf>ssk'ts, betw. three fleurs-de-lis gu.
fitcliee, sa. /v [Scotland,] or, three candlesticks sa.

koLAil.i., [Leicestershire,] or, on a fosse gu. Kijllc, [Devonshire,] ar. a chev. betw. three delves
three plates. gu.
KolviU, [Lincolnshire,] or, a fesse gu. Kyeeingbeck, [Chappell-Allerton, Yorkshire,]
KOTERINGHA.M, ar. On a fesse engr. sa. a star or. ar. betw. three unicorns' heads,
on a chev. sa.
KONIERS, [Jveut,] or, a mannch sa. cou]>ed, az. as many
annulets or.
KiiAGG, or KrtOGi:, az. a plough, in fesse, ar. KijUiiKihrck, [Tulworth, Heningham, and Jx-eds,]
KuAGE, a sithe, in bend sinister, sa.
ar. ar. on a chev. sa. betw. three unicorns' heads.
Kramer, [Germany and L-eland,] per fesse, in- erased, az. as many annulets or.
dented, az. and or, in chief two i1ours-de-Ii> of Iv-iMARjii'.RSLEY, az. semec of iross crosslets or,
(lie last. —
Crest, a fleur-de-lis, betw. two wings a lion, rarapant, of the last.
expanded or, pinioned ar, ICYiMHAr.r., ar. a chev. within a bordure sa.
lv;>A.Ml'TON, ar. a chev. betw. three martlets sa. Kjjmhrll, ar. a fesse and bordure engr. sa.
Krampio?!, or JCranton, ar. a chev. gu. belv,\ K'lMiii:;!, ar. t\\o cheverons, within a bordme
tliree crov.'s ppr. engr. gu.
K RONTON, in-, a chev^. gu. betw. llu-ee nuillefs sa. KYMiii;RLEY, ar. a chev. within a bordure engr.
ICrowton, ar. on a chev. gu. betv.'. three crov.s gu.
ppr. as many crescents ar. Ki/iiihcrki/, ar. a tree vert.
Kroye, a plough, in fesse, ar.
az. Kyme, [jjoston, Lincolnshire,] gu. a chev. or,

Krav.m, [Wales,] ar. on a chev. sa. three angels betw. ten cross crosslets ar.
kiieehng;, habited in long robes, close girt, their Ki/Dif, [Kesteven, Lincolnshire, Teniii. Henry
hands conjoined and elevated, wings displayed, iL] gu. a chev. betw. ien cross crosslets or.
or. (Another, nine ; another, six.)
iviiCKFiEi.iJ, harry of four, or and az. a lion, Kyme, gu. a chev. vert.
rampant, coiinferchanged. Ki/me, ar. a chev. betw. three quatrcfoils az
IvUDFORU, az. a chev. betw. nine mullets or. Kyaseh, [Wastchelborov,-, Dorsetshire,] ar. three
Ki'KEFiEi.D, s.i. a fleiu--de-lis erm. v.olves, ]>assant, in j^ale, az. within a bordtire
fCiiECHETii, or CuECiiETH, [Culclietli. ].an- hezautee. —
Crest, a leopard's lie;id
cashire,] ar. an eagle sa. jjreying on a child ppr. g"-
swaddled gu. banded or. K^'MPTON, [Weston, Ucrtfordshire,] az. a peh-
Kui.EiNGWiki:, ar. a chev. gu. betw. three birds can, betw. three fleurs-de-lis or. Crest, ademi —
vert. goat erm. attired and hoofed or, collared and
KuUiiKjwike, per chev. or and az. in chief two lined sa.
roses gu. stalked, leaved, and barbed vert, Kyinpton, az. a fesse, belw. thi-ee fleurs-de-lis
.seeded of the first, in an ostrich feather ar. or.
^— Crest, a cubit arm, erect, vested sa. cuff Kynarsli:y, ar. a fesse, vaire, or and az. betw.
erm. holding- in the hand ppr. a cliapiet of laurel, three eagles, disjilayed, gu.
vert. Kynardeseey, Warwickshire
[Ward-End, ;

KuLLiN'GWOR'i'ii, ar. a chev. gu. betw. three pots Bravlford, Di-rbyshire ;

vert. Staf)'ordsliire,] ar.' a and ga.
fesse, vaire, or
KuMfcusox, ar. a chev. betv,-. three mullets gu. betw. three e.?gles, displayed, .sa.—-Crest, on
KuTciiiN, ar. on a chev. per pale, gu. and sa. a mount \ert, a greyhoimd, sej-ant, ar. col-
hetw. tin-ee pheons of the second, as many ere- lared or, under a holly-tree of the first, fructed,
scents or. gu.
'^Vij, [Craigie, Scotland,] ar. a pine-tree, eradi- Kynardvsley, [Lookcsley, Stafl'ordshirc,] ar. a

fesse, yaire, or and gu. lictw. three eagles, dis-
played, of the (hird.
KvNASTON, or Kvxr.RSTON, [Ryton S(okcs,
Shrewsbury ; Woodhoiise and Shotten, Shrop-
shire,] ar. a chev. engr. betw. tiiree mullets sa. LAIlEUi^, az. a b'^nd ar. cottised or, betw. si.>;
— Crest, an eagle's head, erased, sa. ducaliy martlets of the last.
gorged ar. in his beak a sprig of laurel veil. Laghsard, or, a chief, chequy, or and gu.
[GrcutI eel April 19, 1-569.] Laborer, ar. on a bend sa. three annulets of the
Kynaston, [Thor'ington, Essex.] The same, :viili first, a trefoil, sli|)ped, of the second.

a martlet on the chev. or. Laborer, or Labruer, or, two bars geraellcs gu.
Kynaston, [Horlcy, Shropshire.] erni. a chev. in chief a cross of the second.
g'u.— Crest, a dexter arm, emhovved in armour Larorne, chequy, ar. and gu. on a chief or, a
ppr. holding a sword ar. hilt or, all against a sun demi lion, rampant, sa.
of the last. J^ibornc, ar. on a bend, betvi". three trefoils, slip-
Kynaslon, [Ofeley, Shropshire,] ar. a lion, ram- ped, gu. as many auuulets of the field.
jiant, sa. — Crest, a lion's head, erased sa. guttec Lacer, ar. on a chief gu. five roses of the field.
d'or. Lacester, az. a fesse, betw. three fleurs-de-lis
KvNDVv ELI/, az. a wolf, salient, ar. collared and or.
chained or. LACtiAUET, ar. two harts' horns, in saltier, sa.

Kyne, or KvNr.S, az. a bend, wavy, cottised, Lacock, or Laycock, [Vv'(!odborough, ISiot-
ar. tinghamshire,] ar. a gauntlet sa. studded or, a
KVNIR, gu. a chiet^ indented, or. crescent for difierence. —
Crest, a cock ar.
Kyneuston, ar. a chev. betw. three mullets cii. combed, iellop])ed, and legged, gu. sup]jorting
Ki/ncrsloit, ar. a chev. gu. betw. three niullc^Ss wiih his dexter foot a gauntlet sa. puiiled or.
sa. [Confirmed to George Lacock, of Soulhicell,
Kynesi.ey, ar. a fesse, dancettee, erm. Nottiiiyhuvisldre, November 20, 1613.]
K'iNESTON, o/- Kynge-^TOX, ar. a bend, wa\ y, Lacon, [Salop,] quarterly, per fesse, indented,
betw. two cottises gu. erm. and gu.
Kynn, ar. two chev. sa. Lacon, [\\'i!ly, Shropshire,] per saltier, ar. and
Kynns, [Send, Gloucestershire,] az. on a fesse, ,\z. in pale two birds sa. iii fesse as many escal-

cottised, or, three martlets gu. lops or.

ICynynmouu, or Kynmnmono, [Fifeshire,] Lacon, quarterly, per fesse, indented, az. and
az. a chev. ar. betw. three fleurs-de-lis or. ar.

Kyrey. See with Khiey. Lacon, [Audh'y, Essex ^\vby, Lincolnshire


Kyrell, [Sutton, Kent,] or, two chev. gn. a Lacon, Monslow Kinlet, Shropshire;
; and
canton of the last. —
Crest, a bull's head London,] quarterly, per fesse, indented, erm.
f^HO/Ae?- cresf, a talbot's head, erased, ar.) and az. —
Crest, a falcon pj)r. beaked and belled
KyrclU iiY. two cliev. gu. a canton of the last. or.

Kyrell, [Herefordshire,] ar. a fesse, betw. three Lacon, [Linley, Salop,] quarterly, per fesse, in-
ileurs-de-lis gn. dented, az. and erm.
Kyriell, or, two chev. gu. on a canton of Lacy, [Earl of Lincoln,] or, a lion, rampant.
the second, a lion, passant, gnardant, of the
first. Lacy, or, three chev. gu. in chief two lions, ram-
Kyrham, [Devonshire,] ar. three lions, rampant, pant, sa.
&"• Lacy, [Normandy,] quarlerly, or and gu. a bend
Kyrktot, KRiurroT, o;- Krirtot, [Suflblk,] sa. over a.ll a label of three jjoints ar.
az. on a cross ar. five escallops gu. Lacy, [Yorkshire,] or, a lion, ram])ant, gu. within
Kytchyn, on a pile az. betw. two cross cross-
ar. a bordure, gobonated, of the first and second,
lets gu. a dove, volant, upright ar. beaked and charged with eight bezants.
membered of the third. [Granled to John Lacy, [Stamford, Lincolnshire,] ar. on a saltier
Kytchyn, of Helper, Derhrfshire, and Islington, engr. az. betw. four lions, passant, gu. five be-
' zants. (Anoliier, the lions, rampant, and four
Middlesex, Feb. 12, 1578.]
bezants.) —
Crest: a deir.i lion, ranipaJit, gu.
Jjaci/, quarterly, or and gu. a bend sa.
Lacii, [Suirolk,"and Walsham-in-the- Willows, Nor-
folk,] quarterly, ar. and sa, on a bend^u. three
. —— ,

i; A c L A K
iiiartlets or, a label of five points of tlie
over all Lacy, ar. a fesse, betw. three crescents sa.
last, each charged with an ermine spot of the LAnBuoKi', [Lord jMayor of London, 174><,] az.
second. —
Crest, out of u ducal coronet s;n. a a che\. erm. —
Crest, an arm, couped at the
denii eagle, wiili expanded, or, in its
wirifjs . elbow and erect, vested gu. cufl' ar. holding in
beak au arrow of the first, headed aud featheied the hand ppr. five quatrefoils in cross, stalked
ar. pierced gu.
Jjicij,^ [Enfield, Middlesex,] ar. two bars, wavy, L.'iDDi:, alias Bakeii, [Terriugton, Norfolk,]
erin. — Crest, out of a ducal coronet or a lion, or, on a fesse, wavy, az. betw. three escallops
sejant, erni. sa. as many shelldrakes ar.
X-rtcy, [Nortliumherland,] barry, v.avy of six, gii. L.VDE, [Gray's Lni, London, aud Barham, Kent
and erni. and Sussex,] ar. a fesse, wavy, betw. three es-
Lacij,[London,] gu. two bends, sva\y, crni. callops sa.— Crest, a panther's head, guardant,
Lacy, ar. on a bend sa. three plates. sa. spotted or.
Lacy, ar. two bends enn. I^tcle, [Warbledon, Essex,] quarterly first and ;

Lucy, gu. a fcsse ar. fourth, ar. a fesse, wavy, betw. three escalloiis
Lacy, [Ireland,] ar. a fesse gu. sa. second aud third, gu. a lion, rampant, or,

Lacy, ar. a mullet, sa. bct^\ five ogresses, two, . ducallv gorged aud chained of the second.
two, aud one. Crest,' out of a ducal coronet or, a leopard's
J.acy, or, on a cross az. five cincjuefoils, pierced, ar. head, reguardant, sa. bezantee.
Lacy, or, on a cross az. five roses ar. Labkin, [Hertfordshire,] sa. three muUefs or,
Lacy, [Cornwall,] gu. three ducks' heads, erased, on a chief of the secoud a lion, issuant, gu.
ar. Ladlv, [Scotland,] sa. three bezants.
iMcy, [Oxon, and Souiei'sctshire,] gu. two bars, La Toy, ar. six pellets.
^vavy, erni. —
Crest, on a ducal coronet or, a lieu, La Full, [Xorfolk,] gu. three helmets ar.

sejant, erm. breasted or.

Lacy, [Cambridgeshire,] ar. an iuescocheon, gu. Lagf.niia.m, ar. a cross, betw. four lions, pas-
a bend sa. sant, az.
Lacy, alias Hedges, [>Vilf.shire, Oxon, and l^on- ],oqcnhani, nr. a cross, bct\\ . four lions, passant,
don,] az. five swans' necks, erased, ar. gu.
Lacy, [Cornwall, and Beverley, Yorkshire, and Layenham, ar. a cross, betw. four lions, rampant,
Melton - jMowbray, Leicesti.'rshire,] ar. six gu.
ogresses, three, two, aud one. — Crest, the fret Lagfokd, [Northumberland,] paly of six, or and
kuot ar. and j)urp. gu. within a bordure ar.

Lacy, ar. on a fcsse gu. four pales, ^va^y of the Laoiieknk, [Cornwall,] az. a chpv. betw. three
field, betw. three leopards' heads, erased, a/,. escallo])s or.
Lacy, ar. on a fesse gu. four pales, wavy, of the Laing, az. three piles, in chief, ar.
field, betw. three leopards' heads sa. Lainy, per pale, ar. and sa. a chief, indented,
Lacy, gu. a fesse crni. betw. three boars' heads, counterchangcd. (Anoihcr, per pale, eiigr.
couped or, armed ar. &c.)
Lacy, [Herefordshire,] or, a fesse gu. in chief I^aiiKj, i;r. three piles, conjoined in point, sa.

three martlets of the second. L,\-Jkw, vert, a lion, ram])aiit, or.

Jmcii, [Beverley, Yorkshire,] ar. a chev. bi t\'. Lake, [Somersetshire, Yorkshire, aud Stanniorc
three bucks' heads sa. —
Crest, a buck's hiad, and Cannon, Middlesex,] .sa. a bend betw. six
cabossed, per pale, ar. and or, the horns coun- cross crosslets, fitchee, ar.— Crest, a sea-horse's
terchangcd. head ar. finned or, charg<Hl on the neck vith
Lacy, or, a fesse gu. three bars gu.
Lucy, quarterly, or aud gu. on a bend sa a label Lake, [StaCbrdshire, Welston and Buckland,
oi' three points ai-. (Anotlier, the label of li\e Buckinghamshire, and Hertfordshire,] quarterly
points.) or and az. four crescents, counterchanged.
Lacy, quarterly, ar. aud sa. on a bend gu. three Crest, a cross, foruy, liichee, in a crescent, nil
martlets of the first. within an annulet, or.
Uicy, ar. a fcsse. aud three martlets in chief gu. Lake, [Kent,] sn. three cro.>s crosslets, fitchee,

Lucy, gu. a bordurc ar. over all a bcudlet sa. ar.

Lucy, az. three swans' heads, erased, ar. Lake, [Edmonton, Middlesex,] quarterly; first,
Zxici/, [Cornwall,] az. three sliovellers' heads, for coat of augmentation to be borue in the fir.-t
erased, ar. .ii ^ t. '--'^— "• ,,
quarter gu. a dexter arm, embowed in armour.
L A M L A RI •

holding in (he band a sv.oic], erect, all ppr. in bis dexter foot, a mullet sa, [Granted ^d \

(iicrcon a hiinncr, ar. cliiugod with a cross of Juhj. lr:->\).-\ I

(he first, httween sixtfcii tscocheons of t'ue iMvib, [Kennington, Kent.] The same Arms aud
same, on the cross a lion, passant, gnardaiit, Crest, only without the lion on the fe;se. |

or secondly, on a bend, betv;. six cross cross-

Lamb, [T rostou, SulToIk,] erm. a lion, rampant, sa. |

lets of (he (bird, a mullet for diderence third, ; Lamb, ar. a chev. engr. gu. betw. tliiee lambs. i

nr. a clicv. betw. three boavs' iieads, cou]jed, sa. passant, sa. —Crest, alien rampant, ...... j

fourth, quarterly ; ar. aud sa. on a bend of (he Lamb, az. on a fesse, wavy, or, betw. two lions, '

last, three fleurs-de-lis of the first. Crest, a — ranijjant, in chief, ar, and the pascal lamb, in
man in ariiiour, complete, on a horse, couraut, base, ppr. three crosses, pattee Crest, — :

ar. bridle and (rappinfjs all ppr. in his dexter upon a mount, vert, a gate, surmounted of a ;

hand a sword, eml)rued, gu. holding' the bridle pascal lamb, the stafi" of the banner entwined
ill his mouth, the sinister arm hanging down as with laurel, all ppr. [Borite Itj the I'-v. John
useless, round his body a scarf, in bend, of the Lamb, D.D. lS-24 ]
third. (Anollier crest, a sea horse's head ar. Lambe, [Brocket-Hall, Hertfordshire,] sa. on a
(inned or, gorged with three bars gu.) fesse, enniuois, betw. three cinquefoils or, (wo
Ijukt, [Devonshire,] ar. on a chief gu. two annu- mullets vert. —
Crest, a demi lion, rampant,
lets, braced, or, over all abend engr. az. cnninois, holding in his dexter paw, a mullet
]j(ike, [Hants,] or, on a saltier, engr. az.' nine an- vert.
nulets ar. on a canton gu. a castle of (he third. LAMJiARi), [Lord Mayor of London, 1531,] ar.
— Crest, a cannon, mounted, ppr. ,
on a chev. engT. gu. betw. three eagles sa. an
Lakenlich, ar. a chev. betw. three chaplets sa. annulet or.
L.VKINGLKKCII, ar. a chev. betw. tluee chajilets sa. Lamijaron, [Cornwall,] sa. three chev. ar.
Lakint/leech, ar. on a chev. betw. three chaplets LAMiHunn, ])er chev. sa. and ai. in chief tv.o
su. as many
roses gu. flies of the second.
Lakingleech, ar. a chev. betw. (liree hats sa. brims Lambcrbi/, per chev. m: and sa. three suns, in
turned up gu. chief gu.
Laiint/Ieech, ar. a chev. betw. (liree ducipois sa. Lambert, [Stockton, Durham,] gu. a chev, erm.
La KINGTON, [Waslibourne, Devonshire,] or, betw. three lambs, passant, ar.- Crest, a demi —
(hree bars, wavy, sa. —
Crest, a pelican in her landj rampant ar. holding a shield enuinois.
nest, vulning her breast. iMiubert, gu. a chev. or, betw. three lambs, pas-
Lal.j;kd, or Lallee, [Herefordshire,] ar. a sant, ar. a chief chequy, or and az. Crest, a —
cross, cherjuy, or and a/.. sphinx, passant, guardant, or, face ppr. hold-
Lalkkion, [Devonshire,] three chev. ar.
sa. ing in the dexter paw a rose of the last.

LaIjLY, az. two lions, rampant, supporting a Lambert, [Pinchbeck, Buckinghamshire,] gu. a
tower, out of the battlements three fleurs-de-lis chev. ar. a chief, chequy, or and az. Crest, a—
ar.— Crest, a buck, passant, ppr. lion's head, erased, ar. gorged with a fesse che-
.Lalynde, az. a decrescent or. quy, or and az.
Loli/nde, ar. a cross, engr. gu. Lambert, [Greenwich, Kent,] gu. a chev. vair,
Lamb, az. three pascal lambs, jiassant, ar. betw. three lambs ar. —
Crest, a rein-deer's head,
Lamb, gu. three pascal lambs ar. the banners erased, ar.
charged with a cross gu. lumber t, [Yorkshire,] gu. a chev. betw. three
Lamb, [Brocket-Hall, Hertford.shire,] sa. on a lambs, passant, ar.
fc^sse or, betw. three cinquefoils ar. two mullets Lambert, [Owton, Yorkshire, and Buckingham-

of the field.- Crest, a demi lion, rampant, gu. shire,] gu. a chev. betw. three lambs, passant,
in his dexter paw, a mullet sa. [Granted to ar. a chief, chequy, or and az. —
Crest, a sphinx,
tlie RiglU Hon. Penhlune Lamb, Baron ]\Iel- pas.sant, guardant, or, face ppr. holding in the
haitrne, by Sir C. Tovmlcy, Knl. 19lh March, dexter foot, a rose gu. seeded and leaved vert.
177-1.] Lambert, [London,] ar. a chev. engr. gu. betw.
Jxi/nb, [Colston, ^^'il(^hire,] sa. on a fesse or, three Cornish choughs ppr.
betw. three cinquefoils erm. two mullets of the Lambert, [London and Parii,] ar. on a mount,
field. — Crest,
on a mount vert, a lamb ar. vert, an oak tree ppr. on the mount a greyh.ound,.
J.amb, [Kent .md Barham, Sufl'olk,] sa. a fcsse piissant, gu.
or,betw. three cinquefoils erm. charged with a Jjamberf, [Lord Mayor of London, aud Wiltshire,]
lion,passant, gu. betw. two mullets of the field. ar. a chev. engr. betw. three martlets sa.
•—-Crest, a demi liou, gu. collared or, holding Jjambcrt, [Ireland,] gu. three cinquefoils ar.—

Crest, oil a inoiuit vert, n centaur ppr. bov/ gu. LamoRAT, puqi. semee de cross crosskts, a lion,
jiiTow or. rampant, or.
Lamherl, [Ireland,] lozeiigy, ar. ami sa. La.morlk, [Yorkshire,] per fesse, gu. and ar.
Lambert, pii. a chcv. betw. tlirce (leurs-cle-lis or. three crescents, counterchanged.
—, a liou, rampant, ar. La.mori.ey, or Lajiorle, [Yorkshire- and Nor-
Ltt/nbsrt, [Ciinmain, in the county of \Vcxforil, folk,] per fesse, gu. and ar. in cliief three cres-
Irelaiitl,] quarterl}-, %crtandern). in tiie first a cents of the second.
lamb ar. iu (lie second an ea^le, displayed, gu. Lamott, [London, formerly of Flanders, 1G33,]
the tliird as flic second, tbe fourth as "the first. ar. three bars, hnmettee, sa.
—Crest, a centaur, jjer pale, gu. and or, Lamtari), ar. on a bend, cngr. betiv. two lions,
charged with a trefoil vert, holding a dravn bow rampant, sa. three plates.
and arrow of the second. Lampki.aav, ar. three lamps sa. a label gu.
Lamhcri, gu. three narcissus-flowers ar. a canton Lamim'.nc, [Lampenc, Cornwall,] ar. on a bend,
or. —
Crest, on a mount vert, a ccnlaiir, jnis- engr. sa. three rams' heads, cabossed, of the
sant, reguardant, the human parts ppr. the field, attired or.
other crni. girt about the waist with a laurel-gar- Lami'ET, [Suffolk,] ar.on a cross engr. gu. betw.
land vert, drawing a bow and arrow gu. bezants.
four oscallojis sa. five
\_Graitte<l to Daniel Lambert, of London and Lainpei, [Suffolk,] ar. on a bend, eugT. sa. three
Surrey, 1737.] goats' heads, couped of the field.
I^amheri, [Lord Mayor of London, 17-11,] gu. Lampel, or Lainpeth, [SutTolk,] ar. on a bend.
three cincjuefoils and canton or. engr. sa. three rams' heads of the field, attired
Lamborni::, two chev. sa.
ar. or.
Tjcunhorne, [Essex,] or, two chev. sa. Lampk^'N, barry of six, ar. and az. a chief gu.
Lanihorne, ar. a chev. sa. Lamploe, [Cumberland,] ar. across, llory, sa.
Lanihorne, [Cornwall,] Pr. a fesse, betw. two Lantploe^ or J^nmplode, or, a cross, florv, sa.
chev. sa. Lamp'ow, az. a cross, llory, or.
I^amhorne, ar. ou a bend sa. cottised, gii. three LAiMPLUGH, [Lamplugh, Cumberland,] or, a
lions' heads, erased, or. cross, flory, sa. — Crest, a goat's head ar. attire
Lamhorne, ar. ou a bend, cottised, gu. three and beard or. (Anollier crest, a goat's liead,-
lions' heads, erased, or, crased, ar. attired or.)
Lamhorne, [Sir William, Temp. Henry YI.] erm. Lampiuyh, or Lamploiv, or, a cross, florv, voided
on a bend, cottised, sa. three lioiLs' lieadi,
erased, or. LampJii'jh, or Lamphw, [Little Riston,] York-
L.VMnoui.T, gu. three lions, passant, guardant, shire,] or, a cross, formee, flory, sa. — Crest, a
in pale or. goat's head, erased, ar. attired or.
L.\.Mi;poRT, av. on a bend az. three bucks' heads, TMmplugh, or Lamplov:,, or, a cross, flory, and
couped, or. chief sa.
Lamurim;, ar. on a chief gu. three boars' heads Lamping]'., or Lampclaw, ar. three lamps sa.
of the field. Lamplugh, ar. three lamps sa. a label gu,
La.mbton, [Lambton, Curham, and Yorkshire,] Lami'i'on, [Kent,] gn. a chev. betw. three
sa, a fosse betw. three lambs ar. Crest, a ram's — lambs' heads, cabossed, ar.
head, cabossed, ar. attired sa. Lampuric, or, a cross, pattee, fitcbee, sa.
Lamelyng, or LamlyN, [Bedfordshire,] ar. a Lancaster, [Stockbridge, Westmorland,] ar.
fleur-de-lis sa. two bars gu. on a canton of the second a mullet,
Lamrsky, or Lambse"S', ar. a lion, passant, gu. pierced, or.
betw. three trefoils, slipped, vert. Lancaster, [, Cumberland, and of
Lamfoijd, or LAMnroRO, palv of six, or and liaynhill, Lancashire,] ar. two bars g-u. on a
gu. a bend ar. canton of tlio second a lion, passant, g-uardant,
ar. a fesse az. or. —Crest, a lion's head, erased, ar. charged
1>AMMIE, [Scotland,] a?., three, paleways, with a crescent, gu. (Another creMi, a sea-
in a saltier, couped in base ar.
fesse or Crest, — horse i)pr.)
a hand, l.olding a crosier, ppr. Lancaster, ar. on a chief gu. a lion, rampant,
1'\M<J1S, or Kamoi.S, gu. a chief, indented, or. guardant, or.
f-A.MoNT, or Lamond, [Scotland, az. a mound Lancaster, ar. two bars gu. on a canton of the
or. second a leopard, passant, of the lirst.
f'Unionl, w/.. a lion/ ramjiant, ai Jjancastcr, [Kichtnoud, Yorkshire,] ar. two bars
[3x ]
— — '

I. A N L A N
p;ii. ou a canton of lie srrond f n cinqut-foil of tlio LANE,'[NYolverlianipton, and Benlley, Staftord-
first, (anolhcr, or). shire,] ])i^r fesse, or and az. a chev. gu. betw.
Lancusli-r, gii. a leopard, ranipiint, or, collared throe mullets countercharsged, on a canton of
az. the third, three lions of England. Crest, a —
Lancaster, g-ii. a lion, rampant, f^nardant, or. strawberry roan horse salient, couped at the
Lancaster, ar. two lJar.^ i,u. on a (•.lutoii of the (lanks, bridled sa. bitted and garni.shed or, sup-
.second a lion, ranijianl, or. porting betw. his feet a regal crown ])pr. Motto,
Lanc.\S1IIRE, enn. ou a bend .sa. three mullets Garde le roi/. [Jionie hij the late John L<itie,
ar. a canton, sinister, <;'i!. cliar;;ed witii tv.o of Kiiu/'s Jiromlr'i/, Slo/ford.sJi:re, Esij. obiil
bends or. Dec. 2Lsf, 18-Jl, and hij his brother Tlumaa
Lancasliirc, ar. on bend
three martlets of
a sa. Lane, of La'/lon-Grane/e, Esse.r, Esq. iS25.]
the field on a canton
g-u. two bendlets
sinisle)- X.B. Granted to the faniUij in immorii of that
or, the uppermost a demi lion,
cniir. — Crest, most lojja! and valiarJ Comnainder, Col. John
rampant, ar. gorg-cd with a chaplet vert, holding Lane, a canton of (he arms of FM/Ia/id brlnrf
in liis jjaws an escoclieon, charged as the can- added in renicmhrance of his hycdiy and ndeliixj
ton. to Kinrj Charles TI. afier the batik of }]'or-
Lan'Ci;, gu. a fcsse or. ccstcr.
Lancedale, ar. three tortcauxes, a quarter gu. Lane, [Tulskc, Eoscomjnou, Ireland,] ar. a lioji,
Laxcelin', ar. a fleur-de-lis gu. rampant, gu. within a bordure sa. on a canton
Laiuelin, ar. on a fcsse sa. three mullets of the az. a harp or, crov^ned ppr.
iield. Lane, [GloTicestershire,] per pale, az. and gu.
La?sCELL, or Laxoelyn, ar. ou a fesso sa. three salticrs or.— Crest,on a wreath, two
three mullets of the field. eagles' lieads, issuing out of a crescent or, the
Lancellyn, or Lancelik, [Bedfordshire,] gu. dexter gu. the sinister az. Some bear the dex-
a fleur-de-lis, ar. ter bead az. and the sinister gu.
LanccUijn, Lamehjna, or Lamlin, [Bedfordshire,] Lane, [Sir Thomas, Lord Mayor of London,
ar. a Heur-dc-lis sa. 16!)5, Courteen-ITall, Hanler-Tvindeii, A7al-
Lancelot, or, ou a chief az. three fusils of the grave, and Ilorton, Xorfhamptonsliire Somer- ;

field. set; Yorkshire; Herefordshire; Wicombe, Buck-

Laiicrluf, [Leicestershire,] ar. three bends gn. inghamshire; and Alihallow-Gussing, IDorset-
Lancmin'G, vert, a saltier, engr. ar. shire,] per pale, az. ami gu. three saltiers ar.
Landawre, Landwrey, or Landawkey, Crest, the same as the preceding.
gu. a bend, betw. two cotlises, indented, or. - Lane, [Northamptonshire,] per chev. or and az. a
Lan'deel, [Scotland,] or, an orle, indented on lion, rampant, counterchanged.
the inner side. I^ane, [Stafiordshirc,] per fcsse, or and az. a cliev.
Landener, Landomer, or LANDia-/, gu. a betw. three mullets counterchanged, on a canton
fessc ar. charged with a fosse, Ava\y, ar. betw. sa. three lions, passaul, guardant, ar. (Another
tbree boars' heads, couped, of the second. bears it without the canton.)
Landetii, or LbNiiETii, erm. on a chief gu. a Lane, [London,] gu. a fessc, v.avy, betw-. tliree
lion, passant, or. swans ar. each Iiaving in its beak a cross formee,
LANrtON, or, a chev. sa. betw. three bustards fitchee, or.
vert. Lane, gu. on a fesse, wavy, betw". three swans pj)r,
Ixtndon, ar. a chcv. sa. membered or, as many crosses, pattee, sa. on
Landonchorp, o)- LANnoRTiioRPE, gn. three each four bezants,
lions, rampant, erm. Ixine, [Ipswich, Suffolk,] ar. three clieF. sa.
l,ANHOR, [Hugely, Sfafiord.shirc,] ar. two bends Crest, a demi lion, rampant, gu. bezantee, hold-
gu. each charged indented, or.
v. ith a cottisc, ing betw. liis paws a bezant.
Crest, a hand and arm, erect, habited, beady Lane, or, a chev. ermines, betw. three mullets,
of six, or and gu. cnlf nr. in the hand ppr. a pierced, az.— Crest, a dexter iu-m, vested
(leur-de-lis az. [(h-anlid by John Dinjdalc, ermines, turned up and indented ar. iiolding in
June 8, 1(J87.] the hand ppr. a mullet az.
Lakores, rampant, or, wifhin a bor-
az. a lion, Laiie, [Ifydc and Bentley, Staflmlshire,] or, a
durc erin.
(Aiiollar, the iield sa.) chev. gu., betw. throe mullets, pierced, az.
Lakdseeydciwn, [Cornwall,] sa. three chev. ar. Lane, [Twickenham, ^liddlescx,] or, on a fesso
Lanosi]{oder, erm. a chev. sa. gu. betw. three torteauxes, a trefoil, slipped,
L\NDWATH, "u. three bonds vair. betw. two mullets or. —
Crest, a demi griOiu ar.

l-anc, [Kent,] or, ou a diisT az. two inuliets of in a row of paiiridge-feathers of divers colours,
tlic field. three chebales, or and ar.
Lane, [Uiidgetowii, Vrai v icksbiro,] az. three Lanqford, [Derbyshire, Notfinghauisliire, and
fire-ljalls or, flamant. ])])!•. Saloj),] palv of six, or and gu. o\er all a bend

Lain', [Roscommon, Irchind,] ar. a lion, r;!iir,iai)(, ar. — Cresl, a tiger, jiassaiit, coward, gu. maned
gu. armed az. vitliiu a boidure sa.— Crrst, out and tufted or.
of a ducal coronet or, a demi ^riflin sa. \wii,",od Langford, per jiale, a.r. and gu. three mullets
ar. [GrauicdCUhJpri/, imi.] counterciianged.
Lane, [London,] gu. on a fcsse, wavy, bet«'. three Lanf/Jord, [I'lradfield, Berkshire,] paly of six, ar.
swans ar. as many cro.'^.ses, forme.e, or. and i'u. on a chief az. a lion, passani, or.
Lane, gu. a lion, jjassant, g'uardant, betw. three L'judford, quarterlv, gu. and ar.
sa! tiers or. Langfurd, [ Langford-Jlill, Cornwall, and Derby-
fjanc, [Ilortoii, Northamptonsliire,] per pale, az. shire,] paly of six, ar. and gu. on a chief az. a
and gu. tliree saltiers ar. lion, passant, guardant, or.
L.VNi'RET, or Landfr !•;!', ar. au eagle, disjilayed, Lanqford, [Devonshire,] paly of six, ar. and gu.
gu. on'a chief az. a leopard, passant, guardant, or.
Langavi:, or Lani)GA\f, gu. scmeo of cioss Lanqford, [Binttou, Devonshire,] paly of six, ar.-
crosslets or, a fesse, dancettee of tlie last. ai'iil gu. on a chief of the first, a lion, ])nssaut, sa.

(Another, the field az.) Lanqford, or Langeford, [London and ?.liddlesex,]

L.VNG, sa. ou a fesse, hetw. two cinqtiefoils in i^\\. a shoveller, wings close, ar. a crescent for
cliief, ar. and on a mount in base, three oak- din'erence, —
Crest, a demi shoveller, wings dis-
sprigs vert, acorned or, the text letters, A B C played, ar. charged with a crescent for differ-
D E and F, of the field.— Crest, three oak- ence. [Heralds' Ofice, London, C. 24.]
sprigs, acorned Langford, [Noiihii'iiberhuul,] paly of sixj or and
LANGBonXK, ar. two chev. gu. gu. ^ull]i!i a iiordurc ar.
Languale, [Langdale, Yorkshire,] sa. a chev. Langford, paly of eight, or and gu. a bend ar.
betw. tliree estoiles ar. —
Crest, an estoilc ar. Langford, [Leicestershire,] paly of six, ar. and
Lanydalc, [Yorksliire,] sa. a chev. betw. three gu. a l;cnd ar.
mulle'is ar. (Another, with a crescent.) Langford, gu. a wild goose, close, ar. a crescent
Langdale, sa. n chev. erm. betw. three estoiles ar. for dilierence. [Co, finned by JVilliani Scgar,
Lant/dale, [Langdale, Wliilbisfrond, Yorkshire,] to John Lannford, of Jilington, Esq. Heralds'
or, a cliey. bet« three mullets sa.
. Oflce, London. C. i21.]
Lane/dale, paly of fix, or and gu. a bend c>f the Laitafvrd, paly of six, ar. and az. a chi.°f of the
iirst. last.
Langdale, sa. a chev. bctv.'. three mullets ar. J^angford, jialy of six, gu. and or, on a bend sa.
l.ANGDON, [^yolterton, Norfolk,] ar. a chev. col- three eagles, displayed, ar. [Granted to John
tised, betw. three beai-s' heads, erased, barwise, lanqford, of Scljvrd, Bedfordshire, March,
sa. muzzled of the field. Crest, on a mount — IGOr.]
vert, a lynx of the last, gorged vith two bars or. Langi:)ELL, sn. a chev. betw. three estoiles ar.
Langdon, [KevcrcU, Cornwall,] ar. a chev. betw. — Crest, a star.
three bears' heads, erased, sa. Langham, [Leicestershire; Cottisbrooke and
Langdon, nr. a chev. betw. three lizards' lu-ads WalgTave, Northamptonshire Sussex Lang- ; ;

ham, Rutlandshire and London,] ar. three


Langfield, ar. on a chev. sa. betw. three crosses, bears' heads, erased, sa. muzzled or.— Crest, a
bottonee, fitchee, of the second, as many covered bear's bead, erased, sa. muzzled or.
cups of the field. Langham, [Northamptonshire, and Paelten, War-
Lang FOR II, az. a chev. engr. erm. on a chief ar. wickshire,] ar. on a fesse, betv,,. three bears'
tvro slags' >,ids, cabossed, gu.
ji Crest, a stag's — heads, erased, sa. muzzled or, as many bezants.
head, cabor:=ed, gu. stricken in'thc scalp witli an Langham, [Leicestershire,] az. a chev. embattled,
arrow or, fealhered iir. [Granted to James betw. three ciiujiiefoils or.

Langfurd Nihbs, late of the Island of Anligiui, Langham, or Lnngholnie, [Coinshohne, Lincoln-
aflericards of SL John's Cotleqe, Oxford, shire,] on the upp;;r part,
az. a chev. enilnittlod
17.j0.] b:'tw. three cinquefoils or. -—Crest, a hare's
'^uu/f^rd, [Bedford, 1607,] };aly of six, ar. and herJ, erased, ar.
gu. over all a bend of Vne first, charged \\ith Loniiiunn, harry of .six, or and az. on a bend gu.
three eagles, displayed, of the second. — Crest, three cinquefoils ar.

Laufjiiam, [Essex,] ar. a fosse gii. a laliel nz. [Cheshire,]
Lanc/Iej;, ar. a cockatrice sa. meni-
LaiKjhain, ar. a fcsse g'u. bered gu.
Langiiickcy, [Cornwall,-] a fesse ermines,
az. Lnnyleij, [Ouseihorpe and Dalton, Yorkshire
I)et\v. three greyliouiuls' heads sa. collared gu. Lancashire and Eye, Suffolk,] ar. a cockatrice,

LaNghornk, sa. a cross ar. on a chief of the volant, sa. crested, inembered, and beaked g-u,
second, three bugle horns of the field, stringed — Crest, a cock ar. combed, legged, and wat-
p;n. [Granled to William La,igl:orn, aon of tled gu.
M^lliam Lanqhorn, of Bedford, by Camden, LcnKjlcij, [l.-incolnshire,] tv.'O coats first, ar. a';

Chrendrux, X'O/A Janvan/, J 010.] cockatrice sa. crested, beaked, and menibered
Laii(/J>or>ic, [Cornwall,] az. a cliev. bet^^'. three gu. second, gu. a mermaid, v.'ith comb and

escallops or. glass ar. the third as the second, the fourth as
Lanhorne, [London,] sa. on a cross ar. five fieurs- the first.
de-Hs gu. on a chief of the second, three bugle Langhy, [London, Lincolnshire, and S.ilop,] ar.
horns of tlie field, stringed of the third. Crest, — a fesse sa, in chief three ogresses, all v>I;hin a
a bugle horn sa. stringed gu. bctw. two ^ings, bordure of the second. —
Crest, a cockatrice sa.
expanded, ar. bedded or, combed and wattled gu. [Granted
L.\NGLANDS:, [Lauglands, Scotland,] on a
ar. la Richard Lanr/ley, of Lincohis Inn, 20th
chev. gn. three stars of tiie first. — Crest, an an- January, -lOth Elizabeth.]
chov, in pale, placed in the sea ppr. Lanylcy, [Lincolnshire, and Lord Mayor of Lon-
LangI/EV, [Bristow and filangerfield, Glouces- don,] erm. on a bend az. three leopards' heads
tershire,] gu. a saltier or. —
Crest, a dexter or.
gauntlet, lying fesscways, holding a sword, erect, Lanylcy, per fesse, gu. and or, a lion, rampant,
all ppr. the blade eufiled with a dragon's head vair.
sa. couped nl the ueck gu. Lanyley, quarterly, per fesse, indented, ar. and
Lancjley, [Lord Sfayor of Loudon, 15*6,] erm. az.
ou a bend vert, three leopards' heads or. Lanyhy, per and or, a cockatrice, with
pale, ar.
LaiKjhy, erm. a bend vert. wings, expanded, sa. beaked or, crested, wat-
Langhy, per chev. gu. and or, a lion, rampant, tled, and legged gu. [Confirmed to John Lanq-
vair. ley, of London, 4lh June, 1632.]
Lfinglei/, paly of six, ar. and a/.. Lanyley, per pale, ar. and or, a wivern gu.
sa. a cockatrice ar.
Laitfflei/, Lanylcy, quarterly first and fourth, or, a fesse,

Langlcy, [Shropshire Iligham-Gobiou, Bedford-

; betw. three crescent^ gu.; second and tliird,
shire, and Herefordshire,] paly of six, ar. and paly of six, ar. and vert. —
Crest, out of a ducal
vert. —
Crest, out of a ducal coronet or, a plume coronet, fi\e featliers ar. [Borne by the lata
of five ostrich-feathers, three ar. two \ey{. Richard Lanylei/, Esq, of Wikeham-Ahbcy,
(AnQllicr, the feathers ar.) Malton, Yorkshire, 1797.]
Laiifjhi/, [Drokley, Shropshire,] 'p;dy of six, ar. LlNigLOig, az. cfiev. or, betvy, fhree Cres'eeiik

and vert, on a canton gu. a pheon or. Crest, a — ar.on a chief gu. three stars of six points of the
pheon or, betw. two laurel-sprigs vert. second, pierced. —
Crest, a rock ppr.
LaiH/lei/, [Gloucester.shire, Warwickshire, and Langi.oxd, ar. a wivern, displayed, sa.
Shrewsbury, Shropshire,] ar. a fesse sa. in chief LA^'G^[AN, ar. on a pile, betw. two water bougets
three ogresses.— Crest, on a garb, lying fesse- sa. a portcullis of the first. [Borne by Ralph
ways, or, a dove, close, ar. beaked and legged Lanyinan, Esq. York Herald, Temp. 2d Eliza-
go. I\lotto, Bcare and forhearc. beth.]
Lanc/leij, [Gloucestershire,] ar. a fesse sa. in chief LANGitirni?, or Langimthe, [London,] quar-
tliree hmis. terly;first, ar. six billets, three, t^vo, and one,

Lauf/loj, [Kent,] cpjarterly, per fesse, indented, sa. second, gu. a lion, rampant, or, preyinsr

or and az. (Anoihcr, a/., and or.) on a dragon, reversed, of the last.
Langley, [Studington, \\'arwickshire,] ar. a fesse Lanyrish, [Vv'^est Ashling, Sussex,] quarterly, sa.
sa. in chief three escalloj):-, of tiie second. and or, four covered cups counterchanged.
Ijan'jJeij, [Esses,] gii. a chev. cngT. or, betw. LANGnipi>ovKR, or, a cross flory sa.
three escallop? ar. L.VNGKITH, ar. six billets sa.
LangJeij, [Rathorpe-Hall, JJaltoii, Yorkshire,] ar. Langhv, or, across, flowered, sa.
a cockatrke, v.ith '.ungs endorsed, and tail LvNGmcii, [Hami)sliire,] quarterly, ar. and sa.
nowcd, at the end thereof, a dragon's head, all four covered cups counterchanged.
Langsdale, paly of six, or and gu. a bordure az.
— —

Iangsford, [CoriiM'allJ paly of six, or and sa. Langtrkf,, [Langlree, Lancashire,] cnn. three
Oil a chief vert, a lion, passant, of the first, cheN'. sa.
LANOSTjiFF, az. a bend or, betw. tlirco cocks ar. Luhcjin-c, [Langtrce and Walton, Lancashire,]
Jy^NGSTON, or, a cliev. i>-u. in chief two roses sa. a ch'jv. ar. a.iid canton crni. -Caest, an
ppr. in base a dolphin, cnibowed, of tlie last. eagle, with v.ings expanded, gu. beaked, and
LwcTiioHNF, ar. six ciucjuefoils gii. three, two, h;-i;cd or.
and one. Langlree, [Jyaiica>hii-e,] ?.:\. a chev. ar. a quarter
Lancjlhonir, ar. six annulets sa. C'llll.

J.\NC'i'i)N, [iJaroii of I\ev,'ton, County- J"'rila;iiie Tjcnigtreg, [Lancashi)-e, and Hewlett, Northamp-
of Lancaster,] cjuarterly fiiTt aud f(:.r,;l]i, ar.
; tonshire,] quarterly; first, erm. three chev. sa.;
three clicv. gii. ; second and third, ar. a cross second, cnn. three bars az.
nioliue sa. Langwort-s,'g worthy, 07- Lang worth,
Uui(iio)i, [Yorkshire,] pu. a cliev. crni. bet«. [Langworth, Lanca.shire,] ar. tkixe dragons'
three lions, ranipaut, ar. heads, coujicd, sa.
lAtiHjion, gu. a chev. ar. betw. three lions, ram- Langworth, ar. tiiree dragons' heads, couped,
pant, or. sa. vulncd in the neck ppr.
Uvir/lo/i, [Ledall, Lancashire,] ar. tiuee chev. "u. Langworthy, sa. three gTeyhounds, couraiit,
— Crest, a man's head, side faced, j^pr. hair in jiale, ar. — Crest, a dcmi stag ppr. [jSovie
(lotant or, on his head a cap sa. turned up hy Charles Ciinn/itr/ham Langtvurlhij, Esq. of
crniinois, couped below the shoulders, and in Bath, M.D. 1824'.]
armour gu. Laniiam, or Landham, az. a chev. betw. three
Lniifffon, ar. a c!le^. betw. three leopards' lieads rf.'ses or.

vert. Lanham, ar. a fessc gu. three lambeaux depend-

Langlon, [Low, Lancashire,] quarterly: first, ar. ing in chief az.
three chev. sa.; second, ar. au cag'Ie, dispkiyed, Lamiornk. See with Langhorne.
with tvio necks vert, the third as the second, Lanine, [Cornwall,] sa. a castle ar. standing on
the fourth as tlie first. the waves ppr. on the same a falcon, liovering
Lan(jton, [V/'alton, Chesliire,] ar. three chev. gu. with bells or.
Laiujton, [Baron Malton, Lancashire,] ar. two JjANKIN, barry of six, ar. and az. on a chief gu.
chev. gu. " {AnothiT, tiiree chev.) a lion, passant, or.
Laiirjton, ar. a chev. sa. betw. tiiree lizards veri. Lan'leyron, Laxlairon, or Langlaron,
Lanijlon, or, six annulets sa. three, two, and [Cornwall,] sa. three chev. ar.
one. Lan'ncelot, or, on a chief az. a lion, rampant,
Langlon, or and az. a cross flovy gu.
]ier pale, of the field.
Langion, [Stanton, and Stainnore, Middlesex,] Lanncelof, ar. a ])ale and three bends gu.
az. two pales engr. hetw. three ilears-de-lis in Lannde, [Sussex,] erm. a cross, chequy, or and
chief or. —
Crest, out of a ducal coronet gu. a gi). in (he first quarter a hon, rampant, (anotiier,
dcmi lion, rampant, or, holding in his paws a passant,) sa.
battle axe ar. [Granied 7th Dec. lo77.] Lannde, az. three trefoils, slipped, ar. two and
Lancjlon, [London, and Langton, Lincolnshire,] one, a chief, indented, gu.
quarterly, sa. and or, a bend ar. Crest, an — Lannoy, [BIctsho, Bedfordshire,] az. three
eagle or, and wivem vert, interwoven and erec(, fieurs-de-lis or. •

on their tails. Lannog, [Ifamr.iersmilh,] az. a chev. betw. two

Lan</(on, [Langtonwick, Berkshire,] quarterly, swans ill chief, and a jiair of shears in base, ar.
or aud gu. a bend sa. Lanseeatt, or, on a cliief az. three fusils of the
Laiinton, barry of six, or and gu. a bend ar. first.
L-^nr/lon, ar. two chev. gu. Lansford, az. crusilly, fitchee, sa. in pale three
^iif/lon, [Rera-ick,] ar. throe leopards' faces gu. greyhounds of the last.
Lanrjton, [Leicestershire,] az. an imperial eagle, Lansford, az. a chev. betw. three bucks' heads,
iir. a beiidlet sa. couped, or.
fyaifjlou, per pale, az. and gu. a bend or. [J^ornc Lanseey, ar. on a fesse az. three buckles or.
^y Stephen Langlnn, Archbishop of Canter- Crest, a grifiiu's head, erased, ppr.
biirij, Temp. King Jolm.] Lan.STRO))ER, erm. a chev. sa.
f-anr/ion, per pale, ar. and or, three chev. gu. La NT, [Thorp-Underwood, alias Thoi-p-Billet,
[Confirmed to WilUam Langton, of Broiic/hton, Norihani[)toiishire ; Staflbrdshire, aud Devon-
Lancashire, 2olh June, i&j?.] shire,] quarterly ; first, per pale, ar.and gu. u

cross cngr. coiuifercliaiigcd, in the dexter cliief at the shoulders ppr. habited gu. garnished or,
a cinqiiclbil of the secotul ; second, gii. a saltier hair of the last.
or, Minnoiinted byaiiolher vert. Crest, a dove, — Larder, [U])ton, Pine, and Larder, Devonshire,
ur. beaked iiud legged gu. staudiug on n ser- and Somersetshire,] erm. three piles sa. on each
pent, uoAved ];pr. as many beza.'ils. —
Crest, an elephant's head sa.
I,aii(, or, a cross engr. gu. armed, and ducally crowned or.
Jjfuit, [Exoii,] per pale, ar. and gn. a cross engr. Lai? DN Kit, gu. on a fesse, betvr. three boars'
counterchauged. heads, couped, ar. a bar, wavy, sa.
r.ANTHON, ar. six auniilcls sa. Lap.kndon, o?- LAra?;GiJON, gu. three cinque-
iMitthon, ar. sLv cinquefoils gu. foils vr.

L.\NTON, az. an eagle, displayed, with two heads, La)U;k, ar. a bend az. betw. threcmuUefs gu-
or, surmounted of a bendlet sa. Larc/e, [Lord Mavor of London, 14o9,] ar. a
Lanton, or, an eagle, displayed, az. bend az. betw. three mullets, pierced,
Lanvallf.i, [Essex, Teiup. King John,] gu. a Lakgriph, [Loudon,] ar. sis billets sa. three,
lion, passant, or. two, and one.
.T.,AN\'OVS, ar. two bars, betv.'. eight cinquefoils, Larincoon, gu. three cinc[uefoils ar.
four, three, and one, gu. ( Another, the iield L.VRKE, or, on a chev. sa. betw. three ogresses,
or.) each charged with a lark ar. an estoile of sixteen, ar. on a fesse sa. three mullets ol the points, pierced of the field.
Iield. Lark IN, or Larkins, [Frinsbury, Kent, Cam-
L.VNV, [London, and Cratfield, SuQolk, and cif bridge, and Herefordshire,] erm. three leo-
Leicestershire,] ar. on a bend, betw. two fleurs- pard:;' heads sa. —
Crest, a lark, with v,'m^^
de-lis gu. a lion, passant, or. — Crest, a nicr- endorsed, holding in his beak a columbine, all
man ppr. tail ar. fins and hair or, tied round
fhc temples with iwo ribbons, ar. and az. hold- Lar/siii,erm. three leopards' heads, cabossed, or,
ing in his hand a hawk's bell, hung to two strings on a chief gu. a lion, passant, guardant, of the
ar.and or. second.
Lany, [Ipswicli, Suffolk, and Newick, Leicester- Larkin, chequy, gu. and ar. a cross az.
shire,] or, on abend, betw. two fleurs-de-lis gu. LarpTiNT, [Jjondon,] gu. a saltier or, betw. four
a lion, passant, of the field. — Crest, the same pla;es, each charged with a hurt, on a chief erm.
as the preceding. a fleur-de-lis az. —
Crest, a unicorn's head,
Luny, [Pullliani, A'orfolk.] The same arms. erased, ar. attired or, on the neck a Qeur-de-lis
Crest, a talbot's head gnttee az.
Lanvox, [Lanyon, Cornwall,] gu. on a castle, Laura, ar. on amount, in base, veit, a Hon and
with four towers or, a falcon, volant, jjjn-. ser]ient ppr. respectiijg each other, and sup-
Crest, on a raount vert, within a castle, with porting a garb or, surmounted by a dove, with
four towers ar. a falcon, volant, ppr. wings expanded ppr. —Crest, an elm-tree ppr.
Laon, chequv, ar. and az. tln-ee pales gu. a cliief LARLy,sa. three pheons, in pale, points or, barbed
of the first." ar.
La Pokr, [Ireland,] ar. a chief, indented, sa. La Kush, chequy, or and vert, a fesse gu.
La Forest, ar. a chief sa.— Crest, an unicorn, LAPCiii.LS, [Lassflls, Sowcrby, Brakerbergh,
armed, crined, and fulled, or.
sejant, ar. and North Alierfon, Yorkshire,] sa. a cross
Lapp, [Darnford, ^Yiltshire,] or, a mermaid ppr. pafonce or. —
C'resl, a bear's head, couped, er-
comb, glass, and hair of tlie field. minois, nauzzled gu.
LAPPKSLonE, [Devon,] sa. a chev. betw. three Luscells, or Lascels, [Eston, Noltiiighanishirc,
goats' heads, erased, ar. and Yorkshire, Temp. Edw. I.] ar. three chap-
Lapthorne, ar. on a fesse three plates.
sa. lets gu. — Crest, out of a ducal coronet or, a
Lapwortii, [Cambridge,] vair, on a saltier gn. griflin's head vert.
five fleurs-de-lis or. — Crest, a stork ppr. resting Lascel/es, [Harewood-Castle, Yorkshire,] sa. a
his dexter foot on a fleur-de-lis or. cross, flory, or. — Crest, a bear's head, couped
La Raciie, gu. three lions, crowned, or. and muzzled gu.
Larayne, quarterly, sa. and ar. a cross, coun- LasseJIs, [E..^tiick, Yorkshire,] vs. three torteauxes,
tcrchanged. each charged with a cinqucfoil.
Lardei;, [Devon,] on each as
ar. three jiiles sa. Lasstlh, [of tlie North,] .sa. a cross, tlory, withJr)
many bezants. — Crest, a woman's Lead, couped a borJure or. —
Crest, a bear's Lead erm, muz-

L A T 1. A T
y.led or, collareil v;u. rinj^cd of the second, the Lntham, az. two chev. ar.
cullar cluirg:ed with five bezants. Lalhctm, az. two chev.
iMSxi'lli, [Yorkshire and NoUiiijjhanisliiie,] ar. six Jjutham, quarterly; first, az. two chev. or; se-
cinquefoiis gu. cond, gu. a fesse, dancettee, betw. six billets
JytisscUs, [Yorkshire,] .sa. a cross jr.itouce, within or.

a bordure cngr. or. Latham, quarterly; first and fourth, az. two chev.

ImsscIIs, gn. u saltier ar. a chief of the last. or second and third, ar. an inescocheon, within

Jxissells, [Norfolk,] t;ii. tiiroe jielmets ar. jiluiiied an oris of eight cinquefoiis, pierced, sa.
or. Latham, sa. six anmdets or, three, two, and
Ljssells, ar. six roses g-ii. one.
Jaissi'Us, ar. three chaplets gii. Lalham, [Bradwell-ilall, Cheshire,] ermiuols on a
I.assdls, sa. a cross, flosvered, or. chief, indented, az. three bezants, o\er all a bend
LASiiV, ar. six guii-stones sa. gu. —
Crest, on a wreath, aneagle, wings elevated ^
IyASiiAV\", [London,] gii. a lion, passant, guardant, erminois, preying on a child ppr. sv.addled, ar.
betw. three gauntlets or. and az. exposed on a rock ppr. [Granlecl to
LASriLKV, [Scotland,] ur, on a bend a/,, betw. John Latham, M.D. F.R.S. sometihte Preai-
two wolvi-s' heads, coiiped at the neck ])jjr. three denl of the lioi/al CuUec/e of Phijsicia/is, Lon-
buckles of the field. di)n.'\

I.VS.MAX, or L.VRMAN, or, on a che\-. az. three Lathomc, [Upminster, Essex,] or, on a chief,
muscles of the field. dancettee, az. three plates, witliin a bordure,
LvsoNBY, or Lasinhy, [Y'orkshire,] gu. a goijony, ar. and gu.
(esse, betw. three cushions ar. tasselled ur, o-.or LATriTiROKK, az. a chev. ar.
all a bend sa. guttee d'or. Lathhro/ce, or Ladhrooh, az. a chev. or.
Las.'^f.y, Lassi-w, or LassoW, sa. a cror.s, LATi!JU'ii.Y, [Derbyshire,] paly of six, ar. and
fiory, ar. (Anoiher, or.) az. on ii canton or, a crescent sa.
Latch, [V»'oodliouse, Leicestershire, and Elston, Lathhury, [Lancashire and Leicestershire,] bairv
Nottinglifimshire,] on a fcssc, wavy, az.
ar. of six, ar. and az. on a canton of the second, a
betw. three escocheons gu. as many lozenges or. martlet or.
— Crest, a lion's head or, gorged with a fesse, Lalhhuri/, ur. two liars and a canton az.
wavy, az. Lathbtinj, [Leiceslersliire,] ar. two bars and a
ar. a cross, chvcjuy, or and az.
1/A'l'i:, canton az. charged with a martlet or. (Another,
fvATJi;\\Al{u, [London,] ar. ou a fesse gu. lictw. ar.)
three cinquefoiis, i)er pale, ar. and az. a hind, Latimi:r, [Braybroke, Corby, and Dauby,
trippanf, betw. two pheons or. Crest, a demi — Northamptonshire,] gu. a cross, patonce, or.
hawk sa. wings expanded, on the iiead tv,o Latimer, [Corby,] gu. a cross, flory, or.
horns, bent, or. Latimer, gu. a cross, florVj or, on a bend az.
La riiAM, or Lathom, or, on a chief, indented, three fleurs-de-lis of the second.
az. three plates, charged with as many mart- Latimer, gu. on a cross, flory, or, five niaunches
lets, sa. within a bordure, gobonated, gu. and of the second.
ar. Latimer, gu. on a cross, pattee, or, four (another,
or Lalhuiii, [Latham, Lancashire, and
I''i(liai!i, five,) escallops sa.
Gauden, Essex,] or, ou a chief, iudented, Latimer, ar. o/i a chief gu. four cross crosslets
(anoiher, daacettee,) az. three plates (another, or.
bezants.) —
Crest, an eagle, prejingoii a child, Latimer, [Sullolk,] a
chev. ar. in chief a
all p])r. the child in swaddling clotiies gu. bound cinquefoil of the second, pierced or, in base
ar. at the head of the child an oak-branch of the three cross crosslets of the last.
second. Latimer, [Freston, Suffolk,] az. a chev. ar. bpt^\
^'"ihar.i, or Lathom, [Knowsley, l-.a!icashire.] a cinquefoil, pierced, and three cross crosslets
The .same, with a bend gu. in chief and four in base of the last.
I'<'(hum, [Lancashire,] ar. on a chief, indented, Latimer, gu. a cross, patonce, or, a label az,
iiz. three bezants. Latimer, gu. a cross, patonce, or, a label az.
I'"lha>n, [Fapworth-Agnes, Cambridgeshire, and flowered or.
^^orthokenhaiu, Essex,] or, on a chief, indented, Latimer, [ Dorset ^hi^e,] gu. on a cross, patonce,
•v/..three plates.
'-"I ham, az. three chev. or. Latimer, [i)or.^eijliiiv,] gu. across, patonce, or, a
'^•utham, az. a chev. or. bordure engr. or.

Latimer, gti. on a ci.)i..s, patouce, or, five c-,ca!loi) Lavender, [Bedford and Felmersham, Bedford-
shire,] per fesse, gu. and ar. a pale, and three
Latiwcr, pu. on across, iiatonce, or, five niaunclies gem lings, counterchauged.
ofthefickl. Lavender, per fesse, gu. and ar. a pale, counter-
Laliwer, gu. a cross, i)ptonce, or, on a bordure az. changed, and three plates on the first. [Con-
fbroe fleius-tie-lis oi" the second. firmed, hji Sir WiUiain Scgur, Garter, 7th
Lnlbiier, gu. on a fes*e, botw. six cross crossUits
Mail, ^^~^. 'o Nathaniel Lavender, of Lon-
sa. tbret:" cinquefoils ar. don, Esq. Herald's OJice, Herts and Middle-
Latimer, gu. a cross )noli!ie or, in flie first quar- sex, C. 28.]
ter a crescent of f'le last.— Crest, on a mount Lav ENHAM, or Lavingham, [Essex,] az. three
vert, a hind, sejant, ar. collared and chained eagles, displayed, ar. armed or.
or, under a tree |i]ir. Lavi:r, sa. three boars' heads or.
Latix, or L.VYTON, sa. on a bend ar. three es- Laakring, ar. a lion, passant, within a bordure,
cal!o])s gu. engr. sa.
Latlkli,, or, six martlets sa. three, two, and Lavcring, .ar. two chev. sa. betw. three harts'
o7ie. heads, cabossed, gu.
Latox, a fesse betw. three lozenges .sa.
ar. Lavering, ar. two che^ sa. in chief as many
Laton, or, on a bend az. three greyhounds' heads, heads, cabossed, gu.
erased, of the field, collared ar." Lavkrock, or Laverike, erm. on a fesse,
Laton, [Sonersetshire,] or, a cross moline gu. engr. gu. a mullet ar.
Laton, ar. a fesse, bet^v. seven cross crusslets sa. Laverock, Leverihe, or Laverike, erm. a fes»e,
three, (wo, and one. engr. gu.
luaton, ar. a fesse, betw. three fusils sa. Laverock, Lever ike, or Lester ock, erm. on a chief
Latoitche, gu. a pomegranate or, seeded ppr. gu. five martlets or.
leaves vert, ou a chief az. two mullets ar. Laverock, or Lostcrock, erm. on a cross gu. five
Crest; a mullet of six points, pierced, or. martlets or.
Latonche, [Bellevue, near Dublin,] or, a pome- Laverye, az. a fleur-de-lis or, in the first quarter
gyanate, slipped, ppr. on a chief az two mnllets, a leopard's head of the second.
pierced, ar. —
Crest, an estoile, pierced, or. Laverye, or, a cross gu. a chief vert.
Latton, [Kingston Bagpuze, Berkshire,] per Lavider, per fesse, gu. and or, a j)ale, counter-
pale, ar. and sa. a saltier engr. ermines and changed.
erni. — Crest, a cross-bow or. Lavider, per fesse, gu. and ar. a [jale, counter- '

Lavadik, [Oxfordshire,] gu. three lions, ram- changecl.

' pant, ar. crowned or. Laville, erm. a bend sa. i

LavacJie, gu. three lions, rampant, crowned or. Lauchlan, az. two bars, wav}', ar. betw. as many

or Lawai,!., az. a bend ar. (another, cross crosslets, fitchee, or," in chief, and a
Lavall, or, on a cross gu. five escallops ar.
swan base ppr.
in —
Crest, a swan.
Laud, sa. on a chev. or, betv,-. three estoiles of

' ;

Lavalling, ar. a fleur-de-lis sa. six points of the second as many crosses, paftee,

L.VVASJI, ar. three chev. gu. over all, as many fitchee, gu. [Borne hj William Land, Arch- \

lions, rampant, sa. hishop of Canterhurij : beheaded, 1G44.] i

Lavi:i,i\, ar. a fleur-de-lis sa. Laudeles, az. an orle, or.

Layklis, [Castloharnock, Cornwall,] ar. three Lauder, [Bass, Scotland,] gu. a lion, rampant,

calves' heads, couped, gu. Crest, — a tower, ar. within a doulile tressure, flory, counterllory,


triplo-toMered, or. or. — Crest, a Solan goose, sitting on a rock,

I.,A^ ]:i.i,, or Lanall, or, on a cross gu. betw. PP'--
'" j

twi^he L-agles displavcd, vert, five escallops ar. Lander, ar. a griffin, salient, sa. beaked and mem-

Larc/f, [Ovinidsliire.] ar. a lion, rampant, bered gu. holding a sirtord, supporting a Sara-

witiiiu an or!..- of eight cross crosslcts, fitchee, con's head ppr.— Crest, a tower, with a demi
az. griflin issuing out of the top. j, [Hertfordshire and London, de- Lauder, [Bass, Scotland,] gu. a griflin, salient, \

scended out of Herefordshire,] ])cr fesse, gu. wiihin a double fresiure, flory, counterflory, ar.
and ar. a pale, counterchangcd, thereon three — Crest, a Solan goose, sitting on a "rock.

fountains ppr. —
Crest, a dmni horse ar. gorged ppr.

with a cbajjlet of lavender. [Herakl'.'.'Office, Lander, a grifTin, salient, holding in his \

Hertfordahire and Middlesex, C. 28.] fore paws a sword, erect, bearing on the point |

of (l:e tlade a leopard's face — Crest, [Teichonell, Scotland.]
/>«///(/, The same; th-j
-.1liaiid and urisl, rouiH'd, lyius fessoways, fesse charged v.ith one crescent.
holding a sv.ord, erect, on the poiiit a leopard's Laa\. [IJnrntwood, Scotland,] erm. a l,>end b<(w.
face, as in tlie Arnis. two cocks gu.
LAUii-'.RDAt.K, sa. fretfy or. Law, [Newton, Scotland,] enu. a berid, ragulcd,
LaUCINGKU, [Gennany,'] an oag-le's lejj and
sa. betw. two cocks gu.
wlu'j;, conjoined in fesse and elevated pi. Jjaw, [Cameron, Scothmd,] erm. a bend betv. t'.io .

I/AUGHTON', ar. oil a bend sa. three mu!let'< or. cocks within a bordure engr. gu.
l.AUNCTi, [Siifl'olk, and Pemnare, Cornwall,] or, Laic, erm. on a bend ciigr. betw. two cocks gu.
on a cliief, indented, sa. three ciu'juefeils of three mullets or. [Bunie hi/ Mrs. Lam, of
liic iield. —
Crest, a deiui bull criu. attired or, Cannon-Hill, Maidenhead, Berkshire, 1824.]
] through v.ith a broken spear sa. headed Law, [ Lawbridge, Scotland,] ar. a bend and cock
ar. vulned guttee do .sang-. in clnef gu. —
Crest, a cock, crowing, ppr.
Laiiiice, fllellesworih, Sutfolk,] or, on a fesse, J.a«?, [Slanmore and Newiugton, ^liddlesex,] gu.
indented, sa. three ciiicjuefoils of t!:e lirst on a on a chief, indented, ar. tvio v. o'ves' heads,
canton of the second a lion, rampant, or. erased, of the fi<dd.— Crest, a wolf's head gu.
Crest, a hand, in armonr, ppr. 1_\ in i^ fesse ways, ducally gorged or.
!rras]3inE: a laiux- or, jiearled ar. [Crunted No- Lair, ar. an eagle, displayed, with two heads veri,
mnbe/S, 1.580.] armed gu.— Ciest, a dove, in the beak an olive-
Lauiice, or, a cliief gu. branch, all ppr. [Borne hij the Venerable John
Lai'mji;, or, three piles gii. within a bordure az. Lav., D.D. Archdeacon of Rochester, 1820.]
be/.antee. Lair, [Cumberland,] erm. on a bend, eugr. betw.
Launuer, [New Lancashire,] sa. three
Ha!!, two cocks gu. three mullets or. —
Crest, a cock
mullets of six points, in bend, ar. betw. two gu. chained round the neck, and pendent thereto
cottises, indented, or. —
Crest, on a wreath, a a mitre or.
deoii unicorn sa. attired, inigided, and crined Lair; erm. a bend betv,-. a cock in chief, and tvio
or, the body cliarged with three mullets of six niidlets in base gu.
points, bend ways, ar. {Granted hij Diujdah, Lair, [Easter Kinevie, Scotland,] t>rm. a bend
June 10, ]G87.'] betw. two cocks gu. within a bordure of the lust.
Lauxuari:;, gu. a bend or, cotlised, indented of —Crest, a unicorn's head, pi)r.
the la..t. L.vw.VRi), ar. on a fesse gu. betw. three cinque-
LAi'NiJi! AM, az. a chev. betw, three roses or. foils, pierced, az. a hind, trippaut, of the field
LAUNTroN, [Wilford, Mi'l.shire,] ar. a saltier betw. two pheons or.
g-a. on a chief of the last three boars' heads, Laward, or Lawarrc, [Estercombe, Somerset,]
couped, or. gu. a lion, rampant, ar. betw. eight cross cross-
La u N. L N,ar. on a fesse sa. three ninllets of the field.
'-: t iets, iitchee, of the second. —
Crest, out of a
LMMjrNcr:, [Colchester, l''ssex,] ar. a cross, ducal coronet or, a griflln's head az. beaked el'
embattled, gu. the fust. {Granted I57G.]
L.\ u K I K, sa. out of a cuj) or, a chaplet of ioscs within La U ARK, or Lawarre, gu. cnisilly, botton6e,
a wreath of laurel, all ppr. —
Crest, an arm, em- fitchee, a lion, ram])ant, ar. See Dkla-
bowed, in armour, pjjr. garnished or, holding in AVARR.
(he hand a cliaplet of laurel vert. [Borne hy Sir Lav.arre, gu. crusilly, a lion, rampant, ar.
Peter Laurie, Kniyhl, of the Jhqenfs Park, Lawdlr, [Bass, Scotland,] gn. a gridin, salient,
Sheriff- of London and Jl/VW/cicr, lh:23-l.] " within a tressure, flory, counter-flor\, ar.
djAii|;iN, ar. a lion, passant, guardant, sa. within Lavder, [llalton, Scotland,] ar. a grillin, salient,
a bordure, engr. gu. sa. winged, beaked, and armed, gu.
Lai'iour, erminois, a fesse, embattled, cottised, LaWKSTO.v, [La^eston, Scotland,] ar. three mul-
gn. in chief a tower, triple-towered, sa.- lets gu.
Crest, a dexter arm, in armour, embowed to LaWKUI.L, gu. tv.o bars, humettee, ar. a helmet
(he sini.<;fer, ]ipr. gare.ished or, supporting with of the second, plumed, or.
the gauntlet a shield, erminois, cliai-ed wi(h a La WiilTi;, or Lv. M'iute, [Bromham, WiU-
fesse, embattled, coiliscd, gu. \_Unrne hi/ Jos. sh're,] az. a fesse, betw. three garbs or. .

LniitOiir, Ksfj. of JJexlon-IIdi'.se, lliiel'.iti, Law KIN, sa. three mullets ar. on a chief of iho
llcrf/hrdshire, 18-'.").] second a denii lion, rampant, gu.
L.AU'i'v, sa. three p'iles in jiaint ar. sarmoiMifed of Laavlrs, az. three cup.s, covered, or, cUief.
a fi;,s(! gu. charged w ith as many crescents or. indented, ar.
[ C Y ]

Lmdes, or, on a cLief, indeuled, az. (!irec tail upvi'ards. [Granted to Laurance,
covered cups of tiie field. of London, 151)4. Cnaled a Baronet, 9ih
Lawless, gu. a s.dtier, Lefw. four boars' lieads, October, 1G28.]
couped, or. Lawrence, sa. a chev. betw. three broken swonh
Laicless, [Ireland,] ar. on a cLief, indented, sa. ar. on a chief, embattled, of the second, three
three garbs or, — Crest, ;i denii man, in aiinour, martlets gu.
holding;' an arrow, all jjpr. Lawrence, [West Stocklands, Leicestershire,] sa.
La\V),I',v, [Spooniiill, Shrojisliire,] ar. a cross three lozenges ar. each charged with a saltier gu.
forniee, througliuut, cliequv, or and sa. — Crest, Lawrence, [Devon,] chequy, or and az. on aboixl
a woll', passant, sa. gu. thiee escallops ar.
txndiij, [Gloucester,] ar. a fcsse, sa. in chief Laicrcnce, ar. a cross raguly, trunked gu.
three escallops of the last. Lawrence, ar. a cross ragnly gu. a crescent for
Lawley, or Lcndesse, az. on a chief, indented,
or, three covered cups of the first.
diilercnce. —, \\v? tail and lower part of a
fish, erect and couped, ppr. [Borne hij Waller
Lav.'NDK, az.. three trefoils ar. a chief, indented, Lawrence Lawrence, of Sandywell-Park, Glou-
gu. cestershire, Esq. J 826]
Lawne, clieqiiy, ar. and az. on a chief of the first Lawkie, [Maxweltown, Scotland,] sn. a cup ar.
three pales gu. with a garland betw. two iaurel-branchcs, rdl
Lawite, per paie, gu. and az. three lions, passant, is.suing out of the same, vert.
guardant, in pule, or. Lawrie, [Plainstones, Scotland,] per fc:is.e, gu.
Laavrance, [Foxcot, Gloucestershire,] ar. a and sa. a cup ar. with a garland issuing out of
cro-qs, raguly, gu. —
Crest, a wolfs head ar. tlie top, betw. two laurel-branches \ert. Cn-st, —
charged on the neck with a cross crosslet gu., the trunk of an oak, sprouting out ])pv.
Lawrnncc, [Foxliall, Gloucestershire,] ar. a cross, Lawrus, [Picardy,] sa. tliree broad-airows iij
raguly, gu, in the fii-st quarter a dion, passaut, pale or.

of the last.- Crest, a wolf's liead ppr. charged Lawrvn, ar. a lion, passant, within a bordi;re
on (he neck with a crescent or. engr. sa.
Lawrance, [IJanip.shire,] ar. a cross befw. four Lawse, or Lawes, [Kent andNorfolk,] or, ea

cinquefoils gu.. Crest, on a chapeau gu. turiied a chief az. three estoiles of the field. Crest, —
up erni. a talbot, sejant, gii. out of a ducal coronet or, an ermine, passant,
J^wrence, [Iver, Buckinghamshire, and St. I\cs, ppr. [Granted'imi.']
Huntingdonshire,] ar. a cross, raguly, gu. on Lavvson, [Jjraytoii and Isell, Cumberland, and
a chief of the second a lion, passant, guardant, Rock, Northinnherlaud,] per pale, ar. and sa.
or. — Crest,
a stag's head, era-sed, sa. platee, a chev. counterchanged. — Crest, out of clouds
attired or, ducally gorged ar. ppr. t^c arms embowed, vested erm. supjjortlng
Laivrence, [Loudon,] crm. a cross, raguly, gu. a a sun ppr. [Confirmed to Thomas L^nrson. of
canton sa. Little Osworlh, Durham, 2Sth Fehrvanj, 15-38!]
Lawrence, [Grishgrange, Eevonsliire, Lancashire, Lawson, [London,] per pale, ar. and sa. a che\
Sherdiugton, Gioucesteisbire,
and Hcrhaui, counterchanged, in chief an escallop of the second.
Suffolk,] ar. a cross, raguly, gu. Crest, a dcuii — Jjuwson, [Yorkshire,] paly of six, ar. and vert.
turhot ar. tail u])wards. (Another cresl, two Laivson, [Popleton, Yorkshire,] p:dy of four gu.
laurel branches vert, forming a ciiaplet.— /1/jo- and vert, on a chev. ar. a grayhound's head,
iJier crest, a wolf's head, couped, ppr.) erased, -sa. betw. two cinquefoils az. a chief or,
Lawrena', [Lancashire,] ar. a cross gu. charged with an, thereou a demi lion,
Lawrence, [Lancashire,] ar. a cross, wavy, gu. rampant, ar. betw. two crescents, ou each three
Lav;rencc, [Sir John, Lord Mayor of London, plates.— Crest, a hind's head, erased, ar. charged
•- 165-5,] ar. a cross, raguly, gu. a canton on the neck with tliree pellets, a collar vert.
ermines.-^Crest, two trnnhs of a tree, raguly, LMirson. [Yorkshire,] ])aly of six, gu. and vert,
in saltier, ...... environed with a chaplet vert. ou a chev. ar. three wolves' heads, erased, sa.
{Granted Nuvumher 18, lt!.52.] on a chief or, three ogresses.
Lai'jrcnce, [Lancashire,] ar. a cross engr. gu. Lawson, [Brough, Yorkshire, Xev, castle, and ,

Lawrence, or Lawrance, [Chelsea, Middlesex, Cramlinglon, Northumberland,] ar. a chev.

Dciaford, Chertsey, and Ivor, Buckinghajn-
skire, and St. Ives, Kuntingdoiisbire,] ar. a
ijetw. three martlets sa. —
Crest, two arms, em-
bowed, vested erm. supporting in the baud ppr.
cross raguly gu. on a chief az. three leo])ards' a gem-ring or, gem ar. within the ring a sun of
lieads or. —
Crest, a denii turhot, erect, gu. the the third. . -. . '

I. A Y L E A
lyau'son, or Leivson, ar. on a bond bctw. lv,o fre- chev. (hrec demi lions gu. as many trcfoiln
Joils, sli))pccl, sa. tliree mascles or. slipped, of the field. IConfirmeit lo ijr. Lny-
Jj/iuson, [Voi'ksLire,] paly of ten, nr. nud vrr!. ficlJ, Ardtdi (won of," IGSi).]
Lnifson, Scotland,] per saltitr, r.r. and
[L:i\s'soii, LA^ FORI), ()/ LAvroKTiJ, ar. a bend engr. co(-
sa. a saltier gn. on a chief az. lliree garbs or. ti-itd gu.
Lawsoit, [Humb_\, Scotland,] az. (\vo crescents Lav I.AM), ar. a bend gii. cotliscd sa.
ar. in chief, and a .star in base or. Layman, jier chev. gu. and ar. three annulets
Lauson, az. two mullets a.r. in cliief, and a cres- counterchanged.
cent iii base or. Lnijinan, per chev. ar. and gu. in chief three au-
Laivson, per pale, ar. and .sa. an orle counter- nulels of t!ie last.
cbauged, on a chief ^n. three garbs or. Layston, vert, three falcons or.
Ltncson, ar. a saltier az. on a chief gii. three g;irb.s Lavtox, [Saxay, Vt'eston, Lay (on, and Kirkby,
or. "i'ork.^hire, and Lincolnshire,] ar. a fesse betw,
L.iWTON, [Lawton, C'lieshire,] ar. on a (esse six cross cro.sslets, fitchee, sa. — Crest, out of a
betw. tliree cross crosslets litcliee sa. as many mural coronet, two wings, expanded, ar. each
cincjuefoilsof the field. —, a demi wull', charged with a cross ciosslet, fitchee, sa.
salient, reguai'daut, ai-. vulned iu the breast, gu. Laijlon, ar. on a fesse, betw. six cross crosslets sa.
L^WTKELL, ur Lov,'T)ti-.LL, az. a fesse betw. three cinquefoils of the field.
six mullets ar. Lai/t'jii, ar. on a fesse betw. three cross crosslef.s,
Lax, barrj" of sis, enninois and gu. on a cliief az. fifchee, sa. a ciuqucfoil or.
three Catbarlne-whccli or. —
Crest, on a mount Laijlon, [Somersetshire,] ar. a fesse az. in chief a
vert,aCatlunine-whecl as in the arm.s. \_Boriichii cross crosslct sa.
the Rev. Vrllliam Lax, of Si. Jbbs, Hertx, 1824.] Lai/lun, [Yorkshire,] gu. a chev. betw. thre«
Laxton, paly of six, ar. and sa. on a chief gu. a crosses, formee, or.
lion, passant, gum-dant, or. Lc.yion, gu. a cross paitee or, on a
or Lai'ni,
Laxioii, [Loudon,] ar. a clicv. gobonatcd, ermines bend of the second.
az. three ileurs-de-lis
and ar. bctw. t'lree grifljiis' I'.eads gu. gutiee Lat/lon, or Lalon, or, a cross gu.
d'cau. Lcnjlon, or Lc'u/Iilon, gu. on a bend ar. three es-
Laxioit, [London,] gu. a fesse betw. three coneys callops of the field.
ar. Lnylo7i, [Delanui^ue, Cumberland,] sa. on a
Laxto?i, [Yorkshire,] barry of six, ar. and gu. on bend ar. three escallops gu. Crest, a lion's —
a chief az. three Catharine-wheels or. head, erased, ar. gorged with a collar sa.
Laxion, [Yorkshire,] gu. a cliev. betw. three charged Viith three bezants.
hedge-iiogs ar. Jxnjlon, or Lalon, ar. on a bend gn. three escal-
Laxion, [London,] erm. a cliev. engr. betw. three lops of the field.
griffins' Iieads, erased, gu. Lai/lon, sa. (wo bars or, on a bend ar. three es-
Laxion, [Sir ^^'illiam, Lord ]Mayor of London, callops gu.
L544,] ar. a chev. compony, erm. and sa. betw. Lay WORTH, [Oxford,] vair, on a .'^rdtier gn.
three griffins' heads gu. guttee or. five Ileiirs-de-lis or. —
Crest, a lapwing pjir. lay-
1a YARD, [St. George's, W''estmiuster,] g:n. a ing his talon on a flour-de-Iis.
chev. or, in chief two mullets of six jioints, LAZAUUt;, [Flanders,] az. four spears in bend,
voided of the second, the outward edge of tlie garnished with ])cnnoncels dextcrvrays, coun-
mullets issuing rays, in base a crescent ar. on a terly surmounted of the like number, ar.
chief az. three mullets of six points, voided as Ll'A, [Lea, Lancashire,] sa. three bars ar.
the ofliei-. —-Crest, a uiullel as in the arms or. Lia, [Sliro])shire,] vert, a fesse flory, counterflory,
Latjanl, gu. tv.-o bars enn. on a canton sa. a mill- or.
rind ar. Lea, [Cornwall,] ar. three ])ine-trees pjir.

LAYDourvM^. Sec Levkorm;. Lf.ACH, per fesse indenlcd, gu. and erm. in chief
LA^ Ei;, [Essex, Cringleford, and Norwich, ?Nor- three crowns or.
folk, and iiooton, SuQolk,] -per pale, ar. and Leach, [Devon,] erm. on a chief sa. three crowns unicorn, courani, betw. tliree cross cross- or.
lets,all counterchanged. Leaclic, or Laich, [Crediton, Devonshire,] erm.
Layer, [Norfolk,] per pale, ar. and sa. an unicorn, on ;i chief indeiited gu. three ducal corouei.s
I'aNsant, counterchanged, and one cross crosslcl or.
of the lirst. Leachvi-.akk, gu. a saltier ar. a crescent for
^'.'i.Vi.'Hiiin, or L.4YFEILD, [Essex,] or, on a difl'ereuce.
[ 3 V 2 ]
— —

Leader. See Lkdi^r. coronet or, an nmi, erect, ppr. grasping a snake,
Lkake, [Bcdiiiglou, Surrey, Mile-End, ^Aliddle- environed round the arm, vert.
8CX, and ']'iiorp-]Iali, Essex.] or, on a salliir Leeche, [Kent, and Nantwich, Clieshirc,] eriTt.
eugT. az. eiglit (anotlicr, nine,) annulets ar. on on a chief, indented, gu. an annulet ar. betw.
a canton gu. a castle, triijle-toweved of tiie lliird. tw o crowns or.
Quartering-, ]\1artin, viz. paly of .six, or and az. Lkcheord, [Shelwood, Surrey,] sa. a chev.
on a cliief gii. tliroo meriions of the first. betw. three leopards' heads ar. —
Crest, a leo-, a ship gun-carriage, on it a piece of ord- pard's head, ]ier pale, ar. and sa. betw. two
nance mounted, all ppr. [Borne l»i Stephen wings, expanded, counterchaiiged.
Martin Leake, Kscj. F.U.S. of ThorpsuLcu, Lr.CiilNGiiAM, [Bedfordshire, and Wendover,
Essex, and Mile-End, Middlesex, Garter, Jhickinghanishire,] sa. three boars' heads, within
Kimj of Arms, o?). 1773.] a bordure engr. ar.
Leale, sa. a beiul betw. six crosses, bollonec, Leciimere, [Worcestershire,] gu. a fe.sse, betw.
fucliee, ar. See L;;ke. three pelicans or, vulning their breasts ])pr. ia
Lkali;, [Kent,] gu. six crescents ar. three, two, chief all annulet for dilfercnce.
and one-, a bend, gobonated, or and az. Lrelnnere, [.Middlesex. Leclnnere's Place, in the
Lcalle, gu. six crescents ar. three, two, and one. parish of Stanley-Castle, Worcestershire, and
Lealle, gu. a bend or, bctw. six crescents ar. Stanhope's Court, Hereford,] gu. a fesse, and
Lealle, gu. a bend or, bctw. six annulets ar. in chief two pelicans, with wings exjianded or,
Lkau, [London,] az. a fcsse, double embattled, vulning their breasts ppr.
betw. three unicorns' heads, eriised, or. Lecky, [Scotland,] ar. on a fesse vert, three
Lear, [Devonshire,] az. a fesse raguly betw. three roses of the first.
unicorns' heads, erased, or. Lec/ci/, [Scothmd,] ar. a chev. lief w. tlu-ec roses gu.
Leakmoutii, [Balcorny, Scotland,] or, on a Le CoRV, [France,] or, a bimle-horn, stringed, :.;:.

chev. sa. three masclcs of the first. — Crest, a Lecton, [NVilborne, Lincolnshire,] ar. on a bend.
rose, .slipped, gu. cottised, gu. three cinquefoils or.
Lkatt, [London,] ar. on a fesse gu. betw. three Ledhrookk, az. a chev. or.
(vr crescents sa. from each flames
fire-balls sa. LEDiCNR-i', [Devon,] az. three battle-axes or.
of fire —
Crest, on a
ppr.) a lion, passatit, or. Ledkr, or Leader, [Great Stoughton, Huu-
mural crown or, a fire-beacon sa. with fire ]]])r. tingdonshire,] ar. on a fcsse sa. betw. three
betw. two wings az. [Granted in Nichalas ogresses, each charged with an escallop of the
LeatI, of London, ISlh December, IGIG.] field, a lion's head, erased, betvv'. two boars'
I^EAYKS, [Kensington, Middlesex,] or, two pheons heads, couped, or, within a bordure engr. az.
in chief gu. in base a garb vert, a chief dove- Leijksiia.m, or Ledsham, quarterly, sa. and
tailed az. ar. four leopards' heads, counterchaiiged.
Lkdand, [Essex,] gu. three keys or. liElJET, [Eraybroke, Northamptonshire,] ar. a
Lebaki:t, ar. three estoiles az. fesse, daucetlee, betw. six cross crosslets g\!.
Lk Blaxc, az. a cliev. betw. three cinquefoils Ledet, [\Vest ^Vardon, Xorthainpfonshire, Tern;.'.
or, on a chief of the second an eagle, displayed, Kiug.lohn,] or, a bend, within a bordure gu.
sa. ducally crowned of the last. —
Crest, an ea- bezantee.
gle, displayed, sa. ducally crowned or, charged LEDltED, [Soini.'rsetshire,] ar. a chev. betw. three
on the breast with a cinquefoil of the last. talbots' heads, erased, gu.
[Granted to Tlinmas Le Blane, of Gharter- Lee, gu. two bars or, over all a bend engr. vair,
lioase-Sf/tiare, Middlesex, and Jlotien, Norman- in chief an eagle, displayed, of the second.
dy, 375-.?.] Crest, a bear, sejant, ppr. nnizzled and chained
Lr.HLDUNT, [Vt'arwick,] gu. a fesse betw. six or. [Granted to Matthew Lee, of Elford,
martlets or. .Devonshire, 17i>[).]
LlUifna-K, [J'luckinghamshire,] gu. three lions, Lre, [Langley, Shropshire,] gu. a fesse, counter-
passant, ar. compony, or and ar. bctw. thirteen billets, .seven
Le lk)N, ar. a chev. betw. three quatrefoils, in chief and six in base, of the last.
slipjjed, gu. Jal', [ILirtwell, Buckinghamshire,] az. two bars
Lh Ei;i:'i"r, a lion, ])assant, guardant, or. or, over all a bend, gobony, or and gn.
LuiiUioN, [Kent,] az. a for de niolino ar. Crest, a boar, passant, sa. muzzled and chained
Leciie, [Edinsore, Derbyshire, Chester, and ar.
Somersetshire,] enn. on a chief indented, gu. Lee, [Ditchley and Quarendon, Buckinghamshire,
three ducal coronets or. — Crest, out of a ducal and Cheshire,] ar. a fcsse, bctw. three crescents

xa. — Crest, an eagle upon a liird's
pjir. ])revin<^ Lre, [I-ice, Sussex,] az. a lion, rampant, guardant,
\cc;, enised, nz. [CreaUd a I^aronel Junc29, or, tail fiirked.
Kill.] Lee, [I'itchwordi, Su>-sex,] az. a lion, rampant,
/^•i'. 'Ihe same arms, willi a flcur-dp-lis gii. for guardant, ar. —
Crest, a stag's head, erased, or.
diflerence. [Borne hr RicJuird Lee, Esrj. C/n- Lee, or L"(i, per chev. or and gu. in chief two
rciicieux Kincj of Arms, "IVinn. 2il J'21i7,abetli.] lions, rampant, combatant, of the second.
Lpc, [Cotton and Langlcy, Slirojisliire,] gn. a Lee, az. two bars ar. a bend g\i. v.iihin a bordure,
fesse, conipony, or and az. betw. eight billots ar. gobonated, of the second.
— Crest, on a slafl", ragiily, a scuiirrel, cracking Lee, [Yoikshire,] sa. three crov.ns or.
a nut from the dexter end of tiie stafl' an oa'i.-
\ Lee, az. a cross engr. or, in the dexter quarter a
braiicb, fructed, all ppr. mascle of the second.
]jrc, [Fisliborne, Durliam,] or, a cliev. cliequy, Lee, [Ilaglev, Cheshire,] az. three mascles or.
or and az. Lee, [Ilatcli'lie, Leicestersbirc, and Plaistow, Es-
Ije, [Buckinghamsbire,] ar. a fesye az. bctv,. sex,] az. two bars ar. over all a bend gn.
three unicorns' heads, erased, sa. charged villi Crest, an arm, embowed, habited gu. culT ar.
as many lilies or. holding in the hand ppr. a sword, erect, ar. liilt
/"/t;-, [Buckingliamsliirc,] ar. a fessc, betw. tliroe or, on t!)e blade a suake, entwined, vert. -

leopiirds' heads sa. },ee, or Lsif/Ji, [Lord TUayor of London, 1002,

Lee, [Lea, Cheshire,] ar. a fe.ssc gu. betw. three and liilsley, Yv'ar'wickshire,] a fesse sa. in
leopards' heads sa. chief two pellets, in base a martlet of the se-
J.fc, fLee-T.Jagna, Kent, and Nouvell, Notting- corid. —
Crest, a talbot's head r,r. collared az. to
hamshire,] az. on a fesse, betw. two fillets or, the collar a ring and line, no\ved, of the last.
tiirce leopaids' heads gu. —
Crest, a denii ^.Toor [Granled December P.O, 1593.]

ppr. vested gu. riiunjed roiuul the collar with L?e, or Lea, [Wiltshire,] or, on a chief embat-
two bars or, tied round the v, aisf with a ribbon tled sa. three plates.
or. wreathed about the head, ar. and gn. hold- I^ee, or Lea, [Cheshire and Jieicestershire,] ar. a
ing in liis dexter har:d a gem-ring of the third. fleur-de-lis sa.
[Vonie by Sir RirJiard Lee, Lord JIai/or of Lee, [.Aiiddlesex,] gu. three chev. or. Ciest, a —
Lo!>do!i,'l-lQOa!nnim.] cock ar. combed and wattled or, beaked and ,

L'.c, [Langley, Shrop.siiire,] ar. a chev. betw. Jegged gu. [Grouted JyO^.]
three leopards' heads sa. Lee, or Lea, alias Kempihorne, [Wiltshire and
Lee, [Clieshirc,] ar. a cbev. engr. betw. three leo- Cornv.'all,] ar. a chev. betw. three boars' heads,
pards' heads sa. - con])ed, sa. —
Crest, a lion, sejant, or.
L^e,- [Stamford, Lincolnshire, and Biickinghara- Lea, [Hertfordshire,] ar. on a cross gu. five
shire,] az. on a fesse, cottised, or, three leo- wolves' betids, erased, of the field.
pards' heads, caiiossed, p,-u. fylnolher, the lield Lea, ar. on a cross gu. five leopards' heads or.
verf.) Lea, or Lee, [Bnckinghamsliire,] ar. a fesse gu.
I^e, or Leiffh, [Southwell, Nottinghamshire,] gu. betN\'. three leopards' heads az.

on a fesse, cotiiscd, or, three leopards' heads of Lea, ar. a fesse, and three leopards' beads in cliief
the first. sa.
Lee, or, on a chev. sa three lions, rampant, ar. Lea, or Lee, [Cumberland,] az. two bars ar. ;i

Lee, [Herefordshire,] ar. on a cross gu. live leo- bend gobony, ar. and gu.
pards' heads of the field. Lee, [Lord Mayor
of London, 1-1GI,] ar. on a
f-^c, or L^i/, ar. a fesse sa. in cliief tLree leopards' fesse, cotliseil, sa. three leopards' beads or.
heads of the second. Lee, [Lord JMayor of London, lo.uS,] ar.. on a
f-'Ce, [(3xfordsbire,l ar. a fesse sa. in chief two cross engr. betw. three wi\ ems' heads, erased,
crescents, in base a leopard's iiead of the se- gu. five bezants.
cond. Lee, or, on ii chief, embattled, .sa. three bezants.
^-cp, or Lea, [St. Julian's and Sopevall, Hertford- — Crest, on a wreath, on a mount verf, a bear,
shire,]per chev. o!' and gu. in chief two lions, passant, muzzled and chained ar. [Burne

combatant, sa. armed aiul langucd of the second. 1/1/ Jiobert A'etctou Lee, Esq. of Coldrei/, Ifaitd,
— Crest, a dexter arm, embowed iu armour, 1823.]
holding a sword ar. hilt and jiomel or, from tlie iec, ar. on a cbev. engr. betw. three leopards'
blade flames of iirc issuing ppr. faces sa. a crescent or. [Coiijin/ied (o Thomas
^'«'f, sa. a lion, ra:ni)aut, guardaut, ar.~ Crest, a Lee, of London, descended from the Lees, of
slag's bead, erased, or. Cheshire, Oct. 2o, 1;jS3.] , . , . .
— —

i. E F . L E Ci

Lee, ar. a chev. belw. three crescents siu and cross in base or. — Crest, a trefoil or. [Bornr
Jjee, [Jiail of Liclilielil, oris^iiial arms,] ar. a chcv. htj llic late Isaac Lcfevre, of Slepney-Grem,
bot'.v. three leopards' laces sa. Middl<si:x, Esq. ahil'lHU.y
Lee, [Earl of Lichfield,] ar. a fesse, belw. tiiree Lcfevre, [Stepney, T-,liddlesex,] sa. a chev. betw.
cresceiii.s sa. three trefoils iii chief, and an orb and cross iti
Jjec, gii. a fesse, covintcrconipony, or and az. betw. base, .'dl or. —
Crest, a trefoil or.
fonitceii billets ar. LpJ'ci re-Shaw, sa. a chev. ar. in chief, two. tre-
Lee, [Stamford, Lincolushire,] az. on a fcsso, cot- foils, slipped, and in base, a mound eusigiied
tiscd, or, three leojiards' hc;;fls gii. all wifliln a v.ith a cross patiec or. —
Crest, six arrows, in-
bordurc, <;obony, crni. and sa. terlaced in saltier ppr. points dov.nwards, fret-
Lee, [Devonshire and London,] ar. a fesse, coiin- ting an annuli.'t or. [Borne Inj Charles Share
tercompony, az. and or, betw. six billots sa. all L>-icrre, Esq. of Heclfield,^ Hants, l&i5.]
within a bordure en-;r. gu. See Plate of Arms.
Leech, [Scotland,] ar. a fesse, va\'y, sa. Lcfevre, az. a fleur-de-lis, and in base a nuillet
Leech, [Nest;ding-, .Scotland,] ar. a fesse, fasilly, or.
sa. Lefcvre, [Southampton,] ar. two bars gu. in chief
LEiajF.s, or Lef.ds, [North Milford, Yorkshire, thri'e cinquefoils sa. —
Crest, a lion, couchant,
Lincoln's Inn, Middlesex, (.h-oxton, Cambridge- tail extended, or.
shire, Molcroft, Liucolns!ii)-e, and Lerkshire,] Lekitz Yair, on a chief gu. tv.o nndlels ar.
. ar. a fesse gu. betw. three eagles, displayed, sa. Lrftwich, [Shropshire,] ar. on a fesse engr.
— Crest, on a stall', raguly, yevi, a cockatrice, az. three garbs or.
with wings endorsed or, combed ami ',rat!!.''d, LicAUD, [Canton, Yorkshire and Leicestershire,]
ar. on a bend, betw. six mullets gu. a cross,
Leedos, [Yorkshire,] ar. a fesse, betw. three eagles, patf^e of the fiehl.— Crest, a greyhound or,
disj)layed, gu. gorged with a collar gix. cliarged v, ilh three be-
IiEjins, ar. a fesse sa. befu". three eagles, dis- zants.
played, gu. Lcf/nrd, [Andlcrby,] ar. on a bend, betw. si.x-
Lekkk. See Leke. mullets pierced gu. a cross, pattee, or.
Lkeson, [Northamptonshire,] ar. a cross j.a. gut- Lr.GAT, [Norfolk,] ar. on a saltier eugT. az. iin
teo d'or. escallop or.
Lecson, [>^''hitfield, Northamptonshire,] gu. jays Ler/al, [Essex, Kent, and Norfolk,] erm. a lion,
or, issuing from the dexter chief, nebulee ar. rampant, gu. —
Crest, two lions' gambs erect gu.
IjKET, [Southoo, Huntingdonshire, Sufl'ulk, Evors- supporting a mitre or.
den and Kingston, Cambridgeshire,] ar. a fesse Letfatt, [Hornchurch, Essex,] per chev. engr. sa.
gu. betw. two rolls of matches sa. kindled ppr. and ar. three greyhounds' heads erased and
Crest, on a ducal coronet, an antique lamp or, counterchanged, gu.
fire ppr. [Heralds' Oficp, H. 14.] LHGliORNR, [Lincolnshire,] sa. two lions" gambs,
Leete, [Bury St. Edmund's, Suil'olk,] ar. on a erased, in saltier, ar.
fesse gu. betw. two matches kindled jipr. a Lecibonie, or Leiyhhcrne, sa. two hons' paws,
martlet or. erased, in saltier err.'..

Leeth, ar. on a bend, betw. three fleurs-de-lis Legeari), [Yorkshire,] lozengy, or and az. a
az. as many mullets or, within a bordure, wavy, chcv. gu.


gu. Crest, a demi grillin, segTeant gu. winged Legethe, [Norfolk,] ar. on a saltier engr. az-
az. charged on the body, with tv/o tluers-de-lis an escallop or.
; or. Legg, gu. a cross engr. within a bordure ar.
Lkevks, gu. a fesse, dancettee, ermiaois, betw. Le<j<j,ar. two bars az. over a bend chequy gu.
[ three garbs or.— Crest, on a Vvreath, a mount and ar. (Another, orandgu.)
vert, thereou a swau ar. wings elevated, ducally Lccjg, [London,] barry wavy of ten, or and az.
crowned or, gorged with a ducal coronet, there- three torleauxos, as many fleurs-de-lis, gu.
j on a chain reflsxed over his back of the last, Leqqe, [Cambridge,] ar. a cross pattee flory sa.
charged on the breast wilh three pellets, two Crest, an ueicoMi's head, erased, ar. crined.
and one, lieaked and nierabercd sa. [Granted armed, and diK.iily gorged, or,
to William Leaves, of Turtinaton, Sussex, Esu. Lcf/f/e,[Kent, and Chichester, Sussex,] az. a
173S.] stag's head, cabossed, ar. — Crest, out of a du-
IjEi'i'.VRE, per pale, and gu. a cbev. bcfv,-.
i'.7.. cal coronet or, a pluine of feathers ar. and az.
three trefoils, one and two in chief, and an orb Le(j(je, [liilsou,] qui/it nly ; first and fourth ar., a
L E 11 L E I

sing's licati, cabossod, ar.; second and tliird, az. LiUIJOUKN f., az. six lions, rampanf, or, a fdc of
:i driiii rose ar. on llie dcxttT side, impaled with four points gu.
:i deiai pomegrai'.ato on llie sitiister or, leaved LrUcanu', nz. six lions, rampant, ar. within a
ver'i. —
Crest, out of a duc-al eoroiiet or, a pliiine b<.,du!-e or.
of <ive feathers ar. a);d a/.. L'-!l>'>r!u , or, six lions, rampant, sa.
[At<>je, [Wiltshire,] az. a I.Dck'.s head ar, an an- ].i 'diiiviic, a/.. M\ linn-;, rampant, ar.
tiulet or. Li i'loriic, a/.. fi\e lin/H, ramjjant, ar. a canton «.-ria.

1.i;i;git, [Scotland,] a/., on a heiid ar. three hu- L.i/!"-ir;ic.[IvenI Caveswick, Yorkshire; and

man hearts o'U. orj a chief of the second, as Cunswicke, W'e.-fniorcland,] az. six lions, ram-
manv martlets sa. pant, ar. three, two, and one. Crest, an eagle, —
[j:c;GY,[Lord Mayor of London, 1347 and 135-1,] rtguardant, with wings expanded, az. beaked
ar.a buck's head sa. on a chief gii. three crosses, and legged or.
ihnvered, or. Lcijlionic, gn. six lions, rampant, ar. three, two,
IjI'OTI, ar. a bend sa. o\er-all three bars az. and one.
Ijpjjli, or Leir//i, gii. on a cross otvrv. ar. betw.- Lcijhonir, az. six lions, rampant, ar. three, tv/o,
fonr hon.s' heads, erased, or, five hurts. and one, a label, gobonated, or and gu.
Lc(jli, [Staffordshire,] gu. a cress engr. ar. in the LivU'K.STJ'.R, ]3er pale, indented, ar. and gu.
dexter quarter, a lozenge or. Leicester, bendy, sa. and or.
Le(//i, [Devonshire and Wells, Somersetshire,] Lcicr.slor,az. a fesse, bctM'. three fleurs-de-lis or,
ar.on a chev. gu. three martlets or, on a chief within a bordurc ar.
of the second, a dismounted of the
culverin Ldceslcr, [Toft, Cheshire,] az. a fesse, fretted
third. — Crest, a deisii hound sa. holding a stags gu. betw. three fleurs-de-lis of the second.—
head ar. attired or. Crest, a stag, per pale, or and gu. attijed of
L"(;h, [(-'umherland,]ar. a fesse sa. in chief three the second, in liis n)0Uih an acorn branch \ert,
mullets of the second. fnicted of the first.
Lcf/h, or Leifjli, erni. en a chev. sa. three bezants. Leicester, [Tahley, Cheshire,] az. a fesse, betw.
Leijlt, az. tv, bars or, over all a bend gn.- Crest, — thiee ileurs-de-lls or. —
Crest, a swan's head and
an arm, cmbo^l,ed, in armour, holding a sword, neck, cou])ed, guttee de sang.
with a .sery^ent ent'.\ined round it, all ppr. Ijclccsler. The same,
within a bordure sx.
Lkgham. or Lkigham, gni. a .swan ar. mcm- L^-ica^ter, ^n. a cinquefoil erm.
bered or. Ll'.lCliSTKlN, [Uzzau, Scotland,] ar. a lion, pas-
Lcij/iam, or Leic/ham, [Berkshire,] sa. six fleurs- sant, gu.
de-lis or, three, two, and one. LiUKiiS, paly of six, or and gu. a fesse az..

Lfijham, or Lchjluiin, sa. six fleur.s-de-lls ar. three, Linen, [Rushall, Stafiordshii-e,] gn. a cross erigr.
two, and one. ar. inthe dexter quarter, an escocheon of tiic
I^KGiDli, a.z. three fieurs-de-lis or, o\cr all a second, charged with two bars az. a bend of the
bendht gu. -
field.- — Crest, a unicorn's head, erased, sa.
Lr;G()OS, [Croslv.ighf, Noriblk,] quarterly, ar. armed or, crined and collared ar.
and az. on a bend sa. three niarllets or. Lei(/Ii, [Lord i\Liyor of London, 15 Longbo- — ;

r..i;GOT, or Lazor, [Lord Mayor of ].ondon, rough, Gloucestershire; and Stonleigh, War-
1345,] erm. a lion, rampant, sa. wickshire,] gu. a cross engr. ar. in the dexli'r
Li:-Gro.'^, quarterly, ar.and az. on a Ijond gu. canton, a lozenge of the second. Crest, a —
tlirec martlets or. unicorn's iiead, erased, ar. armed and crined or.
Lcyrosai', az. three lions, rajnpanf, or, a chief ar. Leu/Ii, [ilidware, Sfaflbrdshire ; and Shropshire,]
I'i'grossc, or Le-Gro.i, [Sidiolk,] quarterly, or. gu. a cross engr. ar. in the dexter canton, a
and a?,, on' a bend sa. three mullets or. lozenge or. —Crest, a unicorn's head or.
Legryle, [Brockdish, Norfolk,] quarterly, gu. Lei<;/i, [War\Mck shire,] gu. a cross engr. ar.
and az. (another, az. and or) on a bend ar; within a bordure of tlu^ sec(,'ud, in the dexier
three boars sa. —
Crcsl, a boar, passant, sa. quarter, a loz*;nge or.
LiGUARD, ar. on a bend, betw. .six mullets gu. Leifj'Ji, gu. a cross, within a bordure ar.

a cross, pattee, or. —

Crest, a greyhour.d, st;r- Lchjlt, [Stockwell, Surrey,] ;;ii. a cross enjr.
tant, or, collared and ringed gn. within a bordure engr. ar.—-Crest, a cockatrice
Liuioop, gu. three bee-hives, bt-tsv, nine bees, az. combed and wattled gu.
volant, or. — Crest, a rose ppr. LeHjh, or Lei/e, [Kent and Cheshire,] ur. a cro-s
I^hoop, or Lehook, [London,] sa. a chev. erm. sa. in the dexter (juarter, a lleur-de-lis of the
betw. three bee-hives ppr. second. •
Tjcigh, [Lord JNIayor of Loudon, 1558,] g^. on a three ducal crowns or.
Ijcigli, [Ciieshire,] az. ])latec,
cross eiigr. av. live Lurls, cliaic^ed with as nniny Leigh, or Lee, [Abingdon, ]5erkshire ; Derby.';hire ;

eruiiiics, belw. lour iiiiicorn.s" heads, erased, or. and Leigh, Cheshire,] az. three ducal crowns
(Anolhsr, the same, leaving out the ermines.) or, within a bordure ar. —
Crest, an armed arm,
Jjcigli, r|Uintorly; iirst, gu. a ar.; second, ar. couped at (he shoulder, or, scarf az. grasping a
a cross, and llour-de-lis .sa. ; tJiird, az. a cLi^v. lialbert ppr.
bclw. three cruets or; fourth, ar. a mullet sa. Leigh, [Ciieshire,] az. three bars or, over all, a
Leigh, [W'ells, Somersetshire,] ar. on a chev. gii. bend gobonated, ar. and gu.
three marllels or, ou a chief of the second, a Leigh, [Preston, Yorkshire,] az. two bais or, over
. culverin, disniouiiterl, of the third. Crest, a — all, a bend of the la-t.

: demi greyhound sa. holding a stag's head, cabos- Leigh, or Legh, [Booths, Cheshire,] az. tv, o bars
sed, ar. ar. a bend gobonated, or and gu.
Leigh, or Legh, [Clifton-Ly me, and Ridge, Clia- I,cigh, [Lvnne, Cheshire.] gu. a pale, lozengy, ar.
shire,] gu. a cruss engr. ai'. —
Crest, out of a — Crest, a cubit arm, erect, vested, paly of six, ,

ducal coronet or, a ram's head ar. attired of tlit; or and sa. culfed ar. grasping in the liand ppr.
first, in his mouth, a laurel ."^prig vert. • the top of a broken tilting sjiear of the third,
Leigh, ar. a cross, patfee, sa. the point downwards.
Leigh, [Chingford, Essex,] ar. a fesse sa. in cliif f Leigh, az. two bars ar. abend gu.
two ogresses, in base a martlet sa. Leigh, [Lsell, Cumberland ; and Yorkshire,] az.
Leigh, gu. a cros.^ crm. two bars ar. a bend compony, or and gu.
Leigh, [Leigh, Cornwall,] ar. a lion, rampant, gu. Leigh, ar. a bend sa. surmounted by three bars az.
in the dexter poiatj an annulet of tli;3 l;ist. Leigh, or Lee, [Cumberland,] erm. three bezants.
J^igh, [Heighleigh; Dublin; and Cheshire,] ar. Leigh., [Cumberland,] erm. on a chev. sa. threw
a lion, ram))ant, gu. —
Crest, a demi lion or, plates.
holding a sceptre of the last. [Certijicd, in TieigJt, ar. a fesse sa- in chief three muliets of the
Ireland, 6lh F.hruary, 1G77.] second, the middle one pierced.
Leigli, [Devon,] ar. a lion, rampant, gu. on a Leigh, [Adingtoii, Surrey, IGOit,] or, on a chev.
sinister canton ax. .an escallop or. sa. three lions, rampant, ar. iu tho dexter corner,
Leigh, [Shrujishire and Ovvtriugtoii, Cheshire;
; an annulet of the second.— Crest, on a mount
and l>arcn Leigh. Original arras,] or, a lion, vert, a lion, couchant, guardant, ar. charged
rampant, gu. —
Crest, a cubit arm, erect, vested, ou the breast with an annulet sa.
paly of six, or and sa. cuft' ar. liolding in the J^eigh, or, on a chev. betw. three annulets sa. as
band ppr. a broken tilting spear of the third. many lions, rampant, ar.
Leigh, sa. a lion, pa.ssant, ar. cro^Mled or. Leigh, ar. on a chief sa. three plat^-s.
Leigh, [Adlington andSwinehead, Cheshire,] ar. Leigh, [Newport, in the Ls'e of V\'iglil,] ar. on a
a lion, rampant, gu. —
Crest, a unicorn's head, chief embattled, sa. three plates. —
Crest, aland.
ar. couped gu. crined and a.rmed or. passant, ar.
Ijcigh, ar. a lion, rampant, gu. a niuliet for dillVr- Jjcigli, [Salop, and Lord P^Iayor of London, JG02,]
ence. ar. a fesse, bctw. two pellets in chief, and a
Leigh, ar. a cuhrrin, dismounted in fesse, sa. martlet in base, sa.
Leigli, or Lea, jjer chev. a.r. and gu, iu chief f^o Leigh, gu on a cross engr. ar. betw. four liens'
lions, combatant, sa. heads, erased, or, five hurls.
Leigh, [Kent,] az. a bezant, bctw. three crov.ns Leigh, [Cheshire,] ar. a cross, (lowered, sa.
or. Leigh, o\\ three fusils az.
J^eigli, [Derbyshire,] az. a plate, bctw. three Leigh, [Somersetshire,] or, three fusils az. a label
crowns or.
Leigli, Xew, [Bradley, Lancashire,] ar. two
or Leigh, az. three mascles or.
bars az. over all a bend, gobonated, az. and gu. Leigh, [Cheshire,] harry of six, az. and ar. a
—Crest, a dexter arm, embowcd, vested gu. bend compony, ar. and gu.
cuffar. holding in the hand ]>pr. a sword of the Leigh, [Cumberland and Lancashire,] erm. on a
second, hilt and jimnel or, environed with a chev. sa. three bezants.
snake vert. Lciqh, f;u. a fesse erm.
J^igh. [Eggiagton, Derbyshire,] az. a plate, betw. Leigh, [Xorlhcourt, Isle of Wight,] ar. on a chief,
three crowns or, within a bordurc ar. Crest, — eudiatlled, gu. three plates.
a unicorn's head ar. crined or, armed gobony, Leigh, [13i)0,] az. two bars ar. over all, a bend,
gu. and or. counter-compony, or and gu.
Leicjli, alias ?:orhy, [ISt;.'),] gu. a cross
cus^r. ar. c.\])anded ar. (Another crcsl, a garb or, lirnd-
Lei;ili, [ClicFlm-c,] or, a lion, ratnpan(,
gu.— Crrs(, ed gu.)
ii denii lion, rampant, guardaiil, or, lioldinc; a ic/c, or J.e(de, [Sutton, Derbyshire,] ar. on a
bntincr, ondiiig in two jjoints az. stall' pin- saltier engr. sa. an annulet of the field. --Crest.
Leaded ar. on the chief (or principal jiart of tlic"
Imo eagles ar. supfiorfing a garb or.
banner) an Ci:cocheon or, containin^i t'nce
coats Lcke, sa. six ainiulels or, three, two, and one.
of arms; first, gu. a pale, Jozengv, ar.
for, sa. a bend, betw. six annulets or.
Lymme; second, barry of four, az.'and ar. a LeJce, or Lcy/ce, [Derbyshire,] ar. on a saltier
bend gn. for LekjJi tJiird, gu. a engr. ar.
,• five anuulcts'of the field.
—Crest, a lion, rampant, g-u. {Cor Lr-ir//i'' alias
Lcle, or Leah, ar. a bend engr. sa. a chief gu.
Norley, of Nor ley, Chishire,) on tlie other
part Leke, or Lca/.e, [Soutlnvark,] or, a saltier fiory sa.
of the banupr, two jjules ar. fimbriated or,
bear- in chief a lion, passant, of the la^^t.
ing the motto of the family. Force
ur,'c.'verlu, Leke, or T^eikc, ar. a chev. gn. over all, abend
the whole of the banner adorned vlth scroll
engr. sa.
work of gold and silver. [Bor?!e ly Er/crton I^eke, ar. a chief gu. over all, a bend engr. az.
Leicjh, of West-Hall, in Hk/h-Lei,,h, and [Confirmed to Thomas Lceke, of Grcn/s Inn.
Twemlntr, Cheshire, Esq.
182.J.J Middlesex, descended out of Shropshire, Hi'r.
Lkigiiam, gu. a swan ar. Office, C. 24.]
Leighborne, sa. two lions' gambs, in saltier ' Lcehe, [Newark-on-Trent, NoKinghumsiiire,] ar.
on a saltier engr. sa. nine annulets or.— Crest,
Leight, «/;,'« Todkr LEIGH, [Hampsliiie,] erm. a ])eacock's tail, erect, the plume displayed ppr.
two flames, in saltier, gu.— Crest, a wolt, ija's- sappurted liy two eagles, with wings expanded
sant, gii.
LniGHTOX, [Wattlesborough, Shrojjshire; and Jjcelce,[Edmonton, Jliddlesex,] or, on a saltier sa.
Somersetsbiie,] cjuarterk, per fesse, indented,
fi\e annulets of the field.— Crest, a leg, couped
or and gu.— Crest, a wivern, with
" ex- at the thigh, ar. gartered below the knee az.
panded, sa.
Leeks, gu. two bars or, betv>'. six martlets ....
Ldyhton, sa. on a liend ar. tliree escallojjs
Leiyhfon, quarterly, indented, or and gu. on'ibc
— Crest, a tree ppr.
Lekebornf., chev. sa.
ar. a
second and third quarters, six boars' lieuds
of Lel-ehorne, [Lincolnshire,] ar. a chev. betw. three
the first, tliree and three. cross crosslets sa.
Lciyhion, quarterly, indented, or and gu. on
the Lelcehorne, sa. three fusils ar.
second and third, three boars' beads of the tirst.
Lekesworth, [Suffolk,] chequy, ar. and gu. on
Leicihtun, ar. a bugle iiorn, betw. three
crescents a bend az. tln-ee lions, rampant", of the first.
Lkkvisorne, ar. crusilly sa. a chev. of the last.
Leiyhlon, sa. two bars or, on a bend ar. tl;roe
Lelam, [Bricksworth, Shawsbam, Northampton-
escallops gu.
shire; and Yorkshire,] ar. a saltier sa.— Crcsl,
Ltigldon, quarterly, per fesse indented, or
and on a mount vert, a cock gu. cond^ed, wattled,
gu. three boars' lieads, counterchanged. .

and legged or, charged on the breast witli a

LriGHWooD, [London,] ar. a chev. az. betw. of the last.
three tigers vert.
LeIvLO, [Herefordshire,] erm. on a canton gu. a
Lr:u;E, ar. on a saltier engr. sa. an ainndel or.
Li:iRMOUTH, [Darsy, Scotland,] or, on a chev.
cross moline or. —
Crest, a gem-ring or, en-
twined and fretted with a. serpent ppr. ^Ihrcdd's
gu. three ma.scles of the first.
Office,Hereford, C. 2o.] "

Ll-itu, [0\rrbairus, Scotland,] or, a chev. betw.

Lelon, or Lelow, [Buckinghamshire,] ar. two
three a/,.
bars gu. in chief two wolves' heads, erased, of
J-eilh, [Leidvliall, Scotland,] or, a cross crosslet, the second.
fitcliee,sa. betw. three cre.-^conts in chief,
and Lelon, or Leloir, ar. on t\i'o bars i^u. three hou.'ids,
as many fusil',;, in base, ou. ., of the field, in chief two wolves' heads,"
f-dlh, [llestalrig, Scotland
J ar. a fesse, fusillv, sa. erased, of the second.
J-mvY, az. from the sinister, a vang of Solomon's Lelon, or Lcloir, gu. three wolves, passant, ar.
<e-mple, ar.— Crest, a naked arm, cmbowed, Lem, ar. on a bend gu. tliree lior.s, passant, or.
tiolding a sword, all ppr.
Lkai.W, or Lem.mon, [North-Hall, Hertford-
f-KKK, ar. on a saltier engr. sa. nine annulets or. shire London and Suflblk,] az. a fesse, betw.

—Crest, a peacock's tail, erect, the plume dis- three dol[)hins, hanrient, ar.
played i)pr. supported by two eagles, with wings Lemci/i, [f.ord JNIayor of London, ICIG] az a
[3z ]
— —

L E !M L E N
fessc, bo(w. tliree (loljilmis, iiaiaiit, oiiiKov.fd, I;1;mI'1ME,r, £;\i. tliree eagles, displaved, or.—
ar. Cit'sf, in a Icnidii tire ]ii)r. a ptTnaa, in Crest, a dove.
lier ncsl, or, Ircdiiii;' licr \ mini;- i)i)r. yCranlcd Li;msels, or Lo^isees, [Cornwall,] az. a -wolf's
in John Leiiian, Jv'ii/. Aldcniiaii of Lotnlon, head, erased, or.
23lh Jaiiuanj, lGi5.] Le>!8Ti;r, [London,] ar. on a fesse, betw. three
Lri/KDi,' [Norfolk,] ar. a fosse, betw. three dol- lions' heads, erased, gu. as many crescents or,
phins, naiant, p,ii. each charged with a nuillet of the second.
Lj;.maI{C1I, barruly, ar. and az. a lion, rampant, Lemi'ses, or Lennu.S]:.s, [De Tonrnay,] gu. a
gu. bend or, betw. six roses ar.
Li'MAHciiANT, [Guernsey,] az. a ciie\'. oi, belw. Lemuses, gu. a bend, betw. six roses ar.
three owls ar. legged of the second. Crest, out — LlcXAEt'., sa. three boars' heads, couped, ar.
of a ducal coronet, an owl's le^', erect, or. Jjenall, ar. eleven billets sa. four, three, three,
[Grcniled hy Thomas Si. Georrje, 27lh J]fcn/, and one.
l(iS9, and home hi/ FJcazcr Le Marclianf, ]-lscj. Lenciii:, [M'ycli, Worcestershire,] ar. tv.o bars
Lieulenunt-BaUiff of ihc Island of Guernsey,
• '
engr. az. each charged with three cinquefoils or.
1825.] Lenderick, [Scotland and 3^ssex,] ar. two chev.
Le Mluciiam', g-yronny ol eight, crm. and az. a sa. in chief a label of as many points az. over
bordure eiigr. sa. all, a lion, passant, gu.
Lk Sfr.SURlKR, ar, on a chev. bctw. three dexter Lende.riclc, or, a liou, rampant, gu. oppressed
liands gu. as many bezants.' — Crest, a liav^k ppr. vritii a label of three points az. —
Crest, a lion'i;
wings extended or. licad, erased, gu. betw. two elephants' trunks
Le^ieskv, [Warwickshire,] gu. an eagle, dis- or.
played, or, menibcrcd az. Lemjon, az. a naval croMii, within an orle of
JjE.ming, [Lancashire,] cnii. a cross forniee az. twelve anchors or. {^Granted bij Sir Ediuard
Lemliif/, [Yorkshire and Colchester, Essex,]
; Walker, hy Patent, dated at Brussels, to
crm. a cross poteuce az. Robert Lcndon, of AUinrjion, Devon, 10th
Leminr/, crm. a cross crosslet az. May.lGoS.]
Lkmington, ar. a chev. sa. in chief flnec cre- Len EN HOLME, [Lancashire,] ar. three fleurs-de-
scents, in base a bugle horn of the last. lis sa. -

Le?iiinf/lo», or Lcninc/lon, [Lomiugton, Yorkshire,] Le Xeve, [London, Tivetsholl, Norfolk, and Suf-
ar. (another, or,) a saltier gu. ou a chief of the folk, Temp. Henry 1^'.] ar. on a cross sa. five
second, three boars' heads, cou]ied, or. fleurs-de-lis of the iii;ld. —
Crest, out of a ducal
Lcniinyton, ar. a bugle h.cru, betw. three crescents coronet or, a lily ar. stalked and leaved vert,
sa. bladed and seeded of the fa-st. {^Confirmed to
Leminglon, ar. on a cliev. engr. az. a clicveronnel WiUiam La Neve, Clarejicieux Kinr/ of Arms.]
or, betw, three calves gu. Le Neve, [London,] ar. on a' cross az. five fleurs-
Lemitare, or Lemit.^ire, [Westminster, de- de-lis of the iield, bet\'?. two tortoises, gradient,
scended from In ormandy,] per chev. sa. and ar. vert, one in the first quarter, the other in the
three Catharine- v/heels counterchanged. Crest, — fourth. —
Crest, on a mount vert three silver
a demi gTiOin sa. holding out a Catliariiic-wheel lilies, on one stalk, lea\ed and seeded, all ppr.
ar. \_Conjl)-)ncd to GeorcjP Lemiiairc, of ^Vcsi- Lenie, sa. on a chev. lietv*-. three bears' heads,
minstcr, Esg.lilhJunc, in the llth of James J. '\
erased, ar. muzzled gu. a cinquefoi! of the
LE\nnNG, [Essex,] ar. fifteen guttecs de sang, first.
five, four, three, two, and one. Lennako, [Chevening and Knoll, Kent, Lords
Lkm.mingtos, or Lenningiox, ar. a bugle Dacre and Earl of Sussex, also of Belhouse,
horn, belw. three crescents sa. Essex,] or, on a gu. three fleurs-de-lis of
J^pminhK-jton, or LennuHjlon, ar. a bugle horn sa. the field. — Crest, out a ducal coronet or, a
Le.mon, or Li;mmon, az. a fesse, betw. tliree tiger'.s head ar. (Another crest, a lion, ram-
(loli)hins, enibowed, ar. —
Crest, a pelican, in pant, gu. scmeo of stars, issuing out of a cloud
lier nest, feeding her young, or. ppr. ; over the crest this motto Lifer 7iubes
Lemon, ar. on a chev. betw. three mullets gu. an resplendeo.) [Borne hy Sampson Lennard,
eagle, displayed, or. Gent. Bluemanlte Pursuivant of Arms, Temp.
Le.mosy, or LvMESJ^Y, [Warwickshire,] gu. an Cha.lesL]
eagle, displayed, or, armed sa. Lennard, or, on a fesse gu. betw. three eagles'
J^cmosij, or Lymeseij, [M^irv/icksliire,] or, an eagle, heads, erased, sa. a lion, passant, betw. two
displaced, gu. within a jjordurc sa. cscallopec. fieurs-de-lis of the field, —Crest, a demi

lion, rampant, ducally gorged, Lenysis, gu. a bend, betw. six crosses, bottonee,
Iiolcling- in his dexter paw a rose gii. [llcrakh' or.
Oj/ice, Vincent' s small Baroiiji. —
This Coal and LeoI'KIC, [Earl of Leicester, anno 71G,] or, an
Ciesl are said to have been burnc somcliiiies Ltj eagle, disidayed, sa.
the Lennards of C/uiccninq.l Leon, [Norfolk,] or, a saltier, engr. vert.

Lciiiiard, [V.'ick!uiin-Coiu-f, l\<^nf,] or, on a fessc Le P.\i.Mi:i:, sa. a chev. or, betw. three cres-
gii. tliree fleius-dL'-lis oi'liie iiold, a crescent for cents ar.

(lifl'erence.— Crest, out of a ducal coronet or, a Lepi:r, [Scotland,] a chev. betw. tliree
tiger's head ar. leopards' heads
Lciinard. —
same Arms. Crest, a lion, ram-
Tiie Lei'EA, [Isle of Ely, Cambridgeshire,] ar. a lion,

pant, gu. semee of estoilcsor, issuing from clouds rauqnuit, gu. v.ilhin a bordure, couipony, or
ppr. [The Crest granted to Sampson Lcnnard, and \crt.
Herald of Arms.] Lei'Ton, [Yorkshire,] ar. on a chief ;.z. three
Lennard, per pale, gu. and ez. three denii lions, Catharine-v. heels or.
))assant, or.— Crest, a tiger's head, cjuarlcrly, Lrpion, [Rebeck, Yorkshire,] Ijarry of six, ar.
or and az. and gu. on a chief az. three Catharine-wheels
Leonard, or Lcnorcij, az. three garbs ar. or.

Li;noJ!. The same. Leptun, [Kc]nvick, Yorkshire,] gu. three bars,

LiiNSTOFTE, or, a lion, rampant, per fesse, gu. ar. on a chief az. three Catharine-wheels or.

and sa. Le QUESNES, ar. alien, passant, gu.

Li;nt, vert, a chcv. erm. Letw. three leaves ar. LERCi;^^'EICE, gu. a saltier, and crescent in chief
Lent, or, a chev. erm. betw. three leaves vert. ar. (another, or.)

Lentiiall, ar. two bars sa. each charged with Lerciiakd, ar. a saltier, engr. az. within a bor-
three nudlels or. dure or.
Lenthall, [Dorset,] sa. abend, fusilly, ar.— Crest, LEiiKiNG, chequy, ar. and gu. a cross r.z.
a greyhound, in full course, sa. collared or. in, ar. a chev. betv. tliree masclcs sa.
Lent hail, sa. a fesse, fusilly, ar. Lerrnonth, ar. a chev. betw. three fusils sa.
Lenthall, [Burford, Oxfordshire,] ar. on a bend, Lcrmouth, ar. a chev. betw. three lozenges sa.
cottised, sa. three mullets of the field. Le Eoache, quarterly; first and fourth, ar. a
Lenthall, [Noith Leigh, Oxfordshire,] sa. a beiid, rook jipr. in the sinister chief point a mullet sa.
lozengy, ar. second and third, a/,, on a rock, a rook, all ppr.
IjenlliuU, [Ijesselsleigh, Berks,] ar. on a bend, in the dexter chief point the suu in splendour.

cottised, sa. tliree muUefs or. Crest, a rook ppr.

Lenthall, ar. on a bend, cottised, .sa. three mul- Lerolx, az. on a fesse or, a rose gu. in chief
lets of the field. three annulets of the second, in base a crescent
Lenthall, ar. on a bend sn. three fusils oC the ar. — Crest, a plume of feathers ar.

field. Leroy.'se, cpiarteriy, ar. and sa. a bend of the

Lenthall, ar. on a bend, cottised, sa. three mul- last.

lets pierced, or. —

Crest, a greyhound, couraut, Le Scot, [Earl of Chester, ob. s. p. 1237, 21st
sa. collared or. Henry 111.] or, three piles gu.
Lkntiie U, ar. on a bend, cottised, sa. three mvd- Lesextox, [Yorkshire,] ar. a crescent^ bet\r.
lets or. t'iiree saltiers, engr. sa.

Lhntiiornk, gyronny of eight, or and sa. a]) Leseris, Leseres, Li;.'5eurs, or Lisoi"K.s,
eagle, displayed, ar. [Lincolnshire.] or, a chief az.
LliNTlIORP, Lentiiijoi', Or Levkxtiiori', Le.sixgton, [Yorkshin,] ar. three saltorels, engr.
[Essex, andShingley-L'all, Ilerlfordsliire,] ar. sa. a crescent for difl'ennce.

a bend, gobonated, gu. and sa. cottised of the TA-sinrjInn, i.',u. guttee d'or.

second. LESk!.s\\ oi;rii, [.Suflolk,] c'lcquy, ar. and gu.

Lcnthorpe, [Essex,] ar. a bend, compi.ny, gu.
and az. cottised of the second. L),!F. [Scotland,] .ir. on a bend az. three

Lknton, [Aid-winkle, >,oitli:nMpfonshire, and buckh'S —

or. Crest, a demi grillin, segreaut,

Buckinghamshire,] a;^ a b. iid erm. betv.-. two

dolphins, c!nbo^^ed and bend\va>s, or.— (hc.-t, Li si, I, [Leslv, Scotland.] The same, witiuii a
a llL;cr's head, erased, -m. tufted, areud, col- double irr.ssure, flurv, counlernory, gu.— Crest,
lared, and linged, or. [Granted, March 21, agrillhr. hrad ppr.'
16y}, to John Luuon, oj' Aldunnide.'] Lesh', [JJaluuiian, Scotland,] ar. on a fesse. az.
tlirce buckles or. — Crcsl, a griffin's head, erased, Lestraxge, [Hunstanton, Xorfolk, Pakenhani,
!'!"• Suffolk, and Middlesex,] gu. two lions, pas-
Lcsl;/, [Kiiicragif, Scotland,] ar. on a fesse, betw. sant, guardant, ar. — Crest, a lion, passant, guard-
(wo cross crosslets, litcliee, az. three buckles ant, or.
or. — Crest, a grifilu's i)ead, couped, ppr. charged L'EsTitANGE, gu. tv,o lions, jiassant, guardant,
wiih ii cross crosslet, filchee, ar. ar.
Leshj, [Wardis, Scotland,] ar. on a bend az. Lestwiciie, [Leslv/iche, Cheshire,] ar. an orle,
l;el\v. twd holly-leaves vert, three buckles or. betv, ten martlets sa.
. —
Crest, a still ar.
-Lt'.s/y, [Pltcaple, Scotland,] ar. on a liend az. Iii:'n.;,c)j- Light, [Suffolk, and Hnntingdonsliire,]

betv,-, two mullets gu. three buckles or. ar. on a fesse gn. betw. two matches sa, roiled
Li'sly, [Aberdeen, Scotland,] ar. on a bend, em- and fired ppr. a martlet or. Crest, out of a —
battled, az. three buckles or. ducal crown or, a lamp of three branches of the
Lcslt/, [ColjDuay-Shiels, Scotland,] ar. on a liend same, fired, ppr. [^IJerahVs 0_ijice, H. 14.]
az. three buckles or, wilhiu a bordure, inveckcd Letkbrooke, az. a chev. erm.
of the second, charged with eight crescents of Lete;\I1'S, vert, an anchor, in pi-.le, a/,,— Crest,
the first. —
Crest, a buckle, issuing out of a the emblem of Time, passing with his sithe
crescent ar. over his shoulder, all ppr.
htsly, [Tullochi, Scotland,] ar. on a fesse az. Letiiam, gu. a cross erm.
three buckles or, betw. tluTe fleurs-de-lis of the Lclham, quarterly, ar. and ermines, in the first
second. —
Crest, an eagle's neck, with two heads, quarter a flerir-de-lis gu.
erased, sa. Letiibridge, [Devonshire,] sa, two bars ge-
Lash/, [Kinivie, Scotland,] ar. on abend az. three melles betw. six roses ar. three, two, and one.
buckles or, within a bcrdurc, indented, of the -
— Crest, a stag's head, erased, per fe.sse, ar.
second . and sa. attired or, in his mouth a rose of the
Lcsii/, [Oustons, Scotland,] ar. on a bend az. iii-st, stalked and leaved vert.

betw. three oak-branches, slipped, vert, atorued, Leihhridgc, ar. over water ppr. a bridge of five
])pr. as many buckles oi'. Crest, a hand, hold-— arches, tnrrctted, gu. in chief an eagle, dis-
ing- a v. ritiug-pen, [)pr. played, sa. —
Crest, out of a mural coronet or, a
Lcshj, ar. a ])air of wings, conjoined, ])pr. sur- demi eagle, displayed, ppr.
mounted of a fesse az. charged with three Letherforu, sa, a cliov. betw. three leopards'
buckles or. faces ar.
Lesli/, ou a fesse az. three buckles or, within
ar. Letjjieulliek, [Essex,] ar. a chev. gu. betw.
a bordure of the second, charged with as many three parrots' heads, erased, vert.
stars of the first. —
Crest, a griffin ppr. winged LetliuUer, or LethicuUkr, [Acton, Middlesex,]
or, holding in the dexter talon a buckle of the ar. acliev. gu. betw. three parrots' hea.ds, couped,
last. vert, beaked of the second. —
Crest, a parrot,
Lesone, [Vv^heatfield and Soulgrave, ISorthamp-
tonshire,] gu. a chief ar. on the lower part Lethington, ar. a bend, engr. gu. betw. two
thereof the sun's resplendent rays, issuaut, there- otters' heads,couped, sa.
out, pjjr. —
Crest, the sun or, rising out of clouds, Lktsler, gu. a lion, rampant, ar. \\'ithin a bor-
ppr. dure of the second a mullet for dilFerence.
Lesolcii Ai.ein, [Lord jMayor of London, 12G7 Lettekington, gu. on a bend ar. three bars
and 1.2GS,] gu. ten bezants. sa.
iVocV.— He H as a Baion and hord-Cliief-Justice ; slaiu bv LiyrncE, gu. on a chev. ar. three trefoils sa.
F.iir! W anen, 1270. LtriTCiN, or LyttoX, [Hertfordshire,] erm. on
Lesolus, az. a chief or. a chief, indented, az. three ducal crowns or.
Le Sl'itlNG, [Durham,] sa. an orle ar. Lelton, or Li/llon, [Hertfordshire,] ar. two bars,
Le.sqik, ar. (anoihuv, or,) a chev. butw. three betw. three bears' heads, erased, gu.
calves, passant, sa. Letvvooo, [Lancashire,] or, three bars, wavy,
Le.->SI]:.UKI':, [Middlesex,] gu. a blade (jf a sword- az.
fish, crownedar. or. 'Li;\aciie, gu. three lions, rampant, crowned,
LESsiSGltAM, sa. thn-t! boars' heads, couped, ar.
within a bordure engr. ar. — Crest, a martlet, Li.\'ALL, sa. three rams' lieads, couiicd, ar.
Lciall, ar. tea billets sa. four, three, two, and
Li,.sriiN, vert, ten bezants, four, three, two, and one.
one. LcL-all, gu. abend or, betw. six crescents ar.
L li V L E V
T^vall, g«. six cresrenfsnr. Levcrion, vert, a fes'-e, wavy, betw. three peli-
]ji; Vavasour, [Yoiksliire,] or, a A-sse, clnn- cans, valuing theniseUes, or. Crest, a pelican —
cctlee, sa. ppr.
Li:\' lil.AN O, sa. tlirct- boars' lieads, coiiped, ar. Lcrerton, gu. three estodes a canton
('or stars) or,
Li:VKNTiioiirE, [Essex and HcrU'ordsiiire,] ar. a erm.- — Crest, a jjelican vuliiing herself, ar.
bend, gobony, gii. and sa. [Home In/ the lale T/ionias L(r^ifon, Usq. of
Lkvi:k, .sa. three bears' heads, coiipod, ar. Parley- House, Croi/don, Siirrei/, and Bed-
Lever, [Lever, Lancashire,] ar. two bends, one fnrd-Sfjvare, oh. Sciil. 1824.]
jilaia, the other ens^i-. .sa. a crescent gn. — Crest, I;i;\ i.sco,])cr fesse, ar. aiul sa. in base three bc-
on a tvuuipef, nowed a cock, v. ilh wings z::iliS.

expanded, (another vresf, a hare,) piir. Ll:^ !:si-.v, [Kent and Lancashire,] ar. a lion,
Lever, [Lancashire,] ar. two bends engr. az. raniiiant, guardant, gu. betw. three estoiles
Lever, ar. two bends engr. sa. vert. ,

Lever, [Laucasliirc,] ar. a chev. bctw. three bnclvS, I^evi'svij, Levesai/, or IJveseij, [Livesey, Lanca-
trijipant, sa. shire, Tooting, Surrey, and Hollingborn, Kent,]
Levir, [Lancashire,] ar. a cliev. gn. lictw. three ar. a lion, rampant, gu. betw. three trefoils,
harts, tri]ipant, sa. slipped, vert. — Crest, a lion's gamb, erased, gu.
Lever, [Lancashire,] ar. a cliev. bctw. three liarus holding four trefoils, slipped, vert.
sa. Levesci/, [Lancashire,] sa. a lion, ran!])ant, within
Lever, sa. three boars' heads, coiipcd, or. an orle of crosses, formee, fitchee, ar.
Lever, [Arhngton, Lancasliire,] ar. two bends sa. Le\ I'.siiOEME, ar. a fleur-de-lis sa.
the nnder cue engr. —
Crest, on a trnmpet, lying Lk\)-son, [Lilicshall, Shropshire, Temp. Charles
fesseways, a cock p|jr. L] az. three laurel-leaves, slipped, or.
Ll:\'l;r)iTT, gyronny of eiglit, or and sa. over al! Leveson, [Hoone's Place, Kent, and Shropshire,]
an eagle, volant, gu. az. three chesfnut-leaves or. Crest, a goat's —
Levekikk. See Laverock. head erm. attired or.
Leveringtox, gu. (anotltcr, az.) three hares, Leveson, az. a fesse, nebulee, ar. betw. three
* in pale, ar. leaves or.
Levermore, [Exeter, Devonshire,] ar. a fesse, Ix-veson, [Warwickshire,] az. a fesse, wavy, ar.
cottised, sa. betw. three tufts of grass vert. betw. three leaves or.
Levermnrc, [Devonshire,] ar. a fesse sa. betw. I^cveson, or Letvson, [W'olverhampton, Stafford-
three tiifls of grass jjpr. shire,] quarterly, az. and gu. three sinister hands,
Lr.\"ER!CK, erni. on a fesse engr. sa. three nudlels, coiqied at the wrist, and erect ar. Crest, an —
pierced, or. arm, embowed, in armour ppr. garnished or,
LKVKiiO'i', ar. on acliev. sa. three leopards' heads holding in the gauntlet a battle-axe, handle gu.
or. blade ar.
Li:\ERi'OOLE, quarterly, gu. and or, a cross, po- Lev):t, [Sherboni, Dorsetshire,] sa. a fesse, ra-
tencc, ar. guly, betw. three lions' heads, erased, ar.
Lmi'.iisEijiJE, gu. a cross engr. ar. b.^'tw. four I'Vvet, ])aly of six, ar. and az. over all a bend jialy
crescents or. of six, gu. and or.
heverscdge, [Essex,] gn. a chev. betv,-. throe lions' Level, [Westbouin and Petv.orlh, Sussex,] ar.
heads, erased, or. (Another, ar.) semce of cross crosslets sa. a lion, rampant, ot
Leversedgc, [ Vallis, Somersetshire,] sa. a chev. the last.
or, iietw. three dolphiiis ar. Crest, a leopards' — Levelt, Levet, or I^evitl, [Ireland,] ar. three
head, jessant-dc-lis or. wolves, passant, sa.
Levcrscdcje, [Whilock and Leversick, C!)es!)ire,] Levelt, [Selehurst, Sussex,] ar. semee of cro:?s
ar. a chev. I)etw. three ploughshares sa.^Crest, crosslets, fitchee, a lioii, rani])ant, sa. Crest, —
a leopard's head or. alien, rampant, ar. crowned or, lidding a cross
^^verset/e, gu. a cross engr. ar. in the first quarter crosslet, litchee, of (he first. [Gninled, hy
a crescent or. Patent, Decewher 2i. I Gii?, and home h,j
^-'l'.^ ERiON, az. three h:ues ar. Crest, a hare, — Sir Richard Levct, Lord Shtijor of London,
sejant, ar. ]7(HI.]
^'iverton, gu. two ostoiles ar. a canton enn. Li;\ 1, ar. a lion, r.mipant, sa. on a chief az. an
f-^verion, or I^enton, gu. three estoiles, with or, handle tov.ards the dexter, betw. two
<-ight points or, a canton erm. bezants.
^-f vert on, gu. three estoiles, a canton erm. Levi, ar. on a mount vert, a lion, rampant, gu.
— —

L E ^V L E W
on a an o-\\ er or, Irnndic towards tlic
cliief az. Lewis, [Bristol, and London,] sa. a chev. erni.
sinister, betw. two Lczanls. —
Cn-sl, a dc^ui lion, betw. three spears' heads ar.
rnijipant, gu. Lewis, ar. on a fesse az. three boars' heads, couped
Le^'IM.oignk, ar. tliroe incscoclicous az. on oacli or, in chief a lion, passant, gu.
three mulK'ts of tlic ricld. Leiris, [Essex, Ilerlfordshirc, and Yorkshire,]
three e,^cocheons a/., on oai li a mul-
Lcvilfi'/(/iie, ar. sa. a chev. betw. three trefoils ar. Crest, out —
let, ])ierced, of the Held. of a ducal coronet or, a jiliune of live ostrich
Le\ INC, or Living, [Woolwich and Erid-en, feathers ar.
Kent,] ar. on a bend az. thrre escallops Leiris, [Caulerhury,] or, on a chief sa. three es-
eruiiiiois. toiles'of the field. — Crest, an ennine, pas.sant,
Leving.-^, or Leving, [Derbyshire and V^'ar-
wickshire,] vert, a cliev. or, in cliief three es- Lewis, [llossendcn-in-ljleane, Ivent,] ar. a chev.
callops ar. —
Crest, Avithin a chaplet vert, an gu. betw. three bea\ ers' tails, erect, ppr. Crest, —
escallop ar. [Granled, UMhSeplcmher, ICiii.] a demi beaver ppr.
Levinoston, [Scotland,] az. in chief two cincjue- Lewis, per ]iale, indented, az. and ar. three tre-
foils, in base an escallop or. foils, slipiied, of the first.
Levington, ar. a .saltier gu. on a cliief of the Lewis, [Sutton JMagna, Sliropshire,] gu. a griflin,
second, three bears' heads, coiiped, or. segreant, or. —
Crest, a demi grillin or.
Levington, [Levington, Cumberland,] (Temp. I^ewis, [The Van and Carn Lloyd, Glamorgan-
Henry L) oi-, a .saltier gn. on a chief of the shire,] sa. a lion, ramp;iiit, ar. — Crest, a lion,
second, three boars' heads, couped of the first. rampant, sejant, ar.
Levinijion, gn. on a cliev. ar. three cinquefoils sa. I^ewis, [Peugwerne, Sierionethsiiire,] erm. a sal-
Levins, [Cambridgeshire,] ar. a chev. gu. in tier gu.
chief three escallops of the .second. Leicis, [Mar Lewis, and Ledstou-Hall, York-
Levhis, [Essex,] gu. billcttec or, a fcsse of the shire,] sa. a chev; betw. three trefoils or.
last. Crest, out of a ducal coronet, a plume of iivc
Levins, ?s. on a chief indented sa. three martlets ostrich feathers, two and three sa. charged with
of the first. a chev. of the first.
Le^ INZ, ar. on a bend sa. three escallops erm. Lewis, [Stocke, Uorsetshire, and Somersetshire,]
Crest, on a torteaux, a squirrel, sejant, ppr. erm. on a fesse az. three boars' heads, couped,
Levinz, [London, Oxfordshire, and Northampton.] ar. —
Crest, an antelojje's head, erased, sa. arm-
ar. a vine, with lea\ es and fruit ppr. over all, ed, attired, maned, tufted, and ducally gorged,
on a bend sa. three escallops of the first.— or.
Crest, a squirrel, sejant, in a vine branch, all Jjcwis, [Monmouthshire,] checpiy or and sa. on
ppr. a fesse gu. three leopards' heads, jessaat-de-lis
L)nvcAR, chev. sa. betw. three horses'
ar. a of the first.
heads, couped, gu. Lewis, [Harto]), Piadnor-shire,] sa. an eagle, dis-
Le'SVCE-LL, or Le\\ SELL, ar. a fesso masculy gu. played, ar. beaked and legged or. Crest, on —
within a bordure az. bezantee. a chapeau gn. turned up erm. an heraldic tiger.
Leiccell, [YViltshire,] ar. four fusils, in jiale gu. Lewis, [Brecon,] ar. a dragon's head and neck,
v.itliin a bordure sa. bezantee. erased, vert, holding in his mouth a bloody
Leaven, [Siston, Leicestershire,] or, a bend, ra- hand.
guly, sa. betw. two trefoils, .s!ipj)ed, \ert. Lewis, [Jlalveni-Ifall, AVarwickshire,] gu. three
Lewiiite, [Bromhain, Vv'iltshlre,] az. a fesse, serpents, nowed, iji triangle, ar. -within a bor-
betw. three garbs or. dure engr. or.
Lemin, [Hertford,] ])er pale, gn. and az. three Lewis, or, a lion, rampant, sa. Crest, a griiTui, —
l)uc.ks' heads, erased at the neck, or. Crest, — segreant, sa.
a buck, trippant, quarterly, or and nz. Lewis, sa. a clicv. betw. three trefoils, slipped,
Lewin, [Oti ingden, Kent,] per pale, gu. and or. [Confirmed lo JcJin Lewis, of Duncaslcr,
az. three bucks' heads, couped, or. Crest, a — 2-2d Ocloher, 1.3SG.]
buck, trippant, or, gorged with a chaplet vert. Lewifs, [Wales,] or, a chev. betw. three lions,
LeiL-in, or, six inarth'ts gu. three, two, iwd one. rampant, gu.
I^'icin, [Kent,] or, a cIkn. engi. a>.. in rliirf three Lewes, sa. a cliev. betv/. three trefoils, slipped,
escallops gu. in base a buck's In a: I oi hic last. ar.
Crest, a sea lion ])pr. his fail iiov, ci, h, hling in Lewes, cheqViy, ar. and sa. on a fesse gu.' tli^eo
his paws a shield gu. charged with au escallop or. leopards' lieads or, •
: ^ .-. •. ..

l.i;WlS, per fcsse, and az. Ihrec bucks' Iviids,
gii. Le.vlon, ar. on a chif-f az. three CathaVine-M heels
coii])ed at thi.- neck, or. or.

Li;W):S, quarterly; first and I'ourth or, tijroe scr- Li:y, ar. a chev. betv,-. three birds' heads, cuuped,
l)cnts, conjoined ia triangle, vert ; second and sa.
third, ar. a liou, rampant, sa. —
Crest, an ea;;lp, -Lt-y, or Lai, or, a saltier sa. on a chief gu. tiiri'e

disjilaycd, sa. (tlie feet resting on the wreatli,) martlets of the field.
in the Leak, and enT\rap[ied round the body, a IjCij,ar. a chov. betw. three bears' Leads, couped,
serpent, ppr.[Boi-ite lij Sir Walkiii Luces, sa. muzzled or. —
Crest, a lion, sejant, or.
Knt. Lord Mcnjm- of London, 179.. ] Ley, [.Stanbrdshire,] ar. a hend, lozengy, gu.
Lewis, az. a v,oU', rampant, ar. —
Crest, a demi Ley, Leyr, or Lye, [Shropshire,] gu. a fesse, coun-
wolf, ram))ant, ar. ter-compo/iy, or and az. betw. ten billets ar. four,
Lewis, paly of six, ar. and gu. on a chief az. a three, two, and one.
lion, passant, ar. ducally crowned or. Crest, — Xey, or Lea, ar. on a chief sa. three bezants.
on a chapcau gu. turned up erm. a greyhound Lty, or Laa, [V.'arwickshire,] oi-, on a chief sa,
sa. collared or. two sithe-blades, point to point, ar. (Ano-
I^eivis, vert, a lion, rampant, or. — Crest, on a ther, or.)
mount vert, a groyliound, couchant, gu. collared Lcij, or Leijs, sa. on a chov, or, two sithe-blades
or. of the field.
quarterly ; first and fourth ar. an eagle, dis-
Lci'.-is, Ley, or Lcyes, [Huntingdonshire,] sa. a chev. or,
played, gu. second and third, ar. a lion, ram-
; betw. three sinister hands, couped, ar.
pant, sa. crov.ned or. —
Crest, ou a chapeaa gu. Ijey, [Wiltshire,] ar, a chev, hcUv. throe seals'
turned up erm. an heraldic tiger p])r. [Borne heads, couped, sa.
hij Thomas Fran/eland Lewis, Esq. M.P. of. Leyuourxe, az. six lions, rampant, or, a file of
Harptoii-Coitri, Radnorshire, 1S25.] four ]K)ints gu.
Lewistox, [Levviston, Dorsetshire, Dmham, Levj'.ohxe. See v.ith Ltiiborne.
and Huntingdonshire,] gu. three battle axes ar. LEYCEy TEK, or, a fesse gu. betw. tliree fleurs-
LinvKNOR, [Vrest Dean, Sussex, and Worces- de-lis —
Crest, a demi lion, ra.mj'iant,
tershire,] az. three cliev. ar. (Another, az. holding a fleur-de-lis
three chev. or.)— Crest, a greyhoimd, coiuant, Leyeand, [Morley, Lancashire,] ar. on a fesse sa.
ar, collared or.(Anuiher crest, a unicorn's head a lion, passant, betw. two escallops of tiie field,
or, erased az. bezantee, horned and maned or.) in chief nine ears of barley gu. three, three,
Lcwliiior, [Kent,] gu, three bucks' heads, ca- and three, each placed one in pale, and two in
bossed, or. saltier, and banded with a string or. Crest, a —
lycwknor, sa, six doves ar. tlirce, t'.vo, and one. dcnii dove ar. wings, endorsed, az. in bis beak
LiivrNE, crni. on a bend gu. three escallops or. three ears of wheat or.
r<i;ws, [Norfolk,] or, a saltier eagr. vert. Leyland, [Morley, Lancashire,] quarterly first, or, ;

Le wsiiLL, ar. a pale, fusilly, (another lozengy,) on a bend sa. a lion, passant, ar. in chief three
gu. within a liordure az. bezantee, roses gu. second, ar. two swords in saltier sa.

Leirsell, ar. a pale, lozengy, \\ittiin a bordurc az. third, as the second ; fourth, as the first.
bezantee. Leyland, [Lancashire,] ar, on a fesse sa. a lion
Lkwson, [Warv.icksbire,] az. a fesse, v.avy, or, betw. two crescents of the field.
bcfw. three trefoils of the second. Leyley, or Lilly, gu. three lilies ar. stalked
I'drson, [Staflbrdshirc,] quarterly; az. and gn. vert.
three sinister hands, couped at the wrist and LE"i"MiAM, quarterly; ar. and sa. on the Jlrst
erect, ar. — Crest, an arm, embowed, in annoiir, quarter a fleur-de-lis gu. on the second, a
I'pr.garnished or, holdisig, in the gauntlet, a fleur-de-lis erm,
battle axe, handle gu. blade ar.;shelme, ar. a fieur-de-lis sa.
^'KXHAM, sa. three lleurs-de-lis or. Lezeh.S, or Lkyzeks, paly of six, or and gu.
1-tavsTOX, [Dorsetsliire,] gu. three battle axes, a fesse az.
m pale, or, edged ar. LiiUARCii SnAV,'EN' Vaux,
[Dival, Yv'ales,] sa.
''':xiN'TON, [Yorkshire,] sa. three salticrs eiigr. a boar, j)assant, ar. collared gu. on a mount
ar. vert, under a holly-bush of the List.
^^yinlon, [Lexington, or Laxion, Noitinghnm- LiALii, az. a bend, betw. six cross crosslefs,
shire,] (Torap. King .John,) ar. a cross patonce iitchee, or.
nz. LiAiU), [Norfolk,] ar. a bull, i)assimt cov/ard, .sa.
'-i:XTON. See Lepton. - -> within a bordure of the last bezantee.
L 1 1) L 1 G
LiA'i', ar. fin cnole, displayed, gu. crowned az. {Granted fn John Lidc/hird, nf
LiUAND, ;ir. fi lion, pLissaiit, ax,. Plaiiisfiid, Kent, and Rovtjliun, SiiJJ'oll; 1740.']
LiiiiJY, [Stoke Prior, and l>roiiisy;rove, V, orcos- LliiisKL, [Essex,] Rii. three garbs ar.
tershire,] crni. a lion,, az. LiDSF.v, [London,] gn. a fesse cliequy, or and
LiiiERTON, or Liur.i- n.TOX, [Liberton, Scollnnd,] az. in chief a trefoil slipped, l)etw. t\vo imdlt;!^
az. a leopard's head, erased, or. of the second. —
Crest, a demi griffin, scgreant,
LliJiU'lliD), per clie\-. sa. aiid ar. three leopards' az. beaked and legged gu. in his dexter claw a
licads, contit^'rchanged. trefoil, slipped, or.
Lkhjidd, -M. two beads ar. LinwAi.L, [iJathebar, Scotland,] per fesse, gu.
LicljKOnn, sa. a chcv. bctw. three leopards' and ar. a fesse Avavy az. with sjiikes on each
heads ar. side, countercbanged, an escocheon surtout
LiCiiiM'iEl.n, ])cr chev. sa. and ar. three leo- or.
]iards' lieads in chief or. Lit:,[Cheshire,] ar. a bend, fii;-illy, in tlie sinister
LlGKiE, [Scotland,] ar. two bends az. on the (irsf, corner a crescent sa.
three roses or, on the lust, as many acorns of Lie, a chev. betw. three bawk-leures
the first. —
Ci-est, two hat-ds, conped below the LlKUiu;\ROOD, ar. three bends sa. on a chief gu.
vrist, supporting a sword ppr. hilt and pomel a demi buck, salient, issuant, ar. attired and
or. unguled, or. —
Crest, out of an eastern coronet
LlCKTON, gu. a che\-. engr. or, betw. three ciiiqae- gu. two antelope's horns ar. round each a ribbon
foils, ar. twisted vert. [Borne lij the late John lujlelert
LiDDHLL, gu. on a bend ar. three mullets sa. Ueulcrtrood, of Prospcvi-HiU, near Readinq
LiDDKL, ar. fretty gu, on a chief of the last three Berks, Esq. oh. lt::2L]
leopards' heads of the first. — Crest,
a lion, ram- Life, or, on a fesse l.ietw. three mart'efs sa. as
pant, sa. platee, crowned with an eastern coro- many ln'.rfs of the field.
iiet or. Lifej:xei,l, erm. on a fesse gu. three bucks'
Liddel, [Ilalkertoun, Scotland,] gu. on n bend bends or.
sinister ar. a iiudlet sa. LiFF, ar. three cinquefoils, pierced, az. a canton
Liddel, [Scotland,] gu. ou a bend ar. three mullets of the last.
sa. LiFiFED, [Surrey,] crm. on a chev. betw. three
Liddel, gu. ou a bend betw. six cross crosslets, demi lions, rampant, gu. as many trefoils, slipped,
fitchec, in chief, and a tlenr-de-lis in base ar. or.
three spur-rowels of the first. LiFTOX, ar. a bend, indented, sa.
LinriERiiALE, [St. Viavy Isle, Scotland,) az. a LiGCEN, or LlGNEV, chequv, ar. and az. a fesse
chev. crm.
LiniiiAliD, alias StrATTON,
[Rockley, in Yv'ilt- LiGEN, [Lmcoln,] a chief, chequy, ar. and az.
shire,] rpiarterly first and fourth, erm. on a
; over all a bend gu. [Granted to Anthony, son of
chev. or, three mullets, pierced, gu. second ; John Licien, of Harlacksfou, TJncoln, fonnerly
and third, or, on a chief, indented, az. three of Hainaun,'20th Janvary, 1619.]
escallops of the— Crest, a demi lion, ram- LiGH, [Highbgh, Chester,] ar. a lion, rampant, gu.
pant, ar. holding in his dexter paw a mullet — Crest, a cubit arm, erect, in armour, ppr.
gu- garnished or, holding in the hand pjjr. a tilfiug-
LluniAT, [Chesthall, Staffordshire, and Walsall, spear of the first, headed ar. [Granted De-
Worcestershire,] gu. a fosse erminois bctw. three cember Sd, 1580.]
\\-olves' lieads, coui)ed, or. — Crest, a wolf's I^ifjJi, or Liffhe, sa. a cross engr. ar.

head, erased, jjcr pale, erminois and gu. IJijJi, ar. a bend lozengy, betw. two cross cross-
LiDi'.LL, or LiDDr.i.L, [Ka\e)isworth- Castle, lets, fitchee, sa.
Durham,] ar. fretty gu. on a chief of the second Liidi, or, a cross ciigr. vert.
three leopards' heads or. —
Crest, a lioir, rani- J^ij'i, [('oMiwall,] vert, a saltier betw. four cables,
[lant, sa. billeltee or, ducally crowned of the disjila^ed, or.
last. LlGJiAM, barry oi' six, or ami az. a beiid gu.

Li 1)15 BIRD, quarterly, gu. and az. a chcv. erm. in LuniT, or Lv'iE, [llorlcy, Oxfordshire, and
chief two eagles, displayed, ar. in liase a lion, Liies Cary, Sonierselshlre,"] gu. a chev. betw.
jiassant, or. —
Crest, on a wreath ar. and gu. a three swans, rising, ar.— Crest, a plume of
mural crown or, therein a trunk of a tree ppr. three feathers, two gu. middle one ar. issuing
sprouting vert, surnionnted with a pelican of from behind a demi swan, rising, of the second,
the third, vulniiig herself of the fo\irlh, ducallv inside of her wings of the first.

Liqiif, vei (, a salfier bctw.four eagles, displayed, or. Lile, or Lisle, or, on a chief az. three lions, ram
Lrnin t;i)i;NE, or LiKi;j;oiiXK, sa. tliive lozenges ])ant, of the first. See LiSLK.
ar. Lit/e, or Lile, ar. a fessc, betw. three estoiles,
fJ(/h/horiu', [Someiselsliii'c,] az. six lion.? ar. tlirce, pierced, gn.
two, aad ouu, williiii a boiJinc fn|;r. or. Lille, [Kutland,] ar. on a fesse, betw. two chev.
LH/hltiorne, or Licj lit bourne, [Mancliester,] az. six sa. three roses (.r.

lions, iai!i]3aiit, three, two, and one, ar. on a Li'lie, az. a crescent or, betw. three lilies ar.
bordure of the second, ten hurts.— Crest, an Lill, or Linll, [Kent,] gu. a bend gobouatcd, or
eajrle, displayed, az. beaked and meniljered or, and az. betw. six crescents ar.
[Gra/ilrd to John Liqliloourne, uf LaiiciiaUr, JJI/i/, or Liijldy, [Newhall, Yorkshire,] ar. on a
'SdJviie, K>()2.] fesse sa. a tieur-de-lis or.
LiGHTiooT, [Ashford, Kent,] barry of six, or Ldlij, or LisL'ij, [Rutlandshire and Nortlianijiton-
and gii. on a bend sa. three escallops ar. sliire,] or, on a fesse, betw. two ciie^ s;i. three

LiGHTFOiiiJ, az. a pale, rayonee, or. roses ar. (Another, the field ar.)
LlGIlTON, ar. a lion, salient, gn.' Lilji, [liromsgrove, "Worcestershire,] gu. three
LiGO, [Tiurco;, Weston- TurviHe, and Stoke Man- lilies, slipped, ar.
deville, Euekini^hamshire,] or, cu a jjale sa. Lyhj, [London,] gu. three lilies ar. stalked and
three e.sioiles of fiie field. —
Crest, on a cliapeaa leaved vert, v.iiliin a bordure of the second, a
az. turned up ar. an estoile, betw. two wings crescent for ditierence. [Heralds' Office, Lon-
expanded or. don, C. 24.] _ ,

LiGON, [Madresfield, 'Worcestershire; f.nd Upton Lii.GRAVF,, or LibL(';p.A\'E, [Yorkshire,] ar. on

St. Leonard's, Glouceslershire,] ar. two lions, a chev. betvr. thiee v, ater bougels sa. as many
jjassant, in pale, gii. —
Crest, a Saraeei\'s head cstoiivs or.
ppr. wreathed about the temples ar. and gu. Ll LI.1.G1{.\NK, [Yorksiiire,] or, on a ciiev. betw.
(Another crest, an old man's head ]ipr. hair three water bougets sa. as iiiany stars of the
and beard sa.) field.
Lifjnu, ar. two lions, passant, in pale, sa. LiLLii;, per chev. engr. ar. and gu. three lilies
Lijoii, ciiecjuy, ar. and az. a fesse gu. counterchaiiged.
LiGONiiiR, [London, and Cobham, Surrey,] gu. LiLLlNGE, or LiLLlXG, [Norfolk,] gu. three
a lion, rampant, or, on a chief ar. a crescent, fishes, uaiant, ar. within a bordure engr. of the
bet\v. —
two annulets az. Crest, a demi lion, second. (Another, the bordure phiin.)
rampant, erminois, issuing out of a mural coro- LilUnrjc, gu. three salmons, naiant, in pale, withiti
net gu. holding in liis dexter ])aw a palni-l^ranch a bordure erm.
vert. Lt ISLINGTON", [Dorsetshire,] chequy, ar. and vert.
Litjonicr, [Fjance,] gu. a lion, rampant, ar. on a Lf M G P. w Y, or Lym li ei; j; Y, [Dorsetshire,] per pale,
chief of the second, a crescent, betw. tv. o uud- ar. a!ul gu. a chev. betw. three lions, rampant,
!efs az. counterclianged. —
Crest, a unicorn, passant, gu.
Lii.iiORM",, ermines, a chcv. betw. three cres- crined, armed, 'and hoofed or.
cents or. LiMr.oRNK, ar. an inescocheoii sa. within an orle
Lilboriie, sa. three water bougets ar. of martlets gu.
I-dbornc, sa. three dossers ar. Limburnc, ar. a chev. sa. within an orle of uino
t>iL!',uoj;Nii,erm. on ache v. az. three crescents or. nuuilets gu.
LUi-bonic, sa. three swans ar. LiMUUR, ar. three cinquefoils, pierced, gu.
lAlehoriie, sa. three swans ar. within a bordure of LI.^^RliR^M!, ar. an escocheon, betw. eight cinque-
the second. foils in orle gu.
l-ile'jorm, sa. three lozenges ar. Liinburne, ar. an escocheon sa. betw. eight mart-
or Lii.r.on.M-, [Thickley, Tin; her-
l.ii.i'.LWtNr;, lets in orle gu.
doi), Durh.un,] ar. three wafer bougi-is sa. LiMHl'ii^', [j^imebouse, Middlesex, and Dorset-
Crest, a (!e\ler arm, in anuour, p;>r. uek'ing a shire,] per ]>ale, ar. and gu. a chev. betw. three
truncheon or. lions, rampant, counien hanged.
'•H.LUURN, sa. three lozenges ar. Liinbiinj, ar. six cinquefoils sa. three, two, and
'^iLi:, [Middlesex,] erminois, on a c'.iief az. three one.
fions, rampant, or. Li M I'S i; Y, [Long Tching, Warwickshire,] gu. three
'''<le, [ILnni)shiro,] or, a cliev. betw. tluve holly eagl.'s, displayed, or.
aves gn. Liniesrij, or, an eagle, displayed, gu. a bordure
Lilc crin. a lion, rampant, sa. sa. verdoy of cinquefoils tu'.
[4a ]

JAmesey, or, an engl", clit>i)1ay<'i1, sa. a Imrdure of Lindsey, [Huntingdonshire,] vair, an orle ar. a
liie last, vcrdov of cinqiiefoils ar. bordure gu. charged M'ith eight cross cro.sslets or.
/w'wf.v;, iriverli,NVarwickslii.e,'J\'nii). V/illiain flic Lindsey, [Warwickshire,] gu. three eagles, dis-
CoiKjiirrov,] or, V.ii caylf, (lis])I,iy(Ml, az. avnuHl played, or, mcmliered az.
i;u. Lindsey, or, an eagle, displayed, :ia. armed and
LlMlM'.Mi:, per pale, sa. and ;;u. a, !\ioinit:;;n cnt, az. -a chief vair.
niei.ibered [Confirmed to
lietw. three roses ar. {IhntUrs Ofuc, C. 2:?, J-Ahcard IJndseij, of London, and Bucfsted,
in SlciLcVs Pedigree.'] Sussex, Esq. 26/h June, lOOB.]
r.lM.'^r.y, ii-u. an ca£;lc, di.sjilajod, or, anuod sa. Lindsey, or, an eagle, displayed, sa. a chief vair.
[Borne hij Sir Pkcr Li.-nsi'i/. of Arlc;/, V^ar- [Confirmed to \\'UHovi Lindsey, son of Simon
liicksJiire, Temp. IJenry
111.] Lindsey, of London, Escj.~\
Limsey, gu. three allerions, disphiycd, or. LiNi'SLF.y, "[Linesley, Lancasliire,] sa. a lion,
LiXAKCt:, ar. on a fe.sse a/., five stais or. rampant, hctw. eight crosses, pattee, fitchee, ar.
TJnarce, [Yorkshire,] a/,, a che\-. lietw. three LiXGARD, barry of six, or and az. on a bend sa.
fleurs-de-lis ar. three escallops nr.
LiNCli, three lynxes, salient, ar.
sa. Cre.^t, a — LvNGElNE, baiTy of six, ar. and az. on a bend
lynx, passant, ar. gu. three roses of the first.

Lincoln, ar. on a cross vert, an estoile, pierced, IJnr/en, chcqny, ar. and az. a fesse gu.
or. IJngen, [Northumberland,] paly of six, or and
Lincoinc, g-n. a lion, raraj)aiit, or. az. on a bend gn. three chaplets ar.
Lincohic, -ar. a leopard, rampant, sa. Linyen, or IJuyayne, [Derbyshire, Shropshire,
Lincolne, or, a leopard, rampant, sa. armed ar. Northamptonshire, Gloucestershire, and AVitton
Liucolne, or, on a cross gu. five estoiles ar. Lingayne, V/orcestershire,] barry of six, or and
Lincolne, ar. a lion, rampant, sa. gorged with a az. on a bend gu. (another, az.) three roses ar.
ducal coronet or. —
Crest, a lion, ranipant, as in —
Crest, out of a ducal coronet or, a garb vert.
the arras. Liny en, ct Linyuy, [France,] ar. three chev. sa.
Lincoinc, [Dorset and Somerset, Tonp. Ivich. I.] LiXGiiOOKE, or'LvNLOOKE, [Tirringtou, Nor-
quarterly, jicr pale indented, or and gu. iu the folk,] paiy of four, az. and gu. a fesse dancettee,
first and fourth, a cross of five lozenges of the betv.-. three bulls' heads, erased, or. Crest, a —
second. griffin's head, erased, gu. gorged with a collar,

LiNUE, three leopards' faces ar.

sa. dancettee, or, in his beak a violet az. stalked
Linch; [Dorsetshire,] gu. three bucks' heads, and leaved vert.
coupcd, ar. LiNGNF., gn. a chief chequy, ar. and az. over all,
J/ind, gu. two rpcars in saltier, betv.-. a muilet in a bend or. [Confirmed to Daniel De Linyne,
chief and a crescent in base, all ar. within a Esrj. of Harla.rton, TJneolnshire.']
bordure of tlic last, entoyre of lleurs-de-lis and LiNGUY, a saltier engr. az. a bordure or.

annulets alternately az. —

C'rest, two sprigs cf Linyny, three chev. sa.

laurel, in saltier,ppr. IMotto over crest, Sem- LlNGVVOon, [Eraintree, Essex,] az. on a saltier,
per virescif virtus. Iietw. four fleurs-de-lis or, five annulets gu.
LiNDKSEi, or LiNnsr.v, [AVarwickshire, Temp. Crest, a talbot's head or, pellcttee, gorged with
Henry III.] gu. three eagle.s, dis;)la_\ed, or, a mural coronet of the first.
Lindsay, [Sir John,] quarterly ; first and fourth, LiNiSKY, gu. an eagle, displayed, or, membered
gu. a fesse clieqny ar. and az. second and ; az.
third, or, a lion, rampant, gu. ov( r all, a bend- LiNNU, [London,] sa. a trefoil or, charged with
let sa. — Crest, a cnbit arm ppr. holding a sword, a German text V.
erect, ar. liilt and pcniel or, on the point, a LiNNM'T, ar. semee of cross crosslets, a lion, ranj-
balance, or pair of scales, of J^hc last. Sup- pant, sa.
irortei-;, two tigers [ipr. each gorged ^\ith a JAnnet, sa. a chev. betw-. three boars' heads, era.sed,
ducal coronet or. [Installed Kniyht of Hie ar. muzzled gu.
Ball,, l;>thJnne, 1772.] LlNQUK, or J-.1NQ, [Lincolnshire, descended of
Lindsey, [Cumberland,] or, an eagle, displayed. a family of lAncjve, in the I'rovince of Hainault,]
ved or, a ciiief chequy, ar. and az. over all, a bend
Oi :mi.-- CresI, e;i ^i r;u>r.nt vert, a lion, sejant,
or, seri'.ee i

vcvt. I'U.iidani, or, r.|iii'iiig his foot on a caltrap az.

on a chief three "riflins' he; I-nSI;-! or. ;a\ ea 'Ir, di,-.i)lavcd, sa. charged villi
Lindscii, ar. ] .

oraseil, of the field.


Liiisci/, sa. an englc, displayed, or. sliire,] ar. displayed, with two
three eagles,
IjINSKJLI,, or, ill) c.-^ie, di>|ilaYed, \\itli fv.'o heads gu. (Another, the eagle -with one head.)
lieiids purp. beaked and niembered go. a cliicf, Lisle, [Earl of Flanders,] l)arry of eight, or aTid
neliulcc. az. —
Crest, a denii eap^le, displayed, az. a bend gu. over all, on an escochcon of the
with two heads or, holding in_ tlie beak, a scroll, first, a lion, rampant, sa.
with this motto, Yicior. Lisle, [Ivirl of Flanders,] gyronny of twelve, or
Ijntun, [Cambridgeshire,] aj-. on a cross gn. and az. over all, an escocheon gu.
live roses of the field. — ('rest, a gviflln's lirad, Lisle, f-r Lisle}/, Cambridgeshire,
erased, ] (1:1-2,] or, a fesse, iietw. two chev. sa. \Bonie
Liitloii, vaire, or and az. ly Sir John Lisle, of Mllhraham, ICG. Temp.
Linton, an eagle, dis])layed, ar. on a chief of
gii. Fid ward 111.]
the last, three roses of the first. JAsle, or L>i/lde, gu. three Ijezants, each charged
Linion, [Driuiierick, Scotland,] gu. a cross cross- with a crowned king, robes sa. doubled erm.
let ar. betw. fonr crescents or. sustaining a covered cup in (ho right hand, and
l.i swoon, gu. a hind, betw. three ]iheons or, a sword in tlie left, or. [Borne hy Jolin de
wltiiin a bordnre engr platee. L^i/lde, or Lisle, Prior of T]^inchesler and
l,iiM,L, [Kent,] gu. a bend gobony, or and r.z. Bishop of Ehj,^ 1345.]
betw. six crescents ar. LJIsle, [Rugemont, Bedfordshire, Temp. Henry
Lion, az. on a fcsse or, a lion, passant, and two III.] gu. a lion, passant, giiardant, or, crowned
cinquefoils gu. betw, three plates, on eath a ar.
griflin's head, erased, sa. Lisle, [Isie of Wight, Temp. lieu. IIL] gu. a
Lioji, [Lord ?ilayor of London, loS-l,] az. on a lion, ])assa!i(, ar. crowned or.
fcsse engr. or, l)etw. three bezants, on each a IJJsle, [Kingston Isle, Berks.] The same arms.
head, erased, sa. a lion, passant, guar-
griflin's Ijyslc, J^ijsleij, sa. a fesse, betw. two cliev. or.
dant, betw. two cinquefoils gn. fji/sle, [Sussex, Cambridgeshire, and Compton
Lions, per pale, or and az. a cliev. enn. Davrill, Somevsetshire,] or, a fesse, betw. two
Lions, per pale, or and az. a fesse erm. chev. sa.— Crest, on a chapeau gu. turned up
LiosSK, sa. a saltier or, betw. fonr billets ar. erm. a millstone ar. charged with a millrind or.
LirriNCOTT, per fesse embattled, gu. and sa. I^ysle, or Lyslcy, or, on a fesse, betw. two chev.
three leopards, "passant, ar. —
Crest, out of a sa. three roses of the first.
mural crown gu. five ostrich feathers, alternately LiPLEY, gu. an eagle, displayed, or.
ar. and az. Lister, [London,] erm. on a fesse, cottised, sa.
LiRNViLL, or, a fret and canton gu. three mullets or. —
Crest, a slag's head, ei-ased,
LisKoiiNE, or Jjisr.uRN, sa. th .enges ar. per fesse, p])r. rud or, attired of the last.
I'l.SK, ar. three mascles az. on a cliief gu. as nuiiiy [Granted to Edward Lister, of Tendon, 31. D.
mascles of the field. April 20, inoe.]
l^isiviRKE, [Holland,] or, tlire > files, barwi-c, Lister, [N^'esti jd, and YVydope, Yorkshire,

gu. the first of five points, the_ second of four and of Derbyshire,] erm. on a. fcsse sa. three
points, the last of three. muilets or.---C.est, a's head, erased,
Lisle, [St. Martin'.s-in-the-Ficlds, Mid-'V se\.] I>pr.
erminois, on a chief a/,, three lions, ,;<r);, .JJster, [Eowton, Shropshiic,] erm. on a fes«e sa.
or.- —
Crest, a lion's gainb ar. holding ..i: , three mullets ar. — Crest, a buck's head, erased,
or. pjir.
Lisle, or Li/e, ar. a liou, rampant, az. JAster, [Finchley, Middlesex, and Essex,] nz. on
Lisle, or, a lion^ rani])ant, az. tail forked. a cross ar. five torteauxcs, each charged with a
Lisle, [Farniey, Norlhampton;hire and Noi lii- ; mullet or.
"•^. berland,] gu. a lion, ])assaiit, ar. crowncil or. Lister, [New Windsor, Berkshire,] vert, on a
I'iilc, [Brackley, Northam])tonshire and FcUon, ; cross ar. five torteauxes, each charged, with a
Northumberland,] gu. a lion, p;issaiit, guai lant, mullet, or.
ar. crow lied or. IJster, gu. semee de mullets, a lion, rampant,
'-'*/<;, [Newport, Isle of Wight, Ilaiits,] or, on a ar.
chief az. three lions, rampant, of the firct.— 1,1.-^TON, gu. a cross, raguly, or.
Crest, n stag, tripping, ar. attired or. Lisloii, ar. a bend, dancettee, s;\.
/'"le,[Surrey,] or, on a cliev. betw. three demi JJ^ton, vert, six bezants. ,

lions, rampant, gu. as nuuiy trefoils ar. /vision, ver(, ten bezants. : .

Li\lc^ [Warwickshire, and Yarwell, Korthamptoii- LlTCOTT, or, two bars, vaire, ar.and sa.

[ 4 A 2 ]

LlTHrtow, [Drygrango, Scotland,] ar. a denii LiTTt.RR, [Middlesex,] ar. a chev. sa. betw. three
otter, iisiiiii<^ out of a lock in l)aso, ppr. squirrels, sejant, gu.
Ijtlk, vert, six lions, rampant, ar. Lrn i-r.TOX, [Lenhedrock, Cornwall,] ar. a chev.
Liillc, sa. a saltier ar. betw. three escallops sa. (piartercd with or,
Liih-, sa. a saltier or. three piles of the second, a canton erm.—Cresi,
LlTLF.U, [Tathwell, Linrolnsiilie,] ar. two liars a stag's head, cabossed, sa. attired or, betw.
az. in cliief a yrilliii, jias-sant, gu. al! wifliiii a ;iie attire a bugle-horn ar. stringed of the first.

bordure, engr. sa. LilJ/eliin, [PHlatun-llall, Stalibrdshire, Mounslow

Lillcr, [London,] ar. a cliov. sa. botw. three and Henley, Shropshire,] ar. a chev. betw.
so,uirrels, sejant, gu. —
Crest, a lilbert-lree p\n. three escallops sa. —
Crest, asLiUklon, of Len-
the trunk ragnly, on each side a scjuirrel, salient, hedrock. (Aiiolhcr crest, a wivern's head.)
gu. Litlkton, [Frankley, ^^'orcestershire.] The sarae
LiTTELL, [Harstcd and Little Keney, Essex,] —
Arms. Crest, a Moor's head, in profile, ppr.
sa. a pillar, ducallv crowned or, betw. two •nreathed about the temples, ar. and sa Origi- —
wings, expanded, and joined to the base of the nal crest, II dragon's head and neck, coujicd,
last."—, a cock, standing on an arrow, or,
combed and wattled gu.' Liltklon, [Leicestershire,] ar. a b'ud, betw. two
Liliel/,' or Litllc, [Bray, Berkshire,] jior chcv. cottises sa. within a burdure ena,r. su- charged
ar. and sa. in chief' three fleur.s-de-lis of the last, with eight bezants. —
Crest, as Littkivn, of
in base a tower of the first. Cornwall.
LilUc, ar. six lions, rampant, gu. three, Uxo, and JAtlhloii, [Essex.] The sarae Arms.
or.e. JAtlklon, ar. two lions, passant, gu.
Link, ar. six lions, rampant, sa. three, two, and Lilllc'lon, ar. a chev. b.etw. three escallops, within
one. a bordure, sa.
Litile, [^ticlvledale. Scotland,] sa. a saltier, engr. Lri'TON, erm. a chief, dancettee, az.
ar. —
Crest, a leopard's head or. Liilo'i, [Knebw erm. on a chief, indented,
LlTTLiiiiORNE, ])cr pale, ar. and sn. three chev. az. three ducal crowns or.
conntcrchanged. Lillou, [Hereford.] The same.
Llillehoync, ar. three watcr-bougets sa. Livr.SKv, [Iveni.] ar. a lion, ranippnt, gu. betw.
LiTTf.EBOYS, [Ashbuniham, Sussex,] sa. two three trefoils \'ert [Borne hi/ Micltcul Liveser/,
hands, one dexter and one sinister, coupcd at Ksq. ofEaslcliurcIi, Kenl. Creciicd a Baronet
the wrist, in fcsse ar. the fint;ers down- July 11, lG-,>7.]
wards. Ltvese.y, or Livesai/, ar. a lion, rampant, gu. betw.
LlTTiJ.JiUtiV, ar. on a bend vert, betw. two lions, three trefoils, slipped, vert. —
Crest, a lion's
p;;ssant, gu. three eagles, displaced, or. gamb, erased, gu.
Litlkhtifi/, [Stensby and \Vinsby, Lincolnshire,] Lhcseij, ar. a lioi!, rampant, betw. three trefoils
gu. two lions, passant, guardant, in pale, ar. sa.

Crest, a man's head, eouped at the shoulders, LT^"lT, ar. semee de cross crosslcts, a lion, ram-
anned in mail, all ppr. paut, sa.
LilHehurtf, ar. two lions, passant, gu. LnKTOi'T, ar. a lion, rampant, per fesse, gu.
LHHilniy'ij, [FiHinol);-!!!, Lincolnshire,] ar. two and sa.

linns, ])assant, guanlaat, in pale gu. Livingston, [Living.ston, Scotland,] ar. three
Lilllvbun/, [Lincolnshire,] or, two lions, passant, cinquefoils gu. ](ierced of the field. (Anotlar,
-guardant, gu. within a doidjie trcssure, ilory, couuter-ilory,
Liitkburi/, ar. two lions, passant, guardant, gu. vert.)
on a l>end vert three eagles, displayed, or. JJrhif/slon, [Dmniipocc, Scotland,] ar. three
hillkhiirv, ar. two lions, passant, guardant, gu. .cin"r)uefoils, v.ithin a double tressure, flory, and
a label az. counterJlory, gu.
LlTTLi'.FIKt.D, vert, on a chf^v. ar. belv.-. three Lii i!!i-/sioii, [Scotland,] ar. on a bend, betw. three
garbs or, as many boys' heads, coupoci, ppr. — giLl'v-ilowers gu. an anchor of the first, all witiiin

Crest, on a garb or, a bird ar. in his beak an ear a double tressure, (lory, and counterllory, vert.
of v/heat vert. — Crest, a Moor's head, coupcd, ppr. banded
Ln riji'.JonN, ar. tlaeu arrows gu. two in saltier gu. and ar. v\ith pcudles at his ears of the
and one in pale, feathered, or, betw. six tre- last.

foils, slijiped, of the second, two in chief, two Llvimjslon, [Balrowan, Scotland,] ar. three gilly-
in fesse, and tv.'oiu base. llowcrs in chief, aud an escallop in base, all
— — —

I, o c L O C
a bordurc, iiultiitcd,
Yiitliin gii. — Crest, a gilly- beak a padlock all counterchaugcd. — Crest, a
Dawcr, slipped, yyr. falcon, as in the Arms.
J.iriiif/slon, [Abei'di-cu,] ar. three ui!lv-lio\vi'i.s in Loc/i, [J.ondon,] per fesse, az. and or, in chief
cliii'f, ai.'d an escallop in b;!.so, all uitliiii a bor- three falcons, volant, of the second.
diirc g'li. — Crest, a boar's bead, rouped, holding Lock, per fesse, az. and or, a pale, coiuiter-
in his mouth a pair of balances pjji-. changed, on the first, three falcons, rising, of
IJMNCTON, ar. a bend, cngr. gu. betw. three the second, collared gu. —
Crest, a falcon, rising,
otters' heads, coiiiiod, sa. or, collared gu, in his beak a padlock, peiideiit,
Lithii/lon, ar. a bend, crtgr. gii. in chief a bear's sa. [C ranted !o Thomas Lock, of Waniford,
iioad, erased, in. inuxzled ol'the second. in /he Coital j/ of .S(Jiilha//;p!oii, Jioiii/e-Drar/on,
Lnius, vert, on a cliev. in point, euibowcd, or. Piir^uicantof'Arms, 17(i7.]
(Anotlicr, chev. of like, form, gii. bet w. three i^ocke, per fesse, az. aiid or, a pale, counter-
liOMiegranates, slipped and leaved ppr.) changed, three hawks, with wings, endorsed,
Lizuui;s,o;-Lizor!is.[Xorihaniptonshiro,Tenip. of the last. —
Crest; a hawk, with wings, en-
John,] or, a chief az. dorsed, holdinsj in his beak a padlock or.
Ll!:\\ lii.LYX, or LmvWEi.WVN, ar. a lion, [Cranled Juh/o, Hd Philip and Marii.]
rain))ant, sa. a bend, sinister^ or. Crest, a — J^nciCARD, ar. a saltier, engr. az, withia a bor-
demi lion, rampant, ar. dure, engr. or.
Li.oWARCii HoLisr.C!/, [Wales,] vert, a stag, LociCKR, Cj\iartcrly; first aud fourth, ar. a chew
trippant, ar. attired or. betw. three dragons' heads, erased, gu. second
J^LOVD. See with LoYD. and third, ar. a iesse, betw. three lozenges az.
Li-UKLLIN", [Hertfordshire,] gu. three chev. ar. Ch-est, a buck's head, erased, ppr. [JJorne ly
— Crest, a pascal laui!) KdirardUaa-kc Locker, Esq. F.R.S. andF.S.A.
LoAi)i:s, [London,] sa. a \volf, salient, reguar- is-: .3.]
diiut, or. —
Crest, on fi -wreath, a iiniral coronet LociCEY, [Yorkshire, Homes, Hertfordshire, E.s-
ar. out of Avhicii i.ssue.s au arm, habited sa. sex, and Herefordshire,] ar. a bend, betw. tv.o
call' of the first, the hand ppr. holding a key or. water-bougets, sa. — Crest, an ostrich's liead,
Siotto Ohcij and rule. [O-ranlcd by Ilc/in/ couped at the neck ar. holding in the beak a.
Sf, George, Jnhj 30, I.6S7.] key sa.
IvO.VNK, [Kent,] az. a lion, passant, or. Lock HART, [Scotlaiul,] ar. a man's heai't, ppr.
Loaiw, S7.. a tiger, passant, or. within a padlock sa.
Loaiie, [Kent,] ar'.. on antelope, passant, or. Lockhart, [Ban-, Scotland,] ar. on a bend sa.
LoiiERT, or LonERD, [Leccstershive,] gu. a three fetter-locks or.
fessc, dancettee, or, an annulet oi' the second. LockS.MiTH, ar. a chev. betw. three horse-shoes
(Anolher, a bezant.) sa. a chief g-u. —Crest, out of a nuu'al crov.ii or,
Ldbcrt [LeicestcTsliire,] gu. a iesse, indented, a grilLn's head ppr.
betw. eight bezants, lour and four. LocKTOX, [Lincolnshire,] ar. a chief az.
LoBi,EY, sa. a chev. or, betw. three apes ar. Locklon, [Swinsted, Lincohisliire,] ar. a che\-. a/..
chained of the second. — Crest, out of a ducal. coronet or, a gri/iin's
LocARD, [Ireland,] gu. three uolves' heads, head, az.
coupcd, or. (Aiioihi'r, ar.) Lock/on, [Yorkshire,] ar. on a chev. az. a niartlet
fjocard, ar. a'srillior, it!iln a bordure, az.
y'. of the first, v. ithin a bordurc, engr. of the se-
T-OCAVKi,L, gu. three sails ar. cond.
I^ocu, [Drylav, Scotland, or, a saltier, engr. .sa. I>ocK-\vooD, [Gavton, Northamptonshire, Dews-
belv/. fv.o swans, uaiant, in fessc, each in water, .Essex,] ar. a fessc, betw. three martlets
1.1 all,

ppr. sa. quartering; Cults, of /yj-kesden, Essex, viz.

Lock, per fesse, az. and or, a pale, counter- ar. on a bend, engr. sa. three plates. Crest, ou —
changed, on the fir.,t, three falcons, ri-Jng, of the stump of a iree, erased, ppr. a martlet sa:
the second, ducally croMued az. Crist, a fal- [Jlonie Iji/ Vi'iHioii Joseph Lockivood, of Deu\^
con, rising, or, duciiilv crowned ar. in his beak JIall, war AhriJir, Essex, Esq. 18:?0.]
a padlock, pendent, sa. [(Jranteil to John Lock, Lnckuood. 'J'he saiae. [Borne hij the liev. John
'if Mildenhal!, Siifo!!.-, Deci'abcr S, 1/70.] C'i'lls Ixickirnud, Vicar of CronJon, Sumy,
f-<Kk-, [Ncrbury-Park, Surrey,] per, ;iz, and I8-'5.] .
, . . ,

or, a pale and three falcons, two and one., with LoGRiiS, ar. a fesse gu.
wings uddorsqd and belled, each holding in. the Locres, or, a fesse gu. .. .
> ,
L O Iv L O N
LouJiKooKj;, [Warv, icksliire,] az. a cliev. ar. a lion, rampant, ar. maned or, col!.-tri.d
Lod'jrooki', [Ludbroukf, Warwicksliirc,] az. a
LoLger, [lUuch M'enlock,] a lion, ram- \

Lvdhronlc, crni. a cro^s fj,u. pant, ar. collared sa.


Lndehroo/.-c, [J.cicfslcrsliiiv,] az. a cl.ev. cnii. LoMAX, [Hertfordshire, and St. George's, H;:;,-

LoDl'ii, sa. six amii'.lols, tljree and tlnce, in pale, over-square, M'estmiuster,] erm. a greyhound, i

; courant, sa. betw. three escallops gu. i

Lodcrs, [VrestnioreiaiKi,] or, six annulets sa. Lomax, ar. a greyhound, courant, betw. three
LoDjavicjJ, ar. a cliev. betw. tiiree cocks sa. escallops sa. —
Crest, a demi greyhound ar. col- !

hodeicicJc, i^r." a clit'V. su. betw. tiiree cocks gu. lared gu. \_Borne hg Edmund Lomax, Esq. of "

LodewLcle, gu. a cliev. betw. three cocks ar, Parkhursi, Surrcg, 3 823.]
LoDGK, [Nettlcsteil, Sufroik,] az. a lion, ram- Lo.MDArtD, [Ireland,] lozcngy, sa. and ar.

jKiut, within a double treasure, llor}-, counter- Lomhard, per pale, lirst or, a demi eagle imperiid j

ilory, or. sa.; second, fusiUy or and sa.

Lodyc, [London,] a/., a lion, rampant, ar. crusilly LoMBAKT, [Ireland,] lo'zengy, or and sa.
t;u. witiiiu a tres."inre of demi ileurs dc-lis and a LoMiJEi;, ar, on a fesse bet\y. three lions' heads,
l)ordure of the second. erased, az. as many lozenges of the field.
Lodcje, per bend, sinister, sa. and ar. crusilly, LOMNEIR, LO.MNVER, or LoMENER, [Xorfolk,]
aiul a lion, rampant, all coiuiterchanged. on a bend ar. cottised erm. three escallops
Lodiie, [Leeds, Yorkshire,] per fesse, gu. and sa. gu.— Crest, anunicorn's head sa. armed and
a lion, rampant, ar. semee of cress cro.s'slets of crined or, betw. two wings ar.
the first. Lomond, [Lincolnshire,] az. a Tret ar. within a
Lodf/c, [Salop, and London,] gu. a lion, ramjiant, bordure or.
ar. within a bord\Tre, Hory, or. Lo.MJ'i;v, ar. two bars ermines, in chief gutlee
Lodge, [Lord ALiyor of Loudon, 1.5C>i,] az. a lion, de poix.
rampant, ar. crusilly, fitchee, gu. within a bor- LoNciiARD, [Essex,] ar. a saltier engr. az.
dure, flory, of the second. LoNUE, ar. two bars sa.;a bordure engr. gu.
LonHAM, ar. on a bend az. seven cross crosslets LoNDEY, [Northumberlaud,] az. frelty ar. within
or. a bordure or.
LODIXCTON, [\Yeldlngworth, Lincolnshire,] paly LoNniiAM, or LoWDiiAM, [Norfolk and Suffolk,]
of six, ar. and az. on a cliief ga. n lion, passant, ar. a bend az. crusilly or.
guardant, or. London, ar. three cross two
crosslets, betw.
LoDWlCK, gu. a chcv. betw. three cocks ar. bendletsgu. [Granted to Eobert London, of
LoK, az. a wolf, passant, ar. Crest, a wolfs' — Albge, Norfolk, U)Lh FthriKiry,lioGA.]
Lead, couped, ar. collared gu. charged with London, ar. a fesse erm. betw. three tow ers sa. port
three bezants. gu. —
Crest, out of a tower a demi man in ar-
LOFTUS, [Ireland,] &n. a cliev. ongr. erni. betw. mour, side-faced, holding in the dexter Iwnd a
three trefoils, slipped, ar.— Crest, a boar"s head, sword by the blade, in pale
erect and erased, ar. armed or. LoNDRES, per pale, sa. and ar. a cliev. per pale,
Logan, ar. three uaiis, fanother, arrows,) fastened or and gu.
in or, parting a heart gu. Londres, ])er pale, ar. and sa. a chev. gu.
LOGGAN, or Logon, [Staverlon, Berkshire, Londrcs, sa. a lion, rampant, or, a bordure
Euckinghamshire, and Oxfordshire,] or, a lion, erm.
passant, sa. in chief tln-ee Roman piles of the Londrcs, per pale, ar. aud sa. a chev. counter- _

second. —
Crest, a stag's liead, erased gu. at- changed.
tired, collared, and lined, or. Lone, [Warlingham and Eilour, Suffolk, and
Loggan, [Jiutler, ilarstou, Warwickshire.] The Kent,] az. a tiger, passant, or.— Crest, a derui
same arms. buck, salient, ar. attired or.
LoGlE, [Scotland,] or, three pennons in chief Long, sa. semee of cross cros.slets, a lion, ram-
sa. pant, ar. Avithiu a bordure, checjuy, or and gu.
LoKli, [Loudon,] or, on a cliief az. three falcons, —Crest, out of a five-leaved coronet, or, a
jessed and belled or. demi lion, rampant, ar.
LuKiiR, gu. three v.ohes' head.s, couped, ar. Long, [Y\'iltshire,] sa. a lion, rampant, betw. eight
LoKl'.ioN, ar. on a chev. az. a mullet of the tirst, cross crosslets ar. .

within a bordure engr. of the second. Long, [Wiltshire,] sa. semee de crosses bottonee,
LoKYliR, [Idbury, Oxfordshire, aud Shropshire,] a lion, ramiiant, ar. , .

Jyovg, g'u. semee of anuulcts or, alien, rampant, ar. I^onge, [Calais,] on tv,o pales, betw. three
Loiir/, gu. a saltier engr. or. leopards' heads or, five cross crosslets gu.
J.onij, [^yllaflclonand Asliby, ^^'iltshire, Norili Longe, [Cloucestershire,] gu. a saltier engT. or.
>ioulton, Devonshire, and \\'eslniinster,] sa. Longe, per bend sinister, sa. and ar. a lion, ram-
scnice of cross crosslots ar. (another, crosses pant, betw. .six cross crosslets, counterchanged.
pattee,) a lion, rampant, of the last. Crest, a — or LoNGSrA}!DK, az. six lions,
lion's head, ar. in his mouth a sinister liond, rampant, three, two, and one.
erased, ppr. LoNGAVNi;, harry of six, or and az. on a bend
fjoiui, [Souldan, Hertfordshire, and Darro^^-, gu. three cinquefoils of the first.
SulVolk,] gu. a saltier eugr, or, on a chief of LoNccirr, lozengy a/,, and or.
the last, three cross crosslets of the first. LoNGCHAMiT., or, three crescents gu.
C-rcst, a lion, rampant, gu. holding a saltier Lunijchantpe, or, three crescents gu. each charged
engr. or. w'ith a philc.
Long, [Wilfsiiire,] sa. a lion, rarfijiatit, erm. bctw. Lungchainpc, ar. three crescents gu. each cliar^ed
eight cross crosslets ar. with a plate.
Lonrj, [Bedford,] sa. a lion, rampant, within an Longchaiiipe, ar. three crescenf-s gu. charged v, ilh
orlc of cross crosslets ar. —
Crest, out of a ducal as many mullets of the field.
coronet or, a demi lion, rampant, ar. Longcliaiiipe, [Wilton, Herefordshire,] (Temp,
T.onr/, [^^'ilfshire,] sa. a lion, rampant, erm. llenry 1.) or, on three crescents gu. as many
within an orle of cross crosslets, fifchee, ar. mullets ar.
Long, [Beckington, Wiltsliire, and Stratton, So- Lougchampe, gu. an annulet, betw. three cres-
mersetshire,] sa. a lion, rampant, betw. six cents or. within a bordure erm.
cross crosslets ar. all betw. two Haunches erm. Lougchampe, ar. three crescents gu. on each, a
— Crest, out of a crescent or, a lion's head sa. pliite.
guttee ar. T^nngchainpc, vair, two pallets or.
Long, [iiudellston, "Wiltshire,] .sa. a liou, passant, LoxGUEN, az. three bars, dancetlee, or.
ar. on a chief of the second three cross cross- LoNGEioiiD, or LoNGFORU, az. a chev. betw.
lets of the first. —
Crest, out of a ducal coronet three boars' heads or.
or, a lion's head ar. guttee sa. LoxGESPi;i:, [Earl of Salislmry,] az. six lions,
LMug, vert, three lions, rampant, or. rampant, or. . See Longsvee.
Long, [Clerkenwell, London,] jier bend sinister, LoNGEVAEE, or LoNGWAi.i., [France,] barry
ar. and sa. a lion, rampant, of the iield, crusilly of six, gu. and vair.
counterchanged.— Crest, a lion's head, erased, ]jOX(;i;\'1ee, gu. crusidy, a fesse, dancettee, or.
per pale, ar. and sa. charged vrilh tliree guites Ijongtvilc, [Huntingdonshire, and Wolverfon,
counterchanged, two and one. Ijuckinghamshire,] gu. a fesse, dancettee, enu.
Long, [Isle of' Wight,] sa. a lion, rampant, betw. betw. six cross crosslets, 'filchee, ar. Cre>t, —
five cross crosslets ar. within a bordure engr. or. a talbot's head gu. eared ar. gorged ^vi;!! a
on the shoulder of the liou an annulet of the collar, dancettee, of fh.e last.
fust. [Gmnlcd hy Harveg.'] Longcvite, sa. a hawk's lein-e, ar.
Long, [Draycott, Yv iltshire,] sa. a liou, rampant, Ldngfoki). Sec Langi-ord.
betw. five cross crosslets ar. Longford, az, a chev. betw. tln-ee boars' iieads or.
I^yng, [Swinthorpe, Norfolk,] ar. on three pales I^onqford, sheldrake ar.
az. a
sa. nine leopards' heads or. —
Crest, on a mount Loniifurd, [Leicestershire,] paly of six, ar. and
vert, a greyhound, courant, sa. collared and gii". a bend of the first.

lined enn. Longlanh, [Toymoyke, Buckinghamshire,] ar.

Long, sa. a lion, passant, ar. holding in tl:e dex- on a chev. gu. betw. three pellets, as many es-
ter paw, a cross crosslef, fitcliee, or, on a cliici' callops of the first. —
Crest, on a mount vert, a
of the second, three cross crosslets of the field. garb or.
— Crest, out of a five-leaved coronet or, a lion's Longland, ar. on a chev. gu. betw. three jiellet';,
head ar. guttee de sang. Supporters, two lions, a cock of til'' first. —
Crest, on the stump of a
rampant, reguardant, ar. guttee de sang, each tree, cradij-ated and couped, or, a dove ar.
gorged with a ducal coronet or, thereto pemicnt Longland:^, [Longlaiuls, Scotland,] ar. on a chev.
iiM escocheon sa. charged with a cross crosslet gu. three mullets of the first.
ar. [livnie hg the Right HonouraUe Sir LoNGL!;\ Kii.'^, L"N>vi;rs, or Lo^G^ ii.i.EP.s,
('Itortes Long, G.C.B. of Bromic}/- Hill, Kent, [Yorkshire,] sa. a bend betw. six cro--s cross~
Privy Coumellor, and M.P. ISio.] lets ar.

I. O R f. O T
Lofii/lerers, sa. a bciul, befw. six crosses, paUce, LORING, or LniMxcE, [Suftolk,] quarterly; »r.
nr. and gu. a bend engr. of the second.
LoNCLi'^', [Kent,] per palo, ancrpcr fcsso, in- LORINGK, quarterly; ar. and gu. a bend of the
ilentcil, or and az. second.
LnNc;si*EE, az. tliree iioiis, rampant, oi-. Loriiuje, [Bedfordshire,] quarterly ar. and gu.

LonfjsjH'c, [N"ornvaii(l_v,] gu. two leopards, passant, a bend lozengy of the second.
giiardant, in pale or. Lorintjr, quar(eily ar. and gu. a beud engr. sa.

Loiir/spee, [Ivirl of Salisbury, obit. lOCti.] az. .six — Crest, out of a bowl or, five quills, erect, ar.
lions, ranii)ant, or, tlnee, two, and one. Loriiifi'', the same arms. [J?oj-«r; b// fUr Xecle
Loiir/ospee, gu. throe swords, in jia'c, ar. Jyjriiic/e, one of the first Km;ihis of the Gar-
LoNGsroniiR, o?- Longstrotiili;, ar. a chev. ter on its institution, A. I). 1-3-18.]
gii. betw. three escallops sa. LoiJKS, az. a bend, double dancettee, ar.
LoNGVALi;, gu. three bends vair. Lorn, [Scotland,] ar. a lyni];liiul sa.
LoNG\ ILL, or LoNGULViLLE, [Huntingdon, LoKov, or Brov, crm. a iion, rampant, pmp.
Nortliampton, and Bnctanghanisfiire,] gu. a crovMied or.
fosse, danccttec, vnn. bct'.v. six cross crossk-ts, LujnniVNK, or Lorrayne,
[Kirkeharle, North-
filchce, ar. umbLrland,] a pale, lozengy, az. in the dex-
LoKGVlLLERf:, [Xorilianiptoiishire,] (Tc:np. Ed- ter chief point an cscocheon of the second.
ward 1.) sa. a be. id, befw. six cross crosslets Crest, au escocheon az. hanging on a palm tree,
or. (Anolher, ar.) all ppr. [Grcniled to Thomas Lorrei/ne, of
LoitgviUrrs, [Nottinghanu-liire,] sa. alicsul, botv,'. KirLehurle, Norlluimherlund, JEsq. li/ iSir F.J-
sLx crosses, bottoncc, ar. ivard Boron fjh. Garter.']
LoNGt'KAlLLE, [Dukedom (Temp. Henry of,] LORSOR, or LovsoR, [Kellov., Durliam,] sa. on
VIJI.) az. a domi ram, mounting, ar. armed a chev. engr. or, betw. throe leopards' heads
or, betw. two fleurs-de-lis in chief of the last, ar. as many annulets of the first. —
Crest, a wolf,
over all a dexter baton of the second. sejant, ppr. holding in his mouth an arro-iv, in
LON'GUEVILLIKKS, sa. a bend, betw. six crosses, pale, or, barbed and feathered ar.
bottonee, ar. LoRT, [Stockpoole, Pembrokeshire,] per fesse.
Long WORTH, [Longworth, Lancashire,] ar. three az. and gu. a cross or.
dragons' heads, coujicd, sa. L'Ort), [Essex, Temp. Henry III.] \cxt, a pale
LoN.SDALL, quarterly vert and ar. in tlic second
; or.
and third a bugle-horn stringed over all, Lorli/, [Somersetshire and Leicosfershiic,] az. a
on a bend cngr. or; tliree annulets quar- or.
tering Gilby, Fitzwiiliams, &c. Crest, a demi — Lorly, or Lorhj, [Dorsetshire and Somersetshire,]
stag, salient, erased, ^v. charged on tlie body, az. on a cross or, a maitlet gu.
•with a crescent sa. attired, iniguled, and col- L08CO1MBE, ar. on a fesse az. betw. three leopards'
lared of the last, thv^ collar charged with three faces ppr. a cross moline, betw. two cross cross-
crescents sa. [^Borr-c In/ the Rev. Gilhy Lons- lets or.— Crest, ou a wreath, a tleiiii leopard
dale, of Yor/cJiire, 1825.]
, ))pr. collared gu. holding in (he dexter paw a
Lois'\i.LL, sa. a pair of wings ar. cross moline, as in the arms. [Granted to
LoNYSON, [London,] or, a cross gu.— Crest, a Joseph Loscotnhe, of Bristol, Esq. 17C2.]
swan, issuaut, ppr. betw. ostrich's feathers or. Losi'iiAL, gu. a cock ar.
[Granl<d2QlhJi!!>,\ L57"}.] hospital, az. a cock av.
LoQiiiNWAV, [Scotland,] gu. three fishes, braid LosSE, [Cobdock, Sud'olk,] quarterly, ar. and sa.
in triangle, piir. (i.e. blueish backs and Viiiife a saltier, per saltier, betw. four Heurs-de-lis, all
belli..s.) conntcrchanged. —
Crest, a cubit arm, erect,
LORAIGM'., ar. on a fcsso, v/avy, az. a lion, pas- vested gu. holding in the hand ppr. a fleur-de-
sant, or. lis, ])er pale, ar. and sa.

LoRANi), ar. a cross, ^vavy, gu. Losse, [Sfanmore, Middlesex,] gyroniiy of eight,
LoRAYNi;, or, a bc^nd gu. hetw. three bats sa. ar. and sa. a saltier, betw. four fleurs-de-lis
Lord, [London,] ar. on a fcsse, betw. three countercluingod. — Crest, a lion's head,, erased,
cinquefoils az. tv.o plieons of the lield. ])er saltier, ar. and sa. charged with four guttees
Lorde, [IvOndon,] ar. on a fosse gn. l)etM'. three coonterchauged.
cinquefoils az. as many pheons or. Loi'Ei'.ROOKi!, az. a chev. erm.
LoRDKLL, ar. a gu. iu chief a label of three Lot EN, quarterly; first and fourtb, or, a sprig
points az. Viith three gilly -(lowers iu bud vcrf, for Loteu ;
— —

second and third,a swan, naiant in water
verl, collared and lined sa. the end of the lino

]i[)r. Ijcakcd oi-, for Van Jucln-n. —

Crest, on a coiled.
vTcatli, a gilly-llower p]5r. bclw. two -wings, Love, [Scvenoaks, Kent,] az. a tiger, passant,
erect, tlic dexter or. tlic sinister vert. [Graitfcrl or. —
Crest, a demi buck
lo John Gideon Lc/eii, of Si. Jamvx's, Wisf- Love, vert, an heraldic tiger, jjassant, or, mane
ininsler, 3ikldlcsex, lisq. orhjinuUij ol' Flanders, and tuft of the tail ar.— Crest, an heraldic ti-
17(;5.] ger's head, erased, vert, maned ar. [Granled
J/iTH, or LoTllK, az. an eagle, displayi'd, wilh lo Robert Lore, of Kirksted, Norfolk; 10/A
tvio licads or. December, ]GG3.]
JjDi'lie, or, an imperial eagle purp. Lo\ j;dale, sa. a bngle-hom, stringed ar. on a
]j)THER, sa. six annulets, three and three, in chief of the second, a lion, passant, guardant,
pale, or. gu.
Ldtiuan, az. a smi or. L'(\ EDAV, [Essex,] az. three fleurs-de-lis or.
LOTIIUME, LOWTHAM, Or LoVAYNEj [EssCX,] L'jvcday, [Essex,] az. three bars, dancettee, or.
gu, billottee, a fesse or. Loveday, [Norfolk, and Chcston, Suffolk,] per
LoTYSiiAM, [Chipli and Fornington, Somerset- pale, ar. and sa. an eagle, displayed, with two
shire,] sa. a chev. vaire, orand gn. betw. three necks countcrchanged, gorged -whh a ducal
otters, passant, of the second.— Crest, on a coronet or. (Another, crowned.) Crest, a —
ducal coronet gu. an otter's head, erased, or, in squirrel ppr.
his mouth a fish ]jpr. Loveday, sa. guttee de sang, on a chief ar. three
LoAAYNE, [Brabant,] or, alien, rampant, az. greyhounds' heads, erased, sa. collared or.
Lova;/}ie, [Kent,] sa. on a bend ar. cottised or, ioccf/ay, [Leicestershire,] barry of. dan-
three saltiei-s, gu. cettee, or and az.
Lovai/ne, [Siifiblk,] gii. billettee, a fessc ar. LovEDEN, [Tyfield and Buscof, Berkshire,] gu.
Lovai/ne, gu. a fesse, b'etw. seven billets ar. four a bend, betw. four sinister hands, couped, ar.
and three. Crest, a tiger, sejant, or, ducally gorged ar.
Lovuyne, gu. a fesse ar. betw. six billets or. [Borne by the late Edward Lovcden Lovedcit,
Lovaync, gu. a fesse, betw. six billets or. Esq. of B
II scot -Park, near Earinydon, Berk-
LovAlNE, [Essex,] gu. a fesse, betw. ten billets shire, 'obit 182:^;.]
or, three, two, three, and two. LovEKiN, Lewkyn, [Lord ]\ravor of London,
Lovaitie, gu. a fesse ar. betw. ten billets or. lyiS, ]:35S, ]:365, and 136(5,] gu. on a chev.
Loraine, gu. a fesse ar. betw. fourteen billets or, ar. th.rce escallops sa. betw. as many eagles,
four, three, four, and three. rising, or.
LoAEYNE, gu. a fesse ar, betw. seven billets or, Loa'EIjACE, per fessc, indented, sa. and gu. in
four and three. chief three martlets ar.
Jjoveyne, or Lovinr/, [Lincolnshire,] checju}-, ar. Lovelace, [Hurley, Berkshire, and Lovelace and
and az. on a chief gu. tv,o mullets or. Canterbury, Kent,] gu. on a chief indented sa.
LoviN'GE, o/'Lemnge, [Colsell, "\A'arwickshire, three martlets ar. —
Crest, on a slafl', raguly,
and Derbyshire,] vert, a che\-. or, in chief three vert, an eagle, displayed, ar.
tscallojjs ar. Lovelace, [Kent,] gu. on a chief indented ar. three
Love, [Ijasing, Han?])shire,] ar. three bars gu. martlets sa. — Crest, as before.
in chief as many lions' heads, erased, of the -Lovelace, gu. on a chief indented sa. a mullet ar.
last. (Another, three mullets ar.)
I^jrc, [Norton and Goudluirst, Hampshire, and Lovelace, paly of six, engr. gu. and ar.
Oxfordshire,] vert, a lion, rampant, ar. charged, Lovelace, a lion, rampant, on a
on tlie shoulder, with a cross, pattec, gu. chief. three martlets Crest, on —
Crest, out of a dncal coronet or, a cross, formee, a slafl', raguly, lying fesseways, couped at each
gu. thereon a bii-d ar. end, an eagle, displayed
I^iic, or, on a chev. betw. three lions' heads, Lovelace, gu. on a chief" in.dented or, llu-ee mart-
erased, gu. as many bezants. lets sa.
f-yoec, vert, a lion, rampant, ar. —
Cres(, on a cha- Lo\ ELE.S, [Berkshire,] sa. three bars, indented,
[K-aii gu. turned up erm. a lion, jiassant, ar. or.
Love, az. a lion, rampant, ar. LovEEAM), [Norfolk,] Sci. three boars' hcad.s,
^•"I'f-, [Agnow, Norlliami>tonshire,] vert, a lion, couped, or.— Crest, a boar's head and neck,
rampant, guardant, or, on his shoulder, a cross couped, sa.
lurmec, gu. —
Cresf, a demi greyhound ar. LovELEV, [Northamptonshire and Norfolk,] gu.
[4u ]

L O V. L O V
on a fesse, hctw. (hrec popinjays ar. ns nKiiiy Lovell, [Yorkshire,] ar. a chev. ta. betw. tiiree
inullots sa. lions' heads g-a.
LoVKf,, [Tickwcll,] haiTV, nclmlcc, of six, or Lovell, [Skelton, Yorkshire,] ar. a chev. sa. betw.
and gu. a bciul az. for difT.
Lovell, or, tlirce bars, wavy, gu.
three wolves' heads, erased, gn. Crest, a tal- —
bot, courant, ar.
[Norfolk,] ar. on a rh.-v. ;r/. l)Ct\v. lliree Jyjvell, az. on a les.^e, betw. tin-eo crescents ar. a
Sfjuirrols, sejant, gu. an anuulct or. mullet sa.
Lovell, or, throe bars, nebuluo, gn. Luvell, or, a woV^, sahent, az. witliiu a bordure
LuvcU, [Bnllunibic, Scotland,] ur. three pilc^ sa. engr. sa. (Anolher, the field ar.)
surnionntcd of a fesse, \vavy, gu. Lovell, [Ireland,] vaire, or and gu.
Lovell, [S!;elton, Yorkshire,] ar. a chev. sa. bet^v. Lovell, vaire, ar. and gu.
lliree wolves' heads, erased, p:n. Lovell, or Lovcf, sa. two wings conjoined ar.
Lovell, [Barton and Hnrling, Korfc!!;,] ar. a chev. Lovell, or Love!, [Buckinghamshire,] sa. three
az. hetw. three se,iiirre]s, sejant, gu. Crest, a — sqiuire padlocks ar.
})eacock's tail, erect, ppr. banded v.ith a belt Lovell, [Norfolk,] ar. a chev. betw. three wolves'
sa. rimmed and buelvled ar. the end pendent. iieads, erased, gu.
(Another crest, a sciuirrel, sejant crack- Lovell, [Castle-Cary,] or, senieede cross crosslets,
ing- a nut ) fltchee, alien, I'arapant, az.
Lovell, ar. achev. az. befw. three squin-els, sitting Lovell, [Yorkshire,] or, a chev. betw. three lions'
and cracking mi's sa. heads, erased, gu.
Lovell, [Laxfieid, SufTolk,] bai-ry, nebujee, of six, Lovell, [Somersetshire,] barry, wavy, of six, ar.
or and gu. within a bordure az. charged with and gu.
ten trefoils, slipped, ar. —
Crest, a greyhound, LOVENOEN, gu.a bend, betw. four sinister hands,
passant, sa. collared, ringed, a.ud lined or, a cooped, ar. —
Crest, a tiger, sejant, or, duceJlv
cubit arm, erect, ])pr. habited j)ur[), holding the gorged ar. [Conftrmed by siyn manual, datt'd
line. [Gra,i!ed2r>lh June, irjTD.] Avgust 1, 1772, to Edward Tonnshend, to
Lovell, ar. a clsev. ivz. betw. three squirrels gu. take the name and anus of Love/tden.J
each cracking a nut. —
Crest, a squirrel, sejant, Lo'\'EXEV, or, on a fessc, betv/. three coc!:s gu.
ppr. cracking a )nit. [Borne hi/ Peter JIarvey as many mullets of the field.
Lovell, of Cok-ParJc, Mahif-hury, Willsliire, Loveney, ar. on a fesse, betw. three cocks gu. as

many mullets cr.
Lovell, or, two bars, v.avy, gu. LovF.XHAM, quarterly; per fesse, indented, gu.
Lovell, [Terant, Dorsetshire,] barry, nebulee, of and vert, a, with wings displayed, ar.
six, or and gn. on the second, five bezants. LovF.T, [Northamptonshire,] quarterly; first, ar.
Crest, a wolf, passant, az. bezaafee, collared three greyhounds, courant, sa. second, erin.
and lined or. third as the .second, fourth as the first, within a
Lovell, ar. three bars, wavy, gni. bordure of the second, platee.
Lovell, ban-y, \/avy, of six, or and gu. a label az. Lovef, or Lovell, [Tavistock, Devonshire, Essex,
and mullet of the first. Ostwell, Nortliamptonshire, Codnor, Derbv-
Lovell, or, three bars, nebulee, gu. a label of shire, and Huntingdonshire,] ar. three *olvc's,
five points az. cliarged with cstoiles of the field. passant, in pale, sa. —
Crest, a wolf's head,
Lovell, barry, iiebulee, of six, or and gu. erased, sa. (Another crest, a wolf, passant,
Lovell, az. a liou, rampant, v; ithiu an orle of fleurs- ) (Another, a demi wolf, rampant, sa.
de-lis or. ))ierced through the breast with an arrow or,
Lovell, az. a lion, within a bordure, flory, ar. llluhted ar.)
Lovell, or Li'vel, [Somersetshire,] or, crusilly, I.()\Y/roFT, LovKTOT, or Li\i;tot, [Huntiui--
a lion, ranijjant, ;iz. <',onshire, ,i,nd W orksop, Nottinghaiusliire,Teui.p.
Loccll, az. a lion, salient, within an orle of fleurs- Henry I.] ar, a lion, rampant, per fes:-e, £u.
de-lis, ar. :irid sa.

Lovill, ar. a lion, raaupant, sa. crovned or, Viithin LrivETOT, ar. alien, rampant, per fesse, sa. and
Luvill, [Oxfordshire,] ar. a lion, ramjjant, az. ]jo\ii;oND, []3uckinghainshire,] ar. a boar's bead,
\\ithinan orle of eight crosj crosslets, fifehco, cooped and erect, gu. betw. three rouudles,
of the seccmd. ]ier fcssc, or and gu.
Lovell, [Yorkshire,] ar. a chev. betw. throe lions' ]JO^I^'GH.^^^, orLovExn.VM, quarterly; indent-
heads, erased, gu. ed-; g-u. and vert, a goose, rising, ar.
. —

r. o w LOW
J^nvv, [Lincolnsljirp,] cLequy, ar. and az. on a Lovi'nSTON, gu. three ])Ole-axcs ar.
cliicf gu. t;vo iiinHots or. JvOWi:, [llronisgrove, Worcestershire,] or, on a
Lox'VCK, 07- LowvRF,, sii. a saltier ar. on a cWwt' bend, coKisml, sa. three lioas' lieads, erased,
of tlio second three Imllb' beads, cabossed, of of the first.— C'rest, a denii griffin, rampant, or.
t!ie first. [Granted, by patent, Fehriiari/ IS, 16-37.]
Lows, o;-Luvvs, [Cornv.all,] ar. tliioe lizards, J.OWC, [D.M-by,] gu. a b:ut, liippanf, ar.— Crest,
in pale, vert. a wolf, ))assanf, ar.
L,oui3i'T, lozengy, a/., and or. JjOice, [Derby, and Gray's Inn, London,] az. a
JjoVTAER, az. on a monnt vert, a -wulf, issuaiit stag, tripping, ar. —
Crest, a wolf, pn«ant, pj-T.
from a burst of trees, ppr. Love, [New Sarnni, Y\'ilishire,] gu. a wol.'', prey-
liOUCil, per pale, indented, or and g;\i. ant, ar. —
Crest, a wolf's head, couped ar. col-
Loi'clie, or Lov:che, ar. two bars gu. in chief a bired or.
bou, passant, of the second. Loire, [Cable, Wiltshire, and Shrewsbury,] gu. a
Loud, ar. two stars sa. a bordure engT. gu. \\olf, passant, ar. —
Crest, iui ermine, passant,
LoUDKT, erni. on a chief gu. a lion, passant, or. ])pr. collared or, lined and ringed gu.
LoUDiiAM, [Lowdliam, Suflb'k, Temp. Edward Lowe, [Lowe, Worcestershire, Shropshire, and
III.] ar. three escoclieons sa. V\'alden, Esse.\,] au. two wolves, passant, ar.
Loiulhuin, [Derbyshire,] ar. on a bend ar.. three — Crest, an ermine ppr. collared, ringed, and
cross crosslets or. lined gu. [Borne It/ John Loice, Esq. of Mou-
Loui-FE, [Cornwall,] az. a wolf's bead, erased, ar. iu<iuc Place, Jiussdl-Square, 1S25.]-
LoUFFiN,az.a fesse, betw. three lalcons, volant, or. Lme.e, [Staffordshire,] pr. on a bend, cottised, az.

Louis, sa. a -wolf, ranij)ant, ar. Crest, a \;o\\, three lions' heads, erased, of the field. Crest, —
as in the Arms. ademigrifTui, erased, segi-eant, ar. [Granted
LounJ), az. fretty ar. L3!)2.]
LdURis, or LowE.S, [Ogbery Bcardon and Tran- Loire, [Bromley, Kcnf, and Lord Slayor of London
tock, Cornwall and Devonshire,] or, a cbev. ]()04,] erm. oi a bend engr. az. (another, sa.)
engr. gu. betw. three shovellers ppr. Crest, a — three cinquefoils or. —
Crest, ai'alcon, with wings
bear, rampant, sa. muzzled and lined ar. expanded, or.
Louth, or Lowrn, [Liucolnslnre,] or, a wolf, Loire, [Clifton-lleyncs, Buckinghamshire,] ar. on
salient, sa. armed gu. (Another, armed or.) a bend three wolves' heads, erased, of the
Louth, or Loivth, sa. a wolf, salicnf, or. field. — Crest,
a wolf's head, erased, ar. [Con-
Lou.^!EP.K, or Loumhike, sa. on a bend ar. finned to Unmfreij Loice, of SouthniUs, in the
cottised orm. three escallops gu. Parish of Ji'lenlium, Bedfordshire. Jidy 26,
LouN))E, [Lincolnshire,] az. fretty of sL\, ar. a 1G28. Heralds Olfice, Hertford and Middle-
bordure or. sex; C. JJ8, fol. 7, third Index:]
Loiiiide, ar. a fret and bordure az. Jjowe, [Southmills, Bedfordshire,] ar. on a bend
Lounde, a fret and bordure ar.
sa. . az. three wolves' heads, erased, of the field.
LouTiUAN, ar. on a mount, in base, vert, a Crest, out of a mural crown gu. a wolf's Jiead
palm-tree ppr. with a bugle-horn pendent from ar. transfixedwith a s])ear or, armed of the se-
one of the branches of the second. Crestj a — cond. [Heralds Office, Hertfordshire and
bugle, as in the Arms. Middlesex, C. 28.]
IjOUVAIN, a lion, rampant, az.
or, Jytive, [Westminster,] quarterly erm. and or, ;

Low, [Lancashire,] ar. an eagle, displayed, with over all an eagle, displayed, with two heads,
two beads vert. vert. —^Crcst, two keys, in saltier, or, inter-
Lou:, gu. two wolves, passant, ar. laced with a chaplct ppr. [Granted, hy Tho-
Loiv, erm. on a bend, az. three cinquefoils or. mas St. George, 1G9-L]
LOWCEYS, ar. a cbev. gu. betw. three hurls. Loire, [Derbyshire,] az. a stag, standing at gaze,
LowUE, ar. a lion, rampant, sa. a chief, lozengy, ar.
or and gu. I^oire, gu. two wolves, passant, ar. Cr<'st, a —
Lov.'DEX, az. three bars, d.uicettc'e, or. wolf's head, co-.iped, ppr. coll.-.ied and ringed or.
Loiuden, sa. three pole-axes ar. IjOice, gu. a fesse erm. betw. two wolves, pas-
LowDilAM, De, [vSufiblk,] ar. three escochcons sa. sant, ar.
Loxcdhum, ar. tliree chev. sa. Loweu, [Trelaskc, Polmal.y, and Lezant, Corn-
Lowdham, [Suffolk,] ar. three escallops sa. Avall,]sa. a cbev. betw. three roses ar. Crest, —
^/Oiidkom, [Derbyshire,] ar. on a bend az. three an imiconi's bead, erased, quarterly, ar. and sa.
cross crosslets or. (Another crest, an uuicoru's lioad, erased, ar.
[ 4 ,i 2 ]
L O X L O Y j

Lower, [St. Judie, Coniwall.] The same Arms. pant, or. — Crest, a bulls head, couped, ppr,
— Crest, ail unicorn's Lead, erased, ar. cria;'d [Burne hi; T/inntas Loxdcde, Esq. of Uytou'

aud armed or. Grove, near Slirewshunj, lS:2-5.] i

Lower, [Cormvail,] az. a cliev. eugT. or, be(\v. LovD, or Li.ovi), [Staffordshire, and Kcyswin, \

three roses nr. Merionethshire, and 3LaingtOD, Shro])shire,]

— Crest,

Luircr, [Cormvail,] az. a clicv. eiigr. ar. betw. or, a lion, rampant, rcguardant, sa. a •.

three roses or. dcmi lion, rampant, sa. \

Jjcnve.r, [Devon,] sa. three oak-leaves ar. Loi/d, az. a lion, rampant, betw. eight cinrjuefoils
LowriEi.D, j)er fcsse, vert and or, a pale, conii- or. i

(erchangcd, in chiel" a bidl's head, erased, v<i. I.oyd, [W;;les,] ar. an eagle, displayed, with two
m base two p,-arbs of the last. —
Crest, a ball's lieads, sa. beaked gu.— Crest, a" stag's head,
liead, erased, sa. erased, ppr. attired or.
Low 18, [Lo\vi.s, iNottinghamshire,] per jjale, or Lo!/d, [Havering, Essex,] ar. an eagle, displayed,
and sa. a chev. befw. thi-ee escallops, coiinter- with two heads, sa. beaked and legaed gu. —
cliang^ed. Crest, a stag's head, cou]jed, ppr. atlired or,
Lowi.i:, [Yardiey, Worcestershire, and Somer- gorged with a chaplet of laiircl vert.
set,] sa. a hand, coiiped at the \\Tist, grasping' Loijd, az. a lion, rampant, reguardant, ar.
three darts, one ia pale and t\vo in saltier, ar. Lloi/d, [Ipswich, Suffolk,] per fesse, ar. and sa.
LoWMAX, [Wilstou, Devonshire,] ar. three es- a lioji, ram]3ant, couuterchanged.
coclieons sa. each charged -with a sinister gaunt- Lhi/d, [Woking, Surrey,] gu. a lion, rampant,
let or. —
Crest, a lion's gamb, erect and erased within a bordure, dancettee, ar.
. holding a battle-axe or.
sa. IJoijd, [Herefoidshire,] sa. three nags' heads,
LuWNUE, [Sussex aud Yorkshire,] az. a fret ar. erased, ar. —
Crest, a nag's head, erased, ar.
Loinide, [Jekesford, Cambridgeshire,] per rhcv. Lloyd, [Shropshire,] vert, a lion, rampant, or.
flory and counter-llory, or aud gu. three lions, Lloi/d, [London and Wales,]
ar. a griffin, se-
passant, couuterchanged. —
Crest, on a mount greant, vert. —
Crest, out of a ducal corouet or,
vert, a griilin, sejant, with wings endorsed, or. a cock's liead, betw. two v.'ings gu. combed,
LovMule, [Lincolnshire,] az. a fret ar. witliin a beaked, and wattled, or. [^Granted in 3578.]
bordure or.~Ci"est, out of a ducal coronet or, Lloyd, sa. a chev. betw. three spears' beads ar.
a hawk, close, of the same, beaked and legged embrned gu.— Crest, a stag's head, couped,
ar. iGranled 159G.] ar.

Lownde, [Cheshire,] ar. fretty fiz. on a canton gu. ar. a quiver gu. banded,
JJoyd, [Glouccstcrshii-e,]
a lion's head, erased, or.— Crest, a lion's head, and replenished with arrrovis, or, betw. three
erased, or, gorged \\ith a chaplet Tert. phcons sa.
LoWNSi-'OiiD, [Suftolk,] or, on a fessc az. three Lloyd, per bend, ermine and e.-mines, a lion,
boars' heads, couped of the field. rampant, or. —
Crest, out of a ducal coronet or,
LoWREY, [Maxweltouu, Scotland,] sa. a cup ar. an unicorn's head ar. crined and armed of the
witli a garland, betw. two laurel branches, all ; first.

issuing out of the same, vert. Lloyd, [Holyrcodo and Whitiiestcr, Gloucester-
LoWTii, [of the Orkney Isles,] purp. an eagle, shire, and Chcam, in Surrey,,] quarterly ; or
imperial, or. and az. four roebucks, counterclianged. Crest, —
LowniER, [Waske, Cleveland, York.shire; Low- a stag's liead, erased, sa. charged on the neck
ther-Hall, Westmoreland and Whitehaven,
; with a crescent, erm.
Cumberland,] or, sL\^ annulets, three, two, and Lloyd, sa. a spear's head ar. embrned ppr. betv%-.
one, sa. —
Crest, a dragon, passant, with wings three scaling ladders of the second, on a chief
displayed, ar. a —
gu. tower, triple towered, ar.^ Crest, a wolf's
Lowther, [Nortluimberland,] sa. six annulets, in head, erased, ar.
pale, or, tliree and three. Lloyd, [Denbighshire and Kent,] or, three mens'
Lo^^T^\vlCK, paly of four, crm. and \ert, two heads ppr. in armour ar. garnished of the field.
lions, passant, gu. — Crest,a man's head jipr. in armour ar. gar-
LuWVN, [L^pminster, Essex,] ar. a fesse cngr. nished or, and on alabc lissning from Ids mouth,
i)et\v. three lions' heads, couped, sa. within a and proceeding over his head, these words,
bordure of the last. A Lon/ui div dervld.
Lomi/n, [Hertfordshire and Kent,] j)er pale, gu. Lloyd, [Whittington, Shropshire,] vert, a chev.
and az. three bucks' heads, couped, or. betw. three wolves'- heads, erased, erm. (Ano-
LoxDALE, erm. on a chief sa. tlirec lions, rara- ther, ai'.)

lAiojd, [Hanipsliire,] a/,, n lion, ramjiant, or. Suflolk,] nr. betw. six annulets gu. •
a fesse, —
C'rost, on w Jiiouiit vert, a lion, sejant, yuar- Crest, out of a ducal coronet or, a demi grifHn,
dant, ffu. with wings expanded, gu. ( Another, o\it of a
IJoijd, [Ludlow, Sbro])slilrc,] i\\\. a lion, rampiuit, ducal coronet or, a dragon's head gu.)
i-('>.a!ardant, or, quartered \', itli ar. three lioar.s' Jjucas, [Cornwall,] ar. on a canton sa. a ducal
licads, coupe.!, sa. crown or. —
Crest, a sword, erect, ar. hilt and
[OswcsfiT, Shropshire,] per fcsse, sa. and
f.loi/d, pomcl or, betw. two wings expanded gai.
ar. a lion, rampant, countercliai)gcd. Crest, — Lucas, [Fcnton, Lincolnshire,] ar. a chev. gu.
out of a five-leaved coronet or, a demi liou, betw. tinco ogresses, on a chief az, a moorcock
rampant, ar. of the field, betw. two cross crosslets, fitchde,
Lloijd, [Ilardwick, Shropshire,] ai-. an eagle, with or, —
Crest, an arm, end)o\\cd, vested sa, bezan-
two heads, within a buvdure 5>i. tee, cuff ar. holding in the hand })pr, a cross
JJoi/d, [Pembroke.vhire,] sa. three nags' heads, crosslef gu.
erased, ar. Lucas, [Cornwall,] ci-iii. two lions, rampant, com-
Lloi/d,[YVales,] ar. a chev. bctw, three crows sa. batant, gu. —
Crest, a lamp or, lighted )ipr.
each bearing in its beak an ermine spot. [Jiorne Lucas, [Suflolk,] ar. two lions, rampant, coiiiba-
hi/ Dr. WilUarn LIo;/d, Bishop of Liclijleld tant, gu.
and Coventry, ]<i'J7.] Lucas, [Durham,] or, a fesse, betw. six annulets
Lloyd, (jiiarteriy or and gu. four lions, passant,

countercliaiigcd.- —
Crest, a lion, rampant, gu. Lucas, [Kent,] ar. a fesse erm. betw. six annulets
[Mornimoital Inscription in Osivestry cJiurc/i, sa.- — Crest, a cauic!oj)ard, passant, sa. attired
Scdop, to Rohert Lloyd, Esq. of Swan-Hill, or. [Graiited November 6lh, 1571.]
in that county, obit 1703.] Lucas, [Fenton, Cambridgeshire,] ar. a cliev. sa.
Lluyd, gu. a lion, rampant, regumdant, or, ar.nied betw. three torteauxes, on a chief az. a cock ar.
and langued az. IBornc by John Lloyd, D.D. betw. two cross crosslets, (itchee, or.
Bishop of St. Darid's, obit loth February, Lucas, ar. a chev. gu. betw. three pellets, on a
1GS6.] chief az. a moorcock, betw. two cross crosslets,
Lloyd, [Wales and Maryland,] az. a lion, ram- fitchee, or. —
Crest, a dexter arm, embowcd,
pant, or. —
Crest, a demi lion, rampant, guar- ppr. habited ar. on the elbow, a quatrefoil sa.
dant, or, supporting, in the paws, an arrow, in holding a cross crosslet, fitchee, gu.
pale, ar. IjUccis, ar. a chev. gu. betw. three hurts.
Lloyd, [Milfiekl, North AVales,] sa. a s])ear's Lead Lucas, ar. two lions, rampant, endorsed, first, az.
ar. embrued gu. betw. tlirec scaling LKlder.s of second, gu.
the second. LuciJ-,, [Egremont and Cockermouth, Cumber-
Lloyd, [Denbigh,] quarterly or and az. four; land, Temp. Rich. I.] gu. three lucies, b-.iurier.f,
lions, passant, couutercuangcd. ar. See Lucy.
Lloyd, [Bradenham - House, near Wycomb, Lucie, [London,] az. a crescent ar.
]3ucks,] quarterly or and az. four roebucks,
; Lucinge, quarterly, per fes-e indented, erm.
trippant, counterchangcd. —
Crest, a lion, pas- and az.
sant, gu. charged witii two characters of the LucKE, [Rothcrfield, Sussex,] erm. six mascles,
planet Venus on the shoulder, one thus $ , and in fesse, betw. three greylioinids' heads, erased,
on the hip another thus ^o . sa. —
Crest, a policau, ^^i1h vvings cle\ated, in
Lozenge, lozengy, ar. and gii. dorso sa. betw. the circumference of two branches
LVCAP, [Madenbrook, Somersetshire,] ar. a chcv. vert. IHcrald's Ofice, Sussex; C. 27.]
sa. betw. three nags' heads, erased, gu. bridled Luke, sa, a bugle horn, sfiinged, or.
or.— Crest, a cubit arm, erect, vested per pale, LufELS, [Leicestershire,] ar, a pale, fusillv, gu,
az. and gu. cutTed ar. holding in the hand a LuDKix, [Ipswich, Suflbik.] gu. a chev, betw.
hawk's leure, all ])pr. three birds, with wings expanded ar.— Crest, a
Liicar, [Somersetshire,] ar. on a fesse wavy, bet^v, bird, as in the arms, az, beaked and Icg-rcd or,
three lions' heads, erased, az. as nianv ma:5cl(\s Ludlow, [."Morehouse, Shropshire,] or,"a lion,
of the field. )aia])ant, sa. vulned all over gu.
Lucnr, [Bridgev.-ater, Somerselsiilrc,] ar. a fesse, Lud/oic, [Shropshire,] or, a lion, passant, sa.
ncbidee, az. betw. three uin-ch-s gu. betw. the Ludlow, or, a lion, rampant, sa.
two mascles in chief a lion's head, erased, of the Ludhv, or, a lion, ramjiant, coward, sa.
second. —
Crest, as Lticar, of Isladenbrook, Ludlow, or, three lions, j)assant, rcguardant, az,
1-VCAS, [Colchester and Shentield, Essex; and Ludhv:, az. three lion.-;, passant, reguardant, rr.
Liidhw, or, tliree lions, passatit, rcgniaichmt, sa. Lucon, ar. a betw. four estoi'es gu.
saltier sa.
Liidloif, az. tliive lions, passant, ar. LucUMUE, [Cornwall,] ar. a saltier sa. betw. four
Ludlim; [^\'ales,] or, a lion, rampant, sa. botw. stars gu.
three forteauxe.s. Lucv, [Facombc, Hampshire, Ilighnam, Glou-
Ludluw, az. tijrce lions, rampant, guartlant, in cestershire, Chnrlecot, Warwickshire, and Brox-
pale, ar. burn, Hertfordshire.— C)-e(7?(?fZ« i'nro^c/ ll/li
Lvdiov-, [Wiltshire,] ar. a fosse, betw. three March, 1G17,] gu. crusilly, or, three lucies.
horses' heads, erased, sa.
Lvdloir, [Gloucestershire,] or, on
haurient, ar.- — Crest, out of a ducal coronet or,'
fesse sa. betw.;>,
a boar'shead and neck ar. guttee de poix,
three iniillels gu. as many cross crosslets ol' the armed, or, betw. two wings, erect, sa. billettee
field. of the first. [Borne lij Georrje. J^iicu, of Char-
Liidloiv, [Hiiderwell, Wiltshire,] ar. a chev. betw. hvol, Wandcksliire, Esq. M.P. 'for' Foiui/
three bears' heads, erased, sa.— Crest, a demi ^'
Cornwall, 18-25.]
bear, rampant, sa. Liici/, [Charlecot, Warwickshire, ancient,]
Ludlow, ar. a lion, rampant, sa. on his shoidder, three kicies, haurient, ar.
guttce d'or, streaminp,-. J-'i'cij, gu. three lucies, haurient, or.
Lvdlow, ar. a lion, rampant, sa. in his dexter paw Lucij, [Hampshire,] gu. three pikes, haurient, ar.
a torfeaux. Liiof, [Kent,] gu. seniee of cross crosslets, three
Ludlow, gu. a lion, j)assaat, and bordure engx. lucies, liaurienf, or.
ar. Lucy, az. crusilly, or, three lions, rampant,
Ludlow, [Salop,] az. three lions, passant, in pale, ar.
Lucy, ar. a lion, rampant, gu. betir. three tie-
Ludluu:, az. three lions, passant, in pale, or. foils, slipped, vert.
Ludhno, az. three lions, passant, or. Lucy, gu. semee of cross crosslefs, or, three lions,
Ludlow, az. three lions, passant, guardaut, iu j)alc, ram]iant, ar.
ax. Jyiicy, [London,]a crescent, ar.
Lvdlow, [Salop,] az. two lions, passant, giiru-danf, Lucy, az. seraee de cross crosslets, three lious,
ar. rampant, or.
Ludlow, or, three lions, passant, guardant, in pale. Lucy, [Dorsetshire,] gu. a pike, hauj-ient, or.
az. J-iUcy, gu.three pikes, haurient, or.
Ludlmv, [Ireland,] a chev. betv,-. three foxes'
ar. Jjucy, gu. three pikes, naiant, in pale, ar.
heads, erased, sa.— Crest, a lion, ranipnnt, sa. Lvcy, ^\x. three pikes, naiant, in pale, ar. within
bezantee. a bordure of the last.
Liidloiv, [jMorehoiise, Salop,] or, a lion, rampant, JMcy, gu. three pikes, haurient, within a bordure, '\

sa. armed and langued gn. engr. ar. i

LUFFIXCE, ar. an eagle, disjilayed, sa. giittee Lucy, gu. three pikes, haurient, inverted, betv.-.
d'eau. seven cross crosslets or, three, one, two, aiid
LuFFULL, gu. three helmets ar. one.
LuFFVNGCOTTE, ar. an eagle, displayed, sa. Lucy, [Ireland,] sa. a fesse ar. j

gnttee de sang. LuCYNG, quarterly; indented, arm. and az. !

LLiFKVN, sa. on a chev. betw. three eagles, dis- LUDHROUGIJ, gu. a chev. ar. betw. three leo- ;

played, three mnllets pards' heads or. i

LUGG, [Gloucester,] gu. on a bend, betw. two LuDFORD, [Ajisley, Warwickshire,] erm. on a
cottises ar. a bendlet, wavy, az. chev. or, three fleurs-de-lis gu.
LliGGAR, gu. throe leopards' heads, in fesse, cot- jAidford, az. a chev. betw. three boars" heads or. i

tised, or, betw. as many ostrich-feathers, erect, LuDGARSHALL, [Earl of Essex,] c.uarteriy ; or
[Granled to Nat'h. LiK/c/ar, of Bodtcin,

ar. and gu. a bordure vair.

Coniwcdl, Decewher20, lOU-j]] Lud'jcrshcdl, [Earl of Rxeter,] ar. a chief sa.
LuGfiJioKOUGH, gu. a chev. ar. betv,-. three leo- fretled or.

pards' heads or. LuDHA^r, sa. on a bend ar. coltised or, tluec i

LUCKIX, [Maiden, Dovcrell, and Wa'thani, Es- escallops gu. j

sex,] sa. a fesse, indented, betw. two leopards' Ludham, [London,] per or and
jiale, az. on a

heads, cabossed, or.- Crest, a demi gri'Iin or, chev. three martlets, all counterchansed. — Crest, \

issuing out of a tower, paly of six, or and sa. a demi dragon cnn. wings elevated, holding
lui eON, vert, an eagle, displayed, with two heads. betw. his paws a key or, charged on the shout- '.

der with a cinquefoil gu. [Granted 1726.] i

J.iuJham, ar. on a bend az. tlireo cross crosslcts Lund, [Parson's Green, Fulham, ^Middlesex,
or. and Yorkshire,] per chev. orandgu. three lions,
LrniNCTOX, [Liiicoln^liirc,] paly of six., ar. aiitl passant, counterchanged. .

az. oil a chief gu. a lion, pasaaiit, miavdaiit, or. Lund, [Yorkshire, and Shclford, Cambridgeshire,]
TyliKK, [Cojilej', iJedlordshrre, and Paxton, Uur- gyronny of eight, ar. and az. within a bordure,
Jiain, aud Ilunting-dousliire,] ar. a bugle-horn, engr. sa. chai-gcd with eight plates.
.Sci. stringed or.— Crcit, a bull's head az. attired LiNuv, vr Li'mjiv, paiy of six, ar. and gu.
or, with wings eudor.>--ed of tlie last. ONorall, on a bend az. three cushions of the
Lid-c, ar. a bug'c-horn sa. stringed vert. first.

LlKiN, [Lincolusinic and OsfordKliirc,] ar. a lion, Liindj/. The arms of Scotland, v.ithin a bordure,
rampant, gii. over all a bcndlet, gohony, or gobonated, ar. and az.
and az. —
Crest, a demi lion gii. collared, go- Lu.NliUNTER, ar. a bend, betw. six cross cross-
bony, or and az. lets, fitcliee, sa.
Llli.B, az. a bend or, bctv,-. six bezants. LuNN, az. a fret or.
Lll.'*, per fesse, sa. and or, a lion, rauijiant, Luini, az. fretfy, ar.
countcrchanged. LuNSFOKD, [liattell and Stofhely, Sussex,] az.
Ll^^r, [Yorkshire,] or, three mullets sa. Crest, — a chev. betw. three boars' heads or, couped gu.
a JNIoor's liead, side-faced, ppr. wreathed about —Crest, a boar's head or, couped gn.
the temples or aud sa. LVNTLEV, az. on a chev. ar. betw. three lions'
LuMiSDKN, [Lnniisden, Scotland,] az. on a chev.
betw. three, mullets or, a buckle of the first.
heads, erased, or, as many martlets sa. Crest, —
a lion's head or, charged with a martiet sa.
hiiinlsJen, [Inncrgelly, Scotland,] az. a chev. or, Luittlci/, [Stafl'ordshire,] ar. a fesse, betw. three
betw. a wolf's head, couped, and a buckle in martlets, vert.
chief, aud an escallop in base ar. Crest, a — Lui'i'iNCoTK, [>Yyhhery, Devonshire,] per fe.sse,
lioron, devouring a salmon, ppr. ncbulee, gu. and sa. three cats, passant,
Luwisden. The same, within a bordure, engr. or. ar.
Lut/iisdcn, [Stravithy, Scotland.] The same as Luppiiif/cofe, [Devon,] per fesse, embattled, go.
jMDiisckn, of hiucr<jcUij, with a crescent for dif- and three cats, passant, ar.
sa. (Anotlicr, leo-
ference. ])nrds, spotted, of the second.)
Lui:iis(hn, [Cusiujie, Scotland,] az. a buckle O)-, Liii'TON, [Yorkshire,] ar. a chev. sa. charged
betw. two v.'olves' heads iu chief, and an escal- with three white lilies, leaved vert, betw. as
lop in base, ar. —
Crest, a naked arm, grasping many wolves' heads, erased, sa. langued gu. on
a sword ppr. a chief gu. a cross tau of St. Anthony, betw.
LujiiLiiY, [Yorkshire aud Jliddlcscx,] ar. a fesse tv^•o escallops or. —
Crest, a woWs Iiead," erased,
gu. betw. three parrots ppr. gorged with collars sa. [Granted fo Ru(/er Luploii, Temp. Henry
of tlie second, in her nest ppr. a pelican feeding YII. and hums hij Harni Liq)ton, of Thame,
her young of the fust, vulned pjir. Oxfoydshire, Esq. 3825.]' See Plate of Arms.
iMinleij, [Lumley-Castle, Durham,] ru. six mart- Lui'U.s, [Ea;l of -Chester,] az. a wolf's liead,
lets ar. erased, ar.
lAunley, alias Lomchjnri, [Great Bardueld, Essex,] Ltffus, [Earl of Chester,] gu. crusilly, or, a wolf's
or, a chief gu. head, erased, ar. langued gu.
Lnmleij, [Clipston, Norfh.amptonshire,] gu. on a LuRTV, erm. three Icojiards" lieads sa.
fesse, betw. three poppiujavs ar. as mauv mid- LuSCOT, az. a buck's head, cahossed, ar.
lots sa. Lii.scoll, [Devonshire,] az. a buck's head and bor-
Lvinlry, az. six do\ es ar. three, two, and one. dure, engr. ar.
i^'uiiley, [Ilarbhug, Lincolnshire,] gii. a fesse Lu.SERNKS, cnii. a chief az.
Ijctw. three pigeons ar. — Crest, a j)igeon ar. in Lrsili;/?, [London,] gu. a lion, passant, betw.
his beak a laurel-sprig vert. tliree gauntlets, tliLir back:, cutv.ards, or.-
i-nmlcy, [Lord SLayor of London, ] ar. a Crest, a demi lion gu. laving his paws on a
chief vert. gauntlet or.
f^imlei/, gu. six poppinjays or. ].!!xfier, [Putney, Slioland, aiul Starland, Sum>y,
^'i'w/ty, gu. nine poppinjays or. and London,] gu. three martlets
or, on a chief
'-U.M8UAIN1:, az. a chev. or, betw. a round buckle of the second as many mullets az. Crest, a —
and a. gTillin's head, erased, in duel', in base an martlet or,
escallop, all ar. LisuiLL, [Wiltshire,] ar. a pale, fusilly, gu.
'^l-NA-UE-LA, az. a moon, decrescent, ppr. within a bordure az. bczantoe.
— —

Lushtll, nr. five fusils, in fcssc g;ii. Mifiiiri a boi- LllTTON, [Knapton, Yorkshire,] g-u. a chev. ar.
dure az. bezniitte. betw. three crosses, fonnec, or.
Lust/iUl, or JjnrccU, nv. a pale, fusilly, gu. v.itliiii Lidlon, [Yorksliire,] ar. three bends, v\a^ y, gu.
a borJuro sa. bezaiitue. Lullou, gu. a chev. betw. three crosses, formee,
LusSEMiionoUGii, or LrssK.MiiORNK, az. three or.
bars, gcmciles, ar. on a cliief or, a lion, pas- Lulton, [Kenton, Devon,] vert, an eagle, dis-
sant^ gu. played, v.itli t\\o heads, or. (Anollwr, witiiin
I.UTF.FOOT, [Scotland,] gu. bctw. U\o
ar. a clie\'. an orle of trefoils or.)
crescents in cLief az. and a martlet in base sa. Lidlon, sa. ou a bend ar. three escallops gu.
Crest, a swan ppr. on his head a crescent, mou- LUTTRINGTON, gu. OU a bond or, three bears,
tant. statant, sa.
LlTKKKL, [Nottingliamsbire and Derby, Temp. LuTAVicii, [Shropshire,] ar. on a fesse cngr, az.
liicbard I.] or, a bend, betw. six martlets sa. tlii-ee garbs or.

LvTiir.R, [Kelvedon and Stapleford-Tawney, Es- Lutwijche, [Lutwicli, Shropshire,] or, a tiger,
sex,] ar. t\^'o bars sa. in chief three round passant, gu. — Crest, a tiger's head, erased, gu.
buckles az. —
Crest, two arms, embo^^•ed, in ar- tufted and maned or.
mour, ppr. holding in the hands a round buckle LuTWinGji;, az. three chnpeaus for caps of dig-
[^GrcnilcdlQU.-] nity) or, turned up crm. — Crest, a lion, ram-
LUTMAN, [Bcntley, Hampshire, and Langley, pant, gu.
Sussex,] az. four lions, rampant, two in chief Luv\"ARi5, [Yorkshire,] az. across, pattce, or.

and two in base, or. Crest, out of a mural LuvEiNF., or LoVAiNi:, [Eystaiues, Essex,
crown ar. a dcmi lion, rampant, az. liolding Temp. Henry III.] gu. a fesse ar. betv,-. ten
betw. his paws a mullet or. \_Grcnded \7'i6.'\ billets or.
Luton, or Lucon, vert, an imperial eagle, or, Luvr.L, or Loael, []\Ii:;ster-Luvel, Oxford-
membercd gu. shire,] or, a lion, rampant, az.
LuTTELKY,[V.'prcesiershire, and Bromscroft, Sa- Lovel, [Trichmersh, Nortlunn))toushire,] barrv,
lo]i,] quarterly; or and az. four lions, rampant, nebuiee, of six, or and gu.
counterchanged. LuXEOPuD, [^Yartling, Sussex,] or, on a pile az.
LUTTEUELL, [Somersetshire,] az. a bend, betv,-. three boars' heads, couped, of the field.
six martlets ar. Crest, a boai-'s head ar. erased at the neck g-u.
7j?<</frc?/, [Hartland-Abbey, Devonshire, and Dun- holding in his mouth a spear or, headed of the
ster-Castle, Somersetshire,] or, a bend, betw. first. (Anolher crest, a wolf, rampant, sup-
six martlets sa. —
Crest, a boar, passant, ai-. porting an arrow, paleways, point dov.nwards,
bristled or, charged on the shoulder witli a rose or, flighted ar.)
of the last. Luxford, az. a chev. betw. three boar.s' heads,
L'ultcreU, [Scniersetsliire,] az. a bend ar. betw. couped, or.— Crest, a boar's head, as in the
six martlets or. arms.
LttllercU, or, six martlets sa, tliree, two, find Lyband, az. a lion, passant, ar.
one. Lybb, [Oxfordshire,] erm. a licnd, betw. two lions,
LultcreU, [Four Oaks, Warwickshire,] ar. a fesse passant, reguardant, gu. —
Crest, a naked arm,
betw. three otters sa. —
Crest, an otter sa. in his erect, liolding an oak-branch, fructed, all ppr.
mouth a fish ppr. Li/lhe, [Hardwich, Oxfordshire,] erm. a bend,
L'dlcrcU, az. a fesse betw. six mullets ar. betw. two lions, rampant, gu.— Crest, a dexter
Lullcrcll, gu. tv, o bars or, in chief a bezant. arm, habited in mail, supporting, in the hand
Liit'i'rc'l, fjuarterly ; and fourth, ar. a bend,
first ppr. a Inilbert of the last.
bi'lw. six mnrllets sa. for Lidltrdl ; second and Lychi'Ieli-i, [Shropshire,] ]ier chev. sa. and nr.
third, az. two eagles, displayed, in fesse, and a in chief three IcvpMds hcMls or. f Anolher, m.)
niu.llit in base ar. for Foicncs. —
Crest, out of a —Crest, a boar's iieadj coujied, az.
due;:! foronet or, a ))lumo of five feathers ar. LyciiFORD, [Charlwood, Surrey,] sa. a ch?v.
[Ihv Foti-ncs Lullcrcll, Esq. of belM-. three leopards' heads ar.— Crest, a leo-
Dunstcr- Casllc, Sn/iicrsel.'] pard's head, per pale, ar. and sa. betw. two
).,rTTi-.r.FORii, [Lutterford, Staftbrdshire,] gu. wings, counterchanged.
on a bend ar. betw. two escallops or, a grey- Lydaee, or Lyduall, [Sunning and DJdrot,
hound, courant, sa. all A\itliin a burdure cngr. Eeikshire, and Ipsdcn and Uxinore, Oxford-
of the third.--Crest, a spear or, embrued gu. shirt',] az. a saltier or, over all, on a fesse of
betw. two wings, expanded, sa. the last, three pellets. —
Crest, out of a nuujl

coronet, clioqny, oi' and iiz. a Isoin's licad, Ly.minci:, [lieicestershire,] gu. three birds ar.
(nised, 01', in his licuk a scroll, iiiscrilicd, el ]>i M.Mi-., or Ij\MiiE, gu. a pale, lozengy, ar.
pratihnaet puslcr. Lynaci;!,, or Lynakfk, [Derbyshire,] .sa. a
\.\ ncoTTK, [Chickciidon, Oxrordshirc.] vairr clie\ betw. three escallops ar. on a chief or, as

ar. and sa. hvo bars or, on a cliief of llic last niiuiy grc_\hound.s' heads, erased of the field.
tlirec dove-cotes gu. Lt/n/icre, ar. on a cross az. five nudlots or.
L</daiite, [Woodburcot, Norllianiistonsliirc, '.I!ik1c- Li/iieu-rc, ar. (Jii a bend engT. sa. three bugle-horns
iiigliamshire, and Surrey,] or, two bars vaire, of the lield. stringed, vert.
r.j-. and sa. — Crest,' on a ducal coronet or, a Lyn'I-cai;, [Dublin,] per pale, or and vert, an
boar's head, couped, of tlie Inst. eagle, displayed, betw. three escallops coxuitcr-
L'l POWNE, ar. three leo]iards' lieads sa. cbangcd, the eagle charged Avith a trefoil for
iAV., jier pale, £;u.and az. two wings, conjoined, diflerenci'. —
Crest, on a mount, a stag, all jipr.
charged v. ilh a trefoil, as in tlie arms.
Li/f, ar. a fesse, fnsilly, sa. hcU\ . three crescents Lyna.m, [St. Kew, Cornwall,] ar. a chev. gu.
g'li. betw. three boars, jiassant, sa.
Ij-jc, ar. a bend, fusilly, sa. betw. .sis crescents Lynch, [Ciroves, Kent, and Rixton-IJall, Lan-
cashire,] sa. three leopards, rampant, ar. spot-
Li/e, ar. a fieur-de-lis sa. ted of the field.
i.VFiELi), [Stoko Dabernon, Surrey,] or, on a Lyneh, [Ivent,] sa. three lynxes p]ir.
clie\'. betw. three deuii lioiis, ranijiant, gn. as Jjtjiicli, [Kent,] sa. three mountain-cats ar.
many trefoils, slipped, ar. Crest, a bull's head, — Lynch, [Southampton,] az. a cb.ev. betw. tbree
cabossed, ar. charged \\itli three guttecs sa. cpiatrefoils or. —
Crest, a fox, salient, p]ir.
[Granted Men/, lOlh Queen Elizeihe1/i.] Lj/iich, chev. betw. three trefoils, slipped,
az. a
f^^'GliE, [Cheshire,] ar. three lozenges az. or, on a cliief ar. as many roses gu. seeded and
J/VCOM, gu. two lioH.s, passant, in pale, ar. barbed vert. —
Crest, a lynx, ])assaul, guardant,
!-Yi,l)K, orLvin;, gu. three bezants, eachchari',ed ppr. [Borne hy Marcus Lynch, Esq. of Pael-
with a crowned king, liis robes sa. doid)Ied erm. dhx/ion, Middlesex, ISx'^i]
sustaining a covered cup in his dexter lumd, and Lynch, [Sir Vi'illiam, installed Knight of the j^afh,
a sword in bis sinister, of the second. June 15, 1772,] sa. three lynxes, passant,
Ia];ll, [Kinnordy, Scotland,] or, a cross az. guardant, ar. — Crest,on a ducal coronet or, a
betv.'. lour crosses, pattee, gu. within a bor- lynx, as in the arms. Sujjporters, two lynxes
dure of the last. —
Crest, a hand, in armour, ar.
holding a sword, all ]~<pr. L'^NUE, or Lynne, [Cainbridgcsbire and Lon-
ljYi,ii, [Dysart, Scotland,] or, a cross az. hvUv. don,] gu. a demi lion, rampant, or, (anoiher,
four cross crosslets, fitchee, gu. Crest, a hand, — ar.) within a bordurc sa. bezautee.
holding a .sword, erect, ppr. Lynch', ar. two bars sa. a bend gu.
Li/le, gu. fretty or. (Another, gu.ufretor.) L'i'NUEY', or Lynd, [Dorsetshire,] sa. a pelican
%/c', [Stonnypatb, Scotland,] gn. fretty of six- in her nest ar.
pieces, or, a nnillct for diflVrencc. Lyndcy, [Surrey,] ar. a cross engr. gu.
hyle, [Woodhead, Scotland,] or, a cross az. betw. Lymjfoki), gu. a fret engr. erm,
four crosses, jxittee, fifchee, gu. within a bor- Ly'NDON, [Somersetshire,] sa. three leopards'
dure cngr. 'of the second. Crest, a swallow, — heads or. (A nolher, ar.)
volant, ]ii>r. Lyndon, [Carrickfergus, Ireland,] sa. a mural co-
/'.y/t, [Jlurlhill, Scotland,] or, a cross az. betw. ronet or, betw. three leopards' heads ar.
fi.ur crosses, ]ialtee, fitchcc, gu.- —
Crest, a dex- Crest, a sea-dragon, volant, gorged with a
terhand, holding a sword, erect, pjir. mural crown or. [Granted, in Ireland, 4fh
1'^ LL, gu. a fret ar. February, ](i:3!).]
I-VLY. SeeLn.y. Lyndon, az. a mural crown, betw. three leopards'
'•"iMDEU, or LVMIJITUV, ar. three cinquefoils faces ar.
KU. pierced, or. (Annlhcr, pierced of the Lymioavne, gu. a chev. ar. betw. three crescents
lield.) or.
i''_;inher, ar. six cincjuefoils sa. three, two, and Lyndsky, [Kent, and Skegby, Nottingham-
one. shire,] ar. on a chief sa. three griflins' Leads,
I^VMi;, or Lymme, [Ciieshire,] gu. a fesse, lo- erased, of the field.
zeiigy, ar. Lynd.sey, ar. on a fesse sa. three griflins' Leads,
''ViMLSicY'. See Lyntlsi-.y. erased, of the fii;ld.
[4c ]

L Y N •

Li/iidscif, ar. on displayed, sa.
ontrle, sejant, guardani, sa. holding in bis dexter paw
Lyi/ilsci/, [Norllunnlterlancl,] or, an eagle, ili> a key, erect, or. (Another crest, a lion's ganib,
l)lav("d, veil. erect and erased, ar. holding in tlie paw three
Lyinls,-;/, [CuDlon, Xoifolk,] or, an eagle, dis- roses gu. stalked and leaded vert.)
jjlayed, v.illiin a liordnre gu. elsarg-cd -with ten LyiNI', [Chichester and llingwood, Hampshire,]
cinquefoils ar. gu. three bucks' lieads, coupcd, ar. on a chief
Lyndscij, or L'jwei<eij, gu. an eagle, disp!;',;, ed, of the second, two griilins' beads, erased, sa.
ar. — Crest,
a griOin's head, erased, sa.

Lijndxey, [London, and I3ucl;stod, Essex,] or, an Lynn, [Basingborne, Cambridgeshire, Devon-
eagle, displayed, sa. armed az. a chief vair. shire, and Norihamptonshirc,] gu. a deini lion,
Crest, an eagle, displaced, sa. beaked and rampant, ar. within a bordure sa. bezantee.
logged or, charged on the breast with a cross Lynn. The same arms; —
Crest, a lion's head, !

pattee of the last. erased, ar. [Borne by IViUkvii Lynn, Eiq. of

Lyiuheij, [Kent,] or, an eagle, displayed, sa. on Parlimncnf -Street, Westminster, and ClaphciR,
the breast a mullet of the second, within a bor- Surrey, 1835.]
dure gu. charged with eight cinquefoils ar. Lynne, [York,] az. three cross crosslets, fitchee,
Lymhcy, [I'ieUI, Kent.] The same, v. ithontthe in fesse, betw. as many eagles, displayed, or. — |

mullet. Crest, a squirrel, sejaut, ppr. supporting a cross j

Lyndspy, or Lyinesey, [^Yarwickshirc,] gu. an crosslef, fitchee, gu. |

eagle, displayed, or. Lynne, [Southwick, Northamiifoiishire, and Cam- ;

Li/ndsey, [Kent,] or, an eagle, displayed, pm.-]). bridgeshire,] ar. a demi lion, rampant, gu. ;

Lyndsey, [Colijy, Norfolk,] or, an eagle, dis- within a bordure sa. bezantee.
played, gn. —
Crest, a unicorn, sejant, rc- Lynsey, [London,] or, an eagle, displayed, sa.
guai'dant, or, armed, hoofed, maued, and du- a chief vair. —
Crest, a cat's head ar. spotted
gorged ar.
cally collared and studded, or.
Lyndsey, or, an eagle, displayed, sa. on the Lynmngton, [Leicestershire,] gu. a chcv. cr,
breast nine plates in cross. voided and betw. three lapwings ar.
Lyndsey, ar. an eagle, displayed, sa. on the breast Lyox, [Y^'^cst Tv»yford, Jliddlesex, London, and
five plates. Hertford,] az. on a fesse or, betw. three phUes,
Lyndsey, ar. on a fesse sa. three birds' beads, each charged with a gTifhu's head, erased, sa. a
erased, of the field. lion, passant, betvi'. two cinquefoils gu.
Lyinhci/, ar. a lion, rampant, gu. betw. three tre- Lyon, [Scotland,] ar. a lion, rampant, az. witliin
foils vert. an orle g\i. charged alternately with thistle-
Lyndsey, ov Lyndesey, per fesse, sa. and ;a-. a leaves and roses or.— Crest, a demi woman ppr.
bear, rampant, counterchauged, muzzled gu. habited ar. stomacher fretty az. holding in the
Lyndsey, [Huntingdonshire,] gu. an inescocheon dexter hand a key or, and in the sinister a this-
vair, bordered a?,, within an "cr!e of eight cross tle, slipped and leaved ppr. within two oal;-

crosslets or. branches, in orle, fructed of the last. [Borne

Lyndsey, [Lancashire,] gu. i>n orle ar. hy David Lion, Esq. of Portland- Place, Lon-
Lyndwood, r.r. a fesse, crenellee, betw. three don, and Demnarl-Hill, Surrey, 182-').]
fleurs-de-lis sa. Lyoxs, ar. a lion, rampant, gu.
LYNE.SIIOLME. See Levksiiolmf,. Lyons, ar. a lion, rampant, vert.
LvNGAliDi:, or Linger, [Lancashire,] hariy of Lyons, ar. a chev. sa. betw. three lions, dormant,
.six, or and i\7.. on a bend sa. three escallops coward, gu.
ar. Lyons, purp. a lion, rampant, ar.
Lyngardc, [Crudworth, Warwickshire.] The LVose, or Lyosey, az. a saltier or, betw. four
same. — Crest, a tiger's liead, nianed and tufted, billets ar.
all sa. Lys, or Lysse, [Fraiice,] paly of six, ar. and
Lyngen, Herefordshire, and Baliol-
[Siiltoii, az. a fesse or.
College,] bavry (jf sis, ar. and az. on a bend gu. Lysaght, [Ireland,] ar. three spears, erect, in
three roses or, over all a label of as many points fesse gu. on a chief az. a lion, passant, giuirdant,
Sfl. or. —
Crest, a dexter arm, embowed, in armour,
Lyngiiarde, or Lyngard,
[Willingbnrgh, holding in the hand jipr. a dagger ar. hilt and
Nortbaniiitonshiro,] ban-yof .six, or and az. on pomel or.
a bend gu. a lion, ]>assant, of the first, l>etv>'., or Lysour.s, [Lincolnshire,] or, ?>

two roses gold, (another, ar.)— Crest, a lion, chief az.

M A li M A C
lASLE. See with Lislk. Mahklhorpc, gu. a chev. betw. a lion, passant,
LvsTRB, [^Y_vkyllgill and Myd(loj>pe Craven, in chief, and three cross crosslets in base or.
Vork.sliire,] t'/iii. on a fesso sa. three mullels Mabkiltorpe, gu. a chev. or, betv/. a lion, pas-
or. sant, in chief of the last, and three cross cross-
Jjiilcr, on a fesse sa. three miiUets ar. (jiiar-
erni. lets in base, ar. two and one.
lerin?;'lioncrofl ; or, on a hend, l)et\i'. six cross !\lACAin'.N, [Knockdoliiin, Scotland,] az. on a
crosslets az. three garbs of the fiekl. [liirrnc rock jjpr. a castle ar.
by Matilieio Boncrofi Lynler. o/Burwcll-Park, STAC Alla, or r.lACAULr.Y, [Scotland,] gu. two
vcar South, Lincolnshire, 18iu.] arrov.s, in saltier, av. surmounted of a fesse,
I/.TCOTT, [/.laulsey, Surrey, and Stratford- chef|ny of the second and fust, beiw. three
Laugthorne, Essex,] or, two bars vaire, ar. buckles, within a bordure, indented, or. Crest, —
and sa. a boot, coujied at 1'ie ancle, tiiereon a spur, all
Jj^TE, [Lytescary, Somersetshire,] gu. a cliev. ppr. 'iBorne by Georr/e Mackenzie Macanley,
hetw. three swaus ar. —
Crest, a demi swau ar. lisq. Alderman of London, ob. 1788.]
with wings expanded gu. against a iihjme of ?flAC Ai.zox, [Scotland,] or, five bars gii. ac-
three feathei's, the middle one of the first, tiie con)])aniod v, ith two spear-heads in chief three
other two of the second. martlets in the centre, and four spcar-head.s in
L^, TT07>;,[Booth and Knibworth, Hertfordshire, base of the last.
Litton, Derbyshire, and AVallingtoa, Surrey,] Mac A.i'LJiS, ar. in chief tv.o spur-rowcU, in
enn. on a chief, indented, az. three ducal base a plieon az.
crowns or. —
Crest, a bittern^ in flags, seeded, ]Ma(j Beath, [Scotland,] az. a chev. betw. two
.11 ppr. mullets in chief and a crescent in base ar.
r.V VERSACE, or }^liVRRSAGK, [Cheshire/J ar. a Mac JjIIAIR, [Netherwood, Scotland,] ar. afesse
ciiev. betw. three lavers-cn tiers Co7' plough- gu. betw. three .stars in chief, and a lion, ram-
\_C0nf1r7ned to William Lyversoqe,
shares) sa. pant, in base of the last.
of Whclock, Cheshire, 2-iih Scptemher, 15S0.] :iLvc Callo\7N, [Scotland,] az. a castle ar.
LvzURES, paly of six, or and gu. a fesse a;;. 3.Iac CAiiTiiV, or, a buck, tjippant, gu.
Mac Ca jitney, [Scoflaud,] or, a stag, tripping,
gu. attired ar. within a bordure of the seceuJ.
— Crest, a dexter hand, holding a slip of a rose-
tree, all ppr. (Another crest, a gnSin, se-
greaat, az. Avings erm. liolding betw. liis claws
M an esfoile
Mac Clary,
[Gardin, Scotland,] or, a chev.
az. betw. three roses gu.
.Mabanke, [Dorsetshire,] ar. four bars, wavy, Mac CEELLA>f, [Scotland,] or, two chev. sa,
gu. over all a saltier or. Crest, a cubit arm, erect, ppr. holding a sword
Mabb, [London, Temp. Eiizaijeth,] per pah?, gu. of the last, hilt and pomcl of the first, on the
and —
a tiger, passant, w. -Crest, a wivern,
az. point a jNIoor's head or.
v.ith wings endorsed, or, pellettee. [Bonie h>j 5IACCLES1-IELD, ar. on a chief gu. a wivern,
John Mabb, Chamberlain of London, Teuip. 2d passant, or.
of Elizabeth.] Mac Comb, or Mac
Coombe, ar. a saltier, per
Makbai,l, or Maubatt, erm. six lions, ram- fesse and per saltier, o)- and az. counterchauged.
pant, sa. three, two, and one. — Cicst, a wivern, Mac Crach, [Scotland,] ar. a fesse, betw. three
[lassant, vert, ut the tail another iiead, each mullets in chief, and a lion, rampant, in
vomiting flames, ppr. gu.
'^IaoBS, [Bynliam and WaUingliam, Norfolk,] Mac Cuelocii, [Scotlaijd,] erm. a fret gu.
^ert, a cross, jiatonce, erm. betw. four birds Jictc Culloch,[Myrtoun, Scotland,] enn. a fret
ar. engr. gu. —
Crest, a hand, throwing a dart, ppr.
Marlethorpe, az. a chev. betw. Ihvcc cress Mac Culloch, [l-iUoun, Scotland.] The same
crosslets ar. in chief a lion, passant, or. —
Arms. Crest, an ei-mine.
-y<'.blethorj)e, az. a chev. betw. tiirce cross cross- Mac Culloch, [Drinnmoral, Scotland,] erm. fretty,
I'ls ar. gu.
^lniflHhorpc, a chcv. or, betw. three crosses,
gii. Mac Culloch, [rJuill, Scotland.] Tiiesame, vithin
liottoneo, ar. in chief a lion, passant, gisardant, a bordure, iedented of the second.
of the last. I»Iac CuitnY, [Ireland, America, and London,]

Verl, a rlu'V. bct\\. tin eo leo])ar(!s' faces or. v.itliin a bordure, chequy, of the first and se-
Crest, a leopard, imssaiit, p|)r. resting- liis dex- cond. —
Crist, a lion's gamb, erect and erased,
ter ibot oil an cscocljcoa vert, charged Avith a ppr. holding an olive-branch vert.
leo[>ard's face or. Mac DowaU, [Scotland,] az. a lion, rantpant, ar.
Mac Do^Ai.i), [Scollaml,] az. a lion, ramfiunl, gorged with an antique crown or, in the dexter
ar. gorged with an eastern coronet or. Crest, — chief point a covered cup of the hu-t within a
a demi lion, rampant, ar. regally crowned ppr. liordure erni. —
Crest, the same as J/ac Dow/jal/,
holding in (he dexter paw a sword, wavy, of of JjOfjan.
the last, liilt and poniel or.— Supporters, ou Blue DowaU, [Culgroat, Scotland,] az. a lion,
each side a lion ppr. —
Wolto, over the crest; rampant, ar. gorged with an anli'que crown or,
Pro rer/e in itjraiinos. Under the Arms, J ic- within a bordure of liie second, charged with
ioria vel mors. eight sinister hands, coupcd, gu. —
Crest, as
JSlac Donald, [Scotland,] or, an eagle, displayed, Mac Doicall, of Lofjan.
with two heads gu. suiinoiintpd by a lynrpliad Mac Doicall, [Crichen, Scotland,] az. a lion, ram-
sa. in the dexter cliief point a right baud, pant, ar. gorged v/ith an antique crown or, ou
coiiped, gu. — Crest, a ra^en sa. standing on a a canton ar. a hare's head, cabossed, gu.
rock az. Mar Duwall, or Mac Douijal, [Scotland,] az. a
Mac Donald, [Maydorty, Scotland,] quarterly ;
lion, rampant, dueally crowned or, within a bor-
first, ar. a lion, rampant, gu. armed or se- ;
dure of the second, charged with eight sinister
cond, or, a dexter hand, coiiped in fesse, hold- liands gu. —
Crest, two bears' paws, erased, in
ing a cress crosslet, fit(;hee, gir. third, or, a
; saltier,
13'mphad, and in base a .salinoa naiant, in sea, Mack, [Exeter,] az. a chcv. ar. in chief two
• vert fourth, ar. an oak-tree vert, sunuouuted
; mullets or, iubase a dexter gauntlet, lying fesse-
by an eagle or. —
Crest, a castle ppr. ways of the second, holding a spear, in pal-^,
Mac DoVvall, or Mac
Dowgai.[,, [Garth- of the third, headend ar.
Scotland,] az. sea in base, iu it a rock
land, Macedonl'S, sa. a wolf, rampant, ar. enraged
ppr. on whicli stands a lion, rampant, ar. gorged gu.
with an open crown or. Maceldon, or ^Lvi.CEOOX, gu. an eagle, dis-
Mac Doirali, az. a lion, rampant, ar. played, with two beads ar.
Mac Dou-all, az. a lion, rampant, ar. crowned Macelod, [Scotland,] az. a castle ar. gates and
or. —
Crest, a lion's gamb, erased and erect, windoM's gu.
Macey, [Exeter,] az. a chev. ar. betw. two mul-
Mac DowaU, [Logan, Scotland,] az. a lion, ram- lets, pierced or, iu chief, and a dexter gauntlet
pant, ar. gorged with an antique crown or. supporting a mace in base of the last.
Crest, ademi lion ar. crowned with an imperial Mac Gachen, [Scotland,] or, a bend gu.
crown or, holdmg in his dexter paw a fl.uDiug Mac-Gan, [Ireland,] ar. a chev. betw. three
sword ppr. boars, passant, az. armed, crined, and langued,
Mac Doivall, [Freugh, Scolland,] az. a lion, ram- or. —
Crest, a boar's head, conped, az. armed
pant, ar. gorged with an antique crown, and and crined or.
imperially crowned or. —
Crest, a lion's gamb, Mac Garth, [Scotland,] per pale and per chev.
erect and erased. Supporters, two wild men, ar. and gu.
wreatlied about the head and middle with laurel, j\L\.c Gjiie, [Scotland,] sa. th-ree leopards" heads
holding in their hands flaming daggers, i)ointing ai'.

upwards, all ppr. Mac Glile, [Balmagie, Scotland,] sa. three leo-
Mac DowaU, [H'Kerstou, Scotland,] az. a lion, pards' beads or.
rampant, ar. crowned or, charged on the shoul- Mac Gie, az. three leopards' heads, erased, ar.
der with a star of the first. Mac Gill, gu. three martlets or, Crest, a —
Mac Doicall, [Stodrige, Scotland,] az. a lion, ram- phoenix, in flames, ppr.
pant, ar. gorged Vvith an open crown or, holding Mac Gill, [Kankeillor, Scotland,] gu. three mart-
betw. bis pav.s a man's heart ppr. Crest, a — lets ar. —
Crest, a martlet ar.
lion's gamb, Mac Gill, [llamgally, Scotland.] The same Arms
JVflc Dov;aU, [Xcilsland, Scotland,] ])er fesse, within a bordure cngr. ar.
wavy, az. and or, on the fust a lion, rampant, Mac GiU, [BallyuestcV, Ireland,] gu. three mart-
ar. gorged with an antique crov n vert. lets or, within a bordure ar, —
Crest, a phoenix,
Mac Doicall, [London and Scotland,] ar. a lion, in flames, ppr.
ranijiaut, az. crowned with an antique crown or. Mac GitEGoji, [Scotland,] ar. ou a mount, iu

base, vert, a fir-tree, surmounted of a sv ord in Macked, [Kent,] erm. on a canton gu. a stag,
bend, all })pr. on ilie point a regal crown of the passant, or.
last. —
Crest, a dexter naked arm, holding- in the Mackkn, AfAciiiN, or Mackon, [Gloucester-
hand a sword, the hlade enfiied with ttireo regal shire, and Sherbnrn, Durham,] gu. a fesse,
crowns all ppr. vair, betw. three pelicans' heads, erased, vul-
JIaciiabeus, or, three ravens, in pale, sa. ning themselves, or. —
Crest, a pelican's head gu.
Machauo, or Machud, [Portugal,] gu. five issuing out of rays or, which proceed from the
Danish axes ar. wreath.
Machado, gu. five battle-axes, in saltier, or, edged Mackenzie, [Roschauch, Scotland,] az. a stages
ar. bead, cabossed, betw. two liranches of laurel,
MacJtado, [France,] "ii. live battle-axes ar. two, disposed orleways, or.
one, and two. [Jioriw. hij Ro(/er Machado, Mackenzie, [Scotland,] quarterly; first and fourth,
Escj. Chirencieiix Kino of Arms, Temp. Jteury ar. a buck's head, cabossed, ppr. second and
VI ir. oh. 1516.] third, gu. a boar's bead, erased, or. Crest, a —
MACHAJt, ar. a chev. gu.betw. three greyhounds, buck's head, cabossed, ppr. betw. the attires a
courant, sa. —
Crest, a greyhound, conrant, sa. boar's head, erased, or.
^rAOiicuLLOC, erm. a fret gu. Mackenzie, [Scotland,] quarterly first and fourth,

Machculloc, [PiKoun, Scotland,] erm. a fret, engr. az. a stag's bead, cabossed, or; second and
gu. third, gu. a boar's head or.
Machculloc, [Myretonn, Scotland,] erm. fretty gu. Mackenzie, quarterly first and fourth, az. a buck's

]\1aciiel, Mauchael, or Mauchkl, [Crakeu- bead, cabossed, ar. ; second and third, az. three
tborpe, Westmoreland, and Cumberland,] sa. ciuquefbils ar. —
Crest, a buck's bead, cabossed,
three greyhounds, courant, in pale, ar. collared ar. attired or. [Borne Inj the late .... Mac-
. .

or. kenzie, Esq. Cornicall-lerrace, Br^.:nl's Park,

Mncliell, [Wendover, Biickino-ham'sliire,] sa. three obit 182.5.]
greyhounds, courant, in pale, ar. collared or, a Mack IE, [Scotland,] az. on a chev. or, betw.
bordure of the second. —
Crest, a camel's head, three bears' heads, couped, ar. muzzled gu. a
erased, or, ducaliy gorged ar. roe-buck's head, erased of the last, betw. two
Machell, [Swaley, Lincolnsliire,] sa. three grey- bands, couped at the wrist, each holding a dag-
hounds, courant, in pale, ar. collared gu. v. ithiu ger, all ppr. —
Crest, a dexter hand, couped at
a bordnre engr. or. the wrist, grasping a dagger, all ppr.
Machen, gu. a fesse, vair, betw. three peli- MACKINNON, [Scotland,] quarterly; first, vert,
can's heads, erased, or. [Granted to Richard a boar's bead, couped, holding in the n)outh a
Maclicn, of Gloucestershire, \st June, 1GI5.] shin-bone ar. second, az. a tower, tripled

Maciiet, [Js'orfolk,] ]ier saltier, or and vert, on toMered, ar. ;third, or, a galley gu. fourth, ;

a fesse gu. three fieurs-de-lis ar. ar. a man's arm, couped below the wrist, from
Machin, az. an imperial eagle, ar. membered the sinister ppr. grasping a cross crosslet, fitchee,
gu. sa. all within a bordure gu. —
Crest, a boar's
Macilvain, [Grimef, Scotland,] gu. three cnps, bead, erased, holding in the mouth a shin-bone,
covered, or, in the middle chief point a star all ppr. Supporters, on the dexter, a lion, on
ar. the sinister, a leopard, both ]i]jr. [Borne dy
-Macintosh, [Scotland,] quarterly; first, or, a William Alexander Mac.kinnon, of Porticood-
lion, rampant, gu. ; second, ar. a dexter hand, house, near Soutltantpton, Hants, Esq. 18"i.5.]
couped, lying fesseways, grasping a man's heart, Macklay, [Yorkshire,] az. three wolves' heads,
l^aleways, gu. ; third, a;';, a boar's bead, coiiped, erased, ar. (another, langued gu.) [Borne hi/
or; fourth, or, a lynijihad, her oars, erect, in Richard Macklai/, Esq. Rcf/is/rarof the JJcc/e-
saltier, sa. —
Crest, a cat, salient, ppr. Court of York, obit 1775.]
yaclnfosh, [Killachie, Scotland,] quarterly first ; Macklean, [Scotland,] ar. on a mount vert, a
and fourth, or, a lion, rampant, gu. ; second and representation of the tree of life, eiivironed with
diird, or, a dexter hand, couped, fesseways, a serpent, on the dexter side thereof a male
holding a dagger, palcways, in chief, gu. and a ligure, and, on the sinister, a female, (repre-
galley, her oai's, sallierways, in base, sa. .senting Adam and Eve,) at the bottom of the
^'rest, a cat, salient, pjir. tree a rahhit, all ])pr.
'far Intosh, [Connadge, Scotland.] The same, JifK klean, quarterly ; first, ar. a rock gu. ; second,
a hordure vair.
^'•ilhin ar. a dexter arm in fesse gu. holding a cross
'AC LociiLAN, ar. a lion, rampant, gu. crosslet, fitchee, az. ; third, or, a lynipliad s.i..
— .

flags gu. ; fourth, ar. (wo heads, erased,
griffins' Maclci'jilUam, per bend, ar,and gu. three i-os'es
atl'roiifc in cliicf, ^u. iiinl, in base, a sahiiou, counterchanged.
uaiaiit, jjpr. over all on a chief (of honourable MackroiUiam, per bend, gu. and or, three roses.
, augmentation) gu. three medals, or badges, (he counterchanged.
centre one, the budge of England, viz. on a MackwiUiums, per bend, ar. and gu. tliree roses
cross, pattcc, a lion, passant, all gold, hanging in b-^nd, couuterchnuged.
to a red ribbon, with blue edges; on the dcster ]\[ack-\vitii. See Maycotte.
side, the medal of the Tower and Sword ; and, Mackwortii, per pale, indented, erm. and sa.
oil the sinister, the medal of the order of (iie a chev. gu.
Crescent. —
Crest, a battli;-axe, erect, p])r. uitli- MacIiv:orlh, [Shorpshiro,] per pale, indented, sa.
in a wreath of laurel and cypress (the laurel on and crm. ou a chcv. gu. five crosses, jiattee, cr.
the dexter, and the cypress on the sinister side) — Crest, a cock gu. beaked, leg-ged, conibed,
of the last. Motto, (over crest,) Sorli aquus and wattled, of the same.
utrique. Tllotto under arms. Virtue mine ho- Mackicorth, per pale, indented, or and gu. a cliev.
nour. [Bo7-ne hi/ Col. Sir Joint. Maclean, K. C. B. sa.
anclK.T.S. Ib2.3.] Mackicorth, [Noniiaiitnn, Rutlandshire,] per pale,
Macklkld, or, two cliev. sa. — Crest, a dexter indented, sa. and erm. a chev. gu. uctly or.
ann, cmbov.-ed in armour, grasping a sword, Crest, two wings, elcvaLcd, per pale, iodented.
entiling a Moor's head, all pj)r. crm. and sa.
M.^CKLESFiKLD, cr Maxfikld, gu. a cross Matkworth, jier pale, indented, erm. and sa. or.
engr. crm. a chief gu. a lion, passant, giiardant, or.
Mackletiiorpe, a;:, a clicv. betw. three cross Mackicorth, per paie, indented, ermine and er-
crosslets or. mines, a chev. gu. charged viith five crosses,
Mackloide, or M'Cluud, [of the Isle of Skey formee, or. —
Crest, a cocl; gu.
and Lewes, Scotland,] or, a mountain az. in- Mackv.orih, [Wales,] per pale, indented, sa. and
flamed ppr. erm. on a chev. or, three crosses, puttee, of the
J\IACKl-O^V, [Worcestershire,] gyroDny of eight, first.

or and ivi. a lion, rampant, of the first, guttee Mackicorth, [, Salop,] per pale,
de sang. indented, sa. and erm. a chev. or, charged will;
Mac/clowe, gyroiiuy of eight, or and az. a lioi], five crosses, pattee, gu.
rampant, counterchanged on a chief ar. an es- Macky, [Scotland,] paly of eight, or and gu.
callop betw. two fleurs-de-lis sa. over all a bend sinister az. charged v-ith a cres-
Mackmore, [Ireland,] purp. a lion, rampant, ar. cent ar. betw. two stai's of the (irsl.

MacTcmoie, or iliac More, [Ireland,] purp. a lion, Mac Lf.llan, [Bomby, ScotlandJ or, two c!ie^
rampant, ar. oi)presscd with a fesse or. sa.
Maclcmorc, or A[acLmora(/h, [Ireland,] sa. three Mac Liion, az. a castle, triple towered and
garbs ar. eiiibattled, ar. masoned sa. port gu.
MACK.NEIL, [Scotland,] quarterly; first, az. a Macli.sfikld, or Maclefield, [Staflordshire
lion, rampant, ar. ; second, ar. a sinister hand, and Ilorton, Cheshire,] gu. a cross eugx. erm.
couped fessewa}s in chief, and, in base, wavy, Mac ]SIichel, sa. a fesse l^etw. three crescents
az. a salmon, naiant of the first ; third, or. a or.
galley, her oars in saltier, gu. ou a chief of the Mac Millan, [Scotland,] ar. ou a chev. betw.
three mullets of the first.
last, three mullets sa. as many bezants.
Mac-Knight, or Mac-Naught, sa. an inesco- Mac Morogu, sa. a lion, rampant, gu.
cheon, chequy ar. and az. betw. three lions' heads, Macna>ij'ARA, [Brecon,] gu. a lion, rampant, ar.
erased, ar. —
Crest, a lion's head, erased, gu. ducally crov.ned or, in chief two spear heads cf
Macknot, or iSLvcoNANT, [Lincolnshire'",] ar. the last. —
Crest, out of a ducal coronet or, a
a bend sa. cottised gu. hand and arm holding a sabre ppr. hilt or.
Mackvowder, [Devonshire,] barry of six, ar. Macnainara, ar. a lion, rampant, sa. betw. two
and gu. in chief a greyhound, in full course, sa. dciui spears, erect, in fesse, ppr. Crest, out —
Mackully, [Martuu, Scotland,] az. three wolves' of a ducal coronet or, au arm embowed, holding
heads, erased, ar. a lance, ppr.
Mackwii.liam, [Ireland,] or, (aiiolher, ar.) a Macna:nara, gu. a liou, rampant, betw. three
cross gu. in the first c|uarter a lion, rampant, sa. spear heads ar. —
Crest, a naked arm, embov. ed,
Maclcwiltiam, [Ireland,] per bend, gu. and ar. holding a cimclcr, all ])pr.
three roses, coimterchanged. _ •. Muciiamara, [Scotland,] ai. a lioD, rampaut, g'-'-
— ; —

betw. (wo demi spears, in fesso, ppr. Crest,— Fermanagh, the province of Ulster, Ire-
out of a ducal coron<;t or, an aim, emljowed, liuid,] sa. a falcon or, jireying on a duck ar. on
grusping' a lilting si)ear, j)pr. a chief of the second a cross, bottonee, gu.
Mitcnamara, or, a lion, rampant, gu. belw. three 1- ''Crest, an eagle's Lead, erased, -or.
iiheoiis sa.— Crest, a dexter iirm, cmbowed. Madden, sa. a hawk or, preying on a duck p];r.
Uolcl a dagger of the litst, Jiilt and jiomc on a chief of the second a cross, nioliue, gu.
Crest, an eagle's head, erased, or. •

l\Ar Naught, oj-Mac Naughtan, [Scollfiiid,] j^Iadder, [Staffordshire,] erm. on a fesse, wavy,
quarterly; first aud fourth, ar. a band, fesse- az. tliree lions, ramiianl, or. —
Crest, on the
w^is, ppr. holdiug a cross crosslet, fitciico, az. trunk of a tree, lying fesseways, vert, a lion,
second and third, ar. a tower, embattled, gu. .sejant, or.
Crest, a tower, as in tlie Arms. Maddestock, [^yalwickshire,] ar. on a chief
Mac Neil, [Bara, Scotland,] quarterly; first, az. two mullets or.
az. a lion, rampant, nr. ; second, or, a hand, Madojson, or Madison, [Sallwellside, Dur-
coiiped above the vrrist, lying fesseways, gu. ham, and Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Northumber-
liolding a cross crosslet, fitchae, az. band to- land,] quarterly; first aud fourth, ar. on a chev.
wards the sinister ; third, or, a lymphad sa. ; betw. three martlets sa. as many mullets or;
per fesse, ar. aud
fourtli, az. in chief a rock gu. second and third, ar. two battle-axes, L>a saltier,
— Crest,
a rock gu. sa. —
Crest, a dexter hand ppr. sleeve erminois,
iL\c PfiAELiN', or Mac Pharlane, [of that grasping a battle-axe sa.
Ilk and A.rroquhar,
Scotland,] ar. a saltier, Maddux". See with Mauock.
v.avy, betw.
four roses gu. —
Crest, a naked MADJiiiEY, nr. ty.'o bars, gemelles, sa. in chief
arm, holding a sheaf of arrows, p]n-. with an three mullets of the last, pierced of the field.
imperial crown standing by him. —
iMotto, Tlas Madc.ley, [Shropshire,] az. ou a fesse, embattled,
,rildrfend. counter-embattled, betv/. six martlets or, a lion,
Mac Fiir.ADniS, ae. a buck's, head, cabossed, passant, reguardant, betw. tvo cross crosslet?,
ar. attired cr. fitchee, sa. —
Crest, a hawk ppr. pre}"ing on a
^Iag Pheiiis, or, a dv'ef, indented, az. on a martlet sa. [Borne hy Maddeij, Esq.
bend sa. three escallops ar. of Si. Paiicras, Middlesex, 1825.]
-Mac Pjieksox, [CUiuio, Scotland,] per fesse, Maderes. erm. on a fesse gu. three annulets or.
or and az. a lyniphnd, with her sails trussed up, MadessoN, ar. a chev. betw. tlu-ee martlets sa.
her oars in action of the first, in the dexter chief Madeston, ar. on a chev. betw. tlu-ee martlets
point a hand, couped, grasping a dagger, point sa. as many mullets or. —
Crest, a cubit arm,
upv.ards, gu. in the sinister chief point a cross erect, iu armour, per pale, crenellee, or and ar.
crosslet, Cfchee, of the hst. — Crest, n cat, se- holding in the gauntlet a halbert, headed and
jant, p,pr. garnished of the last. [Granted 15S7.]
.l/«c P/iei-sun,[Pitmean, Scotland.] The "same, Madcslon, gu. three maidejis' lieads, couped, ar.
per fesse, invecked. crined or.
Mac P/ierson, [Invernesshire, Scotland.] The Mude^ton, or Mudesson, barry of four, az. z.wA
same as Mac Pherson, of Ciunie, within a bor- ar. in chief a lion, rampant, or.
dure gu. Made v el, [Yorkshire,] or, a saltier engr. vert.
AIac Queen, ar. .three wolves' heads, couped, JIadeson. Sec Madimson.-
Madley, [Somersetshire,] barry «avy of six,
Macreuy, [Dumpender, Scotland,] ar. a fesse, erm. aud gu. on a chev. az. tliree fiems-de-lis
quai-terly, sa. and or. or.
^Iac Vach, [Kilkpahauty, Scotland,] sa. an ines- Madoc, gu. a lion, rampant, and bordure e;jgr.
cocheon, chcquy, ar. and az. betw. three lioii,;' or.
lieads, erased of the second. Madoc, Brecknockshire,] sn. a
[Llaiifrvnieich, ciiev.
-Mac Willia.MS, per bend, ar. and gu. three betw. three spears' heads ar. embrued gu.
roses, in bend, countevchanged. ^fadocli-, [Ilartbury, Gloucestershire,] az. a bend
"^Iac Yaris, per pale, indented, gu. and or, a or, ill chief three boys' heads, couped at the
hordure, vert. shoulders ar. each enwrapped about the neck
Madacjies, or Maders, erm. on a fesse gu. with a snake ppr. in base as many griffins' lieads,
tliree aunulet.s or. erased, of the th.ird. —
Crest, a lion's head,
Maddkn, or Madan, [Maddcnfon, "Wiltshire, erased, or, })ierccd through the neck with a
^iiddlo Te)n])le, London, and llousby-Castle, sword in jiale, the point coming- out at the top
of tlie head, embmrd, ppr. liilt and pomelled cf twisted of the first and second, charged on the
the first. neck \\ ith a chev. vair.
Madock, or Madocls, [Shropsliirc and 'Middle- Mahcve, [Essex,] az. a chev. vair, betw. three
sex,] av. a chev. bctw. tlircc castles sa. (laming crowns or, -within a bordure engr. gu.
vith fire g-u. [Confirmed io John Madncls, 3Iaheive, az. a chev. vaire, ar. and gu. v.itliin a
of Middlesex, 2GII,' March, J.0i)2.] bordure engr. of the last.
Mudocke, [Sunblk,] or, fretty sa. Maheice, alias Heller, or Mayow, [Lestwilhiel,
Maddox, TilAUOKE, or ]\IoT)OKi:s, [Wormky, Cornwall,] gu. a chev. vair, betv/. three due?!
Hertfordshhe,] per pale, az. aud gu. liirec lions, —
crowns or. Crest, a Cornish chough enn.
]ias.saiit, in pale, or. (Another crest, an Wtgle, with wings endorsed,
Maddox, []Ma.-,terly, Shropshire ; Hertfordshire or, preying on a snake, )iowed ppr.)
and Loudon,] per pale, gu. and az. two lions. Iilahewe, or Mahiiijs, erni. on a fesse gu. three
. passant, or. — Crest, a lion, sejant, or, in his pallets or.
dexter paw a sword ar. hilt and pome! of the Mahewe, or Mahinjs, enn. a fesse couuter-com-
first. pony, or and gu.
?.Iadog, paly of six, ar. and gn. a lion, rampant, Mahewe, az. a fesse criii. betw. six eagles' heads,
sa. erased, ar.
Madreston, gn. an eagle, displayed, ar. armed Mai/hew, [Hemingston, Suffolk,] gu. a che\'. vair.
or. betw. three crowns or. —
Crest, a unicorn's head,
MadAVORTIi, [Liucohishire,] av. on a bend sa. erased, gu. armed and maned or, charged on
three pheons of the field. the neck with a chev. vair.
Madworilt, ar. on a bend sa. three pheons or. Maiion, [Ireland,] or, a lion, rampant, az.— Crest,
Wadyson, [Fonhy, Lincolnshire; and Newcas- au lieraldic tiger, holding in his sinister paw a
tle, Northumberland, and Durham,] ar. a chev. spear
betvr. three martlets sa. Crest, a cuViIt arm, — Maidestone, [Lincolnshire,] erm. two battle-
ermiuois, holding in the hand ))pr. a battle-axe axes, in saltier, sa.
sa. Maidstone, [Essex,] or, two battle-axes, in saltier,
Maellock, [Kewin, of "N^'ales,] ar. on a chev. headed ar. [Granted lo Robert Maidstone,
angels kneeling, their hands eknaied,
sa. tln-ee of Boxstcd, Essex, IGll.]
•wings displayed, or. Maidman, az. on a chev. or, betw. three doves
Maeloe, or "Mayi-ord, paly of eight, ar. and ppr. as ninny laurel slips vert.— Crest, a dexter
gu. over all, a lion, ramjianf, sa. arm, embowed, per pale, indented, az. and or,
Mageron, or Mageran, [France,] gyronny of cuffed ar. the hand pjjr. grasping a dove, as in
six, ar. and sa. the arms. [.Granted to Richard Maidman, of
Magnall, ar. a sv\'eep (or sling) az. charged .the Isle of Porlsea, Southampton, 1765.]
with a stone or. SLiiELf., ar. on a chev. sa. three cinquefoils of
Mac/nail, ar. on a mount vert, n balista az. charged the field.
with a stone ppr. a chief, per fesse, embattled, Mainarp, [Devon,] ar. a chev. betw. three sinis-
or and gu. —
Crest, on a \^reath, a mount vert, ter hands gu.
thereon an eagle rising ppr. crowned v.ilh an Maiuard, [Lord of Wicldow, Ireland,] ar. a chev.
eastern coronet or. [Gnuited io Thomas Mag- betw. three sinister hands gu.
nail, of j\Ianchcsler and of JMndou, 17G.3.] Maine, gu. a chev. bctw. three chaplets ar.
Magnavillj:, quarterly, az. and gu. an escar- jMaine de JLvunts, or De Maigne, [Earl of
buncle or. [Created Earl of Essex, 1148. J Hereford, Temp. Edward the Confessor,] jior
Magnes, barry of six, vert and gu. on abend or, pale, sa. and ar. three chev. betvr. as many
a Hon, passant, betw. two cinquefoils purp. cinquefoils, all counterchanged.
BLvGNUS, [Yorksiiire,] barry of six, vert and gu. Maine, [Lochwood, Scotland,] ar. a chev. voided
on a fosse or, a lion, passant, guardant, betw. gu. betw. three pheons in chief, and a unicorn's
two citujiufoils purp. head, erased, in base, sa.
Mac/nits, ar. on a bond az. three cinquefoils or. Bfain, []>ucks,] crm. on a bend sa. three dexter
[home hy Rolcrl Magnus, Hih Archbishop of hands ar.
Canterhurij.'] Maine, crm. on a chev. gu. an escallop, betw. a
Maiiewe, or Matiiew, [Clipsby ai\d Byllock- sinister and dexter hand, eouped in bend, ar.
egsby, Norfolk,] az. a chev. vair, betw. three on a canton az. a covered cup, with handles, or.
crowns ar. williiu a bordure engr. or. Crest, a — —
Crest, out of a mural coronet, per pale, g"-
Unicom's head, erased, ar. maned gu. the horn and erm. a dexter armed arm, garnished or.
^'rasping a, point downwiircls, ppr. ^!o(to, Vt'arwickshire,] ;iz. on a fesse, betw. two leo-
Vincil pericula riylit.';. [Gianlvd (o John '
pards, jiassant, or, thi'ee cross crosslets, filchee,
Maine, ITG-J.] gu. —
Ciest, a !eoj)ard, passant, regnardant, or,
l.lAiNl'ii:i-n, ^u. tliren dexter luuids ar. reposing his foot on a shield gu. charged with a
Mmnuki.L, three dexter liatids ar.
s;i. cross!e{, fitcheo, of the first. [Granted
5! MM, [Lockwood, Scotland,] ar. two cliev. <^\\. 172!.]
I'otw. as many ))heo!is in cliief, and a unicorn's Malc/iiacc, az. on a lesse, betw. tv.'o leopards,
head, erased, in base sa. passi'iil, or, three cross crosslets gu. Crest, a —
tl.M.NIMAJ;, vair, a chief:;!!. iIo\e, h.ilding in its beak an olive-branch, all
.M.M.NSKMNi',, or, on a chief gu. a ii;;iu! extended
SlAkiNci'iKi.n, [Yorkshire,] ar. on a bend sa.
Mainsline, on a chief !;u. a dexter hand ar.
or, three be/ants.
>iAiNS'i'0.\i:, or, on a chief gu. a hand cxler.ded, ?ilAi.AiiAss.';, or, three chev. sa. bezantee.
fesseways, ar. i\Iai,ai;assli.i,, ar. three chev. sa. on each five
Mainstone, ahas J^,Iai/ncslo?i, []jondon Urcliinp;- ; plates.
lield, Herefordshire, Temp. Edward III.] az. a Mai.acki;, or, a fcfse az. betw. two chev. gu.
cliev. betw. three hedgehog's ar. i\lALAOi-.NX];, ()?• ."\1 ALAdJN", sa. a cu]), covered,
fIAIRE, ar. a spaniel dog, passant, ])pr. on a chief ar.
embattled az. a key, paleways, the vards up- Mai.akk, sa. a fret of six, or, a label of three
two cross crosslets or.
>\ards, bctv.". — Crest, a ])oints ar.
cubit arm, erect, liabited cuff I\1ai,, or Mal.mav, or, three leopards, pas-
holding a bugle horn stringed sant, sa.
Majendie, or, on a mount in base-\ert, a tree, SJalaon, ar. a lion, rampant, gu. crowned, az.
betw. a seri)ent, erect, on the dexter, and a SIalhanc, [Wick, Malbauc and Xantwich,
dove, close, on the sinister, all ppr. Crest, an — Cheshire,] (|uartcrly, or and gu. a Ijcndlet sa.
arm, enibowed, iu armour, the band holding a Malbank, [Dorsetshire.] The same as Ma-
cinieter, [Bory.c by Lewis Ma'n'ndic,
all pjir. HA.NRE.
of Caslk-tledingliam, Essex, Esq. 1S25.] ^lalbank, barry, wavy, of ten, ar. and az. a sal-
Major, or 3iAGi:n, [Southampton, and of the tier or.
Isle of Wight, IIam]]shire,] gu. an anchor ar. Malbaiike, [Staffordshire,] or, fretty gu. on a can-
on a chief or, three roses of the first. Crest, a — ton az. a cross, patonce, ar.
greyhound's head gu, coUiUed or. [Herdld's IilalUiJike, [Staflordshire,] ar. fretty gu. on a can-
Office, Jiawpshire, C. 28.] ton az. a cross, pattee, or.
ijq/or, [Ix-icestershire,] ar. (wo bars sa. in chief JIalbankc, [Dorsetshire,] bariy, wavy, of eight,
three nudlels pierced of th.e second. [Granted ar. and <^u. a saltier or.
1G4G.] Malbankc, [Lancashire,] paly of six, and gu. ar.
Major, [Erampston, Noftinglianisbire.] The ?ame a bend erm. ou a canton or, a lion's head,
amis. —
Crest, a demi greyhound, rampant, sa. erased, of the second. —
Crest, a lion's head,
collared ar. thereon three mullets of the first. erased, gu. charged with a bend erm.
i-icjor, az. three pillars of the Corinthian order, Maliu-ch, gu. a chev. or, betw. three hinds'
two and one, on the top of each a ball of the heads, erased, ar.
List. —
Crest, a dexter arm, embovred, habited jLvliiise, ar. a chev. betw. two closettes gu.
az. cufl' ar. chaiged on the arm with a plate, in Mai.uoune, quarterly, or and gu. a bend sa.
t!ie iiand jipr. a baton or. [GranU'd io Malburnc, or, two bends, gobouatcd, ar. and
lohn Major, of Worliin/irorlh Hall, Siq/hlk, gu.
17(3.^.] • •
Malbournc, az. three escallops, within a bordure
'''akakic'iii, [Lancashire,] gu. three cincjuefoils engr. ar. the latter charged with eleven cross
'ir, a ciiiof of the second. — Crest, a dexterarm, crosslets, fitchee, gu. [Confirmed io Rev
• mbowed, in armour, holding in the hi'.nd a bro- Malbournc, D.D. June, lCil5.]
^on tilting spear, all p))r. JL\ i.iioLU'R, ar. four bars, wavy, gu. over all a
Hakkli'Klu, [Bolton, Yorksiiire,] ar. on a clu-v. saltier or.
'"'tw. three garl)s gu. baud>;d or, three buckles, [Norfolk,] az. across, formee, coupee,
."f the last.
^ju. t\)^)i{i;^ sa. a lion, rainpant, or. Maib'./, or Mallhij, ar. en a bend gu. three garbs
^'AMii'EACE, [rtliddle-Teniple. London, and or.

[ 4u ]
Mai.CARK, voi-(, a sallirr, lozeii^'V, or. thereon two binds, v.avy, the hand ))pr. r.
Mai.castv, harry of ci-lit, ar. ;m(l gii. a bi'iid, mallet of the liibt.
shiiisler, az. JilALLARi), vert, a chev. betw. three,
MAi,Ciii;r{, ar. on n ItikI etigr. betv.'. two lions, statant, ar.
rampant, sa. tlircu lirzaiits. i\1a).lek, or I.fALLKV, ar. a liend .^a^
Maia'olagii, [.Scotland,] erm. fretty jju. ]\1alleuijy, [Devonshire,] or, a bunch of net-
Maldocr, [Suflbl.k,] or, fretty sa. tles vert. (Another, the field ar.)
Malkiiar, [Derby, descended iVom France,] or, Malleric, erin. a chev. gu. a bordure, engr. sa.
two axes, erect, endorsed, bundles az. blades IWallet, or Malet, [Audres, Soinere'ishire.
sa. on a chief gii. a lion, passant, giiardant, ol' Devon, and Cornwall, "i'enip. >yilliam the-{3on-
the field. queror,] az. three escallops or. —
Crest, a hind's
M.^m:faunt, three bars genielles ar. on a
gfu. head ar. ducaliy gorged or. (Anollwr crest.
chief or, a lion, passant, sa. out of a ducal coronet or, a tiger's head erni.
Mail-font, or Maksauids, per cliev. or and gu. iu Aiinther crest, out of a ducal coronet or, an
chief a lion, passant, sa. in base a fret ar. ' antelope's head ar.)
MalcfonI , ga. on a cliev. or, a lion, passant, sa. Mu/kf, [BuckinghanisliireJ sa. a chev. betw. three
crowned of the second. chaplets ar.
Male/on/, barry, ar. and gn. in chief a liun, pas- Mallei, [Derbyshire,] gu. a fes.-e erm. betw. sl.v
sant, of the second. round buckles or.
Malvfoiil, barry of ten, gu. and ar. on a chief or, Mallet, [Derbyshire,] gu. a fesse, dancettee,
a lion, passant, sa. betw. SIX round buckles ar.
Malk.mains, and Malkma^is. See with Mallet, gu. tliree round buckles or.
Malmayni;s. Mallet, [Ruckinghamsliire, and Nornianton.york-
Malkotk, [V/ales.] ar. on a cliev. sa. three :ai- shire,] sa. a chev. betw. three round buckles ar.
f^els, kneeling, baliited in loag robes, close Mallet, or Martell, [Berkshire,] gu. three mal-
girt, their bi.;nds conjoined, elevated on their lets ar.
breasts, v.ings displayed, or. Mallet, or Martell, [Nottinghamshire and Der-
Mai.f..'<1';kte, ar. on a chief gu. a label of five - byshire,] gu. a fesse, betw. six mallets or.
points or. Mallei, sa. tlirce buckles or.
Malkt. See Mallet. Mallet, [Derbyshire,] gu. afes.5ecrm. betw. tinee
Maleverer, sa. three greyhounds, in full course buck'les or.
ar. Mallet, [Buckinghamshire,] ar. a cliev. betw. three
Mahrcrer, gu. a chief or, a bend, compony, az. buckles sa.
an;l ar. Mallet, .gu. a fesse, nebulee, or.
liliikverer, gu, three greyliounds, in full course, Mallet, [Enmore, Somersetshire, ancient,] paly of
in pale ar. collared az. six, gu. and or, a lion, statant, guardant, ar.
Malevcrer, three greyhounds, in full course,
su. Mallet, [Gre\il!e, Xormandy, Temp. 'SVilliaai the
ar. collared gu. studded and turretted or. Conqueror,] three buckles
Malcvercr, sa. three greyhounds, in full course, Malet, [ancient,] gu. a lion, rampant, or, ih'-
ar. bruised witli a iiendlct erai.
Malevcrer, gu. three pair of wings ar. See j\] ALLEY, ar. a bend sa.
Maijlevkrer. BLvLi.iso.M, per pale, az. and gu. three crescent^,
Malkit, or, on a chief gu. a label of five points connterchanged.
of the field. ?Jallom, [V/alter-Acton, Norfolk,] ar. three
IvIalham, [Elslake, Yorkshire,] gu. three chcv. cheveronels, braced, in base gu. on a chief of
fretty, iu base, ar. on a chief or, a lion, passant, the second, a lion, passant, betw. two mullets
az. of the fir^t. —
Crest, a dexter arm, erect, liabi-
IiIalhhrue, [llevonshire,] or, a cliev. gu. betw. \i:C\, vert, the cuff turned up erm. the baiidppr.

three uettle-k;a\ es j'pr. ho!,iiiig a knirc, feathered, ar. garnished or,

MallagyN, sa. a covered' cup ar. strligcd and tasselled gu. [Graiitccl, hi/ Ihuj-
Mallake, [Axmouth, Unvonshire,] per chov. daU^ liiay 4, l(i8.3.]
cugr. or and sa. in chief two pellets, each jIallory, [J^oudon,] or, a lion, rampant, gu.
cliarged v.itli a (leur-de-lis of the first, in ba.<e a Viithia a bordure of the second.
bezant, chyrged with a ileur-de-lis of the se- Mallorij, or, a lion, rampant, tail forked, within .1
cond. —
Crest, a cubit arm, erect, vested or. bordure ^u.
Mirllonj, or, a lion, rampnnt, gu. tail forked. Mahmains, zz. three dexter hands, fingers ex-
I^Udlorij, [Stiullcy, Yorkshire,'] or, a lion, ram- tended, ar.
]ian(, gu. tail forked, collared ar. —
Crest, a nag's Mdlmaius, az. three dexter band--, ar.

lii ad, coiqjed, gu. Maliiiains, gu. tliree devier hands ar.
Mollonj, [Studley, Yorksliire,] or, a lion, ram- JJtilinai/ts, erni. on a chief gu. three dexter bonds
pant, gii. collared ar. —
Crest, a nay,'s head gn. ar.
.'iliillori/, [Norlhaniptonsliiro,] |n!rp. a lion, ram- Jialinnlns, sa. five fusils, in bend, ar.
pant, or, collared, gu. —
Crest, a nag's head ar. a bend engr. ])urp.

or. TiIalokk, gn. a fret of six, or, a chief erm.

Mallory, [Woodford, XoribaiDjiton'^hlrc,] or, a 5L\L0-LACU", or ^Lv\VLLV, [Temp. Edward fll.]
lion, ramjiant, vvith two tails gu. collared ar. on or, a bend sa.
hisshoulder a fleur-de-lis of the first. Crest, a — iSLiLONKS, ar. a bend ei;gT. purp.
nag's head gu. crined or, charged v.ifh a fleur- !\JALONii, [L-eland,] gu. a lion, rampant, betw.
de-lis of the last. three niullrts ar. —
Crest, a nmniii annour, com-
Mallnnj, ar. a denii lion, rampant, gu. plete, holding ill his dexter hand a lance, and on
jJaUorij, or, three lions, rampanl, sj. viihia a his sinister arm a shield, all ]jpr.
bordure, engr. az. Maloqui;s, paly' of teu, or and gu. within a bor-
MaUor}/, [Leicestershire,] or, three lions, passant, dure ar.
sa. tv.o and one. (Aiiothtr, the field ar.) J\!aloiiv, ar. a demi lion, ran^.pant, gu.
Maliori/, or Mallorie, [Kirkhie-SJallorie, Ijcices- Malori/, [liOndon and Canibrldgeshire,] or, a lion,
tcrshirc, and Painvorih, Cambridgeshire,] or, a rampant, ti:il forchee, and bordure gu.
lion, rampant, gu. 3Ialuri/, or, a demi lion, rampant, gu.
Mallonj, [^\''ooderson, Yorkshire,] sa. t'aree grey- Malory, [Leicestershire,] or, a lion, rampant, tail
liouiuls, courant, ar. ccdlared gu. two and forchee, gu.
Malory, [Mortbamptonshire,] or, three lioiis, pas-
Mallorij, gu. tp'o bars ar. in chief three nnilleis, sant, guardant, in ])ale, sa.
pieiced, of the second. Malory, or, a lion, ram]jant, within a bordure,
lilallorii, ei'in. a cliev. gu. within abnrdiire, engr. gu.
Malory, [Yorkshire,] or, a lJo», rampant, gu.
Mallory, or, a lion, rampant, gii. collared of the first.
Mullori), or, a demi lion, rampant, gu. Malory, ar. three lions, passant, in pale, sa.
Mallori/, [Lord i^Iayor of London, IjjGJ,] or, a Malory, [Drauglifon, Northamptonshire,] or, three
lion, rampant, guardant, tail forked gu. col- lions, passimt, guardaut, in pale, sa.
lared ar. within a bordure of the second. ^L\Ll'A^3, [Cheshire,] ar. a cross, flory, az.
Malori/e, [Sfallordshire,] per pale, indented, ar. Malpas, [Cheshire,] sa. a fesse, betw. three pheous
and sa. ar.
Mallow, az. a fesse engr. or, betw. three boys' Malpas, ar. a cross, moliiie, a/,.
heads, coujied, ar. Malpas, [Cheshire,] gu. three pheons ar.
-Mallvnc, [Cornwall,] gu. three goats, passant, iMalristv, gu. a chief ar.
ar. attired or. Walso.X, o)- Mallksome, per pale, az. and gu.
Malmaynls, erm. ou a chev. gu. thiec sinister three crescents ar.two and one.
hands, couped, ar. i\lALST(iN, [Devon,] ar. a fox, salient, sa. enraged,,
^Inhnaipies, erm. on a chief gu. three sinister
hands, couped, ar. Malslon, [l^evon,] ar. a wolf, salient, sa. enraged,
'lalmm/ncs, or ^ualcniaiits, az. three sinister bauds, gu.
>--(.up'ed, ar. Mai.thy, [jMuUi)y-Clevelai;d, Yorkshire,] ar. on
Malii'ai/iies, gu. three sinister bands, couped, ar. a bend gu. three garbs or. —
Crest, a garb or,
^!nlmaijiies, gu. three dexter liands, couped, or. banded gu.
^Idlmciynes, gu. three dexter bauds, couped and Maltiwaki), [Rougham, Suffolk,] .sa. on a sal-
'reef ar. tier ar. a grillin's bead, erased, of the first. ^-
^i<''tiii(ii/ncs, three sinister bands, couped, or.
sa. Crest, a demi betw. his e^ws;.
grifiiu ar. holding-,
^i'lf^iiuynts, ar. three fusils, in bend, gu. a saltier sa.
^''ilnuiijuis, ar. a chev. gu. betw. tcu cross cross- IM ALTON, sa. a boii, rampant, ar. crowned or,
lets s'a. betw. three annulets of the second.
^lult?K(uiis, [Kent,] ar. a bend engr. purp. Mallon, az. a lion, ram])ant, ar. crowned .or, an-,
'IcJciaai.iis. sa. three dexter bands ar. annulet of the second. •

[ 4 D 2 ]
— —

Mallon, a cross, finrv, sa. voidrd ptirp. williin
ar. sant, ar. as many pellets. — Crest, ademi dragcm.
a hordin-e of the soi-oiu!, cliar;j:cci with trefoils of >\ith wings endorsed ar. g\ittee sa. [Granlcil
tho first. March 2, ICA)2.]
Malton, or Melton, [^Jiddlcscx,] enii. acrossgii. Man, [fjong-Sutton, Lincolnshire,] or, three chf\.
voided nr. sa. in chief as many pellets.
Mnl/on, or jV^Ilo,,. [Middlesex,] az. a cross, Jhi'i, [l^ondon,] az. on a fosse, couiiter-batteily,
flory, ar. voided of' the fudd, charged with a betw. throe goats', ])assanl, v.r. as many pellets.
bezant. '

Crest, a dragon's head, betw. two dragon's
Malton, or j^lellon. az. a cros.s, pafonco, or, wings, expanded, gu. guttee d'or.
charged with another of the field. Man, [,] per fesse, embattled, ar. and
Malton, or Mellon, [Yorkshire, and Soiith-IIa\ i;e, az. three goats, ))assant, couDtercbanged, at-
Devonshire,] az. a cross, flory, voided, ar. tired, or.
Crest, a snake, iiowed and erect, in [lale, ppi-. Man, [IJidlingbrooke, Lincolnshire,] per fesse,
ducaliy gorged ar. embattled, ar. and gu. three goafs, passanl,
Walton, or Mellon, [Lancashire,] ar. a cross, )>a(- counterchanged.
tee, voide<l, gu. Man, [Kent, and Hatfield-Bradock, Essex,] or,
Mallon, or Melton, [Lancasliire,] gu. a cross snr- a chev. engr. ermines, hctvr. three lions, ram-
celiy ar. ])ant, sa.— Ci'cst, five spears, ppr. issiiant from
Malton, ar. three bends az. the top of a tower, or. (Another bears the
Mallon, erm. a cross, voided, gn. chev. plain.)
Mallon, erm. a cross gu. surmounted of anollier Man, [Kent,] or, a chev. engr. betw. three lions,
ar. rampant, sa,
Mallon, az. a liou, rampant, ar. cro^^ncll or, betw. Man, [>s'ewcast!e,] sa. on a fosse, betw. three
ten annulets of the second. goats, passant, ar. as many pellets.
M.^LTRAVKRS, sa. a fret or. Slan, or, a fosse, cottised, az.
Maltravers, sa. fretty of eiglit pieces or. Man, [Kent,] or, three chev. sa.
M.\LVEnsiN, gu. three bends ar. Mann, -ar. three antique boots sa. spurs or.
Malvesmis, gu. three bends or. Crest, a demi man ppr. wreathed about t'le
JFALVOSYNJi, gu. three bends ar. temples and loins vert, holding over his dexter
jMalub.xnk, or, a fret of six gn. on a canton az. shoulder an arrow ppr.
a cross crosslet ar. Mann, or, a chev. engr. ermines, betw. three
"Malun, or, a chief gu. lions,rampant, sa. — Crest, a tower or, issu:nif
AIalvn, arm. a fesse, paly of six, or and gu. from the turrets
five spears ppr.
Malyn, erm. ou a chev. vert, betw. three falcons I\Iann, sa. on a fesse, embattled, and counior-
ppr. belled or, as many crosses, moline, of the embattled, betw. three goats, statant, ar. as
last. —
many pellets. Crest, a demi dragon, wings en-
Mal^'NE, [Calais,] gu. a fesse, cottised, or. dorsed, sa. gnttee d'ean, inside of the winss
^Iai.vnes, 07- Malyns, erm. on a fesse gu. —
and talons ppr. Supporters, the dexter, a goat
three pales or. ar. the sinister, a wivern sa. guttee d'caii.
Malyncs, erm. a fesse, counter-conipony, gu. and [Home h)/ Sir Horatio Mann, Bart, installed
or. Kniyht 6fthe Bath, 15th June, 1772.]
Malijnes, orm. two bars, wavy, sa. Manard, ar. a chev. az. betw. three dexter
Malynes, erm. two ijars sa. hands, couped, gu. —
Crest, a stag, passant, or,
Mahjnes, [Kent,] ar. a bend engr. purji. attired ppr. [Granted ]o90.]
Malijnes, gu. on a fesse, cottised or, two acorns Manardc, sa. three dexter hands, erased, ar.
az. busked of the first. ou abend sa. three mullets, pierced
Malyncs, or, throe pales gn. on ati cscocheon ar. of the field.
an imperial eagle sa. Manaton, fCornwal!,] ar. on a bend sa. three
Malynes, erm. on a fosse gu. three billets or. mullets of the Held.'
Mam iG NOT, az. a fesse, lozengy, ar. Mam'.e, ar. a lion, rampant, sa. betw. ten es-
Mmuiynot, az. ten lozenges, conjoined, five and callops gu.
five ar. ALvMuiCKJ'.R, or RIoNTiJUCHER, ar. three pots
Maminot, or MaiMICNOt, [Temp. King Ste- gu. within a bordurc sa. bczantee.
phen,] ar. two bars, lozengy, az. Mam5Y, az. a lion, rampant, or, ou a cliief f;i-

Man, or Mann, [Ipswich, SuH'olk,] sa. on a three martlets ar.

fesse, counter-embattled, betw. three goats, pas- Manhy, [Elsham, Liucolnshire, and London,] ar.
a lion, rampant, sa.orb of eif^lit es-
within fin ^[andeville, three chcv
callops g-ii.— Crest, nn arm, conped at theclbow Mandeville, gu. an escarbuncle, nowed and flower-
and eject, vested, per pale, crenellee, or and ed or.
nr. holdinfj in the gauntlet a sword, ])oniclied of Mandeville, [J'ifth liarl of Essex,] quarterly ; or
the first. [Heralds' Office, London, C. 24.] and gu. uidiin a bordure vair.
MoRBYK, [Essex,] nr. a lion, rampant, within an ]\hindeville, three bars az.
orle of escallops sa. iJandevitle, (|uarterly ; or and az. four sinister
MaNCKSTER, vairc, ar. and sa. a bend gn. wings, displayed, coniiterchanged.
3lancester, or Manc/iester, [Vrarwicksliire,] vaire, Mandeville, (juarterly; or and az. a bordure vair.
ar. p.iid sa. on a bend gu. an eagle or. (Aiio- Mandeville, ar. on a ciiief, indented, gu. three
iher, three eac^les.) trefoils of the field.
Mitncester, [Staflbrdshire,] potent, counter-potent, Mandeville, [Buckinghamshire,] ar. on a chief,
ar. and sa. over all a iiend g\i. indented, gu. three martlets or.
Manctster, vair, a bend gii. Mandeville, az. fretly or, a fesse gu.
Manchenhall', gu. a bend engr. or. Mandeville, gn. a lion, rampant, nr.
MatLchinghall, gu. a bend engr. or, a label ar. Mandeville, [(''ail of Essex,] per pale, or and gn.
^rAXCOURT, ar. on a bend sa. three eagles, dis- the regalia sa. .

played, or. Man'OI']', [(.Jreaf Stretton, Lincolnshire,] per pale,

Mandatt, gu. three bends, dancettee, or. wavy, or and gu. over all, on a bend ar. three
^rAXDERNE, [Penzance, Connvall,] az. a lion, torteauxes.
rampant, or, guttee de sang, crowned of the Mandill, or Manduyt, cheqity, or and az. v.ilhin
second. —
Crest, a lion, rampant, or, guttce de a bordiuT. gu.
sang, crowned of the first. Manukev, [Essex,] ar. a demi lion, within an
]^Iandevili,e, [first Earl of Essex,] quarferK ;
orle of fleurs-de-lis, gn.
or and gu. an escarbuncle of eight ravs, florcttv, ]MAM)i;iJ,[\\'iI(shire,] gu. three pallets, indented,
^sa. {GraniedWm.] or.
Mandeville, g_%Tomiy of eight, gu. and ai-. an es- Mandud, gn. three pallets, wavy, or.
carbuncle sa. ^Manduit, gn. a pale, lozeugy, ar.
yiaiuhvilic, or ?darsJiwood, [Dorset, second Eml Mandtiif, [^^'iltshire and Hants,] gu. three piles,
of Essex, Temp. John,] ()u;n-terly or and g\!. ; indented, or.
MdndevlUe, quarterly gu. and or. : Mandul, «\-M<(ndinl, [Somerford-Manduif, Wilts;
Mandeville, rniarterly vair and gu. ; "Warwickshire,] ar. two bars gu.
Mandeville, [Wiltshire,] quarterly vert and gu. ; Mandul, gu. two bars, dancettee, or.
a fesse, wavy, betw. three trefoils, countei- jilandut, or Manduijf, [Staffordshire and Xor-
changed. thinnbcrland,] erm. two bars gu.
MandeviUe, quarterly; ar. and az. within a bor- Mandul, [Wiltshire,] gu. three pales, dancettee,
dure, vaire, ar. and gw. or.
Mandeville, vaire, ar. and gu, Mandul, [Lincolnshire,] gu. three pales, dan-
^landcville, [Essex,] ar. a chief, indented, cettee, ar.
Mandul, or Manduit, che(juy, or and az. a bor-
Manderille, or, on a chief, indented, gu. three dure gu.
trefoils ar. Mandut, or Mandail, chetpiy, or and az. a boi-
Mandeville, ar. on a cliev. gu. three iiiarllets or. dtire gu. bezantee.
Mandeville, [Essex,] ar. 0:1 a cliev. danceilie, Manduit, gu. three dexter hands ar.
gn. three marth-ls or. ^LvNELSON, [Lincolnshire,] az. in a crescent ar.
Mandeville, [Buckinghamshire and ]:s^e^,] ar. on a sun or.
a chief, indented, aii- three n)artlels or. MaxestIvR, vaire, or and sa. on a bend gii. three
Mandeville, [\Yur\vicksinre,] or, a fret az. eagles, displayed of the first.

'dandeville, az. a fret or. Manev, [Linton, Kent,] barry of six, sa. and
Mandeville, [Warwickshire,] az. frelty or. or, in chief three cinquefoils of the second.
Mnndeville, [Essex,] az. three wolves, passnni, (Another, a cinquel'oil or.)
or. Maney, ar. three incscocheons gu.
'^•faiideville, veit, three wolves, passant, in pale, ^[aney, [ICent,] or, two bars sa. on a chief of the
or. .second three cinquefoils of the first.
Mandeville, [Dorset,] gu. three lions, pa.-ant, m Maney, [Jjinton, Jvent,] per pale, ar. and sa.
Jjali', ar. over all a bendlet az. three chev. belM-. as many cinquefoils, nil coun-
— —

tcrchanrjed. — Crest, an aim, coiiped at the elbow, Angers extended, — Crest,
sa. a . man's liead,
and erect, liabitcd, per palo, ar. and sa. the couped at tlie shoulders, aft>ontee, ppr. iiair sa.
cuff couuterchangod, lioldiug in tlic Ijaiid ppr. a wreathed round tlie temples vert. [Bor. 2 by
battle axe of the last. I'lehite ]f'i.'luii;i JIanh-y, E-^q. Serjeaid-'al-Law,
I^Ianfeld, gu. a hcnd, cottiscd, ar. liet\v. sh: oh. May -21111, 1824.]
cress crosslt'ts or. [Coi/finned to Laiicilol .Man- !Mani,o', );, [Staffordshire,] gu. a chev. erm. bet^r.
fcld, of Skirpcnhecic, Yur/isliirc, '20lh &'i)ltm- three auchors or.
'ber, 15G:3.1 Ttfanlove, [Ashburne, Derbyshire, and StafTord-
Manfdd, [IIntton-on-Dcr\veut, Yorkshire.] Tlie shire,] az. a chev. betw. three auchors erm.-
Crest, out of a mural coronet, gu. a cubit arm
Mctuf.vid, or MaKsfuId,
[nuckingliaui-hirc,] sa. erect, vested, crminois, cu.^l' ar. grasping in the
fiirce hands, coujied at the wrist, ar.'
siiiislcv hand ppr. a flaming sword of the first.
Crest, a sejant, or, ducally gorged gu.
titter, Tuam.OAV, a--!, a chev. erm. betw. tluee anchors
Munjicld, [West I-'^ake, Nottinghamshire,] ar. a or.
chcv. betw. three niaiaichcs sa. —
Crest, a grifllia's Manmaklr, [lliddlcburgh, Zealand,] '^v..^ three
head, erased, acorns or. — Crest, two wing^;, displayed, ga.
Manfu'ld, ar. a cross eiigr. sa. Ma>;n. See Mi th 3.1a n.
31an1'0ld, or Manvfolu, [CoruMall,] ar. a I'iIaxnell, vaire, ar. and sa. — Crest, a horse's
chev. wavy, betw. tiu-ee roses gu. head, erased, nr.
I^Ianford, ]Mou>'ford, or Mondf-ford, or, Maxnkrixg, [Cheshire,] <'.r. tv.o barsgu.
three fleurs-de-lis gu. Idoiiiieriny, [Surrey,] barruly, ar. and as.
MAXni.E, oi- ilANGi.FS, or, abend, \-air, betw. ?i1axxerr, [E;;rl of Ruilandj] or, two bars az. a
two crosses, verdee, voided, sa. Crest, an arm, — chief cjuarterly, az. and gu. in the first quarter a
eiubowed, in armour, ppr. charged with tv.o fleur-de-li.s of the field ; in the second, a lien,
roses gu. gi'asping in the hand a cinieter all ppr. passant, guardaiit, of the last; third, as the se-
l^Jiorne bi/ James ^faiu/Ies, Esq. of Woodbridf/e, cond; the fourth as the first. —
Crest, ou a cap
nmr Guildford, Siirrcj. 182-3.]' of maintenance, a peacock in its pride ppr.
Mangotiiam, [Scotland,] ar. three moles sa. i<Iaithcrs, or Maiinors, or, two bars az. a chief gu.
snout and feet pi^r. Manners, [Cambridgeshire,] erm. on a saltier
Man'ingham. See Nvith ^Manyxgham. engr. sa. five be7,ants.
Maningtox, [Devonshire,] ar. on a bend sa. Manners, ar. a saltier engr. sa.
three mullets or. Manners, [Duke of Rutland,] ancient arms, az.
Maninijlon, [Manington, Cornwall,] ar. on a bend two bars or, a chief gu.
sa. three mullets of six points of the field. ilAXXiXG, [Downe, Kent,] gn. a cross flory,
Crest, a derai iniicorn, rampant, sa. armed, betw. four trefoils, slipped or. —
Crest, an eagle's
hoofed, and mailed, ar. head sa. betw. two ostrich's feathers ar. all
Maiiiiu/lon, ar. on a bend sa. throe ciucjuefoils of issuing out of a ducal coronet or. [Confirmed
the iield. April 201 /i, loT?.]
Ma><iot, barry of si\, or and sa. on a canton of Manniny, [Codham, Kent,] gu. a cross patonce,
the last a fleur-de-lis of the first. Crest, out of — betw. four cinquefoils or. — Crest, out of a ducal
a ducal coronet gu. a rani's head, ar. attired crown or, an eagle's head sa. beaked of the first,
or. betv,'. ostrich's feathers ar. [Granted 1377.
ArANLFY, or, bend sa.
a Berahrs Office, Kent, C. IG.]
Iifanleij, or, on a bend sa. three doliiliins ar. Manniny, [Cliolmondley, Cheshire,] gu. a cress,
Mdidcij, purp. a sinister hand, conperl and erect, patonce, betw. four trefoils, slipped, or.
ar. Manniny, [Sussex,] gu. a betw.
cross patonce,
Manlcif, [Poxdton, Cheshire, and ^^'ilshamstone, four trefoils or. —
Crest, out of a ducal coronet
Bedfordshire,] ar. a dexter hand, coiiped and or, aa eagle's head ar. betw. two wings sa.
erect, within a bordure, engr. sa. Crest, a — Manniny/, [Korfolk,] quarterly, az. and gu. across,
Saracen's Lead, affronlec, ppr. wreathed about patonce, betw. four trefoils, slipped, or.
the temples ar. IBonte bi/ Isaac G. Manniny, ar. a chev. betw. three quatrefoi's gu.
Manlcj, Esq. Yic>:-Admiral cfllic'jicd, 1825 ] Maxni'ngiiam, .sa. a fesse erm. in chief tjiree
Manhy, or, on a lieud sa. three eagles, displayed, griflins' heads, erased, or.
ar. jManxixgtox, ar. on a bend sa. three mullets or.
Manliii, vair, a maunch gu. jAfAXNOCK, [Giflbrd's Hall, Stoke Juxla Key-
Manky, ar. a dexter hand, couped and erect. land, Suffolk,] sa. a cross patonce ar. (Anoilur

bears, ar. a crops (lory or.) — Crest, a liger's Mansfield, [Tyindun,] ar. three lions' heads, erased,
liead, f-rnscd, qiuirterly, ar. and gii. sa.
[Kent,] &a. a cross ]iatonce or.
jiiiiniock, Mansfield, or and az. four trefoils, re-
Mdiinnck, [Essex,] sa. a cross (lory or. versed, slip])ed and conntereiianged.
iMANNOKS, [llprefordsliirc,] jipv [udo, az. and i^ii. Mansfield, gu. a bend cotti.sed ar. betw. six cros.s
(another, purp.) au eagle, displayed, or. — Crest, crosslets, (itchee, or.
a lion's ganib, coaped and erect ppr. graspiiicc a Mansfield, gu. a bend cottised, betw. six cioss
lion's gamb, erased, sa; crosslets, IKcIiee, ar.
.^'aiinors, [Canibriilge,] ar. a saltier engr. sa. Mansoe, ar. a lion, ra)npant, sa. seniee de e^•caI-
Mannv, [Caiiibray,] sa. a cross, voided, ar. lops gu.
[Home Waller De j\!a>ini/, created a
ht/ Si?- JIanso.n, [originally of .Scotland,] ar. a cress
KrJqht of the Bath, 5!li Edward III. after- Calvary, betw. two mullets g\i.
wards K'nic//ii of the Garter, ohiil 4fit!i Edv.ard JMAN.'n'Ei), gu. a fesse engr. erin. betw. three
III. 1372.] inullets or.
JtUnnuj, or, two chev. sa. ISFansled, gu. a fcssc erni. betw. three mullets ar.
Manny, [Kent,] or, tbree chev. sa. Manrton, sa. a bend, indented, ar.
7iianny, or, three cliev. sa. on the up])ernio.'-.t a Mansion, or Tifav/iston, sa. a bend, embattled, ar.
guardant, of tlie field.
lion, passant, J fans ton, ar. a (esse gu. betw. three eagles, dis-
Manory, g-ii. a fesse, betv/. six martlets ar. played, sa.
.Mannyford, [Dorsetshire,] ar. a chev. engr. 7\fanston, gu. a fesse erm. betw. three mullets or.
betw. three roses gu. Mansion, [Kent,] gu. a fesse, betv/. three cres-
:\Iannyfold, tir. "a chev, v.avy, Jietw. three cents ar.
roses gu. Mansion, quarterly, or and gu. a liou, ranpnui,
Manrince, gu. on a chief az. tiiree bends ar. counterchaiiged.
Wansbridge, [London,] quarterly, av. and or, Mansion, [Manston, Dorsetshire,] or, three jr.ra-t-

four eagles, displayed, with two heads vert. lels sa.

Crest, a dexter arm, erect, habited az. culled MAN.SUER, or Mansukn, [^^tlausuer, Y.^cst-
ar. holding in the hand ppr. a demi eagle, "with moreland, aiid Xorfolk,] vair, a bend gu.
two heads, gu. ducally gorged or. (^Another, th.e field vaire, ar. and sa.— Crest, a
'^Ian'Sei., or Maunskll, [Caraiarthenshire, and pelican's nest or, young ones sa. thereoi;- a pe-
Morgani, Glanion;a?!,~!)ire,] ar. a cliev. betM-. lican of the .second, vulning herself ppr.
three niannches sa. [Created a Baronet, 22d JlANTECin", erm. on a bend gu. betw. twoco'.fi-
May, J Gil.] ses engr. of the second, three garbs or. Crest, —
Mansel, [Dorsetshire,] sa. a chev. betw. three on a wreath, a boar's head, bendwa^'s, cuv

inullets ar. armed or, with flames of fire, issuing iVom t'ttK-

MaiiSi'll, sa. a chev. behv. three maundies r.r. mouth ppr. [Granted 1G12.]
Crest, on a chapeau gu. turned i-p erri;. a Sh'rne MANTiiEr.HY, gu. a serpent, nowcd, or.
of ike ppr. - ,MA>"r!iEY, or Mauy, az. a cross or.
Mansell, or, on a fei-^e, dancettee, gu. three lions, ]\!a\tl]',, or Mantell, [noyford, Xorthanip-
rampant, ar. tonshire, and Kent,]
ar. a cross engT. betw. four
^lansell, sa. a chev. bctv/, three n.'ullet.s, pierced, martlets sa. —
Crest, a stag's head, conpec! at
or. the neck, guardant, ar. (Another, erm.)
^InitseU, [Gloucestersliire,] gu. a !'e:;se ar. a h.iicl -Manton, ar. on a cross engr. az. five garbs or.
of the second. Mantohy, or jMan TRi'S, sa. on a chief ar. a
Mansell, [Guildford, Surrey,] or, tliree ir.auiiches demi lion, r.unpant, of the field. (AnoUter,
ia. on a chief gu. a lio:!, ])ass,;n(. r'aavdiut. or. az.)
[Granted bij Sir ]<'::!,, d n«//.r.] ^lANiiA, .M wi'LT., or Manton, ar. a-cross
Vaum.i'11, sa.'a ch.A. I:.(^v. three iniiilet, ar. gu. belw. IVuii- eagles, displayed, sa.
Mansj-RGII, [Bei vie'.-i!a!!, ^Ve::<n,erel;ii.d,] ar. M vN\Eisi.\, or, two bars gu.
a bend, raguly, btl\-. l.'irce iurov..- i;:-. fealiiered Maxv Kiis, ar. six annulets sa. three, two, and
and barbed or.— Cr^sf, a der.ti lion, .,nni>:,nl,
:u-. gorged with a collar, raguly, gu. ho!(H!ig iii AN.SYls"-, or, two gu.
his dexter pav/ au arrow of the last, foathcved JIaM CKI, sse and label of three poii;'.
and barbed or.
^I ANSFirf.n, ar. betv,-. two bars sa. a wivern, Ma nil eel, '
and label of five poirtts rtV.

volant, of the secouJ. .Manwai jMaN WARING, [Peover

Cheshire,] hnrry of twelve, ar. and ru. Crosf, — Mnrhunj, a fesse eniir. betw. three naih

out of a ducal coronet or, an nss's head ar. hal- Marbunj, [.\farbnry niurvralten, Cheshire,]
tered gu. (Another ens' out of a ducal coro-
, cross engr. betw. four nails ar. —
Crest, a
net or, an ass's head ppr.) maid jtpr.

Mimu;airinrj, [Calveley and Kerniing-ham, Ches- ^fc^lnl^l/, [Northumberland,] sa. a cross betw.
hire.] The same. four nails
I\Ianivalrbi(j, two bars gu. hetw. six inarflcls
ar. MarOiin/, sa. a cross betw. fiuir taws ar.
sa. three, two, and one. Marburg/, [Gresby, Linc(jlns!iire.] ar. on a fesse,
Manirair'mri, or Manvxirinrj, [Brecon-Poever, engr. gn. three garbs or.
Cheshire,] ar. t^^o bars gu. —
Crest, out of a JSlarlniry, [Marbuiy, Cheshire,] or, on a fesse,
ducal coronet or, an ass's head ])pr. engT. az. three garbs of the field. —
Crest, on a
MaiiK-airin;!, [Ightfield, Shropshire, IvcTit, and chapeau gu. turnnd up emu a man's head, side-
('heshiro,] gu. two bars ar. faced p]ir. wreathed about the temples or and
]\Jani€arii/r/, [Croxton, Cheshire,] ar. two bars gu. az. on the chajjeau five liezants in fesse.
a bendlct or. Marhtnj, [Lambeth, Surrey,] sa. a fesse engr.
Maiiwairbi'j, sa. a lion, raiujiant, sr. a bend, jjo- betw. four ])heons ar. —
Crest, on a chapeau gu.
lionated, or and gu, and indented ar. a man's head, .side-faced ppr.
Maincairing, [\Vhitniore, StaTrordshire,] ar. two wreathed about the temples ar. and az. [Granlid
bars g-u. a mullet for dilference. —
Crest, an ass's Men/ TtOth, IGLG.]
head p|)r. haltered ar. on the neck a mullet for Marhitrij, [Walton, Cheshire,] ar. on a fesse,
difl'erence. engr. az. three garbs or. —
Crest, a mermaid,
I\fAN'\\KLL, gu. three hands, couped, in fi-sse, ar. ppr. holding in her dexfer liand a mirror, and in
]\1anwiki', sa. an eagle, displayed, or. her sinister a comb or.
Man WOOD, [Kent,] paly of six, sa. and or, on Marcarnes, vair, a pale, sa.
a chief of the second, a demi lion, rampant, Cx Makceforu three crescents a
the first. —Crest, on a ducal coronut, a lion's quarter
bead, guardaiit, or. March, [Redworth, Durham,] sa. a fesse, coun-
Mumcood, [Kent, and Bramficld, Essex,] sa. two ter-compony, or and g'u. in chief a cross cross-
pallets or, on a chief of the second, a demi let, filchee, of the second, betw. two -lions'
lion, issnant, rampant, of the first Crest, en a — heads, erased, ar. in Inise a lion's head, erased,
ducal coronet, a lion's head, guardant, or. of tiie last, betw. two cross crosslets, filcliee, of
j\IanynguaiM, gu. a chev. ar. betw. three mart- the second.
lets or. March, sa. a cross patonce betw. four lions' b.eads,
Mant/nr/ham, gu. a t\ic\ . or, bctw. three martlets erased, ar.— Crest, a demi lion, rampant, ar.
ar. March, [London,] sa. a cross or, fretfy az. betw.
^laningliain, or, a v/ater-bouget sa. en a chief four lions' heads, erased, of the second.
three pellets. 3fcirch, or, a lion, rampant, gu. over all a berjd-
Maninyham, [Fendrayton, Cambridgeshire, and let, gebony, of tlie second and first.
Kent,] a fesse erm. in chief three griflius'
sa. March, [Isle of Wight, Hants,] sa. on a cross
lieads, erased, or.- —
Crest, out of a ducal coro- or, betw. four lions' lieads, erased, ar. as many
net ar. a talbot's head or, collared and lined gu. crescents gu. [Heralds' OJ/ice, Hants, C. .19,
at the end of the line a bow-knot. fob 12G.]
Mates, [Fellham and Rowlesby, Norfolk,] sa. Marche, [London,] gu. a horse's head, couped,
four lozenges, in fesse, oi'. Crest, an arm, — betw. three cross crosslets, fitchee, ar. —
embowed, in armour, or, holding in the gaunt- a grifiin's head, erased, az. holding in his beak
let a spur ar. leathered sa. a rose gu. stalked and leaved vert. [Granted
Maim.ksdi'k, [Kent,] sa. a cross forniee, filchee, 1585.]
Marche, [the Isle of Ely,] or, three pales az. on
Maplktoft, [London,] az. a chev. betw. three a chief gu. three tal hois' heads, erased of the
cross crosslels or, on a chief ar. a lion, jja.sant, first. —
Crest, on a diicul coronet or, a v.olf,
gu. passant, ar.
Mapuk, vaire, ar. and sa. a label gu. 3Iarche, ]valy of six, ar. and az. on a chief gu.
]\Iaua.^sI', az. a fesse or. three talhots' heads, erased, or.
MAKiiiiRY, sa. a cross betw. four crossts, tau. ar. Marche, ar. on a bend sa. three covered cups or.
Marljiiri/, gu. two bars or, on n chief of ttte se- Marche, sa. a cross betw. four lious' heads, erased.
cond a lion, passant, of the first.

MarCHAMD, bend, coftlscci, lielw. two Ejrif-
sa. a j^Iargaret, az. a fesse enn. betw. three eagles.
fius, segreiint, or. [Granti'd luJn/in Jfarcliand, di.jilayed, ar.

of Ihicklnghainshirc, bij Cook, Ci'aratcivax, Mar(jarel, az. a fesse crm. in chief an eagle, dis-
anno, 1582.] ])laycd, ar.
JIargiiaxt, [Devonshlro,] or, three aiicliors sa. ]^L•^R"r:AT, or Margott, [de Tournay,] gu. flory,
Marchoni. See Le Mauciiant. or, a label az.
Makciiell, [South Wnle.s,] or, throe Imts, (or ?'LvRGATi;, gu. semee-de-lis ar.
rere-mice,] az. beaked and clawed, gu. Margeron, gyronny of six, or and sa.
Marchington, or, a fret-sa. and canton !jn. Majjget.-^gn, sa. alien, passant, guardant, ar. a
Marchington, or^ a fret and canton gu. chief engr. or. —
Crest, on a ducal coronet or, a
Marchudd ap Cynan, [Dcubighsliire, 8-J9,] lion, pass;u)t, guardant, sa.
gii. a Saracen's head, erased, ])pr. wrcaihed or. Mariet, [White-Church, Warwickshire Alscot ;

MARCinvEiTHiAN, [Denbighshire, Temp. Ed- and Pj-eston, Gloucestershire,] barry of six, or

ward ITL] gii. a lion, ninipant, ar. armed az. and sa.
Marckky, or Markby, [Worcestershire,] sa. ^rARiOT, barry of eight, ar. and sa. abend erm.
two lions' gambs ar. j\]ARJORli!ANks, [liowbardie, Scotland,] ar. a
Marcicner, gu. an eagle, displayed, ar. crowned nuillet gu. on a chief sa. a cushion or.- Crest, a —
or. denii giiffin ppr.
Marckwick, [Sussex,] per pale, ar. and az. a Marjoribanks, [Leuchie, Scotland,] ar. on a chief
saltier, wa\y, connterclianged. —
Crest, a boar, gu. a cushion, betv.-. two spur-rowels of the field.
passant, per pale, or and a^. charged witli a sal- — Crest, a lion's ganib, grasping a lance in bend
tier, counterchaDged. ppr.
March RY, az. a, cross flory, betw. four cinfjue- I\Iarke, per pale, erm. and az. a lion, rampant,
foils or. connterchanged, within a bordure sa. bezantee.
MaRijARE, or, a fret sa. Marke, g\i. a lion, rampant, within an orle of
Mardake.S, or MliRDAKES, gu. three bends or. eight tleurs-de-lis or.
Harden, [London, and Marden, Herefordshire,] Marreby, sa. two lions' gambs, couped and
gu. on a bend ar. in the dexter point a Cornish erect, in pale, ar.

chough ppr. Crest, ont of a ducal coronet or, Markeneieed, [Yorkshire,] ar. on a bend sa.
a unicorn's head sa. armed and maued or. three bezants.
[Heralds' Office, London, C. 24.] Marker, per pale, and gu. a pale couuter-
Marden, cr Mor den, [Vrarwicksljivc,] ersii. on a clianged. — Crest, a greyhound, statant, ])erpa!e,
chief sa. a talbot, passant, oi-, an annulet gu. for ar. a)id sa. [Borne hi/ the Rev. John Marker,
difference. Rector of Uff'culme, Devonshire, J825.]
Marden, [London,] or, a bend gu. in the sinister Markhaai, [Sedgbrook, Lincolnshire,] az. on a
chief point a Cornish chough ppr. chief or, a demi lion, rampant, gu. within a
JLvRDESTON, barry of four, az. and ar. on a chief —
bordure ar.- Crest, a lioa, sejant, winged or,
of the first a lion, passant, or. circled round the head ar. snpportim:: a harp for
iVLvRDET, gu. three pales, wavy, or. lyre) of the first.

Mardock, [Herefordshire,] az. a chev. rjuartovly, Markhum, [Ollerton, Nottinghamshire,] az. on a

or and ar. betw. three (leurs-de-lis of the second. chief or, a demi lion, issuaat, gu. Crest, an —
Mardock, [Owlton, Norfolk,] or, frefty vert, on a ox-goad or.
chief of the second, three annulets of the first. Markham, [Yorkshire,] az. on a chief ar. a demi
Marduke, gu. three piles, wavy, or. lion, rampant, gu.
Mare, or He la ISLvre^ gu. two leopards, pas- Markham, [Dublin,] az. a saltier cngr. or, on a
sant, in pale, ar. chief of the second, a demi lion, issuing gu.
Mare, gu. two chev. or. Crest, a falcon's head, erased, erm.
Mare, o\ DelaMare, or, three bars, dancettee, gu. Markham, az. on a chief or, a lion, passant, sa.
MARiiscuALL, [Hengham, Norfolk, Temj). ]Ien. Markham, [Worccslcrshiro and Leicestershire,]
in.] gii. a bend, lozengy, or. az. on a chief or, a lion, rampant, gu.
Markward, vert, a fessc ar. betw. three ciiiquc- Markham, [Nottinghamshire,] sa. on"a chief or, a
foil.sor. —
demi lion, rampant, gu. Crest, a lion, sejant,
Muricard, vert, a fesse, betw. six cinqnefoiis ar. or, winged and circled round the head, resting
(Another, three clnqiicfoils.) his dexter foot on a harp, ail or.
Mahewood, or Marvvoop, vert, a fesse, betw. Markham, ar. on a patoiice az. five esca.llops
tlueo trefoils, pierced, ar. or.

[ 4 E ]

Marhham, [Northampton,] az. on a cliief ar. a Marlowe, [Lord
IMayor of Ix>ndon, 140U and
lion, rani))ant, iiaissant, i;-u. 1417,] quarterly, gii. and az. an orle of martlets
Makkixcfji'.i.d, [Yorksliiie,] ar. on a beiul sa. or.
thrcu bezants. Marlvn, ar. two bars gu. a label of five points
W AlikiNC TON, [jor heiul, iuiUuited, sa. ami ai-. of the second, bezant(ie.
Marliiigion, [York.sliirc,] g-ii. an oilu ar. owv all Marhjn, az. au inescocheon per cliev. enn. and
a bend ermines. gu. betw. eight martlets in orle ar.
IMarkoe, gu. a lion, rampant, ar. Cresl, a dtnii — JLvRLYON, vert, an inescocheon erm. charged
liou gii. ducally gorged or. fAnolIter, ducallv with a chev. gti.
gorged ar.) ]^)AR.MA»uivr., gu. a fosse, betw. three popinjays
MakrS, or Makkks, [STinbll;,] gii. semec de lis ar. a bend az.
or, a lion, ranijinut, and canton crni. — Crest, a M(, ar. a fcssc gu. betw. tlu-ee parrots
denii lion, raiiipaiil, era), holding a fieur-de-lis vert.
or. Marmkon, [Leicestershire,] gu. a lion, rampant,
Marks, [Salisbury, r.nd Staplc-iWiton, Wilts.] ar. crov/ned or.
The same, v/ithout the canton. Marmion, [Leicestershire,] vair. a fesse
Marks, gu. a liou, rampant, ar. abordure eugr. or. fretty
j\Ia)!LANU, [Kent,] gu. three bars, wavy, Vr. on Mannion, ar.a fesse g-u.
each as many niartlefs sa. Marmyon, [Gloucestershire,] gu. a lion, rampafit,
Marhtnd, gu. three bars, wavy^ or, on each as vair.
many saltlers sa. Marmyon, vair, a fesse or.
IMauler, [Kent,] or, a chev. az. Marmyon, or Mannlon, [Fonteney, Normandy,
Marler, [London,] av. a cliev. )jurp. Crest, on a — and Warwickshire,] vair, a fesse gu.
chapeau pxirp. tinned up erm. au eagle, v.ith T,Iannyon, vair, a canton gu.
\rings endorsed, or, ducally gorged, -beaked and Marmyon, [Warwickshire,] vair, a fesse gu. fretty
legged gu. [G'?-rt/( ;<?<•/ 1583.] or.
Marlur, alias Merhr, [Kent,] ar. a cliev. gu. 3rarmyon, [Leicestershire,] gu. a lion, rampant,
Marler, ovMarki/, [Kiiavestocl;, Essex, and Cray- >air, crowned or.
ford, Kent,] ar. a cbev. purp. in the dexter Marmyon, gu. a lion, salient, vair.
canton an escallop sa. ]\farmyon, vair, three fusils gu.
JIarlkre, az. a bend engr. or. Marmyon, ar. a sword in pale sa. pomel or, hilt
Makleton, ar. on a pale sa. three martlets or. gu.
Marlcton, [^^^orcoster.slurc,] ar. on a pale az. Marnay, [Cornwall,] gu. alien, rampant, gtiar-
three martlets or. daut, ar.
Marlcton, erm. on a pale az. three inartlets or. Harnell, az. a demi lion, ramjiant, within an
iMarlktovs, [Worcestershire,] erm. on a pale orle of fieurs-dc-lis or, a label of five, points of
sa. three martlets or. the second.
Marlev, ar. two bars, wavy, gu. a martlet of Miirni'll, or, a cross engr. az.
the second. JIarner, or, on a bend sa. three cross crosslets,
Marleij, ar. a chev. betw. three martlets sa. fifchee, ar.
Marley, or, on a bend sa. three dolphins, naiaut, Marner, az. a fesse gu. betw. six lions, rampant,
cmbowed, ar. ar.
Marley, or, two bars, betv/, six martlets gu. three, Mvrxes, or, a cross engr. gw.
two, and oTie. MARN'iiY, [Norfolk,] gu. a lion, rampant, guar-
^Jarmton, erm. on three pales sa. as many dant, ar.
niartleLs or. 3lurncy, [Essex.] The same, with due difference.
Marlott, []\iutidham, Sussex,] gu. three mul- Marncy, gu. a lion, passant, vair, crowned or.
lets ar. in chief a label of as many point.s or. Marncy, [Essex,] gu. a leopard, rampant, ar.
Crest, a denii tiger, rampant, ar. erased per j^Janicy, or, a cross engr. gu.
fessc gii. j\L\KMlAM, vair, a fesse or, fretty gu. (Another,
Marlow, 0?- l\lART,r.y, or, a bend sa. fretty, engr. gu.)
Mcirlow, C(uar(<Tly, az. and or, throe bends gu. Marnltam, gu. a lion, rampant, ar. crowned az.
Marlon:, quarterly, sa. and go. an orb' of martlets Slarnhaia, ar. an ostrich sa. in his betik a horse-
or. shoe or.
Marlou!, quarterly, ar. and .sa. au orlc of martlets JIarolky, [Yorkshire, Temp. Edward L] or, on
a bend sa. three clusters of grapes ar.
M A 11 I^I A R
MARfl.K, [Ronsal, Dcibysliire,] s;i. senieo of Marsh, [[.incolnshire,] ar. two bars sa. on a can-
cross crosslets, fifcheo, nr. a griffin, scgrLiuit, or. ton ol' the last, a mascle of the first.

Marple, sa. semee de cross crosslets, fitclit-o, ii Marsh, [V/ales,] ar. a lion, rampant, reguardant,
Ej-riflin, segreant, with viiigs endorsed or. [C'o?/- ermines, a chief vert.
jinned to Richard Marple, of IMenstourc, Marsh, [Mackclawr, Scotland,] ar. on a fesse,
Dtrhy, 20lh Seplemher, 1574.] betw. tlaec crosses, patlee, gu. as many plates.
]\]AKli, [Coli'liester, Essex,] ar. a fret sa. on a jSIarshc, barruly, ar. and az. six lions, rampant, gu.
canton of llie last, a dexter gamitlet or. CIrest, — Jlhvshr, barruly, ar. and az.
tMO lions' gainl)s, erased, iu saltier or, in each a Marshc, [J^incolushire,] ar. two bars sa. on a can-
l)at(le-axc, handles gii. blades ar. ton of the last, a niascle of the first.
^farr, az. a bend, betw. six cross crosslets, Marshc, [Wales,] ar. a lion, rampant, reguardant,
fitcli.k% or. ermines, a chief vert.
MARitANT, [I.oudon,] gu. a cbev. ar. be(w. three Marshc, [Waresley, Huntingdonshire,] gu. a nag's
hounds, courant, or. head, couped, betw. three cross crosslets, fitchee,
]\rARRASSE, az. a fesse or. 01'. —

Crest, a grifiin'.s head sa. ducally gorged
I^IaRRKLKV, or, a bend sa. and lined or, in his beak a rose gu. stalked and
iMarriot, ar. three bars az. on a canton gu. a leaded vert. (Another crest, a griffin's head sa.
fleiu'-dc-lis or. — Crest, out of a ducal coronet iu his beak a rose gu. leaved vert.)
or, a ram's head ar. attired or. Marshc, sa. a lion, ramjiant, ar. oppressed T.ith a
jMarro\y, [Berksweli, Warwickshire,] az. a fesse bend goboualed, or and gu.
engr. betw. three maiden heads or. Marshc, harry of six, ar. and vert.
Marrow, [^^'ar\v^ckshire,] az. a fesse, (another, Mai-shc, [London and Worcestershire,] sa. across,
engr.) betw. three maidens' heads, couped, ar, betw. four lions' heads, erased, ar. (Another,
crined or. or.)
Marrow, or, billettee sa. a fesse of the last. Marshc, [Kent,] sa. a cross ar. fretty of tlie first,
Marrow, az. a cross engr. betw. four maidens' betw. foiu- lions' heads, erased, of the second.
heads or. Marshe, az. a fesse or.
Marrow, [Lord Blayor of Lojulon, 1455,] az. a Murshe, erm. on a bend sa. three goats' heads,
fesse eiigr. or, betw. three maidens' heads ar. erased, ar. attired or.
crined of the second. Marshc, [Morton, near East-Langdon, Kent,]
Marsdkn, [^Manchester,] gu. on a bend ar. three quarterly, gu. and ar. iu the chief dexter quarter
bald-coots sa. beaked and legged of the first, in a horse's head, couped, of the second. Crest, a —
the sinister chief a unicorn's head, erased, of the rani's head ar. attired and crowned or. [Granted
second. —
Crest, a unicorn's head, erased, ar. IGfh Jinie, IGIC]
guttee de sang, gorged vith a ducal coronet az. Marshe, [Dunstable,] per gu. and az. apale,
[Granted l'r33.] horse's head, couped, ar. betw, three quatrcfoils
Marsh, IJarch, or iMarshe, gu. a horse's (another, trefoils) or. —
Crest, out of a mural
head, couped, ar. crown az. a horse's head ;u-. gorged w ith a chap-
Marsh, or Murshe, [Huntingdonshire,] paly of six, let of laurel vert.
or and az. on a chief gu. three talbots' heads, Marshe, [Darks, South-rillms, Middlesex,] gu. a
erased, or. horse's head, couped, betv,-. three cro=>es, bot-
Marsh, [Middlesex,] harry of eight, ar. and az. a tonee, fitchee, ar.
lion,ram])ant, gu. crowjiod or. —
Crest, a lion's Marshall, gu. a bend, lozengy, or, a mullet of
head, erased, giu ducally crowned or. the second.
Marsh, [Loudon, and Darks, Middlesex,] ar. on Marshall, [Earl of Pembroke,] per pale, or and
a bend gu. three lozenges of the first, in chief a vert, over all, a lion, rampant, gn.
trefoil, slipped, of the second. — Crest, a demi Marsliall, [Mnch-IIaddou, Hertfordshire,] gu. on
lion, rampant, erased sa. bezantee, gorged with a fesse ar. betw. three mascles or, as many
a ducal coi'onet ar. lions' heads, erased, sa.
Marsh, [Kcn(,] quarterly, gu. and ar. in the chief Marshall, or Marcsliall, [Norfolk,] gu. a bend,
dexter qu;,itcr a horse's head, couped, of the lozen!;v, or.
second. —
Crest, out of a mural crown gu. a Marshall, [Norfolk, StatTordshire,and .Shropshire,]
horse's head ar. ducally gorged- or. gu. a bend, fusilly, or, within a bordure engr. of
Marsh, [Huntingdon and Cambridge,] paly of six, the second.
ar. and az. on a chief gu. three talbots' heads, Marsliall, gu. five fusils, in bend, ar.
erased, or. Marshall, gu. five fusils, in fesse, ar.

[ 4 K 2 ]

; —

Marsluill, gii. a liend, mascul}', or, a label nr. Marshall, [Ivythorne, Somersetshire,] ar. a fesse,
lifcrsholl,az. a bend engr. or. betw. thi ee chess-rooks sa. charged with as many
Marshal/, gu. lv.o leopards, jiassaiit, ar. mullets of the first. —
Crest, a dexter arm, em-
Marshall, gu. Uvo leopards, passant, in pale, or. bowed, in armour, ppr. garnished or, scarf or
Marshall, [Wiltshire,] or, a fcr-de-moliiic gu. and az. holding in the hand ppr. a broken tilting
Marshall, paly of four, ar. and vert. spear of the second. [Granied 15*3.]
fifarshdU, paly of four, or and vert. Marshall, [Ulewbery and Windsor, Uerkshire,]
Marshall, gvrouny, or and sa. a saltier countcr- or, four bars sa. in chief a chess-rook, betw. two
•cluu-ig-cd.' mullets of the last.

Marshall, ar. a fesse az. bef\/. tliree annulets sa. Marshall, [Loiulo'i,] ar. on a chev. engr. gu.
Marshall, ar. a fosse, betw. six annulets sa. betw. three spears' heads sa. as many bezants,
Marshall, ar. a chev. betw. three horse-shoes sa. a chief ])aly of six, gu. and az. thereon an ante-
Marshall, or 3larischall, [Norfolk,] gu. a bend lope, courant, or.
engr. or. {Another adds, a label ar.) Marshall, ar. on a chev. engr. gu. betw. three lo-
MarsliaU, barry of six, ar. and gu. a canton erm, zenges sa. as many plates, a chief, paly, of
3Iarshall, az. a saltier and cliief or. four, gu. andaz. thereon an antelope, courant,
Marshall, [Woodwalton, Durham ; and Ilunliug- or.— Crest, a demi antelope, ^^ith wings endorsed,
donsliire,] paly of six, erm. and gu. on a chief per pale
az. three eagles' heads, erased, ar.— Crest, an Marshall, ar. a bend, ragnly, vert, betw. two
arrow ar. headed and featliered az. enfdcd with crescents gu.
a ducal coronet or. 3/a/-s7(«?/,[Northnnibcrland,]ar.a chev. vert, betw.
Marshall, quarterly, sa. and ar. four nmllets coun- three crescents gu.
terclianged. Marshall, [Much-Haddoii, Herefordshire,] gu.
Marshall, quarterly, first, sa. two martlets ar. on a fe.sse ar. betw. three mascles, (another,
second, ar. two mullets sa. third as the second,
; lozenges,) or, as many lions' heads, erased, az.
the foxu-th as the first. (Ai'olher sa.)
Marshall, [Yorkshire and Surrey,] ar. a cliev. Marfhall, barry of .six, or and sa. a canton erm.
cottised sa. betw. three bucks' heads gu. —
Crest, Marshall, [Essex,] paly of sis, gu. and cvm. on a
a greyhound, sejant, ar. gorged with a cohar gu. chief or, three grlflins' lieads, erased, sa.
ringed or, resting his dexter foot on a buck's Marshall, [Leicestershire,] ar. two bars sa. a can-
head, cabossed, of the second. [Granied to ton erm.
John Marshall, ofSouthwark, hy Camden, Cla- Marshall, gu. a bend, engr. or.
rencieiix.'] MarsliaU, gu. a bend, fusilly, or.
Marshall, [Derbyshire,] barry of ten, ar. and sa. Marshall, or, an ink-mohne sa. on a chief gu.
a canton erm. three tigers' heads, erased, of the field.

Marshall, [Picking, Yorkshire ; and Nottingham- MarsliaU, ar. an ink-moline gu.

shire,] bairy of six, ar. and sa. a canton enn. Marshall, per saltier, or and sa.
Crest, a man in armour ppr. holding in liis dex- Marshall, [Northumberland,] ar. a chev. vert,
ter hand a trunclieou or, over his armo\ir a sash betw. three crescents gu.
gu. Marshall, or, a sahicr and chief az.
Marshall, [Hampshire,] sa. flnee bars and a can- ]\}arshall, gu. five fusils, in bend, or.
ton ar. — Crest, out of a ducal coronet, a bull's Marshall, [Hampshire,] or, a cross moline gu.
head, all or. Marshall, gu. two lions, passant, giiardaut, ar.
Mat-shall, [Norfolk ; and Abbots, Hampshire,] Marshall, ar. on a chief az. three crosses, formee,
.sa. three bars ar. a canton or. —
Crest, out of a fitchce, fu-.

ducal coronet, a stag's head, all or. Marshall, [Lord IMayor of London, 171.5,] ar.
Marshall, [I'iskerton, Lincolnshire,] ar. three bars two bars sa. a canton erm.
sa. a canton crra. Marshall, gu. a bend or.
Marshall, [Mitchaui, and Lewe.<;, Sussex,] barry Marshall, [Chelsea, Bliddlesex,] ar. a chev. betw.
of six, ar. and sa. on a canton erm. an esco- three crescents gu.
cheon of the second.—-Crest, a demi man in Maksham, [The Jilote, Kent,] a>-. a lion, pas-
armour ])pr. in hi.s dexter liand a baton or, tipped sant, in bend, gu. betw. two beudlets az.
sa.a sash az. Crest, a lion's head, erased, gu.
Marshall, [Freniington, llcvonshirc,] or, a mill- Marsham, [Little-Melton and Thorpe, Norfolk,]
rind sa. on a chief gu. three antelo]>es' heads, ar. crusilly, fitchee, sa. a lion, passant, in bend,
erased, or. betw. two birds gu. each charged v.ith three
• —

cross crosslets or. — Crosf, a lion's Lead, erased, Sherif of Kent, 18-21-5.] See Plate of
pii. charged with three cross cro.vslets or, one and Arms.
two. Martin, [lilxeter, and Kemys, Pembrokeshire,
Marsham, or, a fesse, eoupod, gii. betw. two Temp. Jlenry I.] ar. two bars gu. —
Crest, an
lions, passant, sa. cstulic gu. (Another crest, a leopards' head,
Marsliam, ni'. on a bend, betw. three crosses, for- erased, jjpr.)
mee, gii. alien, passant, or. Martin, or, a tree vert, betw. two crescents ar.
JIarsK-E, [York,] gu. on a chev. ar. betw. three Martin, or Martain, [IJowtou, Cambridgeshire,
cross crosslets or, as many ciuquefoils az — Crest, lt)04,] az. on a bond or, three fleurs-de-lis of
a lion's head, erased, u?,. charged vitii a cini|ue- the iirsf, on a chief of the second, two eagles,
foil or. displayed, az.— Crest, a tower, triple towered,
JIarsom^i, [ITadham, TIertlordsliire,] ar. three chequy, or and az.
biicl<s' lieads, cnbossed, sa. -oithin a bordine Martin, az. two bars or, in chief a rose, betw.
gu. two bugle-horns of the IJrst.
MarSton, sa. a fesse, double cotfised, daucettec, Martin, [Athelhan;])ston, Dorsetshire, and Loiig-
erra. betw. tliree fieurs-de-lis ar. Meh'ord, Suflolk,] ar. two bars gu. [Created
Marston, [Eastcot and Ileyton, Shropshire,] sa. a Baronet, 28lh March, 3GG7.]
a fesse, daucettee, erm. betw. tliree ileurs-de- '7>Iartin, [Founder of jMartin-CoUege, Oxfoid,] or,
lis ar. —
Crest, a denii greyhound sa. gorged three chev. per pale, az. and gu.
with a collar, danceltee, erm. Martin, gu. a chev. betw. three crescents ar.
Maiston, sa. a fesse, indented, betw. three fleurs- Crest, a cubit arm, erect, ppr. brandishing a
de-lis ar. —
Crest, a denii greyhound ar. gorged cimeter, blade jijir. hilt and pomel or.
with a fesse, indented, sa. Martin, gu. a chev. betv/. three martlets in chief
jrAKTEiNU, [Cardine, Scotland,] sa. a lion, ram- and a crescent in base ar. —
Crest, a dexter arm,
pant, ar. erect, jipr. lioldiug a cimeter of the last, hilt and
Waktell, three Danish axes, gu. tvo and
or, pomel or.
one. fAnolhcr adds a label of fi\e points Martin, [Meadhop, Scotland,] sa. a chev. betw.
az.) three crescents ar.
Mart ell,or, three mallet'% gu. Martin, [Edinburgh,] sa. on a chev. betw.
Mariell, [Lincolnshire,] gu. three hammers or. three crescents ar. a mascle of the field.
MarteU, ar. a cross engr. betM'. four martlets Crest, a lion, holding in the dexter paw, a
sa. crescent or.
Mariell, sa. three martlets ar. Martin, sa. a chev. invecked, befw. three crescents
MarteU, sa. three mallets ar. ar.
Martesfeewe, gu. a cIk'v. or. Martin, [Scotland,] sa. a chev. vert, betw. three
Martham, gu. a bend, betw. six lions, rampant, crescents ar.
ar. Martin, heads, erased, sru-
ar. tliree nags' Crest, —
Marlham, gu. on a bend, wavy, ar. three dol- a greyhound's head, erased, ar. collared sa.
phins sa. Martin, ar. three ])a!es gu. on a chief az. as many
Marlham, gu. a bend, wavy, betw. three doljjiiins martlets of the first on a canton gu.: suspended

ar. from a knot an oval medal, with the arms of the

Martin, gu. a lion, rampant, within an orle of East-India Company. —
Crest, a martin, salient,
cross and mullets, alternately, or.
crusslets — against a cannon, erect
Crest, on a wreath, a martin, entwined by a Martyn, [London,] paly of six, or and az. on a
serpent ppr. in the beak a cross crosslet, fitchte, chief gu. three martlets of the first. Crest, a —
or. [Borne hy the tale Fhllip Martin, of Lccds- martin, passant, ppr. [Granted lOlh January,
Caslle, Kent, a General in the Anni/.] 1672.]
Martin-WyheJiam. The above arms and crest, Martyn, [ISIiddlesex,] or, three pales az. on a
quarterly with Wykeham. [Coyifirincd to his chief gu. three martlets of the field.
kinsman, Fiennes Wykcham, of Chalcumhe- Marlipi, per pale, gu. and az. three eagles, dis-
Priory, KartJiatnpton, and Leeds-Castle, afore- played, ar.
said, win), pursuant to the Will (f the General, Martyn, [Kent,] ar. three (another, iwo.) talbots,
took the Name and Anns of Martin, in addi- passant, in pale, sa.
tion to, and after thai of Wykeham, by Roi/al Martyn, [Long-Melford, StifTolk,] ar. u cliev.

Warrant, dated 18th October, lS:il, Jn</h betw. three mascles sa. within a bordure, engr.


gii. — Crest,
a martin, passant, ppr. CAiiother, collared and lined or, looking in a mirror, framed
bears tlie bordure ]>lain sa.) of the last.
Marfi/n, ar. on a cl^o^•. gu. three talbot^, passaut, Marlyn, ar. tvvo bars gu. an a)iiuilet or.
or. (Aiiolher, a bciuiid, courant, or.) Marlyn, [Cambridgcsiiire,] ar. two bare gii, be-
Marlyn, [Kent,] ar. ou a cbev. gii. three hounds, zautee.
pa-siaut, of the field. Marlyn, [Cambridgeshire,] or, two bars gu. each
Marlijn, [lieiit,] ar. on a cliov. gu. three blood- charged with three bezants,
buiinds, passant, or. Marlyn, ar. two bais gu. a file of three (another,
Marlyn, [Plyuioxith,] g,ii. on a chev. oi-, three fi','c) points of the last, each charged with as
blood-liouuds, passani, sa. —
Crest, on P. celes- many bezants.
tial sl'^l'e, sans frame, or, an eagle, v.ith wings Marlyn, [Dorsetshire,] gu. (wo bars ar.
displayed ar. ducally gorged of the first. Marlyn, [Gloucestershire,] ar. two bars gu. on
Martija, [Kent,] ar. tluee greyhounds, couranf, each tlu'ee bezants.
in ))alc, gu. Marlyn, [Devonshire,] ar. two bars gu. within a
J\I"ri'!/i), ar. on a cliicf, indented, az. three mart- bordure engr. sa.
lels or. 3forlyn, [Yorksjiire,] az. two bars, nebulee ar.
]\}arhjn, ar. a fesse, bet\^. three inarllets sa. Marlyn, [Suflolk,] ar. a chev. betw. three mascles
Marlijii, ar. an eagle, displayed, williin an orle sa. (Another, adds a bordure of the last.)
of crosses, (lory, gu. Marlyn, [Okingbau!, Berkshire,] ar. ou a bend
Marlyn, ar. an eagle, displayed, gu. v.ithin an sa. three cinquefoils or. —
Crest, out of a ducal
orle of fleurs-de-lis sa. coronet or, a falcon's head az. beaked of the
Marlyn, ar. au eagle, displayed, az. armed or, first.
within an orle of fleurs-de-lis sa. Marlyn, [London,] or, six lions, rampant, sa.
[Woodford, EsseXj Lancashire, and Lon-
.3/a/-/yH, three, two, and one, on a chief of tlie last, three
don,] az. three bends ar. a chief erm. Crest, — cinqucfolls of the first.
a Avood-martin ppr. collared ar. [Granted to Martyji, [Durham, City,] ar. two bars gu. ou a
Cullihert Martin, of London, E'.q. August, canton of the last, an escocheou of the first.
1615. Heralds' Office, Essex and London, C, Crest, an ostrich's head ar. betw. two ostriches.
21.] wings expanded, gu. in its beak a horse-shoe
Marlyn, [Devonshire,] ar. tliree bends az. or.
Marlyn, [Berlishire,] sa. three buckles ar. gar- Marli/n, paly of six, or and az. ou a chief gu.
nished or. tliree martlets ar.
Marhjn, [Buckinghamshire,] sa., a chev. betw. Marlyn, az. three bends ar. a chief erm, — Crest,
three buckles ar. a martlet
Marlyn, az. three lozenges, in bend, ar. Marlyn, [Sufl'olk, and Lord Slayor of London,
Marlyn, [Slaplemorden, Cambridgeshire,] erm. 1,5(J7,] ar. a chev. betw. tliree fusils sa, within a
an eagle, disjilayed, gu. —
Crest, a griffiu, se- bordure of the last.
greant, per fesse, erm. and or, wings of the Marlyn, [Hertfordshire,] ar. two bars gu. on the
last. first an escocheou erm.
Murlin, [Totness, Devonshire,] ar. ou two bars diartyn, [Lord Mayor of London, 1492,] or, two
gu. three crosses, formee, or. —
Crest, out of a bars gu. ou the first an escocheou erm.
ducal coronet or, an eagle's head ar. betw. two Marlyn, or, three p.illets gu. on a chief az, as
wings, expanded, gu. many martlets ar.
Marlyn, [Yorkshire, and Stanton, Suflbll;,] az. Marlyn, or, on a chief gu. three ]>lates.
three bars, -wavy, ar. Marlyn, [Barnstaple, Devou.shirej] or, on a chief
Marlyn, az. three bars, nebulee, ar. three bezants.
Marlyn, erm. three bars gu. Marlyn, [Gloucestershire,] ar. on two bars gu.
MurU/n, or, three bars gu. three bezants, two and one.
Marlyn, [O.xtor,, Devonshire,] ar. two bars gu. a Marlyn, sa. two arms in fesse, the hands conjoined
crescent for diifercnce. —
Crest, au estoile. ol' six- in norabrilj betw. tliree mullets ar.
teen points gu. Marlyn, [London,] ar. an eagle, displayed, gu.
Marlyn, [Seberow, Somersetshire, and St. Do- within a double tressure sa. —
Crest, an eagl
raiuick, Connvali, and Parkpale, Dorsetshire.] displayed, gu.

The same anus. Crest, on the stump of a tree, Martin', [Ediiibu)'gh,] sa. ou a cliev. betw. three
coupod and erased ar. a monkey, sejant, ppr. crescents ar, a uiascle of the field. Crest, a —
lion, rrunpant, or, lioldiug- in tlie clLXier paw a heads, erased, ar. [Created a Baroviet, TJe-
crcsoeut of the last. ccniher 31, JG(iU,]
.Mai tin, su. a chev. ui'-ieuletl, bctw. three crescents Maricood, [Plymouth, aud Westcot, Devonshire,]
az. a cl;ev. bctw. three goats' heads, erased, ;«-.

Mailyiie, [Crekars, Bedfordshire,] per ))ale, gu. attired or, —

(Jrest, a goat's head, erased, ar.
ai)d ar. on a chev, betw. three mullets, as many attired or, charged on the neck with a chev. gu.
ta'bots, all coiiuterchanged. [Grcntedl-m.]
Marten, erm. three bars gu. a label a/,. J^fciriLood, [Devon,] gu. a chev. ar. betw. three
Mar/rn; ar. semee-dc-!is sa. an eagle, displayed, goats' heads, erased, erm.
gu. Maricood, gu. a chev, betw. three goats' heads,
Marlycn, av. au eagle, displayed, az. within a erased, ar.
double tressure, flory, sa. Maricood, [I>evou,] gu. a chev. betw. three goats'
Mariin, sa. three oval buckles, fesseways, two heads, erased, erm,
and one, or. —
Crest, a mariin sa. holding in its 3Teirwood, gu, a chev, eugr. betw. three goats'
beak a buckle, as in the Arms. [Borne by heads, erased, ar. armed or, a bordurc engr.
George Sulivan Martin, Esq. of Sandrideje- ar.
Lodqc, Herts, and Old Broad- Street, London, i^rARVXE, or Maryner, [Leicestershire,] ar.
.1825.] three beudlets, wavy, (another, nebulee.) sa.
Marten, or Marion, nv. Uvo bends az. JLiRYii'i', or Maryot, [Wliitechurch, Yvarwick-
Marten, [Buckinghamshire,] sa. throe round sh.ire Preston, Gloucestershire ; Berkshire ;

buckles ar. and Bredfield, Sussex,] bany of sis, or and sa.

Marlon, ar. two ends gii. — Crest, a talbot, passant, sa. collared and lined
M.^RTIN.VL, [Xowesley, Leicestershire,] ar. a or, the line coiled at the end.
cincp'.efdil sa. lifciryef, [Berkshire.] Tiie same arms, v\ith a )iml-
!M.VRTiXAXiX, ar. a cinquefoilgu, let gu. for difierence. See Mariot.
M.\RTINri.VLE, ar. two bars gu. over all a bend ]\1asali;i, [Poland,] az. a fesse vivre, surmounted
az. of a cross calvary ar.
Mcirfine/deile,or Mariindede, ar. tvro bars az. over I\Iascall, [Kent,] harry of eight, or and az. three
all a bend of the last. incscocheous erm,
^Iartinius, [Bohemia,] gu. a lion, ccuchant, ar, Masccdl, [j^ewcs, Sussex,] sa. sLx fleurs-de-lis or,
vuhied with an anov,- —
-Crest, a sv.ord, within a bordure engr. ar,
erect, enfiled with a crown or, betw. two Mascall, barry of eight, or and az. Crest, a sea- —
elephants' tnsks, gu. and sa, lion, salient, sa,
?.Iaiiton, [East and West Marten,
Yorkshire,] Maschant, az, a chief or.
or, three bars gu, in the dexter ch.ief point an Mascott, [Shrop.shire,] per pale, ar. and gu. a
escocheon erm, —
Crest, a stag's bead ppr. attired chev. betw. three bees, all counterchanged.
or, MaSCROSS, [Scotland,] or, a hunting-horn vert,
Martvn, See Martin, stringed gu, on a chief az. three mullets of the
Makt'vr, ar, an eagle, displayed, v.'ithiu a doa- first." "

ble iresuirc, flory, counterflory gu. vn a, chief, I^Iascule, or} ,.

, ,
£"• and
Cjuarterl), and gu. a rose, betw. two lions,
^^' ^ ^^^^' '"'''I")''

rampant, in fesse, couuterchanged. Crest, a — Maseley, [London,] sa. a chev. betw. three hal-
gridin, segreant, or, wings eudoi-sed az. sup- berts, ai".

l>orting a rose gu. stalked and leaved vert. ]\La.SERES, [Y,'"estminster,] ar. a bar, gemelle,
Marvin, [Pertwood, Wiltshire,] al", a demi lion, betw. three mullets az.
nan pant, sa. charged on the breast with a fleur- Masham, or Maksua.m, [High Lavcr, Essex,]
de-lis or, a fesse, humetfee, gu. betw. three lions,
^larvin, [Wiltshire and Ilampshii-e,] sa, three pass-tint, sa. —
Crest, a griffin's head, coiiped, or,
lions, passant, guardant, in pale, per pale, ar, betw. two wings, expanded, gu. [Created a
and or. BaroneL 20tJi December, IGSl'.]
Mauwick, per pale, ar. and az. a saltier, wavy, Masham, [Suflblk.] The same Arms. — Crest, a
counlerchanged. —
Crest, a boar, passant, per grilfius head, per pale, or and gu. betw. two
r-ilf?, ar, and az. chtrrged with a saltier, wavy, v.iiigs az.
counterchanged. i\lASK.EL^NF., sa. a fesse, engr. or, betw. three
^ARwoon, or MoRwooD, [Little Buskby, escallops ar.^Crest, a demi lion, rampant, hold-
Yorkshire,] ga. a chev, enn, belv,', three goats' ing hciw. his paws aii escallop, [Borne
— ;

hy theRev. Ncvll Maddyne, D.D. F.R.S. MasisI'R, a ciuquofoi! or.
Jorly-si.v i/cars As/roiioncr-Roynl, died, at ilAssKV, [Kenton, Lancashire,] cjur I'y gu.;

Greenwich, \)lh February, ISll, ayedT'J.] and ar. in the sinister chief quartc I mullet
Ma.SKN];y, sa. three pair of keys ar.
Mason, [London, IG^Jl,] ar. a fesse az. in cliier Masi^cy, [Aldford, Cheshire,] (juarterly; gn. and
two heads, coiiped, of the last.
lions' Crest, a — or, in the first a lion, jiassant, ar. all within a
lion's az. hetw. two wings ar.; ou the Arms
head bordure, gobony, ar. and az. Crest, an owl sa. —
and Crest a mullet for dlflerence. gorged with a collar, gobony, ar. and az.
Mason, [Yorkshire,] ciunrlcrly first, per fesse,
; Masscy, quarterly ; gu. and or, in the first and
or and g\\. a lion, rampant, couutcrchanged fourth quarters three martlets of the second.
second, or, a lion, rampant, with two heads az. Mussey, [Podington, Cheshire, and the Isle of
third, ar. a cliev. gu. betw. three snails sa.

the ; Ely, Cambridgeshire,] quarterly gu. and or, ;

fourth as the first. in tiie dexter, chief, and sinister, base, each
Mason, [Dtdlehiu-y and Minton, Shropshire,] vert, three fleurs-de-lis ar. Crest, an owl ar. —

two lions, combatant, or.- Crest, a mermaid ppr Masspy, [Cheshire,] qiua'terly gu. and or, in the ;

Mason, per pale, ar. and sa. a chev. belw. three quarter a lion, passant, of the second.

mason's squares, all coiinterchauged. Crest, a — Masscy, [Allerborough, Cheshire,] quarterly gu. ;

stag's liead, erased, .sa. attired or, gorged with and or, in the first and fourth quarters a lion,
a ducal coronet of the last. passant, ar. in the second and third a mullet sa.
Mason, ar. a lion, r;nnpaiit, with two heads, az. —
Crest, a lion's head, erased, ar.
gnttee de sang. Massty, quarterly gu. and ar. a label of five

Mason, [Greenwich, Ken!,] ])er fesse, erm. and points az.

az. a rampant, with two heads, counter-
lion, Massey, [Codington, Chesliire,] quarterly gu.
changed. —
Crest, a mermaid, per fesse, -vvavy, and or, in the first and last quarters throe fieurs-

ar. and az. the up])er part guttee de larmcs,

de-lis ar. an annulet for difierence. Crest, a —
hair sa. in her dexter liand a comb, in her si- lion's head, erased, ar.
nister a mirror, frame of the last. [Granted Masscy, [Tatton, Cheshire,] quarterly or and ;

1739.] gu. a label of five points ar.

Mason, [Hanningford, liuntingdonshiie,] or, a Massey, [Loudon,] ar. a pile, quarterly, gii. and
lion, rampant, with two heads az. Crest, a — or, in the chief dexter quarter a lion, jiassant,
mermaid. ar. —
Crest, on a mount vert, a liorj, courant,
Mason, qnnrterly; first and fourth, az. a lion, ram- ar. interlaced v.ith two trees of the first. [He-
pant, with two heads ar. holding betw. his paws ralds' Office, London, C. 24.]
a ci-escent or (for Mason) ; second and third, Masscy, ar. a bend gu. betw. three wivcrns' heads,
ar.a lion, rampant, sa. v. ithin a bordure eugr. erased, sa. i

gu. (for Pomeroy). —

Crest, a demi lion, ram- Massey, or, a bend gu. betw. three wolves' heads,
))ant, ar. holding a crescent or. [Borne hy erased, sa. :

Henry WiU'unn Mason, Esq. of Beel-House, Masscy, ar. a bend az. betw. three emmets sa. '

near Anicrsham, Bucks, 182.3.] Massey, [Lancashire,] ar. on a bend sa. three ;

Mason, [Vi'^arwickslure,] per fesse, embattled, az. covered ciips of the field.
and ar. on the embattiement a bird, v.ith wings Masscy, [IIoo, Cheshire,] ar. on a chev. sa. three •

expanded, ar. beaked and legged gu. in base crescents of the first.
three fleurs-de-lis of the last, two and one. Masscy, [Winsham, Cheshire,] ar. a chev. betw. [

Crest, a talbot, passant, reguardant, ar. eared three lozenges (another, mascles) sa. ;

sa. holding in its moufli a hart'.s horn or. Massey, [Cheshire,] ar. on a chev. betw. three 1

Massam, [Ireland,] gu. a fesse, humetfee, or, lozenges sa. a lion, jiassanf, or. Crest, on a — \

betw. two passant, guardant, ar.

lions, Crest, — ducal coronet or, a bull's head, gu. attired sa. i

a demi with wings endorsed, sa. holding

griffin, Masacy. The same, within a bordure gu. 1

a pole-axe gu. Matscy, sa. a cross, (lory, or. i

MASSr.NDEN, or MiSSENDKN, [Lincoliwhiie,] ?ifassry, [Springfield,] p\. three fleurs-de-lis ar. I

or, on a cross cngr. gu. a martlet sa. Massey, [Tattoo, Cheshire,] ar. a chief gu. ;

Massenden, or Misscudi:n, [ITelme, Linrohjshire,] Masscy, [Leicester, Dunharu-Massey, Cheshire,


or, a cross engr. gu. in iho chief dexter quarter T'aron to the Earls of Chester,] quarterly ; gu. i

a Cornisii chough ppr. —

Crest, a Cornish ciiougli and or, hi the first quarter a lion, pa.ssant, ,:

sa. beaked and legged gu. in the beak a laurel- ar.

sprig vert. Masscy quarterly gu. and or, in the first and 5
J ;

fourth quarters three fleurs-de-lis of tlic last. paws a rose of the field,
sni^iioriing b(>tw. his
Crest, i\ flemi Pegasus, rampant, ar. stalked and leaved vert.— Crest, within a ring
^fcisscy, or Massy, quarterlj- ar. and gu. a hcntl
or, gemmed ])pr. two snakes, ent'i\ined, erect

az. on their tails and endorsed az. ]_Granted to

Ufasscy, [Cliesliire,] quarterly; ar. and gu. Richard Master, M.D. of Oxford, De-
Mas.sct/, quarterly; gu, and or, in the first quarter oviihrr, 15f)S.]
tiireo fleurs-de-lis ar. ^Fasfcr, [Willesborough, Kent,] gu. a lion, ram-
Maiisej/, [Wreuton, Somersetshire,] quarterly ar. ; pant, guardant, with two tails or. Crest, in a —
and gu. in the first and fourth quarters a mullet gem ring or, two snakes, entwined and nowed,
sa. [GranUd ITGU.] ppr.
Massy, sa. a cross, flowered, or. Master, or Measter, [Ileasfbury, Wiltshire,] sa.
jlassi/, [Ciieshire,] quarterly ;
gu. and or, in the on a fesse, or, betw. three honev.suckles ar. two
first quarter a lion, passant, of the last, a lal)el lions,passant, az.— Crest, au arm, couped at
of five points ar. the elbow and erect, vested gu. pulTed ar. hold-
Massy, [Cht-shire,] gu. a chev. betw. three lozenges ing in the hand a bunch of honeysuckles,
Massy, ar. a chev. Letv/. three crescents sa. MAf.TERMA"N, [Rucol, Yorkshire,] gu. three
Massy, ar. a fesse hetw. three crescents sa. fleius-de-lis,two and one, ar. a crescent for
M.ASSINGBEIMJ, [Cunbv and Bratost, Lincoln- difference. — Crest,
a Moor's head, side-faced,
sliire,] az. three trefoils, slipped, or, in chief jipr. wreathed about the temples ar. and gu.

a boar of the second, charged -with a flour-de-lis Mastcrvuui, jialy of six, ar. and az. three cres-
gu.- —
Crest, a lion's head, erased, az. charged cents or.
with two arrows, in saltier, betw. four guttes j\L\ST]';)is, or, on a fesse, betw. three pheons gu.
or. two lions, passant, of the field. —
Crest, an arrow,
MassiiKjherd, [Braycnft, Lincolnshire,] az. three in pale, sa. barbed and feathered ar. enfiled with
quatrefoils oi', two aiul one, in chief a boar, a leojjard's head or.
passant, of the second. Blasters, sa. ou a chief ar. a demi lion, rampant,
Massinyhcrd, [Lincolnshire,] az. three quatrefoils, of the field.
two and one, in chief a boar, passant, or, charged Blasters, az. a fesse, embattled, betw. three giif-
with a cross pattee, gu, —Crest, a hon's bead, fins' heads, erased, or. —
Crest, out of a mural
erased az. charged on the neck with two arrows, coronet or, an unicorn's head ar, armed and
in saltier, ar. betw. four guttes d'or. crined of the first.
Massinylod, [Lincolnshire,] per pale, or and ar. Mastkrson, [Xorthwich, Cheshire,] erm. a chev.
on a cross, couped, gu. betw. four lions, ram- az. betw. three garbs or, a martlet ar. for diffe-
pant, sa. five escallops of the second. rence.
Missinyhh-d, [Lincolnshire,] az. three cinque- Jifuslcrson, erm. on a chev. az. three garbs or.
foils in chief ar. j\IaSton, ar. a fesse gu. betw. three eagles, dis-
Missiiiyhird, [Lincolnshire,] quarterly or and ar.
played, sa.
on a cross gu. betw. four lions, rampant, sa. five JMaston, sa. a fesse, erm. betw. three crescents
escallops of the second. ar.
Missinyhird, [Lincolnshire,] quarterly or and ar.
; Maslon, per bend, ar. and gu. five roses, two,
four lions, rampant, and au escallop sa. two, and one, counterchanged. /"Another, three
Maksingj-r, o;- Mksskngkr, [Gloucestershire,] roses, two and one.)
ar. a chev. betw. three close helmets sa. Mastnn, [Kent,] gu. a fesse, betw. three cres-
•'I.^SSiNCiiAM, [Norfolk,] ar. on a chev. gu. cents ar.
betw. three martlets sa. as ju-my fleurs-de-lis of Maston, or Marstnii, [Kent,] gu. on a fesse erm.
tlie first, within a bordure, engr. of the third, bet\\'. three mullets ar. as many annulets of the
bczantee. first.
•'1 \sti:d,
oj- j\[i:stef.», gu. a fesse, engr. erm. Maslon, sa. a bend, embattled, counter-embattled,
hetw. three mullets or. ar.
^Jastkr, [Osjiringe, Kent,] az. a fesse, the up- Blaslon, sa. a bend, ragulv, ar.
l"'r part embattled, betw. three griflins' heads, Maston, erm. on a fesse, belw. three annulets ^u.
'Tiised, or. —Crest, out of a mural crov.ii or, an three mullets, pierced, ar.
'iiiicorn's head ar. crined and armed p])r. JIatavv, or ]5uTTi: iiY, sa. a lion, rampant, and
blaster, [Kent, and Cirencester, Gloucestershire,] chief or.
^"- a lion, rampant, guardant, or, tail forked, Match AM, vert, on a fesse or, a gre\ hound ar.
— —

INI A T M A '\'

liclletlcc, three bundles of arrows of Ibc

licUv. rampant, within a bordnre az. charged wih
sccorul. —
Cresf, an arm, erect, habited vert, eight crosses, foiniee, of the third.
cnfl' ar. holdjiij;- in the hand three ears of vheat ^[ailhew, [Northamptonshire,] gyronny of eight,
jipr. sa. and gu. over all, a lion, rampant, or.
]\lATcnKLL, [V\ ehulover, Biickmnhamshire,] sa. Matthew, [Brandden, Northamptonshire.] The
three-greviiouiids, courant, in pale, ar. collared same, within a bordnre az. semee of cross cross-
or, within a bordnre of the second. Crest, a — lets or.
camel's head, erased, or, ducally gorged ar. Matthew, [Stansted, Siisscx,] sa. a lion, ranipar,(,
Matchkt, or Matcjieton, az. on a fesse, ar. — Crest, an eagle, displayed, per fesse, ar.
wavj', or, a cross, pattce, fitchce, gu. on a and gu.
chief of tiia last two estoilcs of the second. Matthew, or Mathyn, az. an eagle, displayed,
Crest, a cross, patlee, fitchce, gu. with two heads ar.
]Maticau, [Devonshire,] or, on a bend sa. three y.faithew, az. an eagle, displayed, or.
mullets of the field. Jlafthew, sa. a chev. betw. throe escallops ar.
I\5ATroRD, [Devonshire,] ar. a chev. gn. betw. Matthew, quarterly, ar. and sa. in the first quarter
three qnatrefuils, slipped, vert. a rook ppr. in the second, a lozenge of the first.
T-.Iathj'.u, [Secroft, Yorkshire,] ern\. a fesse, em- Matthew, ar. on a fesse sa. betw. three lions,
battled, mi. [Grcuiied io Christ opha- Mather, rampant, gu. as many mullets of the field.
of Secrvfl, llth Februari/, IdTo.J Matthew, [Ireland,] or, a lion, ram])ant, sa.
^Iathe-w. Sog with MatthiiAV. Crest, a heath-cock ppr.
^Iatiiias, [London,] gu. three dice ar. two and Matthew, [Lord Mayor of J^oiidon, 14D0,] gyroiniy
one on each dice iive spots in front, two at top
; of six, sa. and gu. over all, a lion, rampant, or,
and three on the sinister side sa. within a bordure az. charged with eight crosses,,
;Matok.e, or Mattick, [Hertfordshire and York- pattce, of the third.
shire,] az. a chev. cjuarterl_y, or and ar. betw. Mattheio, ar. a fen-cock sa. membered gu.
three fleur.s-de-lis of the second. Crest, a bear^ — Matthew, ar. a bittern sa. membered gu.
salient, per bend^ ar. and sa. Matthew, ar. a fesse, betw. three birds sa.
r\lATON, gu. three barrels, in pale, ar. Matthew, [B\ickinghamshire,] gyronny of eight,
iiATRAN, [Devonshire,] or, on a bend sa. three ar. and sa. a lion, rampant, gu. a bordure of
mullets of the field. the last, crusilly or. .

jMatres, sa. on a chief ar. a iion, rainjiant, 2fatthew, gyronny of eight, sa. and gu.
naissant, of tlia field. Muthew, [JJillokesby, Norfolk,] az. a cliev. vaire,
Matrevers, or Maltrevers, sa. a fret or. ar. and gu. betw. three ducal coronets of the
Jfatreccrs. The same, with a canton gu. charged second, within a bordure engr. or. Crest, a —
Avith three leopards, passant, ar. unicorn's head, erased, ar. armed and maned
Ii'alrevers, or Maltrevers, sa. a fret erm. gu. charged on the neck with a chev. vaire, ar.
7<Ialrci:ers, az. a fret or. and gu.
Malrevcrs, sa. a fret enn. on a canton gu. three Mathew, or Matthew, [Castle-.Mangoh, Glamor-
leopards ar. ganshire,] ar. a lion, rampant, reguardant, sa.
JfatriKirs, or Ma I ravers, [SulTolk,] sa. fretty or. Matheic, sa. a stork ar. witiiiu a bordure of tlie
Malm-vrs, sa. freity enn. last. —
Crest, a stork, as in the arms. [Borne,
Mdlrercrs, sa. fietty or, a label ar. hi/ Georf/e Mathew, I£sq. of Folders, llawk-
Malrevcrs, sa. a fret of six or. hurst, Kent, 1823.] See Plate of Arms.
Matsox, [Lancashire,] sa. a cross, formee, MatJicw, az. three lions, rampant, ar. on a chief
voided, or. of the last, as many cross crosslcts sa. Crest, a —
^LvTsi Kin), gu. a fesse engr. betw. three mul- lion's gamb, erect, holding a cross cross-
lets or. let, fitchee, in pale, sa. IMotto, over crest,
Mattiikw, [Dodbroke, Devonshire; Mitton, Crin-b noil laoiie [Barne hij E. TP.
Cornwall; and Snrrey,] sa. a stork, close, ar. Mathew, Vicar of Essex, 18i2.5.]
Mallhcw, [Penetcnay,] sa. a stork, close, ar. Mattjiews, [Great Gobions, Essex; and Ed-
v.'ithin a borduro of the second. monton, Middlesex,] gu. three Catharine-wheels
Mallhsw, [Dorset,] sa. a lion, ranipriit, ar. ar. on a chief of the second, a bull's head,
Crest, on a mount moor-cock ppr.
vert, a couped, sa. —
Crest, a bull's head, couped, sa.
crowned or.
^failhevJ, sa. a lion, rampant, betw. two wings endorsed ar.
MallJu'W, ['\Yales, and Thornborough, Bucking- j\iatthcws, [London,] gu. three chev. or.
hamshire,] gyronny of eight, gu. and sa. a lion, Matthews, gyronny of eight, sa. and gu. overall.
;i lion, lampaiif, or. — Crest, a demi lion, ram- IMAULTiV, or JlAi/riiV, [London,] ar. on a bend,
pant, or. betw. tvi o bendlets engr. gu. three garbs or.
Mattluius, or, a lion, rampant, sa. Crest, a — jMauli!, 2)er )iale, (aiioilter, wavy,) ar. and gu. a
nioor-cock &a. bordure, charged with eight escallops, all couu-
Mittlheivs, [Down, Ireland, and Swansea, Glanior- terchanged. —
Crest, a dragon vert, from the
f^ansliire,] gu. three cliev. or. mouth and tail lire issuing pjjr. [Borne hy the
Mattock, ftz. a chev. or, on a canton of the laft, Rev. John Maule, of Dol-er, 1823.]
tiiree fieurs-dc-lis of the first. T\lAULEVERER,[Al!erfou-]\rauleverer, Yorkshire,]
^"(Iattiii.sox, [Scotland,] gyronuy of eight, sa. sa. fanotlier, gu.) three greyhounds, courant, in
and gu. a lion, rampant, within a bordmc or, pale, ar. collared or. —
Crest, a greyhound ar.
charged with eight cross crosslets, fitchec, of the collared or. [Created a Baronet, 2d Avr/usl,
second. —
Crest, a demi lion, ppr. holding bctw. 1041.]
his paws a cross crosslet gu. [Con firmed /o Mnlcvcrer, [Yorkshire,] gu. three greyhounds,
Colonel Gcorye MailJiison, hy Sir James Bal- courant, in pale, ar. collared az. (Another, or.)
four, Ociohcrlst, 1039.] —
Crest, a greyhouDd, passant, ar. collared and
i\).\UD, ar. tln-ee bars, gemelles, sa. over all, a ringed or.
lion, rampant, or, ch.irged on the slioulder m ith Malercrer, sa. three greyhounds, courant, in pale, ur.
a cross crosslet, fitchee, of the second. Crest, — Malevercr, gu. three wings, conjoined, ar.
a lion's head, cooped, gu. charged with a cross Malcverer, or 3fauleverer, [York,] sa. three grey-
crosslet, fitchee, or. hounds, courant, in pale, ar. [Borne hy James
Maud, [Margood-Hall, Yorkshire,] barry of six, Maukverer, Esq. ofArnclife, Yorkshire, 1613.]
ar. and rampant, gr,.
sa. a lion, l\lAULO^'EL, vert, three greyhounds, courant, iu
Maud, over all, a lion, ram-
ar. five barrulets sa. pale, or.
pant, gai. charged on the shoulder with a cross I^Iaunby', ar. four bars sa. overall, a maunch gu.
crosslet, fitchee, or. —
Crest, alien's head.ciased, Mauxd, az. on a bead ar. betw. two eagles, dis-
gu. charged as the. lion in the arms. played, or, three mascles of the field. [Borne
Maud, bany of twelve, ar. and sa. a lion, ram- hy 'Clinton Maund, M.yl. and Fdlow ofMerlon-
pant, gu. —
Crest, a lion's head, cuiiped, Collcye, Oxford, ohiit ilh December, ICiGO.]
gu. SiAUXDJiY, az. a cross or.
Maud, ar. six barrulets sa. over all, a lion, ram- Maundrell, [Vnltshire,] ar. a demi lion, betw.
))ant, gu. —
Crest, a lion's head, erased, gu. eight fleurs-de-lis gu.
Maud, or Maude, [Ireland,] az. a lion, rampant, Mauniiuit, ar. two bars gu.— CJrest, out of a
ar.^Crest, a lion's gamb, erect and erased, ducal coronet or, a gritlin's head, betv\-. two
grasping an oak-brancTi ppr. fructed or. wings ar.
^^AlTD]LE, cr Maaydley, [Wells, Somerset- Maunsell. See jMansell.
shire,] ar. on a chev. az. three fieurs-de-lis oi', I\Iaun.ston. See Maxston.
all within a bordure engr. sa. —
Crest, out ui' a I^Iauri;, St. ar. guttee de larnies, a chev. voided coronet or, an eagle's hoiid ar. sa.
-Mauui.ey, [VVells and Xuniiys, Somersetshire,] Maurewaru, or MARE^VARED, [Leicester-
ar. CD a chev. az. betw. three lozenges gu. as shire,] az. a fesse ar. betw. three ciuquefoils or.
many flcnrs-de-lis or, all within a bordure engr. Maurcward, vert, a fesse, bctw. three ciuquefoils ar.
sa. IGruuled^my.'] I\j AVIRICE, gu. a lion, ranjpant, reguardant, or.—
Muudley, [Wells, Somersetshire,] ar. on a chev. Crest, a hawk, peixdaiig upon the slump of a
az. three (leurs-de-lis of the firsV, within a bor- tree, or, armed and belled gu.
dure engr. sa. —
Crest, out of a ducal coronet Maurice, gu. three roses ar.
ar. a falcon's head of the last. Maurice, [:\lyrod Llanhassaph, Flintshire,] sa.
-'5axjduit, chequY, or and az. a bordure gu. Ilu-ec roses ar.
Vauduit, [Somerford-avlauduit, ^\'i!(s, Temp. ])lawrice, az. on a chief gu. three bends ar.
1' J ward 111.] ar. two bars gu. ^L\UTiiEY, az. a cross or.
Mauduil, [iianslope, Buckinghamshire.] TJie Maiilhy, crm. on a bend gu. cottlsed or, the cot-
same. ti;;es"ei}i;r. Have narbs of the last. [Granted
^-'ouduit, gu. three pales, dauceitce, or. Crest, — May, KJie.]
I'Ut of a five-leaved coronet or,- a gTiftin's iicad, Mayi;r, [Heiilth-AVaythill, Yorkshire,] ar. three,
betw. two Avings ar. beaked or. bars, voided, sa. over all, a lion, rampant, gii.
^Jai'I'iei.d, ar. two bars sa. over all, a wivern, I^Iav ESON, [JFaveson, Slirojishire,] ar. a chov.
'li>played, of the field. cmrr. betv.'. three mullets sa.
. [ 4 1^ 2 ]

Maw, [Lnncasliire and SufTolk,] uz. two liars talhots' heads,erased, of the second.- Crest, a —
crni. betw. six martk-ls — Crest,
oi-.- on a mount talbot's head, erased, ar. collared and ringed
vert, a camel, coucliaiif, ar. tlio liuuji ou tliq gu.
back aucl end of the tail or. Mnxeij, gu. a chev. liefw. three crescents or.
MAV.'Jim', or, a cross gn. fretty of tlie tiuld, bciw. j\Iaxey, [Mediow, Muutingdonshire,] gu. a chev.
four eagles, displayed, az. eacli c]i:a-j^ed nn the or, betw. three crescents ar.
breast with a bezant. —
Crest, an eagle, displayed, ]M.\XFIEEU, [Cheshire,] gu. a cross engr. eriu.
az. charged on the breast witli a bezant. SIaXLIRD, gu. three plates.
[Granted Joseph Mawhvy, of Kennlnglon,
fo IViAXTEK, an oak ppr.

Surrey, 1757.] Maxton, [Cultequhay, Scotland,] or, a bend

]\Iaw'bve, or, a bend sa. (another, engr.) gu. betw. three crosses, formee,
STawedby, az. a cross or. fitchee, az.
Mawkr, ar. tliree martlets vert, ou a chief in- Maxton, or, a chev. gu. betw. three crosses,
dented gu. as many mullets or. formee, fitchee, az.
SIawey, [Worcestershire,] gu. a fesse, betw. Maxaveel, ar. a saltier sa. in base a crescent az.
five martlets ar. witliin a bordure gu. —
Crest, a hand, issuing
Mawhooi), or, three bars, gemelles, sa. over all, from tlie wreath ]ipr. holding up two eagles'
a lion, rampant, gu. charged on the shoulder heads, conjoined at the neck and erased, sa.
with a cross crosslet, fitchee, or. Crest, a hon's — Maxwell, ar. an eagle, displayed, with two heads
bead, erased, ar. gorged v.ith a collar gu. rim- sa. beaked and membered gu. within a bordure
med, studded, and rii;ged or, charged on the of the last, on the body of the eagle an escc-
neck with a cross crosslet, fitchee, gu. [Cerll- chcon or, charged with a saltier of the second,
fied ul ilie of Amis, London, May, .thereon a hedgehog of the fourth.
1779. to Colonel Charles Mawhood.] Maxti-cll, vert, three roses ar. — Crest, a buck's
JIawillias!, erm. on a pile az. three cinque- J.ead,
foils ar. Muxu-ell, [Scotland,] ar. an eagle, displayed, with
Ma\YI:-ine, [Shipley, Shropshire, and Riuv,-are, two heads, su. charged on the body witli an
Staflordshire,] gu. tliree bends ar. escocheon of the field, tliereon a saltier of the
Maayle, on a bend sa. three dol-
[Suflblk,] ar. second.
phins, embowed, or, in chief a crescent gu. Maxv:ell, ar. a saltier sa. a chief paly of six, ar.
Crest, ou a chapeau gu. turned up erm. a deaii and sa.
peacock, dis])!ayed, ar. Maxieell, or, a saltier sa. a label gu.
Ma\yl];y, alias Maeo Lacu, [1328J or, a bend Maxwell, [Loch, Scotland,] ar. a saltier, witliin a
sa. bordure sa. charged with eight roses of the first.
Muicley, [Yorkshire,] ar. on a bend sa. three —Crest, a hart, couchant, his attires wreathed
eagles, displayed, of the first. about with holly-leaves, all ppr.
Sfairley, [Yorkshire,] or, on a bend sa. three dol- Maxircll, [Garnsalloch, Scotland,] ar. a saltier sa.
phins ar. within a bordure of the last, charged with eight
Mauley, vair, a maunch gu. crescents or. —
Crest, a stag, rising from a holly-
Mail-ley, ar. on a bend sa. three eagles, displayed, bush ppr.
ov. Maxwell, ar. a saltier sa. within a bordure embat-
Mail-ley, ar. a bend sa. tled gu.— Crest, a stag, lodged under a holly-
Maivley, [Cheshire,] ar. a sinister hand, and bor- bush, ppr.
dure engr. sa. Maxwell, ar. an eagle, displayed, sa. charged on
Mawnell, or, on a fesse, daiicettee, gu. three the breast with an escocheon of the field. —
lions, rampant, ar. a demi eagle, « ith wings expanded ppr.
jMawre, [IDevon,] ar. two chev. gu. Maxwell, <ar. a saltier sa. a chief paly of six of the
Mairrey, ar. three martlets vert, on a chief, in- second and first.
dented, of the second, ihree mullets of the first. Maxwell, [Scotland,] or, a saltier sa.
IMaavsoN, [London,] per fesse, erm. and ermines, Maxwell, [.Scotland,] ar. a saltier sa.
a pale counlcrchanged, over all a lion, salient, Maxwell, [Calderwood, Scotland,] quarterly first ;

or. —
Crest, a lion's head or, collared gobony, and fourth, ar. a saltier sa. within a bordvuv
erm. and ermines. [Granted \GQ2^ counfer-comi)ony of the second and first; second
Max, gu. a chev. betw. three crescents or. —
and third, ar. a bend az. Crest, a man's head,
ilAXi;^', or Maxie, [Bradwcll, Essex, and looking up, ppr.
Shotley, Suflolk,] gu. a fesse ar. betw. three Maxivtll, [Cardiness, Scotland.] The same, w itlii"

;i liovcluro embattled g\i. — Crest,
a inan's head, Maydeston, or Maydston, [Lincolnshire,]
looking upright, withia two braiiches of liuircl, crm. two halbcrts, in saltier, sa.
disposed orlevrnvs, vert. I^lAYDWliLlj, [London and Northampton,] or, on
^[axwell, ['J^cyllinV, Scotland,] ar. cm a saltier sa. an inescocheon gu. a crescent ar. within an orlo
11 man's heart or. —
Crest, a t'alcoii, hioking- fu of eight martlets of the second. —
Crest, out of a
the Sim ))pr. diical coronet or, a ]>yramid of laurel leaves vert.
Maxicell, [Barucleugli, Scotland,] ar. a saltier sa. [Granted lii-il, and borne hy the Rev. M^illia);i
within a bordiire of the last, charged with eic^ht Lockii-ood Maydtrell, of Qcddiiigioiujicar Ket-
of the first
holding a writing- pen ppr.

Crest, an eagle's talon, tering, i\ortham])tonsliirc, 18l?4.]
fvlA'iKR, or Miwon, gn. an anchor erect, in pale,
.Mav, [Pashley, Sussex, and London,] gii. a fesse, or, on a chief of the .second, three roses of' the
belw. eight billets or.— Crest, out of a ducal field. —Crest, a denii lion, rampant, reguardant,
coronet or, a leopard's head gu. bczanteo. liolding" a sword in the dexter paw jjpr.
Mcnj, [Charterhouse, Somersetshire, and Eaw- hill and pomel or. [Granted to Sir Mathias
morc, Sussex,] sa. a chev. or, bctw. three roses Mayer, or Mayor, of the Island of Jersey Tenij). ,

ar. a chief of the second. —

Crest, out of a ducal Henry VII. and borne by Maijor, ,"

coronet, per pale, or and gu. a tiger's head of F.sq. of Southampton, 1855.]
the first, pellettee, maned sa. [Granted l."')73.] ^Ia\kll, ar. on a chev. sa. tlii'ce cinquefoils of
J/<7j/,vert, a chev. betw. three roses ar. a chief the field.
indented crm. JIayi-'FE, [Tafton, Cheshire,] quarterly, or and
May, three fishes, in pale, ar.
i\7.. Crest, a dex- — gu. a label of five jioints ar.
ter arm, embowed, in coat of mail, in the hand Ma^'FIELD, [Cambridge,] gu. a cross eugr. crm.
all ppr. a truncheon or, tipped sa. in chief two May-flowers, slipjjed or. Crest, a —
May, [Wiltshire,] ar. on a bend vert, bc(\v. two lion's head, coiipcd, gu. holding in his moutii a
bucks' heads, cabossed, sa. three roses of the lUay-flowcr or. [Granted October 9, 1GS4.]
first. Mayfdd, or Maxficld, gu. a cross engT. erm,
May, ar. a chev. sa. betw. three roses or, a chief JIayhewe, az. a chev. >aire, ar. and gu. betw.
of the last. —
Crest, a leopard's head ppr. three ducal coronets or, ^^'ithin a bordure engr.
M^ay, vert, a chev. betw. three cross crosslets, of the last. [Confirmed to Robert MayhcKe,
fitchee, ar. of Clippcsby, Norfolk, i)th Nov. 1.563.]
May, [Stoke, Suffolk,] gu. two bairulets erm. JLwNARD, [Estaines-Parva, Essex, and Wick-
betw. six billets or. —
Crest, out of a mural coro- low, Ireland,] ar. a chev. az. betw. three sinister
net ar. a leopard's head gu.billettce or. \_Grantcd coupcd at the wrist, gu.
liajids, —
Crest, a siag
to Tlwmcis May, of SloJce, Ath Jan. 1GS7-8.] or, charged on the breast with a crescent sii.
May, [Essex,] gu. a fessc, betw. six billets [Confirmed November 2Gth, 16:^1.]
or. Maynard, [St. Albaa's, Hertfordshire,] ar. a chev.
^^oy, gu. a fesse, betw. eight billets or. Crest, — quarterly, gu. and az. betw. three siui.-ter hands,
cut of a ducal coronet O)-, an ounce's head ppr. couped, gu.— Crest, a buck ppr.
[Home by the Rev. Thomas Charles 3Iay, Maynard, [Guunersbury, Middlesex, and Sher-
Rector of Brcamore, Hants, 1824.] ford, Devonshire,] ar. three sinister hands, coup-
May, gu. a fesse or, betw. eight billets ar. ed at the wrist, gu. — Crest, a stag, trippaut or,
Crest, out of a ducal coronet or, a leopard's attired ppr.
head and neck ppr. [Borne ly John May, of Maynard, [Kenl,] <a-. a chev. sa. betw. three
Oxncy, near Dover, J 853.] sinister hands, couped at the wrist, gu.
Maycocic, per fesse, embattled, ar. and gu. two Maynard, sa. three sinister hands, erased, ar.
cocks counterchauged. Maynard, ar. on a chev. vert, betw, three sinister
Mavgotte, or Mackwitii, [Kent,] erm. on a hands, erect, gu. h\e ermine spots or, quarter-
canton gu. a buck, passant, or. Crest, out of a — ing 7>rt.v.— Crest, a back, passant, or, gorged
mural coronet gu. a buck's head or. [Confirmed Milh a collar, invecked, ar. fimbriated sa. [Bjrne
to Sir Cavalier Maycole, alias Mackicilh, of by the late Anthony Lax Maynard, of Chester-
Recidver, Kent, Knl. Nov. 1(!04.] field, Derbyshire, Eiq. obiit July 2d, 182.J.]
Maydeley, ar. on a chev. az. three fleurs-de-lis Mavnmj, [Dinton, BuckinghamshiVe,] ar. on a
or, within a bordure engr. sa. bend engr. sa. three dexter hands, couped at t!ie
-Maydknwei.l, [Nether-Tcynton, Lincolnshire,] wrist, of the first.— Crest, out of a mural toio-
ar. on an inescochcon, betw. eight martlets sa. iiet or, a dragon's head erm.

a cinquefoil or. • -
3Iaync, [Boriiington, Hertfordshire,] ar. on a beiii'l

sa. tliree sinister bands, couped at the wrist, of and hips, walking upon a mount betw. two trees,
the first. with his club over his right shoulder, all ppr.
Mai/nc, [Buckinjjtiainsliire,] enii. on a beiul sa. Mayor, Sec Mayer.
tiuee dexter liaiids, coupcd, ar. —
Crest, a dex- Mayow, [Dinton, Wiltshire,] ar. (another, or,1
ter Laud ppr. betw. two -wings erni. [Granted on a chev. sa. betw. three birds of the last, five
to Bcnnet Maijnc, of Crcslow, Buc,':s, June, lozenges of the first.
JGO-i.] Mayre, [Lartington-Hall, Yorkshire,] ar. on the
M'-i;"£, [Ilcv,ot;;UyXx}Ll^s]iirc_, and Warwicl;sliire,] sea, in base, ppr. a ship of three. n:aits, with sails
ar. oil a bend sa. tliree dexter liaada, couped, of furled, sa.
the field. —
Crc-:t, out of a ducal coronet or, a i\L\YTLAND, az. a chev. betv/. three martlets or.
dragon's head erni. SIeacham, on a fesse or, betw. three lions'
Moifnc, [Essex,] per pale, ar. and sa. three chev. heads, erased, ar. as ii!an\ csi-allops of the field.
betv,'. as many cinquefoils counterchaiig'ed. •
— Crest, a falcon, with wings expanded, j^pr,
3Icn/t:<', three cliev. sa. each charged with an
ar. belled or.
first, on a chief of the second,
escallop of the Mea):)E, sa. a chev. betw. three pelicans ar.
three imdlets of the field. vulning themselves gu.
Maijne, [London, and Littington, Devonshire,] Meade, [Leicestershire,] sa. a chev. betw. three
sa. a chev. betw. three sinister hands, couped pelicans oi'.

and erect, ar. —

Crest, a cubit arm, vested az. ia Meade, [Somcr>;etshire and Cambridgeshire,] gu.
the palm of the hand an eye, all ])pr. a chev. erm. betw. three trefoils, slipped, ar.
Mat/he, ar. two chev. betw. as many pheons in Meade, [Essex,] sa. a chev. betw. three pelicans
chief sa. and a fleur-de-lis in base az. within a or, vulned gu.
bordure eugr. of the last. —
Crest, a cubit arm, Meade, sa. a chev. erm. betw. three trefoils, slip-
erect, ppr. habited sa. cufi' ar. holding a cross ped, ar.
crosslet gu. Meadows, [Witnesham, Suffolk,] quarterly;
Mayiie. The same arms. —
Crest, a cubit arm, first and a chev. erm. betw. three
fourlli, sa.
erect, in armoui-, holding in the hand ppr. a peLcaus, vulned ppr. on a canton a lion,
cross flory ar. [Borne Ly WiUiam Maynu, of sejant, in chief a. label, for Mea-
Farley-liill, Berks, a Colonel in the Army, 1S24!] dows ; second and third, sa. a chev. erm. betw,
M.WNELL, [Lancashire,] or, on a fcsse, daucet- three estoiles ar. for Brewster, of Vrreutham,
tee, gu. three lions, rampant, ar. Sullblk. —
Crest, a pelican, vulned ppr. [Bor?te
JL-vy:nkr, gu. a fessc, betw. three plates,— Crest, hy the late Philip Meadoius, of Buryhersh-
a hand, erect, ppr. lioldiug a lion's gamb, erased, I-Iouse, Vtliueshum, Siijfolk, Esg. ohiit Oct.
ar. IGfh, 18-34.]
MayneS, gu. a clwv. betw. three horse-shoes ar. Meadows, az. a chev. erm. betw. throe pelicans
LIaynhell, sa. three sinister hands, couped at or, vulned ppr. on a canton of the third, an
the wrist, ar. cscocheou gu. charged with a lion, passant, or.
Maynselyne, or, on a chief gu. a sinister hand, —
Crest, oiit of a ducal coronet or, a demi
couped at the wrist, ar. eagle, with wings expanded sa.
Maynsling, or Mainstone,
on a chief gu.
ar. Meadows, sa. a chev. crni. betv,-. three pelicans,
a dexter Land extended, and borne tra\ersed of with wings endorsed or, vulniiig themselves ppr.
the field. on a canton of the third, an escocheon gu.
Maynstone, [Laugaran, Gloucestershire, and charged with a liou, pass::ri(, guardant, or.
Iferefordshire,] vert, a chev. betv,-. three hedge- Crest, out of a ducal coronet or, a demi eagle,
hogs or. displayed, sa.
Mcyiistone, [Londoii, and Urchingfield, Ilereford- JIeads, [London,] sa. on a chev. ar. betw. three
siiire,] az. a c!:ev. betw. three hedgehogs ar. pelicans, vulning themsehcs or, as manv anchors
Mayo, ['Middlesex,] sa. a chev. betw. three roses of the first.

ar. a chief or. Meale.S, [Lancashire,] ar. three lorteauxes in

Sfai/o, [Dorsetshire,] gu. a clk\. betw. three
\;iir, fesse, within a bordure gu.
ducul coronets or.— Crosf, oui oia ducal coronet Mearing, or Meering," [No-.tinghamshire,] ar.

or, a siuister hand ppr. liciv,-. tv.u ^, lugs ar. on a chev. sa. three escallop.j or.
Mayo, sa. a fossa ar. betw. two liui'.s, ])as3aiit, re- Meautis, [London,] az. a unicorn, s.;liL'r,t, or.
guardant, or. Mcaiitis, [W'est-llarn, Essex,] az. a unicorn.
Mayo. The same, v.ilh a canton ar. salient, erminois.
Mayo, ar. a woodman, wreathed about the head Meaiitys, [^^'est-ILml, Essex,] az. a unicorn,

salient, crmiiiois, armed or. — Crest, a unicorn, Conqueror,] per ]jale, sa. and ar. three chev.
si-jjint, erniinois. betw. as luanv ciuijuefoils, all couuterchatiged.
l/rfl/f [Ifam, Essex,] az. a unicorn, salient,
/_'/.;, 'Mkdwel, [>* orlhanipton,] or, an escocheon, bctw.
tnminois.- —
Crest, a unicoru, sejant, crminois. eight martlets gu.
Mkaux, [Kingston, in the Isle of Wight,] paly ^Iee, [St. Bonnet's Fink, London,] gu. a chev.
of six, or and az. on a chief gu. three crosses, betw. three boars' heads, erased, ar.
paltee, of the first. Me EKE, [V'ssex,] gu. a lion, rampant, ar. v.ithin
>Ii;ax\LYS, az. a unicorn, salient, ar. a hordure, indented, or. — Crc-I, a lion, ;;s in
',!];a V i;s, ar. on a fesse gu. three n;ullets, pierced, the arms.
of the field. Meckc, gu. three chev. ar.
Mr.PCALF, [Askrigh, Berepark, and Redall, Meik, [Scotland,] ar. a duck pjir. on a cliief, dan-
Yorkshire,] ar. three calves, passant, sa. eettee, gu. a sanglier's head, couped, or, hetv,-.
Crest, a talbot, sejant, ppr. reposing his dexter two crescents ar.
foot on an escoclieou ar. Mcik, [Leidcassie, Scotland.] The same arms.
.Mm-'CROI'T, paly of six, ar. and az. a canton gu. •

Crest, an increscent and decrescent, affrontee.
a martlt'.t for difierence.
X'rdcrcft, ar. on a saltier sa. five fleurs-de-lis oi-. ?iiEi'Hir, [^Vales,] per fesse, sa. and erm.
(Another, ar.) Mei:i;, [.Slurborn, Dorsetshire,] az. a cJicv. betw.
>!j:DDor, [ileddop-Ilall, Yorkshire,] crui. a lion, three mullets of six points or. —
Crest, an eagle's
ni-npant, az. liead, couped, or, the mouth enihrued gri.
Meddowes, sa. a chev. erm. bciw. tliree peli- J/cc;-, [Dorsetshire and Durham,] sa. a chev. or.
cans, with v.'ings endorsed or. betw. three water-bougcts erm. — Crest, a demi
,Mi:i)DUS, or Meuowes,
[Cheshire,] bendy of dog-fish
six, or and az. on a chief of
tlie second, tv,o IMeioreiiurst, [Warpleston, Snn-ey,] per pale,
crosses, formce, of the first.— Crest, a cross, az. and gu. three roses ar. on a chief or, a hon,
formee, or, entwined v.ilh a snake ppr. passant, guardant, of the second. — Crest, a rose
McuE, or JiIeade, [Coruvvall and Cambridge,] ar.barbed vert, betw. two dragons' wings gu.
gu. a chev. erm. bctw. three trefoils, slipped, ar. ?.1ei;ui:s,[Houghton, Lincolnshire,] gu. a fesse,
(AnolJtcr, three ciucpiefoils.) betw. three water-bougets erm. —
Crest, a pea-
Mi; DECS, sa. a chev. betw. three double quatre- cock's tail, erect, ppr.
foils ar. Inheres, [Brauckoser, Norfolk,] ^'u. a fesse, betw.
Mkdeiiov, erm. a lion, rampant, a?,. three water-bougets erm. within a bordure of
Meihiall, ar. on a fesse, betw. tv.o cliev. gu. the last.
lluee escallops of the field. jifecres, [Awber, Lincolnshire,] g'u. a fesse engr.
Mi;:)LAxn, [Launceston, Cornwall,] gu. a fesse, betw. tlu-ee v.ater-bougets erm.
v,;ivy, ar. betw. three sea-gulls pi>r, a crescent Meeres, [Meers, Lancasnire,] ar. a fesse ermuies,
for difierence. — Crest, a sea-gidl, "rising ppr. betw. three water-bougets gu.
charged on the breast with a crescent for difle- jlreres, [Holland, Lincolnshire,] gu. a fesse erm.
reuce. [GraniedWth JIaij, 17o0.] betw. three water-bougets ar.
^ii;DL)•.Y, p^^arwicksliire,] sa. two bars, gemeilcs, ^Jcres, or Meros, paly of six, or and az. on a
nr. on a cluef of the last, three mullets of the chief gu. three crosses, forniec, of t!ie first.
first. Meres, paly of six, or and az. on a chief gu. three
Mcult'ii,[Sussex,] ar. tv.o bars, gemelles, sa. in cross crosslets ar.
chief three mullets, ]iierced, of the hist. Crest, — Mercs, Meercs, Mere, Meare, or Meyres, [AVilt-
fi tiger, sejant, vert, tufted and maned or. shirc; Bewbridge, Shropshire; Cambridgeshire;
^Ikui.icott, [Aliingilon, Berkshire; Shropshire and Meare, Clicshire,] ar. a ship, with three
iuid London, lG-11,] quarterly, gu. and az. per masts, sails furled, shrouded sa. —
Crest, a mer-
'esse, indented, three lions, rampant, ar. Crest, — maid ppr. Iiair or. See JiIeue.
"ut of a mural crown gu. a demi eagle, with Meefri'.IjL, ar, a grillin, segieant, sa. mcmbered
wings expanded or. gu.
'i-i'NERS T, j)aly of six, ar. and az. on a canton Megget, [Scotland,] az. a quadrangular lock
<Jt the second, a martlet of the first. aud key or.
'';"viEE, or Meuville, sa. a chev. betw. ;\Jkggs, "[BradfoTd-Peverel, Dorsetshire,] or, a
tiiroe fishing hooks ar. chev. az. betw. three mascles gu. on a chief sa.
''-mvANA, or Maine, [Temp. Vrilllam the a greyhound, courant, ai\ —
Crest, a tulbot's

M E L •
head, erased, p.r. eared sa. rollnred or, under MiUlrinn, [Fyvie, Scotland,] ar. three otters, i>su-
llie collar two pollcts, fesscuavs, three acorns, ing- out of a fesse, wavy, sa.
erect, issuing- from the (oj) of the head ppr. Meldriim, [Crombie, Scotland,] quarterly, lirsl
Mer/f/s, [Warwickshire,] or, on a chief su. a lion, and fourth, ar. a demi ofter, issuing out of a
passant, ar. fesse, wavy, sa. ; second and third, ar. thrre
Mer/f/s, [Kent,] or, a cliev. sa. hetw. three inas- unicorns' heads, couped, sa. <dl within a bordiire
cles g\i. a chief ar. of the last. —
Crest, a dexter hand, holding a
Mvggs, [Kent and Cauibridgeshiri',] or, a chov. book.
sa. betw. three niascles gu. on a chief of the jMeles, [l\Ieles, Lancashire,] ar. three tortear.xes
second, a volf ar. —
Crest, a greyhound's head in fesse, -within a bordure gu.
sa. cared ar. charged ou tiie neck v, itii a gcmelle I\lEEFnRDj ar. a fesse, I)etw. tljree mullets sa.
or, betw. three bezants, two and one, issuing- out SIelisii. See jMeleish.
of his head, three oak-branches p])r. Mell, gu. an annulet az. for difference.
or, a fret
Mer/r/s, [London,] or, a chev. engr. az. betw. Mell, [Sudblk,] or, a fret gu. au annulet az. all
three mascles gu. on a chief sa. a greyhound, within a bordure of the second, bezaiitee.
courant, ar. —
(3rest, a griflin, sejant", per pale, Mell, gu. frctty or, on each joint an annulet az.
gu. and or, beaked, legged, and dnrally gorg;ecl Mfllent, or Meelert, or, two bars sa. bet\i.
of the last, wings endorsed. [Granled Alh six cross crosslets gu. three, two, and one.
June, 1579.] 3Jellent, [Earl of Leicester,] gu. a cinquefoil crm.
Mr.iGNKLL, barry nebulee of six, ar. and sa. jiierced, of the field.
Meignell, vaire, ar. and sa. a la!)pl gu. Melhni, lozeng-y, or and az.
Meu/nell, [Derbyshire,] paly of six, ar. and gu. MivLLER, [Middle-Temple, London,] ar. three
on a bend as. three horse-shoes or. birds sa. beaked
a chief, danceitee, oi the
Mciijnell, vairc, ar. and sa. second. 'iGrcinledV/Y?)'^
Meignell, vairc, ar. and s-a. a martlet gu. Mei.lers, or JIellkr, [Laiston, Suffolk,] az. n
Mi'ujneU, vaire, ar. and sa. a canton gu. fesse ar. frelty gu. betw. three crowns or, within
Meiyiiell, barry -wavy of six, ar. aoJ sa. a bordure i>er bordure, wavy, gu. and ar.
]\I E K
I S ee -fl-ith j\I e k k
. . Crest, a greyhound, passant, sa. collared or,
Meikieson, [Hill, Scotland,] ar. a duck ppr. on resting- his dexter paw ou an escocheou az.
a chief, dancettec, gu. a boar's liead, couped, Melles, [Mclles, Cheshire,] ar. a bend, betw.
betw. two crescents or. —
Crest, a decrescent two lions' heads, erased, sa.
I'l'i'- Melles, az. four nia.scles one, two, and one.
Meinell, [Durham, Temp. John,] az. three rji'LLiSH, or Meei.sii, [London, Sandersten.
liars, gemelles, or, a chief of the last. Surrey, and llagnold, Nottinghamshire,] az.
Meinell, az. two bars and a chief or. two swans, in pale, ar. betw. as many flauncr;?i
Meinstorpe, 0)- Wemdori'E, [llalsatia,] per erm. —
Crest, out of a ducal coronet or, a swan's
pile, transposed, or, gu. and sa. head and neck ar.
Mekelfeld, [Bolton, Yoikshirc,] ar. on a chev. Melllsh, [Hnmels, Hertfordshire.] The,
ijetw. three garbs gu, banded or, as many quartering Gore.
buckles of the last. Meelor, [Derby,] ar. three blackbirds ppr.
Meinard, ar. a cliev. az. betw. three sinister ilELON, ar. a heron sa.
hands, couped at the wrist, gu. JIelton, [Lancashire,] ar. a cross, flory, ^•oided
Wekerfrelu, or, a cross engr. sa. guttee d'eau.
Mklkaine, sa. a chev. betw. three escallops ar. Mellon, az. a cross patoncc, voided, or.
SIeebeholise, ar. on a bend engr. sa. three Melton, az. a cross, voided, on the centre thereof
fleurs-de-lis of the field. a bezant. [Granted to John Melton, of Tot-
JMeluorne, az. three escallops ar. within a bor- tenlmm High Cross, Middlesex, 1st &'ej)'tejnbcr,
dure of the second, charged wilh eight cross 1G-2G.]
crosslets, fitchec, gu. [Gran/cd liii^.] Melun, [Cambray, 139G,] az. seven bezants
Melhoriie, az. frctty erni. three, three, and one, a chief or.
Melhorne, [London,] (piarterly, or and gu. a fesse, Melvehocse, ar. ou a bend engr. sa. three
and three leopards' heads counterchanged. tieurs-de-lis of the field.
Mf-LDRUM, [Segie, Scofkuul,] ar. ou a chev. sa. iMelveton, [Cheshire,] az. three plates, on each
an otter's head, erased, of the tirst. an inkmoline sa.
Meldruiii, [Scotland,] ar. an otter, issuing out of Melvelon, or Milvelon, [Cheshire,] az. three mi'l-
a fesse, wavy, sa. . stones ar.

M E N iM E It

Mi'Iveion, ar. three mill-stones az. ou cacb a fcr- McnUJ, az. four fusils, in fesse, ar. a bordure gu.
dc-inoulin sa. bezanfee. See Meynele.
JlKl.VlL, [Raitli, Scotlautl,] ar. a fesse s;n. Mj;ms, ar. on a iV'Sse gu. three mullets, pierced,
^]dvUle-Whi(e, [Scollaud, and Ireland,] quar- of the field.

terly; first and fourth, ar. an eagle, displayed, Menles, or ^Mi;ns, az. six griflins, segreant, or,
sans beak and claws, betw. three (juatrelbils, three, two, and one.
t\ro and one, sa. ou a chief of the last as many Mcnh's, az. six griflins, jxissaiit, or, three, l^'o,
quatrefoils of the first, for second and ;
and one.
fhird, p,u. three crescents a bordure of
ai-. ^fifllin 3httl<'s, or Mclhs, ar. two bars gu, in chief tkrce
the last, charged with eight roses of the field, a escallojis of the second.
crescent for difference, for Supporters, Mcnlcs, ar. two bars gu. in chief three tortcauxes.
two eagles beaked, membered, collared, and
sa. Menmarcii, gu. a fesse engr, or.
chained thereon three cjuatrefoils sa.
or, Menne, a chief az.
Crests, first, a dexter arm, embowed, holding SIets'nes, gu. a chev. vaire, or and az. betw.
up a wreath of laurel, all ppr. ; second, a cre- three leopards' heads of the second. [Grtinfcd
scent. Motto, under the arms, and over the to Matlhi'iv Mcnnes, or Menus, of tlie Iiincr-
first crest, Virtute parta; over the second Ti'inple,London, anno IGIG.]
crest, Denique calum. Mennicoxe, [Paris, and Suubury, Middlesex,]
Mem, or, a chief az. or, a az. betw. two mullets gu.
Memeim.S, sa. semee de cross crosslets or, U\o IMenwyvvICK, [i\Ienwywck, Cornwall,] sa. a
doljihijis, haurient, and endorsed, ar. chev. betw. three birds, with wiugs expanded, ar.
]\Iemes, 01- Mennys, [London and Kent,] gu. ]\Ii;nzies, [Castle-Menzies, and. Weem, Scot-
a cliev.vair, bet\r. three leopards' heads or. land,] ar. (anollicr, erm.) a chief gu. — Crest,
Crest, an antelojie's head gu. tulted and armed, an old man's head, bearded ppr.
or, issuing out of rays of the la^t. [GnniUd j\Ieoei;s, ar.two bars betw. three torteauxes.
IGlG.'i jMErEKSALT., sa. a fret ar. on a chief of the se-

Menaught, [Kilquharitie, Scotlaud,] sa. an iu- cond, a leopard, passant, of the first.
escocheon, chcquy, ar. and az. betw. three Mepertsiiall, ar. frctfy sa. on a chief gu. a
heads, erased, of the second.
lions' lion, passant, or.

SIencaster, [Essex,] ar. three bars gu. on a ISIepiiam, az, tlu-ee bcndlets or. [Borne hi/

bend sa. as many escallops or. Siwon Mcpham, Archbishop of Canterhury,

Mencaster, ar. three bars gu. ou a lieud of the Temp. Edw. I.]
lastj as many escallops or. Merbifry, [Cheshire,] or, on a fesse, engr. az.
Mence, or Mens, paly of six, ar. and az. on a three garbs or.
chief gu. three crescents of tiie first. Mercaunt, [Seamer, Suffolk,] ar.a fret sa. on
Mcnce, az. four pales or, on a chief gu. three a canton or, a gauntlet of the second. —
crosses, formee, of the second. two lions' gambs, erased, in saltier or, each
Mencombe, ar. a lion's head, erased, betw. three holding a bntHo-axe ar. handle gu.
crescents gu. IMercer, [Fifield, Berkshire,] sa< on a fesse,
IMendenall, ar. a saltier engr. vert. betw. three -rooks or, as many martlets of
Mendible, az. on a cross ar. five escallops gu. the first.

]\Iendrick, az. a fret or. (Anothcy, az. fretty Mercer, [London,] or, a fesse gu. in chief three
or.) crosses, formee, of the second, in base a mul-
Mendez, [London,] ^i\. six broken shin-bones, let az.- — Crest, a stork's head, erased, ppr. in
the joints almost meeting, barwise, two, two, his mouth a snake vert.
and two, ar. a canton erm. Mercer, [Adic, Scotland.] The same, the fesse
I\Ienell, az. three bars gemelles, and a chief charged with three bezants.
or, a canton gu. —
Crest, a Moor's head, in ])ro- Mercer, or, on a fesse, betw. three crosses, patf ee,
file, couped at the shoulders, wreathed about the gu. as many bezants. See TifERSER.
temples, or and az. Merghand,' or Merchant, [Buckingham-
Meneusii, gu. a fesse, danccttee, or. shire,] sa. a bend, cottised, betw. two grillins,
JIenei'T, barry of six, or and sa. segreant, or. — Crest, on a mount vert, a moor-
JIenill, ar. on a bend sa. three cinquefoils or. cock [ipr.

McniU, az. three bars geinelles and a chief or. ?ili'.RCiA, sa. ;m eagle, dls]jlayod, or.

Meiiill, ar. five, fusils, in fesse, gu, a bordure sa. Mi:rcury, az. a cross, flory, betw. four cinque-
bezautec. foils or.

[ 4 G ]
?il E R M E R
^JERCY, ar. on a hend sa. (aaolhcr, gu.) tlirce MkhkWoUth, or i\ri;Rwoin'H, ar. a chev. gu,
lozenges ut' the field. betw. ten cross crosslets sa. (Another, the field
Mcrct/, gu. ou i\ (ciAc engr. ar. belw. fhree waler- or.)
boiigets or, as nia)iy crosses, pattee, sa. Mi.Ri'VN, ori\lEnvv\, [Kent,] or, on a chev,
Mi;UK, [Mere, Kosllioriie, ChesLire,] ar. a gal- sa. a mullet ar.
Icy, with tiireo niasfs, with sails furled aud yard ; Me,fi/n, or Mervyn, [Kent,] or, on a chev. sa.
struck sa. —
Crest, a mermaid Nwth comb three crescents ar.
and mirror oi-. Mergith, [Wales,] gu. a Saracen's head, erased,
Wejicditii, [Stansley, Denbiglisliirc, and Kent,] at the neck ar. environed about the temples with
az, a lion, runijjant, or. —
Crest, a lion's bead, a wreatii, ar. and sa.
erased, ppr. (Another crest, on a VTcath an Mergrant, ar. a chief, indented, gu.
eastern coronet ur, tliereon a dragon, jiassant, Merick, [West Camel, Somersetshiie,] paly of
with wings e;<panded gu.) six,or aud az. on a fesse gu. three mullets" ar.
Meredith, [Ivadnor, Wales,] ar. a lion, rampant, (Another, or.)— Crest, a water-spaniel, passant,
sa. g-orged with a collar and chain thereto afiixed, ar. [Granted hi/ Cook, 1589.]
refiexed over his liack or. —
Crest, a denii lion, Merick, or Meyrieh, [London and Wales,] az. a
rampant, sa. collared and chained or. [Granted fesse, wavy, ar. in chief two mullets, pierced,
1574.] or. —
Crest, a sea-liorse ppr. maned or, holding
j^leredith, ar. three nags' heads, erased, sn. in his paws a mullet, pierced, az. [Borne hy
Meredith, [Upper ^yeld, Bucldnghamshire,] per Sir John Merick, Ambassador to the Court of
pale, or and ar. a lioii, rampant, sa. Crest, a — Mtiscovj/, obit 1638. Granted hy Sir William
denil lion, per liale, or and ar. collared and Segar, 'Norroif, 24/A October, 1601.]
lined sa. Merick, [Norcott, Middlesex, 1GG3.] The same.
Meredith, [Creditoii, Devonshire,] ar. a lion, ram- Mericke, [Herefordshire and Eadnorshire,] gu.
pant, reguardant, sa. —
Crest, a demi lion, ram- two porcupines, in pale, ar. [Borne hy Sir
])ant, sa. ducally gorged and chained or. Gelly Mericke, of Wigmore- Castle, Hereford.
Meredith, [Oswestry, Shropshire,] ar. a lion, Teinp. 2d Elizabeth.]
rampant, sa. over all a bend sinister or. Merrick, [Vrales,] sa. on a chev. betw. three
Meredith, gu. a lion, rampant, or. staves, raguly, ar. fired at th.e top pjir. a fleur-
JsiKKiiFlELD, vert, two lions, rampant, fo^oZ/ifr, de-lis betw. two Cornish choughs of the
)<assaut,) ar. cro^\ned or. third. — Crest,
on a tower ar, a Cornish chough
Merefield, ar. a chev. betw. three martlets sa. ppr. holding a fleur-de-lis gu.
(Another, throe crows ppr.) Merrick, az. a fesse, wavy, betw. three estoiles or.
Mercjield, [St. Columb, Cornwall,] ar. a chev. ^rx. — Crest, a tower ar,
bt:t\v. three (another, five) Cornish choughs Merrick, az. a fesse, wavy, ar. in chief two mul-
ppr. lets or.
Merefield, ar. a che\-. gii. betw. three (another, Merrick, az, a fesse, wavy, and in chief two es-
five) Cornish choughs ppr. toiles or. Sec Mey]Uck.
Mere^ficld, [London,] sa. live garbs fijoss or. m SIerjcrobs, ar. three bars sa. on a canton of tlie
— Crest, a garb or, banded sa. second a fleur-de-lis or.
Merefield, [Devonshire, and Crcwkerne, Somer- ^IeriuaY, gu. a lion, rampant, reguardant, or.
setshire,] or, on a fcsse, cottised, az. betw. three jMerikield, sa. five garbs, in cross or. [C'o«-
crescents sa. as many roses ar. frmed, hy Patent, to Ralph Merifield, of
Merefield, vert, two lions, passant, ar. crowned London, lOlh September, 1G)0.]
or. iiIerill,or, on a bend gu, a crescent ar, iu base,
Merefield, vert, three lions, passant, giiardant, ar. a cross crosslet of the second.
Merefield, vert, six lions, rampant, ar. Mering, [Nottingham.shire,] ar. on a chev. sa.
Merefield, sa. six lions, rampant, or. three escallops or.
Merefield, or, on a fessc az. betw. three crescejits Meriny, or, on a chev. sa. three esctdlops ar.
gu. as many roses ar. Merison, nr. three bucks' heads sa.
-MicitEFORD, or JJKRiroKU, [London,] gu. a -MlUtiTT, [Wiltshire,] harry of six, or and sa. u
lion, rampant, crni. bend erm. See Maryett.
TiIereS, [Lincoln,] gu. a fesse, betv/. three wa- Merrs, [Essex,] gu. a hon, rampant, ar. within
ter-bougetserra. a bordure, engr. or.
AIiiiii'.VALL, az. seinco de lis or, a demi lion, Mcrks, or Mart, gu. a lion, rampant, Avithin a
rampant, ar. See Mk\ijki;jw.. bordure, indented, ar.
— —

Merlav, sa. a beud crin. cottised ar. I>e(w. six Merser, [Lincoln,] gu. a fesse, wavy, ar. betw.
jiiartlels or. — Crest, a liiiul's head or, £;oi-;;ed three ])lates, on a chief, or, a lion, passant,
with a collar sa. charged villi three bezants. guardant, of the first. —
Crest, out of a imirai
Merlei/, [Newminster and Morpeth, Northiiinhcr- coronet gu, a demi lion or, holding a battle-iLxe
land, Tcuip. Henry III.] ])arr3- of ten, ar. find ar. hand'^le of the first.
g-u. abordure az. charged v.itli eight martlets or. Mertinu, JMertignv, o;-Mertygnk, gu. five
Merley, ar. five bars gu. on a bordure az. ten mart- fusils in bend or.
lets or. Mertingiiam, [Frocester, Gloucestershire,] ar.
Merlin, az. a beud, rag-ided, in the sinister chief on a chev. betw. three slags' heads, couped, sa.
a ducal coronet or. [Burnc hy Jidic. Mtrlln, as many buglc-lioriis, stringed, of the first.
Gent. Portcullis Piu-suivanl-at-Arms. Tenii). Mertixs, Lord AFayor of I>ondon,
[Sir .George,
2d Elizabeth.] ]7:^.>,] two bars or, in chief a Catharine-
MerUng, or, three billets gn. two and one. wheel betw. two bugle-horns ar.
Mkrmngton, or, three martlets gu. Merton, ar. three chev. per pale, az. and gu.
Merlowe, quarterly; sa. and gu. eight marllcfs, Mertoii, az. tlirco beans or, two and one.
in orle, or. Merlon, [JUelilng.s, Lancashire,] az. three bend-
MERL"i'ON, gu. a chev. vair, bctw. three eagles, lets ar.
displayed, or. — Crest, an eagle's liead or, betw. Jlertoii, az. three bars or, a hibel gu.
two wings, expanded, vair. Merton, [Devon,] az. three bends ar.
MeRMES, [France,] three piles gu.
or, Merton, ar. three bends az.
Mermes, or, three piles gu. on a canton sa. a lion, Merlon, barry of six, az. and ar. See IMyrtox.
passant, ar. MkrttijsS, [London,] az. two bars or, in chief
7>Ierneli., az. on a chief or, a lion, passant, a Catharine-wheel betw. two bugle-horns ar.
g-u. MER^IN, [Cambridgeshire,] ar. a dcnii lion,
Merrett, bRrry of six, ar. and sa. a bend er- rampant, sa.
mines. [G> anted to Christ cpher Merrett }J.D. , Mervin, [Pertood, "Wiltshire.] The same, a fleur-
of London, ISth Jnbj, IGCiO'.] de-lis on the shoulder of the hon, fur diffe-
Mebrey, gu. three cinquefoils, pierced, or. rence.
Merrcy, nr. on a bend gu. three lozenges of the Mr.KVYN, [Fonthill, Wiltshire,] sa. three lions,
field. passant, guaidant, in pale, per pale, or and ar.
Merrey, or Mery, [lledbiune and Barton, Der- —Crest, a squirrel, sejant, cracking- a uut,
byshire,] enu. three lions, rampant, gu. croviued gu.
or.— Crest, out of a ducal coronet a denii lion JIervis, or Mervissk, [Suffolk,] az. three oak-
gu. crowned or. leaves or.
Merry, gu. three cinquefoils or. Mery, or Merrey, [Hertfordshire, and Barton,
Merry, gu. ou a fesse cngr. betw. three -walcr- Derbyshire,] gu. on a fesse engr. ar. betw. three
bougets a cross, forme.e, sa, charged with
ar. water-bougets or as many crosses, patiee, sa.
five bezants, betw. two cloves of the third. Mery, gu. ou a fesse, betw. three water-bougets
Crest, a mast of a ship, rompu and erect, ar. a cross, formee sa. charged with five bezants
thereto a yard, with sail furled, in bend, sinis- betw. two cloves of the third.
ter, above it a round top, three arrows issuing- Merydale, [Great Brickhill, and Salhury, Buck-
tlterefrom on each side, salfierways, points up- inghamshire,] erm. on a cross gu. five eagles'
wards, all ppr. [^BoriLC hy Antltony Merry, of heads, erased, ar. —
Crest, an eagle's head ar.
Herrinnlieet-Hall, near Yartiioiiih, Norfolk, erased, per fesse, ^\\.
E^q. 1825.] Meryett, ar. three bars sa. on a canton of th'^
Merrick. Sec Merick. second a fleur-de-lis or.
Merriman, vert, a crescent ar. betw. three C'or- Meryng, [Nottinghan!shire,] ar. on a chev. sa.
iiishchoughs pjir. —
Crest, a dexter arm, era- three escallops or. —
Crest, a nag's head, erased,
bowed, in armour, ppr. garnished or, holding a sa. bezantee, in his mouth an annulet or,
sword ar. hilt and pomcl of the second. [Bunie Meriny, [Yorkshire,] or, on a chev. sa. tluce es-
ly Samuel Merriman, M.D. of Brook-slrcet, callops ar.
Jjoudon, lb;;i5.] Meryott, [Somersetshire,] barry of six, or and
Merriton, az. on a chev. or three roses vert, sa.

seeded of the second. ]\lERY\Vi:ATii}:ji, [Barfraystones, Kent,] or, three

Merrye, enn. a pellet betw. three lions, ram- martlets sa, on a chief az. a sun of the first.
pant, gu. crowned or. Crest, a gauullet ppr. grasping a sword ar. hilt
[ 4g 2 ]
or, a snake ])pr. entwining the sword niid gaunt- ]\rETi;i>;GilAM, vert, a chev. betv,-. throe horse-*
lot. ]Mckers ar.
MKScriiM'.S, three bars j^ii.
nr. Metsteed, quarterly ; or and gu. four escallops,
MeschiiiPs, [Chester,] nz. three garbs or. counterchanged.
Meschbu-s, De, or, three bars gu. Metsteed, gu. a fesse erm. betw. three mullets or.
Mescliiiirs, [Earl of Chester,] gu. a lion, ram- j\1etz, az, on a bend or three mascles yu.
])aii(, guardant, ar. Mevkrell, [Tidswell, Derbyshire,] af. a griffui,
Mesc/iines, or, a liou, rampant, gu. segreant, gui. —
Crest, a gauntlet, grasping a
Mescowep, ar. three bucks' heads sa. dagger all ppr.
JIksnill, or Meignil]>, az. three bars, ge- Meverell, [Chcrfsey, Surrey,] ar. a griffin, se-
niollcs, and a chief or. greant, sa. beaked and legged gu.
]MF.ssAR>tv, or, a chev. per pale, ar. and vert, MevereJI, az. (lory or, a Fiou, rampant, ar.
bctw. three apples gu. Meverell, [Throw'ley, Staffordshire,] or, (ano-
JIessewy, or, a chev. verf betw. three apples ther, ar.) a gTiflin, segreant, sa. beaked and
gu. stalked of the second. legged gu.— Crest, a dcmi griffin, segreant, sa.
Messy !•;, [Shekcuhurst, Worcestershire,] ar. on beaked and legged gu.
a fcsse, heivr. three cinquefoils sa. a mullet of Meverell, [Derbyshire,] or, three piles gu. on a
the field. —
Crest, a dragon's head, quarterly, canton ar. a lion, ramjiant, sa.
or and az. Meverell, or Merill, or, on a bend sa. three cinque-
Mestkdk, or Metstede. See 5tET.«TE,En. foils ar.
Mestow, or Mescow, ar. three stags' heads, Meune, or, a chief az.
cabosscd, sa. IMf-us, az. six griflins, segreant, or.
Metcalfe, or PJedcalfe, [Yorkshire, and 3Ieus, paly of six, ar. and az. on a chief gu. three
Chelmsford, Essex,] ar. three calves, passant, crescents ar.
sa. —
Crest, a talbot, sejant, ar. spotted liver- Meux. See Meaux.
colour, reposing his dexter foot on an escochcou Me\y, paly of six, on a chief,
or, three crosses, formee, [Borne hij Dr.
Metcalfe, three calves, passant, sa. a canton
ar. Peter JSIew, Jjord Bishop of Winchester,
gu.- —
Crest, a talbot, sejant, pied, his dexter 1G97.]
fore paw resting on an escocheon or. [Borne Mewee, or Mewis, [Holdenb}-, Northampton-
hi/ Thomas Meicalfe, Esq. of Queen-square, shire, and .Eishopton, Wiltshire,] az. four pales
Bloomsbury, 1825.] or, on a chief gu. three crosses, formee, ar.
Mete, gu. on a bend or, three lozenges nz. ME^VEIIAM, jNiEWiia.m, or MewthAiM, az. an
Mefc, az. on a bend or, three mascles gu. estoile or.
Mete, [Kent,] az. on a bend or, three fusils Mewess, Mowse, or Mewsse, [Woobnrn;
Eedfordshire,] or, a chief erm. over aU an
MiiTFORP, or, fesse bctw. three martlets eagle, disiilayed, sa. — Crest, a demi eagle, dis-
played, or, ducally gorged g-u. beaked az.
Melford, rampant, ar. tail forked.
sa. a lion, [Heralds' Office, London, C. 2-1.]
Metiiam, [Metham, Yorkshire,] quarterly az. ; JMewis, az. six griflins, segreant, or.
and ar. in the chief dexter quarter a fleur-de- Meirys, az. four pallets or, on a chief gu. three
lis or.~Crest, a bull's head, barry of ten, ar, crosses, formee, ar.
and az. iittired sa. Mevys, az. six eagles, displayed, ar. mcmbered
Metham, [Bollington, Lincolnshire,] quarterly; or.
ar. and az. in the chief sinister quarter a fleur- Mewtis, az. six eagles, displayed, or.
de-lis or. —
Crest, as }Ielhavi, of Yorkshire.] Mexey. SeeMAXEY. ;

^rETiiouLDJ-., or iNlETn^voLD, [Lougfurd an.d Mey, [Ilouldham-Abbey, Norfolk,] vert, a chev.

King\\orlh, Norfolk,] az. six escallops or. betw. three cross crosslets, fitchee, or, on a
(Another, seven another, eight.) ;Crest, a — chief of the last as many roses gu.
goat's head, erased, ar. attire and beard sa. Meyue, sa. tlueo lions' heads, erased, or, a chief
(Another, or.)
Methuen, [Corsham, Wilt.sliire,] ar. three solves' Mey'EE, [London,] ar. on a mount, a savage, in
lieads, erased, ppr. — Crest, a wolf's head, erased, waikiug position, wreathed about the Lead and
ppr. Maist with oak-leaves, in his dexter hand a club,
.MiiTLEY, [Waraicksliire,] gu. a fret or and chief resting on his shoulder, the sinister ou Lis Lip,
betw. two oak-trees, all ppr.
M I C U I c
Mi'VNE, [Lincoln,] sa. a fosse, dancettee, bctw. a dexter arm, embowcd, in armour, ppr. gar-
six annulets ar. ni^lIed or, grasping- a broken spear of the last.
Mkvnkll, o)-Mi;nell, [Norfolk, Canibri(li;o- Michcll, az. a lco[)ard's head, erased, or, on a
sliire, Derby, and Cornwall,] vaire, ar. and sa. bend ar. a cross crosslet sa. on a chief of the
}fc7/iH'll, three bars, g^oniclles, az.
or, second, three escallops gu.
Mi'i/nell, or Menell, [Nortli Kiliinglon, York- Mlchell, [Wiltshire,] gu. on a chev. betw. three
sliire,] az. three bars, geniclles, and a chief or, \uu!;-s or, as many grillins' heads, erased, of the
over all a bend field.
MeyncU, or ]\}eneU, [Yorkshire,] az. four bais, MichrU, [Ciickfield aud Stamerham, Sussex,] sa.
geincllcs. (another, six,) and a chief or. a chev. betw. three escallops ar.
^hynell, or Mennell, paly of six, gu. aud or, on Michell, [Houghton, Sussex.] The same, a mul-
a bend sa. three horse-shoes ar. let for did'ert-nce.
Mcynvll, az. three bars, gemclles, aud a chief or. JJichcll, per pale, ar. and sa. a fesse, and in chief
—Crest, a Moor's head, in profile, couped at Uic three trefoils, slipped, all counti'iTljaiiged.
shoulders, ppr. vreathed about (he temples or Mlchell, or Mihill, [Haraworfh and Hawston, in
and az. Norfolk,] sa. a fesse, betw. three lozenges
Meykick, [Bush, Pembrokeshire,] sa. on a chev. erm. — Crest, an arm, embowed, habited in mail,
ar.betw. three staves, raguly of the last, in- holding in (he hand, all ppr. a cutlass ar. on the
flamed ppr. a fleur-de-lis, betw. two choughs, edge of the blade three spikes, hilt and pomel or.
gu. (Another, the fleur-de-lis aud choughs sa.) Michell, [Calne, Wiltshire,] ar. a chev. purp.
Meyric, or Sfeyrick, [Bodorgau, ^yales,] sa. ou betM'. seven dragons' heads, erased close to the
a cliev. ar. betw. three staves, raguly, or, in- liead and erect, vert, in each mouth a cross
flamed jjpr. a tleur-de-lis az. hetw. two Cornish crosslet, fitchec, gu. four in chief, and three in
choughs ]ipr. —
Crest, on a tower or, a Cornish base. —
Crest, an arm, couped at the elbow and
chough ppr. holding in his dexter foot a fleur- erect, ppr. holding in the hand a sword ax".
de-lis az. hilt and pomel or, seven flames of fire issuing

Mevsey, [Worcestershire,] ar. a fosse betw. from the blade ppr. three from each side and
three cinquefoils sa. pierced of the field.— Crest, one from the point.
a dragou's head, quarterly, or and az. Michell, [Sufiolk,] sa. a chev. bet\r. three escal-
MiciiAKiv, St. [Blackwater, Scotland,] sa. on a lops or;
bend ar. betw. six niascles or, three cushions Michell, nz. a chev. betw. three maiTions or.
of the last. ifficliell, per chev. sa. and gu. three swans ar.

Michael, Si. [Bramson, Scotland,] ar. a chev. Michell^ [Cannington, Somersetshire,] per chev.
betw. three cushions sa. sa. and gu. a chev. betw. three swans ar.
5!icUALL, o;- MiCUKLL, [Old Windsor, Berk- Michcll, az. three leopards' faces or, langued gules,
.shire,] az. three leopards' heads, erased, or, a a chief embattled erm. [Confirmed 7th April,
chief, embattled, crni. —
Crest, a leopard's head, loSl, lo Humfrcy Michell, of Old Windsor,
per pale, or and az. BerUiire.l
i^IiciiKALL, sa. au escallop, betw. tliroe swans' Micliell, [Scotland,] sa. a fesse, betw. three mas-
heads, erased, ar. cles or.
Micheall, sa. an escallop, betw. three birds' heads, Michell, [Sir John, Lord Mayor, of London, UU
erased, or. and 1-J3G,] sa. a chev. or, Ijetw. (hiec cscallojts
-MlCIIELBOURNE, [Brodhursf, Sussex,] or, a
cross, betw. four eagles, dispkiyed, sa.— Crest, MlCRELSTAN, MiGUELSTON, Or MiCHE!,-
a tiger or, his mouth, endirued, ppr. si'ANE, sa. three annulets ar.
MicHELFiELU, ar. a cross, cugr. sa. gutfee ^[icItel.:ion, gu. three annulets ar.
d'or. 7Jiel,ehlon, or MichclsUinea, [Cornwall,] sa. three
Mlcin:LGOO», sa. a fosse, betw. three dolphins,
naiant, ar. ]\livlielsio)te, sa. three annulets or.
MiciiELGliOVG, [Sussex,] quarterly, or and az. iMu'iir.ESOX, quarterly, az. aud gu. over all the
a falcon, volant, ar. sun in spleiulo\ir.
^ficheh/rove, az. a goshawk ar. jMrkerton, az. tliroe mitres or.
[Garmstreet, Somersetshire,]
''^•licJiEr.L, gu. a .MlCKLErnWAVT, or MiCKLETinVAITE,
chev. betw. three swans ar. [Swayne, in llolderness, Y'orkshlre, and Lin-
az. a leopard's head, erased, or.
•^lichcll, coln,] chequy, ar. and gu. a chief, indented, az.
^hdidl, gu. a chev. betw. three wings or. — Crest, —Crest, a gVinin's head ar. erased gu. gorged

v,hh a collnr, componv, nnd nr. [Bn7-ne hij
AV./p— Sir Huf;h MiJilIcton, wlio brougl^t tlieNew Ki-.?r
water to Londr)[i, changed his arms frori the bc-nd t'j
John IilickkUnralte, R-iij. of Irliiqe-Phice, the pile, in memory of that work.
•Sussex, obiflS2A.] See PlatP of Anns.
!\riCKLi;TON, [tTook-ITaH, Dnrhani,] verf, on a Middleion, [Stansted, Mountfitcliet, Essex, and
chev. ar. three frcCoils, slipped of tlic first Middieton, in Shropshire.] Ti)e same. Crest, —
Ml CO, [Loiiclon,] or, t!i.-ee floors' heads, rouped, a wolf's head, erased, ppr.
side faced, sa. filleted round the temples ar. Middleion, [i^Iendham, Suffolk,] sa. a fesso trni.
Crest, a hand issniiis; out of the clouds, holdinr: betw. three crosses, botto-jje, or.
a swo/d erect ])))r. hilt and poniel or, cliarj;ed Middkton, [Stokeld, Yorksiiiro,] ar. a fret sa. a
on the blade with a floor's head ppr. the point canton of the second.
enibrned of the last. Middleion, [Abbot of Midgeley,] sa, three baskets
rjiDDLKCOT, [Lincoln,] az. an cac:lo, displayed, full of bread ar.
crm. en a chief gu. three escallops or. — Crest, Middieton, [Belsay-Castle, Norfluimberland,]
a dcnii car;Ie, dis]>!ayed, erm. ducally gorged quarterly; gu. and or, in the fiist quarter, a
or, iiolding- in Jiis beak an escallop of the last. cross, palouce, an- —
Crest, a savage, in the dex-
MiDDLin-ON, [Carabrid<^-eshire, and Ilnntingdon- ter hand an oak tree, erased and fructcd, al!
shire, iMiddlcton, Cumberland, Leighton, Lan- ppr.
cashire, and Westmoreland,] ar. a saltier, engr. Middleion, [Sussex, and A^ esterham, Kent, de-
sa. —Crest, a hawk's head ar. beaked or. scended from the jliddletons, of Belsay-Castle,
Middlrloii, [Durliam.] —
The same arms. Crest, Northumberland,] quarterly, gu. and or, in the
a raotikey, passant, ringed round the loins or, first quarter, a cross patonce ar. Crest, a sa- —
on the tnink of a tree, ragided, all ppr. vage man ppr. wreathed about the bead with
Middlcion, [Winfertoun, Lincoln.] The same. leaves, in his right hand, extended, this motto
Middle ton, [Leighton, Lancashire.] The same, on a scroll, Servire Deo re(jnare est, and resting-
M'ith a mullet for dift'erence. — Crest, on the bis left hand on a club, inverted, or. [Con-
trunk of a tree or, a monkey, sejant, ppr. ringed firmed to David Middieton, Westerham, Kent,
round the loins ar. 17th December, Stii King James J.]
illiddiclon, [Lancashire,] av. on a saltier sa. a Middleion, [Scotland,] per fesse, or and gii. a lion,
tower, triple towered of the field. ram])ant, within a double tressure, flory, coun-
Middleion, [Horsham acd Boxgrovc, Sussex,] ar. terflory, and coimterchauged. —
Crest, on a tower
a saltier, engr. sa. in chief three cincjuefoils gu. az. a lion, rampant, gu. (Another crest, a
Middlcion, gu. a cross, engr. ar. tower, embattled, sa. on the top a lion, ram-
Middleioyi, crm. on a canton ar. a chev. g-u, pant.) [Borne by Robert Gambier Middieton,
Middlcion, [Newington, SuiTey,] ar. on a saltier, Esq. of 3[anor-House, King's Road, Chelsea,
engr. sa. a tower, triple towered of the field. 3liddlesc.v, 1825.]
Crest, a monkey, passant, ppr. ringed and lined Middleion, [Middieton, Shropshire,] az. a buck's
or. bead, cabossed, or.
Middle! un, [LTnthank, Durham,] quarterly, or Middieton, [Essex,] ar. on a pile vert, tluee
and gu. in the dexter quarter a cross crosslet of wolves' heads, couped of the field.
the second. Middleion, [Sfockeld, Yorkshire, and Cambridge-
Middleion, [Sliddleton-LIall, Lancashire,] quar- shire,] ar. fretty sa. a canton of the second.—
terly, gu. and or, a cross flory, in the dexter Crest, on a wreath a garb or, betw, two wings,
quarter ar. erect, ar.
Middleion, quarterly; gu. and or, in the dexter Middleion, erm. three lions' heads, erased, sa.
quarter a cross pattee of the second. Middlcion, [Scotland,] per fesse, or and gu. a
Middleion, [Yorkshire,] quarterly gu. and or,
lion, rampant, within a bordure, embattled,
in the dexter quarter a cross ar. couuterchanged. —
Crest, a boar's head, erect
Middleion, [(^hirk-Castle, Denbighshire,] ar. on and erased az.
a bend, vert, three woh'os' heads, erased of the Middleion, [Essex,] per fesse, or and gii. a lion,
field.— Crtst, out of a ducal coronet or, a dex- rampant, within a bordure, indented and coun-
ter liand ppr. tercbanged.
Middlcion, [Denbighshire, and Hackney, Mid- Middieton, [Sir Thomas, Lord Mayor, 1G13,] ar.
dlesex, created a baronet, Dcceiuber G, IGSl,] on a bend vert, three griffins' heads, erased, oC
ar. o!i a pile vert, three wolves' heads, erased the field.
of the fi. -Id. —Crest, out of a ducal coronet or, Midleton, [Shropshire,] vert, a chev. betw. threo
a dexter band, erect, ])pr. wolves' beads, erased, ar.
— —

Midleion, [Kent,] az. three cinqucfoils, within a Milborne, ar. a cross moline, quarter pierced, or.
I)Oj-duic, ar. Milborne, ar, a cross moline, quarter pierced, sa.
Midlclon, three bucks' Leads, cabossed, or.
V.7.. Milborne, [Sir John, Lord Mayor of Loudon,
MkUclon, [Dcnbiglisbire,] ar. ou a bend vert, ]521,] sa. on a bend, betw. two leopards' head*
three woh es' Loads, erased, of the field. or, fineu crosses, formee, of the field, on a
Mldlelon, erin. ou a canton gu. a chev. or. chief of the .second, as many escallops of the
\IlDLAMli, ar. a lion, ram])ant, sa. crowned gu. first.
MiDGF.LEY, [Midgley ai;d Clayton, in Yorkshire,] ^iilbiirne, ar. a cro.s.s patonce sa.
sa. two bars, gemelies, or, ou a chiol' of the iIli,cuMiii:, or, a fret sa. ('«/io//;cr, fretty of six,)
second, three Catliariue-wheels of the iirst. on a chief of the second, a lion, passant, gold.
MlOLEllAM, or, on a chief, indented, az. alien, (Another, the field ar.)
passant, of the field. xiIiEUE, [Suffolk,] 1U-. a lion, rampant, sa. over
MiDLEMORE, gu. OH a chev. engr, or, befw. three all a fesse, counter-compony, or and az.
fleurs-de-lis ar. as many rooks sa. Milde. The same, with a fesse, cLequy, or and
Midhynore, [Edgbaston, Yi'arwickshire, jmd Ilascl- az.
well, in Worcestcrsliire,] per chev. ar. and sa. Milde, ar. a lion, rampant, sa. over all a fesie,
in chief two moorcocks ppr.— Crest, in grass chequy, of the first and second.
and flags, a moorcock, all ppr. MiLUJiAK, az. three lions, rampant, ar. enraged
MiDWiXTEK, [Devonshire,] per fesse, indented, gu.
or and sa. three martlets, counterchanged. Mildinar, ar. three lions, rampeinf, az.
Crest, a dexter arm, em bowed, ])er pal.', sa. jlildinar, sa. three lions, rampant, ax. enraged
and or, holding, in the baud ppr. a plume of
feathers, two sa. one or. Mil.UMAV, [Essex,] az. ou a bend ar. a pegasus
MiGLlACCio, [Sicily,] az. on a mount, iu base an sa. in full —
Crest, a demi stag, salient,
ear of wheat, gro\ving and pendent, all [)pr. ppr. and collared o)-, with wings, en-
MiivELES, [Cambridgeshire,] gu. three chev. ar. dorsed, ar. [Granted 2001 M'ai/, lo.5Q.]
MiLiiANKE, [Ilalnaby, Yorkshire, and Durham, Mild/nay, [Danbiiry, Essex, and Aplhorp, Xor-
created a baronet, 7fh August, JG61,] gu. a thamptonshire,] ar. three lions, rampant, az.
bend erm. on a canton or, a lion's Lead, erased Crest, a leopard's head, erased, or, ducally
of the fii-st. —
Crest, a lion's head, erased, gu. gorged gu. ringed and lined of the last, on his
charged with a liend erm. neck, beneath the coronet, three pellets.
MiEiiORNE, [London,] sa. two leopards' Leads in Mildmaij, [The Graces and Monlshani, Essex,]
bend ar. betv/, as many crosses, formee, ix?.. on ar. three lions, rampant, az. Crest, a Lon, —
a chief or, three escallops gu. rampant, guardaut, az.
Milho)-ne, [Derbyshire, Staffordshire, and Dun- MUdmay, [Essex,] per fesse, uebulee, ar. and
mow and Markes, Essex, Tyllington, Hereford- sa. three greyhounds' Leads, couped, counter-
shire,] gu. a chev. betw. three escallops ar. changed, collared, gu. studded or.
Milborne, per pale, or and gu. a fesse betw. three Mildred, sa. three mullets, pierced, or, a chief,
leopards' heads, all counterchanged. wavy, erm.
Milborne, ar. a crescent, within a bordure, sa. Mildred, sa. a chev. wavy, erm. betw. three mul-
Milhorne, quarterly, or and gu. lets, ])ierced, or.
Milborne, (\\mxiCY\\, or and gu. a fesse, bet a-, three Mildred, sa. three mullets or, a chief nebuleo erm.
leopards' Leads, all counterchanged. Mii.EHA.M, [Uarmingham, Norfolk,] .sa. a fesse,
Milborne, az. a fret erm. betw. three grifiins' Leads, erased, or. Crest, a —
Milborne, ar. a for de moline sa. griffia's Lead, erased, . ,

Milborne, ar. a cross inoline, pierced, gu. ^IlLES, gu. two bends or.
Milborne, az. two shin-bones, iu saltier, ar. hnies, gu. a bend ar. voided or.
Milborne, [Suffolk,] sa. on a bend, betw. two Miles, [Leicestershire,] az. ou a cliev. engr. betw.
IcoiKuds' licads or, three crosses, patteo, sa. on three knights' helmets or, as many millrinds sa.
a chief ar. three escallops of the field. [Jiorne quartoriijg Pares, and impaling iJyJ, quartering
bij Sir John Milborn, Kni, Aklerinan of Lon-

don, 1535, Founder of the Aliiiiltouses in

IVarren and Cloverley. Crest, an eagle, rising,
erminois, collared, therefrom a chain reflexed
C'rulched-Friars.^ over the back, and charged on tiie breast \\ ith
-^lilborne, ar. a cross moline, pierced, qnarlrcfojl- a mill-rind sa. [Borne by Samuel Miles, Esq.
like, sa. F.S.A. of Narhurouyli, Leiceslershire, lS2d.]
Milborne, ar. an ink moline srn. See Plato of Arms. ...
Miles, az. a cliev. erni. Intw. fliree lozenges
ar. Miller, [Islington, Middlesex; and Devon-
each cliargrd -svilh a ilcur-de-lis sa.— Crest, a
shire,] az. an escocheou, betw. four mnscles
dexter anil, euibowed, iu armour, ppr. garnished or.
—Crest, a demi lion, raiuj^ant, a-uardaiit, ;iz.'
• or, supporting, with tlic Imnd, an anchor, also
holdmg a mascle [Hcrcdd's
or. Ihrt-
ppr. \_Buriic iiy Plu/ip John Miles, Esq. of],cirjIi- "Office,
ftirdsMrc and Middlese.c, C. 28.]
Court, near Bristol, SowerselsJtire, l<S;u'4
] Milh-r. [Dorsetshire,] vert, a chev. betw. three
MlLJisoN, [Estbatliesley, Yorks]iire,] ar. on an
ram.s ar.
incscocheon sa. betw. three crosses, formee,
iMiller, [Cawne, Kingston, Lei-h, and rrome,
fitchee, of the last, eacli poinlint^ to the
centre Dorsetshire, and Hampshire,] "az. four
of the field, a cross or.— Crest, a tijTcr's head mr/-c!es
ill cross or.—Crest, a demi liou az.
sa. tufted, tusked, collared, and lined holdi'nc
or, betw. his paws a mascle or.
MiLFuRD, gii. an inescoclieon az. within a bor- MUler, [Plumpton, Cumberland,] erm. three
dure ar. (Anolhrr, or.)
wolves' heads, erased, az. vulncd gu.—
Milford, or, an orlc gu. Crt^t, a
caltrap or, the upper point embrued
MiMTON, [Cornwall,] gu. fJn-oe salmons n.-iiant, ppr
Milter, [Oxenheath, Kent,] erm. a fesse
in pale, ar. gu. betw
Mililnn, gu. three salmons naiaiit, ar. two and
three wolves' heads, erased, az.
head, erased, az. collared erm.

Crest, a wolf's
MiLKKLUV, [Hertfordshire,] gu. three chev. ar.' duller, [Chiehester, Sussex,] ar. a fesse,
MlLKKTl'lELD, ar. a cross engi-. gu. guttee d'or. wavv,
az. betu-. three wolves' heads, erased,' ru.lL
Milkeifield, ar. a cross engi-. sa. guttee'd'or.
Crest, on a wreath, a wolf's head, erased,
Mill, [Pulberche, Sussex,] per fesse, sa. and ar. Va-
gorged with a collar, wavy, az. [Granfrd
n pale couufcrehaiig-ed, three bears, rampant, lu
of Due/dale, IGth Fehruanj, 16S4.]
the second, muzzled, ringed, and lined or,
col- Miller, ar. a double tressure llorv,
lared gu.— Crest, a demi bear, salient, sa. counterllorv
muz- over all a fesse embattled, cnu"ufer-cmbaft''ed'
zled, ringed, and lined or.
gu. {Gran fed io John Miller, 27 1 h Mau
Mill, [Hampton, Kent,] per fesse, sa. and ar. -'
a jr)72.]
pale counterchanged, three l)ears, rampant,
of 3filler, erm. three wolves' heads, erased
the second, muzzled, ringed, and lined or, az
betw. [Granted hy Camden, C'lareiicieu.v.]
as many foxes' heads, erased, ppr.
derai bear, salient, sa. muzzled, ringed,

Crest, a Miller, ar. a fesse, wavy, az. betv,-. three
a'nd heads, erased, gu.— Crest, a griffin's''
lined or, charged ou the shoulder with Lead,
three erased, ar. ducally gorged and chained az.
giittees of the last. IGranicd 2olh Heiiru
Miller, [Scotland,] ar. across moline az.
MUler, [Scotland,] ar. a cross moline, betw.
Mill, or, a cross nioline, betw. thrnp mullets four
sa. hearts gu.
Crest, a greyhound's head, erased
Miller, per fesse, ar. and az. in chief
Mill, ar. a chev. az. betw. three crosses moliiie two, wolves'
sa. heads, erased, purp. collared or, iu base
—Crest, an eagle's head, erased, gu. beaked or, a lion
passant, of the last.— Crest, a wolf'.s
lidding a cross moline, erect, sa. head'
[Grardcd Lu-^ erased, per pale, erm. and pui-p.
Dm/dale, Sd July, ]G84.] collared or'
[Granfed to Jolui Miller, of Dunstable, Bed-
Mill, [Camoys-Court and Gvauthain, Sussex,] per
fordshire, 17G5.]
and sa. a pale counterchanged, betw.
fesse, ar.
.Villcr, [London,] az. a cross ar. betw. four mas-
three bears, rampant, ppr. muzzled and
°''- —
Crest, a demi bear, rampant, sa. muzzled
cles or.
MiLLF.s, paly of eight, ar. and sa— Crest,
or, collared and chained of the last. a bear
passant, sa. muzzled and chained or
Mill, or 3Iilles, [Gioucestershirc,] erm. an ink-
.Wfe [Nackington, Kent, and Xorth Elmham,
moline sa.
J\orlo!k,J erm. a millrind sa. betw. two
MiLLA]},ar. a cross moline gu. within a hordure martIet^-
in pale, gu. on a chief az. two
couiiter-compony, ar. and az.— Crest, a dcxU-r win^s, conjoined'
and expanded or.—Crest, ou a wreath,
hand, holding a book open, all ppr. "a lien'
rampant, or, holding in the paws a millrind
Ml M. Mil), [Hants, 1G34,] az. four mascles or, '^V
I Borne ly the Hon. Grorye John MitUs
one, two, and one.— Crest, a demi lion, 'o?
ram- Nackinylon, Kent, 182-3.] ' '

pant, az. holding betw. his paws a mascle or.

MiLLETON, [Cornwall,] gu. a chev. betw.
MiLLi;, paly of six, ar. and az. three bars sa. a three
salmons, uaiant, ar.
martlet or.
ariLLET, gu. a cinquefoil, pierced, ar
r-riLi.F.cENT, [Barkham-Hall, Cambridgeshire,] Milk'fi, [^[iddlesex, and Dcnham,
or, a chev. sa. betw. three fleurs-de-lis az. Euckinoh-n-
shire,] ar. a fesse gu. betw. three
dragons' head-=

iM I L Al I L
erased, \ci-t. — Crest,
out of a mural coronet Mills, erm. a millrind sa. — Crest,
a demi lion,
an arm, in ]jalo, habited or, grasping- in rampant, or, holding in his paws a millrind sa.
a glove ar. a dragon's head, erased, \'erl. Mills, [Croydon, Surrey, and JIarscombe, Glou-
M1L1.INGTOX, [Devonshire,] gu. a chev. belv.'. cestershire.] The same anus. — Crest, a lioiK
three fishes, iiaiant, ar. rampant, or.
Millinr/lon, [Millinglou, Cheshire, and Essex,] Mills, [Norton-Court, Kent,] erm. a millrind sa.
vs. ail eagle, disiilayed, ^vith two heads, sa. on a chief az. tv,o marleons' wings or. Crest, —
MUUngton, or Milaion, gii. a chc\. or, betw. on a round chapeau gu. turned up erm. a mill-
three fishes, nr.iaut, ar. rind sa. betw. two marleons' wings of the
MilUnrjlon, or, three martlets gu. second.
Miliinf/lun, sa. a cross patonce, belw. four escal- Mills, [Casualbery, Hertfordshire; and Bedford-
lops ar. —
Crest, an ass's bead ppr. shire,] barry of ten, ar. and vert, over all six
MiUinfiion, [Dorsetshii-e,] gii. a cLev. betw. three escocheons, three, two, and one, gu. Crest, a —
mullets ar. (Another, or.) wing, barrv of ten, ar. and vert. [Grarded
MiUincjlon, gu. a chev. or, betw. three mullets ar. Novemler,' 1()13.]
Dlilli/iglon, [SufToIk,] ar. a fesse, bctv.-. tv. o che\-. Mills, or Mcijles, ar. a bend, betw. two lions"
gu. heads, erased, sa.
MiLLMAN, az. three sinister gauntlets ar. — Clx^^t, j)[ills, erm. a iniilrind sa. pierced of the field,
a sinister gauntlet or. Crest, on a ducal coronet or, a lion, ram]3ant: gu.
Mn.L.NEK, sa. a -chev. betv,-. three liits or. ISfiUs, ar. a chev. betw. three fers-de-moliue sa.
]\lillner, [Cornwall and Yorkshire,] erm. three Mills, [Essex,] az. a cross pattee, betw. three
v.olves' heads pj)r. couped gu. —
Crest, a wolf 's mullets or, each charged with an ogress. Crest, —
head ppr. couped gu. pierced through the neck a hurt, charged with an estoile or. [Granted,
v.ith a broken sword, the point in front of the Ath January, 1800, to John Mills, Er.q. of
neck, and the wound guttee de fang, pomel or. Lexdcn-Park, Colchester.]
[Granted by Camden.'] Mills, [Essex,] gyronny of eight, ar. and az. on or
Millner, [Nun-Ajjplelon, Yorkshire,] per pale, or all a millrind sa.^ —
Crest, a demi lion, rampant,
and sa. a chev. betv/. three bits counterchang-ed. reguardant, or, holding betv,-. his paws a milirind
— Crest, a horse's head sa. crined and bridled
or, charged on the neck with a bezant. Milk. [Sufl'olk,] ar. a chev. betw. three millrinds
Millner, [Lincoln,] sa. a chev. betw. three snaffle- sa. —
Crest, a hare, sejant, pjir. in his mouth
bits or. three ears of wheat or.
Millner, [Lincoln,] gu. three lo::e!ig'es on Mdles, or 3Iills, [Shelford, Camln-idgeshire,] barry
each a bezant. of ten, or and ar.
MiLLOT, [^Yhittle, Durham,] three billets, Males, [Cornwall,] per fesse, sa. and ar. a ])ale
betw. four cottises in and six bears counterchaugcd.
Mills, [Suflolk,] jwly of six, ar. and sn.— Crest, Myths, [Hampshire,] sa. a bear, erect, ar. chained
a demi bear, rampant, sa. muzzled, collared, and muzzled cr.
and chained or, jMillu.m, [Cumberland,] a chev. betw.
]\j'ilh, az. a cross, pattee, pierced, belv.-. three three bulls' heatis cabossed
mullets, likewise pierced, or.- — Crest, on a liurl, Milhim, ar. a bend, betw. two mullets sa.
an cstoile, pierced or. Milne, [Muretoun, Scotland,] or, a cross molinc
Mills, [London, descended from Connvall,] az. a az. pierced lozengew^ays of the Held, betw. three
niill-clack iu fe.^se or. — Crest, a paschal lamb, mullets of the second, within a bordure iiivccked
jiassant, unguled or, bearing on his dexter
ar. sa.
shoulder a banner of St. George, double pen- Mihie, [Balwyllo, Scotland,] or, a cross nioline
noned. eugr. az. belw. three midlels of the last. Crest, —
Mills, paly of sL\, ar. and az. three martlets or. a cross moline in the sea ]->pr. betw. two stalks
Mills, [Bitterne, Hampshire,] ])aly of six, ar. and of wheat orleways.
sa. over all a fesse gu. charged with three mul- Milne, or, a cross moline az. pierced Iczengeways,
lets or. —
Crest, on a mural coronet gu. an betw. three mullets of the last, within a bordure,
escallop ar. [Temp. Queen Elizabeth.] nebulee, of the second. —
Crest, a martlet, vo-
•'fills, paly of six, ar. and az. a fer-de-moline sa. hint, ar.
J^/i//.s, or jiylles, [Kniglitington, Berkshire,] eriii. Jliliie,[Balfarg, Scotland,] or, a cross moline az.
a millrind sa. a chief or. —
Crest, a lion, ram- square pierced of the field, betw. three muHots
pant, or, holding iu his mouth a sinister hand gu. of the second. — Crest, Pallas's head, couiDed at
[ 4 H ]

M 1 N M I N
the shoulders ppr. vested about the neck vert, 3Ii\GEY, [Arniingole, Norfolk,] or, on a canton
on the head a helmet uz. beaver open on the sa. a leopard's head of the first. — Crest, as
top, a plume of leathers gu. ]\riNGAY.
Milne, az. a cross patonce, pierced betw. MiNiETT, ar. three helmets, with their beavers
three mullets .... within a bordure, nebulee, az. open, sa.
]\IiLNr.L, or MiLVEL, az. three bars, geraelles, or. MiXiriE, [Houiton, Devon, and Saruui, Wilts,]
MiLXKU, (juarterly; first aud fourth, ar. three vert on a chcv betw. three aunuhf s ....
lozenges conjoined, in fesse, sa. each charged as many eagles, displayed
with a bezant, (for Milncr ;) second aud third, SIiNiOTT, gii. three helmets ar. crested or.
gu. three Catharine-vvheels ar. (for Wheeler;) Miniott, gu. tlu-ce helmets ar. a label of three
—Crests, 1st, a greyhound, courant, sa. collared points az.
and ringed or, (for Milner ;) 2d, a lion's head, SllNNE, [Rutlandshire,] sa. a fesse, dancettee,
couped, ar. charged on the breast with a Catha- paly of eight, gii. and erm. betw. six cross cross-
riuc-whcel gu. (for Wheehr ;J [Borne hy lets ar. —
Crest, a heath-cock ppr.
Thomas Wheeler Milner, Esq.'] Mynn, [Cratfield, Suffolk,] ar. on a chev. cottiscd
Milner, [Yorkshire,] sa. a chev. betw. three sa. throe leopards' heads or.
snafile-bits or.— Crest, a horse's head, erased, MlNNES, [^Middlesex and Kent,] gu. a chcv.
sa. bridled or, charged on the neck with a be- vaire, or and az. betw. three leopards' faces or.
zant. [Granted to Matthew Minnes, Esq. of the
Milner, [Piidsey, Yorkshire,] sa. three snaflle-bits Tonple, (July, 1G1G,J son of Andrew, and
or. grandson of Matthew, Minnes, of Kent.]
MiLO, [V.arl of Hereford,] gu. two bends, the ?IiN N ETT, quarterly, eniiinois aud ar. three bai's gu.
one or, the other ar. Minnetf, ar. iu base on (he sea ppr. four persons
MiLTON', ar. an eagle, displayed with two heads, in an open boat, being rowed by four others, all
gu. beaked and legged az. —
Crest, a lion's gamb, ppr. in fesse three ermine spots; on a chief or, a
erect, ar. grasping an eagle's head, erased, gu. mount vert, thereon an oak ppr. fructed.
Milton, [Loudon, 1634,] ar. a cross flory, betw. Crest, a wing, erect, ar. charged v. ith three bars
four caltraps az. —
Crest, a dexter arm, in gu.
armour, ppr. scarfed az. grasping a broken Minns, [Gloucestershire,] gu. on a chev. engr.
spear gu. headed ar. betw. three fleurs-de-lis ar. as many chess-rooks
Milton, ar. three pomeys, on each two bcndlets, sa.
wa\T, of the field. Minors, [London,] sa. an eagle, displayed or,
Milton, az. a cross, flowered, ar. on a chief az. bordered ar, a chev. betw. two
Milton, ar. an eagle, displayed with tv,'o lieads, crescents in chief and a rose in base of the se-
gu. niembered sa. cond.
Milton, ar. three cliaplets gu. Minors, per pale, gu. and az. an eagle, displayed,
MiLVETON, az. three rnili-stones ar. or.
Milvcion, [Chesliire,] az. three plates, on each an Minors, [London, Stafl'ordshire, and Hertford-
iiik-moline sa. shire,] gu. a fesse ar. betw. three plates. — Crest,
Milveton, on a saltier eiigr. az. five garbs or.
ar. as Wynors, of Herefordshire.
I\IiLWARU, [London,] ernu on a fesse gu. three Mitiors, ar. a fesse gu. betw. three torteauxes.
bezants. Minors, sa. an eagle, displayed, or, on a chief az.
Milward, [Braxted, Essex,] crin. on a fesse gu. a two crescents within a bordure of the second.
fleur-de-lis ar. betw. two bezants.- —
Crest, out Mynors, [Herefordshire,] az. an eagle, displayed,
of a palisado coronet or, a lion's gamb sa. grasp- or, a chief ar. —
Crest, a naked ann, couped at
ing a sceptre of the first. (Another bears the the elbow ppr. holding in the hand a lion's gamb,
crest without the coronet.) erased, sa,
Mihvard, [Betcomb, Somersetshire,] ar. a inill- I\IiNSiiAAV, bendy of eight, ar. and gu.
rind sa. betw. four crescents gu. MiNsnuLL. See with Mynsiiull.
Mihvard, orin. on a fesse gu. three plates. Minsterchamhek, [Godmanchestcr, Hunting-
Milward, [Eaton, Derbyshire, and i3edfordshirc,] donshire, and of Stuston, Sufiolk,] ar. a fesse,
ar. a cross moline sa. betw. throe crescents gu. betw. tlirec millrinds sa.
MiNGAY, or INliNGEV, [Cvmingham, Norfolk,] JllXTERNE or MlNTERiN, [.Tjatcomhe, Dorset-
or, on a bend az. three leopards' heads ar. shire, and Thorpe, Surrey,] az. two bars ar.

(Another, the heads or.) Crest, a lance or, betw. three lions, passant, iu pale, or. — Crest,
Iieaded ar. environed with a laurel-branch vert. a bull's head gu. ducally gorged aud armed or.
, —

MiXTUR, or, a pillar sa. enwrapped with an adder each side thereof, all ppr. \_Bonie hij James
ar. Mitchell, Esq. of t]ie House of Commons, Ibid.]
MiKESEN, ar. three bucks' Leads sn. Mitcltell, sa. a fesse, betw. three mascles or.
JliRFiF.LD, ar. two lions, passant, in pale, \ert. Chest, St. i\lichael, the archangel, in armour ppr.
Mirjidd, ar. two lions, passant, guardani, in ]ja!e, face, neck, r.rins, and legs bare, wings ar. hair
vert. auburn, in the dexter hand a spear of the first.
MiKTix, [Sir Thomas, Loi-d Mayor of London, JMitchell, per pale, sa. and ar. three cranes' heads,
1518,] or, on a chev. sa. a mullet ar. a crescent erased, counterchanged. —
Crest, an arm, erect,
for diU'erence. couped at the elbow, vested gii. cufl' ar. grasping
MiKMYON, vidre, or and az. a canton gu. a crane's head, erasi'd, j)pr.
MiKNOR, vair, a canton gu. M1TCHEL.S0X, [ilidlelon, Scotland,] ar. a demi
Ml UK IE, ar. on a bend az. a crescent betw. two lion, rainjjant, naissant, out of the base gu.
mullets oi' the first, in the sinister chief point armed and langued, az. on a chief, indented, sa.
three roses gu. growing out of one stalk vert, a star betw. two crescents of the first. Crest, an—
the same in the dexter flank point. increscent ar.
JIiKTLE, per fesse, wavy, and
chief a
gii. ar. in Mitch EN .><0N, or Michenson, ar. a lion, ram-
lion, passant, guardant, erminois ; in base, on pant, az.
a mount vert, a fir-tree ppr. Crest, an arm,— MiTERTOX, [Newcastle,] az. three mitres or.
erect, couped at the elbow ppr. encircled with MiTFORl), ar. on a fesse, betw. three moles sa.
a myrtle-chaplet vert, in the hand a cimeter ar. as many escallops or. —
Crest, on a mole, passant,
hilt and porael or, ou the blade a shackle, severed, sa. an escallop or.
sa. 3litfo)d, [ilitford, Northumberland,] ar. a fesse,
MiSClIELGREEVE. See MiCHELGROVE. betw. three moles sa. —
Crest, a dexter and sinis-
MiSENER, az. three inuUets, two and one, ar. ter hand, couped ppr. supporting a sword, in
l^ItSSEXUEN, or, a cross cngr. gu. in the first pale, ar. poniellcd or, pierced through a boar's
cjuarfcr a mullet . .... head tusked of the first, couj)ed gu.
MiTOHELE, [Bodmin, Cornwall,] sa. a falcon, riliTHORi'E, erm. a lion, rampant, az. crowned or.
close, in fesse, betw. two cotlises ar. in chief Mi'JTON, [Staflordshire,] per pale, az. and purp.
two falcons, close, or. an eagle, displayed, with two lieads ar. beaked
Mitchell, sa. a fesse, betw. three mascles or, within and menibered gu.
a bordure of the last. —
Crest, a garb vert. Milton, az. an eagle, displayed, with two necks or.
Mitchell, [Yorksliire, and Stapletou-Michell, Dor- Mitton, ahas Mijllon, [Oxon,] ar. an eagle, dis-
setshire,] sa. a chev. or, betw. thi-ee escalloj^s ar. played, with two heads gu.— Crest, a lion's
Mitchell, [Truro, Cornwall,] sa. an escallop, betw. gamb, couped aud erect ar. gTaspiug an eagle's
three birds' beads, erased, or. Crest, a demi — head, erased, gn.
Pegasus or, winged az. charged ou the shoulder Mitton, ar. an eagle, displayed, with two heads
with a demi rose g-u. divided fesseways, rays az. armed or.
issuing from the division pendent ar. Mitton, [Shropshire and Staflordshire,] per pale,
Mitchell, [Scotland,] sa. a fesse, invecked, betw. gu. and az. an eagle, displayed, with two heads
three mascles or. or, within a bordure, counterchanged. Crest, a —
Mitchell, [Scotland,] sa. a fesse, wavy, betvv'. three demi eagle, displayed, with two heads, per pale,
mascles or. or and az.
Mitchell, [Barry, Scotland,] sa. a fesse, betw. Mitton, per pale, gu. aud az. an eagle, displayed,
three mascles or, within a bordure, cliecjuv, of ar. witinii a bordure, counterchanged. Crest, a —
the second and first. —
Crest, three ears of bar- demi eagle, disjdayed, per pale, ar. and az.
ley, conjoined at the stalk ppr. Mitton, [Shrewsbury,] per pale, az. and gu. an
Mif'chell, [Landatli, Scotland,] sa. a fesse, cugr. eagle, displayed, Mith two heads or, within a
betw. three mascles or. bordure engr. of the last.
Mitcliell, ar. a chev. purp. betw. seven heraldic tigers' Mil Ion, per pale, az. andgu. an eagle, imperial, or.
"/dragons' heads, erect and erased, vert, each de- Mitton, ar. a cinquefoil az. —
Crest, a ram's head,
vouring a cro.:s crosslet, fitchee, gu. Crest, an — couped, ar.
firm, enibowed, clothed in lenses vert, the hand ]\iiXFiNE, [Cambridgesiiire,] ar. on a chev, sa. a
ppr. holding a sword ar. hilt and poniel or, the mullet of the field.
|>o;nt erabrued, and dropping with idood i)pr. MoBiis, [lloiightoii, Norfolk,] vert, a cross pat-
Mitchell. —
The same arms. Crest, a dexter aim, tee, crin. betw. four doves ar.
erect, holding a sword, ravs of fire issuing from MoiiUEHLEV, ar. two bars gu. on a canton
[ 4 n 2 ]
of the
a cross crosslct,
fitcliee, of tlie
. M O I

Mofilt, [lloKt, Scotland,] az. a saltier and chief

Moherhij, ar. two clicv. gii. on a canton of tlie MocRiuGE, per pale, or and az. three eagles, dis-
last,a croi;s crosslct, iitcliee of the fiekl. played, with two heads, counterchanged.
?JtK;K£T, [Kent,] or, on a chief az. three cinque- jVfoii.VN']', az. lion, rampant, ar.
foils of the first. — Crest, a tiger, sejaiif, az. col- iiohant, or Mohan, gu. a chev. ar. betw. three
lared ;'). hounds, passant, or.
Mock LOW, [3>rouo-hton-Soulncy, Nottinghani- jJonuAf, gu. amauucherm.
sliirc,] gyronn}- of eiohl, or and az. a lion, rain- Moh-iim, or, a crescent sa.
))ant, erm. ona chief ar. an escallop, betw. two jJolunn, or, a cross engr. gu.
ileiirs-de-lis sa. a canton gu. —
Crest, a griftin'.s Mohun, [Earl of Somerset, Fleet, Dorsetshire,
head, ])er pale, indented, ar. and gu. guttee de and Aldenham, Hertfordshire,] gu. a dexter
larnies, in its beak a buck's foot of the first. arm, )3pr. habiled wltli a maunch erm. the hand
Mocldow, [Worcestershire,] gyroiiny of eight, or holding a fleur-de-lis or.— Crest, an arm, as in
and az. a lion, ranijiaut, of the first, giittee de the arms.
Molntn, or Mohum, [Tavistock, IJoconock, and
Mocldoui, [Vv''orccstershire,] gyronuy of eiglit, or Hall, Cornwall,] or, a cross engr. sa. Crest, a —
and az. a lion, ranjpant, erni. dexier arm, habited with a maunch erm. holding
Mochlow, or MiicJchvj, [Worcestershire,] gyromiy iii the liand ppr. a fleurs-de-lis or.
of twelve, gu. and az. a lion, rampant, erm. tail Mohnn, [Somersetshire, "Wiltshire, Devonshire,
forked, on a chief ar. an escalloj), betw. two and Warwick, Temp. William the Conqueror,]
fieurs-de-lis sa. — Crest, a gritlin'shead, per pale, gu. a maiuich erm. the baud ppr. holding a fleur-
indented, gu. and ar. in his beak an eagle's leg, de-lis ar.
erased, or. MoiGKE, or MoiN, ar. a cross, flowered, gu.
jroDDKR, [Staflordsliire,] erm. on a fesse, Mavy, Moir/ne, [Huntingdon,] az. a fesse, indented, or,
az. three lions, —
rampant, or. Crest, on a sfalF, betw. six cross crosslets ar.
couped and raguly, lying fesseways, vert, a ?foi(ine, or Moinc, az. a fesse, indented, betv,'.
lion, sejant, or. ten cross crosslets ar. three, two, three, and
MODERBV, [Berkshire and Gloucestershire,] az. tv.o.
fretty or. liloupie, engr. sa.
or, a saltier,
Moderhy, az. fretty ar. Mui'f/ne, ar.two bars and a chief gu.
Modcrhy, sa. a bend or, on a chief r.r. three es- Moic/ne, or, three bars vert.
callops gu. Molgne, [Leicestershire,] az. semee de cross cross-
Modci-hj, on a chief ar. three chaplets gu.
sn. lets ar. a fesse, double downset erm.
(Another adds a bordure or.) Moifjne, az. a fesse, double downset, betw. six cross
]\IoDEY, gu. a chev. erm. betw. three trefoils ar. crosslets ar.
iSIoDLicoTE, [Whilley-Ilall, Shropshiie,] sa. a 7'tioujnc, ar. two bars and three mullets, in cliief,
lion, rampant, ar. sa.
MoDYFottD, [Jliddlesex, and Eastuar,
Kent,] Moigne, or Moine, [Suflolk,] or, a saltier, engr.
erm. on a bend az. a mullet, pierced, betw. two gu.
garbs or. MoiLE, [Cornwall,] gu. a ranle, passant, ar.*
Modi/foriJ, [Exeter, Devonshire,] erm. on a bend iloilc, sa. on a chief ar. three lozenges gu.
az. a muikt ar. betw. two garbs or. Crest, a — jMoih, [Hilton, Scotland,] or, three Moors' heads,
garb, erect, or. coujied, distilliiig drops of blood ppr. wreathed
jMoicLLK!^, [Dc\on,] or, two bars gu. in chief vith bay-leaves vert. —
Crest, a dexter arm,
three torteauxes. from the shoulder issuing out of clouds, holding
MoFi'AT, ar. a saltier gu. and chief az. — Crest, a a branch of laurel, .slipped, ppr.
sun, in splendour p|ir. Moir, [Ottnrburn and Abergeldie, Scotland,] ar.
Mqfal, [of that Ilk, Scotland,] sa. a saltier and three negroes' heads, couped, ppr. within a bor-
chief ar. dure, counfer-iiulentcd, sa. and or.
Moffat, ar. a saltier az. and chief gu. Moir, [Scotstouu, Scotland,] ar. three negroes'
Mn(/'ell, ar. a lion, rampant, .sa. betw. eight es- heads, couped, i)pr. banded of the first. Crest, —
callops in orle gu. charged on (he siioukler with
a rose or for dilVerence. [Granted, to WUUam ' Tlu-rc con be little doubt of this beiiis a ii.isluke, aud

Moff'cit,of Chippinr/L'-Bctrnel, Hertfordshire, llie bcnriiit; is pvn]iorly a moHe, not a mah; tlio cow or ox.

Maij 10, J585.] without hoiiis, being so called.

a Moor's liead, wltli two leg-boiics, saltierwi.s-.'j Molineux, [JIau-bton, Noftingliamshire, Temi).
Henry I\'.] 'J'he same.
Muir, [Sfouiiiewood, Scotlaml,] ar. tlirce Moors' Molineux, [Mansfield, Notlingham.shire.] The
heads, covi])ed, distilling' drops of blood ppr. same, with due difference.

Crest, a Mauritaiiiaii's bead, co\ipcd, as in Bfolinenx, [Little Markham, Nottinghamshire.]
tlie arms. Tlie same, with a canton or.
MoREJ.owE. Tlie same as jMocki.ow, of \Vor- Molineux, [Lancashire, Temp. Richard IL] az. a
ccstersbirc. cross moline, pierced, lozengewise, or. Crest, —
MnLAND, [Stafl'ord^liiro,] ar. on a chief gii. n from a chaj)cau gu. turned up erm. a jieacuck's
bull, passant, or. tail ppr.
>I()i,AMT, ar. a lion, rampant, sa. tail forked, or. Molineux, [Softon, Lancashire,] az. a chev. betw.
Mnlanf, ar. aliou, rampant, sa. tail forked. three crosses raoliue or. [Crtalcd a Baronet,
MoLK, [Molton, Devonsbirc,] bany wavy of four, Mag 22, IGIL]
ar. and az. on a chief sa. a lion, passant, guar- Molineux, [Cranborne, Dorsetshire,] quarterly ;
dant, of the first. —
Crest, out of a ducal coro- first, az. a cross or, pierced sa. ; second, ar.
net, or, a snake, the head erect, and bod_\ three wolves' iieads, erased, az. ; fourth, as the
entwined ppr. [Graiifed 1592.] first; third, as the second.
Mole, [Northamptonshire, and Tring-eg-, Bedford- Molineux, [Woodliouse, LancashiiX',] az. a cross
shire,] ar. two bars gu. in chief three torteauxes. moline ar.
— Crest, out of clouds ppr. a cubit arm, erect, Molineux, [Hawkley, Lancashire,] az. a cross mo-
vested gu. tl;e band open of the first. line or. — Crest, a beaver, passant, ppr.
MoLEiN'S, [Dorsetshire,] erm. an ink mob'ne -m. Molineux, [Crosby, T..ancashire,] az. a cross )iio-
Moleins, [Dorsetshire,] erm. an ink inoline sa. line or, on the chief point a ducal coronet of
?d()LENS, or, three pales, wavy, gu. the last.
MiiLEWORTH, gu. a cross vuir. Molineux, or, a cross fei'-de-nioline az.
.MoLESWORTH, [Spring-Garden, Jamaica,] gu. an Molineux, quarterly ; first, az. a fer-de-moline
inescocheon vair, betw. eight cross cros.slets ar. or second, az. the field replenished with escal-

Molcsicorih, [Pcncarrow, Cornwall,] gu. an ines- lops or, a lion, rampant, reguardant, of the
cocheon vair, v.'ithin an orle of cross crosslots last ; third, as the second ; the fourth, as tlie
or. — Crest,
an armed arm, erect, ppr. holding first.
in the baud a cross crosslet or. Molineux, [Sefion, Lnucasbire,] az. a cross mo-
MoEFORD, [South-?ilolion and Cr.dbury, Devon- line, betw. twelve fleurs-de-lis or.
shire,] sa. a fcsse, erm. betw. three swans ar. Molineux, [Yaleus, Lancashire, and Dorsetshiie,]

— Crest, out of a ducal coronet or, a uenii erm. a fer-de-moline az.
swan, with wings expanded ar. l-.eakcd gu. Molinetix, [Kuerdale, Lancashire,] az. a cross
MoLFYK, or MoLFiN, or, a lion, nimpant, gu. moline, quarter pierced or, in the dexier can-
within an orle of eight mullets az. ton a fleur-de-lis ar.
-VIoLiNE, [Venice,] az. the wheel of a water-mill Molineux, [Castle Dillon, Armagh,] az. a cross
or, on a canton of augmentation, the royal badge moline, quarter jjierced or, in the first quarter,
of England and Scotland, viz. the' rose and a fleur-de-lis of the last. —
Crest, an heraldic
thistle, conjoined, ijalcwise, pjn-. [^Borne by tiger, passant, ar. armed and tufted gu. holding
Sir 2\UchuIas De Moline, Knight, Ambassa- in the dexter paw a cross moline, as in the
dor from ihe Doge of Venice. Temp. King arms. [Created a Baronet of Ireland, 17;3(».]
James.] Molineux, az. a cross moline ar.
M'lLiNER, [Ipswich, Sufl'olk,] az, a crossmoliiu;, Moling, ar, three mullets sa.
voided, erminois. MoLiNGTON, [Siifl'olk,] ar. a fesse, betv,'. two
MoLiNERS, or, an ink moline az. chev. az.
•MiiLiXEUX, [Dorsetshire, Teversall, Notting- MuLlNS, [J^nndoii,] erm. a fci--de-raoli!ie az.
hamshire,] az. a cross moline, quarter (lierced, pierced of the iiekl. — Crest, a water-)nill ^^heei
or. —
Crest, a hat gu. turned up in front ar. or.
betw. the bat and the turned up front, a plume Molins, or j)Tolines, erm. a fer-de-moline nz.
of peacock's feathers ppr. ICrealcd a Baro- [Granted to James Molins, of Shoe-lane, Lon-
net, June 29, IGU,] don, hg Sir William Scrjar, 23f/ Auiju-d.
.V('(f.— This family, r their services in .Sc-olland, lui. IGll.]
granted them, for a dexter han/l, issuant ok
crf.-.t, Molins, gu. a nraunch erm.
of flames, holding n eagle's leg, erased, a la
Molins, or, three pallets, wavy, gu.
ail ppr.
I\i O L M O N
Molinx, or, three pall«:ts gii. 3follon, gu. ;i chev. betw. three mullets ar.

Mollns, [Oxford,] jx-r pale, or and az. flitx-e cre- jSInJlon, three bars gu. a canton erm.
scciifs countcrch;\ng,ed. Mol/on, [Kent,] or, three bars vert.
Molyiic, [LcicesttTsl.ure,] or, a cross inoliiie sa. ]\JoUon, [Lincolnshire,] checjuv, orandgu.
on a chief of the last tlivee leopards' heads of I\IoUon, [Lincolnshire,] chcquy, or and sa.
the first. MoUou, [Norfolk,] ar. three bars gu. in chief as
Molyncs, sa. on a chief or, three lozenges gu. many martlets az.
Molynes, Moluis, or Molknse, paly, -wavy, of Mollon, or Malton, .sa. a lion, rampant, within an
six, or and gu. orle of eight annulets ar.
Moh/ucs, [Chapcot and Wallingford, Berksiiire, Mollon, or, a chief gu.
and Leicestershire,] or, a cross moline sa. in Mollon, sa. three bars, and as many annulets, in
clilofthree leopards' heads, erased, of the last. chief ar.
— Crest, a falcon's head, with v,-ings expanded. Molton, [Francton,] gu. three liars ar. in chief as
many crescents or.
Molincs, sa. on a cliicf ar. three lozenges of the Mohan, bars gu. a bend sa.
ar. t\vo
field. MuUon, ar. three bars gu.
Molincs, on a cliief nr. three fusils gn.
sa. Mollon, sa. somee of annulets, a lion, rampant,
3To!j/7is, on a chief ar. three lozenges gu.
sa. ar.
Molyns, [Sandell, Hampshire, and Somerset- Molton, or, a chief gu.
shire,] erm. a cross moline sa. in chief three Molton, gu. throe bars ar.
leopards' heads, erased, of the last. Alolton, ar, a cross forniee, elongated at the fool,
Mob/ns, or Molyncr, az. six bezants, three, two, and pierced gu.
and one, on a cliief or, a demi lion, rampant, MoLVNE, ^
Molynes, ^ SccMolins.
MoUins, [Watterton, Hampshire,] a cross mo-
or, Molyns, j
line sa. iu chief three goats' heads, erased, of Mompesard, bendy of eight, or and gu. on a
the last. chief ar. three mullets of the first.
Moll, [Staffordshire.] The same as Mell. MoMl'ESSON, [Bathampton, AViltshire,] ar. a
MOLLING, or MoLYNC, sa. three mullets ar. two lion, ramprmt, sa. charged on the shoulder with
and one. a martlet of the field. —
Crest, a jug or, with a
MoLLiNGTON, [Snfiolk,] ar. a fesse, hetw. two string- az. tassclled of the first.
chev. gu. MompcssoH, az. twelve pigeons ar.
MoUimjicm, [Suffolk,] ar. a fepse, l.iefw. two chev. Jjilompesson, [ISTorfoik,] ar. a