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Comments Action By Remarks

Please project Template DCC
01. Please provide detail
explanation of the following i. Engg
points ii. Production
i. Lifting in all
ii. Fit up (method
with sketch)
02. Please provide any
precaution in order to HSE / Production
prevent issue or problem
caused by adverse weather
03. Please provide the list of the Production
equipments or facilities that
shall be used for final weld
and for handling.
04. Please specify the facility, Production
painting & etc.
05. Please provide HSE devices. HSE
Please provide organization Project Manager / Production
chart for site activities
Please provide construction Production
Attachment No.1 comments
Zamil to provide Engineering
configuration on stools
Scaffolding sketch to be HSE
provided in order to allow
saipem to prepare
Zamil to provide tolerances +/- 10mm (confirm by
for leveling production)
Zamil to provide how many Welding Engineer
welder to be involved and
schedule for each weld.
Provide protection during Welding Engineer
welding activities
Clearly state that PWHT is Email from Saipem
not required
Lugs shall be removed after Compliance in method
weld completion statement
Job safety analysis shall be HSE / Production
In addition please verify that Welding Engineer
if WPS shall be approved by
our project and improved
the quality of document
attached. The document
attached referred to other
Please verify if the welder Welding Engineer
shall be qualified for the
project , in the final revision
of the method statement
Zamil shall include JCC cards
for the welders.
Saudi Aramco recommended Email from saipem (reference
execution of PWHT on CWL- to add in method statement)
28 and whole skirt even if
skirt is non pressure part.
This is because of the skirt
there are contribution of self
weight of the column and
affect of wind & earth
quake, therefore request
particular attention on the
integrity of the welding &
relax of residual stress,
please advice.
Please provide adequate Engineering
Please indicate project To be added in method
location statement (JAZAN Project)
Please indicate number of To be added in method
documents & revision statement
Please clarify how stress To refer applicable WPS for Pre-
residual will be eliminated. heating
Reference: please add MR To be added in method
document number. statement
Please add ITP for site By welding engineer
Please provide & indicate To be added in method
document number of statement
welding book & doc.number
of WPS
Please indicate document To be added in method
number of painting statement
Please provide reinforced To be added in sketch by
stiffener for skirt & engineering
protection for lower section.
Please provide detail of By Welding Engineer
CWL-28 tack welding
Please provide calculation By Engineering
reports & sketch.
Complete welding of CWL- Email from saipem (reference
27, please provide PWHT. to add in method statement)
Please provide dedicated To be added in sketch by
para for marking position of Engineering
axis & orientation of
temporary stiffener.
Details & sketch to be To be added in sketch by
provided for jacking at site Engineering
for column jacking.
Please provide dedicated ITP By Welding Engineer
for site activities.
Please see comments on BY QA/QC
painting procedure.
Please indicated dedicated To be added in sketch by
para with all load on the soil. Engineering