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Dear Mr.


I would like to submit an application for the position of Assistan Manager Technical. I believe I
am suitably qualified with a degree in Electrical Power Engineering, relevant work experience and
the skillset required to make a positive and valuable contribution to company.

My professional background experience includes testing of electrical systems, identifying

recurrent electrical systems issues and providing recommendations. Working in high pressure
challenging environments has developed my capabilities in creative problem solving, multi-
tasking and executing various scopes successfully. My proficiencies in operation of Gas turbine
have enabled me to perform high-level tasks effectively requiring minimal assistance. My superior
skillset and experience makes me an excellent candidate for the position at XL Electrical Systems.

A few high points in my professional career include:

I was appointed the Electrical Trainee Engineer in Albario Engineering Private Limited at
Nandipur 425-525 MW Gujranwala since 5th May 2016 and performed testing of electrical
equipments and got field experience in operation of Gas turbine during my tenure.

I read out electrical drawings of different system in Power Plants different sections like 132kV
Switchyard, 11kV Switchgear room.

I hope you find my advanced capabilities, valuable experience and relevant qualifications a
suitable fit for the advertised position. I am a self-motivated individual who thrives on succeeding
in challenging situations. I am passionate about Professional development opportunities and
welcome every opportunity to take my capabilities to a higher level. I welcome the opportunity to
meet with you in person and discuss further the contribution I can make at XL Electrical Systems.

Muhammad Awais