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El Quds International School

American Division
Distribution of syllabuses Scholastic year 2016 2017

Teacher's name: Amany Gaber Subject: Math Grade:9

Month Chapters Date Content Aids used Assessment

Chapter 6 16-9-2015 6-1 solving systems by graphing. -Demonstration -Test/Quiz

Systems of 6-2 solving systems by
equations and substitutions. -Lecture -Home work
inequalities. 6-3 solving systems by
elimination. -Q and A -Written work
6-4 solving special systems.
6-5 solving linear inequalities. -Student work -Observation
6-6 solving systems of linear
inequalities. -Work Sheets -Project

-Other Books
Chapter 7 7-1 Integer exponents.
Exponents and 7-2 Powers of 10 and scientific -Board
Polynomials. notation.
7-3 Multiplication properties of -Text pages
7-4 Division properties of
7-5 Rational exponents.
7-6 Polynomials.
7-7 Adding and Subtracting
7-8 Multiplying polynomials.
7-9 Special products of
Chapter 8
Factoring 8-1 Factors and Greatest
Polynomials. common factor.
8-2 Factoring by GCF.
8-3 Factoring x2+bx+c
8-4 Factoring ax2+bx+c
8-5 Factoring special products.
8-6 Choosing a factoring method.

Chapter 9
Quadratic 9-1 Identifying quadratic
Functions and function
Equations. 9-2 Characteristics of quadratic
9-3 Graphing quadratic function.
9-4 Transforming quadratic
9-5 Solving quadratic equations
by graphing.
9-6 Solving quadratic equations
by factoring.
9-7 Solving quadratic equations
by using square roots.
9-8 completing the square.
9-9 The quadratic formula and
the discriminate.
Chapter 10
Data Analysis
and 10-1 Organizing and displaying
Probability. data.
10-2 Frequency and histograms.
10-3 Data Distributions.
10-4 Misleading graphs and
10-5 Experimental Probability.
10-6 Theoretical Probability.
10-7 Independent and dependent
10-8 Combinations and