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2014 in the Philippines

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2014 in the Philippines details important and significant events of note that happened in the
Philippines in the year 2014. International events that are connected, or concerned with the
Philippines are also included in this article.


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For the current incumbents of the Executive Cabinet under the current administration, see Cabinet
of the Philippines. For the current leaders in the Congress of the Philippines, see Senate of the
Philippines and the House of Representatives of the Philippines. For the complete list of the current
Justices of the Supreme Court of the Philippines, seeCurrent Justices of the Supreme Court of the
Benigno S.
Aquino III

Jejomar C.
Binay, Sr.

Franklin M.

Feliciano R.
Belmonte, Jr.

Maria Lourdes
P.A. Sereno
President: Benigno S. Aquino III (Liberal)

Vice President: Jejomar C. Binay, Sr. (UNA)*

Congress (16th):

Senate President: Franklin M. Drilon (Liberal)

House Speaker: Feliciano R. Belmonte, Jr. (Liberal)

Chief Justice: Maria Lourdes P.A. Sereno

Vice-President Jejomar C. Binay, Sr. was affiliated with PDPLaban at the time when
he was sworn into office. He announced that he left PDPLaban on March 1, 2014. He is
currently an independent. He was set to announce his new political party on June 12,
2014, but he decided to postpone it due to the current political issues affecting the country.


January 1: At least 3 people died and 1,018 were injured by

stray bullets and fireworks as part of New Year's
Day celebration.[3][4]

A Black Nazarene procession.

January 9: The procession of the Black Nazarene took 19 hours

from Quirino Grandstand to Quiapo Church. The Traditional
"Dungaw" was revived in this year's "traslacion" after old
documents attesting to its practice were discovered. The
custom involves the Black Nazarene stopping briefly at the
Plaza del Carmen fronting the San Sebastian Church to meet
the image of the Our Lady of Mount Carmel.[5]

January 1023: The low pressure area (LPA) that was affecting
Visayas and Mindanao since January 10 was upgraded into
Tropical Depression Agaton by the Philippine Atmospheric,
Geophysical and Astronomical Services
Administration (PAGASA), becoming the first storm to hit the
Philippines in 2014.[6][7] Prior to Agaton intensified into a tropical
depression, it first developed into a LPA and has caused
floodings, deaths, and displaced thousand of people in
Mindanao since January 10.[8] As of January 30, Agaton has
killed at least 68 people with 4 reported missing. It has
displaced an estimate of 160,000 people and caused a total
damage of 313.78 million pesos to infrastructure and

January 20: President Aquino III led the country in a National

Day of Prayer held in Malacaang Palace.[10][11]

January 22: Vhong Navarro was beaten by Cedric Lee and five
other men in a condominium unit after he was allegedly caught
in the act of raping Deniece Cornejo, the occupant of the said
condominium unit.[12] Navarro aired his side on the said incident
in an interview by Boy Abunda for his program, Buzz ng Bayan,
on January 26.[13] Last April 26, Lee together with his companion
Simeon Raz was arrested by the NBI agents in Oras, Eastern
Samar, 1 week after the Taguig RTC issued warrants of arrests
for the serious illegal detention case.[14] On May 5, Cornejo
surrendered to the authorities at the Philippine National
Police headquarters in Camp Crame.[15]

January 25: The Government of the Republic of the

Philippines (GRP) and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF)
have finally signed the fourth and last annex of theFramework
Agreement on the Bangsamoro, an agreement between the two
parties that calls for the creation of the autonomous political
entity named Bangsamoro replacing theAutonomous Region of
Muslim Mindanao.[16]

January 27February 2: The Armed Forces of the

Philippines (AFP) led an offensive, codenamed Operation
Darkhorse, against the Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom
Fighters (BIFF) to arrest various members of the militant group,
including its leader Umbra Kato, for various criminal charges.
By January 27, the AFP overran a BIFF camp in Shariff
Saydona Mustapha, Maguindanao, Mindanao.[17] The clash took
place barely after the signing of the Framework Agreement
between the government and the MILF. As of January 29, 37
people were killed during the armed conflict, 36 of which are
members of the BIFF and 1 soldier from the AFP.[18]

January 28: Ten Philippine National Police (PNP) officers have

been sacked following revelations they played a so-called
wheel of torture game at a secret detention facility to extract
information from criminal suspects and also to have fun,
the Commission on Human Rights (CHR) said on Tuesday.[19]
The bus of the 2010 Manila hostage crisis.

January 29: The Government of Hong Kong scrapped all

Philippine diplomatic and official passport holders' 14-day visa
free access after the Philippine government failed to issue an
apology for the Manila hostage crisis in 2010.[20]

February 1: A blast from an improvised explosive device,

allegedly planted by members of the BIFF, injured 12 soldiers
and civilians in Barangay Lower Salbu, Datu Saudi Ampatuan,

February 3: Two months before the deadline for the filing and
payment of the 2013 Income Tax, The Bureau of Internal
Revenue (BIR) unveiled its newest print campaign and TV
commercial called "RFP: Register, File and Pay" to remind
Filipinos to pay their right taxes right and on time.[22]

February 4: In an interview by Keith Bradsher of The New York

Times to President Aquino III, Aquino called for the international
community to help the Philippines in resisting China's assertive
claims to South China Sea, a heavily contested body of water
that is rich in natural resources such as oil and natural gas.[23][24]

February 7:

14 people died, including 2 foreigners and comedian Tado

Jimenez, after a Florida bus with 45 passengers on-board
fell into a 500 meter deep ravine in Bontoc, Mountain
Province.[25] 24 others were reported injured, while four more
passengers were reported missing.[26]

The country thanked the international community, through

#PHThankYou campaign posted in various signages and
billboards around the world, for reaching out, and providing
response and aid after Typhoon Haiyan killed more than 6
thousand people and caused massive destruction
in Central Visayas in November 2013.[27][28]
February 12: The government had announced that it had
recovered the secret Swiss accounts of former
President Ferdinand E. Marcos amounting to 1.3
billion pesos after aSingapore court ruled that Philippine
National Bank had the legal rights to the accounts. The
accounts were already transferred to the National Treasury on
February 5.[29]

February 15: More than 519,221 members of the Iglesia ni

Cristo joined the Worldwide Walk For Those Affected by
Typhoon Yolanda held in Manila and in selected sites in the
Philippines and abroad as the Worldwide Walk breaks the
records of the Guinness Book of World Records for the largest
charity walk in a single venue and in the largest charity walk in
multiple venues in 24 hours.[30][31][32]

The Supreme Court of the Philippines is the highest court in the


February 18:

The Supreme Court of the Philippines (SC) declared the

major provisions of the Cybercrime Prevention Act of
2012 (Republic Act 10175) including the online libel
provision as constitutional. On the online libel, the court
further clarified that only the original authors of libelous
material are covered by the law, and not those who
received or reacted to it (e.g., liking, sharing, and
commenting on an online post). The court also ruled the
unconstitutionality of some provisions of the law including
unsolicited commercial communications, on collection or
recording of traffic data in real-time by means of a computer
system, and take-down clause or restricting access to
computer data.[33][34]

The House of Representatives started the public hearings

on the proposal to amend the 1987 Constitution to allow
the Congress to lift restrictions regarding ownership of land,
and business such as public utilities, mass
media, educational institutions and advertising by
foreigners in order to bring more foreign investments to the
country.[35] On March 3, The House Committee on
Constitutional Amendments approved the resolution for the
amendment after several public hearings.[36][37]

February 21: The government has completed the negotiations

with the South Korean aerospace company Korea Aerospace
Industries for the purchase of 12 brand new KAI T-50 Golden
Eagle (also known as FA-50), a supersonic advanced trainer
and multirole light fighter type of jets. The deal is worth 18.9
billion pesos (424.34 million US dollars). The first batch will be
delivered on September 2015.[38]

February 22: Archbishop Orlando Quevedo of the Archdiocese

of Cotabato was inducted into the College of Cardinals by Pope
Francis I, becoming the first Mindanawon to become a Cardinal.

A Landsat 7 image of Panatag Shoal.

February 24:

AFP chief Emmanuel T. Bautista reported an incident to a

foreign forum in Manila that Filipino fishermen were driven
away from Panatag Shoal (known internationally as
Scarborough Shoal), a disputed territory claimed both by
the Philippines and China, by a China Coast Guard (CCG)
vessel using water canons.[40] The incident happened on
January 27.[41][42]

Members of Confederation of Truckers Association and

Integrated North Harbor Truckers Association staged a
mass protest against the implementation of the Truck Ban
in the City of Manila by Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada as
the ban officially starts.[43]

February 27: A massive power breakdown occur in the island

of Mindanao affecting 25 million people in several major cities
and provinces.[44][45] The blackout lasted for more than five hours.
Several businesses declared profit losses, while local
government services were greatly paralyzed due to the
blackout.[46] On February 28, the Department of Energy (DOE)
announced that the cause of the power interruption was due to
line trippings which started in Agus I Hydroelectric Power Plant
in Lanao del Norte.[47]
Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago, the author of Senate Resolution Nos.
535 (Extradition treaty with United Kingdom), 536 (with India), and 537
(with Spain).[48]

March 3: President Aquino III abolished 6 government-owned

and controlled corporations (GOCC) as part of crackdown of
dissolving non-performing, and unnecessary firms in the

March 4: The Senate concurred the ratification the country's

separate extradition treaties with the United Kingdom, India,
and Spain in a vote of 17 with no objections and abstentions. All
the extradition treaties will have a retroactive effect, which
means, according to Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago, "The
treaties are applicable to offenses committed prior to the entry
into force of the treaties. This means that we can extradite the
plunder criminals if they flee to the UK, Spain, or India, even
though the plunder was committed before the effectivity of the
extradition treaties." The treaties to the said three countries
were ratified by President Aquino III on December 6, 2013. [48][50]

March 6: Delfin Lee, President of Globe Asiatique and one of

the country's top five fugitives, was captured outside a hotel
in Malate, Manilaand was later brought to Camp
Crame in Quezon City.[51] Lee faced syndicated estafa charges
filed by Department of Justice (DOJ) for the 6.6 billion pesos
Globe Asiatique scam in 2009.[52][53][54]

March 8:

The country sent naval assets and a search-and-rescue

plane in the West Philippine Sea after a Beijing-
bound Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 carrying 227 passengers
and 12 crew members went missing. The last contact made
with the aircraft was when it was over the Gulf of Thailand.

Chinese coast guard ships blocked two Philippine vessels

from entering Ayungin Shoal (known internationally as
Second Thomas Shoal).[56][57] On March 11, the Aquino
government released an official statement and a diplomatic
protest about the incident, through the Department of
Foreign Affairs (DFA), stating that the Ayungin Shoal is part
of the Philippines, and China's act was considered a clear
and urgent threat to the rights and interests of the country.
Furthermore, the civilian vessels were only conducting
rotation of personnel and resupply operations in the said
shoal.[59][60] In order to resupply the Filipino troops garrisoned
in the grounded BRP Sierra Madre in the said shoal, the
Philippine Navy decided in providing air drop supplies of
food and water to the soldiers.[61] In a text message by
Chinese Embassy spokesman Zhang Hua to the media on
March 12, she said, "The Chinese side does not accept the
protest by the Philippine side."[62]

March 10:

The Senate, on third and final reading, passed Senate Bill

no. 1733 or People's Freedom of Information (FOI) Act of
2013 authored by Senator Grace Poe. All 21 senators
present voted for the approval of the said bill.[63] Prior to the
approval of the bill on the final reading, the bill has been
filed 44 times in 7 Congresses.[64]

American weekly news Time magazine named Makati

City and Pasig City as the "selfie capital of the world" with
258 selfie-takers per 100,000 people beating the ranks
ofManhattan, New York and Miami, Florida. Other
Philippine cities in the top 100 were 9th-ranked Cebu City,
and Iloilo City on the 72nd place.[65][66]

A total of 11 people, including 7 soldiers and 2 policemen,

were killed in separate clashes with New People's
Army (NPA) rebels in Matanao, Davao del Sur.[67][68]

March 16: Cadet First Class Jheorge Millena Llona

from Albay was named as the Valedictorian of the Philippine
Military Academy's (PMA) Siklab-Diwa Class of 2014 as
President Aquino III led the graduation rites at the PMA
headquarters in Baguio City.[69] Controversial PMA Cadet First
Class Aldrin Jeff Cudia was not able to join the graduation rites
due to violations of PMA Honor Code.[70]

March 17: Former Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office

(PCSO) board member Jose Taruc V surrendered to
the Philippine National Police Criminal Investigation and
Detection Group (PNPCIDG) in Greenhills, San Juan City.
Taruc was one of the accused, together with former President
and now Pampanga Representative Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo,
on the 336 million peso plunder case filed by
the Sandiganbayan in 2012 on the misuse of the agency's
intelligence funds.[71]
March 19: A forest fire, which affected an area of 50 hectares,
struck near the crater of Mount Banahaw in Sariaya, Quezon.
Prior to the fire, it was reported that 20 people climbed the
mountain.[72] The day after, 13 pilgrims were rescued. It was
suspected that the pilgrims accidentally caused the fire after
two of them went to the peak of the said volcano to lit candles.
6 more pilgrims were rescued on March 22. As Mount
Banahaw is a restricted forest reserve, the latter group may
face fines amounting to five to five hundred thousand pesos or
imprisonment up to 6 years.[74]

March 21: Asia-Pacific Cable Network 2 (APCN 2), a submarine

cable, was damaged causing internet connectivity issues and
affected Eastern Communications and Philippine Long Distance
Telephone Company (PLDT) subscribers. The said problem
also affected other 9 Asia-Pacific countries.[75]

March 22: Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) Chairman

Benito Tiamzon and wife Wilma Tiamzon, who also sits as the
secretary general of the New People's Army (NPA), and 5 more
others were arrested in Barangay Zaragosa, Aloguinsan, Cebu.
The Tiamzon's had a standing warrant of arrest orders
for crimes against humanity which include murder, multiple
murder, and frustrated murder charges.[76][77] 5 days after the
arrest of the couple, last March 27, Andrea Rosal, who was the
daughter of former NPA spokesman "Ka Roger" Rosal
(deceased) was arrested in Caloocan City.[78]

March 24: The University of the Philippines Diliman's University

Council formally voted the approval to move the opening date of
the classes from June to August in preparation for the ASEAN
integration in 2015. Baguio, Manila, Los
Baos, Visayas, Cebu, Mindanao, and the Open
University campuses will also follow the new class opening
date.[79] OnMarch 28, the university's Board of Regents
approved the change on the Diliman campus' academic

March 26: A southbound Manila Metro Rail Transit

System (MRT-3) train made a sudden stop at the Ayala MRT
Station, injuring 8 people. Human error was cited as the cause
of the train's sudden halt.[81]
Malacaang Palace, the official residence of the President of the
Philippines, was the venue of the signing of the Comprehensive Agreement
on Bangsamorobetween the government and theMoro Islamic Liberation

March 27: The five page Comprehensive Agreement on

Bangsamoro (CAB) was signed in Malacaan Palace grounds
by the government's peace panel chair Miriam Coronel-Ferrer
and MILF negotiator Mohager Iqbal. The signing was also
attended by a thousand people, including President Aquino III,
MILF chairman Al Haj Murad Ebrahim, Prime Minister Najib
Razak of Malaysia, and the Presidential Advisor on the Peace
Process Teresita Deles.[82] The CAB comprises the Bangsamoro
Framework, including its annexes on Transitional Arrangements
and Modalities, Revenue Generation and Wealth Sharing,
Power Sharing, Normalization, and the addendum on
Bangsamoro Waters and Zones of Joint Cooperation.[83]

March 29: A Philippine civilian vessel carrying supplies for eight

soldiers stationed in BRP Sierra Madre, a grounded ship turned
military outpost, evaded a blockade by two Chinese Coast
Guard ships in Ayungin Shoal (known internationally as Second
Thomas Shoal).[84][85][86]

March 30:

The Philippines submitted its 10 volume memorial or written

pleading on the territorial feud against China in the West
Philippines Sea to the International Tribunal for the Law of
the Sea (ITLOS).[87][88]

A mall employee was injured after a group of robbers

indiscriminately fired their weapons inside a jewelry counter
of SM Mall of Asia's department store in Pasay City. One of
the suspects was identified as a member of the notorious
"Martilyo Gang" was arrested inside the mall's premises.[89]

April 1: The Senate Blue Ribbon Committee, chaired by

Senator Teofisto Guingona III, announced and recommended
the filing of plunder and graft charges to Senators Juan Ponce
Enrile, Jinggoy Estrada, and Bong Revilla together with Janet
Lim-Napoles over their involvement in the Priority Development
Assistance Fund (PDAF) scam. Other recommended to be
charged were Gigi Reyes (Enrile's former Chief of Staff),
Pauline Labayen (Estrada's former appointments Secretary),
Richard Cambe (Revilla's political staff), former National
Agribusiness Corporation (Nabcor) President Alan Javellana,
and former Technology Resource Center (TRC) Director
Antonio Ortiz. The committee also pressed further investigation
to other four involved members of the House of
Representatives, Janet LimNapoles' family and friends, and
other involved government officials.[90][91] The Office of the
Ombudsman later announced that they will file plunder and
graft charges to LimNapoles, and to the three involved

April 2: A Filipina resort employee and a Chinese tourist was

kidnapped by seven armed members of the Abu Sayyaf in
Singamata Reef Resort, Semporna, Sabah, Malaysia.[94]

April 3: Manila City Mayor Joseph Estrada signed letters of

intent for petroleum companies Chevron (Caltex), Pilipinas
Shell and Petron to relocate their oil depots from Pandacanon
or before January 2016.[95]

April 4: Senators Ralph Recto, Lito Lapid and former

congressmen Corazon Malanyaon of Davao Oriental, Roberto
Cajes and Eladio Jala of Bohol, Roger Mercado of Southern
Leyte, Alipio Badelles of Lanao del Norte, and Eileen Ermita-
Buhain of Batangas have been implicated in the Nabcor fund
anomaly worth tens of millions of pesos.[96]

April 7: Daniele Bosio, an Italian diplomat to Turkmenistan, was

detained and investigated for child abuse after being found in
company with three male street children. According to Justice
Secretary De Lima, Bosio cannot invoke a diplomatic immunity
for the reason that he is not stationed in the country.[97]

April 8:

Former Vice President and Housing and Urban

Development Coordinating Council (HUDCC)
Chairman Noli de Castro, currently the anchor of ABS-
CBN's TV Patrol, attended the hearing of the Senate
Committee on Housing, Urban Planning and Resettlement
on the P6.6 billion housing scam of Delfin Lee's Globe
Asiatique (GA). De Castro admitted not having a special
treatment to Lee on the arrangement between Pag-IBIG
fund and GA.[98]

SC uphold the constitutionality of Republic Act No. 10354,

also known as the Responsible Parenthood and
Reproductive Health Act of 2012, except for eight
provisions (including Section 7, Section 17 and Section 23)
which were partially or fully declared as unconstitutional. [99]
The Manila Cathedral.

April 9: The Manila Cathedral in Intramuros, Manila was

reopened to the public after a 2-year structural retrofitting and
rehabilitation due to cracks inside the structure. The project cost
was 136 million pesos. President Aquino III, together with
Senate President Franklin Drilon and Papal Nuncio Giuseppe
Pinto, attended the first mass after the reopening led by Manila
Archbishop Luis Antonio Cardinal Tagle.[100]

United States President Barack Obama was the eighth US President and
the first in a decade to visit the Philippines.

April 10:

The Philippine aviation industry, through the Civil Aviation

Authority of the Philippines (CAAP), was finally upgraded
into "Category 1" status given by the U.S. Federal Aviation
Administration (FAA) after CAAP successfully complied with
international safety standards set by the International Civil
Aviation Organization (ICAO).[101]

Cebu Pacific's ban on flying their planes to

any Europe destinations was lifted by the European Union.
April 1013: The first Pilipinas International Hot Air Balloon
Festival was held at Brgy. Prado Siongco, Lubao, Pampanga.
More than 30 locally and internationally-made hot air balloons
joined the event.[103]

April 11:

The Philippines and the U.S. reached an agreement on

sharing local military bases with the U.S. military forces
during times of humanitarian and maritime operations. [104]

20 government troops were injured in an encounter with the

Abu Sayyaf Group in Tipo-Tipo, Basilan.[105]

April 14: 13 policemen, including Philippine National

Police (PNP) Superintendent Hansel Marantan, were relieved
from their duties in connection with the January 2013 Atimonan
rub-out incident that killed suspected gambling leader Vic
Siman, environmentalist Jun Lontok and 10 others.[106]

April 15: The Department of Energy (DOE) issued a yellow alert

status on the Luzon grid following a series of temporarily
shutdown of the Masinloc and Pagbilao power plants that
decreased the island's power reserves.[107]

April 23: In a joint statement, the government delegations of the

Philippines lead by Manila Mayor Estrada and Hong Kong have
agreed that the four demands of the 2010 Manila hostage crisis'
victims and their families were resolved. Visa sanctions for
Philippine officials and diplomats were also lifted by Hong Kong.

April 28: The Pasig River Ferry Service (PRFS) was re-opened
to the public. Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA)
ChairmanFrancis Tolentino led the reopening of the ferry
system at the Guadalupe terminal in Makati City. Riding the
ferry was given for free to the public for two weeks. PRFS was
one of the solutions for the decongestion of Metro Manila's

April 2829: United States President Barack Obama visited the

country as part of his "four-nation Asian tour." He visited
President Aquino III and discussed with him several bilateral
and defense issues involving the two countries.[111] Hours ahead
of the arrival of President Obama, the Enhanced Defense
Cooperation Agreement (EDCA) was signed by the U.S. and
the Philippines. The agreement grants the temporary use of the
local military bases for the US forces.[112][113]

April 30: The Philippine National Police (PNP) together with the
Supreme Court, and the Department of Justice (DOJ) launched
the "e-subpoena system" that will speed up delivering and
transmitting subpoenas issued by the courts to the police

April 30-May 2: PNP in cooperation with the International

Criminal Police Organization (INTERPOL) launched a
simultaneous campaign called "Operation Strike Back" that lead
in the arrest of 58 suspects involve in internet sextortion
syndicate in 4 key areas in Luzon (including Bicol, Taguig,
Bulacan and Laguna) in connection with the suicide attempt of
17-year old Dunfermline teenager Daniel Perry due to webcam
blackmail plot.[115]

May 2: The Office of the Ombudsman granted Ruby Tuason

immunity from criminal prosecution and her request to be a
state witness in the PDAF scam case. Tuason also returned the
40 million pesos, part of the earnings or kickbacks used in the
PDAF transactions, to the National Treasury in front of Justice
Secretary Leila de Lima and Ombudsman Conchita Carpio-

May 516: The 30th Balikatan joint-military exercises between

the Philippines and United States military forces commenced.
More than 3,000 Filipino soldiers and 2,500 US military joined
various drills for the Balikatan which will center on humanitarian
response, and maritime security and defense.[117][118]

The Commission on Elections (COMELEC) main office.

May 6:

Former Senator Francis Pangilinan took oath as the

first Presidential Assistant for Food Security and Agricultural
Modernization, holding a cabinet rank position. Pangilinan
will oversee the operations of 4 agencies of the Department
of Agriculture which has been moved to the Office of the
President: the National Food Authority, the National
Irrigation Administration, the Philippine Coconut Authority,
and theFertilizer and Pesticide Authority.[119]
Even after undergoing a nose job, Abigail Pendulas, wife of
Aman Futures Group owner Manuel Amarillo who was
involved in a pyramiding scam, was arrested by the Central
Luzon PNP in San Fernando City, Pampanga.[120]

A Chinese fishing boat carrying more than 11 crew and 500

turtles was seized by the operatives of the PNP Maritime
Police Patrol in Half-Moon Shoal (locally known as Hasa-
Hasa Shoal) at the Spratlys Group of Islands.[121]

Transportation Secretary Joseph Emilio Abaya was charged

with graft and corruption for a P1.1-billion deal signed for
automated ticketing systems. After a complaint was
launched by the National Federation of Filipino Consumers
the Office of the Ombudsman brought forth charges. The
Contactless Automated Fare Collection System was
awarded through a competitive transaction process to an
ineligible firm, AF Consortium, and was in violation of
Section 3 of the Anti-Graft and Corrupt Practices Act. Due
to conflict of interest and an on-going case against the
Government, AF Consortium should have been disqualified
by the transaction team.[122] The lead adviser to the
Government on this transaction was Rebel Group
International BV of the Netherlands.[123]

May 7: An army colonel died while 31 people were hurt, and

several buildings and vehicles were damaged after a fire
incident and series of explosions struck the Explosives and
Ordnance Disposal armory of the Philippine Army in Fort
Bonifacio, Taguig City.[124]

May 8: The Ombudsman cleared former president and current

Pampanga congresswoman Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo on her
involvement on the P728 million fertilizer fund scam. [125]

May 9: Citing personal reasons, Margie P. Juico, the chairman

and former long-time board of directors of PCSO tendered her
resignation. Former Cavite Governor (then-formerCavite third
district congressman and defeated 2013 Cavite gubernatorial
election candidate), Ayong Maliksi will possibly replace Juico as
the chairman. This after the agency announced the relocation of
the main office from PICC to Shaw Boulevard, Mandaluyong

May 10-11: President Aquino III, together with fellow Southeast

Asian leaders, attended the 24th ASEAN Summit held at the
Myanmar International Convention Center in Nay Pyi
Taw, Myanmar. The territorial dispute in the West Philippine
Sea was the center of this year's summit.[127]
Angat Dam, one of Luzon's dams with short water reserves due to the
2014 dry season.

May 12: Angat Dam reached the critical level as the water level
dropped to 179.72 meters above sea level, relatively due to the
effect of the dry season. Release of water for the irrigation in
farm areas of Bulacan and Pampanga were cut off.[128]

May 13: Lacson's Napoles list of involved politicians was

released to the public.[129] On May 14, whistleblower Benhur
Luy's list was also released, with 25 senators included in the
said list to be involved with any Janet Napoles transactions.[130]

May 13-16: The PNP hosts the recently concluded 34th

Association of Southeast Asian Nations Association of Chiefs of
Police (ASEANAPOL) Conference held at the Sofitel Philippine
Plaza, Pasay City. PNP Chief Alan Purisima together with 9
ASEAN chiefs of Police joined the meeting. President Aquino III
led the first day of the meeting where he said that the ASEAN
will continue to fight against transnational crimes.[131]

May 14: The Philippines protested to China's alleged

construction activities in Johnson Reef (known locally as Mabini
Reef) of the disputed Spratlys Group of Islands.[132]

May 19: President Aquino III lead the opening day of the
2014 United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO)
ASEAN Conference on Tourism and Climate Change in Legaspi
City, Albay. Aquino III said he keeps focus on the tourist arrivals
target of estimated 10 million tourist before his term ends in

May 21: Following the overspending of campaign funds for his

running for the 2013 Laguna gubernatorial elections, The
COMELEC En Banc unseats Laguna Gov. E.R. Ejercito, in a
unanimous decision. Vice Governor Ramil Hernandez will take
over the position of Ejercito.[134]

May 23: A first maritime boundary treaty for the Philippines, the
Philippines and Indonesia signed a maritime treaty that draws
the boundary of the two countries' overlappingExclusive
Economic Zone (EEZ) in Mindanao and Celebes seas. It took
20 years for both countries to set the maritime boundary.[135]

May 26: Al Vitangcol III formally filed his resignation as the

general manager of Metro Rail Transit Authority due to P517-
million maintenance contract that he given to a relative.[136]

May 27: President Aquino III inspected the Naval Forces West
(NFW) Command Center naval post near the West Philippine
Sea in Puerto Princesa, Palawan as part of the 116th
anniversary of the Philippine Navy.[137]

June 3: Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago decided to resign

from her post as an elected judge of the International Criminal
Court (ICC) due to her illness, chronic fatigue syndrome.[138]

June 6:

The "Tacloban Declaration" disaster risk reduction and

management framework agreement was launched during
the Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM) Conference on Disaster
Risk Reduction and Management held in the country.[139]

President Aquino III signed an executive order declaring the

"State of Emergency" over Region IV-A (CALABARZON)
and Basilan due to infestation of coconut scale insects in
the coco plantations.[140]

June 8: In a rare event, Vietnam's and the Philippines' Navies

played football, tug of war and volleyball for the daylong sports
and cultural festival held at the Southwest Cay Island in the
West Philippine Sea.[141]

Senators Juan Ponce Enrile,Jinggoy Estrada and Bong Revillaafter the

Revilla's speech

June 9: Senator Ramn Bong Revilla, Jr. delivered his privilege

speech at the Senate, entitled "Salamat, Kaibigan". He said that
his conscience was clear and he was ready to be arrested due
to plunder charges on the PDAF scam against him.[142] Two days
later SenatorJinggoy Estrada delivered his own privilege
speech at the Senate. He said that he will he would go on a
short leave but promised to return to the Senate soon. [143]

June 11: Khair Mandos, The alleged financier of the Abu Sayaff
group was arrested in a joint operation of the police and military
inParanaque City.[144]

June 16:

The newly renovated PNP custodial center in Camp Crame,

which is serve as the possible detention cell of 3 senators
involved in PDAF Scam showed to the media men.[145]

Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD)

and Juvenile Justice and Welfare Council (JJWC) signed
the amended Implementing Rules and Regulations of the
Juvenile Justice & Welfare Act of 2006.[146]

June 18: President Aquino III signed Republic Act No. 10638,
the 50-year expansion of the corporate life of the Philippine
National Railways (PNR).[147]

June 19: Transport groups staged a transport strike against the

implementation of the LTFRB's higher penalties for colorum
public utility vehicles. Hundreds of commuters, particularly
in Commonwealth Avenue, Quezon City were stranded during
the strike.[148]

June 20-23: Philippine Senators Bong Revilla and Jinggoy

Estrada were surrendered to the Sandiganbayan after the court
issued a warrant for their arrest in relation to the PDAF scam.[149]

June 26: The Sandiganbayan entered a not guilty plea for

Senator Bong Revilla. after he refused to enter one himself in
the plunder case filed against him in connection with the alleged
misuse of his Priority Development Assistance Fund allocations
or pork barrel funds.[151]

June 27: Philippine authorities says that to alerting with both

cities on Mindanao island especially Davao City and Cagayan
de Oro City because due to the terrorism threats especially
an Al-Qaeda-linked terrorist groups Abu Sayyaf and Jemaah
Islamiyah bomb maker Abdul Basit Usman tries to attack Davao
City. In Davao City, Mayor Rodrigo Duterte talks on the phone
with the Philippine President Benigno S. Aquino III can also
accept for the terrorism threat for the next happening for the
another bombing incident inDavao City.[152]

June 28: Guillo Cesar Servando, a 19-year-old

freshman College student of De La Salle-College of Saint
Benilde, was killed by hazing by the few members of Tau
Gamma PhiFraternity in a condominium in Manila.[153]

June 30: The Sandiganbayan entered a not guilty plea for

Senator Jinggoy Estrada, after he refused also to enter one
himself in the plunder case filed against him in connection with
the alleged misuse of his Priority Development Assistance
Fund allocations or pork barrel funds.[154]

July 1: The Supreme Court of the Philippines declared

unconstitutional the "acts and practices" under the Aquino
administration's Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP).[155]

July 11: The Sandiganbayan Third Division entered a not guilty

plea for Senator Juan Ponce Enrile after he refused to plead
during his arraignment for plunder.[156]

July 14: President Aquino III, in a televised public address said

the government will appeal to the Supreme Court over their
decision on the DAP's partial unconstitutionality.[157]

Typhoon Rammasun making landfall in the Philippines on July 15.

July 15-17:

Typhoon Glenda (International Name: Rammasun) left

massive damage across Metro Manila and near-by regions,
fallen down trees, electric posts, and ripped out roofs of the
houses, classes in schools and work in government offices
were suspended and airport, train operations and stocks
trading halted after the typhoon shutdown the Metro.
According to the NDRRMC, 97 persons were confirmed

At least 90% of the total residents of Metro Manila lost

power, as poles were knocked and lines downed. The
national grid corporation posted on Twitter, saying "Around
90% of Meralcos franchise area is experiencing power
outage brought about by downed poles, lines and outages
of NGCPs (National Grid Corporation of the Philippines)
transmission lines due to Typhoon Glenda."[160]
July 18:

Lt. Gen. Gregorio Pio Catapang, former Northern Luzon

commander was designated as the newest AFP Chief of
Staff in the turn-over ceremonies led by President Aquino III
in Camp Aguinaldo. Catapang's predecessor Lt.
Gen. Emmanuel T. Bautista has retired from military

Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 was attacked and crashed near

Hrabove in Donetsk Oblast, Ukraine. 3 of its 283
passengers were Filipinos. No survivors were recorded in
the incident.[162]

Philippine Arena in Ciudad de Victoria, Bocaue, Bulacan.

July 21:

The Philippine Arena was inaugurated in Ciudad de

Victoria, Bocaue, Bulacan. President Aquino III and INC
Executive Minister Bro. Eduardo V. Manalo led the
inauguration of the arena. With a capacity of up to 55,000, it
is the largest indoor domed-arena in the world. The Iglesia
ni Cristo funded the project and the opening also coincides
with the church's centennial.[163][164]

Militant group Bagong Alyansang Makabayan (Bayan) filed

the first valid impeachment complaint against President
Aquino III in connection with DAP.[165]

July 22: Youth civic groups led by Youth Act Now filed an
impeachment complaint against President Aquino III.[166]

July 23:

The Sandiganbayan summoned executives of banks to

testify during the bail hearings of Senator Bong Revilla.[167]

Celebration of the 150th birth anniversary of Apolinario

Mabini, the Brains of the Philippine Revolution.[168]

July 24: A third impeachment complaint was filed against

President Aquino III. This time, in connection with the
Philippine-United States Enhanced Defense Cooperation
Agreement (EDCA).[169]

July 27:

Approximately 2 million members of the Iglesia ni

Cristo joined the worship rites held at the Philippine
Arena for the centennial celebration of the religious sect.
INC also grabs 2 additional Guinness world records for the
"World's Largest Mixed-Use Theater" and "World's Largest
Gospel Choir."[170]

The country's population has reached 100 million.[171]

July 28:

President Aquino III delivered his 5th State of the Nation

Address (SONA) in Batasan Pambansa.[172]

At least 21 people were killed when armed men opened fire

at a convoy of civilians in Talipao, Sulu who were travelling
to a feast to mark the end of Ramadan.[173]

August 1:

The Supreme Court of the Philippines has directed

the Sandiganbayan to file its comment on the petition of the
former chief of staff of Sen. Juan Ponce Enrile, Atty. Gigi
Reyes, to be released from detention and her plunder and
graft trials halted.[174]

The Ombudsman of the Philippines has found probable

cause to indict Senator Lito Lapid and several others for
violation of the Anti-Graft and Corrupt Practices Act in
connection with the P728 million fertilizer fund scam.[175]

August 8: The Sandiganbayan denied with finality the appeal of

detained Senator Juan Ponce Enrile to dismiss the plunder
case filed against him in connection with the pork barrel scam.
The anti-graft courts Third Division said he failed to present
new reasons for the court to reconsider its earlier ruling finding
probable cause to proceed with the case and issue warrant of
arrest against him.[176]

August 11: ACT-Teachers party-list Rep. Antonio Tinio led

several teachers in submitting the fourth impeachment
complaint against President Benigno Aquino III over what they
claimed as the continuation of the pork barrel system in
August 12: After 3 years of hiding, Retired General Jovito
Palparan who was accused in the case of disaappearance of
UP students Sherlyn Cadapan and Karen Empeno in 2006 was
arrested in Sta. Mesa, Manila.[178]

August 13: A defective MRT train was out-of-control and

crashed into a station's steel fence at the MRT-Taft Station
in Pasay City. More than 50 passengers and pedestrians in the
intersection were injured.[179]

August 14: Anria Galang Espiritu, 26 years old, was reportedly

killed after an unidentified suspects allegedly raped her in a
certain village in Calumpit, Bulacan.[180]

August 18: Vice President Jejomar Binay and his son, Makati
Mayor Junjun Binay face plunder charges in the alleged
overprice of a carpark building filed a supplemental petition
reflecting a bigger cost for the project.[181]

August 19: Seven students of Bulacan State University (BSU)

died, including Former EB Babe member Maiko Bartolome, in
the incident of drowning while attending the field trip in
Madlum River in San Miguel, Bulacan.[182]

August 20:

A civil society group filed three separate graft and plunder

complaints against Senator Alan Peter Cayetano and his
wife, Taguig Mayor Lani Cayetano. Lawyer Roderick Vera of
the group Philippine Association for the Advancement of
Civil Liberties, Inc. charged them with violations of the Anti-
Graft and Corrupt Practices Act before the Office of the

Atty. Renato Bondal showed up on the Senate blue ribbon

investigation on the overpriced cost of construction of
Makati City Hall Building II, a supposed parking building
worth P2.1M. Bondal also accused Binays over the
overpriced birthday cakes given to the senior citizens.[184]

August 24: Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte confirmed that

some of city's residents were recruited by the terrorist
group Islamic State of Iraq and Syria.[185]
The Million People March held on August 2226, 2013.

August 25: 5,000 were taken part on the signature drive during
the protest in Luneta, Manila for the 1st anniversary of
the Million People March.[186]

September 2: Allies of President Aquino III in the House Justice

Committee quashed the 3 impeachment complaints against
him, finding them not sufficient in substance.[187]

September 3:

Former presidential candidate Elly Pamatong, who was

being linked to the foiled bombing attempt at the Ninoy
Aquino International Airport (NAIA), was arrested.[188]

Sec. Sonny Coloma in the hearing for the 2015 PCOO

Senate budget and GCG Adisclosed that efforts to privatize
IBC-13 will continue next year despite legal obstacles.
Escudero suggest to Congress to allocate subsidy for
unpaid GSIS, SSS, PhilHealth contributions of the network

September 4: Senators criticized the exorbitant Makati City's

P350-million allocation for the transfer of its urban planning
office and data center to the allegedly overpriced P2.7-billion
Makati City Hall Building 2.[190] The general contractor for the
allegedly overpriced building clarified that the company did not
give then Makati Mayor Jejomar Binay or any other city officials

September 5: Suspended Senator Juan Ponce Enrile entered a

not guilty plea in the 15 counts of graft against him in
connection with the pork barrel scam.[192]

September 8: DPWH initially setting plans for the demolition

of Anda Circle in Manila and converted into an intersection to
ease traffic and congestion near the port area.[193]
September 10:

President Aquino III lead the handover of the draft of the

Bangsamoro Basic Law to the Senate & House leaders in a
historical turnover ceremony at the Malacaang.[194]

Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago walked out from the

Commission on Appointments Foreign Affairs Committee
hearing after Congressman Rodolfo Farias questioned her
authority to continue with the hearing without a quorum. He
first asked if the hearing was a public hearing or if it was a
meeting of the Committee for proper recommending the
appointment of the official to the plenary.[195]

Police Senior Inspector Allan Emlano of the Caloocan

City police district and one of the 12 police were accused in
the "hulidap" incident in Epifanio delos Santos Avenue
(EDSA) in Mandaluyong City on September 1 surrendered
to the authorities in Quezon City.[196]

September 11: Five members of the La Loma police station in

Quezon City who surrendered denied they were involved in the
same EDSA incident that was caught in a photograph that went
viral in social media.[197]

September 13:

Mayor Joseph Estrada issued Executive Order 67, ordering

the immediate lifting of the truck ban in the city to give way
to the efforts of the national government to address port
congestion, which was blamed for heavy traffic in Metro

At least 29 people are missing after the ferry MV Maharlika

II sinks off the Philippines coast.[199]

September 14:

At least 70 people are still missing after the ferry MV

Maharlika II sinks off the Philippines island of Leyte.[200]

Typhoon Luis hits the northeast Philippines with warnings of

potential floods and landslides.[201]

September 15: Philippine Institute of Volcanology and

Seismology (PHILVOLCS) issued Alert Level 3 or "Quick Alert"
for Mayon Volcano after it showed signs of relative signs of
September 18: Vice President Jejomar Binay delivered a 20-
minute address to answer the allegations of the overpriced
P2.7-billion Makati City Hall Building 2. He said the charges of
corruption against him were all lies and testimony on them in
the Senate would not stand up in court.[203]

Metro Manila experienced one of the highest amounts of rainfall in history,

which was brought by the enhancement of the southwest monsoon

September 19: 18 dead, 16 injured and 104,000 families were

affected after heavy rains and floods due to Tropical Storm
Mario and the intensified southwest monsoon shuts down Metro

September 22: Philippine National Police (PNP) chief Director

General Alan Purisima faces graft, plunder and indirect bribery
complaints over an allegedly undervalued property and the
renovation of a multi-million residence at the general police
headquarters in Camp Crame.[205]

September 30: Senator Grace Poe quizzed Philippine National

Police chief Director General Alan Purisimas purchase of a
Land Cruiser for only P1.5 million. During the hearing of the
Senate committee on public order and dangerous drugs, Poe
said a Land Cruiser normally costs P4 million to P7 million.[206]

October 1: President Aquino III recognized the honor and

courage of the Filipino Peacekeepers deployed in Golan
Heights in their visit to Malacanang.[207]

October 2-3: Former DA Secretary

and Bohol Congressman Arthur Yap along with former
congressmen Prospero Nograles of Davao City,Candido
Pancrudo, Jr. of Bukidnon, and Thomas Dumpit Jr. of La
Union were filed with criminal charges for the misuse of
their Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) or pork
barrel which totaled to P163.2 million.[208] Former
congresswoman and current Governor Rizalina Seachon-
Lanete of Masbate is facing a plunder case for the alleged
anomalous use of her Priority Development Assistance
Fund (PDAF), or pork barrel fund allocations, worth P112.29
million from 2007 to 2009. Also indicted were former
Rep. Samuel Dangwa of Benguet, former Rep. Rodolfo
Plaza of Agusan del Sur and former Rep. Constantino
Jaraula of Cagayan De Oro City with several counts of
malversation and direct bribery, also in connection with the pork
barrel scam allegedly engineered by Janet Lim-Napoles.[209]

October 4: Philippine National Police (PNP) P/Sr. Inspector

Oliver Villanueva surrendered to the Philippine National Police -
Criminal Investigation and Detection Group (PNP-CIDG)
in Quezon City. Villanueva was one of the 12 policemen
together with Police Senior Inspector Allan Emlano in the
"hulidap" incident in EDSA-Mandaluyog on September 1.[210]

October 5: PNP Chief Purisima's was allegedly accused of

owning a multimillion residential property in San Leonardo,
Nueva Ecija.[211]

October 9:

Senator Ramon "Bong" Revilla Jr. could face money

laundering charges as the Anti-Money Laundering Council
(AMLC) told the Sandiganbayan that Revilla deposited at
least P87.6 million in his bank accounts during the
supposed period he was accused of participating in
the pork barrel scam.[212]

Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG)

Secretary Manuel Roxas II sacked district directors of
the Philippine National Police (PNP) Chief Superintendent
Rolando Asuncion of the Manila Police District (MPD), Chief
Superintendent Edgardo Layon of Northern Police District
(NPD), Chief Superintendent Richard Albano of theQuezon
City Police District (QCPD) and Chief Superintendent Jet
Erwin Villacorte of the Southern Police District (SPD); only
Chief Superintendent Abelardo Villacorta of the Eastern
Police District (EPD) was spared from the sacking.[213]

October 10: Former Makati Vice Mayor Ernesto Mercado

accused the Binay family over the alleged 35-hectare estate
"Hacienda" in Rosario, Batangas.[214]

October 11: 26-year-old Filipino transgender Jeffrey Laude, also

known as Jennifer, was found dead inside a motel in Olongapo
City. US Marine Private First Class (PFC) Joseph Scott
Pemberton was tagged as the prime suspect. He was placed
inside USS Peleliu under the US Navy custody.[215][216]
October 17: Two German nationals Stefan Viktor Okonek, 71,
and Henrike Dielen, 55 were released by the members of Abu
Sayyaf in Patikul, Sulu.[217]

October 21: Manuel Amalilio, the brains behind a P12 billion

Ponzi scheme in the Philippines, has been freed by a Malaysian
court; the extradition request for Amalilio was also denied by the
Malaysian government.[218]

October 22: Josefina Tallado,The wife of Camarines Norte Gov.

Edgardo Tallado, who had been missing since Friday last week,
surfaced on Wednesday and revealed she had left their home
because she is afraid her husband might kill her.

National holidays[edit]

The 2014 Chinese New Year was the first time that the event was declared
as a national holiday.

In late September 2013, the government had already announced at

least 18 Philippine holidays for 2014 as declared by virtue of
Proclamation No. 655, series of 2013.[219][220][221] Note that in the list,
holidays in italics are "special non-working holidays," those
in bold are "regular holidays," and those in non-italics and non-bold
are "special holidays for schools."

January 1: New Year's Day

January 31: Chinese New Year

February 25: 1986 EDSA Revolution

April 9: Araw ng Kagitingan (Day of Valor)

April 17: Maundy Thursday

April 18: Good Friday

April 19: Black Saturday

May 1: Labor Day

June 12: Independence Day

July 29: Eid'l Fitr (Feast of Ramadan)

August 21: Ninoy Aquino Day

August 25: National Heroes Day

October 6: Eid al-Adha (Feast of Sacrifices)[222]

November 1: All Saints Day

November 30: Bonifacio Day

December 24: Special non-working holiday (in observation of

the Christmas season)

December 25: Christmas Day

December 26: Special non-working holiday (in observation of

the Christmas season)

December 30: Rizal Day

December 31: Last day of the year (in observation of the

coming New Year's celebration)
In addition, several other places observe local holidays, such as the
foundation of their town. These are also "special days."

Business and economy[edit]

The following are events related to Business and economic climate
of the Philippines in 2014:

The Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas is the central bank of the Philippines.

March 11:
Analysis from Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas expects that the
country could have another credit rating upgrade earlier this

Unemployment rate jumps to 7.5% in January compared to

7.1% data a year ago, according to Philippine Statistics

March 12: Philippine exports rose to 9.3% in January, according

to Philippine Statistics Authority.[226]

March 17: World Bank revised the country's growth forecast to

6.6%, down from 6.7%.[227]

March 26: Standard & Poors (S&P) raised the country's 2014
economic growth forecast to 6.6% from 6.4%.[228]

The Asian Development Bank headquarters in Mandaluyong City.

April 1: In the Asian Development Bank's (ADB)

publication Asian Development Outlook 2014, the bank cites
that the economy will continue to grow 6.4% in 2014, and 6.7%
in 2015.[229]

April 3: The country's overall ranking in the World Economic

Forum's Enabling Trade Index improved from 72nd to 64th
ranking. From saidthe index, the Philippines ranks fifth lagging
behind its Southeast Asian neighbors: Singapore (ranked 1st),
Malaysia (ranked 25th), Thailand (ranked 57th), and Indonesia
(ranked 58th).[230]

April 4:

Inflation declined to 3.9% in March, according to

the National Statistics Office.[231]

Moody's Investors Service cited local banks for their moves

increasing capital structure which made them comply
the Basel III, a new global voluntary framework or standard
for banks.[232]
April 9: International Monetary Fund (IMF) projected that the
Philippine economy will grow to 6.5% this year and in 2015. IMF
also cited that the Philippines will be one of the few ASEAN
economies that will outperform other economies in the region. [233]

April 10: The country hosted the ASEAN Economic

Community forum, which aimed to discuss the opportunities
and advantages of the ASEAN integration in 2015.[234]

April 21: Compagnie Franaise d'Assurance pour le Commerce

Extrieur (COFACE) named the Philippines as one of the 10
new emerging countries due to its high growth potential,
favorable business environment, good production prospects,
and sufficient financing to support expansion.[235]

May 1: In an International Labor Organization (ILO) report, the

Philippines was recorded to have the highest unemployment
rate among all ASEAN countries. As of 2013, the country
recorded a 7.3% unemployment rate.[236]

May 8: S&P upgraded the Philippines' credit rating from "BBB-"

to "BBB" with a stable outlook.[237]

May 10: Merchandise exports grew up by 11.2% last March

2014 due to strong demands of major commodities, according
to the PSA.[238]

May 21-23: For the first time, the Philippines hosted the World
Economic Forum on East Asia. This year's edition of the WEF
on East Asia discussed key issues on the economy in Asian
countries. The 3-day forum was held at the Makati Shangri-La
in Makati City. Aside from the WEF, the country also hosted the
10th ASEAN Finance Ministers' Investors Summit.[239]

June 9: The Department of Agriculture (DA) started their

investigation on the higher prices of garlic in retail markets.[240]

July 2: The Philippines signed a free-trade declaration with the

ministers of the European Free Trade Association (EFTA).[241]

The following are events related to health in the Philippines in 2014:

January 4: A total of 21 kids of the 1,500 infected died of

infection due to measles.[242] Due to the increased number of
cases, DOH declares measles outbreaks in 9 cities inMetro
Manila.[243] On February 12, the measles outbreak from the
country has spread to Canada, Australia, Taiwan, and
the United Kingdom.[244][245] By March 4, several other cases were
reported in the United States.[246]
February 20: Scientists from the Department of Science and
Technology (DOST) has developed a wound
dressing from honey, a bee-byproduct that can heal wounds
better than using antibiotics.[247]

The photo above is a similar case of Psoriasis that caused panic in

Pangasinan after it was identified as a flesh-eating disease. It was later
announced as a hoax.

February 25: The Department of Health (DOH) confirmed that

the mysterious flesh-eating disease affecting two persons in the
province ofPangasinan was a hoax. DOH also clarified that the
two individuals were in fact affected by leprosy, and a severe
case of psoriasis. The said disease was first reported
on Bandila, a late night news program broadcast by ABS-CBN,
on February 24.[248][249] The news created fear among the public.
It also became a hot topic online as the mysterious disease was
said to be part of a prophecy by a self-titled Indian prophet
Vincent Selvakumar of the Voice of Jesus Ministries who visited
the country last April 2013. Julius Babao, one of the anchors of
the news program, later clarified on February 25 that it was not
their intention to ignite fear among the public. He further added,
"It is not the program's intention to scare the public but to report
the information we gathered so that authorities would give
appropriate action."[248] On February 27, ABS-CBN issued an
official statement that was broadcast on the same program
apologizing for the fear and panic caused by the report that was
broadcast on February 24. The network also added that their
internal ombudsman office will look into the false report, and will
take appropriate actions based on the findings of the network's
ombudsman.[250] On February 28, the provincial government of
Pangasinan demanded for an apology from ABS-CBN. The
provincial government said that the false news report had
greatly damaged the province's tourism sector.[251]

March 24: The government launched PhilHealth's "Alaga Ka

para sa Maayos na Buhay" program, or known simply as "Alaga
Ka", that is estimated to provide 14.7 million indigent families
access to primary health services.[252]

March 28: In a report presented by DOH, cases of multidrug

resistant Tuberculosis (MDR-TB) increased to 10,000 cases
in Northern Mindanao.[253]
April 3: DOH reported an increase of 486 HIV/AIDS cases in
February, of which 82% were men who had sex with
men (MSM) cases. A total of 934 cases were reported this year.

April 7: DOH officials including Secretary Enrique Ona and

Assistant Secretary Eric Tayag led the "Mosquito Dance" for the
prevention of mosquito-carrying diseases in part of the annual
World Health Day and the founding anniversary of the World
Health Organization.[255]

April 14: DFA officials confirmed that an Overseas Filipino

Worker (OFW) in the United Arab Emirates died of Middle East
respiratory syndrome coronavirus (MERS-CoV) on April 10.
Five OFWs who have also acquired the virus are undergoing
quarantine procedures.[257]

April 16: An OFW who returned from Al Ain City, United Arab
Emirates was found positive of the MERS-CoV at the Ninoy
Aquino International Airport (NAIA). The said person was tested
for the said virus in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) but
immediately travelled to Manila. Doctors from UAE later
contacted DOH confirming the condition of the OFW. The said
OFW, who was working as a nurse in the UAE, had contact with
the Filipino paramedic who had died recently in the said
country. The OFW together with four of his family members who
fetched him at the airport were quarantined.[258][259] In a press
release on April 19, DOH announced that the OFW who was
found by UAE doctors positive of MERS-CoV was found
negative of the virus in an subsequent test by Research
Institute for Tropical Medicine (RITM). Explaining further with
the test, Secretary Ona explained, "Since ten days had lapsed
from the reported testing date at the UAE, our task force right
away got in touch with him and decided to perform a test on
him, and fortunately, as well for the comfort of everybody, the
findings of our Research Institute for Tropical Medicine, he
tested negative."[260] In the said press release, DOH also
announced that they are tracking all other 414 passengers
of Etihad Airways Flight 424 (the flight the OFW took from Abu
Dhabi, UAE to Manila) in order to be tested.[260][261] As of April 29,
400 passengers were already contacted, of whom 371 were
already tested and were found to be negative. The remaining 14
passengers have yet to be contacted.[262]

May 15: The Network to Stop Aids Philippines (NSAP) wants

the DOH to stop the planned implementation of mandatory HIV
testing. NSAP says the testing would lead to discrimination
against those who may be found infected with the dreaded

June 4-June 8: The National Kidney and Transplant Institute's

hemodialysis center was temporarily shut down after patients
suffered chills when they used their dialysis machines. In June
9, the center partially opens. DOH continues to investigate into
the matter.[264]

August 1: The DFA has issued the Alert Level 1 status in

Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia, the areas in West Africa who
has already declared an outbreak of the ebola virus. DOH
tightened monitoring measures in key ports in the country. [265]

For the events related to Philippine television in 2014, see 2014 in
Philippine television.

January 10: The 12th Gawad Tanglaw Awards, organized by

Tagapuring mga Akademik ng Aninong Gumagalaw, was held
at Colegio de San Juan de Letran Calamba inCalamba,

February 13: 1st PUP Mabini Media Awards, organized

by Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP)[268]

University of Santo Tomas, the organizer of the yearly USTv Students'

Choice Awards.

February 20: The 10th USTv Students' Choice Awards,

organized by University of Santo Tomas (UST), was held at
theuniversity's Quadricentennial Pavilion in Manila.[269]

March 6: 5th Northwest Samar State University Students'

Choice Award for Radio and Television, organized by Northwest
Samar State University (NwSSU), was held at the university's
Socio Cultural Center in Calbayog City.[270]

March 12: 1st UmalohokJuan Awards, organized by Lyceum of

the Philippines-Manila, held at the said university[271]

March 17: 13th Kabantugan Awards, organized by Mindanao

State University (MSU), was held at Veranza Mall in General
Santos City.[272]
March 21: 2013 Golden Screen TV Awards, organized by the
Entertainment Press Society, was held at Teatrino at the
Promenade, Greenhills Shopping Center in San Juan City.[273]

April 29: 22nd KBP Golden Dove Awards, organized

by Kapisanan ng mga Brodkaster ng Pilipinas, was held at the
Aliw Theater, CCP Complex, Pasay City.[274]

May 18: 2014 Box Office Entertainment Awards, organized by

Guillermo Mendoza Memorial Scholarship Foundation, was
held at the Solaire Resort & Casino, Pasay City.[275]

June 2: ATC @ IBC primetime block started airing with Hi-5 as

the first program.[276]

July 18: 2014 Yahoo Celebrity Awards Philippines, organized

by Yahoo! Philippines, to be held at the Mall of Asia
Arena, Pasay City.[277]
For the events related to Philippine radio in 2014, see 2014 in
Philippine radio.
The following are events related to Philippine Radio in 2014:

January 3: Radio Philippines Network (RPN) and Aliw

Broadcasting Corporation signed their 3-year memorandum of
agreement for the simulcast of DWIZ programming to RPN
Radyo Ronda provincial AM stations nationwide.[278]

January 1013: Bombo Radyo Philippines organized the yearly

Top-Level Management Conference, with the theme "Boses at
Puso ng Pilipino" held in Iloilo City.[279]

January 13: The revitalized morning programming grid of GMA

Network's flagship AM station Super Radyo DZBB 594 was
launched. Commentary program Dobol A sa Dobol Banchored
by Arnold Clavio and Ali Sotto returned to the station. New
programs "Easy Easy Lang" with Susan Enriquez and Lala
Roque and "The Long Tall Howard Show" with Howard Medina
was launched.[280]

January 18: Eagle Broadcasting Corporation through its

flagship AM station Radyo Agila 1062 signed a program
contract with NPR for the airing of TED Radio Hour.[281]

February 17: 14 RGMA provincial FM Stations were rebranded

as "Barangay FM". Barangay LS 97.1 also undergoes
reformatting as new logo, new jingle, new slogan and a TV
commercial featuring Ryzza Mae Dizon, Alden
Richards and Pauleen Luna were launched.[282]
March 17: After 14 years on air as an easy-listening
station, 97.9 Natural (formerly Home Radio) and its provincial
stations undergo reformatting again to a Hot AC-Top 40 hybrid
station. Marco Avocado was the first DJ on board.[citation needed]

March 18: The triumvirate of Ian Mark Corales, Drianne Paul

Saberon, and Nina Claire Rivaca from Cebu and the duos
Febra Sagarino and Rueda Haictin from Dipolog and Maretchen
Vasquez and Esther Martinez from Surigao were the winners of
the first Boses: Tinig Pinoy singing competition organized
by RPN-Radyo Ronda. The finals was held at the SM Aura
Premier, Taguig City.[283]

March 28: Retro 105.9 DCG FM, an oldies-format FM station

that replaces Radio High 105.9 was signed on, with Andy Tuna
on board on the first few hours of the station. The station is also
heard in Bondoc Peninsula, Marinduque, Romblon,
and Camarines Sur in Luzon via 96.7 FM in Mulanay, Quezon.

April 20: Radyo Veritas 846 (Radyo Totoo), the flagship radio
station of the Catholic Media Network will celebrate its 45th
anniversary with a thanksgiving mass and concert at the AFP
Theater, Camp Aguinaldo, Quezon City.[285]

April 28: 104.7 Brigada News FM Mega Manila, the news/Hot

AC combined format-FM radio station of the Brigada Mass
Media Corporation made a soft launch.[citation needed]

April 29: DZRH and Monster Radio 93.1 both won the Best AM
and FM station awards for Metro Manila at the recently
concluded 22nd KBP Golden Dove Awards. Veteran radio
anchor of DZRH and Radyo Agila/Net 25 and former AGHAM
party-list congressman Angelo Palmones was this year's
recipient of the Ka Doroy Valencia Brodkaster of the Year. [274]

May 4: DZMM Radyo Patrol 630 organized the 5K colored fun

run called "Tulong Na, Tabang Na, Tayo Na, Takbo Na" at the
Bonifacio Global City. Anchors and reporters of the said radio
station, DJs from MOR 101.9, and several ABS-CBN talents
joined more than 3,500 runners who took part at the fun
run. Philippine Army's Jujiet De Asis andPhilippine Air Force's
Miscelle Gilbuena dominated the male and female categories of
the fun run. The proceeds of the event will benefit the victims of
Typhoon Yolanda and the radio station's scholars.[286]

June 1: Far East Broadcasting Company's 98.7 DZFE The

Master's Touch, the first non-commercial FM radio station in
the Philippines, will celebrate its 60th anniversary this year.[287]
June 9: Radyo PBA, the live radio coverage of the PBA games
aired over DZSR Sports Radio 918 kHz and selected Radyo ng
Bayan AM stations will also start to hook-up through Radyo5
News FM stations across the country.[288]

June 16: 105.1 Crossover celebrated its 20th year as a jazz and
R&B station, with the theme "Celebrating 20 Years of Great
Music." At the same time, the station's first disc jockey after
almost a decade, Benjamin from the former 106.7 Dream FM
and Citylite 88.3, went on board (6:00 AM - 10:00 AM
weekdays).[citation needed]

June 27: Big Radio renamed as 91.5 Win Radio, the brand
which used to be held by 107.5 for the past few years. [citation needed]

July 15: Manila Broadcasting Company's DZRH, the first

commercial radio station in the Philippines, will celebrate its
75th anniversary this year.[289]

August 10: Win Radio renamed as 107.5 Wish FM, the FM

station of the UNTV group under the Progressive Broadcasting
Corporation and Breakthrough and Milestone Productions
International, Inc. was launched.[290]

For Filipino films released in 2014, see List of Filipino films in 2014.
The following are events related to Philippine Cinema in 2014:

February 9: "Quick Change", directed by Eduardo Roy Jr., won

the Critic Jurys Prize at the Vesoul International Film Festival of
Asian Cinema in France.[291] It also competed onMarch
29 to April 5 in the 28th Fribourg International Film Festival
in Switzerland.[292]

February 17: "Rekorder" by Mikhail Red won the Special Jury

Prize and the Best Music at the 31st Annonay International First
Film Festival held in France.[293]

March 49: "Nuwebe", directed by Joseph Israel Laban, won an

honorable mention for best Director for a Narrative Feature in
Queens World Film Festival held in New York City,United

March 9: The 30th Star Awards for Movies, organized by the

Philippine Movie Press Club (PMPC), was held in Solaire Grand
Ballroom, Paraaque City.[295]
March 16: "Shift", top-billed by Felix Roco and Yeng
Constantino, won the Grand Prix award (equivalent to Best
Picture award) in the 2014 Osaka Asian Film Festival held

April 5: "On The Job", "Alagwa", and "Ang Kwento ni Mabuti"

were named as the "pinakapasadong pelikula" (highly passed
films) at the 16th PASADO Gawad Sining Sine organized by the
Pampelikulang Samahan ng mga Dalubguro. It was held at
the Far Eastern University Auditorium.[297]

April 13: "Debosyon", one of the entries of 2013 Cinemalaya

was recognized by the ReelWorld Film Festival as the
"Honorable MentionOutstanding International Feature" at the
conclusion of the festival held in Toronto, Canada.[298]

April 11May 4: Six Filipino full length films was screened in the
4th Southeast Asian Film Festival held at the Singapore Art
Museum in Singapore.[299]

May 3: Independent film "Mga Kwentong Barbero", directed by

Jun Lana and starred by Eugene Domingo, won the 3rd place
Audience Award at the 2014 Udine Far East Film Festival, held
in Udine, Italy.[300]

May 111: Five Filipino full length films (consists of "Debosyon"

by Alvin Yapan, "Kabisera" by Borgy Torre, "Shift" by Siege
Ledesma, "Blue Bustamante" by Miko Livelo, and "Rekorder" by
Mikhail Red) was featured at the 30th Los Angeles Asian Pacific
Film Festival.[301]

May 10: Due to her contributions to the growth of Paoay, Ilocos

Norte which is the shooting location of award-winning film
"Himala", the town unveiled the monument in honor of
actress Nora Aunor, the lead star of the said movie.[302]

May 18: Sarah Geronimo and John Lloyd Cruz (It's Take A Man
and A Woman) was awarded as the Box Office King & Queen of
the 2014 Box Office Entertainment Awards. Vic Sotto (My Little
Bossings) & Vice Ganda (Girl, Boy, Bakla, Tomboy) was
proclaimed as the Phenomenal Stars of this year's awarding.[275]

June 17: Independent film actress Angeli Bayani beaten Nora

Aunor and Vilma Santos and awarded as the Best Actress for
the film Norte, Hangganan ng Kasaysayan in the 37thGawad
Urian Award held at the Dolphy Theater, ABS-CBN, Quezon
City. Joel Torre won the Best Actor, while Norte Hangganan ng
Kasaysayan was named as the Best Picture.[303]

June 21: The 8 official entries for the 2014 Metro Manila Film
Festival was presented to the public in a press conference
in Taguig City. The films will be shown starting on December 25,
Christmas Day.[303]

June 27-30: The 2014 International Film Expo, the biggest film
expo in Southeast Asia, was held at the SMX Convention
Center, SM Mall of Asia, Pasay City.

July 20: "Mga Kuwentong Barbero", directed by Jun Robles

Lana, is nominated for best foreign film at the 3rd Madrid
International Film Festival in Madrid, Spain. It is also nominated
for best director of a foreign film (for Lana), best actress of a
foreign film (for Eugene Domingo), and best producer of a
feature film (Ferdinand Lapuz).[304]

August 10: Nora Aunor, Eula Valdez, Dante Rivero and Robert
Arevalo won the top acting awards in the 10th Cinemalaya
Independent Film Festival. Aunor ("Hustisya") was named Best
Actress in the Directors Showcase category while Valdez
("Dagitab") was chosen as Best Actress in the New Breed
category. Meanwhile, Arevalo ("Hari ng Tondo") bagged the
Best Actor trophy in the Directors Showcase category and
Rivero ("1st ko Si 3rd") emerged as the Best Actor in the New
Breed category. Bwaya emerged as the Best Film in the New
Breed category and Kasal emerged as the Best Film in the
Directors Showcase category.[305]
For notable events related to the Philippine music scene in 2014,
see 2014 in Philippine music.

March 19: The first Pinoy Music Summit was held at the
Diosdado Macapagal Hall, Landbank Plaza Bldg. in Malate,

March 26: MYX Music Awards (MMA) 2014, organized by myx,

was held at the SM Aura Samsung Hall in Taguig.[307]

July 11: 1st MOR Pinoy Music Awards, to be held at the Mall of
Asia Arena, Pasay City, coincide with the first anniversary
of MOR 101.9 For Life!.[308]

July 26: The Philippine Popular Music Festival's (Philpop), a

songwriting competition, culmination night will be held at
the Meralco Theater in Pasig City.[309]
Theater, culture, and the arts[edit]

April 24-26: 2014 Aliwan Fiesta was held at Roxas Boulevard,

Pasay City. Lumad Basakanon representing the Sinulog
Festival of Cebu hailed as the streetdance champion of this
year's fiesta. Steffi Aberasturi from Cebu crowned as the Reyna
ng Aliwan 2014, the sixth straight time a Cebuana won the

May 1: Young actor Enchong Dee named as the ambassador of

the National Commission for Culture & Arts for the celebration
of the National Heritage Month.[311]

May 8-22: "I Am Love Marie" art exhibit featuring paintings of

actress Heart Evangelista was held at the Artist Space, Ayala
Museum, Makati City.[312]

May 27: Makati City was celebrated their 344th founding

anniversary with a Cultural Presentation of the Makateos
grand parade at the city's business district. The Grand Parade
was featured several fiesta held in the country, including the
Sinulog, Dinagyang, Ati-Atihan, Kadayawan, Maskara and
Caracol festivals.[313]

June 20-August 31: After their successful first run, Philippine

Educational Theater Association's theater play "Rak of Aegis"
based on the songs rendered by the Aegis band was started
their second run held at the PETA Phinma Theater, Quezon
City. Aicelle Santos, Robert Sea, Isay Alvarez and Arnell
Ignacio led the cast of the hit theater play.[314]

June 17-22: Theater play "Stomp", last seen in the country in

2011 was re-shown in Manila for the second time at the CCP
Complex, Pasay City.[315]

June 20: President Aquino III has named six newly proclaimed
National Artists, they are Alice Reyes (for Dance), Francisco
Coching (for Visual Arts), Cirilo Bautista (for Literature),
Francisco Feliciano (for Music), Ramon Santos (for Music) and
Jose Maria Zaragoza (for Architecture, Design and Allied Arts).

Michael Christian Martinez, the first Southeast Asian and Filipino figure
skater to take part in the Winter Olympics.

Manny Pacquiao is the only boxer who had held eight titles during his
professional boxing career.
For the full list of events related to Philippine sports in 2014,
see 2014 in Philippine sports.

February 723: Multi-sport: The Philippines competed at

the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. The team consists
of one athlete infigure skating. The country competed at
the Winter Olympics for the first time in 22 years and fourth time

February 1314: Figure skating: On February 13, Michael

Christian Martinez competed in the figure skating short
program event at the2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi,
Russia scoring 64.81 points making him advance to the free
skate program.[318][319] By February 14, Martinez scored 119.44
points in the free skating program. He placed 19th place overall
with the score of 184.25 total points.[320] Martinez was the lone
Filipino athlete competing in the Olympics,[321] and the
first Southeast Asian to compete in the figure skating event.[319]

February 16: Cycling: Ronda Pilipinas International ended with

Reimon Lapaza declared as the winner. Peter Pouly ended as
the runner-up, while Mark Galedo ranked third place.[322]

February 2122: Surfing: The first Asian Surfing Championship

was held at the Urbiztondo beach in San Juan, La Union.[323]

March 31: Boxing: Fil-Hawaiian boxer Brian Viloria won via

unanimous decision on his comeback fight against Puerto
Rican boxer Juan Herrera at the Texas Station Hotel &
Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada.[324]

April 2: Volleyball: The Philippine Super Liga 1st player draft

was held at the NBA Cafe, SM Aura Premier, Taguig City.
Former NU Lady Bulldogs star spiker Dindin Santiago was the
1st overall pick of the draft. Santiago will be played for Petron.
Graduating La Salle Lady Spikers team captain Abigail Marao
picked by AirAsia Zest, the newest franchise of the league as
the 2nd overall pick. AirAsia Zest will be headed by 16-year
champion coach of La Salle, Ramil de Jesus.[325]

April 46: Basketball: The 2014 PBA All-Star Weekend was

held at the Mall of Asia Arena in Pasay City. Rey Guevara
of Meralco Bolts and Justin Melton of San Mig Super Coffee
Mixers tied as champions of the Slam-Dunk contest. Gilas
Pilipinas won their exhibition game against PBA All-Star
Selection, 101-93. Gary David, currently played for Meralco
Bolts was the game's Most Valuable Player.[326][327][328]

April 56: Motorsport: The Asian V8 Championship was held

in Clark International Speedway.[329]
April 6: Figure skating: Olympian figure skater Michael
Martinez won the Triglav Trophy International Figure Skating
Tournament of the senior's division in Jesenice, Slovenia.[330]

April 7: Football: The Philippine girl's Street Child World Cup

team placed second in the said sporting event. The team was
defeated by Brazil in the finals.[331]

April 8: Volleyball: The 8-day 2014 Asian Men's Club Volleyball

Championship in Manila officially started at the SM Mall of Asia

April 12: Boxing: In a unanimous decision, Manny

Pacquiao defeated Timothy Bradley in a boxing rematch held at
the MGM Grand Garden Arena, Paradise, Nevada, United
States. Being a championship match, Pacquiao also regained
the WBO Welterweight title against Bradley.[334]

April 16: Volleyball:Vatin Varamin-Iran men's volleyball team

defended their championship title in the 2014 Asian Men's Club
Volleyball Championship after they beaten Al-Rayyan Qatar in
the championship match, 19-25, 25-17, 26-24, 25-16. PLDT
Home FIBR Power Pinoys ended in the 7th place.[335]

April 24: Cycling: The 4-day 5th Le Tour de Filipinas edition

ended with Mark Galedo declared as the winner of the
bikeathon. Galedo was the 2nd Filipino to win in the

May 4-10: Multi-sport: 2014 Palarong Pambansa, the 57th

edition of the multi-sports competition for the youth athletes was
held at the Laguna Sports Complex, Sta. Cruz, Laguna; other
sporting events were also held in Pila and Los Baos. Laguna
Governor E.R. Ejercito, Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada, and
prominent athletes led the opening ceremonies at the second
day of the games. It was followed by the unveiling of the 26-
foot-tall statue of Jose Rizal as an eskrima swordsman, the
tallest monument of Rizal in the world.[337] Zeanne Faith Cabrera
of the Calabarzon delegation won the first gold medal of the
competition after she ruled the girls javelin throw event,
Approximately more than 11,000 participants and 1,000
trainers, coaches and sports officials from 17 regions joined the

August 24: Olympics: Luis Gabriel Moreno, grandson

of German Moreno delivered the first medal for the Philippines
in the 2014 Youth Olympic Games held in Nanjing, China.[340]

September 4: Basketball: Gilas Pilipinas claims their first win in

the FIBA World Cup in four decades against Senegal in
overtime, 81-79. Filipino fans and Malacanang Palace
congratulates Gilas after their successful end of their campaign.

September 8-9: Volleyball: 70 volleybelles attended the 2-day

National Women's Volleyball tryout for the 2015 Southeast
Asian Games at the Ninoy Aquino Stadium.[342]


Epimaco Velasco, former NBI Director, and former Governor of Cavite.

January 8: Antonino P. Roman (born 1939), 74,

former Representative of the First District of Bataan, multiple
organ failure.[343]

January 27: Epimaco Velasco (born 1935), 78, former National

Bureau of Investigation (NBI) Director, and former Governor of
Cavite, heart attack.[344]

January 29: Ildefonso P. Santos, Jr. (born 1929), 84, National

Artist for Architecture and Allied Arts, pneumonia.[345]

January 30: Dr. Alicia Santos (born circa 19491950),

64, Philippine Labor attach to Malaysia, heart attack.[346]

February 1: Prospero Nale Arellano (born 1937), 77, bishop

prelate emeritus of the Diocese of Libmanan.[347][348]

February 7: Tado Jimenez (born 1974), 39, comedian and

host, bus accident.[349][350]

February 9: Serafin R. Cuevas (born 1928), 85,

former Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the
Philippines and former Department of Justice (DOJ)
Secretary, liver cancer.[351][352]
February 11: Roy Alvarez (born 1950), 63, actor, cardiac arrest.

February 23: Ely Capacio (born 1954), 58, former Philippine

Basketball Association (PBA) player and coach, ruptured

February 28: George Perrett, Mayor of Maitum, Sarangani,

heart attack after being ambushed.[355]

March 10: Roldan Aquino (born 1948), 65, actor, health

deterioration related to failed recovery from surgery due to

March 11:

Alicia Resus (born 1958), 55, resigned mayor of Maramag,

Bukidnon, severe illness.[357][358]

Kenneth Chua (born circa 19751976), 38, fashion

designer to celebrities, murdered.[359]

Zafiro Respicio (born 1948), 66, former mayor of Davao

City, heart attack.[360]

March 12:

Glen Calica Lee, former councilor of Legazpi City, Albay,


Don Maralit Salubayba, 35, visual artist and a 2009 Cultural

Center of the Philippines (CCP) Artists Awardee, aneurysm.

March 31: Bryan Gahol (born 1977), 36, former PBA player,
vehicular accident.[363]

April 1: Roberto P. Nazareno (born circa 19331934), 81,

former Secretary General of the House of Representatives,

April 3: Harry Gasser (born 1938), 76, anchor of RPN

NewsWatch, stroke.[366][367]

April 5: Rubylita Garcia (born circa 19621963), 52, a reporter

for the tabloid Remate and a stringer of a local Calabarzon
radio station, shot dead.[368][369]

April 5: Rodolfo Lordan Jr. (born circa 19841985), 29, billiards

player, sudden unexpected death syndrome.[370]
April 7: Emilio T. Yap (born 1925), 88, Chairman Emeritus
of Philtrust Bank and Chairman of the Board of Manila
Bulletin, Manila Hotel, and Centro Escolar University, cause of
death information withheld.[371][372]

April 8: Donnie Ramirez (born circa 19401941), 73,

former Philippine Daily Inquirer lifestyle columnist, comatose
related to brain surgery.[373]

April 14: Jesus T. Tanchanco Sr., (born circa 19251926), 83,

former National Food Authority (NFA) administrator and
former UE Red Warriors team manager, cardiac arrest.[374][375]

April 21: Carlito Pentecostes Jr., Mayor of Gonzaga, Cagayan,

gunned down.[376]

April 23: Lorenzo Relova, (born 1916), 98, former SC Associate

Justice, cause of death information withheld.[377]

April 30: Ramil Rodriguez, (born 1941), 72, actor, lung cancer.

May 4: Daniel Farias, (born circa 19521953), 61, Baguio

City vice mayor, hypotension due to left leg thrombosis.[379]

May 5: Richard Najib, station manager and disc jockey of a

local FM station in Tawi-Tawi, shot dead.[380]

May 12: Ruben Profugo, (born 1938), 76, Bishop-emeritus of

the Roman Catholic Diocese of Lucena, stroke.

May 13: Anthony Villanueva, (born 1945), 69, boxer and first
Olympic silver medalist for the Philippines, heart failure.[381]

May 14: Azucena Vera-Perez, (born 1917), 96, owner

of Sampaguita Pictures.[382]

May 23:

Francisco Tantoco, (born 1938), 75, Filipino Roman

Catholic priest and former Director of Caritas-Manila,
Parkinson's disease.[383]

Eduardo Malinis, former Insurance commisionner,


May 29: Alvin P. Capino, (born circa 19491950), 64,

newspaper columnist and radio announcer, kidney cancer.[385]
June 5, Ayana Joy Grico, 23, Filipina beauty queen, killed by
falling rock.[386]

June 7: Ernesto Balolong Jr., mayor of Urbiztondo, Pangasinan,

gunned down.[387]

June 8:

Paul Herrera, (born circa 1982-1983), 31, fashion designer,

cardiac arrest due to meningitis.[388]

Arnulfo Rivera, former mayor of Mataas na Kahoy,

Batangas, gunned down.[389]

June 12:

Richard King, (born circa 1956-1957), 57, Crown Regency

group of hotels president, shot dead.[390]

Ferdinand "Enzo" Pastor, Jr., (born 1982), 32, Asian V8

race champion, shot dead.[391]

July 1: Oscar Yatco, (born 1930), 83, Filipino conductor and


July 2: Mario Okinlay, Mayor of Impasug-ong, Bukidnon,


July 7: Aureo Alonzo, (born 1928), 86, fashion designer,


July 18: Sonia Lorenzo, (born 1946), 68, former Mayor of San
Isidro, Nueva Ecija and founder of Kaya Natin! Movement, rare
blood disorder.[395]

August 8: Leonardo Legaspi, (born 1935), 78, former

archbishop of Caceres, lung cancer.[396]

August 16: Raul I. Goco, (born 1930), 84, former Solicitor

General of the Philippines, brain anuyrism.[397]

August 18: Maico Bartolome, (born 1988), 26, former EB Babes

dancer, drowning.[398]

August 21: Cecilio Abuhan, councilor of Opol, Misamis Oriental,

August 29: Kurt Bachmann, (born 1936), 78,
former basketball player who competed in the 1960 Summer

September 1: Mark Gil, (born 1961), 52, actor, liver cirrhosis.[401]

September 7: Raul M. Gonzalez, (born 1930), 83, Secretary of

Justice under Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, multiple organ failure.

September 19: Francisco Feliciano, (born 1941), 73, National

Artist for Music & founder of the Asian Institute of Liturgy and
Music, cause of death information withheld.[403]

October 2: Myrna "Tiya Pusit" Villanueva, (born 1948), 66,

Filipina comedienne and actress, multiple organ failure.[404]

October 3: Jerry Barican, (born 1948), 66, former Presidential

spokesperson, died in his sleep.[405]

October 6: Johnny "Johnny Midnight" Joseph, 73, (born 1941),

radio announcer and one of Radyo Patrol pioneers, prostate

See also[edit]
Years in the Philippines

Timeline of Philippine history

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402. Jump up^ "Raul Gonzalez, former justice chief,

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Music, dies at 73". Interaksyon. September 19, 2014.
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News. October 6, 2014. Retrieved October 6, 2014.

2014 in Asia

Years in the Philippines (1895present)
2014 in the Philippines
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