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Simple Present Tense : waktu sekarang
Rumus : S + V-1
Contoh I am a lawyer
We are teachers
We agree with the speakerss opinion.
Present Continuous Tense : sedang berlangsung sekarang atau rencana masa depan
Rumus : S + to be (am, is, are) + V-ing + O
Contoh : I am watching TV now.
Mr. Khanafi is not going to Jakarta
Is Mr. Diandra teaching in class ?
Present Perfect Tense : sudah terjadi dan mempunyai pengaruh saat ini
Rumus : S + has/have + been + O (has : he, she, it) (have :they we I you)
S + has/have + V-3 + O
Contoh : I have been at home for a month.
I have lived in Cilegon for 3 months.
Mr. Handoko has not eaten the sate already.
Present Perfect Continuous Tense : dimulai dimasa lalu dan sampai sekarang masih lanjut.
Rumus : S + has/have + been + V-ing (Keteranagan waktu : for/since)
Contoh : I have been watching TV for two hours.
Marina has not been learning English for two years.
Have you been reading a book for an hour ?
B. Past Tenses
Simple Past Tense : telah terjadi masa lalu
Rumus : S + to be (was/were) + complement (kata sifat)
S + V-2 + O
Contoh : He was a businessman in 1999
I went to school
Past Continious Tense : sedang terjadi dimasa lalu
Rumus : S + to be (was/were) + V-ing + O
Contoh : he was sleeping when I came
The team was playing basketball all day yesterday.
Past Perfect Tense : telah selesai sebelum kejadian lain terjadi
Rumus : S + had + V-3 + past participle + O
Past participle : after, before, already, soon, yet, until
Contoh : they had been here before 1945
She had gone to Semarang when I called her
Past Perfect Continuous Tense : telah selesai pada masa lalu.
Rumus : S + had + been + V-ing + O
Contoh : he had been iving in Jakarta about ten years.
The labors had been demonstrating for an hour when the manager came.

C. Future Tenses
Simple future tense : terjadi di masa depan secara spontan
Rumus : S + will + bare infinitive
S + be (is/am/are) + going to + bare infinitive
Contoh : you will win the game.
I am going to meet him tomorrow.
Simple future continous tense : sedang terjadi dimasa depan
Rumus : s + will + be + V-ing
Contoh : he will be sleeping at 10 p.m.
Simple future perfect tense : sudah selesai dimasa depan
Rumus : S + will + have + V-3
Contoh : at this time next month, Ill have finished my English course.
Simple future continous tense : sudah dilakukan sampai saat ini.
Rumus : s + will + have + been + V-ing
Contoh : the cat will have been sleeping long when you get home.