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WHEREAS, on or about June 15, 2015, the City adopted the pay plan proposed by Evergreen Solutions, LLC, establishing twenty (20) pay grades with minimum, mid-point, and maximum salaries, each pay grade having a range spread calculated as the percent increase from the minimum to maximun1 salary; and,

WHEREAS, upon adoption of said Plan, the City adjusted the compensation rate for any City employee who was then being paid less than the minimum pay rate established in the Plan for his/her position, said compensation being raised to the minimum pay rate in the Plan; and,

WHEREAS, the City recently contracted with Evergreen Solutions, LLC, to update its compensation pay plan to determine if new pay grades and salary ranges need to be implemented and whether the pay plan's minimum, mid-point and maximum salaries warrant an increase for any pay grade; and

WHEREAS, the final update report of Evergreen Solutions, LLC, recommends that the pay grades and range spreads for each pay grade in the City's pay plan remain the same, but that the City should, at a minimum, adjust the pay plan's minimum, mid-point, and maximum salaries by three (3% ) percent, and simultaneously authorize an adjustment for all employees equal to three (3%) percent so that employees, at minimum, would not be below the minimum pay for their respective grades; and,

WHEREAS, the Mayor and Council are desirous of following the above-described recommendations of Evergreen Solutions, LLC, as part of their philosophy to provide a competitive total compensation package aimed at retaining a high performing work force;

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, by the Mayor and Council for Garden City, Georgia, that Phase I of the Employee Compensation Pay Plan Update Report of Evergreen Solutions, LLC, be adopted and implemented effective September I, 2017, by (I) maintaining twenty (20) pay grades in the City's pay plan; (2) maintaining the range spread for pay grades 101- 112 at sixty (60%) percent, and the range spread for pay grades 113-120 at sixty-five (65%) percent; (3) increasing the pay plan by three (3%) percent for all pay grades and simultaneously raising all employee salaries by three (3%) percent so that no employee is earning less than the minimum salary for his/her pay grade; and, (4) considering the implementation of Phase II and Phase III of the Employee Compensation Pay Plan Update of Evergreen Solutions, LLC, in subsequent budget years.