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?A0<>3:D<0AB8=67Q (GST) and the crackdown on various banks is under scruti-
=4F34;78 black money hoarders. ny. Over C2 lakh crore black
Expressing resolve to pur- money has reached banks.
hose who have looted the sue fight against black money, Those depositing slush money
T nation and the poor are
not able to sleep peacefully
Modi reeled out figures post-
demonetisation. Over C1.75
are being made to answer
questions on their origin,
today, Prime Minister lakh crore has been deposited Modi said. This move helped
Narendra Modi said during his in various banks post-note the Government in controlling
Independence Day speech on ban and authorities are the circulation of black money
Tuesday. Modi, who had in investigating more than 18 into the market, he said.
2014, promised to eliminate lakh people with dispropor- Demonetisation has
black money, said that the tionate income. resulted in increasing the num-
crackdown on ill-gotten wealth Demonetisation of old ber of taxpayers. In fact this fig-
will continue and there will be C500 and C1,000 notes on ure has reached to 56 lakh. Last
no let-up in his fight against November 8, 2016 has helped year the same figure had stood
black money. bring over C3 lakh crore of at 22 lakh. These are the signs
The PM devoted majority unaccounted wealth into the of resolute action against black
of time in his 54-minute speech banking system, the PM said. money, the PM said.
on economy, corruption and This is not Government There are over 18 lakh
major economic reforms, research, this is what experts people who have been identi-
including demonetisation, the have said. Out of this money fied post-note ban and whose
implementation of landmark deposited in banks post- income is more than their
economic reform in the form demonetisation, over C1.75 declared wealth.
of Goods and Services Tax lakh crore money deposited in Continued on Page 4
?aX\T<X]XbcTa=PaT]SaP<^SXPSSaTbbTbcWTVPcWTaX]VSdaX]VcWT& bc8]ST_T]ST]RT3PhUa^\cWTaP\_Pacb^UcWTWXbc^aXRATS5^acX]=Tf3T[WX^]CdTbSPh ?C8

<^SXaTPRWTb^dc soft on terrorism.

Addressing the nation on
not acceptable and termed
casteism and communalism as
sent national security scenario,
the PM said it is a priority of his
form, and not only the Army,
the Navy and the Indian Air CDDTYZVWUVWZVd<VcR]R
c^:PbW\XaXb the 71th Independence Day
from the ramparts of historic
poison for the Indian society.
Referring to recent inci-
Government to ensure the
country is capable of defending
Force (IAF) have shown their
capability and grit whenever `cUVcf_Wfc]dEcZT`]`fc
PbbTacb8]SXPRP] Red Fort, Modi said, Na gaali
se samasya sulajhne wali hai, na
dents of natural calamities in
various parts of the country as
itself in all spheres.
Referring the last years sur-
there was a situation. Our
heroes never shied away from EA90H0A09Q :>278

goli se, samasya suljhegi har also death of children at a gical strike on terror launch sacrifices, Modi said.
Kashmiri ko gale lagane se State-run hospital in Uttar pads across the Line of Control While invoking Mahatma SS Sarsanghchalak Mohan Bhagwat

(Kashmir problem cannot be
resolved by either bullets or by
Pradesh, Modi said sympa-
thies of the entire nation are
in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir,
Modi said the world has realised
Gandhi and Lord Buddha, the
PM said, Violence in the name
R on Tuesday unfurled the national
flag to mark the Independence Day cel-
=4F34;78 abuses. It can be resolved by with the affected families. the bravery of our forces. The of faith is not acceptable in the ebrations at a Government-aided high-
embracing all Kashmiris). Many parts of the country stature of India is rising and sev- country. er secondary school in Palakkad district
eaching out to the people of He said only a handful of faced natural calamities in the eral counties are cooperating Bharat Jodo (connect of Left-ruled Kerala despite an instruc-
R violence-torn Jammu &
Kashmir, Prime Minister
separatists were resorting to
different tactics to create prob-
recent past. Children died at a
hospital. The entire nation is
with India in fighting against
terrorism, the PM added.
India) should be the slogan like
Bharat chhodo (Quit India)
tion of restraint issued by the district
Narendra Modi on Tuesday lems in the State and asserted with them, the PM said. It is clear that security of was during the freedom strug- District Collector P Marykutty had
said the problems in Kashmir that they will be dealt with an Mentioning the worst flood our country is our priority. gle, he said. late on Monday night issued a circular to
cannot be resolved by bullets iron hand. Not only the Jammu situations in north-eastern part Internal security is our priori- The PM also referred the the management of the Karnakiayamman
and invited those wielding guns & Kashmir Government, but of the country, the PM said, ty. Be it sea, borders, space or Chalta hai attitude, and said, Higher Secondary School at
to join the mainstream. Modi the entire country is with the While good rains contribute to cyber threats, India is capable Leave this chalta hai attitude Moothanthara in Palakkad asking it to
said his Government is deter- people of the State in helping prosperity of the country, cli- of tackling every security chal- and think of badal sakta hai. restrain the Sangh chief from hoisting the
mined to restore in Kashmir its them realise their dreams of mate change creates problems. lenge, he said, amid the stand- During his 54-minute-long flag saying that only elected peoples rep-
status of heaven on earth. development, said the PM. Natural calamities have become off with China in Doklam. speech, Modi dwelt upon the resentatives or school authorities could
However, the PM stressed that He also declared that the a big challenge. Our Army, our brave contentious triple talaq issue do that as per protocol since the institu- BcdST]cbbP[dcTcWTCaXR^[^dafWX[TbcP]SX]VX]fPXbcSTT_fPcTaPc
there was no question of going violence in the name of faith is Emphasising on the pre- hearts, every personnel in uni- Continued on Page 4 tion was Government-aided. P6 cWTXabRW^^[PcPaT\^cT[^RPcX^]X]0bbP\ 2^dacTbh)b^RXP[\TSXP


@_]Z_VXR^VYRd mitting suicide while undertak- to law enforcement agencies.
3j#!###$age marginal farmers. Presently, ment, suggesting an urgent
_a^VaP\\TX] ing Blue Whale Challenge have The copy of the letter is

the average income of an agri-
cultural household is estimat-
need to develop financial and
other infrastructure.
]VUe`dfZTZUV`W been reported in India...You are
hereby requested to ensure that
marked to Joint Secretary
(MHA) VSN Prasad and
ed to be C6,426 per month as
To ensure 10.41 per cent any such link of this deadly game Chetan B Sanghi, Joint Secretary
dY`f]UZ_TcVRdV against an average its monthly annual increase in farmers
7A3<X]Xbcahc^[S in its own name or similar of Ministry of Women and

consumption expenditure of income, 7.86 per cent invest- game is immediately removed Child Development.
Sjeh`eZ^Vd C6,223.
Headed by Ashok Dalwai,
ment per annum from private
sector is needed. Similarly, 01A070<C7><0BQ
from your platform, Ministry of
Electronics and IT(Meity) said
According to sources, the
letter was issued following
afS]ZTSjW`fc the inter-ministerial committee
was set up in April last year.
14.17 per cent annual invest-
ment from the public sector in
=4F34;78 A094B7:D<0AQ =4F34;78 in a letter dated August 11 to
internet majors.
instructions from Union Law
and IT Minister Ravi Shankar
eZ^Vd+AR_V] The first four volumes of the
report have been released for
agriculture, irrigation, rural
roads and transport and rural W ith the suicide tendency
showing a spurt among T he Centre has directed
Facebook, Google India,
Expressing concern over the
availability of such deadly game
Union Women and Child
A094B7:D<0AQ =4F34;78 public comment. The remain- energy is required to boost the youth, especially school stu- WhatsApp, Yahoo India, on the internet, the Ministry Development Minister Maneka
ing eight volumes are yet to be farmers income at the rate of dents, the Supreme Court has Chandrachud forwarded the Microsoft India, Instagram and said, It is understood that an Gandhi had earlier asked the
ndia needs a whopping released. With the Government 10.41 per cent annually. asked the Centre to consider PIL as a representation to the other internet giants to remove administrator of the game uses Government to remove the
I investment of C6,399 billion
for doubling farmers real
continuing to play a key role in
farm sector development, the
The report said that
Gujarat, Maharashtra, Punjab,
framing a law or guidelines for
schools to detect early suicidal
Centre and said, The
Department of School
the links of killer online game
Blue Whale Challenge, which
the social media platform to
invite and incite children to play
Blue Whale Challenge game
from the social media after
income by 2022-23. Of these, committee said, By 2022-23, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh signs among children in order Education and Literacy, has led to suicide of children in this game, which may eventual- some children are suspected to
C5,080.8 billion is required the private investment should and Uttar Pradesh may require to arrest the trend. MHRD shall take such action India and other countries. ly lead them to take extreme have killed themselves influ-
from public sector and C1,318.4 increase by nearly two times relatively higher amounts of Given the fact that 33 per thereon, as it considers rea- The Blue Whale is a 50-day steps for self-inflicting injuries enced by the game.
billion from private sector for while public investment should private capital at C47.87 billion, cent suicides reported in 2015 sonable, in the facts and cir- challenge which demands play- including suicide. The proponent Continued on Page 4
all the major States, an inter- increase by four times. C98.79 billion, C62.75 billion, related to the youth, the court cumstances of the case. ers to complete tasks given by of this game should be reported Related report on P7
ministerial committee on According to report, at C51.91 billion, C56.07 billion requested the Union Ministry The petition filed by advo- an anonymous handler.
doubling farmers income said present public investment is and C146.65 billion, respec- of Human Resources cate Haresh Raichura on behalf The player is also asked to
in its report. below national average in the tively. Similarly, capital require- Development to consider a his client cited laws passed by share photos after finishing
According to Census 2011, States like Assam, Kerala, Uttar ments on public account are public interest litigation filed by developed nations to curb the the challenge. The handler
there are 118.9 million culti- Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, found to be much higher in one Kamlesh Haribhai Parekh, rising trend of suicides among instruct the players to cause
vators across the country. In Bihar, West Bengal, Tamil Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, a practicing doctor from the youth. self-harm, leading up to sui-
other words, 24.6 per cent of Nadu, Rajasthan, Punjab and Maharashtra and the poorer Gujarat, highlighting the need India is home to the largest cide. And it is because of this
the total workforce of over Odisha. Less developed States and agriculture-dominant for such a law. adolescent population in the that there has been a growing
481 million and 80 per cent of in the eastern region continue States, viz., The Bench of Chief Justice world. demand to ban this game.
the cultivators are small and to lag behind in private invest- Continued on Page 4 JS Khehar and Justice DY Continued on Page 4 Instances of children com-

4YZ_RdZ_TfcdZ`_ ABBbd__^acTabWPaa^fX]VcP[Tb^U;TUcQadcP[XcXTb
B0?=0B8=67Q :0==DA
:4A0;0 0_PacUa^\PccPRZbP]S\daSTab^UBP]VW villager dares to support the
RSS-BJP workers, he or she
2017 while he was sleeping at
his home.
she waiting for the justice.
What is worse that my
holding the picture of Ramid
close to her heart.

?C8Q ;47=4F34;78 n Gods Own Country, the ZPahPZPacPb2?8<RPSaTX]:TaP[PWPeT meets a same fate of Sangh
karykartas, they alleged.
While trying to hold back
tears, Vismaya said, I know
house is just one km away from
CM Pinarayi Vijayans house.
In Kadirur, a town with
Thalassery Taluk, CPI(M)

ndian border guards on

Left parties are resorting to
violence and intimi- U^aRTSeX[[PVTabc^Q^hR^cccWTXaUP\X[XTb Although families of RSS-
BJP workers are shaken up by
top police officials have pow-
ers to stop violence. I do not
Goons came in my house and
killed my son in front of me
workers chopped off the leg of
a woman when she came for-
Tuesday frustrated an
by Chinese soldiers to
dation against supporters of
Rashtriya Swayamsewak Sangh P]SWPeTQPaaTSbW^_ZTT_TabUa^\ spurt in Left brutalities, they
have resolved not to give up.
want anyone suffer like me.
Though Vismaya and her
and my grand-daughter, said
an inconsolable Narayani.
ward to save his sons Sajesh
and Sarosh who were brutally
enter Indian territory along the
banks of famous Pangong lake
(RSS) and Bharatiya Janata
Party (BJP) to protect their last bT[[X]VPacXR[Tb^USPX[h]TTSbc^cWT\ Family members of slain RSS
workers from Andalore
mother are depending on agri-
culture for their livelihood in
P Balakrishnan, the secre-
tary of BJP (Kerala), said
attacked by them. The attack-
ers chopped the leg of our
in Ladakh resulting in stone fortress. They have not only Santosh in Kannur to E Rajesh Dharmadam village of Kannur Narayanis son Rimid was mur- mother when she came to help
pelting that caused minor forced villagers to boycott town, a villager, pleading bulk of human hairs into wells in Trivandrum are firm in districts Thalassery Taluk, her dered by CPI(M) activists us, said one of the sons, who
injuries to people on both Sangh karyakartas and their anonymity, said, Hundreds of so that water cannot be used for their resolve to stick to their brother is studying in Shayam because his father was an active sur vived the murderous
sides, officials said. Soldiers of families, but also barred shop- houses of RSS/BJP supporters drinking purpose. In another ideology come what may. Lal College of Delhi University. worker of RSS. attempt.
the Peoples Liberation Army keepers from selling articles of were torched by the Red incident, CPI(M) workers Vismaya, the 13-year-old Narayani (60) of the My son came from Saudi All the victims of the Red
abortively tried to enter the daily needs to them, alleged brigade. Water sources were threw a vehicle into the well to daughter of slain RSS worker Pinarayi village (the village of Arabia on vacations. He was terror belong to SC/ST com-
Indian side in two areas RSS supporters in Kannur. destroyed to deny availability of pollute drinking water, the Santosh, wants to become an Chief Minister P Vijayan), who unaware of what was happen- munities and villagers in Kannur
Finger Four and Finger Five Narrating the Left atroci- drinking water to the families RSS worker added. IPS officer to put an end to lost both her husband and son ing at home. They (Marxists) and Payyanur are frightened to
twice between 6 am and 9 am. ties against RSS-BJP workers in of RSS-BJP supporters. Payyanur is a CPI(M)- political violence in Kerala. in Lefts brutalities, said she killed my son and hacked his cross the boundaries.
Detailed report on P4 Payyanur village near Kannur CPI(M) cadre threw a dominated village and if any Santosh was killed in January knows the accused well but still body into pieces, said Nayarani Continued on Page 4
=4F34;78kF43=4B30H k0D6DBC %! & RP_XcP[!

6_dfcVWcVVU`^W`ch`^V_+4>`_:5Rj =<2<Ph^a[Pd]RWTbcaTT
have to be given a second
chance to improve via an exam-
ination before they are
detained. The Bill will now be
placed in the Parliament for BC055A4?>AC4AQ =4F34;78
When the vector-borne orth Delhi Mayor Preety

BC055A4?>AC4AQ =4F34;78 such crime, the entire system

diseases have taken over the
entire country, Chief Minister
N Agarwal on Tuesday hoist-
ed national flag to mark the 71st
comes together to shield him," Arvind Kejriwal said the Delhi Independence Day at Civic
n order to tackle crime he added. Government would come out Center. On the occasion, Mayor
I against women, justice has to
be certain and swift, Delhi
In his 14-minute-long
address, Kejriwal said many
with a detailed plan to check
spread of dengue and chikun-
said she is proud to be an
Indian and we must remember
Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal countries, which got indepen- gunya, in the next 10 days. the value of our Independence
said on Tuesday, deploring dence after India, have raced Kejriwal said the by remembering the sacrifices
tendencies to shield sons of ahead in terms of develop- Government would take steps made by the freedom fighters to
politicians involved in such ment as they invested more in on war-footing to tackle the make India Independent. Mayor
cases. education. spread of vector-borne diseases. also administered the pledge of
While delivering his "We have been in He asked for the support cleanliness to all present that
Independence Day speech at Government for the last two from the people of Delhi. they would not throw garbage
Chhatrasal Stadium, Kejriwal years. I derive the greatest sat- Underlining that the people in the open and would also not
said Governments should isfaction from our work in the should extend their support in allow any other to do so.
ensure freedom for women education sector. We are in a eradicating Dengue and To mark the day, the Mayor
instead of imposing restrictions way bringing revolution in the Chikungunya from Delhi like also launched an ambitious
on them. "A politician's son, education sector. Poverty can they extended for the AAP's tree plantation drive to plant 1
guilty of such crimes, should be be eliminated if we sincerely 3T[WX2WXTU<X]XbcTa0aeX]S:TYaXfP[PSSaTbbTb_T^_[TSdaX]V8]ST_T]ST]RT3Ph famous odd-even scheme, lakh trees and shrubs in the
awarded double the punish- educate a generation," he said. RT[TQaPcX^]Pc2WWPcaPbP[BcPSXd\X]=Tf3T[WX AP]YP]3X\aXk?X^]TTa Kejriwal said: "In the next 10 area of North Delhi Municipal
ment as stipulated in statute Chief Minister said that the days, we will come out with a Corporation alone by planting
books, he said in the backdrop no-detention policy ruined the enmassThey appeared scrapping of the no-detention detailed plan to tackle dengue a tree in the complex of Civic commissioner of NMC Additional Commissioner
of the Chandigarh stalking education system while under- through open school in Class policy in schools till Class VIII. and chikungunya in Delhi. Centre. These trees will be Praveen Gupta also hoisted (Finance) Pankaj Kumar Singh;
case involving the son of lining that 60,000 students X and 60,000 students failed," An enabling provision will There is a need to act on a war- planted by August 23. "The the National flag at kamla Additional Commissioner
Haryana BJP chief Subhash who failed in Class X this year he said while addressing the be made in the Right of footing against these diseases." drive is aimed at creating bet- Nagar multi level automatic (engineering) SK Bhandari;
Barala. will be readmitted. gathering Children for Free and So far, 500 cases of dengue ter environment along with parking. Additional Commissioner
"The most important thing "Previous Governments "I assure all 60,000 students Compulsor y Education have been reported in the city. Swachchh Bharat Mission that Deputy Mayor Vijay (Revenue), Ms Renu Jag Dev;
in such cases is deterrence. introduced no-detention poli- who failed in Class X that they Amendment Bill which will The number of people affect- is to improve the cleanliness. Bhagat; leader of house former deputy speaker of Delhi
There should be certainty and cy till Class VIII. It ruined the will be readmitted and special allow states to detain students ed by malaria till August 12 this Hence, efforts will improve Jayender Dabas; Leader of Legislative Assembly Alok
swiftness when it comes to education system. When stu- classes will be held for them." in Class V and Class VIII if year has climbed to 385, while over all environments to make Opposition Rakesh Kumar; Kumar and other senior offi-
punishment. Now when a dents took their first exam in The Union Cabinet had they fail in the year-end exam. the figure for chikungunya the city worth living," she said. Additional Commissioner cials of the Corporations were
politician's son commits any Class IX they failed earlier this month approved the However, the students will stands at 283. Meanwhile, municipal (DEMS), Deepak Hastir; also present.


he much-awaited Gurugram
T Metropolitan Development
Authority (GMDA) has become
operational as Haryana Chief
Minister Manohar Lal Khattar
announced that Principal
Secretary of the Urban local
bodies department Anand
Mohan Sharan has been
appointed Chief Executive
Officer (CEO) of the GMDA in
addition to his present duties.
The Chief Minster made this
ing speech on the Independence
Day celebration in the millen-
nium city.
Khattar unfurled the Gurugram: Haryana Chief were fed up with the corrupt sys- Court and that he has asked
Tricolour and took salute from Minister Manohar Lal Khattar tem prevailing earlier," he said. the Supreme Court to increase
various contingents including has said efforts of his The Chief Minister the number of judges.
those of the Haryana Armed Government have led to effi- expressed gratitude to the peo- A letter has also been writ-
Police and the National Cadet cient governance and elimi- ple of the State for trusting him ten to the Chief Justice of the
Corps (NCC). nating corruption. "As a result and said he too has tried to take apex court to set up a separate
The GMDA is proposed as of concerted efforts made by steps to ensure overall develop- bench of the High Court in 8[[d\X]PcTS;Pg\X=PaPhP]<P]SXa1Xa[P<P]SXa^]cWT^RRPbX^]^U9P]\PbWcP\XRT[TQaPcX^]X]=Tf3T[WX^]CdTbSPh AP]YP]3X\aXk?X^]TTa
an integrated authority aimed at the present Government, the ment of at an accelerated pace. southern Haryana, the release

overall development of the city. winds of change are blowing He said the Government is said.
"The authority has been opera-
tional and now the funding for
and the people have seen results
in over 1,025 days," he said
emphasising on increasing
metro connectivity in the
On the issue of shortage of
doctors in Haryana, Khattar 86=>DP]]^d]RTb
the development work would be while addressing a gathering on National Capital Region said that 550 doctors had
completed with the coloration the 71st Independence Day. (NCR) lying in Haryana. already been recruited and they
of different agencies. The fund-
ing would be increased as per
He said with the adoption of
e-technology in the State, the
Meanwhile, Khattar also
pressed for setting up a sepa-
would soon join their duties.
He said that a scheme U^aTV^eTa]P]RT
requirement," the CM said. efficiency of the Government rate high court for the State in based on remote sensing was
The State Government may has increased and it has been the Punjab and Haryana High being prepared to make avail- BC055A4?>AC4AQ =4F34;78 said they received a call at was a camera installed in the
also, by notification, declare able to eliminate corruption. Court building in Chandigarh, able potable water to the resi- around 9 pm about a major helmet of Lakshay. Gazi and
any area falling within "Since the inception of the dividing the area in the ratio of dents of Gurgaon. 24-year-old businessman accident near Mandi House. Himanshu were ahead of New Delhi: The Indira Gandhi
Gurugram district to be the
Gurugram Metropolitan Area.
State, the recruitment in
Government jobs had been
60:40, an official release said.
The ratio of judges should
All street lights in the city
would be replaced with LEDs
A was killed when his super-
bike bumped into the wall of
"On reaching the spot, the
cops found that the injured
Lakshay, when they reached
near Mandi house metro sta-
National Open University
(IGNOU) on Tuesday
GMDA will also direct the infested with nepotism, cor- be 50:50 until the issue of a to reduce power consumption. Lady Irwin College near Mandi was shifted to LNJP hospital tion, an elderly person was announced a collaboration
local authority having juris- ruption, regionalism and court for Chandigarh An amount of C33 crore would House metro station on Monday by private ambulance. The crossing the road. Himanshu with the Ministry of Electronics
diction or the district magis- casteism, but now jobs are being Administration is settled, he be incurred on this project and night. Police said they pieced damaged bike was lying near who was allegedly over speed- and Information Technology
trate to remove any obstruction given on the basis of merit. Our said in the release. a Central Control Monitor has together the exact sequence of the footpath of Lady Irwin ing lost control, hit the wall of for preparing e-governance
or encroachment on the roads. Government has infused confi- The CM said the Haryana also been approved for the how the accident happened College gate at Sikandar road. Lady Irwin college. training videos.
The Gurugram Police will have dence among those youth who has had more cases in the High purpose, he said. BA through the CCTV camera Cops found lot of blood and Police said that passerby The decision to partner
to take, as immediately as may installed in the helmet of one of pieces of flesh scattered all helped the injured and rushed with the Ministry's National e-
be practicable, action in the aid for integrated and coordinated authority as may be necessary Assembly constituencies falling his friends who was injured. over the place. him to hospital. Senior police Governance Division (NeGD)
of the authority. planning, infrastructure devel- and prudent for the purpose. within notified area, Mayor According to police, Meanwhile, police received officers said the entire accident and Common Ser vices
The Authority aims to opment and provision of urban GMDA will monitor the and Deputy Mayor of MCG, Himanshu Bansal, a resident information from hospital that was recorded in the camera Network was announced after
develop a vision for the con- amenities, mobility manage- implementation of the annual Zila Parishad chairman, senior of Vivek Vihar, along with his one Himanshu was declared installed in the helmet of the varsity's Vice Chancellor
tinued, sustained and balanced ment, sustainable management plan of action for infrastructure officials of Town and County two friends Gazi and Lakshay brought dead. "On further Lakshay. Ravindra Kumar hoisted the
growth of the Gurugram of the urban environment, and development, mobility manage- Planning (TCP). Among local were heading on their respec- enquiry it was found that there Police said they have reg- national flag.
Metropolitan Area by provid- social, economic and industri- ment plan and the plan for sus- officials, Divisional tive super bikes Benelli TNT were three friends Gazi, istered a case under IPC 279 "IGNOU will be able to col-
ing quality of life and reason- al development. tainable management of the Commissioner, MCG 600i that is priced between C5 Lakshay and deceased and 304A at the Barakhamba laborate with NeGD to prepare
able standard of living to the Besides, it will take such urban environment and make Commissioner, Deputy and 6 lakh when they saw an Himanshu who came to CP Road police station. e-governance training videos.
residents through a generation measures or coordinate with such recommendations or pro- Commissioner, and elderly person crossing the and at around 8.45 pm and Himanshu, the deceased and NeGD will be providing all the
of employment opportunities. the Central Government, the vide such advice as it may decide. Commissioner of police will be road. were returning on their respec- his father own a utensil man- technical assistance required,"
It will also seek to provide State Government or the local MLAs representing part of the authority. A senior police officer tive bikes in full speed. There ufacturing factory at Jhilmil. Kumar said in a release. BA

8aXbWc^daXbcSTcPX]TSfXcW 8]bcTPS^Ub_aTPSX]VPfPaT]TbbPQ^dc 7QT[QbYQ^^_e^SUccXYVdY^W_V

ST]VdTRWXZd]Vd]XhP:TYaXfP[dbX]V ;XUb[Y4Qe\Qd_\\RUi_^T=Q^UcQb
bPcT[[XcT_W^]TPc8680 W^PaSX]VbU^abT[U_a^\^cX^])19?
B>DE8:<8CA0Q =4F34;78 Airport Sanjay Bhatia told The where there is no connectivity, /DXQFKHV+LJKZD\ southern peripheral road. The Minister also inaugu-
Pioneer. said the police officer. BC055A4?>AC4AQ =4F34;78 said, adding, "Delhi Gadkari and Haryana rated a two-lane underpass
S(IGI)ecurity personnel at the
Indira Gandhi International
airport went into a tizzy
The accused was produced
before a Delhi court to pay fine
as is the norm in such cases. A
Investigations into the
Mumbai terror attacks in 2008
had revealed that terrorists E xpressing concern over
rising numbers of vector-
Government hospitals, till
date, are not prepared to meet
any situation of medical con- ?0AE4B7B70A<0Q
Chief Minister Manohar Lal
Khattar inaugurated two
National Highway projects and
from Chaudhary Baktawar
Singh Road towards Delhi near
Rajiv Chowk which will cost an
when a 28-year-old Kalandra under section 6 of the used both satellite and cellu- borne diseases in the nation- tingency as witnessed in past 6DAD6A0< also laid the foundation stone estimated C30 crore.
Irish national was Indian Wireless Act was lar phones to coordinate the al Capital, Delhi BJP president two years." of the 5.5 km six-lane elevated Meanwhile, the elevated
detained at the Airport registered as a diary entry operation and carry out the Manoj Tiwari on Tuesday He further said that our n a big relief for industries in road on the Gurugram-Alwar road will start at Subhash
on August 14, a day
before the
in the IGI Domestic
Airport Police station
deadly attacks in which 200
people were killed.
said it is sad that rather than
using the hoardings for
party workers made surprise
checks and found that apart
Manesar and commuters,
Road Transport and
Highway connecting Rajiv
Chowk with Sohna.
Chowk and go beyond
Badshapur village on the
Independence Day against the accused. A satellite phone, popular- awareness on dengue and from the LNJP hospital most Highways Minister Nitin The entire cost of the pro- Gurugram-Alwar highway, also
with a satellite phone, The official said ly known as the sat phone, is a chikunguniya, Chief Minister Delhi Government hospitals Gadkari, who was in Gurugram ject including construction of known as National Highway
a device which is pro- the accused was not mobile phone which uses satel- Arvind Kejriwal is using them are not well equipped to launch highway projects, the elevated road and road 248 A. Once complete, it will
hibited in India and aware that satellite lites, not landline or cellular for his own political promo- with dedicated fever clinics announced on Tuesday that widening till Alwar would be ensure a hassle-free ride to
can be used by ter- phones are not broadcasting towers, to make tions. for dengue and the Kherki Daula toll plaza will around C1,700 crores. commuters on this busy stretch
rorists, police allowed, except on or receive calls. "What further hurts is chikunguniya. be shifted eight km beyond The Minister inaugurated of 23-km-long Sohna road.
said on Tuesday. special permission, in While making or receiving that Kejriwal Government "The situation at the GTB Manesar within three months. a four-lane flyover at Maharana The move will especially
"Since satel- India. a call, the signal first travels to continues to play dirty poli- Hospital, the largest in East If this happens, it will make Pratap Chowk on Mahrauli- benefit Sectors 33, 66 and 67,
lite phones are " He got the satellite phone the orbiting satellite and then to tics of delaying proper finan- Delhi, is pathetic as patients the entire stretch from Delhi to Gurugram Road and an eight- Islampur, Badshahpur, Bhondsi,
prohibited in India, we took with him in order to keep in an earth-bound gateway, before cial support to the MCDs of dengue are being kept in the Manesar industrial area lane flyover at Hero Honda Jharsa, Sohna and Fazilpur. The
action against the accused iden- touch with his relatives and to being routed to the receiver. which have to employ normal wards," he said fur- toll-free. It will also benefit Chowk on NH-48. corridor will also benefit the
tified as Pattrick O Connor He use internet in places where The receiver's response will Domestic Breeding Checkers ther. "Delhi BJP believes that lakhs of people who are in the The project cost of the two commuters going to Sohna or
had come to India to visit Leh there is no connectivity. The follow the same path in reverse, (DBC) and ensure sanitation the Health Department of process of or are moving into flyovers is estimated to be Nuh, Palwal or Alwar, who now
Ladakh," Deputy phone can be used during taking an equal amount of time thus adversely affecting the Delhi has totally failed the cit- Gurugram's new sectors around C34 crore and C95 crore have to face heavy traffic jam on
Commissioner of Police, IGI, trekking or at high altitudes to reach the caller. ground performance," Tiwari izens of Delhi," he added. Dwarka Expressway and the respectively. this stretch during peak hours.



=4F34;78kF43=4B30H k0D6DBC %! & RP_XcP["

BC055A4?>AC4AQ =4F34;78 very tired as we had come to the
Red Fort at 4 am to perform at B834;867C>524A4<>=H0CA435>AC
he 71st Independence Day the event, but after meeting him
T at the iconic Red Fort left an
indelible mark on the minds of
(Modi), the weariness all van-
ished. Everyone jostled towards
Y FT\XVWcWPeTVa^f]d_X]
Y CWTaTXb]^`dTbcX^]^UQTX]V
QP]*\^aTcWP]C &$[PZWRa
the people who came to witness the end to meet and greet him, \^eTPWTPSfXcWR^]UXST]RT* cTaa^aXbcb)?<<^SX d]STabRadcX]h*C![PZWRa
the spectacular programme. but I felt I was lucky," said cWTaTXb]^a^^\U^aRWP[cP Y 3T\^]TcXbPcX^]WPbWT[_TS Q[PRZ\^]ThWPbaTPRWTS
The two hour impressive cere- Muskan, with a smile. WPXPccXcdST)?<<^SX RWTRZR^aad_cX^])?< QP]Zb)?<
mony included almost an hour Children from various Y =PcX^]P[bTRdaXchXb^da Y 8]SXPPRWXTeTSaTR^aSRa^_ Y 3T\^]TcXbPcX^]WPbWT[_TS
long speech by Prime Minister schools in Delhi had formed a _aX^aXch*fTPaTRP_PQ[T _a^SdRcX^]STb_XcT]PcdaP[ QaX]VQ[PRZ\^]ThX]c^U^a\P[
Narendra Modi, where he 'Bharat' formation in Hindi in ^USTUT]SX]V^daR^d]cahX]P[[ RP[P\XcXTb*_a^SdRcX^]^U TR^]^\h)?<
spoke at length about the issues front of the 17th century fort, for b_WTaTbC'RaQT]P\X _d[bTbbPfPaTR^aSV^ec Y 0UcTa]^cTQP]"[PZWbWT[[
affecting the common man, which they said, they had prac- _a^_TachbTXiTSQhcWT Q^dVWc %[PZWc^])?< R^\_P]XTbfTaTSTcTRcTS*
well coordinated march past by ticed quite a lot in the last two 6^eTa]\T]c)<^SX &$[PZWbWT[[R^\_P]XTb
Y 1h! (((XaaXVPcX^]
the armed forces of the nation, weeks. A few children had also Y 6BCa^[[^dcfPbPbdRRTbbUd[ WPeTQTT]bWdc)?<
march past by the school chil- come to the venue dressed up as cTRW]^[^Vh\XaPR[T)?aX\T <^SX Y AT\^eP[^URWTRZ_^bcbPUcTa
dren and the National Cadet young Lord Krishna, as the day <X]XbcTa
Y ?aPSWP]<P]caX<dSaPH^YP]P X\_[T\T]cPcX^]^U6BCWPb
Corps (NCC) students. coincided with Janmashtami.
Y 6BCWPbbW^f]cWTb_XaXc^U WPbWT[_TSRa^aTb^Uh^dcW RdccX\TU^acaP]b_^acX]V
Right from talking about Modi greeted them too R^^_TaPcXeTUTSTaP[Xb\)<^SX V^^SbQh"_R)?<
the issue of terror, the situation ?aX\T<X]XbcTa=PaT]SaP<^SXX]cTaPRcbfXcWRWX[SaT]PUcTaPSSaTbbX]VcWT]PcX^]Ua^\cWTaP\_Pacb^UATS5^acX]=Tf3T[WX and interacted with other chil- QTR^\TbT[UaT[XP]c)?<
in the strife stricken Kashmir, ^]cWT^RRPbX^]^U& bc8]ST_T]ST]RT3Ph^]CdTbSPh ?C8 dren, when more students Y 0Q^dc]X]TRa^aTUPa\Tab Y 0]Pc\^b_WTaTWPbQTT] Y ?<bcaTbbTb^]SXVXcP[
Gorakhpur tragedy where over started gathering around him. WPeTV^cb^X[WTP[cWRPaSbP]S RaTPcTSPVPX]bccaX_[TcP[P`) _Ph\T]cbc^\^eTc^fPaSb
60 children lost their lives due With Krishna Janamashtami tions. After delivering a nearly this year was far too over- The crowd soon swelled to a \^aTcWP]!$Ra^aT_^^a ?<<^SX [TbbRPbWTR^]^\h*bPhb
to medical negligence, One coinciding with the hour-long speech from the whelming as they jostled to huge mass of children, who f^\T]WPeTV^c;?6VPb cWTaTfPb"#_RX]RaTPbTX]
R^]]TRcX^]b)?<<^SX Y EX^[T]RTX]cWT]P\T^UUPXcW SXVXcP[_Ph\T]cbX][Pbc^]T
Rank One Pension scheme and Independence Day this year, ramparts of the iconic monu- catch a glimpse of the Prime hankered to shake hands with Xb]^cPRRT_cPQ[T)bPhb?<
its positive impact on the sol- hundreds of thousands of men, ment, he waved to the crowd Minister or shake hands with him, prompting Modi's special Y FTPaTR^\\XccTSc^ hTPa
diers, demonitisation and its women and children thronged and moved to his motorcade for him. 12-year-old Khushi security team to step in. aTbc^aX]V:PbW\XabbcPcdb^U R^\\d]P[Xb\Pb_^Xb^] Y 0bPaTbd[c^UUXVWcPVPX]bc
success, GST roll out, the Prime to the Walled City to hear the departure. But, on his way out, Sharma, a Class VII student And, even, as Modi tried to WTPeT]^]TPacW)<^SX Q[PRZ\^]ThcWT]d\QTa^U
Minister with his speech catered Prime Minister's speech. Modi halted it and broke from was on cloud nine after shak- walk back to his car, the over- Y C !$[PZWRa^aT^U cW^bTfW^UX[TSX]R^\TcPg
Y :PbW\Xa_a^Q[T\RP]]^cQT Q[PRZ\^]ThWPbQTT]
to the needs of one and all. Prime Minister Narendra the security cover to enter an ing hands with him. enthusiastic crowd continued aTb^[eTSQhQd[[Tcb^aPQdbTb cWXbhTPafPb$%[PZW\^aT
With the sky gods favour- Modi left literally overwhelmed enclosure where children wel- "He (PM) told us that we to swamp the PM, even as he STcTRcTS)?< cWP]S^dQ[TcWT]d\QTa[Pbc
ing the national Capital, the by the response he received comed him with loud cheers. girls should focus on education obliged the doting children :PbW\Xa)?< Y C"[PZWRaWPbR^\Tc^ hTPa)?<
aura at the Red Fort was from the children at the Red While Modi had last year and do well in life," an overjoyed with warm smile and gestures.
marked with cheers and smil- Fort after he ventured forth to also moved out of his security Khushi said. Muskan, 12, also Eventually, the Prime move back to his car, after no untoward incident military forces had secured
ing faces of the tiny tots who greet them during the cordon to greet children, the couldn't believe she had met the Minister got some relief from which the motorcade sped away. occurred, Delhi Police along every nook and corner of the
came dressed up as Krishna. Independence Day celebra- response from the students PM of the country. "We were the crowd, allowing him to Meanwhile, to ensure that with contingencies of para- Red Fort.

>`UZhcRadfadaVVTYZ_ 6^ecf^aZX]V
&'^Z_deYVdY`ceVde Tg_T]SXcdaT^]
BC055A4?>AC4AQ =4F34;78
BC055A4?>AC4AQ =4F34;78 BC055A4?>AC4AQ =4F34;78 Mohan (Lord Krishna) to
aving made a record of charkha propagated by anoth-
H delivering the longest
Independence Day speech last A fter the recent move to put here were several points
a cap on the price of coro- Tmade by Prime Minster
er 'Mohan' Mohandas
Karamchand Gandhi.
year, Prime Minister Narendra nary stents, the Government is Narendra Modi during his Modi said January one is
Modi delivered his shortest working on measures to bring Independence Day address no ordinary day. On January
speech from the ramparts of down the expenditure on knee from the Red Fort on Tuesday. one every year, young Indians ?aX\T<X]XbcTa=PaT]SaP<^SXX]cTaPRcbfXcWRWX[SaT]SaTbbTSd_Pb;^aS:aXbW]P
the historic Red Fort this year. surgeries, Prime Minister Referring to children dressed as become eligible to vote as this PUcTaPSSaTbbX]VcWT]PcX^]Ua^\cWTaP\_Pacb^UATS5^acX]=Tf3T[WX^]cWT
Modi spoke for 56 minutes, Narendra Modi said while 'bal Krishnas' at the Red Fort, day has been listed out by the ^RRPbX^]^U& bc8]ST_T]ST]RT3Ph^]CdTbSPh ?C8
his shortest Independence Day addressing the nation from Prime Minister Modi pointed Election Commission to regis-
speech in four years. Last year, the ramparts of the Red Fort. at the rich historical legacy of ter those who have turn 18 as eligible voters next year. honesty. He said aadhaar is one
he had spoken for 96 minutes, In his Independence Day the country in which there is a voters. He said those born on He said using technology, such step to usher in more
the longest ever Independence speech from the ramparts of 'sudarshan chakra' armed January 1, 2000 while become his government is pushing for transparency.
Day address by an Indian the Red Fort here, he said
Prime Minister. cheap medicines, being made
India's first Prime Minister available through 'Jan Aushadhi
Jawaharlal Nehru spoke for 72 Kendras' have been a blessing
minutes in 1947 which was till ?aX\T<X]XbcTa=PaT]SaP<^SXPSSaTbbX]VcWT]PcX^]Ua^\cWTaP\_Pacb^UcWT for the poor.
2015 the longest ever speech WXbc^aXRATS5^ac^]cWT^RRPbX^]^UcWT& bc8]ST_T]ST]RT3PhX]=Tf3T[WX^] "The expenditure on con-
from the Red Fort. CdTbSPh ?C8 ducting operations, on stents
In his radio address 'Mann have gone down in our coun-
Ki Baat' last month, Modi said Manmohan Singh, who deliv- Modi's party colleague and try. In the coming days, all
he had received letters from ered 10 speeches over his long the first BJP Prime Minister facilities for carrying out knee
people complaining that his tenure at the helm, stuck to the Atal Bihari Vajpayee spoke for operations will also be made
Independence Day speeches 50- minute mark in his 30-35 minutes in his available. "It is our endeavour
were "a little too long" and Independence Day speeches. Independence Day addresses. that such expenses for the poor
promised to make a shorter While he delivered speech- On August 2002, he deliv- and the middle class goes down
speech. es that lasted 50 minutes only ered a speech that lasted 25 and we are taking steps for
Prime Minister Modi on two occasions -- 2005 and minutes, while in 2003 he gave that," he said.
spoke for over 65 minutes in 2006, during remaining eight a 30-minute address from the The Government on
2014 and 86 minutes in 2015. years, his speech ranged from historic 17th century Mughal February 13 slashed by up to 85
Modi's predecessor 32 to 45 minutes. monument. per cent the prices of life-sav-
ing coronary stents, tiny metal
tubes inserted into the nar-

rowed coronary arteries, a
move which has provided relief
to lakhs of cardiac patients.
BC055A4?>AC4AQ =4F34;78 senior ministers, top Modi further said that the
bureaucrats, foreign Government has now decided
black kite that landed dignitaries and com- to make dialysis facilities, which
A below the podium at the
Red Fort, created a mild flut-
mon people during
the prime minister's
were earlier available only at the
state headquarters, would be
ter while Prime Minister address. made available in each district
Narendra Modi was addressing Hordes of people centres of the country.
the nation to mark the 71st who reached the Red He said that the facility has
Independence Day Fort to attend the been made available at 350 -400
celebrations. Independence Day districts. The Prime Minister
Although there was no dis- function were also spoke about the amended
turbance with the kite landing screened and frisked maternity benefit law under
as the Prime Minister contin- by security personnel. which paid leave have been
ued his speech unfazed. It was Police and para- extended to 26 weeks from the
happened around the time military personnel earlier 12.
when the PM was about to con- were deployed along Speaking about the
clude his 56-minute speech. the roads leading to achievements in the education
The city was put under an the Red Fort even as sector, Modi said that the
unprecedented ground-to- air the areas were cov- Government's plan to set up 20
security cover in view of the ered with hundreds of world-class universities was a
twin occasions of CCTV cameras to crucial step.
Independence Day and watch over suspects 0Q[PRZZXcT[P]Sb]TPacWT_^SXd\fWX[T?aX\T "We have taken an impor-
Janmashtami festival. and any abnormal <X]XbcTa=PaT]SaP<^SXPSSaTbbTb]PcX^]SdaX]VcWT tant step in the education sec-
Thousands of security per- movement. & bc8]ST_T]ST]RT3PhUd]RcX^]PccWTWXbc^aXRATS tor of creating 20 world-class
sonnel, including 9,100 per- Barricades were 5^acX]=Tf3T[WX^]CdTbSPh ?C8 universities. The Government
sonnel from the Delhi Police, put up at various will not interfere in their func-
had been deployed in and places where armed police sonnel allowed only autho- tioning and also ready to pro-
around the historic Mughal fort and paramilitary personnel rised vehicles to head towards vide them monetary help of
which saw the presence of kept a strict vigil. Traffic per- the venue. upto C1,000 crore.

?C8Q =4F34;78 ty at the 17-century iconic was at one point seen frolick- paramilitary forces too had
monument, from where Prime ing with his trainer. put their dogs into service. Rex,
hree-year-old Maru had a Minister Narendra Modi "They are fed vegetarian a 10-year-old dog attached to
T tiring day at the Red Fort
on Tuesday but that did not
addressed the nation.
"He has been here at the
and non-vegetarian food. They
eat fruits, vegetable and rice in
the Indo-Tibetan Border Police
(ITBP), was among those
stop him from dutifully spring- Red Fort since 1 am, so has got the morning and meat in the guarding the venue.
ing up when the National tired," said Maru's trainer, who evening. Diet is very important "We either take in dogs
Anthem played. accompanied him to the to keep them fit," the trainer when they are six-to-nine

The fawn-coloured Mughal-era fort. said. months old and then train
Labrador was on its four feet During the course of the A senior police official said them or we get them from the
or paws the moment his celebrations, which began at the Delhi Police has 60-70 Army Veterinary Corps in
trainer stood at attention as the around 7.30 am, Maru and two dogs in service at present. Meerut, where dogs undergo a
anthem played to mark the 70th other Labradors were seen "About 40-43 are sniffer dogs training for 15 months or so,"
anniversary of India's inde- slouching below the chairs and 15 of them trackers. About the police official said.
pendence. He kept an eye on his kept on the front lawns in the 20 canines were deployed at the During the 2010
trainer, relaxing only when the audience section, clearly tired Red Fort today, while the rest Commonwealth Games, 110
policeman by his side did so. after hours of hard work, sniff- were stationed at public places dogs were on duty, he said.
Maru was among the 20- ing around for danger. such as stations and markets," Besides Labradors, the Delhi
odd dogs put into service by the Maru's canine colleague, he said. Police also has German
Delhi Police to ensure securi- Mahan, also three in dog years, Besides the Delhi Police, Shepherds and other breeds.
=4F34;78kF43=4B30H k0D6DBC %! & ]PcX^]#


Z_TfcdZ`_SZUdZ_=RUR\Y 30
.DVKPLU ?4>?;4B;814A0C8>=
?C8Q ;47=4F34;78 officials said. ?C8Q 4C0F07D?

ndian border guards on

0A<H?;0B>;384AB China had constructed a
road up to Finger Four which he countr y faces the ?=BQ =4F34;78 Parcel godown for about two
I Tuesday frustrated an
attempt by Chinese soldiers to
falls under Siri Jap area and is
five km deep into the LAC. from all other states," he said,
T "biggest" threat from
China, former defence minis- n a rare defiance of the
"They come under the sen-
enter Indian territory along the 0A40B58=64A5>DA Earlier, the Chinese patrols ?C8 Q BA8=060A referring to the row over Article ter Mulayam Singh Yadav on Iorders,
Government's transfer sitive commercial department.
banks of famous Pangong lake 0=358=64A58E4 used to come frequently from 35A, which provides special Tuesday said, claiming that it two railway personnel Both of them have been there
in Ladakh resulting in stone CF82414CF44=%0< the northern and southern pposition National rights to the citizens of J-K, of the is plotting to attack India in posted at the crucial parcel for over several years which is
pelting that caused minor
injuries to people on both 0=3(0<
banks of this lake, whose 45 km
stretch is on the Indian side
O Conference (NC) working
president Omar Abdullah on
Constitution.Moderate Hurriyat
Conference chairman Mirwaiz
collaboration with Pakistan.
"There are a number of
godown at the New Delhi
Railway Station have expressed
not fair. This needs to be inves-
tigated properly as every time
sides, officials said. while 90 km is on the Chinese Tuesday said Prime Minister Umar Farooq also joined the threats before the country but their reluctance to join their transfer orders were issued to
Soldiers of the People's positions. side. Narendra Modi's words for Kashmir-based parties in wel- the biggest threat is from new postings at Old Delhi them they used their railway
Liberation Army (PLA) tried to An Army spokesman in Indian forces are now Kashmir in his Independence coming PM Modi's statement, China...It is continuously Railway Station. employees' union clout to put
enter the Indian side in two New Delhi declined to com- armed with high-speed inter- Day speech have been received saying if humanity and justice encroaching on our land and The duo has been in the them on hold. Most of us have
areas--Finger Four and Finger ment on the incident which ceptor boats, bought from the very well by the replace bullets is planning to attack but is not present posting for over 15 now brought this o the notice
Five-- twice between 6 am and
9 am. But on both the occa-
came amid continued stand-off
between the armies of the two
US, which can accommodate
nearly 15 soldiers and are
people in the val-
ley, but they 830H<4BB064 and abuses, res-
olution of
able to advance because of our
army," he said at a function
years leading to a section of the
departmental staff approaching
of the Delhi Division
Commercial Department but
sions their attempts were countries at Doklam in Sikkim. equipped with radars, infra-red should be followed by action. Kashmir issue can become a real- here. the Railway Ministry com- still no action is being taken
thwarted by alert Indian troops, Chinese troops had man- and GPS systems. "PM Modi's words for ity."Welcome @narendramodi "China is preparing to plaining against the erring per- against them. There is a huge
they said.After Chinese troop- aged to enter upto Finger Four These boats are said to be Kashmir have been very well also believes Goli (bullets) and attack India in collaboration sonnel, who have the backing unrest among the employees,"
ers found their path blocked by area in the region from where as good as Chinese vessels and received by the people here but gaali (abuses) will not help with Pakistan. This collabora- of the railway unions. said a senior member of the
Indian soldiers who formed a they were sent back. This area are used to conduct recon- everyone here is weary of yet resolve Kashmir if insaniyat tion of China and Pakistan is The Delhi Divisional Commercial Department.
human chain, they began hurl- has been a bone of contention naissance and area domination more talk and (and) no concrete (humanity) and (and) insaaf dangerous for us...This matter Railway Manager (DRM) office When a senior railway
ing stones, prompting a swift between India and China as patrols. action," he wrote on Twitter."The (justice) replace them Resolution should be taken seriously," the had issued transfer orders to ministry official was asked
retaliation by Indian border both claim it to be a part of The situation along the proof of the pudding is in the eat- can become a Reality," he wrote Samajwadi Party patriarch Parcel Supervisor Rajesh about the matter, he said that
guards. their territory. banks of the lake has always ing. We look forward to being on Twitter. said. Chaddha and Senior this particular case will be
Personnel from both sides When the Indian side remained volatile with Chinese embraced in the warm grip of Abdullah also took a dig at Referring to the contribu- Commercial Clerk PN Singh examined and the DRM will be
received minor injuries and the staked claim to the area during troops being intercepted by understanding, acceptance and news channels, asking that with- tion of Lohia, JP and other along with five others on June asked for his comments. "This
situation was brought under negotiations in late 1990s, the Indian Army patrol several respect," the former J-K Chief out the goli (bullets) and the socialist leaders in the freedom 21, 2017. Barring Chaddha is surprising. It is now almost
control after the customary Chinese army constructed a times after the three-week long Minister said."That respect must gaali (abuses) what would hap- struggle, the SP founder said and Singh who have declined two months and they have
banner drill under which both metal-top road and insisted it stand-off in the Depsang plains include respect for the unique pen to the TV news studios that people have faith in the social- to take up their new assign- defied the transfer orders. This
sides hold banners before step- was part of Aksai Chin, which of Daulat Beg Oldie (DBO) in status J&K enjoys within the con- specialise in deploying these ists and they need to raise their ments, all others have joined is a serious lapse on the part of
ping back to their respective is under the latter's control, May 2013. stitution of India that sets it apart weapons against all Kashmiris? voice against injustice. their postings. our Delhi Division adminis-
According to the rules, tration, especially, against the

=Y^_bWYb\bQ`UT 3P[XcbcWaPbWTSU^a
there has to be a mandatory backdrop of Railway Minister's

8]SXP4Vh_cbd__^ac periodical transfer of govern-

ment officials and staff in five
years but Chaddha and Singh
zero tolerance to such issues of
irregularities which includes
corruption," said the Ministry


have been at the New Delhi official.

`Qb[_^94Qi RaT\Pc^aXd\X]6dYPaPc U^aD=4B2>829 ?C8Q 208A> said.
?C8 Q 270=3860A7 medical examination was con- ?C8Q 07<430103 dead cattle. At the same time, ?C8Q 7098?DA the police about the incident,
ducted, the officer said. In his complaint lodged gypt supports India's Shoukry said that Egypt sup- Mandal said.

A minor girl on her way to

attend the Independence
Asked about the girl's con-
dition, he said, "She is stable but A Dalit man and his mother
were thrashed allegedly by a
with the Sojitra police, the vic-
tim alleged that around 15 men,
E Dalveer Bhandari as judge
of the International Court of
ports Bhandari, who has been
nominated by India as its
uspected RJD supporters
today attacked the car of
Superintendent of Police of
Vaishali Rakesh Kumar said he
Day function in her school on traumatised".The girl narrated group of 15 men for skinning a all from Kasor, stormed into his Justice (ICJ), while New Delhi candidate for another nine- Chief Minister Sushil is rushing to the spot.
Tuesday was allegedly abduct- the incident to her parents fol- dead cow near a crematorium at residence on Saturday night and will back Cairo's nominee to year term as judge of the ICJ, Kumar Modi near Kala Pahar The incident took place a
ed and raped by a man in a city lowing which the police was a village in Anand district of started verbally abusing him the UNESCO's Director- it added. village in Bihar's Vaishali dis- few minutes after RJD supremo
park here, the police said. informed and a case, including Gujarat, instead of the place and his mother by referring to General post, the Egyptian "India and Egypt have trict but he was not injured. Lalu Prasad's son and now the
"The 12-year-old girl was under the provisions of the where cattle are disposed of, their caste. The mob allegedly Foreign Ministry has said. always had a very good coop- Officer in-charge of Leader of Opposition Tejaswi
crossing the children's traffic POCSO Act, was registered police said on Tuesday. thrashed the duo and threatened In a statement, the eration in international fora," Bidupur police station Ritesh Prasad Yadav's carcade rpt car-
park, located in the heart of the against the accused, who is at The incident took place them with dire consequences, Ministry said Foreign Minister India's Ambassador to Egypt Mandal said that some uniden- cade had passed through the
city, around 8.15 am when she large, he added."We have almost a year after four Dalit Deputy Superintendent of Police, Sameh Shoukry received a Sanjay Bhattacharyya told PTI tified persons threw stones on area to Samastipur to launch
was abducted by the man, aged rounded up some suspects and men were allegedly beaten up Khambhat division, D D Damor phone call on Sunday from his today. Sushil Modi's car when he was the second stage of his pro-
around 40 years, and sexually they are being questioned. by cow vigilantes at Una in Gir- said. Indian counterpart Sushma "We found that the candi- on way to the village on gramme against disintegration
assaulted," Eish Singhal, offici- Further probe is under Somnath. According to the FIR "It all started on August 11, Swaraj and the two leaders dis- dature of Khattab is a very Tuesday evening. of the Grand Alliance govern-
ating Senior Superintendent of progress," Singhal said.The lodged on Monday in connec- when the victim brought a dead cussed bilateral relations and attractive one. Both, the can- Preliminary information ment from tomorrow.
Police of Chandigarh, told police, he said, was also trying tion with the incident that took cow for skinning from a nearby means of international coordi- didature Khattab for the suggest some minor damage to The area is a strong-hold of
reporters this evening.The area to get the footage from the place in Kasor village of Sojitra village. Instead of the designat- nation. UNESCO and of Bhandari for the car but there was no injury the RJD, whose members are
where the crime took place in the CCTV cameras from the near- taluka, around 15 men from ed place, he started skinning it During the call, Swaraj the ICJ are having mutual sup- to Sushil Modi who proceeded particularly angry with Sushil
park has thick growth of grass by area to identify the accused. Rajput community thrashed the near the crematorium. When informed Soukry that India port," the ambassador said. on his onward journey to Modi for levelling a series of
and bushes.The girl, a student of Earlier, there were reports 22- year-old man and his 45- some locals raised the issue with supports the Egyptian nominee The UNESCO and ICJ attend the funeral rites of the allegations of corruption
Class 8 of a Government school, the incident took place when year-old mother on Saturday the sarpanch, he asked the vic- Ambassador Moushira Khattab elections will be held in mother of BJP ex-MLA against Lalu Prasad and his
was taken to a Government the girl was returning home night, while accusing them of tim to take the cow at the allot- to the UNESCOs Director- October and November respec- Achutanand Singh. family and the incident appears
hospital in Sector 16 where her from school. defying the rules for skinning the ted place," he said. General post, the statement tively. His escort party informed to be a fallout of this.

?`eSjX`]Z`cXRR]ZSfeV^ScRTV+A>d^R_ecR 2T]caTPbZb 33aTUdbTSc^Qa^PSRPbcCaX_daP 3XGXFKHUU\

From Page 1
and lauded the women
fighting the practice of triple
"I pay my regards to the
women who had to lead a
pitiable life due to 'triple talaq'.
against the practice," said the
PM said. The Centre has said
that it is against the practice of X]cTa]Tc 2<b_TTRWP[[TVTb2?< VWD\DZD\IURP
talaq and said the entire coun- They have started a movement triple talaq. The matter is under ?C8Q =4F34;78 Radio.
try is with them in their which has created an environ- consideration of a constitution From Page 1 Class V student from killing "Doordarshan Refuses to
endeavour to get their rights. ment in the entire country bench of the Supreme Court. Gandhi's letter said the himself, and Pune Police res- he CPI(M) on Tuesday Broadcast Tripura CM Manik
game is believed to have per- cued a boy who was reported- T alleged that Doordarshan Sarkar's Speech. Is this the ,'D\UHFHSWLRQ
LQFRPH suaded some 100 children and
young adults to kill themselves
in the US, China and other
ly on his way to complete the
challenge. Former Manipur
Minister's son, who committed
refused to broadcast Tripura
Chief Minister Manik Sarkar's
speech and said it would fight
Cooperative Federalism that
PM Modi Talks About?
Shame!" the CPI (M)'s official
?C8 Q ?D3D274AAH

From Page 1 tered holdings do not allow increased from C96,703 in countries. Kerala Chief suicide in Delhi two days ago, this "undeclared Emergency". Twitter handle said, without uducherry Lt Governor
Jammu &Kashmir, Bihar,
Uttar Pradesh, and Madhya
better utilisation of farm
resources and technology
2015-16 to C2,19,724 in 2022-
23 (current prices). "The share
Minister Pinarayi Vijayan also
wrote to Prime Minister
might be a victim of the game.
On July 26, a student from
CPI(M) general secretary
Sitaram Yechur y said
mentioning the speech of the
prime minister but believed to
P Kiran Bedi was on Tuesday
snubbed by political func-
Pradesh, at close to C100 billion adoption by the farmers as a of income derived from crop Narendra Modi last week ask- Vilapilasala near allegedly com- Doordarshan was "not the pri- be his Independence Day tionaries, including the ruling
in each. result reduces the productivi- cultivation is relatively higher ing the Centre to ban the mitted suicide by hanging him- vate property" of the BJP-RSS address. Congress, its ally DMK and
"Between 1995-96 and ty," the report said. in Punjab, Har yana, online game. self at his house in Kerala. The and accused Prime Minister Tagging the tweet, Yechury opposition AIADMK who
2010-11, the average farm size "As many as 22.50 per cent Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, The lethal trend in the boy's mother has told a Narendra Modi of "instructing hit out at the central govern- remained absent at the cus-
declined from 1.41 hectares to of the farmers live below offi- Uttar Pradesh and country came to light when a Malayalam TV channel that his cronies to black out voices" ment saying the channel's tomary 'Independence Day At
1.15 hectares. Smallholders cial poverty line. India's yield Uttarakhand. The States with 14-year-old boy jumped from her son had downloaded the of the Opposition, including alleged refusal to air Sarkar's Home' reception hosted by her.
now cultivate 42 per cent of averages for most crops at low farmers' income are Jammu the fifth floor of a building in Blue Whale game in November that of an elected chief minis- speech was "illegal". Chief Minister V
operated land and constitute 83 global level do not compare & Kashmir, Tamil Nadu and Mumbai earlier this month. last. The Kerala police are ter. "PM can pay homilies to Narayanasamy, nominated BJP
per cent of total landholdings favourably. The costs of culti- West Bengal. The income from This is believed to be the first investigating the matter There were no immediate cooperative federalism while MLA and local unit party pres-
"This increase is most promi- vation are rising. The magni- farming of animals occupies case of Blue Whale game in the whether boy has committed reaction from the Prasar instructing his cronies to black ident, V Saminathan, were the
nent in the case of marginal tude of food loss and food larger share in Haryana, country. Last week, the staff of suicide while playing Blue Bharati, which runs out voices of the Opposition, only leaders who attended the
and small farms. However, a waste is alarming. The markets Gujarat, Odisha, Jharkhand a Dehradun school stopped a Whale game. Doordarshan and All India including an elected CM. reception.The virtual boycott
decline in the number of hold- do not assure the farmer of and Andhra Pradesh. Kerala, by the political class, barring
ings with medium and large remunerative returns on his Chhattisgarh, Karnataka and the saffron party, comes in the
farms is noticed over the peri-
od which is a matter of con-
produce," the committee said.
The average income of the
West Bengal are on the bottom
in this category,"the report ?ZaZ_SfUdefUV_ed 69<fX[[]TeTaR^\_a^\XbT^] backdrop of differences
between Bedi and elected

cern. Fragmented and scat- farmer is targeted to be said. members over the Lt
Governor's style of function-
From Page 1 The Journal of Indian ing.Bedi was recently locked in
=^cTQP]Qa^dVWcC"; Ra^aTQ[PRZ\^]Th According to Youth in
India 2017, a report prepared
Association for Child and
Adolescent Mental Health in its ?C8Q 30A944;8=6F1 hills with the Gorkha
a tussle with the Puducherry
Government over appointment
by the Ministry of Statistics, October 2016 issue identified Janmukti Morcha and other and swearing-in of three nom-
From Page 1 said. payment" has registered an India has 242 million popula- roadblocks in addressing symp- ith the indefinite shut- parties taking out rallies with inated members of the assem-
They all will have to answer
questions on how they accu-
"You will be surprised to
know that there were 400 shell
impressive growth and there
has been 34 per cent increase
tion aged between 10 and 24
years, which is far beyond
toms of stress among school
children and they included
W down in Darjeeling hills
entering its 62nd day, GJM
the national flag.
Gurung himself hoisted a
In June last, the assembly
mulated such wealth," he said. companies that operated from in digital payments during last China's tally of 185 million "stringent school timings, lack chief Bimal Gurung on national flag during a cere- had adopted a resolution which
"Out of these, some 4.5 the same address. There was no one year. "We are working to young people. of awareness about adolescent Tuesday vowed that he will mony organised by the GJM. in effect sought to curb powers
lakh people have come out in enquiry and all of it was going bring transparency using tech- The report said as many as mental health, untrained pro- "never compromise" with the In a statement later, he of the Lt Governor with the
open and have approached the on in connivance (with offi- nology. We are fighting cor- 8,908 suicide cases were regis- fessionals at schools to deal demand for Gorkhaland and thanked everyone for their Chief Minister demanding that
authorities and have expressed cials). I embarked on a fight ruption - for the bright future tered among children aged with peer pressure, and lack of "continue the fight till it is support during the two- Bedi consult the elected
their desire to make amends. It against black money and cor- of India and the wellbeing of below 18 years in 2015. Family consent of parents to address achieved". month-long indefinite shut- Government on various issues.
has been also revealed that one ruption after I found this devi- our people," he said. problems and failure in exam- mental health issues". The Independence Day down and vowed to continue Besides Narayanasamy, the
lakh people had never paid ous way being employed by the "We are taking the nation ination led to 3,500 cases of sui- The report said when early was incident-free and cele- the fight till the Gorkhaland reception, hosted on the occa-
income tax," Modi said. black money hoarders," the on a new track of development. cide, followed by illness, love symptoms go unchecked it brated in various parts of the dream was achieved. sion of the 71st Independence
Enumerating several PM said. My Government is devoting affairs, etc. In close to 1,280 leads to depression, anxiety, Day in Raj Nivas, was attended

actions and initiatives taken by Modi said Government's significant attention to eastern cases, the reasons were emotional outbursts, high risk by French Consul General in
his Government to check the note ban decision has got Uttar Pradesh, eastern States of unknown. behaviour, school dropouts, Puducherry Catherine Suard,
flow of black money, the PM money into banks and banks Bihar, Assam, West Bengal, The National Mental running away from home and officials of various departments,
said the money that was hidden are now reducing their interest Odisha and North-East. These Health Survey 2015-16 point- suicidal ideations. The same From Page 1 ment of a RSS worker," said his Director General of Police S K
has been brought to the main- rates. "The common man is parts of the country have to ed out that prevalence of men- factors also lead to high rate of Not only the villages but father. Gautam and Chief Secretary
stream. getting money. Banks are lend- grow further. We want to cre- tal disorders and depression is suicides among adolescents the urban towns are also wit- "My son's sacrifice will Manoj Parida among
He said his Government ing to poor at lower interest ate an India where the poor more in urban metros as com- aged 14-16 years. nessing political violence in not go in vain. We will keep others.Bedi greeted the Chief
has closed over 1.75 lakh shell rates," he said. have a concrete house, elec- pared to rural areas. "Early India invests roughly 0.06 Kerala. On July 29, E Rajesh fighting against the terror of Minister on his arrival who after
companies that were being Asserting that GST has tricity and water. We want to recognition and intervention per cent of its health budget on was murdered in Trivandrum CPI(M)," said the father. staying for a while left the
used to hide back money. shown the spirit of cooperative create an India where farmers will help to realise favourable mental health and faces 87 allegedly by CPI(M) cadre. Despite the political mur- venue.Most of the ministers
"Those behind the hoarding of federalism, the PM said, "The do not have any worry and outcomes," the survey said, per cent shortage of mental He was stabbed 89 times. ders and intimidations by were away in outlying regions
black used to hide behind these implementation of Goods and sleep peacefully. An India identifying a wide range of health professionals. Experts Rajesh's father said his CPI(M), families of Sangh participating in the
shell companies, they have Services Tax (GST) that sub- where farmer gets double of mental health conditions believe that by introducing son was not involved in any workers' are determined to Independence Day celebrations,
been forced to run for cover. sumed over a dozen central and what he sows," Modi said amid among children such as depres- stress coping skills and health crime. "Rajesh was active contribute in every possible sources said.Saminathan said
The data mining post note state levies to weave India into a thunderous applause from sion, anxiety, tobacco, alcohol, education programmes in member of RSS since his way for the emergence of RSS two other nominated BJP mem-
ban has led the investigators to one market has been smooth." gathering at the historic Red suicidal ideation that required schools, a positive start can be school days. He even sold his and BJP as strong power in bers could not attend the recep-
over 3 lakh shell companies," he The PM said that "digital Fort. urgent intervention. made in this direction. wife's chain to help in a treat- Kerala. tion as they were out of the city.
=4F34;78kF43=4B30H k0D6DBC %! & ]PcX^]$
8=38024;41A0C4B8CB& BC8=34?4=34=2430H

?=B Q =4F34;78

C iting the example of how

the present President is a
erence of son of judges becom-
ing judges, the CJI recalled his
experience of meeting a young
impressive lawyer who
?=BQ =4F34;78 which will occur from Texas this friendship and mutual respect.
Dalit, a farmers son is Vice- turned down the offer of month, pledging that the US We have accumulated exten-
President while a tea vendor has becoming a judge because his ndias friends from near and would continue to be a reliable, sive experience of fruitful bilat-
achieved the unique distinction
of becoming the countrys
father was a judge.
Making his point, the CJI
far wished Prime Minister
Modi on the occa-
long-term supplier of energy.
Modi thanked Trump for his
eral cooperation in all areas
and coordination of efforts in
Prime Minister, Chief Justice of said, There are many wise sion of Independence Day. strong leadership uniting the tackling important regional
India JS Khehar on Tuesday children in this country. They While Russian President world against the North Korean and global issues, Putin said.
said that no citizen in the coun- may be the children of judges, Vladimir Putin in his congrat- menace. He reiterated Russias will-
try is inferior or superior and Dalits, Brahmins. In indepen- ulatory message reiterated will- On behalf of the ingness to continue joint work
this is what the Constitution has dent India, we stand together ingness to continue joint work Government of the United to strengthen privileged
promised to all. to achieve whatever we can to strengthen privileged strate- States of America, best wishes to strategic partnership between
Giving his maiden and achieve. The CJI also used the gic partnership, US President the people of India as they cel- Russia and India for the ben-
final Independence Day speech occasion to deny a news report Donald Trump called up and ebrate their Independence Day efit of the two countries
as CJI, Justice Khehar gave his that published his sons name as discussed peace in Indo-Pacific and continue the journey we friendly peoples and in line
own example to show how one of the law officers selected areas, North Korea among began together 70 years ago. with ensuring international
despite not being an Indian cit- to represent Punjab Govern- other issues with Modi. The United States is proud to stability and security..
izen (initially he was a Kenyan 5^a\Ta?aX\T<X]XbcTab<P]\^WP]BX]VWP]S733TeTV^fSP2989dbcXRT9B:WTWPa7^\T<X]XbcTaAPY]PcWBX]VW5X]P]RT
ment. It turned out to be some The leaders resolved to stand with the people of India, Sri Lankan Prime Minister
citizen), after becoming one, he <X]XbcTa0ad]9PXc[ThP]S^cWTaSXV]XcPaXTbSdaX]VcWT& bc8]ST_T]ST]RT3PhUd]RcX^]PcATS5^acX]=Tf3T[WX^]CdTbSPh ?C8 other Khehar and was a case of enhance peace and stability the worlds largest democracy, in Maithripala Sirisena, Bhutan
got equal status and opportu- mistaken identity, he clarified. across the Indo-Pacific region the cause for freedom and pros- PM Tshering Tobgay and
nity like anyone else, that equal to everybody else and of the freedom movement. He ple did not run away from the Taking cue from the CJI on by establishing a new 2-by-2 perity around the globe. Prime Afghanistan President Ashraf
helped him ascend the highest had equal opportunities. This urged lawyers, who usually scene. They did not tender any selecting meritorious persons as ministerial dialogue that will Minister Modis ambitious Ghani were among the world
seat of judiciary. is what citizenship or vacation to exotic locations defence. They were put to gal- judges, the Law Minister Prasad elevate their strategic consul- vision for the US-India rela- leaders who wished Modi on
After being a citizen, you Independence is the free- abroad, to plan a visit to lows in Andaman, the CJI said. backed the centralised selection tations. As the leaders of two tionship holds great promise for Twitter. I would like to con-
are neither inferior nor supe- dom to all to achieve their Andaman and Nicobar and Attorney General KK mechanism mooted by of the worlds largest and advancing our shared interests gratulate PM. @narendramodi
rior to anyone. You are no less hopes, ambitions, desires, said show their children the Cellular Venugopal, also present at the Supreme Court for selecting fastest-growing major in the 21st century, and we look & the great people of India on
or more than anyone else the Justice Khehar said. jail where our freedom fighters occasion, spoke saying that trial court judges. economies, President Trump forward to the many years of their Independence Day. Our
country has a Dalit President, Union Law Minister Ravi spent decades to win us free- Independence is not merely Why shouldnt we have a and Prime Minister Modi friendship before us, said Rex friendshipll always remain firm
who spent his childhood in a Shankar Prasad, who was also dom. It will be the best way of for those who are wealthy and good intake by having a stricter looked forward to the Global Tillerson, Secretary Department Ghani tweeted while Srisena
mud hut. We have an agricul- present at the function organ- showing respect to their con- rich but also for the poor and selection process? I fully Entrepreneurship Summit in of State in a message. said: Wishing our close friend
turalist as our Vice-President ised by Supreme Court Bar tribution, he told the gathering. deprived. SCBA president RS endorse it and would appeal to India this November. President In his congratulatory mes- and neighbour India a very
who started his political career Association, said, India is not The CJI too recalled Suri, in his address, mentioned high courts and the states which Trump has asked Advisor to sage to Modi, Putin spoke happy #IndependenceDayIndia
by pasting party posters. We secular because the Constitution Abdulla, who killed Culcutta that 33 per cent of Parliamen- are opposing it to reconsider as the President Ivanka Trump to highly of Indias achievements @narendramodi.
have a Prime Minister who says so India is secular judge JP Norman in 1871 and tarians have criminal cases this initiative is for the country, lead the United States summit in the economic, social and Tobgay tweeted: Wishing
used to be a tea vendor at one because Indias heritage is sec- Sher Ali Afridi, who assassi- against them while most judges the Minister said. He also delegation, a statement from other areas and pointed to the my Indian friends a Happy
point The CJI was not a cit- ular. He urged the crowd com- nated Lord Mayo, Viceroy of happen to be the children of assured the High Courts that the White House said. countrys influence on the Independence Day. May the
izen of this country to start prising judges, lawyers and their India on February 8, 1872, as senior judges in the higher this process will not impinge It added that Trump wel- international stage. Russian- friendship between India and
with, but when he became the families to make an effort to being the unsung heroes of our judiciary. upon the rights of High Courts comed the first ever shipment of Indian ties have always been Bhutan continue to grow from
citizen of this country, he was remember the unsung heroes freedom struggle. These peo- Taking offence to his ref- in any manner. American crude oil to India, based on the principles of strength to strength.

?=B Q =4F34;78 CWTRTaT\^]XP[\TTcX]VbPaT_Pac^U annual Hand-in-Hand joint Meanwhile, it is status quo with temperatures hovering
R^]UXST]RTQdX[SX]V\TPbdaTbP]SPaTWT[S exercise between the two at Doklam, sources said adding between five to six degrees ?=B Q =4F34;78 In remembrance of our
ith the stand-off contin- Pc3Pd[Pc1TV>[SXTP]S2WdbWd[;PSPZW armies also hangs in balance as nearly 300 to 350 Indian sol- Celsius. The Indian soldiers are heroes who have been awarded
W uing in Doklam in
Sikkim, China on Tuesday did
1d\;PP]S:XQXcWd0ad]PRWP[?aPSTbWP]S the Chinese delegation to
finalise the details did not
diers and an equal number of
Chinese troops are facing each
adequately equipped and the
Army has ensured uninter- O n the occasion of the
Independence Day, Prime
gallantry awards since
Independence, launched the
not take part in the ceremoni- =PcWd;PX]BXZZX\ come to India last month. The other at a distance of 150 to 200 rupted logistical line to look Minister Narendra Modi on site, Modi tweeted. The portal
al meeting at the Line of Actual Day, Republic Day and Peoples measures and are held at Daulat exercise held alternately in metres. after the soldiers at the stand- Tuesday launched a website http://gallantryawards.Gov.In/
Control (LAC) on the occasion Liberation Army(PLA) Day of Beg Oldie and India and China is slated to be The entire area located a off site, they said. that will tell the stories of the will preserve & tell the stories of
of Independence Day even China. Chushul(Ladakh), Bum La and held there in late October this height of 11,000 feet is now a While China is insisting bravest men and women, civil- our bravest men & women,
though the Indian Army had Incidentally, China had not Kibithu(Arunachal Pradesh) year. The exercises comprise tented colony with the Indian that the Indian troops should ians as well as armed forces civilians as well as armed forces
extended the invitation. These invited the Indian side on the and Nathu La in Sikkim, 100-odd soldiers from each side pitching more than ten withdraw first before any pos- personnel. In a tribute to the personnel, he added.
border personnel meetings occasion of PLA Day on sources said here on Tuesday. side practicing together tents with each tent having a sibility of a dialogue while gallantary awardees since The PM asked the public to
(BPM) are held every year on August one this year. The face-off between the counter-terrorism and counter- capacity to accommodate 10 to India has reiterated that there Independence, the PM share if they have any informa-
five locations on the 4,000 km The ceremonial meetings two armies is on since June 16 insurgency drills in urban and 12 soldiers. should be mutual pull back of announced the launch of the tion/photo that is missing and
long LAC on Independence are part of confidence building and in this backdrop the fate of rural scenarios. It is raining intermittently troops for talks. website in a series of tweets. can be added to the portal.

?=BQ =4F34;78 ed the Gorakhpur tragedy to tion when he talked about the countrys youth.
national calamities, the embracing Kashmiris. They National Conference work-
rime Minister Narendra Congress leader said. (the Government) believe in a ing president Omar Abdullah
P Modis Independence Day
speech on Tuesday drew flak
The Prime Ministers
Independence Day address has
military solution to the dispute
but he talks about embracing
in a Tweet alluded to Modis
remark that the Kashmir issue
from the Opposition, with the been most disappointing. After Kashmiris. There is no con- would not be resolved by abuse
Congress describing it as most three years, it was time for him viction in what he said, Raja and bullets. I guess that cov-
disappointing and the Left to give an account of the fail- said. ers both sides - terrorists and
terming it as nothing spec- ure of his Government in ful- Referring to Modis asser- security forces, he said.
tacular. filling its promises to the peo- tion that violence in the name On demonetisation,
Senior Congress spokesper- ple, especially the youth, farm- of faith was not acceptable, Abdullah tweeted, This is wel-
son Anand Sharma said Modi ers and weaker sections, Raja said the PM should first come news. But he took a dig
had not shown sensitivity to Sharma said. ask RSS-BJP cadres to stop at the Government with, It
the Gorakhpur tragedythe On Modis call for embrac- engaging in communal attacks. also means RBI has finished
death of infants in a UP hospi- ing strife-hit Kashmiris, Sharma What the Prime Minister said counting demonetised notes to
tal -- by comparing it with nat- said, We have never stopped should be taken seriously by arrive at this firm figure of 3
ural calamities and said the PM him from embracing Kashmiris. the RSS-BJP themselves, the lakh crores. Excellent.
should have given an account of He should talk to all sections CPI leader said. Sharma wondered what
the failure of his Government. and create a national consensus While Sharma said Modi had stopped the Prime
While referring to the as well as in Kashmir. had promised to create 2 crore Minister or Home Minister
Gorakhpur deaths, Sharma CPI national secretary D jobs every year but was not from acting against those who
said Modi did not reflect the Raja said there was nothing talking about employment any had created an atmosphere of
gravity of the situation. He has spectacular in Modis speech more, Raja hit out Modi for not fear and violence due to which
in a very trivial manner equat- and alleged he lacked convic- talking about jobs generated for people are feeling insecure.

?=B Q =4F34;78 Governmental Commission discussed ways to improve nology, science & technology,
(IGC) on Trade, Economic, trade, energy and economic cultural and educational mat-
ndia and Turkmenistan have Scientific and Technological cooperation. EAM Sushma ters, Ministry of External
discussed the possibility of
a transport transit
Cooperation. The discussion
on road connectivity took place
Swaraj and DPM Meredov
comprehensively reviewed the
Affairs said in a statement.
Meredov also called on
corridor between India, Iran, between him and Union Road entire gamut of bilateral rela- Vice President Shri Venkiaiah
Oman and Turkmenistan. Transport and Highway, and tions and took stock of the Naidu and met with Minister of
The Foreign Minister of Shipping Minister Nitin progress achieved in the areas Finance, Defence and
Turkmenistan Rashid Meredov Gadkari on Monday. of energy, trade and economic Corporate Affairs ArunJaitley,
was in India to attend the 6th During his meeting with cooperation, transport & con- and Minister of State for
Session of the India- External Affairs Minister nectivity, security cooperation, Petroleum and Natural Gas
Turkmenistan Inter- Sushma Swaraj, the two leaders civil aviation, information tech- Dharmendra Pradhan.

?=B Q =4F34;78 27845E868;0=24 that the charges that she fre- Babloo Srivastava and Irfan
quently undertook unautho- Goga, both having ISI links,
report by Air India to the >55824AB7>170 rised travel between Delhi and and dreaded associates of
A Civil Aviation Ministry
(CAM) has absolved senior IPS
>70C:4AF0B Pune was factually incorrect.
A total of 31 journeys were
Faizul Rahman, known to work
for Dawood Ibrahim were
officer Shobha Ohatker, posted 022DB43>5BC0H8=6 ticketed over a period of one much appreciated then.
as Chief Vigilance Officer (Dy
CVO) of the national carrier, of
8=7>C4;B0=35;H8=6 year of which only 21 were uti-
lized for duty travel. Those
Meanwhile, a recent order
by the Air India CMD Ashwani
all charges of irregularities C>38554A4=C were frivolous complaints. How Lohani has also paved the way
against her.
In an anonymous com- 34BC8=0C8>=B0C08A can a person travel 31 times in
a month as was alleged. The
to recover unauthorised pay-
ments made to carriers employ-
plaint by a fake retired IAS 8=380B4G?4=B4 allegations of corruption are ees who are charged with mis-
officer to the Prime Ministers not only unfounded and false, using their respective position
Office (PMO) last year, HRA was inadvertently paid by but seems to have been made and mistreating public fund.
Ohatker was accused of staying the finance department to the with a deliberate malicious Cases have come to our
in hotels and flying to different CVO which was, however, intent to belittle the honesty notice, wherein employees have
destinations at Air Indias recovered immediately from and integrity of a senior received payments that they are
expense despite her non-enti- her salary when she herself officer , added the official. not entitled, at times due to mis-
tlement, besides claiming pointed it out. The report clar- Ohatker is still remem- take or oversight. All such unau-
unauthorised HRA benefits. ified that Ohatkers stay in bered as Hunterwali in Bihar thorised payments given/-
Ohatker, a 1990-batch IPS hotel in Mumbai was approved where she served as SP in received should be recovered in
officer of Bihar cadre, has been by the then CMD until a suit- some districts and took on kid- least number of installments
with Air India since 2015. The able residential accommoda- nappers gangs, cracked down possible from next month salary
Ministry had sought an expla- tion in the city was allotted to on terrorists groups, and of the employee as soon as it is
nation from Air India CMD on her, said a senior Civil Aviation exposed powerful Bihar politi- detected/brought to the notice of
March 5, 2016 on the charges. Ministry (CAM) official. cians like Md AA Fatmi. Her the Finance Department, said
The report has stated that The report also mentions raids against gang members of Lohanis order.
=4F34;78kF43=4B30H k0D6DBC %! & ]PcX^]%
8=38024;41A0C4B& BC8=34?4=34=2430H

:7DAB7443F0=8Q BA8=060A constitution were the outcome with China, she said adding the two countries. She also said
of the conscious decision of the dialogue must be used to due to the recent tension along
mid elaborate security people of Kashmir to join the tackle the issue in J&K. the LoC, hundreds of people
A arrangements and a sepa-
ratist-sponsored shutdown, the
Union of India at the time of
partition of the subcontinent in
She hoped Pakistan to also
understand the need for peace-
living close to the borders in
the State had to migrate to safer
Independence Day passed off 1947. The Supreme Court will ful engagement with India and places. Many of them, she said,
peacefully in Kashmir Valley protect the special status of our the central Government would lost their lives, schools in these
even as thousands of people and State as it has protected it dur- also undertake a broad based areas got closed and a lot of
schoolchildren took part in the ing the past 70 years, she said. outreach treating the issues them were rendered home-
celebrations at all district head- Mehbooba said J&K is a within the ambit of humanity less. For how long it would con-
quarters including in Srinagar humanitarian issue and coun- as initiated by former Prime tinue, she asked.
where Chief Minister Mehbooba trys leadership need to take Minister, Atal Behari Vajpayee. Mehbooba asked the parents
Mufti unfurled the national flag. steps to fully retrieve J&K with She said the Agenda of Alliance in Kashmir to handover books
A helicopter kept hovering honour and dignity from the of present Government has and pens in the hands of their
over the Bakshi Stadium, the political uncertainties it is also declared that dialogue wards instead of guns and stones.
venue of the main State function engulfed in for the past 70 years. with all stakeholders in the Let us ponder, how is it that the
as all roads leading to the venue Mehbooba said the entire State is the way forward. guns manufactured somewhere 2A?5^UUXRTab_PhcaXQdcTc^\PachaTS2A?52^\\P]SP]c?aP\^S:d\PPc2A?5
were sealed since Monday political class of the state is unit- Mehbooba Mufti said good far off find their use in every RP\_X]BaX]PVPa^]CdTbSPh:d\PaWPSW^XbcTScWTU[PVPccWTRP\_TgPRc[hP]
evening for highly restricted ed in defending and preserving neighborly relations between Muslim society. Why should it hTPaPV^P]SfPbZX[[TS\X]dcTb[PcTaX]P]T]R^d]cTa ?C8
entry. With internet and mobile the special status of the State. She India and Pakistan were very happen? Why cant our young-

6dYc^bTcd_ ]Tf
phones services snapped for said she met leaders of all polit- crucial for the people of the sters be put in productive, cre-
several hours, the locals large- ical parties in this regard and she State who bear the brunt of any ative streams rather than in this
ly remained confined to their was happy to note that there was bitterness in relations between confusion, she said.
homes around the venue even an overwhelming consensus on

<TWQ^^QPWPX[b<^SXbb_TTRW X]SdbcaXP[TbcPcTb)2<
as the old parts of Srinagar were the issue among all of them.
under prohibitory orders. She lauded NC President
Contrary to last years desert- Farooq Abdullahs gesture to
ed stands, a sizeable gathering grant her audience on the issue. Srinagar: Jammu & Kashmir Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti
was seen at the venue. Hundreds Farooq Abdullah gave me valu- on Tuesday welcomed the remark of Prime Minister, Narendra ?=BQ 60=378=060A
of schoolchildren and youngsters able suggestions and lent his Modi about Kashmir during his Independence Day address.
affiliated with cultural troupes sympathetic hand on my head. In a statement, she said she has all along believed that dialogue fter unfurling Tricolour at
took part in the celebrations.
In her brief address,
I hope he will continue to
shower his benevolence in
and peaceful means only can help in resolving issues as the
futility of violence has been established all around.
A the State-level
Independence Day function
Mehbooba Mufti exuded con- future also, he said. Mehbooba Mufti said the slogan-Bandook say na goli say, in Gujarats cultural capital
fidence in the Supreme Court Mehbooba said dialogue baat banay gi boli say coined by her party some 15 years ago Vadodara, Chief Minister Vijay
of India to safeguard the special was the only way ahead to sort is as relevant today as it was then. Meanwhile, senior separatist Rupani announced to set up at
status of Jammu & Kashmir in out issues. I was pleased to see leader and Hurriyat Conference chief Mirwaiz Umar Farooq least 10 new industrial estates
the Indian union. Without External Affairs Minister also welcomed the PMs statement. Welcome @narendramo- in the State for small scale units.
referring to Article 370 or 35 A Sushma Swaraj saying that dia- di also believes Goli & gaali will not help resolve Kashmir if The Chief Minister also
of the constitution, she said 9P\\d:PbW\Xa2WXTU<X]XbcTa<TWQ^^QP<dUcXd]Uda[X]VcWT]PcX^]P[U[PVPc logue was the only way ahead insaniyat & insaaf replace them resolution can become a real- announced to give financial aid
these provisions in the countrys 1PZWbWXBcPSXd\X]BaX]PVPa^]CdTbSPh ?C8 in resolving border disputes ity, Mirwaiz tweeted. PNS to fishermen as well a facility of
free Wi-Fi at educational cam-
puses across the State. The
CTaa^aPccPRZ^]HPcaP new industrial estates
announced by Rupani will be
Qdb)9:6^ecQTbc^fb developed by Gujarat State
Development Corporation
QaPeTahPfPaS^]SaXeTa (GIDC). He claimed that the
industrial estates would be
Srinagar: The Muslim driver of the model for other States also.
Amarnath Yatra bus, which was According to him, the
attacked by terrorists in south scheme of providing diesel at
Kashmirs Anantnag district on July C25 per litre would be extend-
10, has been conferred bravery award ed to small fishermen for their ?T^_[TRPaahX]V"\[^]V]PcX^]P[
by the J&K Government. fishing boats. Rupani said that C2 U[PVPcPQaXSVTX]0W\TSPQPS ?C8
The driver of the bus, Sheikh lakh immediate financial assis-
Saleem Gafoor from Valsad in tance will be given to families of Prime Minister Narendra
Gujarat, showed exemplary bravery those fishermen who are miss- Modis work as Gujarat CM,
after he drove the bus even after ter- ing. The kin of such fishermen Rupani said that Modi set a
rorists were raining bullets on the will not have to wait for seven benchmark by taking Gujarat
vehicle. Eight yatris were killed and long years for the financial assis- to a new height. His extraor-
19 others were injured in the attack tance, he said. The amount will dinary work is worth imitating
on the bus. Police claimed Lashkar- be given from the Chief for other states also, he added.
e-Tayyeba (LeT) outfit was behind Ministers relief fund, he added. He hailed Modis initiative as
the attack and named Abu Ismail, a In order to make students CM of Gujarat to hold the State-
Pakistani national as masterminding studying in the State truly level I-Day functions at differ-
the attack with help from local over- global and connect them with ent places as part of his policy of
ground workers who have been the world, the Government is decentralisation instead of State
arrested. working to make all the col- capital Gandhinagar.
Sheikh was awarded rupees leges across Gujarat Wi-Fi Extending his
C1 lakh under Chief Ministers Special enable, said Rupani, adding Independence Day and
Award of bravery on the eve of that his Governments initiative Janmashtami greetings to the
Independence Day. Earlier, Governor to put a limit on fees for the pri- people of the State, he recalled
NN Vohra, who is also chairman of vate schools would be benefi- the role of erstwhile Prince
Shri Amarnath Shrine Board (SASB), cial for the students coming Sayajirao of Vadodara, espe-
announced a special reward of C2 from middle class families. cially the India House as the
lakh to the bus driver. PNS BcdST]cbUa^\0]Yd\P]8b[P\2^[[TVTcPZTPbT[UXT^]cWT^RRPbX^]^U8]ST_T]ST]RT3PhX]<d\QPX^]CdTbSPh ?C8 Appreciating his mentor meeting place abroad.

?=BQ :>278

erala Chief Minister Pinarayi

had evolved through diversity, secu-
larism and democratic values.
Giving his Independence Day mes-
Independence Day celebrations
were held at different district head-
K Vijayan on Tuesday led the State in
celebrating the nations 71st
sage to the people after unfurling the
Tricolour and taking the salute of the
quarters under the leadership of dif-
ferent Ministers. Health Minister KK
0=D?B70A<0Q 6DF070C8 ing anti-talk faction of the Ulfa, the Garo
National Liberation Army (GNLA) and
Independence Day with gaiety, patriotic various forces, NCC, Scouts and Shailaja led the celebrations in Kannur lood-hit Assam celebrated Indias 71st Manipur based CorCom have given the boy-
fervour and enthusiasm by urging the
people to defeat any attempt to poison
Guides, etc, at the Central Stadium in
Thiruvananthapuram, the CM said
by unfurling the Tricolor at the Police
Grounds. In Wayanad, Ports Minister
F Independence Day on Tuesday with large
participation of people in many places even as
cott call of the celebrations.
As many as 25 districts of the State have
and dilute the idea of nationalism that that nationalism did not mean hatred Kadannappally Ramachandran hoisted schoolkids and teachers saluted the Tricolour been under flood waters for the last few days.
towards others religions and languages the flag at the district headquarters, and sung the national anthem riding on boats Over 33 lakh people have been affected.
and other nations. Kalpetta. and standing atop the roof of school buildings According to official records ten people have
Pinarayi said, The evolution of Public Works Minister G in many areas of the State. died due to flood related incidents in last 24
Indias nationalism has been through the Sudhakaran, Industries Minister AC Schoolchildren and teachers in some of the hours taking the death of the second wave of
principles of democratic and secular Moideen, Water Resources Minister flood-hit areas of Morigaon, Barpeta, Dhubri, floods to 30 so far. Besides this human causal-
values and diversity. Indian national- Mathew T Thomas, Local Nagaon etc. districts came to the school on boats ity, 84 people have lost their lives in the first wave
ism is the product of a melding of diver- Administration Minister KT Jaleel, to take part in the Independence Day celebra- of floods that have hit the 29 districts of the State
sity. Such nationalism should not be Education Minister C Raveendranath tions along with their teachers while some oth- between April to June this year and affected mil-
allowed to deviate into narrow religious and Law Minister AK Balan led the cel- ers stood in the knee deep water to salute the lions of people.
nationalism and hatred. All attempts to ebrations in Alappuzha, Thrissur, Tricolour and sang the national anthem. The Chief Minister reiterating the
poison and dilute this nationalism Pathanamthitta, Palakkad, Ernakulam Several photographs of children and teachers Governments commitment to ensuring equal The Chief Minister also reiterated their com-
should be defeated. and Malappuram districts respectively. hoisting the Tricolor in flooded areas have also development of all the tribes and communities mitment to implementing the Assam Accord in
Efforts to eliminate the countrys Independence Day was also cele- gone viral on social media since morning. of the State and said that the Government had its letter and spirit and added the Government
diversity through imposition of uni- brated at all main centres in the State, While Assam Chief Minister Sarbananda taken up several steps to ensure development is equally sincere in sealing the Indo-Bangladesh
formity using any symbol would lead Government offices, educational insti- Sonowal unfurled the Tricolour at the of all across the State. border to stop infiltration from Bangladesh.
to disintegration of nationalism. tutions, offices of political parties, etc. Veterinary College ground at Khanapara area Focusing the zero tolerance policy of the Steps have been taken to update the National
Pinarayi said, adding that a nationalism Apart from Independence Day pro- in Guwahati, his other Cabinet colleagues and Government against corruption, Sonowal said Register of Citizens (NRC) so that we can detect
built on narrow-mindedness would cessions by students and children, top officials also hoisted the national flag at dif- that the Government after taking charge last and deport the illegal foreigners living in the
pose a threat to the country and its peo- parades were held across the State by ferent venues of the celebrations across the State. year had initiated a massive drive against cor- state, he said adding that efforts are also on to
ple. He also stressed on the need to the Kerala Police, Fire Rescue Force and The celebrations assume signifincane as ter- ruption which has led to transparence in func- seal the Indo-Bangladesh border to stop infil-
uphold the fundamental values of the NCC and Scouts and Guides. rorist outfits of the Northeastern States includ- tioning of the Government machinery. tration from the other side of the border.

EA90H0A09Q :>278 with the programme and unfurled Sources said that a case was District Collector was acting like a unfurling of the Tricolor by will become the Vishwa Guru
the national flag at the school likely to be initiated against the branch secretary of the CPI(M). Bhagwat as an act in violation of Our Independence is a very sacred
SS Sarsanghchalak Mohan courtyard and delivered his schools manager and principal. Partys district president E the law of the land and rules thing to us. We have to protect it.
R Bhagwat on Tuesday unfurled
the national flag to inaugurate the
Independence Day address to the
students as per schedule after the
The Tahsildar of Palakkad Taluk has
reportedly found violation of the
Krishnadas said, That is why such
a circular was sent at 11.00 pm
while the BJP rejected the criti-
cisms saying that the District
India did not get Independence in
one day, he said.
Independence Day celebrations at RSS and the Karnakiayamman rules related to hoisting of the Tuesday. There is no rule that stip- Collectors order that politicians The incident instantly trig-
a Government-aided higher sec- Educational Society managing the national flag and has reported this ulates that only the schools head could not hoist the flag at gered a war of words with the BJP
ondary school in Palakkad district school stuck to their decision. The to the district administration but can hoist the national flag. No cir- aided schools was not relevant in justifying the RSS chief s action and
of Left-ruled Kerala despite an Sarsanghchalak was in Palakkad for the school management stuck to its cular can be issued on the basis of this case as the RSS chief was not the CPI(M) and Congress
instruction of restraint issued by the a two-day RSS Baithak that started position that there had been no rules that dont exist, he said. a politician. denouncing it as disrespect for
district administration. on Monday. such violation. The development has already Addressing the students after law of the land. Keralas Marxist
District Collector P Marykutty Marykutty told the media that This was entirely a decision of triggered a hot political debate in unfurling the flag, Bhagwat said Law Minister AK Balan said, This
had late Monday night issued a cir- the district administration would the school management, said U the State in the context of the ten- hoisting the Tricolor was not just is nothing but misuse of and dis-
cular to the management of the take action over the matter and Kailasamani, a member of the man- sion prevailing between the RSS- a ceremony but it was a sacred duty. respect to the national flag. It is an
Karnakiayamman Higher Secondary would instruct the police to regis- agement committee. And this was BJP and the ruling CPI(M), par- It is our duty to remember the act of anarchy that can derail our
School at Moothanthara in Palakkad ter a case. Legal experts said that the absolutely legal. What has hap- ticularly after the series of violent hard efforts and sacrifices of those democracy.
asking it to restrain the Sangh chief administration could take action as pened here has nothing illegal incidents that had hit State capital who had laid down their lives dur- State BJP general secretary K
from hoisting the flag saying that per Section 188 of the IPC for dis- about it. It was not in violation of Thiruvananthapuram last month- ing the Independence struggle Surendran countered the CPI(M)-
only elected peoples representatives obeying an order promulgated by the rules. Let the Government tell end, including the brutal murder of With our efforts and sacrifices we Congress attack by stating that
or school authorities could do that public servant. The Education us that the RSS Sarsanghchalak is an RSS functionary, E Rajesh, by a will make this world peaceful and those who were asking the RSS
as per protocol since the institution Department has reportedly sought not a public activist. The circular Marxist killer gang. blissful, he said. chief not to unfurl the Tricolour
ABBRWXTU<^WP]1WPVfPcd]Uda[X]VcWT]PcX^]P[ was Government-aided. the managements explanation on had come very late, he added. Leaders of the CPI(M) and The RSS chief said, With all were fools as they refused to learn
U[PVPcPbRW^^[X]:TaP[P ?C8 However, Bhagwat went ahead the matter. The BJP alleged that the Congress were quick to term the our efforts and sacrifices, our land lessons from history.
=4F34;78kF43=4B30H k0D6DBC %! & ]PcX^]&

0b^]c^SPhfT and the EPS Government has
been put on notice by the
allocated the confidants of the
former Chief Minister in the
WPeTbd__^ac^U Dinakaran faction by staging a
mammoth rally on Monday.
merged entity is remaining as
a stumbling block, according to
$<;0b Unconfirmed reports tell that
there were 20 MLAs and six
sources in his camp.
OPS insists that he should
R[PX\b4?BVa^d_ MPs who decided to throw in
their lot with the Dinakaran
be made either the general
secretary or the Chief Minister.
:D<0A274;;0??0=Q 274==08 faction. But the EPS camp is not will-
The DMK, the principal ing to part with both the posts.
he game of numbers is on Opposition party, has made it The grapevine is that OPS may
T in Tamil Nadu as the group
led by TTV Dinakaran of
known that it would bring in a
no-confidence motion against
be made the deputy Chief
Minister with one or two
AIADMK (Amma) claiming by the EPS Government on the money spinning departments
late Monday night that 20 first available opportunity and (preferably the Home or the
MLAs attended the MGR this may happen in August Public Works Departments). In
Centenary Public Meeting held itself. The DMK can ask for addition to this, his trusted
at Melur near Madurai. The convening a special session of aides like MaFoi Pandyarajan,
group led by Chief Minister the House in the backdrop of and Semmalai have to be
Edappadi K Palaniswami has statements and counter state- accommodated in the Council
been claiming that it had the ments being issued by the two of Ministers.
support of 122 MLAs in the factions of the ruling party. Uncertainty could be as
House, which has a total The possibilities of the the only word which could be
strength of 234. AIADMK (Amma) and the used to describe the political
As on today, we have the AIADMK (Puratchi Thalaivi landscape of Tamil Nadu.
support of 115 MLAs. It is not Amma) groups merging look Meanwhile, buoyed by the
a big problem for us to get the bleak as the Monday discussion success of Mondays rally,
support of two or three MLAs between Prime Minister Dinakaran has decided to
when it is time for the vote of Narendra Modi and former undertake a tour all over the
confidence, said Dindigul Chief Minister O Panneersel- State to address public meet-
Sreenivasan, Minister for vam, who heads the AIADMK ings and to interact with party
Forests and Environment who (PTA), did not bear fruit. cadre. The two-way group
is a powerful leader of the Though OPS group has set two war in the AIADMK has
AIADMK (Amma) group. demands as pre-condition for become a no holds barred
This has set the ball rolling the merger, the positions to be three-way fight. 5[^^SPUUTRcTSeX[[PVTabfPXcU^aaT[XTU\PcTaXP[^]PQa^ZT]a^PSfPbWTSPfPhQhU[^^SfPcTaX]<^aXVP^]SXbcaXRcTPbc^U6dfPWPcXX]0bbP\ 0??W^c^

C=A067D=0=C70Q <D<108 school ground at Airoli in Navi Government in response to a break the traditional dahi han-
Mumbai. The event was organ- public interest litigation before dis. These dahi-handis contain
wo persons were killed and ised by Vijay Choughule of the it last week, a HC division a mixture of milk, curd, dry
T at least 120 others injured in Shiv Sena. Bench had accepted the State fruits and prize money for

dahi handi-related incidents in In yet another incident, a Governments submission that Govindas break them. The rit-
the metropolis and neighbour- Govinda survived a major it would not permit the chil- ual involving dahi handi sym-
ing Thane and Palghar dis- mishap at Tardeo in south dren below 14 years to take part bolises the manner in which
tricts on Tuesday, even as the Mumbai, where a reveler was in the dahi handi celebrations. young Krishna stole butter from
Janmashtami revelers made the left hanging to the dahi handi In a nine-tier event held at an earthen pot suspended from
most of the absence of height rope after the human pyramid Thanes Naupada locality, the the ceiling. :4BCDAE0BD:8Q 14=60;DAD
restrictions this year and scaled collapsed. The stranded revel- Govindas owing affiliation to Meanwhile, like every year,
as tall as nine-tier human er was safely brought down. the Borvili Shivayi Mandal the matter relating to the age arnataka Chief Minister
pyramids of the height of 40
feet each at several places in the
Till 8 pm, 117 revelers
were injured in dahi handi
broke the dahi-handi and won
a cash prize of C11 lakh. The
limit and height restrictions
had reached the Bombay High
K Siddaramaiah on
Independence Day reiterated
Mumbai Metropolitan Region incidents reported from dif- human pyramids were Court this year as well. that imposition of any language
(MMR) exposing themselves ferent parts of the metropolis. formed at many places like On August 7, after refus- is unacceptable and while giv-
to considerable risk. Of the injured, 67 were treat- Worli, Kala chowki, Dadar ing to pass orders on imposing ing primacy to Kannada. He
One Rohan Gopinath Kini ed and allowed to go, while two Ghatkopar, Jogeshwari, neigh- age and height restrictions on said that the official language
(21) collapsed after climbing revelers are undergoing treat- bouring Thane city, Kalyan, human pyramid formations of the State is need of the hour.
down a human pyramid in ment (one each) in KEM, Nair Navi Mumbai and Palghar dis- during for the dahi handi cel- The Chief Minister said, Every
Kashipada village in Palghar and Siddarth Hospitals. trict. Not wanting to take any ebrations, the Bombay High State has its own official lan-
district around 6.30 pm. He was With the Bombay High chances, the police had Court had accepted the State guage and our Constitution
rushed to Palghar district civil Court refusing last week to deployed strong posse of police Governments stand banning recognises the primacy of that
hospital where he was declared impose height restrictions on persons at various sensitive the children below the age of 14 language in the State to the
dead before admission. The Dahi handis, there was marked areas across the metropolis. years from participating in the exclusion of other languages.
deceased had epilepsy. We have enthusiasm among Govindas Though the dahi handi cel- event. Imposition of any other
sent Rohans body for post- as the revelers are commonly ebrations coincided with It is not for the High language in a State is uncon-
mortem. We will get to know the called in the city, with many Independence Day, there was Court to impose restrictions on stitutional and it is against the :Pa]PcPZP2WXTU<X]XbcTaBXSSPaP\PXPW
exact cause of death as soon as organising mandals erecting considerable fervour and verve the age of the participants and spirit of Formation of States on VaTTcb_T^_[TSdaX]VcWTRT[TQaPcX^]b^U
we get the report, Palghar nine-tier human pyramids among the revelers. Slogans like height of the pyramids as this Linguistic basis, he added. & bc8]ST_T]ST]RT3PhPc?PaPST
District Police Superintendent equivalent to height of 40 ft. Govinda Ala re... and Govinda falls exclusively in the domain Addressing a large gather- 6a^d]SX]1T]VP[dad^]CdTbSPh ?C8
Manjunath Shinge said. Last year, the Maharashtra re Gopala, Bol Bhajrang Bali ki of the state legislature. If we ing at the Field Marshal
Another reveler, identified Government had declared jai, Go Go Govinda... rent the enter into this arena we will be Manekshaw Parade Grounds in ruling Congress Government
as Jayesh Charan, was electro- dahi handi as an adventur- air, as boisterous revelers bet- infringing upon States Bengaluru on a rain-soaked had also mooted the idea of a
H^dcWbU^a\PWd\P]_haP\XSc^QaTPZcWT3PWXWP]SXPb_Pac^URT[TQaPcX^]bc^ cuted during a dahi handi ous sport. However, following ter known as Govindas domain, Justice Gavai BR morning, he unfurled the separate flag for Karnataka by
\PaZcWT9P]\PbWcP\XUTbcXeP[X]<d\QPX^]CdTbSPh 0? event organised at Radikabai a submission made by the State climbed human pyramids to Gavai had said. Tricolour on the occasion of constituting a nine-member
the countr ys 71st committee of officials and lead-

Independence Day. ing Kannada writers and
He also said the concept of activists.
cooperative federalism man- Speaking about new cul-
dates that while local language tural policy brought out ahead
primacy cannot be compro- of ensuing elections he said,
?=BQ :>278 where alone, go to a cemetery at mised, opportunities could be We propose to showcase to the
night and undertake long jour- given to learn other languages world not only our achieve-
n a shocking revelation, a 16- neys without telling the family, too. ments in every sphere of life,
year-old boy from
near Kerala capital
according to the mother.
He had even once wound-
The strength of our nation
lies in the fact that all these not
but also the exquisite and
unique quality of grandeur of
Thiruvananthapuram com- ed himself with a divider nee- only co-exist but are flourish- our land and language.
mitted suicide last month in a dle. As he could not do it by ing by retaining their respective He lamented that the coun-
suspected case of addiction to himself he had made a friend identities within the democra- try was witnessing the phe-
the online killer game, Blue do it for him. He had asked me tic set-up as ordained by our nomena of communalism and
Whale Challenge. jected to examination by the He told me some months once whether I would feel sad Constitution, he said asserting casteism raising their ugly
As per reports, Manoj, a departments Cyber Cell. The ago that there was a game if he died but I told him not to This is unity not only in heads all around, joined by fas-
Plus 1 student, had committed Blue Whale Challenge game named Blue Whale. I taunted speak like that. Then he said I diversity but also unity through cist forces. This is a very dan-
suicide by hanging on July 26, installed in Manojs phone had him by asking him whether shouldnt feel sad and asked me diversity. gerous development about
nine months allegedly after he been deleted from the mobile there would be any game with to give the love I had for him Siddaramaiahs assertion which all right thinking citizens
had started playing the game. before his death. The police on such a name but he explained to his sister, the mother said. on the State Governments are concerned, he said.
His mother, Anu, told the Tuesday recorded the state- that those who played it would Police officials in resolve to grant primacy to The Chief Minister said
media that there were reasons ments of Manojs relatives. either commit murder or sui- Thiruvananthapuram said the Kannada in the State comes in religion is a personal matter. It
to suspect that Manoj could Anu said that Manoj had cide eventually. Otherwise, the threat of Blue Whale Challenge the backdrop of the huge pub- is sacrilegious to derive politi-
have been a victim of the killer started playing the killer game player would become mad, he was real in the State but added lic protest against the imposi- cal benefit by sowing seeds of
game. The police have started in November last and that she said. I asked him not to play it, that it was yet to be confirmed tion of Hindi language from hatred amongst persons, com-
a probe into the incident on the had noticed big changes in his the mother told a TV channel. whether Manojs death could Central Government and his munities and religious sects.
basis of a complaint from the behaviour. She said Manoj could Since then, Manoj had start- have been linked to the game. direction to Bengaluru Metro Today, the time has come to
boys parents. have downloaded Blue Whale ed behaving strangely, she said. They said an awareness drive had Rail Corporation Limited pledge ourselves to the task of
Manojs relatives have hand- Challenge last November, sev- He would jump into river though become inevitable in the context. (BMRCL) officials to remove annihilating those divisive forces
ed over the phone, in which he eral months before Keralites had he never learned swimming, go Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan the Hindi signboards in Metro actively promoting these kinds
used to play the game, to the become aware of the existence to the beach all alone though he had on August 12 urged the 3Te^cTTbcPZT_PacX]PW^[haP[[h=PVPaBP]ZXac^]SdaX]VcWTRT[TQaPcX^]b^U stations across Bengaluru. of practices, which are nothing
police which will now be sub- of such an online killer game. was not in the habit of going any- Centre to ban the online game. BaX:aXbW]P9P]\PbcWP\X<PW^cbPePX]:^[ZPcP^]CdTbSPh ?C8 It may be recalled that the but anti-national, he said.

3=\Y^[cY^SbUQcU such a vision for plastic-free
Goa by 2020 would only be
While stating that the State
police had been asked to act on
?=BQ ?0=098 Choudhury after waiters as
well as customers at the busi-
Drugs and Psychotropic
Substances Act.
Y^TbeWQRecUd_ possible with active co-opera- intelligence-based drug cases, ontinuing with its crack- ness establishment were found The arrests are a part of a
VbecdbQdY_^Q]_^W tion of the residents of the State.
I am saying this because,
the Chief Minister said that the
drug scenario was much more
C down on drugs and rave
parties in the State, the Goa
in possession of drugs.
The arrests were con-
strict crackdown on drugs and
rave parties in North Goas
i_edXY^CdQdU we are getting news from many
quarters that drug proliferation
complex, as newer narcotic
substances can be camouflaged.
Police on Tuesday arrested the
owners of two high-profile
ducted after some waiters and
customers were found in pos-
beach belt, considered to be the
party circuit for the hundreds
<0H017DB70=Q ?0=098 has increased. I have given Parrikar also linked the beach shacks Curlies and Club session of drugs, Choudhury of thousands of tourists who
instruction to police, but I increasing drug menace in the Nyex near Anjuna beach for told reporters. The official flock to the State every year.
oa Chief Minister believe the reason for increase State to rising frustration their connection to drug trade. said that apart from the cases The crackdown started
G Manohar Parrikar on
Tuesday articulated his coali-
in drugs is frustration. If youth
is direction-less they move in
amongst Goan youth, who he
said only hankered after white-
Edwin Nunes of Curlies
shacks and Rohan Shetty of
filed against the customers
and waiters found with drugs
after two young holidayers
from Kerala and Tamil Nadu
tion Governments resolve to unwanted directions, Parrikar collared jobs. Club Nyex were arrested in their possession, the owner- died due to suspected drug
come down harshly on the said in his Independence Day In a place like Goa, according to Superintendent of duo had been booked under overdose on Sunday after
increasing drug menace in the speech delivered in the State from Kerala and Tamil Nadu late music events, where employment will always remain Police (North Goa) Chandan section 25 of the Narcotics, attending late musical events.
coastal State, linking it to capital on Tuesday morning. died due to suspected drug Parrikar says, drugs are ped- an issue, but Goa one more
increasing frustration among Parrikar, who faces a bypoll overdose on Sunday. dled. question is added. Goans want have to instil dignity of labour, succeed if the States populace Garbage is dumped every-
youth, who he said, were found on August 23, also said that his Goa, one of the top beach Late night rave parties white coloured jobs, we have Parrikar said. pitched in. where. Government will
wanting for direction. Government was firm on tourism destinations, is also are illegal and it is where drugs forgotten dignity of labour... The former Defence There are many advan- arrange for everything, but
Parrikar also announced cracking down on rave parties, emerging as a major centre for are consumed and distributed. Everyone desk and clerical Minister also announced 2020 tages to make Goa plastic free. without co-operation from
that the State would be made which are regularly held in the narco-tourism, with its coastal Rave parties on beaches or jobs. If in the coming years, we as the target for making Goa There are health benefits and people. By 2020, we have
plastic free within the next two North Goa coastal belt, in villages serving as a backdrop remote areas should be totally have to rein in the monster of plastic free, but also said that since Goa is a tourism centre, resolved to make Goa plastic
years, while also adding that which two young holidayers for drug-fueled rave parties and stopped, Parrikar said. unemployment, then we will such an ambition would only it will benefit tourism too. free, Parrikar said.
>5G45<89lG54>5C41I l1E7ECD !&" !' ^_X]X^]'



0 5^ac?aX\T<X]XbcTa=PaT]SaP<^SXZT_cWXb_a^\XbT^UPbW^acb_TTRW
]PcdaT<^SX^dc[X]TSbTeTaP[^QYTRcXeTbU^aWXb6^eTa]\T]c0[^]VfXcW?aTbXST]c 0B7>::
AP\=PcW:^eX]Sb\PXST]8]ST_T]ST]RT3Phb_TTRWST[XeTaTScWT_aTeX^dbSPh >69E2
UXeThTPabP]S\^bc^UcW^bTPaTc^S^dQ[TS^f]^]b^\TZTh\XbbX^]bU^acWXb nusually, both Prime
U Minister Narendra Modi and
Defence Minister Arun
Jaitley conspicuously skipped
mentioning China or
Pakistan in their traditional indepen-
dence day speeches. Though speaking in
the Rajya Sabha last week, Jaitley was less
_a^_^acX^]^U8]SXP]bPaTbcX[[_^^aP]ScWT6^eTa]\T]cUTT[bcWPc\PbbXeTbRWT\Tb than accurate when he said that the
Armed Forces were strong enough to
fX[[ QT c^^[b ^U TR^]^\XR T\_^fTa meet any challenge to the countrys
\T]c 2adRXP[[h <^SX P[b^ dbTS cWXb security, underlining that lessons have
^__^acd]Xch c^ cP[Z PQ^dc cWT been learnt from the 1962 war.
6^eTa]\T]cbSTRXbX^]c^ST\^]TcXbT The statement is generic but can be
WXVWeP[dT RdaaT]Rh ]^cTb FWX[T challenged on two counts: Operational
readiness and learning lessons.
ST\^]TcXbPcX^]bcX[[WPbXcbRaXcXRb_Pa Incidentally, both these incomplete mis-
cXRd[Pa[h VXeT] cWT bTeTaT TR^]^\XR sions are for the political leadership to
bW^RZXcVPeTc^cWTR^d]cahd]S^dQc accomplish. Jaitley added that compared
TS[h QTX]V P RPdbPcX^] UPRc^a X] cWT to 1962, the Armed Forces were stronger
aTRT]cX]SdbcaXP[b[^fS^f]P]S[^f in 1965 and 1971 wars. He forgot to men-
tion that in 1965, India was poised to
TaTS Va^fcW _a^YTRcX^]b Xc P[b^ Q^[ make strategic gains in Pakistan but had
bcTaTS<^SXbX\PVTPbP]X]R^aad_c to settle for the British-brokered cease-
XQ[T_^[XcXRXP]fW^X]cT]Sbc^V^PUcTa fire as it had run out of critical ammu-
R^aad_cX^]HTccWT6^eTa]\T]cbW^d[S nition for tanks and artillery. He did not
dbTcWT]Tgc!\^]cWbc^V^PUcTaQXV mention Kargil when Army chief, Gen
Ved Malik said, We will fight with what
]P\T [^P] STUPd[cTab P]S ^cWTab we have. But for emergency help from
PRRdbTS ^U R^aad_cX^] B^\T bcT_b South Africa and Israel, Kargil might have parity in preparedness said, The way years after junior minister, Gen VK reactions outlined above would not have
WPeTQTT]cPZT]X]cWXbSXaTRcX^]Qdc gone the other way. national security is being handled is not Singh, the Army chief in 2013, referred obtained had the Defence Ministry and the
PaTb^[dcTTUU^acc^UXgcWTQP]ZX]VbTR Then, as now, except for 1971 war, commensurate with the security environ- to critical hollowness in defence prepared- Armed Forces been in sync on long-term
there is no long-term planning and ment which is extremely serious at the ness. Reason: Neither the ordnance fac- defence planning, based on realistic
c^aXb]TTSTSCWT6^eTa]\T]cWPbQTT]aTb^[dcTX]X\_[T\T]cX]VQXVbRWT\Tb political resolve based on a systematic moment. Our service chiefs have not tories have enhanced production nor the defence and security assessments and
QdccWTaTXb[Xcc[TS^dQccWPccWX]VbPaT]^cTeT]X]cWXaSVTPaPbhTc strategic defence and security review to shown the courage to put their job on the procurement process streamlined. Of review and fiscal guidelines, leading to
7^fTeTaXcXbR[TPacWPc<^SXd]STabcP]Sbb^\T^UcWTQXVRWP[[T]VTbWXb invest sufficient resources in defence pre- line. Only last month, the French Chief the 152 types of ammunition, stocking is tasks and matching resources. In absence
6^eTa]\T]cUPRTb7XbRP[[U^abd__^acPbZX]VcWT_T^_[T^UcWXbR^d]cahc^RWP]VT paredness and deterrence. You only have of Defence Staff, Gen Pierre de Villiers done at different levels. But critical of any higher political direction and
cWTXaRWP[cPWPX P]hcWX]VV^TbPccXcdSTc^QPSP[bPZcPWPX fTRP]RWP]VT to read successive reports of the resigned as he could not ensure securi- ammunitions are sufficient to fight a short defence reforms, adhocism prevails.
Parliamentary Standing Committee on ty of France since Euro one billion was and intense war. It is not clear if this war Outgoing Vice President Hamid
PccXcdST\XVWccPZTb^\TcX\Tc^aTb^]PcTfXcWcWT_dQ[XR2^d[S<^SXWPeTQTT] Defence and Comptroller and Auditor- cut from the defence Budget. In UK, is 10, 20 or 40 days and whether it is two- Ansari, speaking on Make in India
bca^]VTafXcWWXbd]T`dXe^RP[R^]ST\]PcX^]^UeX^[T]RTX]8]SXPc^SPh.7TbW^d[S General of Indias (CAG) reports where Admiral David Luce resigned on cancel- front. It is reported that training ammu- lamented that India cannot produce
WPeTQTT]QTRPdbTbTeTaP[_Pacb^UcWTR^d]cahWPeTQTR^\TR^\\d]P[CWXb shortfalls in operational readiness are reg- lation of the aircraft carrier programme. nition has also been cut drastically. even an indigenous rifle the one made
aT\PX]bPWdVTRWP[[T]VTc^cWXb6^eTa]\T]c0[b^X]cTa]P[eX^[T]RTP]ScWT ularly red-flagged, not to mention the American Generals have invariably Last month, the Department of failed miserably in field trials. Our
]TfTgcTa]P[cWaTPcUa^\2WX]PR^d[SWPeTQTT]b_^ZT]^UX]bca^]VTacTa\b pronouncements of Service chiefs. demanded resource-matching missions, Defence Production approved higher investment in research and develop-
Defence Budget for the year 2017-18 was quitting when their pleas were ignored. scales of ammunition for tanks, infantry ment is peanuts. Two Indian T90 tanks
4eT]cW^dVW<^SXb_^ZTfXcWcWTR^]UXST]RT^Ub^\T^]TfW^Z]^fbcWT]Tgc the lowest at 1.56 per cent of the gross Shiv Sena chief Uddhav Thackeray fighting vehicles, third generation mis- sent to Russia for an international com-
T[TRcX^]XbWXbc^[^bT_PacXRd[Pa[hfXcWWXbUXeThTPa_[P]U^a!!!WTP[b^_a^Q domestic product since 1962 and capital counselled his ally, the Modi siles and L/70 air defence ammunition in petition crashed out due to mechanical
PQ[hZ]^fbcWPcX\\T]bTRWP[[T]VTbUPRX]VWX\\XVWc\PZTcWT]TgcVT]TaP[ account for modernisation barely suffi- Government, to focus on conflicts with the Make in India category where only failures. The indigenously produced
T[TRcX^]P\PY^aWdaS[T>eTaP[[Q^cW<^SXP]S:^eX]S[^^ZTSPccWTa^PSPWTPS cient to meet old liabilities. China and Pakistan rather than on win- Indian vendors are eligible. The products Bofors Dhanush gun was found to con-
QdcfXcWPeTah]Paa^fU^RdbCWT8]ST_T]ST]RT3Phb_TTRWbW^d[SWPeTQTT] Chief of Army Staff General Bipin ning elections. Prior to a by-election, the from this process could take years to tain fake Chinese parts (marked made in
Rawat, earlier in the year, noted that the BJP in Goa hailed former Defence materialise. In addition, last year, Vice Germany) and is being investigated by
\^aTPbcPcT^UcWT]PcX^]PSSaTbbcWP]P\XbbX^]bcPcT\T]c services were not getting their due share Minister Manohar Parrikar for enabling Chiefs of the Armed Forces were empow- the Central Bureau of Investigation.
of resources due to the perception that India to stand up to Beijing and the sur- ered to acquire emergency ammunition This is akin to Israelis inserting Stucknet
expenditure on defence was a burden on gical strikes. But it was during the brief and equipment without the clearance of virus into Iranian centrifuges.

the economy. Within 48 hours, he was debate in the Rajya Sabha on foreign pol- the Defence Acquisition Council to With Doklam staring us in the face,
told by Jaitley to contact him when he ran icy that Samajwadi Partys Ram Gopal ensure ammunition and spares for a min- it is time to catch up with Chinas reform
short of funds. Gen Rawat had also said Yadav observed that defence and military imum of 10 days of intense fighting. and modernisation drive supervised by
that the Army was tasked to fight a two- power are key to Indias regional pre-emi- Some progress has been here. President Xi Jinping himself. Seventeen
VUHYROWDJDLQVW1LWLVKFRXOGVSOLW-' 8 and-a-half front war. Air Chief Marshal
BS Dhanoa has observed that he needs
nence. Congress leader Anand Sharma
quoted George Washington, To be pre-
Last month, the Defence Ministry
sought an additional C20,000 crore for slip-
Mountain Corps under raising to be any
deterrent requires to be made operational
minimum 42 combat squadrons against pared for war is the best way to preserve pages in defence modernisation as well as and Sikkim and Ladakh provided with
DQGIXUWKHUGLVLQWHJUDWHWKH-DQDWDSDULYDU the current 32 to dominate a two-front
collusive situation and likened the hand-
peace. Sadly, Governments are forever
planning the next election victory.
routine operating costs five months ahead
of the next Budget likely to be announced
infrastructure to make it deployable in
both places. Obviously, all the lessons of
PVVTabPaTSaPf]X]cWT9P]PcP3P[D]XcTSJ93DLCWTbPVP^UcWT9P]PcP icap to a cricket team playing with seven The CAG report tabled last month in on January 1, 2018. It seems the Doklam 1962 have not been fully learnt.

instead of 11 players. Chief of Naval Staff, Parliament pointed out drastic shortfalls face-off and political uncertainty in (The writer is a retired Major General
_PaXePabSXbX]cTVaPcX^]Xb[XZT[hc^fXc]TbbcWTPSSXcX^]^UP]TfRWP_cTa Sunil Lanba, whose fleet is precariously in ammunition inventories though some Pakistan have created the possibility of a of the Indian Army and strategic
X]cWTSPhbc^R^\T6XeT]cWT_PaXePabWXbc^ahXcb]^bda_aXbTcWPccWT deficient in submarines, speaking on dis- progress has been made in the last three worst case two-front scenario. Some panic affairs expert)
PdcW^aXch^eTacWT_PachHPSPeXb_TTeTS^eTa:d\Pabd]X[PcTaP[STRXbX^]c^`dXc B>D=318C4 ;4CC4ABC>C74438C>A

cattle for slaughter. We cannot
c^U^a\cWT6^eTa]\T]cX]1XWPa0UcTaP[[cWT\PWPVPcWQP]SWP]R^\_aXbX]V 9^TYQ^c]ecdVYWXdcU`Q CX_S[Y^WY^SYTU^d expect such decencies from peo-
cWT93D;P[d?aPbPSbAPbWcaXhP9P]PcP3P[A93P]ScWT2^]VaTbbfPbU^a\TS ceSXV_bSUcgX_TYfYTU
ple who give more priority to keep
Sir This refers to the editorial, ambulances ready for cows than

c^cPZT^]cWT\XVWc^UPaP\_PVX]V19?cWPcWPbQTT]bfTT_X]VBcPcTPUcTaBcPcT dXUc_SYUdiDXUi Murder by any standard oxygen cylinders for humans.
8]S^X]Vb^HPSPeXbR[PX\X]VcWTbd__^ac^UcWT_Pachb #BcPcTd]XcbP]SPbbTac ]ecde^YdUd_`b_dUSd (August14). Honestly speaking, Tharcius S Fernando
X]VWXbVa^d_X]Vc^QTcWTaTP[93D:d\PaWPbaT\^eTSHPSPePbcWT_Pachb dXURQcYS`bY^SY`\Uc the death of more than 60 children Chennai
_Pa[XP\T]cPah[TPSTaX]cWTAPYhPBPQWPP]SbPRZTS! ^UWXb[^hP[XbcbUa^\cWT _V9^TYQ^^Ucc WXbaTUTabc^cWTTSXc^aXP[<daSTaQhP]hbcP]SPaS0dVdbc #CWTSTPcW

in Gorakhpur owing to Japanese
Encephalitis (JE) is heart-wrench- ^U\^aTcWP]%RWX[SaT]X]Pb_P]^UPfTTZX]6^aPZW_daWPb^]RTPVPX]
ing. The tragic incident has trig- Qa^dVWcc^U^aTcWTX]SXUUTaT]RT^UcWTBcPcTc^fPaSbcWT_[XVWc^UXcbbdQ 2ebYUTdbedX
fW^\WTWPS[^RZTSW^a]bX]cWT\XS 3_^WbUcc`
`bUcYTU^d gered widespread outcry and YTRcb8cXbbW^RZX]VcWPccWTPS\X]XbcaPcX^]^eTa[^^ZTScWTaTSU[PVbaPXbTS^eTa
(b U^a bd_aT\PRh ^eTa cWT cWT] C_^YQ7Q^TXY drawn flak from all quarters, cWTXbbdT^UT\TaVT]RhaT`dXbXcX^]X]VU^a^ghVT]bd__[hX]cWTW^b_XcP[P]SX]bcTPS Sir This refers to the article,
9P]PcP3P[HPSPeWPSV^]T^]c^Y^X] including from some prominent T\Qa^X[TSXcbT[UX]cWTR^]ca^eTabXP[^dbcTa^UcWT_aX]RX_P[^U1PQPAPVWPe3Pb Shia initiative is laudable
WP]SbfXcW:d\Pac^U^a\cWT93D leaders, who have termed the <TSXRP[2^[[TVTW^b_XcP[APYTTe<XbWaP8cXbUdacWTaSXbWTPacT]X]VcWPccWTBcPcT (August 14) by Prafull Goradia.
]Q[UceccdYS[d_]UTY_S childrens deaths as murder. 6^eTa]\T]cWPb[TPa]c]^[Tbb^]bc^aTSdRTX]RXST]RTb^U9P_P]TbT4]RT_WP[XcXb It is most welcome that the Uttar
P]ScWTSd^^dbcTS;P[d?aPbPSUa^\ bYdiDXQdccQT6_bde^QdU\i Worse is the cause of the ?^^abP]XcPcX^]_PcWTcXRWTP[cWRPaTbhbcT\bX]PST`dPcT_dQ[XRPfPaT]Tbb Pradesh Shia Waqf Board, in rev-
_^fTaX]1XWPa^][hc^QTR^\TUaXT]Sb 9T_^dXQfUQ`b_R\U]Y^ tragedy which happenned due to RP\_PXV]P]SP_PcWh^UcWT6^eTa]\T]cP]ScWT\d]XRX_P[XchaTbd[cbX]cWTb_aTPS erence to Lord Rams birthplace,
fXcWWX\[PcTa^]c^R^d]cTacWT19? T_Y^WQ^i[Y^T_VVY\]c the non-availability of oxygen in ^UcWTca^_XRP[SXbTPbTTeTahhTPaX][PaVT_a^_^acX^]b8cXbcX\TcWTR^]RTa]TS has countenanced the building of
CWThV^cPSadQQX]VX]cWT! #;^Z RUYdcUbY_ec_^U the medical college due to non- bcPZTW^[STabbc^__TSPSSX]V_^[XcXRP[R^[^dac^cWTcaPVTShP]SX]bcTPSPRZ]^f[ mosque at a distance from the
BPQWP_^[[QdcPeT]VTScWTSTUTPcX] _bQS_]UTi payment of dues to the supplier. TSVTPS\X]XbcaPcXeTUPX[daT4]bdaX]VPS^_cX^]^U_a^_TabP]XcPcX^]\TPbdaTbcWa^dVW disputed Babri mosque site at
0bbT\Q[hT[TRcX^]CWTBWPaPS=XcXbW This is shocking. Matters worsen \PbbXeT_dQ[XRPfPaT]TbbRP\_PXV]bRXT]cXUXRfPbcT\P]PVT\T]c_T]P[chU^a Ayodhya. This should hopefully
due to the inability of the State to ^UUT]STabaTb_^]bXQ[TU^aZTT_X]VbcPV]P]cfPcTaPccWTXa_aT\XbTbUd\XVPcX^] should settle the festering cause
;P[dcaX^R^TgXbcTSU^aPfWX[TQTU^aT 1Sd_b cope up with this seasonal epidem- X]P[[R^[^]XTbP]S^Q[XVPcX^]U^aW^b_XcP[b_dQ[XRP]S_aXePcTc^caTPcRPbTb^U clbre soon. However, its not
:d\PaSd\_TS;P[d?aPbPSP]S[^bc 1bcXQTGQbcY ic. The editorial has rightly point- ST]VdTbW^d[SQTcWT_aX^aXch^UcWT6^eTa]\T]c?T^_[T]TTSc^T\QaPRTBfPRWW proper on the boards part to lay
bd__^ac^UHPSPe0]S;P[d?aPbPS[^bc ed out that like polio, JE should 1WPaPc0QWXhP]c^R^\_[T\T]ccWTTUU^acb^UcWT6^eTa]\T]c claim to the site when legally
]^cX\TX]bd__^acX]VHPSPe DXUS_e^dbigY\\^_dRU also be taken on with war-footing BWaThP]b9PX] they only have a portion of the
S_gUTT_g^RiR_bTUb to avert further recurrence. 3T[WX land and the matter is pending in
CWPcb ^]T R^\_[Tg WXbc^ah ^U
UaXT]SbWX_b ^__^acd]Xb\b caTPRW c[Yb]YcXUc>_R_Ti Azhar A Khan the apex court.
cX_e\TXQfUQ^i]YcS_^ Rampur KK Muhammed, former
TaXTbP]S_^fTabcadVV[TbQTcfTT]cWT Regional Director (North) of the
UaXT]Sbcda]TSU^Tbcda]TSUaXT]Sb Ydid_TUVU^TYdcR_bTUbc CXQ]UVe\S_^TeSd Archaeological Survey of India, in
cda]TSU^Tbcda]TS8cbP]X]WTaT]c his Malayalam autobiography,
caPXc^UcWT9P]PcP_PaXePa=^cYdbccWT93DP]ScWTA93cWTBP\PcP?Pach :;4
4U`edi Njan Enna Bharatheeyan, wrote
=Y^YcdUb Sir This refers to the editorial, that there is solid evidence of the
cWT1XYd9P]PcP3P[cWTBP\PYfPSX?PachcWT9P]PcP3P[BTRd[PacWTAPbWcaXhP Murder by any standard (August existence of a temple under the
;^Z3P[cWT;^Z9P]bWPZcX?PachcWT8]SXP]=PcX^]P[;^Z3P[cWT9P]PcP?Pach 14). Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Babri mosque. He even said none
P]ScWTBP\PYfPSX9P]PcP?PachP[[fTaTQ^a]SdTc^_Tab^]P[Pb_XaPcX^]bP]S GUXQfU_ebS_^SUb^c Yogi Adityanaths assertion that of the English dailies, to which he
P\QXcX^]b^U_PaXePabcP[fPacb8]cWT93DSTb_XcTHPSPeb_aTbT]RT:d\Pa QR_eddXUdbUQd]U^d_V deaths of children happened not kept on sending these findings,
bUVeWUUc?^SUbUVeWUUc because of shortage of oxygen is ever took notice. He lamented that
RP[[TScWTbW^cbP]SVPX]TSPbcaP]V[TW^[S^eTacWT_PachQhZTT_X]VcWTeTcTa unpardonable. Nevertheless, there the issue would have settled long
^_dd_RUbUdeb^UTRQS[ has been hue and cry from the ago if the Muslim intelligentsia
<;0bbXSTSfXcWHPSPefWT]WTT\QPaZTS^]PcWaTTSPhc^dac^1XWPac^R^] Opposition that the Chief had not fallen prey to the brain-
]TRcfXcWcWT\PbbTbP]SST]^d]RT:d\PabSTRXbX^]c^P[XV]fXcWcWT19?bW^fb VUQb`UbcUSedY_^
Minister and the Health Minister washing of Leftist historians, who
:d\PabR[^dc1dcHPSPeXb]^f[XZT[hc^QT\^aTPRcXeTX]1XWPa_^[XcXRbP]S should resign owing responsibil- kept on arguing to the contrary.
ity for this tragedy. However, we CV Krishna Manoj
cWPcbW^d[SQTP\PccTa^UR^]RTa]U^a:d\Pa4b_TRXP[[hbX]RT;P[d?aPbPSc^^ cannot expect such courtesy from Hyderabad
Xb^dcc^VTcQPRZPcWX\CWT[PcTbcQPcc[TU^abd_aT\PRhQTcfTT]HPSPeP]S them when innocent people are
:d\Pa\Ph[TPSc^Pb_[XcX]cWT93DP]SVXeTQXacWc^P]Tfb^RXP[Xbc^UUb_aX]V E>__VVYSYQ\ lynched and massacred merciless- BT]Shh^daUUTTSQPRZcc^)
6QbXQ^8Qa [TccTabc^_X^]TTa/V\PX[R^\
cWT_PaXePab\^bcR^]bXbcT]cR^]caXQdcX^]c^8]SXPb_^[XcXRP[WXbc^ah ly on suspicion of transporting
>5G45<89lG54>5C41I l1E7ECD !&" !' "aSThT(
:PbW\Xa_a^Q[T\RP]]^cQTaTb^[eTSQh FTWPeT]TeTabc^__TS<^SXUa^\T\QaPRX]VcWT
=PaT]SaP<^SX BT]X^a2^]VaTbbb_^ZTb_Tab^] C^QdX[SP=Tf8]SXPfWPcfT]TTSXbP_a^U^d]Sh^d]V
?A8<4<8=8BC4A 0=0=3B70A<0 VT]TaPcX^]fWXRWWPbbca^]V\^^aX]VbX]c^Rd[cdaTP]S

(&b cWT ('b P]S
cWT ((bf^d[SeXeXS
[h aTRP[[ cWT UTae^da cWPc
8]ST_T]ST]RT 3Ph 5^a =0E=44C
f^d[S _aPRcXRT =PcX^]P[ 2?2?5

S^^b cWPc^]Tf^d[SVTcPccWTT]S^UcWTU[PVW^XbcX]VRTaT\^
cXUd[ P]S ]PcX^]P[ UTbcXeP[b X]R[dSX]V cWT 8]ST_T]ST]RT 3Ph
caT]S U^ab^\TbcaP]VTaTPb^]\^bc^U^da_aXePcTbRW^^[b
;0;8C RT[TQaPcX]V8]ST_T]ST]RT3Ph
CWTSTRPSTb^U!P]S! VXeTdbaTPb^]c^f^aahP]S
<F>2C _^]STa^eTacWXbVa^fX]V\PaVX]P[XbPcX^]P]S]TV[TRc^UcWTXSTP
ndias higher education sector is 3PhQTX]VR^]eTacTSX]c^\TaTW^[XSPhbU^aRWX[SaT]Qh_aXePcT

I faced with twin problems: First,

reforms as initiated, are directionless.
And second, future of researchers lie in
^U 8]SXP aTY^XRX]V cWT ]PcX^]P[ U[PV P]S bX]VX]V cWT =PcX^]P[
limbo. Both of these create an adverse ^]cT[TeXbX^]^acWa^]VP\P[[
public perception of research and teach- FWPcbW^d[SWPeTQTT]P_aTRX^dbSPhX]cWT[XeTb^U^da
ing. To explain, an example would be RWX[SaT]^]TfWXRWf^d[SWT[_cWT\VPX]P]X]bXVWcX]c^V[^aX
appropriate. In Shrilal Shuklas book, ^db8]SXP]WXbc^ahXbfPbcTSX]]^cWX]V]TbbCWXbXbPZX]c^P
Raag Darbari, Ranganath, the protago- RP[[^db]TV[TRcQhbRW^^[bPaTRZ[TbbSTbXV]cWPc_Ta_TcdPcTb
nist, ironically equates research with ghas Rd[cdaP[P]SWXbc^aXRP[ST_aXePcX^]^U^daRWX[SaT]
khodna (as menial and unproductive as >]cWTR^]caPahbcdST]cbX]6^eTa]\T]cbRW^^[bPaT\dRW
digging up grass) and explains his QTccTa^UUPbcWThS^]^cQ[PRZ^dccWT8]ST_T]ST]RT3PhRT[T
vocation to a truck driver in these terms: QaPcX^]b 6dXST[X]Tb Ua^\ cWT <X]Xbcah ^U 7d\P] ATb^daRT
I told you, main ghas khod raha hun. 3TeT[^_\T]c<7A3R^\TX]WP]ShU^a6^eTa]\T]cbRW^^[b
In English, we call it research. I did my CWXbhTPaU^aX]bcP]RTcWT<7A3PSeXbTSbRW^^[bc^U^[[^f_Pa
MA last year. This year I have begun cXRX_Pc^ah_a^VaP\\Tb[XZTBP]ZP[_bTBXSSWX?[TSVTU^a=Tf
research. This self-deprecatory remark 8]SXP<^eT\T]c! &!!!^acPZX]V_[TSVTc^aXSb^RXTch^U
of a callow young man not only gives an b^RXP[TeX[bX]R[dSX]VUX[cW^a_PacXRX_PcX]VX]bX\_[T`dXiP]S
insight as to how people have tradition- _PX]cX]VR^\_TcXcX^]b
ally perceived research being done in the CWT2T]caP[1^PaS^UBTR^]SPah4SdRPcX^]c^^XbbdTScWT
Indian universities but also speaks vol- bP\TRXaRd[PaP]SXcf^d[SQTX]cTaTbcX]Vc^UX]S^dccWPcP\^]V
umes about successive Governments cWT (#!PUUX[XPcTSbRW^^[bW^f\P]h^UcWTbTWPeTU^[[^fTS
indifference to higher education. cWTb_XaXc^UcWTRXaRd[PaXU]^cXcbR^]cT]c
Problems with the great reform: D]U^acd]PcT[hVXeT]cWT^QbTbbX^]^U8]SXPbbZT_cXRR[Pbb
The question that demands attention P]hPccT\_cPccaXVVTaX]VPSXbR^dabT[XZTcWXb RT[TQaPcX^]^U
here is that since the 1960s, what (if any- 8]ST_T]ST]RT3PhQhbRW^^[bXbUaPdVWcfXcWaXbZb^URPdb
thing) have the intellectuals, policy-mak- X]VPRPR^_W^]hCWT_^[XcXRP[cfXbcQTX]VVXeT]QhcWTFTbc1T]VP[
ers, the Government and the society except the hangers-on. Incidentally, in administrative staff. Basically, they have vidyam vidyarthi wa tyajeat sukham 6^eTa]\T]cc^cWT<7A3RXaRd[PaXbPRPbTX]_^X]c
done to change the lukewarm response comparison to previous year, there has the daunting task of remaining in every it roughly translates as those who run 0bP]PcX^]V^X]VcWa^dVWPRWda]X]VfT\dbcP__aTRXPcT
to research and teaching profession in reportedly been a decline of some ones good books, or be ready for dis- after comfort will not gain knowledge cWPcSTb_XcTSTQPcTbPa^d]SXcP]SR[P\^daU^aR[PX\X]Vbd_aT\P
general and to the humanities in partic- 45,000 applicants seeking admissions in C7427>8248B>DAB missal in the upcoming semester, which and those who pursue knowledge, will Rh^]fW^bT]PcX^]P[Xb\Xb\^aT_daTcWTXSTPXbRaXcXRP[c^cWT
ular? The failure of Indian universities
to make it to the list of the top univer-
DUs undergraduate courses, this year.
University is a space where the youth F74C74AF4F0=C makes them the subaltern foot soldiers
of the teaching community in true sense.
not get comfort. Those who crave for
comfort should forget about knowledge RP[[Xc]PcX^]P[Xb\_PcaX^cXb\]PcX^]P[_aXSTXbbd_aT\TP]S
sities across the world has received a
plethora of responses from our intelli-
are taught how to think critically on
debatable issues such as structured gen-
C>A48=5>A24C74 It is worth mentioning here that they
cannot stake claim to medical facilities,
and those who seek knowledge should
forget about comfort. The choice is ours
]^]]TV^cXPQ[T 0c P cX\T fWT] cWT b^RXTch Xb d]STa bTeTaT
gentsia and the Government, but noth- der and economic inequalities, nation- BC4A4>CH?4>50 insurance, study leave, maternity leave whether we want to reinforce the stereo- fXbTc^cahTeTah_^bbXQ[T^__^acd]Xchc^WP\\TaX]^daRWX[
ing substantial seems to have been done
to bring the much-needed transforma-
alism, and the violation of rights of the
marginalised communities. Students ?>>AB27>;0A>A and some other benefits enjoyed by per-
manent faculty members. In light of this,
type of a poor scholar and make him
poorer, or conversely, ensure that the cWTXa_a^VaTbbXeThTPab.
tion in the education sector.
One does not necessarily need to
learn how to empathise with the weak-
er sections of society, a virtue which is
4=BDA4C70CC74 one can well imagine the miserable con-
dition of some of the colleges located in
brightest of students are attracted to
research and teaching by providing
adopt international benchmarks for essential to the exercise of nation-build- 1A867C4BC>5 tier II and tier III cities across India, them financial security. fW^X]WXbQ^^ZCWT8]eT]cX^]^UCaPSXcX^] fa^cT8]eT]cTS
evaluation of universities, which hard-
ly includes the parametre of social
ing, irrespective of the profession one
chooses. To undermine the signifi- BCD34=CB0A4 where one professor, like a one-man
army, takes care of an entire department,
If we are really committed to trans-
forming our universities into world class Qh^eTac[h^acPRXc[hPRRT_cTSad[TbP]SaXcdP[^Ubh\Q^[XR]PcdaT
inclusion that our publicly-funded insti-
tutions are ethically and constitutional-
cance of such an important space, or any
other institution which does not gener-
0CCA02C43C> let alone taking classes regularly or con-
ducting exams on time. Those living in
institutions, we must safeguard the
interests of young researchers and thou-
ly committed to. One cannot, neverthe- ate money directly, will be detrimental A4B40A270=3 metropolitan cities may find it unbeliev- sands of temporary faculty members by >]TXbaT\X]STSP[b^^UBX]VP_^aTbcahbcfXcWXcb]PcX^]P[
less, blatantly reject them. Ironically,
whenever our policy-makers have gone
to the society in the long-run.
If we want to reap benefits of C40278=61H able but there are still Government uni-
versities in India, where it takes students
expediting the permanent appoint-
ments in a time-bound framework and
XST]cXchFWX[Tb^^]PUcTaX]ST_T]ST]RTX] (%$BX]VP_^aT_da
bdTSeP[dTbR^]SdRXeTc^_a^\^cX]VTR^]^\XRVa^fcWQh ('b
overboard to initiate the great reform, demographic dividend, as pointed out ?A>E838=6C74< around five years to graduate. I wonder transparent manner. We can continue to cWTUaP\Tf^aZWPSRWP]VTSfWT]cWT6^eTa]\T]cQTRP\TR^]
they have done so without consulting by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on if the respective Governments or the defer their regularisation at the cost of RTa]TS fXcW Va^fX]V \PcTaXP[Xb\ CWTh _dbWTS U^a fWPc
multiple actors, namely, students, pro- various occasions, we will have to bring 58=0=280;B42DA8CH University Grants Commission ever reducing a large segment of budding aTbTPaRWTa BcT_WP] >ac\P]] cTa\TS Pb P bca^]VTa ]PcX^]P[
fessors, researchers and teachers.
In the last 10 years or so, the
an end to apathy and crass utilitarian
approach to the education sector. As a 0=30;8E01;4 considered initiating action against the
erring officials for ruining the two
intellectuals to malcontents whose low
self-esteem and constant exploitation will
University of Delhi (DU) alone has been student and then teacher at DU, this 54;;>FB78?;4CDB most productive years of thousands of never let them stand as the model of imi- cX^]*^]TfWXRWWPbbca^]V\^^aX]VbX]c^8]SXPbRd[cdaTP]SWXb
bombarded with a slew of hasty reforms writer observed a large number of young graduates across the nation. tation for the younger talents. In these c^ah0]8]ST_T]ST]RT3PhXbPVaTPcRT[TQaPcX^]^UcWTbP\T
such as the introduction of semester sys- issues, hitherto unresolved, which 2A40C40=0<184=24 Is the pursuit of knowledge anti- trying times teachers must also realise P]SP]hR^\_a^\XbTc^bWPaTcWTb_XaXcfXcWcWTRWX[SaT]P\^d]cb
tem, the Four-Year Undergraduate
Programme and its withdrawal soon
include inter alia skewed student-
teacher ratio, lack of hostels for students,
B>C70CA4B40A274A thetical to the pursuit of comfort?:
Nowadays, doctor of philosophy schol-
that if they do not inspire students
through their exemplary actions and a
after, the Choice Based Credit System indefinite delay in regularisation of <0H=>CA46A4CC74 ars enrolled in a central university of wide range of reading and intensive
and many others. Even before students temporary teachers, misguided educa- India gets a meagre sum of C8,000 per research, they are to be equally blamed
and the faculty members get to under- tion reforms, and promotion and pen- 27>824>578B month as stipend, in comparison to their for the decline of academics.
stand and act according to the new sys-
tem, another reformatory measure is
sion of hundreds of permanent faculty.
These problems are equally affecting and
?A>54BB8>=1DC American counterparts, who get around
2,000. And then, if we expect them to
The recent move of the Government
to start permanent appointments in uni-
imposed on them, without properly dismantling other Indian universities. ?A>D3;H0==>D=24 survive in an expensive city and produce versities and the Niti Aayogs announce-
assessing the old system and seeking the
opinion of students and teachers.
Ad hocs: Foot soldiers of teaching
community: Today, various colleges of 78B2>=CA81DC8>=C> world class research, we are either being
too naive or we assume that they will
ment to promote research are welcome.
We sincerely hope that these promises
Consequently, both, international
ranking and quality of education, have
DU alone have more than 4,000 tempo-
rary faculty, aka ad hocs. The unlucky
C74:=>F;4364>5 continue to work in the midst of abject
poverty, a characteristic of students in
will not amount to paying lip service and
hollow rhetoric but will translate into
plunged sharply. Academicians-turned- ones have been teaching for a decade or C74F>A;3 pre-modern times. Incidentally, for concrete action by bringing in all the
administrators, in their keenness to so (losing their jobs frequently) as their Chanakya, the pursuit of knowledge was major stakeholders on board.
please their bosses, often privilege their appointment letter is renewed every four antithetical to the pursuit of comfort: (The writer is an Assistant Professor
administrative selves over the academ- months, depending on their rapport with Sukharthinah kuto vidya kuto vidyarthi- at Deen Dayal Upadhyaya college,
ic ones which eventually benefits none students, principal, senior faculty and the nah sukham. sukhaarthi wa tyajeeat University of Delhi)

c^QT8U8ZTT_ ple, but what is worrying is that dren died because of lack of oxygen healthcare. Despite making huge lakh doctors (are) available for active sector is also growing fast. All
even successive Budget allocations supply and Chief Minister Yogi strides, it continues to be at the bot- service (in the country), Minister of these would push up the health sec-
^]bPhX]Vc^ continue to be meagre as compared Adityanath has set up an inquiry tom as it has failed to achieve most State, Health, Anupriya Patel said. tor delivery. If India proposes to
\hbT[UcWPc8 to what it should have been. committee headed by Chief healthcare goals. Moreover, only 48 per cent of make use of the demographic div-
RP]]^cS^P This year, while the over all Secretary Rajeev Kumar (who is India performed worse than the 1.35 million beds are function- idend health and education sectors
:0;H0=8 health Budget was increased from right under him) to study the exact expected in tuberculosis, diabetics, al and about 65 per cent of these are need to have more focus.
RTacPX]cWX]VXc C39,879 crore (which is 1. 9 per cent cause of deaths. rheumatic heart diseases and chron- located in top 20 cities, indicating Innovative measures are need-
Xb_^bbXQ[TcWPc8 D92?<2C of the total budget) to C48,878 crore It is anybodys guess what the ic kidney diseases. While the coun- the deficit in medical professionals, ed, both in Government and private
\PhT]SQhaTP[[h (which is 2.27 per cent of total report is likely to be. Uttar Pradesh trys health needs undergoing a dra- and inadequacies of the health sys- sector healthcare systems. For this,
he tragic death of more than Union Budget), it needs to be at is important for the BJP. To this end, matic transition, in recent years, tem today. Calling for a mandato- rationalisation and prioritisation of
T 60 children in Gorakhpur,
Uttar Pradesh, has brought to
limelight the failure of successive
least doubled, if not tripled for
improved healthcare for all.
There are two sectors which are
Prime Minister Narendra Modi
deputed health Minister JP Nadda
to visit the hospital and get a first
chronic diseases claim more than 50
per cent of the deaths.
To top it all, budgetary policies
ry shift to generic drugs, even the
Economic Survey 2016-2017, point-
ed out that the country faces health-
limited resources, as also raising
new public and private resources to
augment funds, is the need of hour.
Governments, both at the Central vital for Indias development hand report. He also promised all of the country have evidently care challenges, including a decline Above all, healthcare delivery at
R^]caPahXU8WPeT and State level, to deliver health and education both sec- help from the Centre. And why not, failed to keep pace with the chang- in the role of public delivery of doorstep needs to be enhanced.
cWTQT[XTUcWPc8 healthcare facilities to the people, tors need more focus. For example, Uttar Pradesh had given a massive ing disease demographics and health services, accessibility and India should take the advantage of
RP]S^Xc8bWP[[ who voted them to power with high the country has not had a single mandate to the BJP in the Assembly healthcare needs. affordability of medical care. range of insurance offerings.
bdaT[hPR`dXaT hopes. It is just gross negligence Health Minister who was interest- poll, which came as a morale boost- In India, there is one doctor for On the other hand, healthcare The Government has approved
that results in tragedies like what we ed in their ministry since Rajkumari er for the party. every 1,700 people against the has become one of the largest sec- the National Health Policy 2017,
cWTRP_PRXchc^ witnessed in Gorakhpur last week Amrit Kaur, who was the first The bigger question, however, World Health Organisations recom- tor, both in terms of employment as which will provide the policy frame-
S^XcTeT]XU8 and elsewhere in the country. Health Minister of independent is: Why is India not able to improve mendations of a doctor-patient well as revenue. The Indian work for achieving universal health
\Ph]^cWPeTXc If one looks at the plight of the India. Most politicians, who have its healthcare situation? No doubt, population ratio of 1:1000. The medicare market is worth about coverage but the problem lies in
patients in various Government been put in charge of the Ministry, this is a difficult question to ask as health Minister told in the Lok $100 billion and is growing fast. implementation. Every citizen has
PccWTQTVX]]X]V and even private hospitals, one simply bid their time as the system even affluent countries like the Sabha recently that India has a doc- Revenue of this sector in 2017-19 the right to healthcare. The
would realise that India is perhaps also does not allow them to work. United States and the United tor-patient ratio of 0.62:1000, mean- is also expected to grow at 15 per Gorakhpur tragedy should be a
<PWPc\P a country where human life does In such a situation it is not sur- Kingdom are struggling with their ing theres one doctor serving cent. Medical tourism alone is wake up call to bring the much-need-
6P]SWX not get due attention that it needs. prising that incidents like the healthcare system. almost 1,613 people. expected to double from the present ed healthcare reforms.
Admittedly, it is difficult to take Gorakhpur tragedy happens. It is India ranks 154 out of 195 Assuming 80 per cent availabil- three billion dollar to six billion dol- (The writer is a senior political com-
care of the needs of 1.25 billion peo- indeed shocking to hear that chil- countries in terms of access to ity, it is estimated that around 8.18 lar by 2018. The Indian pharma mentator and syndicated columnist)
=4F34;78 kF43=4B30H k0D6DBC %! & \^]Th 

8f^d[SbPhcWPcXcXbTgcaT\T[h 2[^bdaT^U '!bXRZ?BDbWPeTV^]T

eTahfT[[PRcdP[[h0]S &[^bb\PZX]V
X\_^acP]cc^b_T]S[TbbcWP] ?BDbPaTR[TPaTSU^a_aXePcXbPcX^]Qh

fWPch^dTPa]XSTP[[hCWPc cWTRPQX]TcD]U^acd]PcT[h_a^VaTbb^]
\TP]bTeTahQ^ShbcPacX]VUa^\ cW^bTWPeTQTT]b[^f1dcXcXb
cWT2WPXa\P]P]S24>c^PYP]Xc^a WP__T]X]VX]\P]hRPbTbcaP]bPRcX^]
PdbcTaXchfX[[WPeTc^ X]cWTRPbT^U?BDbcWPcfTaT
ST\^]bcaPcTbX\_[XRXchc^bRP[T XST]cXUXTSU^abcaPcTVXRSXbX]eTbc\T]c
d_R^\_P]XTbVa^fcW 3?B@
7?FD _a^VaTbbXbWP__T]X]V^][hcWX]VXb
8=5>BHB2>5>D=34A =8C800H>6E8242708A<0=
=A=0A0H0=0<DAC7H 0AE8=3?0=060A8H0

VhRjSZ]]ac`gZdZ`_f_UVc8DE T
=4F 34;78) LPG, kerosene, 0B4=8>A58=0=24<8=8BCAH>558280;B083C746BC postal baggage as also cur- October.
?=BQ =4F34;78

he abolition of inter-state check

posts after the implementation
State border check posts scru-
tinised material and location-
based tax compliance, resulting in
delays in delivery of goods and
jewellery and currency are 2>D=28;8=8CB;0BC<44C8=6>=0D6DBC$ rency, jewellery and used per- Such a permit has to of GST has reduced time for cause environment pollution as
among the common use items sonal and household effects, detail the goods being trans- movement of goods by 30 per cent trucks queue up for clearance.
that have been exempted from 0??A>E430;8BC>5 $"8C4<BC70C70E4144= he said. ported, the mode used, origin and saved thousands of crores of Modi said crores of people are
the requirement of obtaining 4G4<?C435A><C74A4@D8A4<4=C>5>1C08=8=64 E-way bill is also not and destination besides details rupees, Prime Minister Narendra behind the success of GST and the
electronic permits for trans- F0H18;;BC74B48=2;D343><4BC820C430=8<0;B required if goods are trans- of the supplier, recipient and Modi said on Tuesday. implementation of the new indi-
portation under the GST ;8:4;8E41>E8=40=8<0;BBF8=40=358B75AD8CB ported by non-motorised transporter. The Goods and Services Tax, rect tax regime is an example of the
regime. 0=3E464C01;4B5A4B7<8;:7>=4HB443B conveyances. Goods trans- The official said there is which unified more than a dozen benefits that can be reaped if there
The Goods and Services ported from international no need of conveyance details central and state levies, is a result is cooperative federalism in place
Tax (GST) regime, rolled out
24A40;B0=35;>DA0;B>4G4<?C438B<>E4<4=C ports to hinterland ports for when the distance of trans- of cooperative federalism and its between the Centre and states.
from July 1, mandates obtain- >514C4;;40E4B=>=0;2>7>;82C>33HA0FB8;: clearance by customs have port is less than 10 km with- smooth rollout from July 1 has in transport sector by 30 per cent Technology is a miracle.
ing permits called e-way bills :703840AC74=?>C0=32;0H;0<?B?D90 been exempted from the in a state. increased efficiencies of business, and because of GST such a big Some find it astonishing that GST
for transporting goods con- B0<06A80=3740A8=6083B7D<0=708AB4<4= requirement. The e-way bills, which can he said. change has happened, he said. has been rolled out in such a vast
signment of more than 8=2;D38=65A>I4=B4<4=0=32>=3><B0=3 The electronic permit be checked by designated tax Addressing the nation from The biggest tax reform since country in such short span of
C50,000 in value with a view 2>=CA024?C8E4B70E40;B>144=4G4<?C43 would have to be generated officials by intercepting a the ramparts of the Red Fort on the Independence, GST was rolled out time, he said.
to checking tax evasion. when consignment value transporting vehicle, are aimed occasion of 71st Independence from July 1. The new indirect tax He said in initiatives like GST,
A senior finance ministry honey, seeds, cereals and have also been exempted. exceeds C50,000 and is at helping authorities keep Day, Modi said technology has regime has subsumed over a dozen ease of doing business and clean-
official said the GST Council flour. The official said cooking optional if the value is less track of goods and inter-state made the rollout smooth in a short state and central levies like excise liness drive, the Centre and states
in its last meeting on August Also exempted is move- gas (LPG) for supply to than that. commerce. span on time. duty, service tax and VAT, and has have worked shoulder to shoulder
5 approved a list of 153 items ment of betel leaves, non- households and kerosene for The provision would This is particularly useful Trucks (carrying goods) are replaced them with four tier tax to make them a success. He said the
that have been exempted from alcoholic toddy, raw silk, sale under public distribution kick-in from a date to be noti- when most states have dis- saving 30 per cent (travel) time post structure of 5, 12, 18 and 28 per steps taken by the government will
the requirement of obtaining khadi, earthen pot and clay system (PDS) too have been fied by the C entral mantled border checkposts GST as check posts have been cent for goods and services across benefit the country and with GST
e- way bills. lamps, puja samagri and hear- exempted from the require- Government after the back- that operated under the pre- removed. This has helped save the country. the country will benefit.
These include domesti- ing aids. ment of getting the consign- bone software for generating vious indirect tax administra- thousands of crores of rupees and GST has removed inter-state Modi said there was a time
cated animals like live bovine Human hair, semen ment registered online before such permits is ready by the tions, thereby reducing the more importantly time, he said. barriers to convert India into a sin- when the Centre and states used
animals, swine and fish, fruits including frozen semen and moving them. National Informatics Centre time needed for the movement Business efficiency, he said, has gle market where goods and ser- to fight over allocation of urea and
and vegetables, fresh milk, condoms and contraceptives On the exempt list is also (NIC), which is likely by of goods across states. ?C8 increased. Efficiency has increased vices can flow seamlessly. kerosene.

SROLF\UHIRUPVMREFUHDWLRQ =4F34;78)The countrys sec-
ond largest telecom player
Vodafone expects Jios effective
August 15. The booking will
start from September 24 online
as well as through Reliance
At present, a telecom oper-
ator charges 14 paise for every
incoming call that it gets from
?=BQ=4F34;78 The Prime Minister has free phone with unlimited Retail and Jio stores. X]R[dSX]VP]]^d]RX]V[Pd]RW^U4UUTRcXeT network of other operators.
outlined a vision of a secure, calling to erode operators rev- Vodafone said there is con- ITa^?aXRT5TPcdaT?W^]TfXcWd][X\XcTS Therefore, we earnestly
ppreciating the prosperous and capable nation enues which are already under tinuous decline in its revenue request kind consideration and
A Governments efforts to
deal with corruption and black
by 2022, driven by the collective
power of 125 crore citizens of
pressure and sought reduction
in various levies imposed by
from telecom services and it
has recorded further decline of
early decision on reduction in
the USO levy from 5 per cent
money, industry chamber CII India, she said. the government as a breather 3.41 per cent in the the quar- cWTR^\_P]hX]P[TccTac^cWTCT[TR^\ to 3 per cent and reduction of
on Tuesday called for strength- CIIs India@75 campaign to the industry. ter ended June 2017. 2^\\XbbX^]<T\QTa5X]P]RT0]daPSWP interest charges along with
ening policy reforms, includ- launched in 2008 is in line with ...The new operator con- It also called for reducing <XcaPA8;2WPXa\P]P]S<3<dZTbW rescheduling the payment
ing a new industrial policy, cre- Prime Ministers objectives and tinues to aggressively under- the interest rate applied for 0\QP]XaTRT]c[h[Pd]RWTS9X^?W^]TP#6 period, which has been tabled
ating jobs and empowering emphasises crowd-sourcing of price its services, including deferred spectrum payments. UTPcdaT_W^]TPcP^]TcX\TUd[[h before DoT and IMG (inter-
women at the workplace. ideas and spread of volun- announcing launch of ...A reduction in the inter- aTUd]SPQ[TST_^bXc^UO $_Tad]Xc9X^ ministerial group), Vodafone
It said Prime Minister teerism to build a developed Effective Zero Price Feature est rate applied for deferred Xbb[PcTSc^QTcPcTbccWT[^fR^bc_W^]T said.
Narendra Modi, in his India, she added. Phone with unlimited voice. spectrum payments is neces- Ua^\0dVdbc $CWTQ^^ZX]VfX[[bcPac As per official data, rev-
Independence Day speech the workforce, the industry The government has taken This is likely to cause sary to reduce burden on oper- Ua^\BT_cT\QTa!#^][X]TPbfT[[Pb enues of telecom operators
from the ramparts of the Red body said in a statement. multiple steps to address cor- further erosion in revenue for ators. Hence, we have request- from services dipped by about
Fort, has outlined a vision of CII President Shobana ruption and black money which existing operators, the com- ed reduction from 10 per cent cWa^dVWAT[XP]RTATcPX[P]S9X^bc^aTb 15 per cent to C40,831 crore in
a secure, prosperous and capa- Kamineni said, The develop- are delivering notable results. pany in a letter to the Telecom to G Sec rate of 6.25 per cent the January-March quarter this
ble nation by 2022. ment task to 2022 is challeng- CII believes that reforms Commission Member - 6.5 per cent on deferred the DoT to consider recom- are very low. year compared to C48,379
While welcoming lower ing and will require strong pol- such as GST and ease of doing (Finance) Anuradha Mitra. payment, the letter said. mendation of the Telecom ...Despite having rolled crore in the same period of last
inflation and downward inter- icy action across multiple eco- business will further contribute RIL Chairman and MD Vodafone said that revenue Regulatory Authority of India out in rural areas, we still year.
est rate cycle, CII called for nomic and social sectors. The to formalisation of the econo- Mukesh Ambani recently share with the Government for reducing Universal Service have to pay USO and the The Government has
strengthening policy reforms Government has made a sig- my and widening the tax net, launched JioPhone, a 4G fea- imposes huge burden on tele- Obligation Fund from 5 mobile termination rates are formed an IMG which is
including a new industrial pol- nificant beginning, and all of us and we look forward to a ture phone at a one-time fully com operators even though per cent to 3 per cent as private also below cost which adverse- expected to submit its recom-
icy, entrepreneurship and will need to put our hands more transparent and efficient refundable deposit of C1,500 companies purchase spectrum operators have already rolled ly impact us since majority of mendation ver y soon to
employment creation, and together to move the needle of economy by 2022, added per unit. Jio is slated to beta- at market price. out services in rural areas and the calls in the rural areas are address financial woes of the
empowerment of women in development. Kamineni. test the low-cost phone from The company requested current call termination rates incoming, the letter said. telecom sector. ?C8

=4F34;78)The Government
has imposed a new penalty of
result in Governments profit
share rising.
5>A!  38B0;;>F43
2012-13, $579 million for
2013-14 and $380 million for
total including previous year
claims as well) as Government
$264 million (about C1,700 The Government has #$&<8;;8>=>52>BC 2014-15. of India share. =4F 34;78)  Outgoing Niti were identified for strategic dis- Conditions) which will replace
crore) on Reliance Industries claimed an additional $175 Now an additional $264 Of the additional profit Aayog Vice Chairman Arvind investment, (progress) is hap- the 40 plus laws that currently
Ltd and its partners for pro- million as its profit share after $#'<8;;8>=5>A!  million has been disallowed for petroleum claimed, the gov- Panagariya has said the closure pening, only thing is that it is exists at the central level.
ducing less than the targeted the cost disallowance, the offi- !&(!<8;;8>=5>A output lagging behind target in ernment has already collected of 18-20 sick public sector units slower, Panagariya told the When asked about his
natural gas from eastern off- cial said. ! ! "$&(<8;;8>= 2015-16. gross $81.7 million in the gas (PSUs) have gone very well, news agency. meeting with leaders of
shore KG-D6 fields in 2015-16. Gas production from 5>A! " #0=3"' The output was behind pool account by taking away even as he made a case for expe- The Government has bud- Bharatiya Majdoor
The total penalty now, Dhirubhai-1 and 3 gas field in <8;;8>=5>A! # $ target in 2016-17 as well and any gas price higher than $4.2 diting privatisation of loss mak- geted to raise C72,500 crore Sangh(BMS), Panagariya said
which is in the form of disal- the eastern offshore KG-D6 the cost disallowance will be per million British thermal ing state-owned companies. through stake sale in PSUs in after their criticism they (BMS
lowing recover y of cost block was supposed to be 80 =>F0=0338C8>=0;!%# calculated only next year, the unit during November 2014 to The Prime Ministers Office the current fiscal. This includes leaders) had come here and we
incurred for missing the target million standard cubic meters <8;;8>=70B144= official said. March 2016 period. (PMO) had asked Government C46,500 crore from minority had one hour long chat.
during six years beginning per day but actual production 38B0;;>F435>A>DC?DC RIL had previously stated From April 2016 to date, think-tank Niti Aayog to look stake sale, C15,000 crore from We may not agree on
April 1, 2010, stands at $3.02 was only 35.33 mmscmd in ;0668=61478=3C0A64C that every year, based on its the gas price has been less than into viability of sick state-run strategic disinvestment and everything but you know, ulti-
billion, an oil ministry official 2011-12, 20.88 mmscmd in 8=! $ % own interpretations of the PSC $4.2 and no deposits were companies. C11,000 crore from listing of mately I see what is in the
said. 2012-13 and 9.77 mmscmd in and assumptions (with which made to the gas pool account. Closure of 18-20 sick PSUs PSU insurance companies. national interest, he said.
The Production Sharing 2013-14. The output has con- ated an international arbitra- the contractor group does not Contractor group refers to have gone very well actually. Answering questions on Panagariya was often out-
Contract (PSC) allows RIL tinued to drop in the subse- tion seeking dropping of the agree), the Ministr y of RIL and its partners BP and And 17 loss-making PSUs are labour reform, Panagariya said spoken on issues including
and its partners BP Plc of the quent years and is now below same on grounds that the PSC Petroleum and Natural Gas Niko. cleared for privatisation by the he thinks the Government does labour reforms, privatisation of
UK and Canadas Niko 4 mmscmd. does not provide for any such revises the total cost it proposes RIL holds 60 per cent cabinet. Unfortunately, progress want to do labour reforms. Air India and sick PSUs, for
Resources to deduct all capital Emails sent to RIL and BP punishment. to disallow and consequently interest in block KG-DWN- on those have been slow. The labour ministry has which RSS-affiliate Bharatiya
and operating expenses from remained unanswered. The The Government had for aggregates the figure with fig- 98/3 or KG-D6 in Bay of But it is happening in been working on four different Mazdoor Sangh (BMS) had
the sale of gas before sharing two companies have chal- 2010-11 disallowed $457 mil- ures of the previous years. Bengal. BP has 30 per cent and many cases, transaction advis- labour codes (Wages, Industrial accused Niti Aayog of further-
profit with the Government. lenged the cost disallowance of lion of cost, $548 million for It also demands addi- Niko the remaining 10 per ers have been appointed. So Relations, Social Security & ing corporate lobbys agenda in
Disallowing costs will the past years and have initi- 2011-12, $792 million for tional profit petroleum (in cent. ?C8 even (in the case of) PSUs that Welfare and Safety and Working the country. ?C8

=4F34;78)Cracking down on Department of Income Tax in of market movements and sur- marketer circulated bulk SMSes ment advisors including to nating from money laundering depositories during their inspec- lators to keep the regulatory
misuse of stock market for the matter of long term capital veillance activities. containing false news pertain- check compliance with respect and terrorist financing in the tions of stock brokers and framework for AML/CFT
money laundering, regulator gain/short term capital loss in Subsequently, action has ing to a listed company on to anti-money laundering securities market, Sebi said. depository participants, while robust in the Indian securities
Sebi said it has stepped up various scrips. been taken in the matter of deal- behalf of its alleged client. The (AML), combating of financing It added that specific appropriate sanctions were market.
focused inspection of sus- In 2016-17, 245 new cases ing in shares of companies with telemarketer did not do due dili- terrorism (CFT) and KYC theme-based inspections of applied for any discrepancy. The Indian markets regu-
pected brokers and other enti- were taken up for investigation poor fundamentals, as also in gence of its alleged client and norms. intermediaries focusing on Giving details of the action lator also stepped up its engage-
ties leading to action against and 155 cases were completed, cases of misuse of the stock accepted cash for rendering Sebi said money laundering compliance with KYC norms taken for AML/CFT related ments with the IOSCO
hundreds of them. compared to 133 new cases exchange trading platform for services, thus engaging in is globally recognised as one of (including client due diligence) discrepancies, Sebi said the BSE (International Organisation of
The capital markets watch- taken up and 123 cases com- tax evasion purposes, focused deceitful activity. the largest threats posed to the and AML/CFT guidelines were took action against 195 entities, Securities Commissions)
dog has also enhanced its coop- pleted in 2015-16. inspection of suspicious brokers The exchanges also sought financial system of a country, carried out. CDSL against 236, MCX against regarding information-sharing
eration with other regulators Sebi said it is constantly and depository participants explanation from listed com- while terrorist financing is During 2016-17, with 59 and the NSE against 27. and cooperation with its peers
and agencies in India as well as striving to upgrade its inves- undertaken. panies in hundreds of cases of another such emerging threat respect to stock brokers, Sebi Besides, the BSE and the in other countries.
abroad for investigations. tigative skills by making use of To deal with increasing rumour-mongering. with grave consequences for said it carried out over special NSE issued warnings to 152 During 2016-17, Sebi
Giving details of the trend IT and other latest investigative instances of bulk fraudulent Inspections were also con- both the political and econom- purpose inspections to check and 24 entities respectively, received 61 requests for infor-
in investigation cases in its lat- tools. SMSes to investors at large, ducted of books of account, ic standing of a jurisdiction. their compliance with the while monetary penalties were mation from overseas regula-
est annual report, Sebi said Regarding the surveillance action was taken in a few cases records and other documents As in the past, during AML/CFT and KYC norms of also imposed on several of tors seeking its assistance. Sebi
there was a significant increase measures taken during last year, to send a message to the mar- pertaining to various market 2016-17 too Sebi continued various market entities. them. said it executed such requests
in the number of cases taken up Sebi said it regularly conducts ket, while the depository alert intermediaries such as venture focused efforts on strengthen- The compliance with Sebi said it has consistent- subject to the provisions of the
during 2016-17 mainly due to meetings with stock exchanges system has been strengthened. capital funds, portfolio man- ing the regulatory framework AML/CFT norms was also ver- ly been in touch with global Multilateral Memorandum of
the references received from the and depositories to keep track In one case, Sebi said, a tele- agers, mutual funds and invest- and minimising the risks ema- ified by stock exchanges and bodies and other Indian regu- Understanding (MMoU). ?C8
=4F34;78kF43=4B30H k0D6DBC %! & \^]Th

jca^l :_RTeZgV==Adf_UVc8`ged]V_d 6^[SX\_^acbYd\_^eTa

!U^[Sc^ ""$Q]
#!!V_eZeZVdWRTVUVcVXZdecReZ`_ NEW DELHI: Indias gold
imports more than doubled to
$13.35 billion during the April-
July period of the current fiscal,
^aVP]XbTSQhcWT=PcX^]P[CadbcPc=XcX<PaV ?C8Q =4F34;78 C74B4;;?B70E4=>C144=20AAH8=6>=0=H With the Government crack- according to the data of the
=TWad?PaZ2WP]PZhP_daX=Tf3T[WX^]cWT 1DB8=4BB>A>?4A0C8>=5>A0?4A8>3>5CF> ing the whip on the black money commerce ministry. Gold
[Pbc<^]SPh<X]XbcTa^UBcPcTU^aB^RXP[ he Government has started 8<<4380C4;H?A42438=658=0=280;H40AB>F8=6C> menace, over 1.75 lakh companies imports, which has bearing on
T weeding out Limited Liability
Partnership (LLP) entities that
5;4G818;8CH8=8CBBCAD2CDA40=3>?4A0C8>=BC74 have already been deregistered
and more such action is expected
the countrys current account
deficit (CAD), stood at $4.97 bil-
<?=Tf3T[WXP]S::BWPa\P3XaTRc^a have been inactive for long, as ;;?8B<>BCBD8C01;4E4782;45>AB<0;; in the coming weeks. In his lion in April-July 2016-17.
6T]TaP[^U1^aSTaBTRdaXch5^aRTfTaTcWT stepped up efforts continue 4=C4A?A8B4B0=35>A8=E4BC<4=C1HE4=CDA4 Independence Day speech today, In July this year, imports of the
6dTbcb^U7^]^daCWT<X]XbcTabPXScWPcWXb against illicit fund flows. LLPs are 20?8C0;BD1B4@D4=CC>8=2>A?>A0C8>=850 Prime Minister Narendra Modi precious metal rose to $2.10 bil-
\X]XbcahXbUd[[hR^\\XccTSc^cWTfT[UPaT^U registered under the Limited 2><?0=H8B5>D=3C>145>A<435>A5A0D3D;4=C said more than 1.75 lakh shell com- lion from $1.07 billion in the same
3XehP]VYP]bP]SbTeTaP[]TfbRWT\TbP]S_a^VaP\\TbWPeTQTT]X]XcXPcTSSdaX]V_PbccWaTThTPab7TbPXScWPc Liability Partnership Act, 2008 - panies have been deregistered. month of the previous year. Surge
cWTRPcTV^aXTb^U3XehP]VYP]bWPeTQTT]X]RaTPbTSUa^\&c^! c^R^eTa\^aT3XehP]VYP]b7T_aPXbTScWT - which came into force in 2009 >AD=;0F5D;?DA?>B48C8B;801;45>A?4=0; Till July 12, over 1.62 lakh in gold imports in July con-
=PcX^]P[CadbcU^a^aVP]XiX]VP]8]R[dbXeT8]ST_T]ST]RT3PhRT[TQaPcX^]bPbP_Pac^UXcb8]R[dbXeT8]SXP -- and the law is implemented by 02C8>=8=2;D38=65>AF8=38=6D? companies that were not carrying tributed to the widening of trade
8]XcXPcXeTP]PfPaT]TbbRP\_PXV]CWTSPhWPS_PacXRX_PcX^]^UPa^d]S!$_T^_[TUa^\P[[fP[Zb^U[XUTP[^]V the corporate affairs ministry. D=34AB42C8>=!& >5C7402C out business for long were dereg- deficit to $11.44 billion as against
fXcW$_T^_[TfXcWX]cT[[TRcdP[P]SSTeT[^_\T]cP[SXbPQX[XcXTbCWT8]R[dbXeT8]ST_T]ST]RT3PhRT[TQaPcX^]bXbP Along with clamping down on istered, with Mumbai, Delhi and $7.76 billion in July 2016. The rise
_P]8]SXPTUU^acP]SbX\X[PaPRcXeXcXTbfTaTP[b^R^]SdRcTSPc1P]VP[^aT6d]cda9^aWPc<d\QPX7hSTaPQPS companies that have not been car- ceding financial years, as per sim- professionals and enterprises pro- Hyderabad together accounting in imports assumes significance as
:^[ZPcP:P]hPZd\PaXCaXeT]Sad\EPaP]PbX?Pc]PAPXVPaW0W\PSPQPSDSPX_da3WP]QPS1W^_P[ rying out business activities for a ilarly-worded communications viding services of any kind or for nearly half of such firms, the India is recording surge in the
1WdQP]TbWfPaP]S7^bWXPa_daWTPSSTSCWTSPhWPSUd]Rd[cdaP[PRcXeXcXTbU^aP[[[XZTh^VPPTa^QXRbfWTT[RWPXa long time, the ministry has started issued by various Registrar of engaged in scientific and technical Government informed Parliament inbound shipments of the precious
QPbZTcQP[[YdS^ZPaPcTQ^RRT]dZZPS]PcPZcWTPcaT_[PhP]SRd[\X]PcTSfXcWP]X]R[dbXeTfP[Z cracking the whip on similar LLPs Companies (RoCs). Subsequently, disciplines to form commercially last week. Last week, Corporate metal from South Korea, with
across the country. Nearly 200 LLPs these entities have been asked to efficient vehicles, as per the ministry. Affairs Minister Arun Jaitley told which India has implemented a
ADA0;4;42CA85820C8>=2>A?>A0C8>=?>BCB0=4C?A>58C>5C '(2A>A4 that have been inactive for at least explain reason or face deregistration. Owing to flexibility in its the Lok Sabha that the term 'shell free trade agreement since 2010.
AdaP[4[TRcaXUXRPcX^]2^a_^aPcX^]A42 two straight financial years have Among others, 81 such LLPs structure and operations, the LLP company' is not defined under the Officials have stated that the
;X\XcTSP]]^d]RTSXcbUX]P]RXP[aTbd[cbU^acWT come under the scanner of the min- came under the scanner of RoC is most suitable vehicle for small Companies Act, 2013 and that government is contemplating steps
`dPacTaT]STS"cW9d]T! &X]P\TTcX]V istry, as per communications sent (Odisha) while the number was at enterprises and for investment by the Act requires that a company to check the surge in imports from
WT[S^] cW0dVdbc! &CWTC^cP[8]R^\T out by it in the last two months. least 70 in the case of RoC (Madhya venture capital, the ministry said may be set up for any lawful pur- that country. Gold imports from
^UcWT2^\_P]hPb^]"cW9d]T! &WPb Sending out a strong message, Pradesh). Around 37 LLPs that have in its recently published Strategy pose only. Subsequent to incor- South Korea has jumped to $338.6
X]RaTPbTSc^ C"#% #RaPbPVPX]bcC!(($!Ra these entities are in the process of not been carrying out business Document 2017. Official data poration, if a company is found million during July 1-August 3 this
X]cWT_aTeX^dbR^aaTb_^]SX]V`dPacTaCWT being struck off from the register for came to the notice of RoC showed that as many as 319 com- to be formed for fraudulent or year. The import in 2016-17 stood
?a^UXcQTU^aTCPg?1CU^acWT`dPacTaXb not carrying out any activities. (Meghalaya). More such LLPs are panies were converted into LLPs in unlawful purpose, it is liable for at 470.46 million. Under the free
C '(Ra?a^UXcPUcTaCPg?0CbcP]SbPc (These) LLPs have not been car- likely to face action from the min- the last financial year, which is high- penal action, including for trade pact between India and
C " RaCWT=Tcf^acW^UcWTR^\_P]hWPb rying on any business or operation istry. The LLP form of business er than 258 seen in 2015-16. The winding up under Section 271 South Korea, basic customs duty
X]RaTPbTSc^C"#% #RaaTVXbcTaX]VPVa^fcW^U %_TaRT]c^eTacWTR^aaTb_^]SX]V`dPacTa;^P]1^^Z^UcWTR^\_P]hWPbX]RaTPbTS for a period of two immediately pre- organisation enables entrepreneurs, number stood at 167 in 2014-15. of the Act, he had said. on gold was eliminated. PTI
c^C!&'!RaP]ScWT^dcbcP]SX]VQ^aa^fX]VbXbPcC %'!'#RaPb^]"cW9d]T! &6a^bb=?0bbcP]SPc!%_TaRT]cPb^]

"cW9d]T! &PbPVPX]bc!$$_TaRT]cPb^]"cW9d]T! %8]cTaTbc2^eTaPVTAPcX^bcP]SbPc $&_TaRT]cPb^]"cW9d]T
! &CWT0dcW^aXbTS2P_XcP[^UcWT2^\_P]hPb^]"cW9d]T! &XbC$Ra3daX]VcWT_aTeX^dbhTPaA42WPSP[[^ccTSQ^]db
bWPaTbc^XcbbWPaTW^[STabX]cWT_a^_^acX^]^U^]TQ^]dbbWPaT^UC TPRWU^aTeTahTgXbcX]V^]TUd[[h_PXSd_bWPaT^UC TPRW >=62ThTbS^dQ[X]VVPb_a^SdRcX^]X]$%hab
?=BQ =4F34;78

0RR^aSX]V[hcWT_PXSd_RP_XcP[X]RaTPbTSc^C (&#(!RaUa^\C('&#%Ra_^bcQ^]dbbWPaTbCWTQ^^ZeP[dT_TabWPaT^UC TPRW Its flagship project includes
bcP]SbPcC &$!&Pb^]"9d]T! &4Pa]X]Vb_TaBWPaT4?BU^acWT`dPacTaT]STS"9d]T! &XbC%$(_TabWPaT^UC TPRW CWTbT_a^YTRcbf^d[S Cluster-II in Bay of Bengal
tate-owned Oil and Natural _a^SdRT%(<C^URadST block KG-DWN-98/2 (KG-
=122B86=B<>DF8C78CBBD1B8380AH7B2;5>A5H! & ' STuesday
Gas Corp (ONGC) on ^X[P]S 'QX[[X^]RdQXR D5). The project would pro-
3TeT[^_\T]c<^D3^]9d[h!$! &bXV]TS
CFURUHLQ-XO\ said it plans to double
gas production to over 100 mil-
lion standard cubic meters per
duce about 25 million tonnes of
oil and 50 BCM of gas over the
life of the project with peak
! & 'fXcW7X]SdbcP]BcTT[f^aZb2^]bcadRcX^] NEW DELHI: The new pre- um income rose 25.3 per cent to day in the next 5-6 years. In a production of 4 million tonnes
;X\XcTS7B2;7B2;WPbaTRT]c[hQTT]cPZT]^eTaQh mium of life insurance compa- C847.91 crore, ICICI Prudential statement issued on of oil and 5.5 BCM of gas. This
=1228]SXP;cSPbXcbBdQbXSXPahCWT<^DbXV]TS nies increased by 47.4 per cent Life earned new premium Independence Day celebra- would be equivalent to 17 per
QTcfTT]3a0]^^_:d\Pa<XccP[2<3=122P]S< to C20,427.68 crore in July, data income of C 759.08 crore, up 34.2 tions at the companys head- SdaX]V!!! Pc%%$ cent and 24 per cent of ONGC's
1WPSdaX2<37B2;bTcbcWTcPaVTcbU^a7B2;d]STa from sector regulator Irdai per cent from July 2016. HDFC quarters in Dehradun, ONGC <C^URadSTP]S ""' current standalone oil and gas
ePaX^db_PaP\TcTabU^acWT5HB:?P[3XaTRc^a5X]* shows. Comparatively, all the 24 Standard Life reported an said despite tumbling oil prices 12<^UVPbfWXRWXb#$ production, respectively.
APYT]SaP2WPdSWPaX3XaTRc^a2^\\TaRXP[*=TT[TbW life insurers in the country had increase of 68.8 per cent at in the last three years, it not _TaRT]c^UXcb^X[P]S During the last three years,
BWPWBa43=1228]SXP;cSP]S^cWTabT]X^a^UUXRTab earned C13,854.44 crore as C880.29 crore as against C521.43 only sustained production VPbbcP]SP[^]T ONGC completed 15 produc-
^U=122P]S7B2;fTaT_aTbT]c^]cWT^RRPbX^]0VT]TaP[aTeXTf^UcWTePaX^db_a^YTRcbd]STa7B2;fTaTP[b^cPZT] insurance premium from new crore in the year-ago period. from existing fields through _a^SdRcX^]SdaX]V5H & tion related projects (including
^]cWT^RRPbX^]fWT]3a<XccP[_a^eXSTSeP[dPQ[TX]_dcbc^7B2;U^aX\_[T\T]cPcX^]SdaX]VcWThTPa business in July 2016. Birla Sun Life witnessed a rise incremental inputs but has 8 brownfield and 7 greenfield)
Country's largest and the of 57.2 per cent at C195.61 crore also taken large meaningful These projects would pro- with capital investment of
!:8AC8270:A0!B70DAH0270:A00=3$"?<6<430;B68E4=C>2A?5>=830H only public sector insurer LIC and Canara HSBC OBC Life stood and calculated investment deci- duce 69 million tonnes (MT) of C54,000 crore. These would
2T]caP[ATbTaeT?^[XRT5^aRT2A?5WPbQTT]PfPaSTS!:XacX2WPZaP!BWPdahP2WPZaPP]S$"?<6<TSP[b^]cWT^RRPbX^]^U reported an increase of 51.4 per at C99.87 crore, up 75 per cent from sions to ensure sustained vol- crude oil and 118 billion cubic produce 87 million tonnes of
8]ST_T]ST]RT3Ph! &CWTU^aRTXbcWT[PaVTbc_PaP\X[XcPahU^aRTfWXRWWPbPVPX]QTT]STR^aPcTSfXcWcWTWXVWTbc6P[[P]cah cent in premium during the the year-ago period. Sahara Life's umes and financial growth. meters of natural gas during crude and 56 BCM of gas dur-
<TSP[bP\^]V_^[XRTU^aRTb8cWPbQTT]PfPaSTSfXcW$&VP[[P]cah\TSP[bCWT5^aRTfWXRWXbTgcT]bXeT[hST_[^hTSX]cWT\PY^a month at C16,254.91 crore as premium income showed no value Government is targeting their profile period. Cumulative ing their profile period, the
R^]U[XRccWTPcaTbWPbQTT]PfPaSTScWTQd[Z^UcWTVP[[P]cah\TSP[bU^aTgWXQXcX]VaPfR^daPVTP]STgcaP^aSX]PahSTTSb^UeP[^daX] against C10,737.92 crore in July against C2.27 crore in July increase in share of gas in the production from these projects statement said, adding during
cWT\^bccahX]VP]SSXUUXRd[ccTaaPX]b^UcWT;TUcFX]V4gcaT\Xb\;F4PUUTRcTSbcPcTb!:XacX2WPZaP^]TTPRWc^BWPWTTS 2016. For the rest 23 private sec- 2016.Cumulative premium col- energy basket from 6.5 per cent would peak during 2020-21 at FY17, ONGC produced 5 mil-
?aP\^S:d\Pa2^\\P]SP]c_^bcWd\^dbP]S2WTcP]:d\Pa2WTTcPW2^\\P]SP]c!BWPdahP2WPZaP^]TTPRWc^2WP]SP] tor players, the total business pre- lection by all insurers during April- to 15 per cent in the next few 6.65 million tonnes of crude lion tonnes of crude and 3.5
:d\Pa0bbXbcP]c2^\\P]SP]cP]S2^]bcPQ[T0\Pa]PcW<XbWaPWPeTQTT]PfPaSTSU^acWTXaR^]b_XRd^dbVP[[P]cahP]STgT\_[Pah mium last month increased 34 July of 2017-18 rose 18 per cent to years. ONGC said 17 projects and 13.38 BCM of gas which is BCM of gas from these projects,
R^daPVTBWPWTTS2^]bcPQ[T0YPh:d\PaP]SBWPWTTS2^]bcPQ[T1P[T]7PaXiP]WPeTQTT]PfPaSTS?^[XRT<TSP[U^a6P[[P]cah per cent to C4,172.76 crore from C53,659.66 crore from C 45,247 with a combined capex of 45 per cent of company's oil and which is 22 per cent and 16 per
_^bcWd\^db[hU^acWTXaTgWXQXcTSaPfR^daPVTd]U[X]RWX]VSTcTa\X]PcX^]P]SWXVWSTVaTT^U_a^UTbbX^]P[Xb\2A?5XbcWT\^bc C3,116.52 crore, the IRDAI data crore in the same period last fiscal, C76,000 crore have been gas standalone production dur- cent of its standalone crude and
STR^aPcTS2T]caP[0a\TS?^[XRT5^aRTfXcW %#"\TSP[bfWXRWX]R[dSTb 6T^aVT2a^bb":X]Vb?<6 0bW^Z2WPZaP":XacX showed. While SBI Life's premi- according to the data. PTI approved in the last three years. ing FY17, it said. gas production, respectively.
2WPZaP ?PS\PBWaX EXa2WPZaP %BWPdahP2WPZaPb#(??5B<6 (!??<6 HdSWBTeP<TSP[$BT]P<TSP[#EXbWXbc

BTeP<TSP[ !#!?<6$8?<6"9TTeP]APZbWP?PSPZP]S ?<b?^[XRT<TSP[U^a;XUTBPeX]V!(&QaPeT^UUXRTabP]S\T]
WPeTQTT]\PachaTSbX]RTXcbU^a\PcX^]X] ("(cWTWXVWTbcQhUPaU^aP]h2T]caP[0a\TS?^[XRT5^aRT2A?5WPbP[b^QTT]

?A4B834=CB?>;824<430;0F0A343C>B0=90H:8B7>A42B2=A;H>=830H HYDERABAD: Investments, especially in growth rate have a row base. There is no investment taking Because, manufacturing is key to cre-
>]cWT^RRPbX^]^U8]ST_T]ST]RT3Ph! &BP]YPh:XbW^aT2WXTUBTRdaXch2^\\XbbX^]TaRd\8]b_TRc^a the manufacturing sector, is the key to strong correlation, place. Exports are quite muted. Inflation ating jobs,added the former RBI Governor.
6T]TaP[^U?^[XRT2B2=^acWTa]APX[fPhfPbQTbc^fTSfXcWcWTW^]^da^U?aTbXST]cb?^[XRT<TSP[U^a ensure sustained growth in the country, for- he said. is low. But, inflation is low because of low The main thing everybody pointed out
SXbcX]VdXbWTSbTaeXRT0]8]SXP]?^[XRTBTaeXRTb>UUXRTa^U ('&QPcRW:XbW^aTWPbQTT]W^[SX]VcWT mer RBI Governor D Subba Rao has said. When we oil prices and low food prices. Low food when the NDA government completed
_^bXcX^]^U2WXTUBTRdaXch2^\\XbbX^]TaRd\8]b_TRc^a6T]TaP[^U?^[XRT=^acWTa]APX[fPhU^acWT_Pbccf^ I am sure all of you have read about eco- grew at nine plus prices because of the good monsoon. three years in office was its alleged failure
hTPabWP]S[X]VcWTR^\_[TgXcXTb^URaX\TP]SX]cT[[XVT]RT^]cWTT]cXaT]^acWTa]i^]TUa^\:PbWXc^:PbW\Xa nomic survey that was presented to the per cent before the Rupee is steady of course. But, rupee is to deliver on massive job creation though
7TWPbQTT]R^]UTaaTSfXcWcWXbW^]^daX]eXTf^UWXbcPRcXRP[RaX\TR^]ca^[\TPbdaTbP]SX]XcXPcXeTbPbfT[[ Parliament last week. What the econom- global financial steady because of FII inflows. The most what was witnessed was not a jobless
PbPbcdcTWP]S[X]V^UX]cT[[XVT]RT\PccTabU^a_aTeT]cXeTRaX\TQTbXSTbWXbU^Rdb^]PS^_cX^]^UcTRW]^[^VXRP[ ic survey said was that in a situation where crisis from 2003 to important worry for us today is that invest- growth, he said.
c^^[bU^abTRdaXch^]APX[fPhb8c\PhP[b^QTaT[TeP]cc^\T]cX^]cWPccWTSXbcX]VdXbWTSbTaeXRTb^UBP]YPh you have such low real investment, low 2008, there was very high investment. ment is not taking place, he said. Two things everybody has pointed
:XbW^aTfPbP[b^aTR^V]XbTScWa^dVWP]^cPQ[TaTR^aS^UW^]^dabeXi6T]TaP[<P]PVTab0fPaSX]cWThTPa ((#APX[fPh export volume, low credit growth, you can- Again after the crisis, growth dropped Some spoke highly about Indias out. Two things that the Government has
<X]XbcTab0fPaSX]!"8]SXP]?^[XRT<TSP[X]!'P]SSTR^aPcTSfXcW36b8]bXV]XPX]cWThTPa! &7TP[b^aTRTXeTScWT not sustain seven plus per cent growth. because investment dropped. Today, there growth, before the global financial crisis failed on or not delivered on. Two
36APX[fPh1^PaSb;TccTa^U2^\\T]SPcX^]U^aWXb_Xe^cP[a^[TX]cWTX]eTbcXVPcX^]^UcWTRPbT^USTPcW^U9d]PXScWa^dVWWXb So, if you ask me give a one word is no investment taking place. So, unless when the country clocked a growth of nine things.Jobs and (addressing) agriculture
dc\^bcSX[XVT]RTX]VPcWTaX]V^UTeXST]RTP]SR^[[PQ^aPcX^]fXcW6T]TaP[APX[fPh?^[XRT^UBcPcTX]cWTRPbT answer to what should be done to get India investment is jacked up, it is difficult to per cent, but the high growth rate did not distress. So, creating jobs is something that
to continue to grow, I would say invest- accelerate growth, he said. India holds continue, he said. Job creation on a large the government has not done as well as it
=3<22708A<0=03<8=8BC4A43?;4364>5B0=:0;??0AEC>4<?;>H44B>=830H ment, he said. Subba Rao was speaking at great promise, at a time when advanced scale would happen in the manufacturing should have. It is not a jobless growth. But,
a meeting jointly organised last night by economies are struggling with low growth and not in agriculture or services sector, the number of jobs created with seven per
the Rotary Clubs of Hyderabad and the and deflation, but growth in the country he added. "In order to get the elephant cent growth, I think has been less than ade-
Federation of Telangana and Andhra is not inevitable, he said. (Indian economy is often compared with quate. That's the reason the Prime Minister
Pradesh Chamber of Commerce and Today, we are growing at seven plus an elephant) to dance..., the first thing we talks about Make in India, Start Up India,
Industry (FTAPCCI). Investment and per cent. But, that growth has a very nar- should do is invest in manufacturing. Stand Up India etc, he said. PTI

44B;C>64C :420AB5>A<8=8BCA84B 1B=;bTTZb!haTgcT]bX^]U^a\^QX[T[XRT]RTeP[XSXch

NEW DELHI: State-run firm renewable energy. According to NEW DELHI: After MTNL, state- from 2002 for a period of 20 years. then Departments of Telecom
EESL has floated a tender for the tender, 3,000 AC (alternate cur- owned Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd That is, up to 2022, BSNL Services (DTS) and Telecom
C^R^\\T\^aPcTcWT&$cW0]]XeTabPah^UcWT@dXc8]SXP<^eT\T]ccWT2WPXa\P]=3<2=PaTbW:d\PaPS\X]XbcTaTScWT_[TSVT^U procuring 10,000 Electric cars and rent) or slow charger's and 1,000 (BSNL) has written to the Chairman Anupam Operations (DTO) way back in
BP]ZP[_bTBXSSWXPb^]BP]ZP[_?Pae^]CdTbSPhc^XcbT\_[^hTTbc^caP]bU^a\X]V^UcWPcaTb^[eTBXSSWX^aPccPX]\T]cQhf^aZX]V 4,000 chargers for coal, mines, DC (Direct Current) fast charger's Government to extend the Shrivastava told PTI. 2000, the Government gave the tele-
c^VTcWTaX]cWTbP\Tb_XaXcPbXcfPb_aPRcXRTSQh[PZWb^U8]SXP]bUa^\ (#! (#&CWT_[TSVTWTPSSTScWPcf^d[ScPaVTcc^VTcaXS power and new & renewable ener- compatible with Bharat AC-001 validity of its cellular licence He said BSNLs request com corporation permission to pro-
^UbXgT]T\XTb[XZT3Xac?^eTach2^aad_cX^]CTaa^aXb\2PbcTXb\P]S2^\\d]P[Xb\P]STgW^acTScWTcTP\=3<2c^f^aZfXcWbT]bT gy ministries as well as for pro- and DC-001 charger specification and spectrum for two for extension pertains to all vide all types of Telegraph services
^USTSXRPcX^]STe^cX^]P]SiTP[c^fPaSbcWXbSXaTRcX^]b^Pbc^\PZTXcPaTP[Xch0]ScWThbW^d[SbWPaTcWTXaXSTPb^]=Tf8]SXPP]S viding them on rent to other would be procured.The tender is more years till 2022, its circles. As of now, the that were being offered by the two
X]b_XaTcWTXa]TPaTbcP]SSTPaTbcc^VTcPbb^RXPcTSX]Xcb^cWPcXcR^d[SQTR^\TP\Pbb\^eT\T]cFWX[T_PhX]VWXbaXRWcaXQdcTbX]cWT departments. Energy Efficiency part of the Governments plan to according to a top official. licence is valid until 2020. erstwhile departments.
\T\^ah^UVaTPc\Pachab^UUaTTS^\bcadVV[TWTbPXScWPcfTbW^d[SR^\TU^afPaSc^bPUTVdPaSP]S_a^cTRccWTWPaSTPa]TS Service Ltd (EESL) has floated a promote electric vehicles in the We were given licence in BSNL operates telephony DTS had the permit for tech-
UaTTS^\fWXRWWPSQTT]PccPX]TSQhcWTbd_aT\TbPRaXUXRT^U^da\PachabfW^WPS[PXScWTXa[XUTU^aUaTTS^\^UcWT]PcX^]CWTSXVXcP[ tender for procurement of 10,000 country in a big way. In April, 2000 subject to finalisation services across India except nology neutral cellular services but had
cTRW]^[^VhU^aTgcT]SX]VcWTRXeXRP\T]XcXTbP]SR^\\d]XchUPRX[Xchc^cWT_T^_[TPc[PaVTU^acaP]b_PaT]cP]SPRR^d]cPQ[T\d]XRX_P[ electric cars including complete Power, Coal, Mine, New & of terms and conditions by two circles of Mumbai and not started providing mobile opera-
bhbcT\bW^d[SQTPS^_cTSQhcWT=3<2WTbPXSCWT2WPXa\P]d]Uda[TScWT=PcX^]P[5[PV^U %UTTcPc=3<27TPS`dPacTa?P[XZP system warranty under the faster Renewable Energy Minister licensor on recommendations of Delhi. Its mobile subscriber base is tions. Further, the terms and condi-
:T]SaP=Tf3T[WXP]SaT[TPbTScWTcaXR^[^daQP[[^^]bfXcWcWTbRW^^[RWX[SaT]P]SSXbcaXQdcTSbfTTcb^]cWT^RRPbX^] adoption and manufacturing of Piyush Goyal had said that TRAI, and the first rollout was close to 10 crore and it has a mar- tions of the licence were to be outlined
electric vehicles in India (FAME) India would sell only electric done in 2002. Therefore, the ket share of 8.7 per cent. When in due course after the recommen-
34;7858A4B4AE824>558280;B0F0A343<430;B>=830H scheme of the ministry of new & vehicles by 2030. PNS licences effective date should be BSNL took over the business of the dations from the TRAI. PTI

86=>DRT[TQaPcTb& bc83PhP]]^d]RTb<^DfXcW=T632B2 6^SaTY8]cTaX^ThTb

?=BQ =4F34;78

h e Ind i r a G an d h i
T National Open University
(IGNOU) celebrated the 71st
NEW DELHI: Godrej Interio, the
furniture arm of Godrej Group, is
Independence Day in its eyeing C3,500 crore sales in next
campus in Maidan Garhi, three years and would go online
Delhi. The Vice Chancellor by the end of this year to tap the
of t he Un ive rs it y, Prof upwardly mobile Indian con-
Ravindra Kumar hoisted the sumer. Besides, it is also expand-
national flag and announced ing presence in the B2C category
CWT[Xbc^UPfPaSTTb^UcWT3T[WX5XaTBTaeXRT>UUXRXP[bfW^ the Universitys partnership and expects both B2B and B2C
WPeTQTT]VXeT]\TSP[b^]cWT^^RPbX^]^UcWT& bc with National e-Governance formats to contribute equally
8]ST_T]ST]RT3Ph^]CdTbSPhc^aTR^V]XbTcWTXa\TaXc^aX^db D iv i s i on ( Ne G D ) and three years from now.
P]SSXbcX]VdXbWTSbTaeXRTb?aTbXST]cb5XaTBTaeXRT<TSP[ Common Services Network We are working on a new
5^a6P[[P]cah?^bcWd\^db[h)Bd]X[:d\Pa5XaT\P]!$& of Ministry of Electronics website and by the end of this year
<P]YXcBX]VW5XaT>_TaPc^a!(% 7PaXBX]VW<TT]P and Information Technology our online e-commerce would be
;TPSX]V5XaT\P]! $%7PaX>\;TPSX]V5XaT\P]  $" and in the form of a MoU on ready, Godrej Interio Chief
5XaTbTaeXRT\TSP[U^aVP[[P]cah)0]^^_BX]VW5XaT\P] 22nd August. CSCs will be fruitful for by IGNOU students in the IGNOU students, staff mem- Operating Officer Anil Mathur
!$$&CTY?P[BdQ>UUXRTa'("=PeTT]5XaT>_TaPc^a After the MoU, IGNOU IGNOU students. They are the form of CSC wallet, he bers, academia and others. He told PTI. He added: It is difficult
!! %#APeX]STaBX]VW5XaT>_TaPc^a&"%#?aTbXST]cb will be able to collaborate with access points for delivery of announced on Tuesday. also launched the digital ver- to put an estimate of the total sales
5XaTBTaeXRT<TSP[5^a3XbcX]VdXbWTSBTaeXRT)EX_X]:T]cP[ NeGD to prepare e-governance various electronic services to The Vice Chancellor also sion of the Bachelors revenue which would be gener-
2WXTU5XaT>UUXRTa5XaTBTaeXRT<TSP[5^a<TaXc^aX^db training videos. NeGD will be villages in India, thereby con- launched the digital version of Preparatory Programme in the ated from the ecommerce ven-
BTaeXRT)APYTbW:d\Pa0bbccFXaT[Tbb>UUXRTaAPYQXaBX]VW providing all the technical tributing to a digitally and the open news letter called the form of a CD which shall also ture, however, we estimate to
BdQ>UUXRTa(!$7PaXbW2WP]S;TPSX]V5XaT\P]("( assistance required for the financially inclusive society. 'IGNOU DIGI NEWS' which be distributed with the study generate a revenue of 10 crore
LMS. While partnering with All the CSC centres can be used shall be distributed to the learning materials. from online sales this year. PNS
=4F34;78kF43=4B30H k0D6DBC %! & f^a[S !

ReeRT\`_8fR^ N
05?Q 7060C=06D0< that Kim Jong Un has backed
off, he added.
is continuing to grow, there
have been no major changes in
05?Q B4>D;

orth Korean leader Kim

Jong-Un has been briefed
on a plan to fire missiles near
sary for the US to make a prop-
er option first and show it
through action, as it commit-
ted provocations after intro-
ducing huge nuclear strategic
Beijing: The top US military
officer told a top Chinese gen-
expand dialogue between the
US and China as agreed by
uam officials were ecsta- CNN reported that US spy our forecast. Guam but hinted that he would equipment into the vicinity of eral on Tuesday that the US and Trump and Chinese President
G tic on Tuesday as North
Korea appeared to back away
satellites detected a North
Korean mobile missile launch-
Tensions have been mount-
ing in the region since North
hold off on the launch,
Pyongyangs state media said
the peninsula, he was quoted
as saying by KCNA.
05?Q 1ADBB4;B China have many difficult
issues to work through, but
Xi Jinping when they met ear-
lier this year.
from its threat to fire four mis- er being moved in a way indi- Korea tested two interconti- on Tuesday. He urged the US to stop at he European Unions for- that he hoped meetings To that end, China has
siles towards the US territory in
the western Pacific.
cating preparations were being
made for a possible launch.
nental ballistic missile tests last
month, which appeared to bring
Kim examined the plan
for a long time and discussed
once arrogant provocations
against the North and not pro-
T eign policy chief has called
for peaceful, not military
between the sides this week will
lead to progress.
arranged a series of important
meetings and visits to help
There doesnt appear to be However, tensions began to much of the US within range. it with commanding officers voke it any longer. means to resolve the Korean Marine Corps Gen Joseph Dunford know more about
any indication, based on what ease in Guam after Pyongyangs Responding to the tests, US yesterday during his inspection North Koreas military said peninsula crisis, urging Dunford, the chairman of the our military, (boost) our coop-
were hearing, that there will be official Korean Central News President Donald Trump of the command of the last week that it would finalise Pyongyang to avoid any fur- Joint Chiefs of Staff, made the eration and build up our
any missiles attacking in the Agency (KCNA) reported that warned Pyongyang of fire and Strategic Force in charge of the by mid-August its detailed plan ther provocative action that remarks at the opening of a friendship, Fang said.
near future or in the distant Kim had examined plans to fire fury like the world has never Norths missile units, according to test-fire four intermediate- could stoke tensions. meeting with Fang Fenghui, Dunford responded that
future, Lieutenant Governor missiles near Guam, but made seen. to the Korean Central News range ballistic missiles in an At such a critical juncture, chief of the Peoples Liberation the US considered the meetings
Ray Tonorio said. no move towards an immedi- The North replied by set- Agency (KCNA). enveloping fire around Guam the European Union supports Armys joint staff department. important to making progress
Guam Homeland Security ate strike. ting a mid-August deadline to He said that the US impe- and report it to its leader for diplomatic work with our part- US officials say Dunfords on areas of disagreement, with-
George Charfauros dismissed Instead he hinted he would finalise plans to test-fire its mis- rialists caught the noose around approval. ners aimed at the de-escalation visit aims to create a mecha- out citing any specific examples.
reports of satellite images hold off by saying he would siles towards the US Pacific their necks due to their reckless Tensions have been of the situation and achieving nism for improving commu- I think here, we have to be
showing North Korea moving watch a little more the foolish island of Guam. military confrontation racket. mounting since the North test- the complete, verifiable and nication between the sides, honest - we have many, many
a missile into place for a pos- and stupid conduct of the Although tensions have But Kim hinted he would ed two intercontinental ballis- irreversible denuclearisation especially on sensitive issues difficult issues where we dont
sible launch. Yankees spending a hard time eased in Guam, which is home hold off on the plan to test-fire tic missile tests last month, of the Korean Peninsula such as North Korea. necessarily share the same per-
He said he believed this of every minute of their mis- to two large US military instal- missiles towards the US Pacific which appeared to bring much through peaceful, not military, Dunford is visiting South spective, Dunford said.
was just a show of force to erable lot. lations and more than 6,000 island territory, saying he of the US within range. means, Federica Mogherini Korea, Japan and China after a I know we share one
mark North Koreas Liberation Tonorio said Kim appeared military personnel, Tonorio would watch a little more the Responding to the tests, US said in a statement on Monday. week in which President thing: We share a commit-
Day celebrations on Tuesday. to have calmed down some of said there was no change to the foolish and stupid conduct of President Donald Trump The statement was issued Donald Trump said he was ment to work through these
It may be just a ruse. his rhetoric and were happy threat level. the Yankees spending a hard warned Pyongyang of fire and after a meeting of a key EU ready to unleash fire and difficult issues, he added, say-
Today is an historic day for the that he has taken a look at their I think the rhetoric is one time of every minute of their fury like the world has never panel which agreed the bloc fury if North Korea continued ing that with the guidance of
Korean peninsular. It is their plans and will be holding off thing but if we have any belief, miserable lot. seen. would reach out to North and to threaten the US. political leaders we are going
Liberation Day .... North Korea on, at least it appears, the as a country or as an island, that In order to defuse the The North in turn threat- South Korea, the United States, Fang said Dunfords visit to make some progress over the
tends to use symbolism as part imminent threats to Guam. there is going to be a threat, we tensions and prevent the dan- ened to test-fire its missiles China, Russia and Japan. was a key part of efforts to next few days. AP
of their decision making. At this point, our govern- are going to be prepared. We are gerous military conflict on the towards the US Pacific island of There is an urgent need
We are almost ecstatic ment is operating, our tourism going to be ready for it, he said. Korean peninsula, it is neces- Guam. for a de-escalation of tensions
on the situation on the Korean
Peninsula, Mogherini said. ?VaR]W]``UUVReYe`]]YZed
Cad\_b_TPZbc^ ?<`cVRdRjd_`h_`eeZ^V
(...) We therefore call on
the Democratic Peoples
Republic of Korea (DPRK) to "#!,dZi^Z]]Z`_RWWVTeVU
0QT^]=:^aTP e`UZdTfddFDUVeRZ_VVd
refrain from any further
provocative action that can Kathmandu: The death toll mans land near the flood-hit
only increase regional and from widespread flooding and BiratnagarJogbani border
global tensions. landslides in Nepal on Tuesday with India today and the death
Seoul: North Korea appeared to Central News Agency (KCNA). over the weekend suggested North Koreas continued climbed to 120 with nearly 40 toll has hit 115, Home Ministry
Washington: President Donald other regional and global issues link the fate of its US prisoners Pyongyang has arrested similar talks have continued. acceleration of its nuclear and people still unaccounted for sources said.
Trump has assured Japanese of mutual interest during the to ongoing tensions on Tuesday, and jailed several US citizens in Last week, the North ballistic missile programmes and over six million affected by A committee has been
Prime Minister Shinzo Abe call on Monday. saying now is not the right time the past decade, often releasing released a Canadian pastor on constitutes serious and wor- incessant rainfall across the formed under Home Minister
that the US stands ready to Tensions in the Korean to discuss their release. them only after high-profile medical parole after having held rying violations of its inter- Himalayan country. Janardan Sharma to ascertain
respond to any threat to peninsula worsened after Three Americans, accused visits by US officials or former him for more than two years. national obligations, Most of the displaced, liv- the extent of the loss. The
America and its allies from Pyongyang tested two inter- of various crimes against the presidents. Tensions have been Mogherini warned. ing in temporary shelters for chief secretary and secretaries
North Koreas nuclear weapons, continental ballistic missiles state, are behind bars in the her- In June, student Otto mounting between Washington Tensions have been the past three days, were yet to of 12 ministries are members of
the White House said on in July. mit nation, which is engaged in Warmbier who was sen- and Pyongyang since the mounting since the Norths receive relief supplies in the the committee, home ministry
Tuesday. Trump has warned North a tense standoff with the admin- tenced to 15 years hard labour Norths testing of two inter- two intercontinental ballistic flood-hit interior areas, the spokesman Ram Krishna
In a readout of the phone Korea that it would face fire istration of US President Donald for allegedly stealing a political continental ballistic missiles missile tests last month, which Kathmandu Post reported. Subedi said.
call between Trump and Abe, and fury if it attacked the US, Trump over its banned missile poster while visiting that appeared to bring much of appeared to bring much of the More than 2,800 houses The Ministry said that the
the White House said Trump while the North threatened to and nuclear weapons programs. Pyongyang as a tourist was the US within range. US within range. have been completely destroyed. Nepal Government has accel-
reaffirmed that the US was test-fire its missiles over Japan The issue of detained sent home in a coma. He died Responding to the tests, Its military said last week Normal life in parts of erated rescue and relief opera-
ready to respond to any North and towards the US Pacific Americans is not a subject of a week later. Trump warned the North of that it would finalise by mid- Nepal has been hit and a large tions. It said nearly 27,000
Korean threat to its allies. island of Guam, home to US discussion given the current His release was secured fire and fury like the world August its detailed plan to number of people have been security personnel have been
The two leaders exchanged Air Forces Andersen air base. state of... Relations, a through back channel negotia- has never seen, while test-fire four intermediate- displaced due to flooding and engaged in post-disaster oper-
views on the growing threat, it The North Korean missile spokesman for the Norths for- tions with Pyongyang led by the Pyongyang threatened to fire range ballistic missiles in an landslides. ation and a search for those
said, adding that the two lead- tests prompted a new round of eign ministry was quoted as US envoy for North Korea pol- missiles close to the US terri- enveloping fire around the Authorities recovered missing was underway.
ers also discussed a range of UN economic sanctions. PTI saying by the official Korean icy Joseph Yun. Media reports tory of Guam.. AFP US Pacific island of Guam. seven bodies from the no PTI

DYRcZWWZ]VdeYcVVRaaVR]dZ_D4 ?^[XRT)'ha^[SVXa[ 9<1d[caPb

ZX[[TSPbRPa_[^fb _[P]]X]Vc^

X]c^5aT]RW_XiiTaXP PccPRZ3WPZP TPbc^U5aTTc^f]
BXTaaP;T^]T 0?

Islamabad: Pakistans ousted Lahore but the legal team took ing of party leaders at his
Paris: French police say an 8-
year-old girl was killed and at
Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif time to prepare the case. Raiwind estate in Lahore to least five people were injured ?C8Q 370:0
on Tuesday filed three separate Harris also submitted rele- prepare a strategy for his cam- when a driver slammed his car
appeals in the Supreme Court vant documents concerning the paign to contact the masses into the sidewalk cafe of a pizza n Islamist militant was
to review its verdict in the
Panama Papers case that result-
iqama a United Arab Emirates
work visa that led the judges
over his disqualification.
The meeting was attended
restaurant in a small town east
of Paris.
A killed in a suicide blast
during a counter-terror raid at
ed in his disqualification. to declare Sharif unfit to hold by Hamza Shahbaz, Foreign An official with the nation- a Dhaka hotel as he was plot-
A five-member Supreme office, Dawn reported. Minister Khawaja Asif, al gendarme service said the ting to attack a rally taken out
Court Bench last month dis- Sharif has argued that the Railways Minister Saad driver was arrested soon after to pay homage to Bangladeshs
qualified Sharif for dishonesty July 28 decision should have Rafique, and Punjab Law the incident tonight in the founder Sheikh Mujibur
and ruled that corruption cases been given by a three-member Minister Rana Sanaullah, town of Sept-Sorts. Rahman, police said on
be filed against him and his bench since Justice Asif Saeed among others. The official said it is Tuesday.
children over the Panama Khosa and Justice Gulzar National Assembly Speaker unclear whether the act was The police said Saiful
Papers scandal, forcing the Ahmeds jurisdiction had Ayaz Sadiq told the media deliberate. The official was not Islam, an operative of the out-
Prime Minister to quit. expired after their dissenting after the meeting that he still authorized to be publicly lawed Jamayetul Mujahideen
Sharif s lawyer Khawaja judgement on April 20, the considers Sharif his Prime named according to police Bangladesh (JMB) group, was
Harris filed the three review paper said. Minister. policy. under surveillance for the past
appeals, in reply to the petitions By signing the the final Sadiq said that Sharif will An Algerian man drove his two days and was killed in
filed by Imran Khan, Sheikh order of the court on July 28, fight for his rights but he will car into a group of French sol- operation August Bite.
Rashid and Sirjul Haq, in the Justice Ahmed and Justice not create any tension between diers last week, and a truck The elite SWAT team shot
Lahore registry of the apex Khosa have actually passed the national institutions. attack in the French city of Nice the militant when he triggered
court. two judgments in the same case, Sharif s plan is to go to the left 86 people dead a little to blow the the door of his hotel
The decision to file the which is unprecedented in judi- public and garner support for more than a year ago. Several room and tried to trigger
appeal against the verdict was cial history, reads the appeal his plan to bring changes in the other countries have seen cars another bomb, police chief
taken before 67-year-old Sharifs petition, according to the paper. country for sanctity of the used as weapons in recent AKM Shahidul Haque told
road journey from Islamabad to Sharif also chaired a meet- vote, the speaker added. PTI years. AP reporters.

>dcaPVTPbBfXbbW^cT[ ER]ZSR_`aV_ CTgPbd]XeTabXch 6aPRT<dVPQTcda]bbT[U

]VeeVce`5`_ RP]RT[bfWXcT
^aSTab9TfXbWVdTbcbc^ fcXVdFDe` bd_aT\PRXbcaP[[h
^eTaP[[TVTSPbbPd[c ^fUd]ZUVdR_UW]``UZ_X
bW^fTaQTU^aTbfX\\X]V ]VRgV2WXYR_ Chicago: A Texas university
has cancelled a planned white
Johannesburg: Zimbabwes
first lady Grace Mugabe hand-
ed herself over to South African
05?Q 5A44C>F= Many more bodies were
taken to private morgues,
Meanwhile disaster man-
Geneva: A Swiss hotel that rounds on social media and supremacist rally on its campus police and was due in court on t least 312 people were Sinneh said. agement official Candy Rogers
posted signs telling Jewish
clients to shower before using
was published by Israeli papers,
prompting a harsh reaction
Kabul: The Taliban have sent
an open letter to President
next month, citing safety con-
cerns following the deadly vio-
Tuesday, officials said, after
allegedly assaulting a model
A killed and more than 2,000
left homeless on Monday when
Images obtained by AFP
showed a ferocious churning of
said that over 2,000 people are
homeless, hinting at the huge
the pool and restricting their from Israeli officials. Donald Trump, reiterating lence at a rally in Virginia at the who was at a Johannesburg heavy flooding hit Sierra dark orange mud coursing humanitarian effort that will be
access to the facilitys freezer Deputy Foreign Minister their calls for America to leave weekend. hotel with her two sons. Leones capital of Freetown, down a steep street in the cap- required to deal with the fall-
has unleashed outrage and Tzipi Hotovely described the Afghanistan after 16 years of Texas A&M University, one During the incident, which leaving morgues overflowing ital, while videos posted by out of the flooding in one of
official complaints from Israel. incident as an anti-Semitic act war. of the most prestigious public occurred on Sunday, Mugabe, and residents desperately local residents showed people Africas poorest nations.
The Paradies apartment of the worst and ugliest kind. In a long and rambling colleges in the United States, 52, allegedly attacked Gabriella searching for loved ones. waist and chest deep in water Freetown, an overcrowded
hotel in the Alpine village of Israels ambassador to note in English that was sent scrapped a September 11 rally Engels, 20, with an extension An AFP journalist at the trying to traverse the road. coastal city of 1.2 million, is hit
Arosa in eastern Switzerland is Switzerland, Jacob Keidar, to journalists on Tuesday by at which known white suprema- cord, leaving her with wounds scene saw bodies being carried Fatmata Sesay, who lives each year by flooding during
being accused of anti-Semitism reportedly contacted the hotel Zabihullah Mujahid, the cist leader Richard Spencer was on her forehead and the back away and houses submerged in on the hilltop area of Juba, said several months of rain that
after an outraged guest posted to and informed Hotovely the Taliban spokesman, the insur- scheduled to speak. of her head. two areas of the city, where she, her three children and destroys makeshift settlements
Facebook a picture of a notice signs had been removed. gents say Trump recognized Spencer was one of the Shes not under arrest roads turned into churning husband were awoken at 4:30 and raises the risk of water-
plastered outside the hotel pool. But she was not satisfied and the errors of his predecessors leading figures in a rally that saw because she cooperated and rivers of mud and corpses am by rain beating down on borne diseases such as cholera.
To our Jewish Guests, has reportedly demanded a for- by seeking a review of the US hundreds of white supremacists handed herself over to the were washed up on the streets. the mud house they occupy, Flooding in the capital in
women, men and children, mal condemnation from Bern. strategy for Afghanistan. gather Saturday in the town of police, South African Police Red Cross spokesman which was by then submerged 2015 killed 10 people and left
please take a shower before you Swiss foreign ministry Mujahid says Trump Charlottesville, triggering vio- Minister Fikile Mbalula told Patrick Massaquoi told AFP by water. thousands homeless.
go swimming, it said, adding spokesman Tilman Renz told should not hand control of the lence that left one person dead reporters. the death toll was 312 but She managed to escape by Sierra Leone was one of
that If you break the rules Im AFP in an email that the min- US, Afghan policy to the mil- and 19 others injured. In terms of foreign citi- could rise further as his team climbing onto the roof. the west African nations hit by
forced to (close) the swimming istry had been in contact with itary but rather, announce the The universitys decision to zens, they must understand continued to survey disaster We have lost everything an outbreak of the Ebola virus
pool for you. Keidar and had outlined to withdrawal of US forces and cancel the event came after it they have responsibilities areas in Freetown and tally the and we do not have a place to in 2014 that left more than
A second notice, in the him that Switzerland condemns not an increase in troops as the emerged that organisers were especially those who hold number of dead. sleep, she told AFP. 4,000 people dead in the coun-
kitchen, meanwhile instructed racism, anti-Semitism and dis- Trump administration has billing the event as Today diplomatic passports. Mohamed Sinneh, a Local media reports said a try, and it has struggled to
Our Jewish guests that they crimination in any form. planned. Charlottesville, Tomorrow I cannot just go to morgue technician at section of a hill in the Regent revive its economy since the
could only access the facilitys Paradies manager Ruth The note, which is 1,600 Texas A&M. Zimbabwe and beat up people Freetowns Connaught area of the city had partially crisis.
freezer between 10 and 11 am Thomann, who signed the words long, also says a US Linking the tragedy of there and then the matter will Hospital, said 180 bodies had collapsed, exacerbating the About 60 percent of peo-
and between 4:30 and 5:30 pm. notices, meanwhile insisted to withdrawal would truly deliv- Charlottesville with the Texas disappear. been received so far at his facil- disaster. ple in Sierra Leone live below
I hope you understand Swiss daily 20Minutes that she er American troops from A&M event creates a major From the police side, we ity alone, many of them chil- Other images showed bat- the national poverty line,
that our team does not like being was not an anti-Semite, and harms way and bring about security risk on our campus, have had to act in the interests dren, leaving no space to lay tered corpses piled on top of according to the United
disturbed all the time, it said. acknowledged that her choice an end to an inherited war. the university said in a of the victim, we have opened what he described as the over- each other, as residents strug- Nations Development
The story quickly made the of words was a mistake. AFP AP statement. AFP a case. AFP whelming number of dead. gled to cope with the destruc- Programme.
=4F34;78kF43=4B30H k0D6DBC %! & PeT]dTb "

030AB7:70=34;F0;[XbcbS^f]_a^bP]SR^]b^Ud]STaVaPSR^dabTbX]SXUUTaT]cR^d]caXTb RWP]VTSfTPaTT]aXRWTSQTh^]S
DB0 0DBCA0;80 D: 20=030 B8=60?>A4
ustralia is quite popular in he next most popular country anada is a stable choice for ingapore is wildly popular among ?638?;><08=<4=C0;740;C7
A the undergraduate mar-
ket, narrowly beating out
T for Indian students is the UK,
which has the following attribut-
C undergrads looking for quali-
ty education in the America, with-
S Indian students who are attracted by
the short distance & low fees:
The Indira Gandhi
National Open Universitys
Singapore es: out the price tag PROS: (IGNOU), School of Social
Q Full tuition scholarships are available Sciences (SOSS) has launched a
PROS: PROS: PROS: for international students Post Graduate Diploma in
Q Relatively low cost of tuition Q Degrees accepted worldwide Q Lower fees as compared to Q Very close to India, thus airfare is low Mental Health (PGDMH) pro-
plus living Q Home of the famous Oxbridge USA, but with almost all the Q Very supportive job market gramme from July 2017 session.
Q Favourable job market colleges facilities Q New venture of Yale-National The programme is offered by launch of the Emerging Leaders
Q Not very competitive Q Relatively new to the interna- University of Singapore has added the Discipline of Psychology, Management Acceleration
CONS: tional UG market, in that they the liberal arts dynamic as well SOSS, and aims at providing the Programme (ELMAP), a blend-
CONS: Q Costs are very high, especially are aggressively promoting CONS: learners a sound base in the field ed executive programme for
Q Many violent hate crimes at the premier institutes international student enroll- Q Tuition bond forces the student to of mental health through an in- young business professionals.
have been recorded against Q Availability of scholarships is ment work in Singapore for up to 2 years depth study into a broad range The admissions to the pro-
Indians low, and there is no financial Q Very highly ranked colleges Q Three institutes Singapore of psychological issues and con- gramme is open till October 6,
Q There is no financial aid at aid with internationally recognised Management University, Nanyang cerns related to mental health. 2017. Interested applicants can
all for international appli- Q Visa is restrictive, and the job degrees Technological University and NUS The programme would find details of the program at
cants prospects are bad are most popular and thus compe- help address the mental health h t t p : / / p e a r s o n -
he US is by far the most popular des- Q Journey to and from Q There have been many cases of CONS: tition is very high. requirements of people in view professional.com/career-pro-
T tination for Indian undergrads, for the
following reasons:
Australia is difficult and
racism against Indians in par-
Q Cost of living is high
Q Really inclement weather.
Q A lot of emphasis is placed on
JEE/NTSE scores
of shortage of trained mental
health personnel in India. The
Commencing on October
Q Large number of colleges (Over 2000 prospective learner for the pro- 14, 2017, this programme brings
institutes), including the famous Ivy gramme should be post gradu- together business skills and
League Universities ate in Psychology or Social superior content from NUS to
Q Large amount of financial aid and 7>=6:>=6 4DA>?4 Work or Nursing or be a med- offer in-depth understanding of
scholarships ical graduate in any of the med- various functional areas of man-
Q Affordability of some community col- icine fields ie Allopathy, agement and leadership. With
leges and smaller state-sponsored col-
Q Ease of travel (Most connected country
new, but fast picking CONS:
Q Housing is not always guar-
anteed (to be checked with
Avery popular choice for the fol-
lowing reasons:
Q Housing is difficult to find and
quite costly (though not compa-
Homoeopathy, Ayurvedic,
Unani and Siddha.
The courses covered under
an approach focused on the pro-
gram aims to better equip busi-
ness leaders of the future with
on earth) PROS: individual university) PROS: rable to tuition fees in other the programme range from desired skills to drive results and
Q An American degree is accepted almost Q Aggressive marketing of inter- Q STEM subjects have better Q No tuition fees at all only fees regions) fundamentals of mental health, execute business strategy effec-
all over the world national enrollment there- prospects (along the lines of are for student service and hous- Q Some countries (Germany, Austria, mental disorders to services tively.
Q It has a great job market. Placements fore less competitive Hong Kong University of ing France) are thought to be racist. for the mentally ill. The last date Working professionals with
post UG is high. Q A few very high-offer schol- Science and Technology Q Very rigorous courses with inter- These countries also often require to apply for the programme is two to 10 years of work experi-
Q Liberal Arts curriculum is widespread arships are available (HKUST). nationally acclaimed research facil- a certification of native language August 18, 2017 through online ence, who are keen to work in
Cons: Some programmes like Medicine ities proficiency admission procedure of the cross-functional teams or need
and Law are very competitive, and few, if Q ERASMUS-MUNDUS tie-up with Q Job market is limited for UG, university. to coordinate with multiple
any, international students get in. If you Indian Government makes it very though it is very friendly (up to six The programme follows business functions, would ben-
dont get scholarship, cost of education easy to apply months of work on the student visa open and distance mode of efit most from the six-month
becomes higher. Q Easy transition to PG itself) education and uses multiple part-time weekend course.
available Q The pass percentage is very low media approach ie self-instruc- The programme will equip
because of large number of student tional print material, audio- participants with the funda-
in-take because of low tuition video programmes, counselling mental concepts of leadership,
Q You need a PG sessions, teleconferencing and business strategy, marketing
degree to get a job. interactive radio counselling and sales management, big data,
through FM channel of IGNOU service operations, supply chain
CWTfaXcTaXbR^U^d]STa2^[[TVXUhP Gyan Vani. management, business inno-
R^]bd[cX]VUXa\U^abcdShPQa^PS IGNOU also extends last vation and finance analytics.
date of admission for its masters, Additionally, the programme
bachelors degree, diploma, and will include four to six webina-
PG diploma programmes, rs with industry leaders.
including the semester based Candidates will be awarded
programmes to August 18, 2017. with a certificate from NUS
The admission forms can be Business School upon success-
filled online at https://onlinead- ful completion of the pro-
mission.ignou.ac.in/admission. gramme.
The direct-to-desktop live-
;4034AB<0=064<4=C online classroom sessions with
The Pearson and the NUS Business School faculty
National University of members will provide flexibil-
Singapore (NUS) Business ity to participants to learn from
School, has announced the anywhere.

F^a[STSdbd\\Xc @cZV_eReZ`_ac`XcR^^V &ORXGEDVHG
nemployment is a major
hurdle in Indias growth.
The Government had
W ith over 27 lakh engineer-
ing seats lying vacant
across various engineering col-
leges in the country, the All India
and solving problems.
The number of jobs are
diminishing in the country, to
cover it up the AICTE has for-
T he IMS, Ghaziabad
recently organised MCA
orientation programme for
decided to give a better platform Council for Technical Education mulated the National Student the commencement of its ourseplay, a cloud-based It also employs Security
for the Indian youth so that they
can polish their professional skills
with initiatives like Make in India
(AICTE), the regulatory body for
technical education, has decid-
ed to close down those techni-
Startup Policy to push the youth
to contribute to the nations
socio-economic progress. It
new batch of 2017-20 and
lateral entry of 2017-19
batch. The induction pro-
software enabling quick
and affordable online
training management and
Assertion Markup Language
Single Sign-on, a standard pro-
tocol which eliminates multiple
which aims to generate employa- cal colleges having less than 30 envisages to create a lakh tech- gramme revolved around engagement for employees passwords and instead allows the
bility and increase the GDP. per cent admissions in last five nology-based student start-ups the theme Corporate 3XV]XcPaXTb_aTbT]cPccWT<20>aXT]cPcX^]?a^VaP\\TWT[SPc8<B6WPiXPQPS
across diverse sectors, has end user to enter their creden-
Platforms like Youth4work, years starting from the session and a million employment Expectations from Young launched an upgraded version tials only once in order to access
which are not directly involved next year. opportunities in the next 10 Technocrats. Ayurved Limited; guest of objectives and goals. Dr of its software, Courseplay 3.0. multiple applications. The IBMs
with this mission, are playing a In the last few years, years. All students passing out of In the presence of honour and Dr Ajay K Gupta highlighted the latest The latest version introduces Watson Personality Insights
major role in skilling people and AICTE has been actively work- UG courses will be given tech- Pramod Agarwal, managing Gupta, director Computer technological trends in the progressive features like a per- offers a set of core analytics for
providing employability. Rachit ing on reducing the quantity of nical and soft skills required for trustee of IMS, Ghaziabad Center, University of Delhi IT industry, their demands formance tracker, digital sig- discovering actionable insights
Jain, CEO of Youth4work says: engineering institutions across working in the industry encom- and Rakesh Chharia, and senior alumnus of IMS and upwards trends in IT nature-based login support on employees and is based on the
The challenge is big skilling the country due to increased passing managerial skills, entre- General Secretary, IMS Ghaziabad Lalit Chaudhary, recruitments. Chaudhary and data analytics using IMBs psychology of language in com-
Indian youth and making them institutes and poor demand and preneurial skills, leadership Society, Prof JP Sharma, SAP Integration Specialist, shared his experience and Watson supercomputer to cre- bination with data analytics
more efficient as per the industry falling quality education. The skills, communication skills, director, IMS, Ghaziabad Utegration Inc, Houston, corporate expectations with ate personality profiles for algorithms. The programme
requirements which are diverse regulatory body has also reduced team-working skills and techni- welcomed the Chief Guest US. the newly admitted batch. recruitment candidates and analyses the content that one
and to focus on specific skills with- the penalty for closing down an cal skills, Sahasrabuddhe added. Prof Dr RK Khandal, presi- Prof Khandal urged the More than 350 students employees. sends and returns a personality
out the assurance of placements is engineering institution that was Kiran Maheshwari, dent R&D and Business budding technocrats to including parents and facul- The recent addition to the profile for the author of the input.
even tougher. a deterrent for many colleges Rajasthan Technical and Higher Development India Glycols remain simple and excel in ty and staff members of the software performance track- Commenting on the
Skill training is a bigger prob- which were willing to shut in the Education Minister said: State Limited, Delhi. life. Dr Singh highlighted the institute attended the event er allows trainees to define announcement, CEO, Arjun
lem than uneducated, untrained midst of poor demand, Anil D of the art language labs will be The key speaker were Dr importance of asking active which turned out to be a pro- their professional goals, mon- Gupta said: The update builds
people looking for jobs. There are Sahasrabuddhe, chairman of set up in about 220 Government VP Singh, advisor organisa- questions in life while found learning experience itor their progress and track on our existing capabilities
about 20,000 NSDC users with the AICTE said. He was speaking at colleges in Rajasthan starting this tional development, Patanjali remaining focused on ones for everyone. whether the outcome of their through new features that will
availability of 80,000 jobs on our a two-day World Education academic session as in this era of training achieves organisa- enable the entire organisation
platform, Jain says. The training Summit 2017 organised by Elets, globalisation, the knowledge of tional objectives. With this to achieve their business goals
is not aligned to the demand,
which means lot of people are
there in certain job roles but
along with Government of
Rajasthan, AICTE and National
Skill Development corporation.
language is a necessity. Language
Lab assists in four basic require-
ments for learning a new lan-
9^TecdbifYcYd feature, employees can view
individual tasks allotted to
them, track their completion,
through a unified platform. We
want to help CEOs answer the
question If I spend $1 on
there is no demand for these There are 10,361 engineer- guage, which are, speaking while he Asia Pacific Institute of Management, Delhi, hosted Dr Pawan self-assess progress, and have training how will it impact my
trained people. They have man-
aged to help the potential youth
ing institutions in the country,
that are approved by AICTE,
reading, learning, listening and
writing. For the precise under-
T Agrawal, CEO and president of Mumbai Dabbawalas, at its cam-
pus to deliver a lecture to the students. Chairman of the institute, AK
their managers review their
performance. In addition,
bottom line? Our employee
engagement solutions com-
and gave them a platform to with a total intake of 37,01,366 standing of technical informa- Shrivastava welcomed Dr Agrawal. He enlightened the students about managers will be able to cor- prise of innovative and unique
prove their competencies and students. Apart from closing tion, expert understanding of the customer centric approach towards business and how he revolu- relate the real-world perfor- activities like selfie-contests
improve them to level up with several colleges, the AICTE is language is essential for the tionised the working of dabbawalalhs. This helped the management mance of employees with their and other employee engage-
global standards. now focussed towards life skills students. graduates to learn certain management and leadership skills. learning outcomes. ment.


ased on a survey by EducationToday.co, Billabong High
0:0=:0B70B>=8 Q =Tf3T[WX

he basic stepping stone to a childs edu-

Stones2Milestons, says.
At present, there are numerous English lan-
guage learning courses, books, apps organisa- O
nline recruitment activ-
ities in the month of
July 2017 registered 13
in July 2017 from 33 percent in
June 2017.
City-wise data shows that
rate as June 2017. Baroda (up
33 per cent) followed by
Ahmedabad (up 16 per cent)
B International (BHI) School, Santacruz, has ranked fourth
in Maharashtra under the category of Top 20 International

T cation is his ability to read. Unfortunately,

this skill is not taught as effectively when
it comes to primary Indian education in NDMC
tion offers in an integrated in-school programme
with the help of Teach for India (TFI). The 47
volunteers will hold the course for each school
per cent year-on-year growth,
according to the Monster
Employment Index. This is
among metros, Kolkata (up 45
per cent) continued to lead the
long-term growth even in June
recorded some of the steepest
year-on-year growth.
Commenting on the
The schools were judged in 10 parameters academic rep-
utation, individual attention, value for money, holistic devel-
opment, leadership and management quality, sports education,
schools. Stones2Milestone, an organisation in the year, and teach the students how to read, using the highest growth recorded 2017. Mumbai (up 12 per cent) trends, Sanjay Modi, managing infrastructure provision, innovative teaching, safety and hygiene
educational space, has, therefore, come up with the curriculum, books and training provides this year. was the only tier-I city to director, monster.com, APAC & and co-curricular activities.
the ReadVantage Programme forming a cur- them after years of experience and research. The Among top growth sectors, exhibit double-digit annual Middle-East said: India is on Maharashtra School Merit Awards are based on jury rating,
riculum that correctly teaches students how to TFI has provided graduates from top colleges Banking/Financial Services, growth followed by Hyderabad the verge of transformation parents votes (46,000) and EduactionToday.cos team analysis.
to read and also enhances their love for read- to serve as full-time teachers to children from Insurance (BFSI) continue to (up 6 per cent). due to digital disruption and We are pleased to know that our efforts of providing the
ing. low income communities in some of the exhibit long-term growth chart The annual growth trend implementation of GST as a best kind of education to our students are being recognized. It
Teachers do not teach students how to read. nations most under resourced Government with a 43 per cent year-on-year. in Delhi-NCR (down 4 per major economic reform. This feels great to achieve this rank and we are honored to accept it."
They assume that they will understand what schools. The project will be held for students Month-on-month, demand in cent) exhibited the steepest has led to a positive trend in Lina Ashar, founder of Kangaroo Kids and BHI School, said.
words sound like as they go along their educa- from ages three to nine and will be provided free the BFSI sector moved up by decline. Chennai (down 2 per online recruitment activity. The Maharashtra School Merit Awards 2017 will be held on
tion and go into higher classes. of charge to schools teaching under privileged. marginal one percent in July cent) continued to hover below Our Index for July has captured September 9, 2017 to felicitate the school award winners, host-
This assumption is not correct and this In the year 2017-18, the project is estimated to 2017. This was followed by the corresponding period a this sentiment and reported an ing around 200 schools from various categories that have been
indifference can change the entire prospect of benefit up to 60 schools and over 5,300 children Consumer Goods/FMCG, year ago, while Bangalore (up uptrend of 13 percent y-o-y selected out of 650 survey forms received by their team
reading for the student in his entire education- across Delhi-NCR, Jhansi, Baroda, Raipur, Food & Packaged Food which 3 per cent) continued to grow growth in hiring, the highest Were always striving for excellence and this is great news,
al journey, Aditi Mehta, curriculum head of Bangalore and Mumbai. witnessed a surge of 34 per cent at the same annual growth recorded this year. Kusum Kanwar, principal, BHI School, Santacruz, said.
=4F34;78kF43=4B30H k0D6DBC %! & PeT]dTb #

8?GD?=1B;5D 1Y]Ycd_U^XQ^SU

6>?0;34E0=070;;8cT[[b?0AC7 C0H0;cWPc
Q Tell us about Meritrac.
It is Indias a testing and
assessment company, it has been
the pioneer of conducting authen-
=^fcWPch^d]VUaTbWT]cTa_aT]TdabPaTQdSSX]V^]cWTRPaTTaVaP_WWTaTXbP[^^ZPc tic assessments for corporates,
educational institutions and gov-
ernmental organisations. The
fPhbc^X]RaTPbTh^daQdbX]TbbbcP]SX]VbPhb0<>;0A>A0 company has administered more
than 20 million pre-recruitment
for over 300 of Indias largest hir-
ith the economy recover- ing organisation.

W ing from the effect of

demonetisation and the
money coming back in circulation,
Q Tell us about the new pro-
gramme launched.
Our company has launched a
businesses are again moving forward unique employability enhance-
and customers are coming back to ment programme AceTrac
businesses. Now is the time to as a solution to positively impact
relook your marketing strategy the stagnant employability quo-
because, in spite of what has hap- tient of the graduates. It will
pened, businesses need to conserve assess candidates on employabil-
cash to be able to survive as the old ity skill set at regular intervals
ways of marketing a business which during the graduation study of a
seize to exist, like advertising in a student; it is a culmination of
popular daily or taking a high street years of industry research, data
location or being visible where the analysis and interaction with cor-
customer was and expecting them to porate and educational institu- 6^_P[3
do business with you, are changing tions employability. 24>^U<TaXccaPRBTaeXRT
forever because, one sure impact of Q What are you aiming for?
demonetisation is that we are going With our new programme we
to become an increasingly digital are looking towards enhancing gramme?
society. employment and to complement Since our programme will
The focus right now should be on Indias skill building initiative. just keep a check on students per-
fine tuning your product line keep- AceTrac will allow academic insti- formance and guides them to
ing in mind the customer feedback tutions to design personalised, what corporate are expecting
because until the product is right, no long term training interventions from them, we have kept it very
amount of marketing can help. So for for their students early in their much affordable. It can include in
these two reasons, I think business- graduation, which is a departure the fees of colleges itself and if few
es need to relook at two things; one from the current practices. students from any college are
being know yourself and other, Q Why is there a need to intro- interested in enrolling in our
know your customer. duce such a programme? programme we have separate
First, know yourself. So, when a The problem of employabil- scheme from them too.
customer buys a product, the old for- ity has been prevalent for a long Q What is the difference between
mula of price placement and promo- time in the industry. Several ini- your portal and other portals?
tion, does not carry the same impact tiatives by stakeholders have at Other online sites just offer
as customers are well- informed and best been either quick fixes or the employers with potential can-
have the world at their fingertips disintegrated efforts, offering didates according to their given
through their mobile phones. They marginal benefits or leading to resume, whereas we in MeritTrac
research products by reading higher costs. The fact that keep track of the entire perfor-
descriptions, watching videos, employability cannot be improved mance of the candidate through-
researching your official website, overnight has been well estab- out his period of study and so we
social media pages, third party tes- lished and the need for long know the skills of each candidate,
timonials, customer reviews and where the customers are, what key- egy of advertising in a newspaper and you can understand how much are term, strategic and fundamental thus balancing the equation
gather all kind of information about words theyre searching for, how C74A40A4<0=HC>>;B expecting people to respond. Today, you willing to pay for a customer changes in approach is imperative. between the employer and job
you, before making a buying deci- they landed at your website, what that strategy is like shooting darts in acquisition. Considering this, you can Q How will it be beneficial for seeker.
sion. kind of media theyre consuming, C70C74;?H>DC>64C the dark and hoping something will use tools like Google AdWords, both job seekers and recruiters? Q What are the challenges faced
Its your responsibility to under- how did they travel through your C>F74A4H>DA stick. At present, when resources are Facebook, Social Media Marketing, For students looking out for by students while applying for
stand what people are searching for
and be able to deliver the right mes-
website, etc. These tools are essential
to help you understand yourself and
2DBC><4A8BDB4 short and you need to ensure more
value for the money you invest, the
SEO and Content Marketing, to get
to where your customer is. So, when
jobs, our programme will help
them by providing the right kind
desired jobs?
In India much of the empha-
sage for the keywords searched for. how the market perceives you, rather C74<B>C70CF74= first thing you should know is your your customer is trying to search for of direction and will let them sis is still focused on theoretical
Sometimes, a lot of businesses may than just thinking of how you feel C742DBC><4A8B customer acquisition cost. This products or services which you offer, know their shortcomings, by knowledge, but what employers
be surprised to understand start-ups, about your products or services. Try includes the costs to acquire a cus- you should be highly visible. If youre explaining them the expectations require is practical knowledge.
or they may be surprised to know and understand how the customer ;>>:8=65>AB4AE824B tomer which should be significantly a local business, try and understand of the recruiters. For employers Also there is gap between the
what people are actually searching perceives you as a business and then, >A?A>3D2CBH>D greater than your lifetime customer your customers movements and we will provide them the kind of skills needed at workplace and
for when they land on their website. for those keywords, create rich, valu- value, how much does he add to the preferences to convert them at a cost staff they require by the skills that skills acquired by student from his
For that reason, tools like Google able content. >554AH>D0A47867;H budget top line and bottom line and effective price. they are looking for in a candi- respective college, so with Acetrac
Analytics are of prime importance as Second, know your customer. E8B81;4 so, according to your calculation CWTfaXcTaXbE2<3 ^UBWT\a^RZP]S date. we are trying to bridge this gap
they give you rich keyword data of Relook at your old marketing strat- which should be clearly defined, BWT\U^aS6a^d_^UBRW^^[b Q How affordable is the pro- and create employability.

]SXPWPbQTT]PeTahb[^fPS^_cTa^U b^S^TbcWTa^[T^UPWd\P]QTX]VP]SWXb QTR^\TPfXSTb_aTPS[TPa]X]Vc^^[ _PccTa]b08X]TSdRPcX^]XbbcX[[X]P]PbRT]c

FWX[T! bcRT]cdah[TPa]X]VPaTQ^d]Sc^
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XbP[Xcc[TSXbcP]cfWT]^da^_X]X^][TPSTab TSdRPcX^]P[b_PRTbPaT[XZT[hc^[^^Z[XZTX] h^dPaTcPZT]X]c^PeXacdP[f^a[S^UfWPcTeTa bRXT]RT[PQbc^^[ UdacWTaPfPhfXcWPUTfbRW^^[bad]]X]V cWTeP[dT^UcWTWd\P]aT[PcX^]bWX_X]cWT
_^]cXUXRPcTcWPcSaXeTa[TbbRPabX]8]SXPPaT cWThTPabc^R^\TCWTcf^QXVSTeT[^_\T]cb cWT[Tbb^]X]cT]Sbc^cTPRW CWT_^bbXQX[XcXTb^UEAPaT[X\XcTS^][h _X[^cbcdSXTbcTbcX]VP]ScahX]V^dcW^fc^ [TPa]X]V_a^RTbbCTRW]^[^VhXb^][hcWTaTc^
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fWT]_a^cTbcbTad_cTSU^aX]ca^SdRX]V EAWPbP[aTPShU^d]SXcbfPhX]c^ c^cWTbRT]T^UcWT<P]VP[?P]SThaTVX\T]c SaPfQPRZb[XT0b^Uc^SPhEAWTPSbTcbPaTP [TPa]X]V^dcR^\Tb08X]TSdRPcX^]RP]R^\T Wd\P]cTPRWTa?TaWP_bcWT^][h_[PRTfWTaT
R^\_dcTabX]B18bPbXcfPbUTPaTScWPc R[Pbba^^\bP]S[TPa]X]Vb_PRTbfXcWTPa[h fWX[TbcdShX]VPQ^dccWT8]SXP]d_aXbX]V^U [Xcc[TWTPehP]S]^cR^\U^acPQ[Tc^fTPaU^a X]\P]hU^a\bcWT\^bcR^\\^]^UfWXRW cWTSaXeTa[TbbeTWXR[TfX[[]^cP]SbW^d[S]^c
R^\_dcTabfX[[cPZTPfPhWd\P]Y^QbC^SPh cTRWPS^_cX]VbRW^^[bX]cWTfTbcWPeX]V '$&X]WXbWXbc^ah[Tbb^]CWTbcdST]cR^d[S \^aTcWP]PUTf\X]dcTbCWTaTXb]^_a^_Ta XbPRdcTP]SUaXT]S[ha^Q^ccWPc]^c^][h f^aZ
cWXbb^d]Sb[dSXRa^db bcdST]cbbcaP__X]V^]EAWTPSbTcbU^a_Pacb [PcTaV^X]c^8BA>b[Pd]RW_PS_dc^]WXb b^[dcX^]U^aQTb_TRcPR[TSU^[ZCWTR^]cT]c QTUaXT]SbcWTRWX[SQdcP[b^d]STabcP]Sb CWTfaXcTaXbAPVWPe?^SPa2WPXa\P]
0bcTRW]^[^VhTe^[eTb ^UcWTXaR[Pbb5^acWTd]X]XcXPcTScWTEA Pbca^]PdcVTPa[Pd]RWX]c^^aQXcP]ScWT] PePX[PQ[Tc^SPhXbeTah[X\XcTSU^aXcc^ cWTXa[XZTbP]SSXb[XZTbcWTXa[TPa]X]V ?^SPaF^a[SBRW^^[

BCD3H24=CA4B 2>=C4=CFA8C8=60C582>34C427=>;>684B
;^RPcX^])6daVP^]<^WP[X 7@CEF?6C E8=0H0:170CC 8=1
]bcad\T]cPcX^]T]VX]TTaX]V BcX_T]S)C$C _Ta\^]cW =4F9A2>D=28;0CAH0=

application period for

the programme August 31,
0__[XRPcX^]STPS[X]T)0dVdbc" ! & QUERY: My Name is Kaushal Vats. I have done M Com but not get-
ting right job. I have left two jobs. My date of birth is March 21, 1993.
What should I do and what is the best option for me according to my
2017. cWT_aX]RX_[TP]S^_TaPcX^]^U 18>C427=>;>6H4=68=44A8=60CB7H0< planets in astrology.
\TPbdaX]VX]bcad\T]cbfWXRW 18>C427=>;>6H BHATT: You are Aries, It is the youngest sign of zodiac in astrology. Aries CWTX]eTbcXcdaTRTaT\^]h^UcWT
Macquarie University is PaTdbTSc^STbXV]P]S ;^RPcX^])1WdQP]TbfPa:T^]YWPa types excel at all careers requiring initiative, courage, creativity and assertive- Yd]X^aR^d]RX[fPbWT[SfXcWP[^c^U
offering scholarships for inter- R^]UXVdaTPdc^\PcTSbhbcT\b BcX_T]S)C"$_Ta\^]cW ness. You dislike sedentary or routine occupations, this is the reason you UP]UPaTPcAhP]8]cTa]PcX^]P[
Samsung India has national students. Scholarships P]Sf^aZX]RWT\XRP[^a ;X]Z) left the last two jobs. You work very well alone, since you like to do things BRW^^[EPbP]c:d]YCWTRTaT\^]h
announced fresh scholarships will be awarded to undertake \P]dUPRcdaX]V_[P]cb<^aT X]cTa]bWP[PR^\X$&% your way, on your terms. Your job or career must be challenging, because bcPacTSfXcWcWT1XQ[TaTPSX]V
for 150 students from the cur- UG and PG programmes. R^[[TVTbfWTaT^]TRP]bcdSh) 0__[XRPcX^]STPS[X]T) you are highly competitive, daring, assertive and independent, you must have b_TRXP[_aPhTaP]Sb^]VbCWXbfPb
rent batch of Jawahar Eligibility: Have citizen- 0dVdbc!$! & action or youll get restless, impatient and dissatisfied. U^[[^fTSQhP]PSSaTbbQhcWT
Navodaya Vidyalaya (JNV) ship of a country other than Ruled by the planet Venus, you can do very well as bankers, capitalists, bRW^^[_aX]RX_P[0]daPSWPBWPa\P
P]SCTRW]^[^Vh:^RWX fW^R^]VaPcd[PcTScWT]Tf[h
under its Samsung Star Scholar ASEAN, an European country, 6A0?78234B86=0C financiers and moneylenders. With your kind of creativity, you can also take
:TaP[P2^dabTb) 1CTRW U^a\TSR^d]RX[
programme, raising the total Australia or New Zealand. up assignments in advertising, PR or marketing communication because other
number of scholarships offered Have met the universitys aca- 4[TRca^]XRbP]S8]bcad\T]cP[ ?411;4BA8??;4B combinations are also supportive. CWT]TfR^d]RX[fPbX]SdRcTS
to 300. Scholarship of C2 lakh demic and English require- 4]VX]TTaX]V1CTRW ;^RPcX^])F^aZUa^\7^\T Business: Aries have so much life and energy that it is nearly impossi- QhBWPa\PfXcW3P\P]STT_BX]VW
annually will be awarded to ments. Have achieved a mini- 8]bcad\T]cP[4]VX]TTaX]V BcX_T]S)C#_Ta\^]cW ble for you to sit at a desk all day. You carry an independent vision which PbcWTWTPSQ^hP]S0]dQWdcX
outstanding students from mum GPA of 5.0 out of 7.0 for ?W38]bcad\T]cP[ ;X]Z)X]cTa]bWP[PR^\X$&& makes it a bit difficult to work under superiors. You can be more success- <dZWTaYTTPbcWTWTPSVXa[0[[cWT
JNVs who have qualified for an PG applications and minimum CTRW]^[^Vh 0__[XRPcX^]STPS[X]T)0dVdbc ful as an individual workers or professionals. Hence you would greatly ben- U^daW^dbTRP_cPX]bP]S_aTUTRcb
Indian Institute of Technology requirement of an ATAR 6PdcP\1dSSWCTRW]XRP[ !$! & efit from Starting your own business, buying a Suitable Business Space/ fTaT^aSPX]TSQh_X]]X]V^UcWT
(IIT) or a National Institute of equivalent of 90 out of 100 for D]XeTabXch;dRZ]^fDccPa Business Field on the basis your Natal Chart. You will carve your way through
Technology (NIT) in India UG. Have applied for a pro- ?aPSTbW2^dabTb) 1CTRW <>18;40??34E4;>?<4=C0CF8;35>G to success, having little people work for you while you make the bucks.
this year. gramme that is longer than one Filmmaker: You get to boss everyone around because youre basically cWT_aTeX^dbR^d]RX[WTPSbc^cWT
8]bcad\T]cPcX^]2^]ca^[ E4=CDA4B ]Tf[hT[TRcTSWTPSbQhWP]SX]V
Financial support of up to session. Commence study in 4]VX]TTaX]V1CTRW ;^RPcX^])3T[WX5PaXSPQPS6daVP^]=^XSP in charge of your own masterpiece. You can be good director of movies, TV
C2 lakh will be provided every session and year indicated in and videos, opportunities for winning awards make this a tempting career ^eTa^UcWTbRW^^[U[PVCWT
year for up to five years to the the scholarship offer letter. 4[TRca^]XRbP]S8]bcad\T]cP[ BcX_T]S)C $C!_Ta\^]cW for you. _a^VaP\\TfPbVaPRTSQhcWT
scholarship recipients to help Have applied for a course 4]VX]TTaX]V1CTRW ;X]Z)X]cTa]bWP[PR^\X$&' Game designer: You have a mind, very creative and full of ideas. Once _PaT]cb^UcWTR^d]RX[\T\QTab
cover a significant share of which has a full-time study 8]bcad\T]cP[4]VX]TTaX]V 0__[XRPcX^]STPS[X]T)0dVdbc!$! & you get a vision, No one can stop you to make it into a reality. With your
their educational expenses, load. 6^eTa]\T]c2^[[TVT^U creative skill you can make a successful career in making racing and vio- ;4034AB78?2>DAB4
including tuition, hostel and How to apply: Complete 4]VX]TTaX]V0\aPePcX <0A:4C8=60C03E4AB85H lence game!
mess expenses. Selection of 150 an online course application <PWPaPbWcaP2^dabT)1CTRW ;^RPcX^]);dRZ]^f Pilot: The impatient Aries personality likes to go fast, so careers such 8]cTa]bWP[PcWTX]cTa]bWX_P]S
students for the scholar pro- form. Once your course appli- 8]bcad\T]cP[4]VX]TTaX]V BcX_T]S)C!$C&$_Ta\^]cW as a pilot fulfills this need. Simply being around bikes, cars or airplanes will caPX]X]V_[PcU^a\WPb[Pd]RWTS
gramme this year will be based cation has been processed, you 9PSPe_daD]XeTabXch:^[ZPcP ;X]Z)X]cTa]bWP[PR^\X$&( work! TXVWcWTSXcX^]^UXcb8]cTa]bWP[P
on the students ranking in the will receive a Macquarie FTbc1T]VP[2^dabTb) 14 0__[XRPcX^]STPS[X]T)0dVdbc!#! & Army: Aries is also well known as the sign of conflict, fighting and war, BcdST]c?Pac]Ta8B?_a^VaP\\T
Joint Entrance Examination University Student Number introducing many possible careers. Any type of military service, short or c^QdX[ScWT[TPSTab^Uc^\^aa^f
(JEE) Main for BTech/Dual which is compulsory to submit long-term, active duty or reserve can also be done as per your interest. 8B?XbPbXg\^]cW[^]VeXacdP[
1CTRW8]bcad\T]cP[ >?4A0C8>=B0C2;0A8>=8C
Degree (BTech and MTech). the online scholarship applica- Police: As an Aries man, you like action and you need to be challenged. X]cTa]bWX__a^VaP\\TfWXRWf^d[S
Students can visit tion form. Applicants must 4]VX]TTaX]V ;^RPcX^])3WP\cPaXAPX_da A job that doesnt bear a certain amount of risk and adventure, doesnt inter- WT[_bcdST]cbSTeT[^_[TPSTabWX_
Samsungs website complete an online scholar- BcX_T]S)C#C%_Ta\^]cW est you. Therefore career in police service is perfect for you. `dP[XcXTbT]WP]RTcWTXab^UcbZX[[b
http://www.samsung.com/in/mi ship application form and ;X]Z)X]cTa]bWP[PR^\X$' Physical Education teacher: People born under the sign of Aries are P]SbWPa_T]cWTXaQdbX]TbbP]S
crosite/sapne-hue-bade/star- type Vice-Chancellors 0__[XRPcX^]STPS[X]T)0dVdbc!"! & often competitive and quite physical. Therefore, Aries, you would be an excel- \PaZTcX]VPRd\T]FWX[T[TPa]X]V
scholar to learn more. International Scholarship in lent physical education teacher. ]TfbZX[[bbcdST]cbfX[[P[b^QdX[S
The Samsung Star Scholar the Scholarship Name field. 270AC4A43022>D=C0=2H200C Other Options: Best job choices for people born under the sign Aries: PRd[cdaT^U\TP]X]VUd[X]cTa]bWX_b
program is aligned with the Applicants applying for the ;D:4B7B4C780BB>280C4B Advertising, Sales, Firefighter, Performing Arts, Criminal Investigation, X]cWTXaRP\_dbTb
companys ongoing effort to VCs scholarship will not be ;^RPcX^])3T[WX6daVP^] Adventurer-Explorer, Racing, Metal Crafts, Mechanic, Civil Rights Activist CWT8B?bfX[[WT[_cWTXa_TTab
nurture deserving young talent required to submit Referees BcX_T]S)C$_Ta\^]cW among others. d]STabcP]SfWXRWX]cTa]bWX_c^S^
by enabling them with quality Report. EX]PhPZ1WPccXbPR^b\XRR^d]bT[[^aPcETSXR6aPRTP]SRP]QTaTPRWTSPcTXcWTa P]SfWT]5^a\^aTSTcPX[beXbXc
;X]Z)X]cTa]bWP[PR^\X$' _PeT]dTb/hPW^^R^\P]S^aX]U^/eTSXRVaPRTR^\
education. Application deadline: Wcc_)QXc[h8B?'! & P]SP__[h
Application deadline: The Deadline is January 31, 2018. 0__[XRPcX^]STPS[X]T)0dVdbc!$! & Qh0dVdbc!'! &
=4F34;78kF43=4B30H k0D6DBC %! &
b_^ac $

6UTUh_ed_V3Y^SY^^QdY+ B 8 = 6 ; 4 B
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RPaS X]eXcPcX^] U^a cWT DB >_T]b \PX] SaPf ^]

cWTUXabccX\TX]\^aTcWP] hTPabBWPaP_^ePXb
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\^bc ]^cTf^acWh CWT U^a\Ta =^ aP]ZTS _[PhTa
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1PSQPRZU^aRTbA^VTac^Y^X]<daaPh2X[XR^]bXST[X]Tb _^bXcXeTU^acWT]Tf[hQP]]TSSadV\T[S^]Xd\CWPc
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0_aX[ BWT aTcda]TS c^ cWT c^da Qdc WTa aP]ZX]V
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0?Q <0B>= released Aug 21. The Spaniard card Tommy Paul advanced in \PY^ac^da]P\T]cbP]ScWT5aT]RW>_T]ST]XTSWTa
will be No 1 for the first time straight sets. PfX[SRPaS
imbledon champion Roger since July 6, 2014. Gasquet eased past qualifi-

W Federer withdrew Monday

from the Western &
Southern Open because of a back
Nadal has spent 141 weeks at
No 1 since first ascending there
after reaching the Western &
er John-Patrick Smith 6-4, 6-4,
and Paul beat fellow American
Donald Young 6-4, 7-6 (4).
?A4C>A80) ?dccX]V d_ P] PQYTRc QPccX]V SXb_[Ph
8]SXP 0 [^bc cWT UXabc d]^UUXRXP[ CTbc PVPX]bc B^dcW
injury. He has won the Masters Southern semifinals in 2008. Ivo Karlovic ousted Jiri
series tournament seven times. "It's been tough to get back to Vesely 6-3, 3-6, 7-5. 2WPbX]V P \P\\^cW eXRc^ah cPaVTc ^U ##& 8]SXP
The move was announced on No 1," he said. "I'm happy to have Also advancing in fTaT P[[ ^dc U^a !  X] cWTXa bTR^]S X]]X]Vb fXcW
the first full day of matches. This US the chance to be in that position." straight sets were Fabio _PRTa9d]X^a3P[PVaPQQX]VUXeTU^a"%X]  ^eTab
Open warmup has now lost five of American Sam Querrey Fognini, a 7-6 (5), 6-4 BcPacX]VcWTSPhPc (!U^abXg8]SXP0PSSTS^][h (
the top six players in the men's rank- became the first seeded player to winner over Daniil ad]bPbcWTh[^bccWaTTfXRZTcbEXYPhBWP]ZPafW^
ings. advance. The 15th seed cruised Medvedev, whereas V^cX]YdaTSX]cWTUXabcX]]X]VbSXS]^cR^\T^dcc^
Federer, a 19-time major cham- into the second round with a 6- qualifier Mitchell QPc 8c fPb P _^^a bW^f Qh 8]SXP 0 Pb cWTh fTaT
pion, said in a statement he A^VTa 3, 6-0 victory over wild card Krueger, 6-2, 6-1 over ^dcR[PbbTSQhcWTW^bcbX]P[[ST_Pac\T]cbSdaX]VcWT
"tweaked" his back last week at the
Rogers Cup in Montreal, where he
5TSTaTab Stefan Kozlov.
Mischa Zverev also advanced
B enoit Paire; and
Feliciano Lopez, 7-6 R^d[SRa^bbWP[URT]cdah\PaZX]Q^cWX]]X]VbfXcW
lost Sunday's final to Alexander fXcWSaPfP[ with a straight-set win, 6-4, 6-4 (5), 6-1 over Hyeon 0]ZXc1Pf]Tb#%QTX]VcWTc^_bR^aT
Zverev. over Fernando Verdasco. Zverev Chung.
The Swiss star, ranked No 3, is \TP]bAPUPT[ lost just nine points on serve. In other women's 0=0=3BC0ACB103;H8=BC;>D8BA0?83
BC ;>D8B DB0) 5^a\Ta f^a[S RWP\_X^]
sidelined along with No 1 Andy
Murray, No 4 Stan Wawrinka, No 5
=PSP[fW^ In women's first-round
action, 15th-seeded Madison
matches, Roberta
Vinci knocked out EXbfP]PcWP] 0]P]S UPX[TS c^ RWP]VT VTPab P]S
Novak Djokovic and No 6 Marin [^bcX]cWT Keys held off unseeded CoCo Time Babos 7-5, 7-5; bdUUTaTScf^[^bbTb^]cWT^_T]X]VSPh^UBc;^dXb
AP_XS P]S 1[Xci RWTbb c^da]P\T]c P _Pac ^U cWT
Cilic, the defending champion. Only
No 2 Rafael Nadal, the top-seeded cWXaSa^d]SPc Vandeweghe for a 6-4, 3-6, 6-3
win. Vandeweghe fought off three
Camila Giorgi ousted
Katerina Siniakova 6- 6aP]S2WTbbC^da7PeX]VS^]TQaX[[XP]c[hU^aPY^X]c
player, remains in the draw. <^]caTP[fX[[ match points in the final game 2, 6-2; Yulia Putintseva
Tournament officials tweeted before hitting a forehand into the outlasted Veronica
that 21st-ranked Gael Monfils also aTcda]c^=^ net for an unforced error on Keys' Cepede Royg, 6-4, 3-6, U^acWTUPbcTaeTabX^]^UcWTVP\TCWT8]SXP]PRT
is out because of an undisclosed ill-
ness. All the missing players except fWT]]Tf fourth match point.
Earlier, 2016 Olympic singles
6-3; and Daria Kasatkina
rushed past qualifier
Cilic are 30 or older. 0C?aP]ZX]Vb gold medalist Monica Puig lost to Aliaksandra Sasnovich, 6-4, X]cWTcWXaSa^d]SCWTbTR^]Sa^d]SWPST]STSX]
"It's just coincidence," said fellow qualifier Taylor Townsend, 6-2. Also, 14th-seeded Petra
Nadal, 31. "We're not 20 years old PaTaT[TPbTS 6-3, 3-6, 6-2. Kvitova rallied past Anett
any more. We're not playing all the
weeks. It's part of our sport. I've
^]0dVdbc!  In what promised to be the
day's most balanced match,
Kontaveit 1-6, 7-6 (2), 6-3;
Beatriz Haddad Maia topped
07<430103) I^]T 0 cTP\ ?d]TaX ?P[cP]b
been in their position lots of times. CWTB_P]XPaS women's No 32 Carla Suarez Lauren Davis 6-3, 6-2; and ^dcR[PbbTSI^]T1bXST1T]VP[FPaaX^ab"# &X]P]
I've missed more events than the Navarro got past 31st-ranked Lesia Tsurenko defeated
other players. It's part of the game. fX[[QT=^ Mirjana Lucic-Baroni, 6-3, 7-5. Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova
I wish them all a speedy recovery.
We need them in the game. I hope
U^acWTUXabc Other's men's matches saw
wild card Frances Tiafoe beat
5-7, 7-6 (6), 6-0.
Kristina Mladenovic,
bTR^]S _^bXcX^] X] cWT Va^d_ bcP]SX]Vb ?P[cP]
they get back soon." cX\TbX]RT qualifier Maximilian Marterer seeded 13th, became fXcW ZTh _TaU^a\P]RTb Ua^\ STUT]STab BP]STT_
Federer's withdrawal means 6-3, 7-6 (2), and qualifier Joao the first seeded play-
Nadal, who lost in the third round 9d[h%! # Sousa defeat Kyle Edmund 6-3, 2- er to lose, beaten by
at Montreal, will return to No 1 6, 6-3. Daria Gavrilova 6-0, Qh P \PbbXeT &_^X]c \PaVX] 1T]VP[ UPX[TS c^
when new ATP rankings are Richard Gasquet and wild 7-6 (6). R^\QX]TfT[[PbPd]XcX]TXcWTaWP[U 0VT]RXTb


bX\X[Pac^?^]cX]Vb K >38bTaXTbPVPX]bc8]SXP
?C8Q 3D108

L Rahul broke into the top-10 at 9th,

while Shikhar Dhawan also attained ?C8Q ?0;;4:4;4
?C8Q 274==08 a career-high position of 28th in the lat-
est ICC Test rankings after India's clean-

F ormer Australia batsman Mike Hussey feels that

Virat Kohli's aggressive style of captaincy is quite
sweep of Sri Lanka in a three-match series.
Left-hander Dhawan, who top-scored
Stheenior batsman Upul Tharanga will
lead a 15-man Sri Lanka squad in
five-match ODI series against
similar with that of Ricky Ponting. with 119 in the final Test in Pallekele, has India that begins in Dambulla on
"Kohli has been brilliant. I like the way he cap- moved up 10 places to 28th position after Sunday.
tains. I like his aggressive nature and his will to win. India won inside three days on Monday. Tharanga endured a horrendous
He had this desire to push his team as far as he could. This was the Delhi batsman's second cen- Test series against India, scoring only
He set very high standards during training and in the tury in three Tests as he finished with 358 88 runs in six innings, which Sri
game. I do see some similarities with Ponting. The runs and was named player of the series. Lanka lost by a comprehensive 0-3
will to win, that competitiveness," Hussey said. Rahul has moved up two positions to margin.
The Australian team will be in India next month equal his career-best ninth position after But the upcoming series will be the
for a limited overs series and Hussey reckons it will a contribution of 85 in the opening stand left-handed batsman's first in-charge of
be very competitive. of 188 that came in under 40 overs. the team after Angelo Mathews gave up
"It will be a good series hopefully. They play their Rahul thus equalled his career-best the ODI captaincy post the 2-3 loss
one-day cricket well. They have some good players ninth rank attained in July this year but against Zimbabwe at home in July.
and have won some good (ODI) series here over the the present tally of 761 ratings points is While Mathews is still part of the "Every team goes through a rough
years, though not in the Tests. The key will be to not his highest till date. 8]SXPbBWXZWPa3WPfP]aXVWcP]S;^ZTbWAPWd[X]PRcX^]PVPX]bcBaX;P]ZP[PbcBPcdaSPh 0? squad, seasoned pacer Lasith Malinga patch," he said.
rely on any one player. It is not one person that is the All-rounder Hardik Pandya's 96- has also made a comeback. "This is something that happens in
key. Everyone needs to know what their job is and ball knock of 108 has seen him gain 45 to reach 57th position. rankings. There are two other changes from cycles to every team and every nation
perform as well as they can," said Hussey. positions to reach a career-best 68th rank Other Sri Lanka players to move up Top-ranked India and seventh-placed the Sri Lankan squad which featured no matter how great a cricketing
He said though the Indians would be confident among batsmen, while pace bowlers in the rankings include batsmen Dinesh Sri Lanka have retained their positions in in the last three ODIs against nation they are. The support of our fans
after a comprehensive victory in the Test series in Sri Mohammad Shami (up one place to 19th Chandimal and Niroshan Dickwella. the team rankings with India gaining two Zimbabwe. plays a big role in lifting the morale of
Lanka, a (ODI) series against Australia would be dif- position) and Umesh Yadav (up one place Chandimal has gained two slots to reach points to reach 125 points, increasing its Pacer Nuwan Pradeep and all- the team.
ferent. "I am sure their confidence will be high after up to a career- best 21st position) have 33rd position while Dickwella has gained lead over South Africa to 15 points. rounder Asela Gunaratne are out due "We play for our country and our
the Sri Lanka series. They also have an excellent lim- gained among bowlers. seven slots to reach a career-best 61st posi- Meanwhile, England hosts the West to injuries and their places in the side goal is to bring pride to our family of
ited-overs team. However, a ODI series against There was good news for Chinaman tion. Indies for a three-Test series starting has been taken by young fast bowler 20 million in this nation - so your sup-
Australia is different," he said of the Indians. bowlers too as India's Kuldeep Yadav and In the list for all-rounders, Jadeja has Thursday, which it may have to win in Lahiru Kumara and left-arm spinner port is something that matters greatly
Currently in Sri Lanka's Lakshan Sandakan have lost the top slot to Bangladesh's Shakib Al order to remain in third position, depend- Malinda Pushpakumara, who both to us," Tharanga added.
India for a stint as made rapid strides. Hassan after missing the Pallekele Test ing on the results of a two-Test series featured in the recent Test series Sri Lanka last played India in an
an expert commen- Kuldeep, coming in for Ravindra owing to a one-match suspension after between Bangladesh and Australia that against the Indians. ODI series in November 2014-15 (in
tator in the ongoing Jadeja, has moved up 29 slots to 58th place accumulating six demerit points inside a starts later this month but ends earlier on Skipper Tharanga has called for India) and were blanked 0-5.
Tamil Nadu after returning with figures of four for 40 24-month period. Jadeja has slipped one 8 September. support from his countrymen ahead of The Islanders, however, upset India
Premier League and one for 56, while Sandakan's haul of point behind Shakib's tally of 431 points Australia will go up to 101 points if what should prove to be another tough in their group game at the Oval in the
(TNPL), Hussey five for 132 has helped him gain 16 places but remains at the top of the bowling it wins the series 2-0. outing against the higher-ranked India. recent Champions Trophy.
also spoke highly

9^TYQ^dUQ]X_Ycdc :_UZRdef_5feTY#"SRXdVcZVd
of the present
Australia captain
Steven Smith, who
he said had

improved a lot over
the years and had
scored runs consis- ?C8Q 0<BC4A30< Sumit win a PC for India, and
tently. this time they tried a different
"Smith has ?C8Q ?0;;4:4;4 urjant Singh and Mandeep variation that worked like
been brilliant. He
reads the game well. he Indian cricket team on
G Singh scored a goal apiece
as a resolute Indian men's
magic with striker Mandeep
deflecting into the goal to dou-
It obviously agreed
with his own bat-
T Tuesday celebrated the nation's
70th Independence Day here with
hockey team overcome World
No 4 Netherlands 2-1 in an
ble India's lead to 2-0.
Soon after, the Dutch won
ting. Since he has captain Virat Kohli hoisting the tri- exciting encounter here. a PC but debutant goalkeeper
been captain, his form has been incredible as well. colour in the presence of the entire Led by Manpreet Singh, the Suraj Karkera was up to the task
He has been an excellent captain as well," the former squad. team on Monday night featured to defend. With final three
CSK player said. Kohli also wished his country- nine players from the junior minutes remaining, Dutch for-
He singled out young Tamil Nadu all-rounder men back home on the occasion and team, but still beat an experi- wards made three strong shots
Washington Sundar for special praise and said the said 15th August has always been when I was a kid in Delhi. I really enced Netherlands squad on goal but an alert Karkera
lanky player had a lot of talent. "special" for him since childhood as enjoyed the day seeing the Indian through goals from Gurjant kept them from converting.
About the return of Chennai Super Kings (CSK) the day is also his father's birthday. flag wave everywhere you look," he (4th minute) and Mandeep However, Saander de Wijn
for next year's IPL, the dynamic left-hander, who "I want to wish you all a very Happy said. (51). India, thus, won the three- through a PC scored in the 58th
played for the franchise for a few years, said,"I am very Independence Day. My heart is "So really enjoy the day, feel match series. minute but that didn't stop
excited about CSK being back. I have great memo- filled with the pride of being an your heart with the pride of being India straightaway sought India from walking away with
ries (of CSK) as a player. Love the franchise. There Indian everyday. But this particular an Indian and always keep that feel- to put pressure on the home a 2-1 win.
will be challenges with the team coming back after day enhances this feeling to an alto- ing alive. Jai Hind," Kohli added. team and the positive intent "I think we played well in
two years out." gether different level, Kohli said in The 15-member Indian squad, worked as they drew first blood Qureshi made a great attempt tunities count with Chikte stay- all departments to win against
Hussey believes that CSK can replicate the suc- a video message posted on his offi- alongside the support staff were in through a penalty corner to take India's lead to 2-0 with ing up to the challenge. the Netherlands. They are a
cess that they had with Dhoni as the captain. cial twitter handle. attendance as Kohli and coach awarded in the fourth minute. a shot on goal but it went slight- With a 1-0 lead, the third very experienced team with
"They had a fantastic run with Mahendra Singh "It's also a special day for me for Ravi Shastri stepped ahead and While it was Varun Kumar ly wide. quarter saw Netherlands make more than eight players with
Dhoni as captain. Stephen Fleming did a fantastic job more than one reason. It's also my unfurled the national flag. who attempted the dragflick Though the Dutch tried to desperate attempts to come over 100 International Caps. So,
as a coach, plus they had good support staff and good father's birthday so this day always The flag hoisting ceremony which was padded away by the make amends when they won back into the game but India to beat them we had to come up
owner that allowed the players their way. These were used to be very special for me and was followed by the National Dutch keeper, Gurjant was a penalty corner in the early absorbed the pressure well, with something special.
ingredients to build a successful team. If they do things my family," he added. Anthem. quick to pick up the rebound minutes of the second quarter, only to execute a stronger "I am very happy with the
right, there is no reason why the CSK can't be suc- On this occasion, Kohli also The Indian cricket team, which and work his reverse stick magic the flick was brilliantly saved by defensive structure that kept the way the entire team performed
cessful again," Hussey said. remembered how he used to cele- whitewashed hosts Sri Lanka 3-0 in to put the ball high up into the India goalkeeper Akash Chikte. Dutch from scoring. as one unit especially the play-
Asked if he would be interested in a coaching job brate the Independence Day with the three-match Test series on net and score his first interna- That didn't deter the Dutch side The final 15 minutes saw ers making their debut. They
at CSK, he said, "I loved playing for the team. I have his friends and family when he was Monday, is now gearing up for five tional goal for the men's side. who attempted a full press and India increase their intensity in showed no sign of nervousness
great friendships here and a strong rapport with CSK. a child. "My fondest memories of ODIs and one-off Twenty20 game, India continued the strong even put India under pressure attack with Gurjant winning a and played with a lot of confi-
If there is an opportunity, I would be very interest- this particular day are of course fly- starting with the first 50-over attack as they made forays into by winning three more PCs, but PC, but it was saved. dence," said an elated skipper
ed, for sure." ing kites with friends and family encounter in Dambulla on Aug 20. the striking circle. Armaan they could not make the oppor- The following minute saw Manpreet after the series win.
YUNNAN DAILY PRESS GROUP The Pioneer Vol.42 Wednesday, August 16, 2017 english.yunnan.cn

App-ing away to an Dali University goes international Bank Boten
active, healthier life Branch
Luo Rongchan at university, 4 types of

L ast year, I activated

the fitness tracking
function in Chinas most
more health conscious.
And that among all the
stay healthy messages, M d Shaneed Ansari, a
handsome college stu-
scholarships were launched
for international students.
Students from South Asian
popular instant messag- having an active lifestyle dent from Nepal, just started countries can apply for the Yang Shuyan
ing app WeChat in a bid is the one most followed. his masters degree program Belt and Road Scholarship
to stay fit. By opting for
an account that pulls mo-
tion data from my smart-
ample, people swarm to
the Olympic Forest Park
at Dali University,located in
west Yunnan. After learning
the reputation of the Uni-
granted by Yunnan provin-
cial government. The uni-
versity grants 2-million-yuan
T he Boten Branch of the
ly opened in Boten Economic
phone and auto-counts to jog or walk regularly. versity at home, he decided scholarships each year. Zone of Laos, marking a new
my steps, I was ranked And its not just young to realize his dream of be- International students at step of Yunnans financial
against my account peers SHRSOH ZKR H[HUW WKHP- coming a doctor here. Dali University can not only opening up under the Belt
based on the number of selves in this way. The In the past decade, the receive high-quality clinical and Road Initiative, and ush-
steps I took everyday. elderly can be seen in university has trained more knowledge, but also learn HULQJDQHZFKDSWHULQWKH-
I was motivated to groups briskly walking than 2,000 international the Chinese language, cul- nancial settlement in northern
LQWHQVLI\ P\ H[HUFLVH UH- the same routes. students from South and ture and etiquette. Laos.
gime after seeing people The government has Southeast Asian countries. In order to better help The Lao-China Bank was
I knew taking far more launched public health As of May this year, the South Asian students, Dali jointly proposed and invested
Students from South Asian countries participate in the annual cricket match at Dali Univeristy
steps than me, and to education programs, and university has 1,036 inter- University recruited Indian by Fudian Bank of Yunnan
(Photo provided by Dali University)
catch up, I began using a even issued food and national students from 23 faculty to be responsible and Lao Peoples Foreign
treadmill while holding nutrition guidelines that countries, ranking first in cupation in South Asian and ating from Dali University Pakistan Medical Associa- for the management and 7UDGH%DQN$VWKHUVW&KL-
my phone in hand. recommend people eat Yunnan and 12th in China Southeast Asian countries. passed Indias national tion and more. accommodation of overseas na-Laos joint venture finan-
The WeChat sports less red meat and engage in terms of the number of The majority of students TXDOLFDWLRQVZKLOHWKHUDWH ([SHULHQFH D GLYHUVH students so as to better cater cial institution approved by
function, launched in LQPRUHSK\VLFDOH[HUFLV- international students. passing the qualification for Pakistani and Nepalese campus culture to their needs. the Lao Central Bank and the
2015, has become quite es such as brisk walking. H[DPLQDWLRQIRUSK\VLFLDQV students are even higher. Students from South UVWRYHUVHDVEDQNVXEVLGLDU\
popular. Nearly 900 mil- My father is in his 80% Indian students can get a job at public hos- The teaching approach In 2002, the university Asian countries have also approved by Chinas Bank-
lion people were using early 70s. Now, he too SDVVTXDOLFDWLRQH[DP pitals with a decent salary. of the university has also ODXQFKHGLWVUVWLQWHUQDWLRQ- set up their own students ing Regulatory Commission,
it at the end of last year. uses the WeChat sports These students find been recognised by the al student program, admit- associations. They often it has been providing differ-
The popularity of such function. After he learned Manoj Kumar Vashisth it a good choice to study international community. ting overseas students from organize various recrea- entiated products with local
fitness motivators shows that I was trying to walk came from India. He is now medicinal science in China. Dali University has been Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia tional activities to celebrate FKDUDFWHULVWLFVDQGVDIHHI-
that people are becoming 10,000 steps a day, he a graduate student majoring Because it is close to their included in the internation- and other Southeast Asian traditional festivals of their cient and convenient services
more conscious about the strived to cover a few in medical science at Dali home country, and the qual- al medical education direc- countries. Starting 2005, its countries. Annual cricket to the local market since its
quality of their life and more steps than me. University. He said, Its ity of teaching and teachers tory and Avi Sena medical MBBS program began to match is also organised inception three years ago. By
the importance of staying That, as my moth- great to study here. The are good. Courses are basi- school student directory. enroll students from India, for South Asian students virtue of the policy advantag-
healthy. er later told me, was a university and its affiliated cally given in English and Its degrees have been Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh on campus and from other es of the economic zone, the
Annual surveys by distant hello and I am hospitals have worked out there are advanced medical recognised by the British and other South Asian coun- colleges. In order to take EDQN DLPV DW H[SORULQJ DQG
the National Health and doing well and miss you good internship programs equipment and hospitals for Medical Association, the tries. The medical major has care of the students eat- serving cross-border cooper-
Family Planning Com- from my father. Im glad for medical trainees under internship. The most impor- American Academic Med- been quite popular with 505 ing habits, South Asian ation based on the demands
mission of Peoples Re- the governments health WKH PRVW H[SHULHQFHG GRF- tant thing is that the tuition LFDO 4XDOLILFDWLRQ ([DP- South Asian graduates over canteen with Indian chefs of the regional customer and
public of China on public message has hit home. tors. The clinical guidance is affordable. According to ination Committee, India the past 11 years. was opened, thus they see cross-border markets.
health awareness show (Shan Juan,adapted LVH[FHOOHQW statistics, more than 80% of Medical Association, Ne- In order to attract more the university as a second
that people have become from China Daily) Doctor is a popular oc- the Indian students gradu- pal Medical Association, outstanding students to study home. Flower park
attracts 589
Tea gardens help lift border How Chinese dairy industry million yuan
towns out of poverty stages a comeback T he Yunnan Flower Demon-
stration Park has attracted
589 million yuan ($87.58 mil-

A s long as one set foot

on the land of Teng-
chong, the rich yet refresh-
tea, dark green tea are local
brands with Chinas nation-
al geographical indications
Mazhan Township. She
has been doing odd jobs
for the company over the
Editors Note: In this is-
sue, the column will focus on
Chinas supply side reforms
even listen to music and sleep
on beds made of rubber and
lion) in investments brought
from nine domestic projects be-
tween January and June of this
ing tea aroma would soothe H[DPLQHGDQGDSSURYHGE\ past years. According to and how the countrys dairy Quality and safety are year, accounting for 51 percent
ones mind. the national trademark au- her, the company raised industry has staged a come- the lifelines of making dairy of its 1.15 billion yuan target.
Located in the west of thorities. the purchase price of fresh back. products. I deeply feel T h a n k s t o t h e p a r k s
Yunnan Province, Teng- Chen Yazhong, Chair- tea leaves, and advanced /L-LHLVDUVWOLQHPDQ- that product quality is like management efforts, huge de-
c h o n g s i t s o n C h i n a s person of Tengchong Gaol- the cost for nursery stocks ager at Wandashan Dairy a delicate baby. It must be velopment progress has been
famous Cenozoic volcano igong Ecological Tea Co., and organic fertilizers, Company Limited, located in taken good care of to grow witnessed during the first half
groups. The soil here is rich Ltd. told reporters that she largely relieving the bur- northeast Chinas Heilong- up healthy and strong, Li Jie of the year, strengthening the
in organic matters and nitro- was thrilled when she found den of local farmers. Each jiang Province. Over the past said. How can we keep milk parks leadership in agriculture
gen, phosphorus, potassium the ancient tea trees in the household can get an an- 16 years, she has witnessed fresh for a long time? How and special plateau industries.
and trace elements, making mountains 34 years ago. nual income of up to 1,200 the shift from raising free- can we prevent raw milk A project commenced last
it ideal for the growth of Starting from scratch, she yuan from each mu (1 mu range calves to more scientif- from being contaminated by September, establishing 5.65
tea. As one of the top 100 is now running a company equals to around 667 m) ic breeding methods and how PLFUREHV":KHQ\RXQGWKH million cubic metres of biogas
tea plantation areas in Chi- with 1,646 acres of tea plan- of their tea plantations. the domestic dairy industry Li Jie inspects the dairy products. (Photo by People's Daily) answers to these questions, pipe capable of treating 396
na, Tengchong has 24,710 tations, employing more Tengchong teas are has staged a comeback. the product quality can be metric tons of fruit and vegeta-
acres of tea plantations, of than 50,000 households, di- most unique among their Li Jie found that every conditions were best suited to of the companies sources at assured. ble wastes.
which around 247 acres rectly benefiting more than peers, said Xu Jiaobao, one of her peers wishes to raising cows. Our place was all their milk stations. Now, Im mainly re- Since the beginning of this
are certified as organic 180,000 tea farmers. The h e a d o f t h e Te n g c h o n g raise good cows and produce thinly populated and had vast In order to produce milk sponsible for the production year, the park has focused on
tea gardens, around 1,235 companys output reached Agriculture Bureau, the good milk. They are always meadows, so we raised cows that is more nutritious and department. Im most con- processing of agricultural prod-
acres are green ecological 28.5 million US Dollars, combination of characteris- trying to get better. in a free-range environment, tastes better, calves, growing cerned about the quality of in- ucts, urban agricultural tourism
tea gardens, and more than increasing local farmers tic plateau agriculture and /L-LHUVWEHJDQWRZRUN Li Jie said. cows and lactating cows, fant dairy products. She said, and the construction on unique
DFUHVDUHFHUWLHGDV annual income by around 9 tourism would rejuvenate at Harbin Pingda Breeding After a year, Li Jie be- gradually are provided their Production and supply must towns in Yunnan. The park will
pollution-free gardens. In million. our agriculture and increase Factory after graduating from came a member of the milk own living spaces. On the keep pace with the needs of allocate more resources to at-
2016, Tengchong black tea, Shao Cunfen is a tea the farmers income. university. Back then, we sourcing project office. She large ranches, cows are fed our customers. Otherwise, tract additional investments for
green tea, oolong tea, white farmer of Xinghua Village, (Dahe.cn) did not know which kinds learned to do research and with nutritious food and who will buy our products? upcoming projects.
of weather and environment carried out a general survey thermostatic water. The cows (Ke Zhongjia/Peoples Daily) FVDH[SRFRP

Wooden bowl: Indian and Egyptian photographers portray Lijiang

Palm-on signature of Tibetans WKH EXLOGLQJ FRPSOH[HV
C elebrated photogra-
phers from home and
abroad have been invited
are 7 famous photogra-
phers, including Indian
photographer Abhijit
winner of international
photography awards; and
Gong Zheng, former vice
during the event will be
compiled and published as
a tribute to the 20th anni-
food, traditional hand-
icrafts and more of the
Liu Xiao
to pay a special visit to the D e y, a n d G o l d Aw a r d president of Chinas Folk versary of the accreditation town. They are also going
city of Lijiang recently, to winner of International Photography Association of the Old Town of Lijiang to visit Shuhe and Baisha
I n northwest Yunnans
Diqing Tibetan Auton-
o mous P r e f e c tu r e , th e
take part in a event entitled
Lijiang, in the eyes of the
Film Festival; Ahmed
Mohamed Hassan, an
and honorary chairman
as a World Heritage site.
They took pictures of the
towns, introduced the
staff of the event.
wooden bowl means a lot. world. Egyptian scenery pho- Association. old towns water system, (Compiled by Yunnan
It is not only a necessity Among the invitees tographer and gold medal Outstanding works shot and they will also focus on Daily)
in daily life, but also a sig-
nature of status. It is the
use that gives rise to the
Yunlong Tianchi Nature Reserve:
unique Tibetan culture.
Nanlang village of Where man and nature exist in harmony
Benzilan is located at the
foot of the Baimang snow Tang Jingchun species that survived previous
mountain and on the ice ages. They grow slowly
bank of the Jinsha River. Xiyi(right) introduces his hand-made wooden bowls to a tourist.
Editors note: Yunnan is in natural conditions and are
Strolling in the village, (Online Photo)
the province with the most referred to as living fossils.
we noticed that most vil- sticks to the plain hand VDLG<L[L abundant biodiversity in Chi- Heres the southernmost
lagers can make wooden making, which is by no Thanks to the superb na, and is often referred to as habitat of the Yunnan snub-
handicrafts at their own means easy in fact. From VNLOOV DQG H[TXLVLWHQHVV the kingdom of plants and nosed monkey, said Li
homes. material selection to pol- <L[LV ZRRGHQ ERZOV DUH animals. In this issue, we Quanzhang, deputy director
,Q 1DQODQJ WKH<L[L ishing, shining, drawing, not only well accepted in will take you on a tour of the of the Yunlong Tianchi Na-
handicrafts enjoy the big- painting and japanning, Diqing and other Tibetan provinces Yunlong Tianchi ture Reserve Administration.
JHVWIDPH7KH<L[LIDPLO\ 10 plus procedures are areas, but also sold to National Nature Reserve. He said,In the past
has involved in wood- involved. Finally, the ja- neighboring countries, few years, we have been
en-bowl making for gener- panned items will be dried such as Nepal. Recently, we made three H[SORULQJVWDQGDUGL]HGVFL-
ations. To better promote up in the cellar, which is In recent years, tour- tours of Yunlong Tianchi Na- HQWLFDQGLQIRUPDWLRQEDVHG
the wood-bowl, he set up also a inherited produc- ism in Diqing is booming, tional Nature Reserve. After management policies for the
WKH<L[L 7LEHWDQ FXOWXUH tion skill. which gives a strong pull driving westwards from the forest. We were stunned by Ruihe, deputy director of hemlock, is the second larg- nature reserve. With a mobile
industry company, which In my family mill, to the market demand of seat of Yunlong County,lo- what we saw -- blue skies, the Yunlong Tianchi Nature est plant species here. phone application called
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