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A commercial career is ideal for those born when the Aries sign was rising in the
tenth house. Included in this broad category are a wide range of professions which
blend with the Arians general character. You can, therefore, pick an occupation
connected with export-import, airlines, shipping, transport, travel, restaurant,
heavy machinery, factory, sports goods or irrigation. A career in defence and
police will also suit you.
As you are very diplomatic in your dealings, you can take a plunge into politics
from which you can hope to emerge with flying colours. A smooth operator, you know
how to cultivate friendship with people and get on with them. It is this quality
which will come in handy for you to establish good rapport with people in authority
in government. This will pay you rich dividends.
You have another advantage. You are very careful with money, as you know its value,
having earned it the hard way. Without squandering even a small amount, you will
build up sufficient reserves.
Your qualities stand out in sharp contrast to those of your father. A lover of
personal freedom, your father takes no nonsense from anyone and loses his temper
quickly. Aggressive and extravagant in his habits, he may not accumulate impressive
assets. His main goal will be to see his children are provided not only with the
necessities of life, but also sound education, so that they can stand on their
feet. For this he wouldnt mind spending any amount of money.

The overall pattern that emerges from the Taurus sign rising in the tenth house at
the time of ones birth is that the native can choose a profession suited to
his/her genius from a wide range of occupations.
One can aspire to occupy a high position like director, manager or sales manager in
a big concern, or a class I rank in the defence services. Else, one can be
associated with trade dealing in luxury goods, sophisticated items like video or
computer, finance, land and property, hire purchase and leasing, or educational
Endowed with executive ability and capacity for hard work, one can hope to progress
in ones vocation which will bring fame and wealth, assuring a comfortable life.
Actually, politics is not your cup of tea, but if you enter into it you are likely
to be fairly successful.
The inspiration for you to become an able, practical individual comes from your
father. Watching him going about his job with dedication and resoluteness, you will
make it a point to follow in his footsteps.
For you, however, the location of Rahu in Taurus in the tenth house is not
favourable. Even though hard working and endowed with good knowledge about some
types of machinery, you may be under tremendous financial stress, in middle age,
over which you may incur debts and undergo a lot of worry. Side by side, you are
likely to fall out with your father. A stranger will come to your rescue and bail
you out of your monetary mess. From then on a much better period awaits you.

It is advisable for those born when the Gemini sign was rising in the tenth house
to take up service instead of venturing into business. In keeping with this general
trend, you would do well to select not just any job, but one from among the
professions listed below, as they suit your qualifications and bent of mind :
Accountancy, law, engineering, share brokerage, trade dealing in liquids, teaching,
film distribution or occultism. you wont be far off the mark if you expect to rise
to the level of a regional leader in your vocation.
As already mentioned, better lay off business. But in the event of your ignoring
this suggestions, for whatever reason, never make the mistake of having a partner,
as it will prove disastrous.
Whether in government service or in the private sector, you can be optimistic of
good support from the establishment.
You may not be entirely satisfied with the way your father goes about his job, but
you will have to make an earnest attempt to adjust according to his nature. It is
possible your father, most of the time feeling restless and excitable, may not
pursue his goal with determination and single-minded purpose. Actually, he is
capable of making a success of anything that he undertakes, but his vascillation
comes in the way.
But you are in for a rough time, as the presence of Saturn in Gemini in the tenth
house doesnt augur well. You may have to lead a life beset with problems,
irrespective of whichever profession you pursue. Very selfish, you are likely to
quarrel with your parents which may culminate in a break with your father.
Better exercise a tight control over behaviour. As it is, the indications are you
will be immoral and stoop as low as to indulge in dishonest activities to achieve
your goals. This may involve you in litigations and police action.

A public life is advocated for those born when the Cancer sign was rising in the
tenth house. This broad outline is advocated as it is expected to yield to the
native handsome dividends in the form of financial gains as well as social
recognition, But one will have to be careful in selecting an occupation blending
with ones qualification and temperament. The professions from which you can make
your choice include specialization in law, architecture, writing, music, playback
singing or salesmanship.
Whatever line you opt for, you will have much to do with government officials. You
have got to make sure you behave well with them as it will be highly profitable.
Likewise, you will also have to strike a good equation with your political
contacts. There are very remote chances of your taking to active politics.
If you follow these guidelines, there are bright prospects of your recording
success, especially after you cross the middle age.
There are distinct possibilities of your inheriting paternal property and your
father will be favourably disposed towards you. If and when the need arises, you
can count on his support.

Instead of picking up just any job, those born when the Leo sign was rising in the
tenth house will stand to benefit in the long run if they select a profession from
among the following :
Research work, chemistry, medical (with spotlight on maternity), insurance, iron
and steel, defence services or criminal investigation. The native can also join
government service or a reputed private firm in which there will be good prospects
of rising to a high position. Whatever you do, it appears you will be interested in
running a music school for some time.
Religion and occultism are two sectors in which you are likely to evince interest.
Your inclination for worshiping the Goddess is commendable. No doubt it will help
you a lot in all areas of your activity.
In the event of being party to any litigation, the odds are you will emerge
successful. There are no indications of your direct involvement in politics, but
you have the mettle to secure benefits from politicians.
No doubt you can aspire to get your share of the ancestral property, but there are
possibilities of having a tiff and misunderstanding with your father. It is better
not to push your difference with him too far, because you may need his help some
time or the other. You should bear in mind that he is a person endowed with vigour
and vitality, and is ever willing to be of assistance to everyone.

It is the general pattern that politics is the best profession for those born when
the Virgo sign is occupying the tenth house. Even if it is not preferred as a full
time occupation, the native can hope to secure substantial benefits from
Not that it is the only area that suits you. There are many others from which you
can have your pick. They include being a public orator, bank employee, teacher,
editing and publishing books, establishing close links with educational and
religious institutions, or occultism. Company law, engineering, foreign assignments
or civil contracts can also be pursued.
It would be in your interest to do business instead of service as there are hints
of your making good profits in business like trading, import, export or valuable or
engineering items.
You can be optimistic of securing favours from governmental agencies. If you prefer
it, you can also take up a government job in which your worth will be recognized,
yielding rewards. In case you are forced to enter into a litigation, you neednt
despair as you will emerge from it unscathed.
It seems you have inherited quite a few of your fathers qualities. He is an
active, brisk individual who approaches issues with an alert mind and goes about
his job in a methodical manner. At the same time, he is an expert in finding fault
with others and castrating them for their shortcomings. You have many of these
The stationing of Mars in Virgo in the tenth house denotes both plus and minus
points for you. While you are likely to benefit from your father, as well as your
father in-law, you may later face problems from your in-laws. Similarly, you can
expect support from the establishment in your ventures, but if you dont conduct
yourself properly with your superiors, they may subject you to humiliation. In
contrast to the general trend, you will stand to lose in any litigation. So avoid
all controversies.
You will, however, fare well in business and be a successful speculator. If you
decide to enter politics, there are positive indications of victory for you in an

It would be better for a person born when the Libra sign was rising in the tenth
house to take up service than having a fling at business. In keeping with this
broad outline, the native can opt for a job from a wide range of suitable
professions. The list includes teaching, engineering, dealing in scientific
instruments agricultural and mine products. One can also shine brightly as head of
a religious institution, writer, musician, playback singer, architect or salesman.
As you are a native of power and authority, it will be in your interest not to
behave arrogantly with your superiors but toe a mellowed line. Otherwise, they will
try to manipulate things in such a way that your service record is tarnished and
your progress blocked. If you conduct yourself modestly with government officials,
they will extend their co-operation and assistance to you, which will be
You are lucky to have a good father who will be gentle and affectionate towards
you. Endowed with an artistic bent of mind, he will evince a keen interest in the
finer things of life and be a popular figure.
You can be hopeful of leading a good, comfortable life on account of the favourable
disposition of Mercury in Libra in the tenth house. Skilled, intelligent and
tactful, you can fare well in science, literature or foreign affairs. If later you
feel like entering into politics, you can be optimistic of winning an election.
Your father will be a source of pleasure to you and he will earmark a sizeable
share for you in his will. You will be able to add to your acquired assets by your
own efforts and become wealthy.
There is, however, one problem which you will have to sort out. And that is
regarding your health. There are indications of some diseases affecting you. So,
take preventive measures by periodically consulting your family doctor.

The general pattern indicated for those born when the Scorpio sign was rising in
the tenth house is that they can make a success of any job they undertake, because
they are clear-headed and tackle issues calmly and efficiently.
To ensure that this materialises, one had better select ones profession after a
thorough study. The occupations from which the native would do well to choose
include becoming a scientist, executive officer in government or the private
sector, financial or education adviser, lecturer, advocate and astrologer. If you
decide not to opt for a job but go into business, then the ideal thing for you to
do is to take to the export trade.
Whether in service or in business, you can expect financial support from the
government. So dont yield to the temptation of pursuing politics, though you can
take an interest in it.
A good trait in you is that you will always be obedient to your father who is a
person of admirable qualities. Independent spirited, he is not one to play second
fiddle to anyone. He will lead a decent life since he is lucky in most respects. In
financial matters too he is fortunate and will earn a substantial amount, part of
which he will earmark for you. But he may be up against a problem regarding health.
It is better he doesnt become tense, lest he suffer from brain affliction or
But, so far as you are concerned, you may be subjected to much mental tension due
to the unfavourable disposition of Ketu in Scorpio in the tenth house. Your luck is
such that you may be up against adversities in almost all sectors.
Even with your father your relations are likely to be strained, with the result
neither will you derive any benefit from your father nor vice-versa.
The odds are you will lose your job due to deception and treachery by those
inimical to you, which will make you highly depressed. But, since you are a very
intelligent native having plenty of guts and vigour, you will put up a brave fight
against all odds and emerge triumphant in most of them. To reduce your load of
problems, avoid getting into litigation and disputes with others, especially
government servants.

There are quite a few profession suited to the temperament and genius of those born
when the Sagittarius sign was rising in the tenth house. So the native would do
well to select one from among them to prosper in life.
The best of the lot are banking and accountancy. Among the others are being an
administrative or liaison officer in government or a public sector corporation, or
becoming a lecturer. If the native is inclined to enter into business, then it
would be advisable to deal in oils, soft drinks, beverages, chemicals, medical
equipment or cosmetics.
But keep clear of politics, of any kind. If not, you may invite trouble. This
aspect needs to be stressed, as there are hints that you may take an active part in
office politics which will not bring beneficial results, but actually retard your
In the event of finding yourself in the midst of a controversy, avoid getting into
litigation, as it will be counterproductive.
You are lucky to have a good father whose qualities are worthy of emulation. He is
free, frank and fearless, and goes about his work in a planned manner. He is also
sympathetic to others feelings and will be generous and charitable.
A benevolent Moon, stationed in Sagittarius in the tenth house, blesses you with a
long life of health, wealth and pleasure. Not only will you secure a big share of
the ancestral property, you will also be a successful in business if you take to
speculative trade. Enjoying so many benefits, you can afford to evince interest in
the theatre, in which you can corner fame if you pursue it with dedication.
Only, make sure to be on the alert against those jealous of you, because they will
try to involve you in criminal cases which, as you should know, are beset with
difficulties and worries.

The normal trend is that anyone born when the Capricorn sign was rising in the
tenth house will be simultaneously working at more than one place, primarily to
earn more money. But there can also be another reason for it. Which is : The
native, ever desirous of a change, will be wanting to shift and hop as frequently
as possible. In this, one can be said to be lucky as there is a wide range of
professions to choose from.
You can select an occupation connected with law, teaching, sports goods, iron and
steel, factories in general, oils, land, contracts in the irrigation and
agricultural sectors, or animals. But you will have to be very cautious about one
thing and that is you should make sure not to sustain financial losses through
impulsive actions and rash investments. If you play safe and go about your job
after doing the necessary homework, you may hope to succeed.
In all your actions, you would do well to follow in the footsteps of your father,
an honest and straightforward individual ever eager to toe a righteous path.
Intelligent, endowed with a sound reasoning faculty and an elephantine memory, he
has the inherent power to read others thoughts. This, naturally, gives him the
advantage of planning his moves adroitly. It is due to his commendable qualities
that he attracts many close and reliable friends who will sacrifice anything to
render him assistance in times of need.

Those born when the Aquarius sign rising in the tenth house are invariably tight-
fisted and given to hoarding money even at the cost of denying themselves comforts.
The broad pattern outlined for them is taking up service in a big concern, becoming
a CID officer or a film actor. If one were to decide on going into business, then
the best area would be transport, followed by shipping and exports, civil and mine
contracts, bricks, copper and steel, or mechanical engineering.
If you want to enter into politics, then you will have to bide your time. Wait
until Saturn Dasa to take the plunge, for that period will be highly auspicious.
Then you can hope to gain success not only in politics but also from government
It is better to curb your gambling tendency and lead an honest and unselfish life,
like your father. He has many good qualities which you too can emulate. Like, for
instance, his dedication to work and his desire to be of assistance to the needy.
He is intelligent, has sound reasoning faculty and determination to attend to his
job with devotion.

The broad outline indicated for a person born when the Pisces sign was rising in
the tenth house is one blessed with a dual source of income. Keeping in view that
the native is active, agile, alert and industrious, the professions advocated are
accountancy, bank employee, secretary, advocate or share broker. Dealing in oils,
beverages, cosmetics or items connected with education will also turn out to be
beneficial. Since you are fond of travelling, you may opt to be a travel agent. If
you evince interest in the occult sciences or religion, you can hope to shine
It is as well there are so many avenues open to you, since many changes in
profession are denoted for you. In a way it is good, as you will always be
experimenting with new methods of earning.
You can expect sound backing from government departments and officers, which you
can exploit by becoming a supplier of articles to the government.
The busybody that you are, in addition to your varied interests, you will also have
some practical involvement in politics.
Your father will shower all his affections on you and look after you well. Yet, you
wont be able to strike a good equation with him, as you resent his aggressive
nature. Make sure this wont cause a permanent rift because your fathers health
may start deteriorating from the age of 50 and you owe it to him to look after him.