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Business Integration

Without Barriers
Worldwide Leadership in Integration
iWay Software provides rapid integration solutions that streamline
business processes in all sizes of organizations without making their
information investments obsolete. For over 30 years, weve maximized
the value of our clients vital information assets, and have continuously
evolved our technology to meet emerging business challenges.

The company began in 1975 with the founding of our parent

company, Information Builders. We built data access technologies that
enabled organizations to create reports from disparate information
systems and data sources, regardless of its source or location.

Several years later, Information Builders produced a new class of

enterprise software enterprise data access (EDA) middleware and
created the Middleware Technology Group. EDA extended our data
access capabilities to make all enterprise information available to new
client applications, including transaction systems and enterprise-scale
For more than three decades, network computing applications. EDA became well known for its
ability to mask the underlying complexities involved in integrating
weve helped organizations
sophisticated, heterogeneous enterprise systems.
around the globe to maximize
the value of their most vital In 2001, the Middleware Technology Group evolved into a new
information assets. We have subsidiary company, iWay Software. Leveraging all of our data access
continuously evolved our and integration experience, we enhanced our solutions to provide
technology to help our a cost-effective, incremental approach to all types of integration
customers meet emerging projects including enterprise application integration (EAI),
business challenges. composite applications, Web service deployments, B2B interactions,
and enterprise information integration (EII) initiatives. The company
also introduced the iWay Universal Adapter Suite, and earned a
Company at a Glance reputation for providing more adapters and access to more
More than 2,000 customers,

including many Fortune 200

information systems than any other integration vendor.
companies iWay Software now offers more than 300 adapters, and the list
Over $50 million in revenue continues to grow.
30+ years of integration expertise

60 business partners Today, iWay Software is one of the top 20 integration vendors
47 offices worldwide. Were at the forefront of the service-oriented architecture
26 worldwide distributors (SOA) movement, revolutionizing and accelerating the way
organizations accomplish business integration by providing a
foundation for business agility with a low cost of entry and full
project reusability.

Service-Oriented Architecture Solutions
Improve Business Agility
iWay SOA Middleware quickly and efficiently integrates data,
applications, and other systems including middleware technologies
from BEA, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, and many others; packaged
applications; and other technologies such as Java/J2EE, XML,
and Web services. Our solutions let users assemble and configure
off-the-shelf components to achieve rapid integration and implement
mission-critical applications without custom coding, systems
overhauls, or costly delays.

With iWay SOA Middleware, you can:

Optimize staff utilization by reducing the need for integration skills
Accelerate business process changes and project implementations
Maximize application reusability
Provide better management visibility into IT projects
iWays unique capabilities Reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) and minimize the risk
eliminate the big-bang associated with integration projects and their ongoing maintenance
approach to integration
projects. We deliver just Foundation for Service-Oriented and
the right amount of software Event-Driven Architectures
and services to provide a iWay Softwares unique capabilities eliminate the big-bang approach
robust and cost-effective to integration projects. We deliver just the right amount of software
solution to any business and services to cost-effectively solve a business integration problem
integration problem. and make every system involved become more open, more flexible,
and more adaptable to change. iWay Software combines extreme
interoperability, productive and intuitive GUI design tools, and
sophisticated XML transformation capabilities to create powerful,
reusable business services from any information resource. And unlike
other enterprise-service buses (ESBs), business process execution
language (BPEL)-based process management tools, and integration
software, iWay technologies dont require Web service interfaces to the
transactions that make up a process. As a result, you can get your
projects off of the white board and into production, while following
service-oriented and event-driven architecture principles to help you
maintain complex IT systems and business applications.

Full Support for Web Services

iWay Software offers the industrys most comprehensive and effective
tool set for creating and deploying Web services. You can instantly
service-enable any existing IT system including applications, data
sources, B2B interactions, and other technologies while providing the
same security, failover, scalability, and monitoring capabilities as the
underlying system. Additionally, you can create WS-I-compliant Web
services from business-level composite services as easily as from
low-level applications and transactions.
Business Process Management
iWay Software supports dynamic business process management by
helping IT departments quickly and cost-effectively develop and
automate new, streamlined business processes across the enterprise.
Our full-featured, easy-to-use, standards-compliant BPEL engine fully
leverages services created by our ESB, helping ensure that business
processes remain standards-based even when underlying systems
are not. This enables business process identification, modeling,
development, and deployment, as well as management of process
execution. Deployment is easy and platform-neutral, and provides the
scalability and reliability needed for the most critical business processes.

Business-to-Business Integration
With iWay Software, you can leverage powerful, economical
information exchange capabilities that enable collaboration and
communication with virtually any external partner, supplier, or
customer using any data format and connectivity to back-end systems.
With iWay Software,
iWay supports most major horizontal and vertical XML and EDI
you can leverage powerful, standards including EDIFACT, ASC X12, SWIFT, FIX, UCCnet, HIPAA,
economical information HL7, EDIG@S, OAG BODs, EDIINT, and Web services. It allows
exchange capabilities that organizations to generate wide-reaching integration solutions from
enable collaboration and business rules and trading agreements, so they can simplify trading
communication with virtually partner management and configuration, while improving the control,
any external partner, supplier, visibility, and cost-effectiveness of e-business activities.
or customer using any data
Unparalleled Data Integration and Management
format and connectivity to
back-end systems. iWay Software provides complete solutions for accessing, storing,
managing, and delivering information from all of your enterprise
data assets. Weve developed a suite of over 300 adapters including
application system adapters, data adapters, transaction processing
adapters, terminal emulation adapters, e-business adapters,
technology adapters, and touchpoint adapters. A quarter of those
adapters provide uniform, standards-based access to modern and
legacy nonrelational, relational, and multidimensional data sources,
allowing any programmer who understands SQL to interact with
any enterprise data system.

We also offer an extensive line of data management products

from powerful extract, transform, and load (ETL) and master data
management (MDM) tools to intelligent resource analysis and
governing solutions that efficiently support key enterprise 3
information initiatives, including self-service applications, real-time
information delivery, business activity monitoring, enterprise
information portals, and more.
A World-Class Service Portfolio
From the time your integration solution is conceived until long after
it is implemented and delivered, iWay Software is your partner
in meeting business goals. We offer a comprehensive service portfolio
delivered by a team of dedicated and knowledgeable professionals
located in more than 60 offices worldwide designed to help our
customers realize the full potential of their integration solutions.

Our systems integration consulting team provides expert design,
systems architecture, implementation, and project management
services, to help customers around the world quickly and cost-
effectively integrate new technologies and business processes.
Through a variety of services packages, our consulting staff ensures
that our customers complete their integration projects and meet their
most critical business objectives on time and within budget.

Customers around the world Education and Training

can choose from a wide
Customers can attend a wide range of regularly scheduled courses on
range of support options, iWay solutions at local training centers, or on-site. Each course offers a
including premium 24x7 comprehensive curriculum delivered by an expert instructor with years
support offerings for mission- of real-world experience using our products to solve business problems.
critical business systems, Customized training solutions are also available upon request.
delivered by some of the
industrys most skilled and Technical Support
knowledgeable specialists. iWay's support services leverage the multi-platform, multi-database,
multi-environment troubleshooting expertise of Information Builders
award-winning InfoResponse group, allowing us to deliver technical
support services that are far superior to those offered by other
integration vendors. Customers around the world can choose from a
wide range of support options, including premium 24x7 support
offerings for mission-critical business systems, delivered by some of the
industrys most skilled and knowledgeable specialists.

iWay Solutions in Action
Over 2,000 corporations, government agencies, and educational
institutions around the world rely on iWay Software to leverage their
information assets to meet emerging business challenges.

As a result of explosive growth, Chicago-based gift catalog company

Collections Etc. undertook a major IT overhaul that included the
purchase of several new information systems. The company needed to
create a multi-purpose integration infrastructure that could
interconnect its diverse mix of databases, platforms, and information
systems. iWay Software empowered Collections Etc. to simplify
message content routing across the enterprise delivering messages
such as purchase orders and inventory data to the appropriate
information systems, then delivering automated responses to the
customer, vendor, or pertinent user providing them with strategic
advantages in a highly competitive market.

Over 2,000 corporations, Murphy-Hoffman Company (MHC), one of the largest dealers of
Kenworth trucks in North America, wanted to streamline inter-
government agencies, and
company communications, eliminate manual B2B processes and
educational institutions
improve the accuracy of exchanging common business documents.
around the world rely on With iWay Software, the company was able to implement a powerful
iWay Software to leverage integration architecture and develop direct links between their
their information assets to business systems, and the systems of their key suppliers. This allowed
meet emerging business them to dynamically exchange XML-based business documents such
challenges. as purchase orders, parts catalogues, and work orders. These fully
automated processes have helped MHC to boost sales and increase
customer satisfaction.

One of the worlds largest and most successful beauty companies,

Coty Inc., acquired Unilever Cosmetics along with several other brands
and organizations and a variety of information systems. With the help
of iWay Software, the company integrated them in less than seven
months, without the need for costly and time-consuming manual
code writing. As a result, they rapidly implemented a robust, reusable,
and future-proof integration architecture for worldwide ordering,
logistics, and distribution operations and saved millions of dollars in
the process.

The Florida State Technology Office used iWay Software

technologies to link modern Web applications with legacy mainframe
databases, creating a reporting application for unemployment 5
eligibility and claim summary information and making a more
efficient technology infrastructure at the same time. The new
application improved customer service and optimized back-office
productivity, while allowing the agency to preserve its existing
technology investments.
Corporate Headquarters: Two Penn Plaza, New York, NY 10121-2898 (866) 297-4929 International Inquiries: +1(212) 330-1700

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