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1. What is polling centre?

Ans:The place which is fixed by Election Commission for casting vote during the various
election is known as polling centre

2. What is the name of your metropolitan city/municipality/VDC? How many ward

numbers are there? Which ward number do you live in?
Ans: There are 6 metropolitan cities,133 municipalities and 3157 VDCs. Among these, I live
in Lalitpur metropolitan city.There are 29 wards in Lalitpur.I live in ward number 07.

3. What is political party? Make a list of major political parties of Nepal.

Ans: An organization of people with same political aims and programmes is a political
party.The major political parties of Nepal are as follows:
a.United Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist)
b.Nepali Congress
c.Communist Party of Nepal (UML)
d.Madhesh People`s Right Forum
e.Terai Maedhes Loktantrik Party
f.Nepal Sadbhavana Party
g.Rastriya Prajatantra Party

4. What are the conditions need to be fulfilled to open a political party according to the
present constitution of Nepal?
Ans: To open a political party, the following conditions need to be fulfilled:
a. The rules and regulations of political party should be democratic.
b. In the rules of political party, there should be the provision of an election the member
of all level at least once within five year.
c. The member from women, Dalit and underprivileged communities should be included in
the executive committees of different levels and it should inclusive.
d. There should be eeffective provision to keep the members of a party disciplined.

5. What can be your role as a student before and during election Time?
Ans:The following can be our roles as a student before election time:
a.We can help to make the errorless electoral roll.
b.We can teach the illiterate people how to cast the vote in election.
c.We can encourage the voter to cast the vote to right candidates.
d.We also can help the physically challenged or aged people to cast vote
e.We can aware the family member about the election process and symbol.

The following can be our roles as a student during election:

a. We can keep the line of people in order to cast vote.
b. We can help old peoples to see the symbol of the candidates carefully.
c. We can make necessary arrangement in booth (polling centre).
d. We can make security arrangement .

6. Name four ward members of your ward.

General: Narendra Shrestha and Devendra Shakya
Women: Shanti Maharjan
Dalit: Aman Deula

7. Write the name of the candidates and parties were related to (Mayor and deputy
mayor) of your metropolitan city?Also write the name of elected deputy chief and the party
they related to of you ward.
Ans: The name of the candidates to Mayor is Krishna Maharjan,party of Nepali Congress
and the deputy mayor is Sushma Shakya, party of UML.The name of elected deputy chief of
my ward is Kul Bahadur Maharjan, party of Nepali Congress.

8. Draw a picture of ballot paper.

9. Many of the ballot paper are invalid in our country as a result of improper stamping.
What should be done to check it? Give your opinion.
Ans: The following measures should be taken to check the invalid ballot papers:
a. Before election illiterate people should be taught to caste the vote through the sample
of ballot papers.
b. Means of communication such as radio, television, newspaper, etc can be used to
aware the people.
c. Political activists and educated people should go to remote areas to create awarenass.
d. Ballot paper should be clear and there should be plenty of space to stamp.
e. Electronic voting machine can be use.

10. Draw pictures of election signs of Nepali Congress, UML, Maoist, and RPP of Nepal.