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Third written work 8 th grade name____________________________

group I grade______________

I.Make meaningful sentences in the present III. Complete the sentences. Choose one of the
perfect tense words in the box
1. How long ______ (he/live) in New Jersey?

2. Peter ______ (not play) baseball since 1987. everybody somebody anybody nobody
everything something anything nothing
3. I ______ (speak) Russian for twenty years.
everywhere somewhere anywhere nowhere
4. We _____ (not see) Tom since Christmas.
1. Ken never uses his car. He goes _________________ by
5. ________ (Alan/fly) in an airplane before?
6. Shannon _____ (not/go) to lunch yet.
2. Im bored. I dont have _____________________ to do.
II.. Complete the sentences with the verb in brackets
3. Tom lives ________________ near Toronto.
in past simple or present perfect.
4. Im looking for my glasses. I cant find them
1............ you ......... (watch) any film last night? _________________.

2.I ....................... (have) a couple of toasts for breakfast 5. What did you have to eat? ________________. I wasnt
this morning. hungry.
3.He ....................... (live) in Rome since he was a 6. I dont like this place. Theres _____________ to go.
7. Lets have dinner. _________________ is hungry.
4.The house looks different. .......... you .............. (paint) it?
8. I want _______________ to read. Im going to buy a
5.I ....................... (not see) you in class last Friday magazine.

6.Shakespeare ....................... (write) over one hundred

VI . Fill in the blanks with suitable pronouns
III. Make sentences with the words given. Use used to +
verb. 1. Welcome to the party, everyone! Just help ________
1. I / live in a flat when I was a child. to sandwiches and snacks.
________________________ 2. Jody and her husband own their own company, so they
2 I / not / hate school can give ________ a holiday any time they like
________________________ 3. Can I ask you a question, Sami? Did you go to classes to
3 She / love eating chocolate, but now she hates it. learn German, or did you teach ________?
________________________ 4. At 12.30, Junko and I went to the cafeteria to buy
4. We / play tennis when I was at school ________ some lunch.
5. Look! There's a little bird washing ________ in the
She / eat three times a day?
________________________________________________ 6. John hurt ________ while he was fixing his car.
6.You/spend time in the supermarket.
III.Complete the questions .Use going to
1. __________________________________________
1._________________________________to Danny
tonight?( you talk ) _________________________________________

2.What _____________________________________after 2. __________________________________________

school ? (Wayne do )
3.When _______________________________________?
( we leave ) 3. __________________________________________

4.______________________________________ with us _________________________________________

tomorrow? (Lauren come )
4p/ 4. __________________________________________


VII.Complete the sentences use the superlative forms of 4p/

the adjectives in boxes. IX. Choose the right word.

1.Dont worry.You can use _________

Sunny noisy dangerous good long
a your b mine c our
1.Jupiter is ______________________ planet in the solar
system. 2.Does that dog belong to you. No,It isnt ______________

2.There are four accidents in Millton road last night.It is a your b my c ours

________________________street in our town. 3._______________ flat is at the top of the building.

3.The Thames _________________________ river in a their b ours c yours

4._____________ books are here.
4.Please be quiet Jessie.You are ____________________
a mine b theirs c my
person in the class.
5.Dont take that money. It isnt ________________
5. Everyone loves Sunset Caf .It is __________________
a my b him c yours
place in town.
6.I bought those flowers for Alice Theyre _____________
a hers b her c shes

VIII.Complete the sentences with the comparative or 6p/

superlative form of the adjectives. X.Translate the following sentences
1.I met him a couple of years ago.
1.My brother is ___________________________ (lazy) ________________________________________
than me. 2.Keyboards are cheaper than printers.
He never helps my parents. 3.That car belongs to my uncle.
2.I hate Monday .Its the ______________________ (bad) 4.She is going to spend two months in London
day of the week. 5.How long is its body.
VIII.Choose the right word
VI.What part of speech are the underlined words?

1. The dress was expensive; still I bought it.


2. It is my doll. ________

3. . The sun gives us heat and light. ________

4. Do it quickly. ________

5. She went to the market to buy some vegetables.


6. The cat is under the bed. ________

7. She is an old lady. ________

VII.Complete the sentences using the words in the box

IX.Write the missing words

American British