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20. Emission in which the wave carrier is amplitude modulated, single side band reduce
Element 5 carrier, R
1. If the radiation of the antenna is 500 ohms, the power radiated is 125KW, what is the
antenna current? 5A 21. Emission in which the wave carrier is amplitude modulated, single side band vestigial
side band, C.
2. Ratio of maximum deviation to modulating frequency. Modulation Index
22. Emission ion which carrier is amplitude modulated full carrier, A
3. An example of the worst kind of antenna and transmission matching is shown by SWR
is: 1:100 23. The Root-Mean-Square value of sine wave from equal to: 70.7% of the peak value of
the wave.
4. Undesired oscillation devoted in RF amplifier circuit at some frequency higher than
normal operating frequency. Parasitic 24. What is the ratio of un-modulated carrier power at 100% modulation? 25%

5. UHF frequency falls within the band; 300 3000MHz 25. What is the operating frequency of the transceiver if the ratio wave is in 6 meters
long? 50MHz
6. If 10KHz tone transmitted and modulation index is 7.5, what is the value of maximum
deviation? 75KHz 26. The frequency band most suitable for propagation using the Ionosphere is HF.

7. To overcome language barrier. Q Codes 27. Ratio of the maximum deviation allowed to the modulating frequency is Frequency
8. The actual length of the radiating element in Marconi antenna is, One Quarter
28. The most ideal SWR in VHF communication, Unity SWR or 1:1 SWR
9. A device used for producing FM in transmitter. Reactance Modulator
29. Two forms of single modulation are frequency modulation and Phase Modulation.
10. Frequency bands mostly used for ground wave propagation. 300 3000 MHz
30. F3 emission means carrier is frequency modulated by Voice.

11. Any unwanted energy tending to interfere with the proper and easy reception of 31. To overcome the difficulty in spelling, the Phonetic Alphabet is used.
wanted signal, Noise
32. Which Diode normally reverse biased? Zener Diode
12. The use of Ionosphere in wave propagation utilizes mostly this kind of radio wave. Sky
Wave 33. A circuit element that opposes changes in circuit, Inductor.

13. Microwave propagation make use of, Space Wave 34. Radiation occurring on frequencies which are whole multiple of the original desired
frequency is called Harmonic.
14. The basic part of the transistor is, Base, Collector and Emitter
35. Undesired oscillation developed in ratio frequency amplifier circuit at some frequency
15. A circuit elements that opposes any change in voltage inductance communication is called, Parasitic.
involving distress should not exceeds 16 wpm
36. Ideal value of signal-to-noise ratio, Infinity.
16. In radio teletype transmission other ACII or Baudot is used.
37. Frequency range between two half power points, Bandwidth.
17. The power formula is P = EI.
38. How long is the antenna using a frequency which is the 2nd harmonic of the frequency
18. What is the ratio of collector to base current of transistor? Beta of one meter antenna? 50 meter.

19. Emission of un-modulated carrier, N

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39. The sum of the carrier frequency of an amplitude modulated carrier signal: Upper Side

40. If you decrease the percentage of modulation from 100% to 50%, what percent have
decrease the powering the side band? 25%

41. A frequency band most suitable for ground wave propagation, MF.

42. Balance modulator is device use to suppress the carrier in SSB transmitter.

43. What emission is one in which the main carrier frequency modulated by a single
channel containing quantized information without the use of modulating sub carrier?
F1 or F subscript 1.

44. Polarization of antenna used in high frequency propagation is normally, Horizontal.

45. Another name for indirect frequency modulation is Phase Modulation.

46. What is the ratio of un-modulated carrier power at 100% modulation? 25%

47. UHF frequency falls within the band 300 3000MHz.

48. Frequency modulation is of two forms of single modulation.

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21. What is the capacitance reactance of the capacitor whose value is 300pF operating on
Element 6 frequency 1200 KHz? 379ohms
1. A vacuum tube having a suppressor grid, Pentode.
22. A circuit consists of an inductance of 500uH and a capacitance of 400pF. What is the
2. A carbon resistor with a color band yellow green and red has a value of, 4500 ohms. resonant frequency? 356KHz

3. Two capacitors valued 400 and 600 uF consecutively are connected in series in an 23. The majority carrier in p-type semiconductor material; Hole
electrical circuit. What is the value of equivalent reactance? 240 uF
24. What is the majority carrier in n-type semiconductor material; Electron.
4. The ratio of change of plate current and the grid voltage of a triodes amplifier having
its plate resistance constant in the, Transconductance of the vacuum tube. 25. Diode normally used to low frequency high internal capacitance; Junction.

5. Three identical inductors valued at 900 MH are connected in parallel the total 26. In semiconductor circuit in ratio or collector current to the base current is also known
equivalent inductance is equal to; 30MH as; Beta

6. A vacuum tube having a filament anode, cathode and control gate is, Triode. 27. The minority carrier n-type semiconductor material; Hole

7. The symbol use to designate amplification factor of a VT amplifier; MU. 28. An electronic semiconductor components capable of controlling electron floe through
it is known as; Solid state device.
8. Commonly used diode as RF switch; PIN.
29. Dropping germanium with gallium causes; Hole current flow.
9. The three terminal of the silicon control rectifier (SCR) are the anode, cathode and
Gate. 30. Solid state lamp is also known as; LED.

10. Type of diode normally used in voltage regulator circuit; Zener Diode. 31. An emitter flower transistor amplifier circuit is also known as; Common collector.

11. What is the forward resistance of an ideal diode? Zero. 32. A varactor is also known as; Variable capacitor diode

12. What diode has a negative resistance? Tunnel. 33. What is the photo junction device? Solid state device that increase its conductance
which struck by proton of light and heat.
13. A vacuum tube having anode and cathode is; Diode.
34. The very useful semiconductor is germanium and; Silicon.
14. Raleigh fading occurs several times per minute; Troposetter.
35. The minority carrier in p-type semiconductor is; Electron.
15. Two capacitor having a value of 40 and 60 uF are connected in series; 240uF.
36. Zener diodes are diode; Operate on its avalanche voltage.
16. Two inductors valued at 20 and 60 H respectively are connected in parallel. What is the
total equivalent inductance? 15H 37. The greatest advantage of the transistor over tube is; size of a vacuum.

17. The Beta of an a transistor is the; Current amplification factor

18. The sub-harmonic of 1000KHz; 500 KHz.

19. A conductive circuit pattern applied to an insulating substrate is known as; Printed

20. 3dB point is also known as; Half Power Point.

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19. The best way to orient your antenna beam making a long distance communication is to
use; Great circle map.
Element 7
1. The readability signal tone reporting is base on a scale of; 0-5. 20. When you are leaving amateur station to transmit on working frequency, you may
send a telegraphy, the letter; K.
2. The readability reporting for signal strength and tone is base on a scale; 0-9.
21. The calling frequency in the 40 meter band is; 7.45MHz.
3. What frequency band is mostly usable for the line of sight propagation; 30-300 MHz.
22. SSB modulation is classified as; Amplitude.
4. Maximum power for CW transmission on HF station for class B license; 500 watts.
23. A frequency band most useful for sky wave propagation is; HF.
5. For uniformity of international communication, the line measurement standard used
vat present is; UTC. 24. Identical or matched impedance of transmission line of antenna will result in; Unity
6. To facilitate the reception of distress call, all transmission on 145MHz shall be kept a
minimum and shall not exceed; 1 minute. 25. A radio wave 10 meter long has a frequency equal to or approximately; 30MHz.

7. Maximum power authorized for class B license operating in VHF; No specified limit. 26. Frequency modulated by voice is respected by the symbol; F3.

8. What is the common code used in amateur radio telephony for atmospheric 27. Property of receiver to discriminate against desire and undesired signal; Selectivity.
interference; QRM.
28. A device use in SSB that suppress the carrier of an SSB transmitter; Balance modulator.
9. What is the common code used in amateur radio telephony for message relay? QSP
29. What is the length of the fourth harmonic of a 2 meter long radio signal? 0.50 meter.
10. What is the common code used in amateur radio telephony for who is this? QRZ
30. The name of any station is; QRA.
11. What is the common code used in amateur radio telephony for signal strength varies?
QSA 31. Who is calling me? QRZ

12. After a calling of certain station and does not answer, you are allowed to make; 3 calls. 32. I am troubled with static; QRN.

13. The single side demodulators is known as; Product detector 33. What is the common code used in amateur practice for conversation or talk; QSO.

14. For a repeater operation, it is good operating procedure to leave a; 3 seconds pause
between over.

15. The voice equivalent for break in is; VOX.

16. The television standard used for color system in the Philippines; American standard

17. What is the number of lines per frame of TV transmission in the Philippines; 525 lines
per frame.

18. If it is 3 oclock in the Philippines, what is UTC? 0700 UTC.

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