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CLASS O VERVIEW: This accelerated course focuses on analytical comprehension of texts, effective communication, and
expression through writing as outlined in the Utah Core Standards. In this course students should expect to explore and
analyze various fictional and non-fictional texts as well as develop their own writing and communication skills.

CLASS RULES: Be Respectful

Be Cooperative
Be Responsible

I also support all school and district policies. (alpineschools.org)

UNITS AND CURRICULUM : The curriculum is divided into units designed to help students master subject learning targets
and objectives. Each term will consist of three to four units based on the following categories: fictional reading,
informational reading, writing, speaking/listening, and language. In order to fulfill curriculum requirements, this class
uses many different texts including novels, informational articles, short stories, plays and poems, and multi-media. All
texts used are district-approved.

MATERIALS: Students will be responsible to have the items listed below every day; without these items, students will not
be able to participate in class and, subsequently, will lose professionalism points.
1. Reading Book: Novels, magazines, newspapers, graphic novels, Kindles, and/or Nooks are acceptable.
2. Binder or Folder: Bring whatever you are already using to keep yourself organized.
3. Pen or Pencil
4. Single-Subject Composition Book: You will need to provide your own composition book. This will remain in our
classroom. No spiral notebooks allowed.
5. Electronic: This is not required, but are allowed in class.
*If you are unable to provide these materials, please let me know.*

CLASS NOVELS: During the school year, we will read four novels as a class. These novels are listed below and will be
provided during class time. These novels do not count toward your independent reading assignments.

The Outsiders by S. E. Hinton Much Ado About Nothing by William Shakespeare

Anthem by Ayn Rand Deathwatch by Robb White

ASSIGNMENTS AND ASSESSMENTS: Course work will be required inside and outside of class. Any work not finished in class
should be finished at home unless otherwise specified. Homework assignments are due at the beginning of class on the
assigned due date. Many of our assignments throughout the year require access to a computer/Internet. If students do
not have access at home, they are encouraged to use the school computer labs before school, after school, or during

PARTICIPATION: Students are expected to come to class ready and willing to learn by showing respect, taking ownership,
and being prepared for class. At the beginning of each term, each student will receive 100 points for participation.
Students will lose participation points for any violation of class rules and missing or late work, based on Vista Heights
Middle Schools Citizenship policy. Participation points may also be added for class assignments.
INDEPENDENT READING: Students will be required to participate in independent reading assignments each term. These
assignments are to be completed outside of class time, but students may see me before school, after school, or during
Flight-time to receive help. I will send a form home in the next two weeks with more information about independent

Participation 20%
Final Assessments 30%
Quizzes and Assignments 50%

GRADING SCALE: Grades will be based on the total number of points earned through assignments, quizzes, assessments,
and professionalism. Point values will translate to letter grades as follows:
Academic (%)
100-94 A 75-73 C
93-90 A- 72-70 C-
89-86 B+ 69-67 D+
85-83 B 66-63 D
82-80 B- 62-60 D-
79-76 C+ 60-0 F

LATE WORK: Students may turn in any assignments after the due date up to the last Tuesday of the midterm or term
depending on when the original assignment was due. Late work will be deducted up to 30% of the assignments point
value whether it is turned in the day after the due date or a week after. These points will be subtracted from the
students participation points rather than the assignment score.

ABSENT WORK: In the case of an excused absence, students are responsible for making up all missed work and for any
class notes given during their absence. It is the students responsibility to get missed work from the files located in the
classroom or download the assignment from the class website. Students will need to meet with me before school, after
school, or during Flight-time for help on absent/missing work. If the students absence is excused, they have one week
to complete missed assignments without a late penalty.

CONTACT INFORMATION: Parents and students with questions or concerns may contact me before or after school (7:45-
8:10am or 2:45-3:50pm) or email me. I am also available by appointment.

Email: jlow@alpinedistrict.org
Phone: (801) 610-8770
Class Website: www.lowenglish.com

It is recommended that students and parents have a current email address updated on Skyward. I will regularly use
email to send due date reminders and other necessary information. Please provide an email address that is checked on a
consistent basis in order to promptly receive important information.

TEXT MESSAGES : Parents and students can opt into receiving text message reminders by texting @kfg7ee to 81010.
Instructions to opt into receiving texts can also be found on the class website.

STUDENT WORK: Exemplary student work may be used anonymously to teach and train others.

Keep the disclosure document for future reference. Please return only this section to Mrs. Low no later than Monday,
August 28, 2017. This is an assignment and your student will receive points for returning this portion with a signature. If
you have any questions, please contact me by email or phone.

I have read and understand the items that are on the attached disclosure document.

___________________________________________ ___________________
Student Signature Date

Print Student Name

___________________________________________ ___________________
Parent/Guardian Signature Date

Print Parent/Guardian Name

Please include any comments, questions, or extenuating circumstances your student may have that you wish for me
to know.