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0300 0820 *Reg & Delux 0800 0800 0800 0615 to 2220
0400 1010 (0600-1940(EVERY 0900 1530 1530 (Every
0600 1350 15-20), 1040 15-20 minutes)
S 0800 1530 2000/2030/2100/ 1140
C 1000 1740 2200/2300) 1320
H 1200 1910 *Deluxe Bus 1600
E 1430 2140 (17,900 Won) 1700
D * Regular Bus
(12,200 Won)
Night Bus
L To catch this bus from ICN to Gunsan city,
(19,600 Won)
E Go to the gate # 9C
Fare 27,000 Won 17,900 Won 13,900 Won 12,700 Won 13,900 Won 5,600 Won
Length 3 hrs 20 mins 2 hrs 30 mins 2hrs 50 mins 2 hrs 2 hrs 20 mins 1hr

Two local bus terminals in Gunsan are located on the same block adjacent to each other (and the same street as the Kunsan Tourist Hotel).
Take taxi or bus to the downtown Bus Terminals.

By taxi: Tell the driver, Take me to the Gunsan intercity bus terminal ( ), ARS Phone #: 442-3747
By taxi: Tell the driver, Take me to the Gunsan express bus terminal for Seoul city ( ), Phone # 445-3824
By Bus: You can take bus #1 or 13 from outside our main gate to get there. Trip takes about 35-45 minutes. Fare is 1,200 won. Youll know
you are almost there as you pass through downtown, turn right along the waterfront, then pass a huge : Opera Wedding hall
on the right side of the road. Exiting the bus, cross the street (use crosswalk) to the terminal of your choice.

By the way, bus terminal is an English loan word that Koreans use for bus station.
The first bus terminal on the left (see below) has express buses going directly to Seoul. Buses leave every 15 20 minutes. Bus fares are subject to
change, but are still a cheap mode of transportation.
The bus terminal to the right will take you to cities.
Express Bus Terminal for Seoul
city, Gangnam Bus terminal :
Intercity Bus Terminal
(Central City Bus terminal) For Osan, Pyeongtaek, Songtan, Busan, Gunsan
Incheon Airport and extra city. Tourist

: Opera Wedding Hall

Taxi Direction
For Osan AB: After arriving in Osan city, Pyeongtaek city and Songtan city, you can take a taxi to Osan Air Base.
Take me to the Osan AB, please. .

Kunsan AB: After arriving in Gunsan City, you can take a taxi to Kunsan Air Base
Take me to the Kunsan AB, please. , .

Please take me to the Yongsan U.S. Army Gate #5 nearby War Museum. () .

Take me to the U.S. Embassy. .

Take me to the Itaewon. .

Take me to the Seoul Tower. .

Take me to the Yongsan train station. .

Take me to the Gangnam(Central) bus terminal. () .