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Where there is no vision, the people perish.

(Proverbs 29:18) KJV

Courage and Vision
The Bible tells us that where there is no vision, no perspective from Gods
point of view, we perish. The Bible is a continual record of man personally
interacting with God, sometimes through dreams and visions. Noah was given the
vision of a future flood for which he was to prepare. Joseph had visions as a youth
that werent manifested until decades later. Joshua and Caleb had a call and vision to
go into the Promised Land but it took forty years before this vision was fulfilled.
Daniel continually had visions, some of which possibly have yet to be fulfilled. Isaiah
had visions of a future Messiah which werent revealed for centuries. The apostle,
John, while exiled on the island of Patmos, was given a stream of dreams and visions he recorded in the book of
Revelation. Jesus continually spoke of future events in his own life as well as future signs of the end times. In the book
of Joel it states that in the day of the Lord, your old men [women] will dream dreams, your young men [women]
will see visions. (Joel 2:28)
It takes courage to share a vision from God with others and even greater courage to act on these visions to help
bring them to fulfillment. Many prophets were scorned and lost their lives for doing this and others were persecuted.
Joseph was sold into slavery. I am sure Noahs neighbors got a huge laugh regarding the boat their neighbor was
building in his backyard. Joshua and Caleb were scoffed at when they told the Israelites they were to go in and possess
the Promised Land. Sarah, Abrahams wife, laughed when told she would become pregnant at an extremely old age.
What personal vision, dreams, and directions has God given you? Have they been fulfilled yet? God wants
you to receive this message from Him: I havent forgotten what I told you long ago about your hope and future. I
revealed it only to you because it was a special gift just for you. Unlike many others, I keep my promises. Look in
your heart and mind where you filed it long ago. Dare to dream again. Dig up the ground of your memory where you
buried it in doubt. Look on the beach by the ocean, where in anger, you once threw the vision I gave you because you
were impatient and did not see it coming true. You will find your old dream and vision washed up on the shore. You
lost it that day, but I found it and want to return it to you because I love you eternally.
About ten years ago Debbie Adamson was driving to attend a city-wide Christian Educators Association
International Empower group meeting in Houston, Texas. As she was driving, one verse from the old gospel hymn,
The Battle Hymn of the Republic, kept coming to her heart and mind: I have seen him in the watch fires of a hundred
circling camps She began and then kept singing this verse over and over, belting it out with all her strength.
Nothing else would come to her lips. She believed the Lord spoke to her heart that day saying, When there are one
hundred teacher prayer groups with at least three participants in each group meeting regularly, then I will break the
spiritual bondage and strongholds over the schools in this city.
Through the local Christian Educators Association International organization Debbie began to encourage
teachers to start prayer groups and develop a Biblical process for them to use. She knew she was to be a pilot light and
fire carrier to help start these watch fires. As native tribes moved from one camp to another, one person was assigned
the job of carrying burning coals from one camp to another in order to keep a fire constantly burning, for fire was
essential to their survival. Carrying the fire of the Holy Spirit in our hearts into the classrooms and schools and joining
together in prayer to fan these spiritual flames is also essential for the survival and life of the schools where we work.
We all carry the life giving vision that God is greater than knowledge and the law and that there is a savior beyond
self. When we serve Him first by obeying the teaching of Jesus in His classrooms and schools, then we are bringing
true life to others.
Ten years after this vision and after many professional trials, Debbi still has no idea how God is going to fulfill
the vision He gave her but she doesnt doubt him. If He has truly spoken it then He will make a way. He is the way,
the truth and the life. He can do it in a day if the people He is calling to this task obey. He has shown us through the
Israelites, that if the people He is calling are not listening, wrapped up in anger, continually murmuring and
complaining or are holding priorities higher than Him, then the vision could take 40 years or more. God is so patient
with us. Take courage and dream again. Share and follow the vision He has given you. Believe.
Prayer: Lord, thank you for giving us visions and dreams. Give us the courage to share and fulfill them.
Application and Sharing: Write down your professional and personal dreams. Share them and agree in prayer
regarding these dreams with others who believe.
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