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Guidelines for Internship Summer 2017

All of the internship supervisors are requested to ensure the following points in the
Internship Completion Certificates. Otherwise Internship will not be considered
valid by the Controller of Examinations, Principal Seat Islamabad.

1. The duration of Internship must be minimum of Six (06) weeks(Short Duration

Internship result will not be accepted in any case).

2. Internship start and ending dates should be mentioned clearly on theInternship

Completion Certificate issued by the respective organization.

3. Internship Certificates should be printed on Proper Letter Head of

organization/company with issuance date and proper reference number. Issuance
date should not be earlier than the ending date of Internship period.

4.The Start and Ending date of Internship period should be a WORKINGDAY

(Except Sunday and Gazetted Holiday).

5. Internship period must not be overlapped either with Classes or Terminal


6. The supervisors must collect 2 Hard Copies (in Thesis Binding) along with 2
CDs attached to each hard copy of internship report. Tape binding and spiral
binding is not acceptable. CDs must be given in hard plastic covers. Students must
also write details on CD covers i.e. Name, Registration Number, Organization and
Internship Advisor name.

7. Internship Completion Certificate copy must be attached with the result for
onward submission to examination branch. The result must contain signature of
Head of Department, Supervisor, Evaluation Committee Member(s), with proper
Diary Number, Date, Semester, Session Name etc.

8. Internship Advisors must generate plagiarism report of Internship Reports (as

per the prescribed format). Internship Advisor must sign the printed copy of first
page of plagiarism report affix it to the appendix of the internship report. 20%
plagiarism is acceptable.
9. Students must attach original specimen or photocopies of various forms/memos
etc. they have used in during internship with the internship report.

10. If students complete their internship outside Pakistan, in countries where

Friday is holiday and Sunday is working day. Students must obtain Internship
Completion Certificate disclosing that Sunday is working day.

11. The Industrial Liaison department at University shall be responsible for the
placement of students at different institutions/organizations within Pakistan.

12. The placement of students by Institution will give students and Institute both an
edge in terms of quality and standard as students will be nominated by the
department as per their skills, caliber, capabilities and interests

13. The viva voce at the end of internship will be conducted through designated
panel of teachers (who will be nominated for this activity by the department)

14. Your academic internship supervisor will be in contact with your workplace
supervisor at least once midway through the internship to touch base, usually via e-

15. Students will be in contact with their academic Internship advisors regarding
weekly performance at internship via weekly report as per the given format.