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Pfaudler Family of Gaskets


Prove it to yourself Have your gaskets been

tested for sealability using
see if your current
ASTM F112 (Standard Test
stock gaskets pass Method for Sealability of
the standard Pfaudler Envelope Gaskets) and
found to meet your specific
gasket quality check: sealing requirements?

Is the envelope made from Do your gaskets conform to

100% virgin PTFE or TFM a ASTM F336 (Practice for
modified PTFE material (for Design and Construction of
Bull Nose gaskets)? Non-Metallic Envelope
Gaskets for Corrosive
Is the envelope pinhole-free
and electrically tested at
10,000 volts several times Has your gasket been test-
during manufacture? ed to ASTM F434 (Blowout
Testing of Pre-Formed
Is the metal insert made of
non-corrosive stainless
steel? Are the convolutions Does your gasket supplier
in the metal inserts of your have the capability of cus-
gaskets of the correct depth tomizing your gaskets for
and number? (Remember special applications and still
variations significantly affect maintain the integrity of all of
sealability.) the above points? Heres the real cost of an inexpensive gasket.
Is the compressible insert If you cannot answer "YES" to
made from high-density all of the above questions, The failed vessel pictured here is an actual example of
Kevlar or flexible graphite? your vessels are headed for the typical damage caused by poor quality replace-
trouble. Studies have shown
Has it been successfully ment gaskets. The un-suspecting vessel owner saved a
that the use of sub-standard
tested to ASTM F363
gasketing methods has result- few dollars on the gasket purchase price, but ended up
(Test Method for Corrosion
ed in an extraordinarily high
Testing of Gaskets) for paying thousands of dollars in resulting repair
nozzle failure rate. Only
1000 hours?
Pfaudler gaskets meet all of charges, not including downtime!
the stringent requirements
set forth above. Pfaudler
customers spend a great
deal of time and money
specifying and purchasing a
quality vessel.


No one should jeopardize the PFAUDLER GASKETS MEAN Decades of experience in

success of their operations by MORE VALUE FOR YOUR MONEY designing and manufactur-
using anything less than the The widest variety of com- ing gaskets ensures that you
best gaskets available. Since petitively priced enveloped get the best support before
Pfaudler was instrumental in gaskets, with the highest and after you purchase your
developing the CR gasket, performance characteristics, Pfaudler gasket.
you can be sure that we make particularly for glass-lined The quality by which the rest
them best. In fact, Pfaudler is steel equipment anywhere in of the industry benchmarks.
so confident of the superior the world. Skilled craftsmen make
quality of our gaskets, their
A huge inventory of standard Pfaudler gaskets from the
exclusive use is a requirement
gaskets ready for immediate best materials.
of our equipment warranty.
shipment. Extensive testing, both in
Product labeling which the laboratory and under
provides size, type, part the most extreme field
Pfaudler BN number, installation torque, conditions.
(Bull Nose) Gasket number to call to order a The support of dedicated
replacement, etc. engineers who constantly
Manufacturing capability and seek to improve our
versatility that allows us to products and ensure they
make special, custom have the features and
gaskets you cannot find benefits necessary to meet
anywhere else to suit your every changing condition.
PFAUDLER 2000 LR very specific needs.
Air freight shipment any-
where in the world to satisfy
PFAUDLER 2000 LR any emergency.

Pfaudler NS
(Normal Service) Gasket




Flexible Graphite Pfaudlers 2000Lr

Physical and chemical characteristics of flexible graphite such as Pfaudlers 2000LR is a proprietary, high density, Kevlar based
high compressibility, minimal creep relaxation, good temperature material with a liquid resistant feature to improve service life, par-
resistance over extended periods of time, and excellent sealability ticularly in damp conditions where the insert material of a gasket
and corrosion resistance, have made flexible graphite the material might absorb moisture or where a vessel may be washed down. It
of choice for a variety of special services. It may have some limita- contains a proprietary fiber / filler / binder system, including aramid
tions if exposed to a highly oxidizing atmosphere. However, flexible fiber and inorganic fillers. 2000LR has the ability to withstand
graphite has outstanding thermal shock properties and exhibits no high flange loads, and maximum operating temperatures, without
embrittlement characteristics. sacrificing the products performance characteristics.

Pfaudler offers this material in a variety of enveloped gasket Pfaudlers 2000LR is offered in a variety of enveloped gasket
designs. It is available in composite form with metal, glass fiber designs.
cloth, or polyester reinforcement.
Kevlar is a registered trademark of DuPont.
Temperature: -400F to 550F prolonged service (Consult Pfaudler
Temperature: -320F to 350F prolonged service. Intermittent
or GPS for temperatures above 550F)
service is possible to 450F.


CD Tensile 4.80MPa 700 psi

CD Tensile 4.4MPa 650 psi
Density 0.60 gm/cc 37.5 lb/cu ft
Density 1.1 gm/cc 70 lb/cu ft
Compressibility 40% Compressibility,%
@ 34.5 MPa or 5000 psi 35-45
Recovery 20%
Recovery 20% min.
-200 to +455C -400 to +850C Operating
Temperature Range -200 to +230C -320 to +450F
Temperature Range
Water absorption,
0 max Water absorption,
% after 24 hours 20% max
after 24 hours


General Pharmaceutical Permeant Piping Electro-Static High Temp.

Purpose Service Service Service Service Service

Bull Nose (BN) Excellent Good Excellent** Excellent N/A Excellent**

Pg 5

Normal Service (NS) Good Adequate Adequate Good N/A Adequate

Pg 6

Pharmaceutical Good Excellent Adequate Good N/A Adequate

Service (Rx)
Pg 5

Electro-Static (AS) Good Good Adequate Good Adequate Adequate

Pg 6

Channel (CH) Good Good Adequate Good N/A Adequate

Pg 7

Double Envelope (DE) Good Adequate Adequate Good N/A Adequate

Pg 8

Self-Centering (SC) Good Adequate Adequate Good N/A Adequate

Pg 7

Permeant Service (PS) Good Good Good Good N/A Excellent

Pg 8

Extreme Service (ES) Good Adequate Good Good N/A Excellent

Pg 8

Spacer Gasket (SG) Good Good Good Good N/A Adequate

Pg 9

*See Pfaudler Technical Data Sheet TDS 98-100 for additional information.
**With graphite insert replacing 2000LR insert

B U L L N O S E ( B N )
DESCRIPTION: TFM material testing revealed
The Pfaudler BN gasket is the lower deformation under load
premium general-purpose (cold flow) and increased
gasket provided with new sealability in comparison to
Pfaudler RS and RT series of PTFE material.
Glasteel reactors. Also, when The TFM material has better
used with an optional graphite resilience, particularly at
insert, this gasket can replace elevated temperature.
the Extreme Service and Excellent non-stick properties.
Permeant Service gasket. Superior dielectric properties.
Unique Pfaudler convex
geometry reduces product
The BN gasket envelope is build-up.
constructed from TFM, a
modified PTFE material. AVAILABLE SIZES:
The standard compressible The BN gasket is available in
insert is made of Pfaudlers sizes from 1" to 48". (Custom
2000LR. gaskets and gaskets larger than
A flexible graphite insert can 48" are available upon request)
be provided as an option.
This enables the gasket to be SERVICE CONDITIONS:
used in services where chemi- Temperature range: -320 to
cals such as bromine, chlorine 450F. (Intermittent service
and iodine are present. The above 350F recommended.)
graphite insert would also Prolonged service above 450F
allow the gasket to be used is possible with a graphite insert.
at elevated temperatures up Please consult Pfaudler or GPS. Pressure range: 1 - 10 : Full Vacuum to 750 psig
to 500F over prolonged
periods of time with enhanced CAUTION: 11 - 36 : Full Vacuum to 500 psig
sealability. Glass-lined steel process equip- >36 : Full Vacuum to 300 psig
ment is generally limited, under pH range: 1 to 14
BENEFITS: specific conditions, to 20F
The TFM material has a to 450F. See equipment
denser molecular structure nameplate or consult original
with fewer voids resulting in manufacturer if in doubt.
lower permeability rate.

P H A R M A C E U T I C A L S E R V I C E ( R X )
The Pfaudler Rx gasket is The Rx gasket is the cleanest
designed specifically for use on envelope gasket available for
Pfaudlers Rx series of glass- glass-lined steel equipment.
lined stainless steel pharmaceu- There are no exposed
tical reactors and other glass surfaces on either the inside
steel equipment requiring or outside of the gasket
ultra-high purity. It minimizes the to minimize product build-up
potential for product build-up and minimize the risk of
and cross contamination. product contamination.
The Rx gasket features an The Rx gasket is available in
inner and outer-machined sizes from 2" to 48".
PTFE channel envelope.
The inner envelope has a
Temperature range: -320 to
flush, flat inner surface to
450F. (Intermittent service
minimize an edge where
above 350F recommended.)
product can accumulate and
facilitates vessel cleanout.
The compressible insert in
the Rx gasket is made
of Pfaudlers 2000LR and is
completely "encapsulated" so
fibers are not exposed. Pressure range: 2 - 10 : Full Vacuum to 750 psig
11 - 36 : Full Vacuum to 500 psig
>36 : Full Vacuum to 300 psig
5 pH range: 1 to 14
N O R M A L S E R V I C E ( N S )
The Pfaudler NS gasket is a BENEFITS:
general-purpose gasket The NS gasket is an affordable
provided with new Pfaudler alternative to the BN gasket.
RA-series Glasteel reactors.
The NS gasket is used where The NS gasket is available in
PTFE is compatible with the large custom sizes.
product and process operating AVAILABLE SIZES:
conditions. The NS gasket is available in
FEATURES: sizes from 1" to 66" and with
The NS gasket features custom dimensions as large
Pfaudlers 2000LR compress- as 96".
ible inserts. It has a slit or SERVICE CONDITIONS:
tape PTFE envelope and the Temperature range: -320 to
corrugated metal insert is 450F. (Intermittent service
made of 304 stainless steel. above 350F recommended.)

Pressure range: 1 - 10 : Full Vacuum to 750 psig

11 - 36 : Full Vacuum to 500 psig
>36 : Full Vacuum to 300 psig
pH range: 1 to 14

E L E C T R O - S T A T I C ( A S )
The Pfaudler AS gasket is used Sealability at elevated
in piping systems or on vessels temperatures and corrosion
to help reduce the build-up of resistance of the compressible
static electricity caused by inserts are also enhanced.
friction between immiscible and AVAILABLE SIZES:
free falling liquids.
The AS gasket is available in
FEATURES: sizes from 1-1/2" to 48".
The AS gasket has conduc- SERVICE CONDITIONS:
tive, flexible graphite,
compressible inserts, and Temperature range: -400 to
a conductive PTFE channel 650F. (Prolonged service above
envelope. 450F possible; for temperatures
above 550F please consult
A metal grounding tab on Pfaudler or GPS.)
the metal insert provides a
dissipation path for electro- CAUTION:
static charge. Glass-lined steel process
BENEFITS: equipment is generally limited,
under specific conditions, to
Using an AS gasket in con- 20F to 450F. See equipment
junction with the measures nameplate or consult original
listed in Technical Data Sheet manufacturer if in doubt.
TDS-98-100 helps reduce the
ignition hazard of flammable
Pressure range: 1 1 2 - 10 : Full Vacuum to 750 psig solvents. Pinhole damage to
11 - 36 : Full Vacuum to 500 psig the vessel glass lining due to
>36 : Full Vacuum to 300 psig electrostatic discharge and
product build-up is also
pH range: 1 to 14
C H A N N E L G A S K E T ( C H )
The Pfaudler CH gasket is a The channel envelope design
general-purpose gasket with a affords greater product
machined, channel PTFE purity with less possibility of
envelope for use by the pharma- cross-contamination.
ceutical and food industries, or
in any application where product
build-up is unacceptable. The CH gasket is available in
sizes from 1-1/2" to 48".
The CH gasket does not
protrude into the vessel, as do Temperature range: -320 to
similar competitive products. 450F. (Intermittent service
above 350F recommended.)
The channel envelope
provides a flush, flat surface
with the vessel, which
minimizes product build-up
and facilitates vessel
clean out.
The compressible inserts are
made of Pfaudlers 2000LR.

Pressure range: 1 1 2 - 10 : Full Vacuum to 750 psig

11 - 36 : Full Vacuum to 500 psig
>36 : Full Vacuum to 300 psig
pH range: 1 to 14

S E L F - C E N T E R I N G ( S C )
The Pfaudler SC gasket is This design ensures the SC
designed for ease of installation gasket is positioned to
in piping systems, or on vessels enhance sealability and
where centering of the gasket is reduce leaks at start-up.
critical. It is a general-purpose Correctly centered, the SC
gasket and is essentially a gasket also reduces any
self-centering version of the potential hazard from
standard NS design. corrosive chemicals leaking
FEATURES: from overhead piping.
The SC gasket includes an Easy installation.
oversized compressible insert AVAILABLE SIZES:
made of Pfaudlers 2000LR. The SC gasket is available in
The outside diameter closely sizes from 1" to 18".
matches the inside diameter
of the flange bolt circle. SERVICE CONDITIONS:
Temperature range: -320 to
450F. (Intermittent service
above 350F recommended.)

Pressure range: 1 - 10 : Full Vacuum to 750 psig

11 - 18 : Full Vacuum to 500 psig
pH range: 1 to 14

D O U B L E E N V E L O P E ( D E )
The Pfaudler DE gasket is a The outer envelope protects
general-purpose gasket for use the outside of the gasket from
by pharmaceutical, food and corrosion and contamination.
chemical industries. The DE It also prevents compressible
gasket is used when the outside insert fibers from getting into
of the gasket requires protection the vessel contents because
from liquids, or when reducing they are not exposed.
the exposure of the insert mate-
rial to the product is desirable. AVAILABLE SIZES:
The DE gasket is available in
FEATURES: sizes from 1-1/2" to 66" and
The DE gasket features with custom dimensions as
Pfaudlers 2000LR compress- large as 96".
ible inserts. It has a slit or
tape PTFE envelope and the SERVICE CONDITIONS:
corrugated metal insert is Temperature range: -320 to
made of 304 stainless steel. 450F. (Intermittent service
above 350F recommended.)

Pressure range: 1 1 2 - 10 : Full Vacuum to 750 psig

11 - 36 : Full Vacuum to 500 psig
>36 : Full Vacuum to 300 psig
pH range: 1 to 14

P E R M E A N T S E R V I C E ( P S ) E X T R E M E S E R V I C E ( E S )
A Bull Nose gasket with graphite insert can be substituted for this gasket. A Bull Nose gasket with graphite insert can be substituted for this gasket.
The Pfaudler PS gasket is The PS gasket provides a The Pfaudler ES gasket is the The ES gasket provides
specifically designed for longer service life and has perfect choice for any severe enhanced sealability at
services where chemicals such added protection against the application involving elevated elevated temperatures and
as bromine, chlorine or iodine detrimental effects of chemical temperatures over long periods better corrosion resistance
are present and able to permeation. of time, or where corrosion of the compressible insert
permeate the envelope of a The PS gasket is also suitable resistance of the compressible material.
standard gasket. for more elevated temperature insert is desirable.
FEATURES: over longer periods and FEATURES:
reduces product build-up. The ES gasket is available in
The PS gasket has an extra The ES gasket has a thicker sizes from 1" to 66" and with
heavy duty, machined PTFE Increased corrosion resistance than standard slit or tape custom dimensions as large
channel envelope to reduce of the compressible insert. PTFE envelope to provide a as 96".
the effects of chemical AVAILABLE SIZES: more durable corrosion barrier.
The AS gasket is available in The compressible insert is
A flush, flat inner envelope Temperature range: -400 to
sizes from 1-1/2" to 48". made of flexible graphite.
surface minimizes product 650F. (Prolonged service above
SERVICE CONDITIONS: The ES gasket is self- 450F possible; for temperatures
build-up. centering.
Temperature range: -400 to above 550F please consult
Flexible graphite compressible Pfaudler or GPS.)
inserts are designed to resist 650F. (Prolonged service above
corrosion, and metal inserts 450F possible; for temperatures CAUTION:
are not exposed at the outside above 550F please consult Glass-lined steel process
of the gasket. Pfaudler or GPS.) equipment is generally limited,
CAUTION: under specific conditions, to
Glass-lined steel process 20F to 450F. See equipment
equipment is generally limited, nameplate or consult original
under specific conditions, to manufacturer if in doubt.
20F to 450F. See equipment
nameplate or consult original
manufacturer if in doubt.

Pressure range: 1 1 2 - 10 : Full Vacuum to 750 psig Pressure range: 1 - 10 : Full Vacuum to 750 psig
11 - 36 : Full Vacuum to 500 psig 11 - 36 : Full Vacuum to 500 psig
>36 : Full Vacuum to 300 psig >36 : Full Vacuum to 300 psig
pH range: 1 to 14 pH range: 1 to 14 8
S P A C E R G A S K E T ( S G )
Pfaudler's SG gasket is used The SG gasket can
to fill small gaps in piping compensate for inaccurate
systems which result from the spool lengths in piping
build-up of tolerances over systems.
the length of the pipe run. Easy installation.
FEATURES: Has an enhanced service
The SG gasket has a life due to reduced moisture
machined PTFE channel absorption.
envelope, and has inserts
made of Pfaudler 2000LR. AVAILABLE SIZES:
The thickness of the The SG gasket is available in
compressible inserts is sizes from 11 2" to 18"
double that of a standard nominal diameter.
envelope gasket. SERVICE CONDITIONS:
Temperature range: -320 to
+450 F. (Intermittent service
above 350 F. recommended.)

Pressure range: 1 1 2 - 10 : Full Vacuum to 550 psig

11 - 18 : Full Vacuum to 300 psig
pH range: 1 to 14


DESCRIPTION: If you have a specialized

Pfaudler has all you need to
service your specialized need, call us. We will be
requirements. We have glad to design a gasket
qualified engineers, skilled
craftsmen, and the equipment especially for you. Our
to manufacture almost any
custom gasket for glassed-
experts will work with
steel equipment. Pfaudler you on projects others
offers a wide variety of
materials of construction probably wouldn't
for the compressible insert,
attempt. Put Pfaudler's
envelope, and metal insert.
years of experience and
proven track record to
work for you.

Q U A L I T Y , A V A I L A B I L I T Y A N D

Highest quality - High density, liquid Available individually

gaskets available for resistant compress- or in cost saving
glass-lined equipment ible insert multi-packs

- 100% virgin PTFE Standard gaskets Custom gaskets

envelopes stocked for same available for specific
day shipment applications
- Corrosion-resistant
stainless steel insert


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