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Application Protector
Enhance enterprise applications with centrally-managed, high-performance data security

Private information, financial details, and other sensitive information can be

found across numerous applications within a single company. While threats
Key Benefits
are becoming increasingly sophisticated, seeking to capture this data in use,
application developers are often unfamiliar with the latest developments in
security technologies. Unless companies can integrate robust security into
their applications, they leave themselves wide open for data theft.

The Protegrity Application Protector is a high-performance, versatile solution

that provides a packaged interface to integrate comprehensive, granular

security and auditing into enterprise applications. It eliminates the need for
application developers to master the complexities of cryptography, while
keeping the security team in control of sensitive data protection and access.

Flexible Deployment
The Application Protector features a flexible deployment with simple, API-
based integration. It is implemented as a small-footprint server application
with a variety of deployment options to match the target application and
data requirements. The easy-to-use interface can be accessed from a
number of programming languages, including C, C++, Java, and .NET.

Data Protection Methods

With the variety of data types and formats in use today, in addition to the
multiple regulations that may apply to your data, its vital to select a
protection method that meets the particular needs of the sensitive data and
application. Protegrity provides both encryption and tokenization
technologies to allow for maximum flexibility and transparency.

AES 128 Alpha

AES 256 Numeric

3DES Alphanumeric

Format-Preserving (FPE)

Performance & Scalability

Application Protector integrates seamlessly into host applications and scales
linearly with added processing power to satisfy the needs of the application.
Available data protection methods have also been optimized to deliver
maximum performance with minimum impact on users or business

Secure Data Within ETL Tools

Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) tools can play an integral role in enterprise
data processing. Application Protector can integrate directly with these tools
in order to provide a central hub for policy-based data security functions,
including protect, unprotect and access controls for sensitive data. Any data
passing through these tools can now be protected with transparent
encryption or tokenization before its sent to other systems in the enterprise.

Advanced Central Auditing & Reporting

Event logs generated by Application Protector instances throughout the
enterprise are collected by ESA for centralized reporting. ESA supports pre-
defined or customized reports with a variety of tables, charts, and advanced
filtering options. Reports can be saved in various formats such as PDF, CSV,
or DOCX, and sent automatically to various departments for compliance

Separation of Duties (SoD)

The Application Protector fully supports separation of duties (SoD), enabling
organizations to prevent unauthorized technologists, such as programmers
or developers from accessing sensitive data in the clear. Security
administrators can also be prevented from viewing sensitive data as part of
SoD objectives. Protegrity provides the only unified data
security platform that protects diverse sensitive
data across the enterprise - in applications, data
warehouses, mainframes, big data and cloud
environments. We help organizations manage
risk, achieve compliance, and safeguard data
using encryption and tokenization technologies
that integrate seamlessly into the business.

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