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Taksha University (TU) 15 Research Drive, Hampton, VA 23666

Tel. 757-766-7990
School of Integrative Medicine (SIM) Email: contact@taksha.org

Short Course TIM645: Jyotish (Vedic Astrology)

An Introductory Course with Medical Applications
Led by Kesavan Kesi Nair, Ph.D.
What: A short course with Strength/Weakness of the Dispositor of
six hours of class time over
Course Outline the Lord or the Karaka
three weekends (36 hours),
Yogas (Special Planetary Combinations):
this presentation is intend- Session 1: Basic Concepts
Health/Longevity-Related Yogas (ayur yogas)
ed for students who wish to
Origin and History of Hindu Astrology Wealth-Related Yogas (Dhana yogas)
learn the basic principles of
elaboration and interpreta- Literature, Classic and Modern Success/Power-Related Yogas (Rajayogas)
tion of Vedic astrological Basic Elements of an Astrological Chart: Planets, Other Yogas
charts for individuals. Signs, Nakshatras (Lunar Mansions)
Systems Prevalent in Hindu Astrology (Parasara, Session 3: Examples of Natal Charts and Intro-
Analysis of the natal chart Jaimini, and Tajaka) duction to Analysis of Events in Life
helps with self-knowledge Horoscopy Analysis of Natal Chart Examples
and to understand the Other Resources in Hindu Astrology
challenges and occurrences
Dasa Systems for Prevision of Events (Vimsottari,
The Sidereal and Tropical Systems for Casting an Ashtottari, Kala Chakra, Yogini, Narayana,
of important events in
Astrological Chart Tara, etc.)
ones life.
Making a Natal Astrological Chart Principles, Nakshatras (Lunar Mansions) and Basic Principles of
When: Tools and Software the System of Vimsottari Dasa
Dates: TBA (3 Weekends The Different Forms of the Hindu (Vedic) Astro-
August 20-September 15, logical Charts Session 4:
2015) - 36 hours Rasi (Signs) Chart Bhava (House) and Na-
Rules for Prevision of Events
Time: TBA vamsa charts
Integrated Examples of Chart Analysis with Events
Where: TBAHotel info Characteristics of the Signs (Rasis), the Houses
in Life
will be provided at a later (Bhavas), and the Planets (Grahas)
date. Relationship between the Planets Friendship Session 5: Divisional Charts
Association (Sambandha) Between Planets
Suggested Donation: Basic Principles on Elaboration of Divisional Charts
Conjunction, Aspect and Mutual Reception
1) Basic Course -$445 Important Divisional Charts [Shad (6) vargas,
(Early bird fee - $378) Shodasha (16) Varga]
2) Software (JATAKA) - Session 2: Interpretation of the Chart Rules on Use of Divisional Charts in the Analysis of
Free the Horoscope and Prevision of Events
3) Post-course Study Attributes of the Houses (Bhavas) and Planets
Examples of Important Divisional Charts
Group via Webex (Karakatwa)
(Optional) - Free Basic Rules for Interpretation of the Natal Chart: Session 6: Nakshatras
4) Astrological Chart Analysis by House/by Subject
Characteristics and Planetary Rulers of Nakshatras
Readings (optional) - Strength/Weakness of House Associated
Dispositors of Nakshatras and How Their Disposi-
$135 with the Subject
tion can Modify the Results
Write by 4/20/15 Strength/Weakness of the Planet-Lord of the
Jeeva (soul) and Shareera (body) of each subject
with your interest: Respective House
Other Important Rules on the Use of Nakshatras
contact@taksha.org Strength/Weakness of the Planet-karaka
Integrated Examples
(Significator) of the Subject

Faculty Profile: Originally from Trivandrum, Kerala, India, Dr. Kesavan (Kesi) Nair graduated from I.I.T.-
Kharagpur, received his Ph. D. in Nuclear Engineering from the University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida, USA,
in 1970. He moved to Brazil the same year, and worked as Professor and Researcher in Rio De Janeiro and Sao
Paulo. With his passion for astrology and integrative medicine, Dr. Nair learned Jyotish (Vedic Astrology) with
guidance from several reputed astrologers in India (Kerala), and developed his own Vedic Astrology software
(JATAKA). Since 1984, he has been practicing professionally, and since 1992, teaching basic courses in Jyotish
(Vedic Astrology) to Brazilian students. In addition to leading seminars and courses on advanced topics in Vedic
Astrology, Dr. Nair has practiced Homeopathy (and other alternative therapeutic methods) for over 25 years.
As Taksha Professor of Jyotish and Integrative Medicine, Dr. Nair will teach for the first time in the USA
(Hampton Roads area), this Introductory Basic Course on Jyotish, using his software.

As follow-up to this basic course, Dr. Nair will set up a monthly study group of students taking this course that he will guide online
via Webex from Brazil. In addition, he has agreed to conduct a limited number of optional chart readings (for a separate charge).

All proceeds from registration fees, product sales, and charitable contributions support the educational and research programs of
Taksha University, a 501(c)3 not-for-profit educational institution established in 1976 in Hampton, VA.