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Assessment of Student Learning 1 1

Chapter 1- Concepts of Testing and Assessment

I. Matching Type. Match Column A with Column B. Write Only the letter of your answer on the
blank at the right column.

Column A Column B
1. Test that determines the year a. Achievement test
level a student should be enrolled 1. _______
after ceasing
from school
2. A series of items test arranged in b. Aptitude test 2. _______
the order of difficulty
3. Test establishes the ability to c. Diagnostic test
think abstractly or to organize 3. _______
parts of a situation into a
coherent whole
4. A test identifies the weaknesses of d. Intelligence test
students achievement in given 4. _______
field and serves as basis for
remedial instruction
5. A predictive measure test of an e. Personality test
individuals likelihood of benefit or 5. _______
experience in a given field like
music, arts, and many others
6. Test measures vocational or f. Placement test
academic interest or decision by 6. _______
forcing the examinee to make
force options between paired or
grouped items
7. Test measure to predict how well g. Power test
a person is likely to do in a certain 7. _______
school task
8. Test measures the ways in which h. Preference test
the individuals interest with other 8. _______
individuals or in terms of the roles
an individual has assigned to
himself and adopts to the society
9. Test measures the accuracy of the i. Prognostic test
examinee within time limits 9. _______
10. Test made up of series of items j. Scale test
graded in difficulty from easiest to 10. _______
most difficult
k. Speed test
l. Standardized test
Assessment of Student Learning 1 2
Chapter 1- Concepts of Testing and Assessment

II. Multiple Choice: Choose the correct answer from the options a, b, c, and d. Write the
letter only as your answer at the right column blank.

1. It is an administration of test and use of test results to determine if

students can be promoted to the next year level or will need to be 1. _______
retained to the same year level.
a. test
b. assessment
c. evaluation
d. Testing

2. A kind of test which measures the IQ of an individual as genius, very 2. _______

superior, high average, average, low average, or borderline.
a. intelligence test
b. personality test
c. aptitude test
d. placement test

3. It refers to the gathering of data based on test results, analyzing

and interpreting the data by using statistical techniques to arrive at 3. _______
valid results.
a. testing
b. evaluation
c. assessment
d. test

4. Scope of assessment wherein the courses are evaluated to determine if

they are relevant, realistic, and responsive to the needs and problems 4. _______
of the society.
a. assessment of school programs
b. assessment of curricular offerings
c. assessment of instructional facilities
d. assessment of instructional materials

5. Kind of test which is used to measure the job an applicant should fill.
a. placement test 5. _______
b. preference test
c. prognostic test
d. performance test

6. It is also called as alertness test.

a. scale test 6. _______
Assessment of Student Learning 1 3
Chapter 1- Concepts of Testing and Assessment

b. power test
c. preference test
d. speed test

7. A kind of test which provides exact procedures in controlling the

method of administration and scoring with norms and data concerning 7. _______
the reliability and validity of the test.
a. placement test
b. achievement test
c. standardized test
d. teacher-made test

8. A test prepared by mentors based on the contents stated in the

syllabus and the lessons taken by students. 8. _______
a. standardized test
b. teacher-made test
c. personality test
d. prognostic test

9. A kind of test which determines how much the students have attained
in the learning tasks. 9. _______
a. achievement test
b. intelligence test
c. personality test
d. aptitude test

10. A kind of test that often measures the use of accomplishing the
learning task which involves minimum accomplishment. 10. _______
a. standardized test
b. teacher-made test
c. achievement test
d. performance test

III. Essay

1. Are testing and assessment synonymous with each other? Why?

2. Why is it necessary to assess course offerings, school programs, instructional materials,
instructional facilities, teachers, students, graduates, and principals?
3. How does assessment motivate learning?
4. How does assessment diagnose the nature of difficulties of a diagnostic test?
5. Which of the functions of assessment improves teaching-learning process? Explain?
Assessment of Student Learning 1 4
Chapter 1- Concepts of Testing and Assessment

-----------------------------------------------ANSWERS TO EXERCISES-----------------------------------------------

I. Matching Type

1. f
2. j
3. d
4. c
5. b
6. h
7. i
8. e
9. k
10. g

II. Multiple Choice

1. d
2. a
3. c
4. b
5. a
6. d
7. c
8. b
9. a
10. d

III. Essay

Answers may vary. Commented [J1]: Is this okay?

1. Testing and Assessment are not synonymous with each other but they are highly related. Testing is
the administration of test and use of test results while assessment refers to the collecting of data based
on the learner's performance.

2. It is necessary to assess the different scope of assessment in order to improve the teaching-learning
Assessment of Student Learning 1 5
Chapter 1- Concepts of Testing and Assessment

3. Assessment motivates learning since results can stimulate learner's enthusiasm to get higher scores
in future exams.

4. Results of a diagnostic test determines what part or subject the student is weak or having difficulties

5. All ten functions of assessment can improve the teaching-learning process in one way or another.