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There is no one on this earth who does anything.

whole universe is a puppet show.

We're dancing the dance of Shiva. We think we're

something important. But we're really nothing as we
appear. Your job is to observe to watch, to see what's
going on and not to react to anything that is happening
but to stay...to stay separate from the happenings.

To separate yourself from what is happening. What's

happening is happening to the I, to the ego, not to you.
Nothing can ever happen to you. For your true nature is
Brahman, absolute reality, pure awareness. This is what you really are whether you like it or
not. Yes you are God whether you like it or not. Whether you care or you don't, you are God.
So what are you going to do about it.

All you really have to do is to know who you are, to know yourself. Not intellectually, not
physically, but consciously. When you see yourself consciously as God you will see the whole
universe as your Self. Everything in this whole universe will become you.

There will be no separation between you and your fellow man, the animals and the minerals
and the flowers. It will all be one. They'll be you. You are that!

So you see there are no real problems in the world. There are no challenges in the world. Some
people like to use the word challenge for some problem.

Who wants to challenge you? There is nobody who challenges you. There is nothing you have
to overcome. There is nothing you have to fight. There is nothing you have to attain and there
is nothing you have to become. All you have to do is see this clearly for it to happen.

Just see it clearly. Not cloudy but clearly.

When you see it clearly, you become that which you see. Now my question to you is, what
have you been seeing all of these years? What have you been seeing? What have you been
looking at? Have you been seeing problems, lack, limitation, feeling unloved, feeling as if there
is something wrong someplace? This is the reason why you see things outside of yourself to.
The world becomes what you see and you have the freedom to choose what you see. That is
the only freedom you have. Everything else is preordained. This doesn't mean you're stuck in
karma or it doesn't matter what you do because whatever you do is preordained. It means that
as you see the truth about your life you become free. In other words to the extent you can see
the truth about your self that you are really Brahman, God, that you are that which will never
change, that which is permanent and totally free of anything, to the extent that you can see
yourself this way to that extent are you free.

If you see yourself 20% this way you're free 20%, 50%, you're free 50%, 100% you're free
100%.-Robert Adams - T217: How To Get Rid Of Problems - 19th January, 1993
Become conscious of being conscious.
Say or think "I am", and add nothing to it.
Be aware of the stillness that follows the "I am".
Sense your presence, the naked unveiled, unclothed beingness.
It is untouched by young or old, rich or poor, good or bad, or any other attributes.
It is the spacious womb of all creation, all form. Sri Ramana Maharshi

Most of us do not like to be alone without people around us, without the radio playing, ithout
the TV playing, yet you have to face yourself someday.

Why not do it now? Sit by yourself for a half hour and see if you can do it.

When youre getting depressed or feeling bad, sit by yourself, no noise just yourself. And
watch the thoughts that come to you. You will see how uncontrolled your mind really is.

Some of us believe weve got it together. Yet were afraid to sit by ourselves with nothing to
do. Try staying up all night sometimes, just sitting, doing nothing, watching your thoughts,
watching your emotions, observing yourself. This will explain to you how disciplined you are,
how spiritual you are, by what happens. ~~~~~~~~

When you sit by yourself you can practice Self-Inquiry which becomes very interesting. Watch
your thoughts as they attack you and inquire, To whom do they come?

Observe your thoughts, become the witness to your thoughts, and inquire, What is the source
of my thoughts? Where do all my thoughts come from? I do not wish to think about them but
yet they attack me from all directions. Where do they come from? Who thinks these thoughts?

I do. What is the source of the I? Where does the I come from who thinks these thoughts?

You see I share these tools with you for you to use and play with. Some people have read a lot
of books on Jnana, Advaita Vedanta and they think there is nothing they have to do. Some of
these people believe that enlightenment will come to them sooner or later anyway. So they
might as well do nothing. The only problem is while youre doing nothing the world will press
itself in on you and you will find the world is very strong, because your mind is very strong and
your mind is the world.

But when you start controlling the mind through Self-Inquiry, asking, How did I come by this
mind? Where did this so-called mind come from? What is its source?

You will soon find that youre becoming more peaceful, more kind and more joyous, happier
than youve ever been before. All of these things happen by themselves if you practice Self-
Inquiry or you practice some spiritual discipline.

So spiritual discipline is very important. The ego is very cunning. It will tell you, you do not
have to do anything, but it will control your life more than you can ever imagine.

-Robert Adams - T.220 Consciousness Is Everything

You recognize yourself through body form. That sense of Presence is felt through body form,
that is the purpose of the body instrument. That is not an experience, that is a knowing of
yourself in a real sense. The conviction is as I know myself more and more through this body
form, I must not be this body. 'I am not body' will arise and this will be known. You are using
this body as an instrument to feel this sense of Presence. That is not an experience. Bowing to
the masters and having the recognition in the projection. Even going to McDonalds and looking
at the fry lady and their is a recognition in the projection. In every being my Presence is there.
That spontaneous conviction is 'I absolutely can not be body'. Because how could this body
also be in that body, no it is not possible, yet the recognition is there. So this formless Presence
is in each form, recognizing itself, using body forms. You sense yourself through this body, and
you are reflecting the recognition in the projection through all of the other bodies, because all
of it is inside yourself and everything is arising on your spontaneous Presence. That
spontaneous Presence is felt through body. That sense of Presence, the knower of the sense of
Presence is who I am. I am not the presence, the Presence is kind of an indicator and I am
knowing this sense of Presence using body form. You are the knower of that sense of
Presence. There is constant conveyance, when Presence is speaking and flowing, the
recognition arises, the speaker and the listener are one and the same. That presence is
conveyed, it is conveyed in every moment. The more you continue in the mantra and keep
with your Selfless Self you will see. Absolutely so that I! My Presence is in each and every
being. The squirrel, the dog, the ducks, the birds. An experience may be the birds flying and
you somehow feel them flying through you, that is an experience that you would not want to
continue in the line of oh, this is happening. Recognizing the sense of Presence is
the purpose of the Mantra to invite the attention of the invisible listener,
so your intention goes in there, you concentrate, you feel that sense of
Presence. This automatically gives great happiness, without any material

Do not even allow yourself to be limited to the consciousness that you are a man or a
woman: You are a soul made in God's image. ... The wisest course is to remember always,
I am neither man nor woman I am Spirit. Then you will rid yourself of the limiting
consciousness of both tendencies, you will realize your highest divine potential, whether
you are incarnate as a man or a woman.
~ Paramahansa Yogananda _/\_

Now let's practice the I-am meditation.

Make yourself comfortable. And really feel this.
This is what you should be doing when you are by yourself.
Close you eyes to remove obstructions.
Focus your attention on your breath.
Observe your breath, your respiration.
Do not emphasize your breath, breath normally.
Observe the feelings of your body.
All the feelings that you have in your body.
Observe them watch them.
You are now the witness to your thoughts and your bodily feelings.
Do not try to stop your thoughts or change your thoughts.
Just watch your thoughts.
Remember you are the witness.
No matter what your thoughts tell you just watch them.
Now ask yourself,
"What is the source of the witnessing? I am."
With your respiration dive deep within yourself
as you say, "I-am," to yourself.
As you inhale you say, "I,"
as you exhale you say, "am."
With every breath of I-am feel your self
diving deeper and deeper and deeper
and deeper within the self. Within the heart.
With every breath. With every "I," with every "am."
You are going deeper and deeper
and deeper and deeper and deeper.
Deeper than you've ever gone before.
Transcending your thoughts and your bodily functions.
Your mind.
Your samskaras.
Your karma.
It's all being transcended.
It's all being transmuted.
And it's turning into nothingness.
You are becoming absolutely free.
As you go deeper and deeper within the I-am.
Do it!
-Robert Adams - T175 - Steps In Spiritual Life - 2nd August, 1992
Why not awaken from the dream right now.
Why not wake up right now.
All you have to do is to stop your thoughts.
And you do not stop your thoughts by trying to stop them.
You stop the thoughts by observing them
and not paying any attention to them.
There is a wall between your thoughts and consciousness.
In your mind break down the wall
and let the thoughts flow into consciousness
where they will be totally transcended
and consciousness will be your reality.
So do not fight your thoughts.
~ Robert Adams

"Flow with whatever may happen and let your mind be free:
Stay centered by accepting whatever you are doing.
This is the ultimate."
-Zhuangzi (Chuang Tzu)
As you persevere more and more in the practice of Self-enquiry,
the mind acquires increasing strength and power
to abide in its Source.
~ Ramana Maharshi
What is your mind?
It is a conglomeration of thoughts about the past and the future.
You worry about the past and you worry about the future.
That's all your mind is.
It is not your friend.
Therefore, ignore your mind.
Do not believe what it says.
Simply watch it, behold it,
become the witness to it.
But just to realize that everything is an emanation of your mind,
that alone sets you free. ~ Robert Adams
o whom should I surrender?
To your Self.
If you begin to do just that.
While you are at work.
While you are washing the dishes,
while you are watching TV,
you always remember to surrender.
And one day the inner teacher pulls your mind inward to the Source
and you Awaken.
You become your Self.
~ Robert Adams
I know some of you are
"How will I function?
What will happen to me?"
I can assure you, if you truly
you will always be taken care of.
You will always be guided and
directed to where you have to be,
to do those things that are
necessary for you to do at this
You become spontaneous.
You learn to live in the eternal
You always bring your mind back, your thoughts back, to the present.
You remember to catch your thoughts when you start thinking.
Your thoughts will always think about the past, and worry about the
This is the nature of your mind.
Yet you keep remembering to bring it all back to the now.
You stay centered in the now.
You surrender everything, and you keep inquiring, "Who am I?
How did this body arise?"
The body, the I-thought, the mind, the ego, are all the same.
Soon you will awaken and you will understand that there is only the Self.
There never was anything else.
Your real nature is like a universal screen.
On that universal screen planets are being born, universes come and go.
The earth is only a small dot on the screen.
You are that screen. You are nothing else.
You are Parabrahman, all-pervading.
You are self-contained consciousness, absolute reality,
emptiness, nirvana, sat-chit-ananda, I am that I am.
That is your real nature.
Therefore make up your mind.
Whom shall I follow?
Shall I follow my ego, my emotions and what appears to be real,
or shall I begin to ignore those things and dive into my Self, becoming
The choice is yours.
-Robert Adams - T.93 -Silence, the Spiritual Center -
12th September, 1991

Remember that you are.

This is your working capital.
Rotate it and there will be much profit.
Go beyond, go back to the source,
go to the self that is the same whatever happens.
Your weakness is due to the conviction that
you were born in this world.
In reality the world is ever recreated in you and by you.
See everything emanating from the light
which is the source of your own being.
You will find in that light there is love and infinite energy.
'I am' is True, all else is inference.

~ Nisargadatta Maharaj