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COURSE DESCRIPTION : Guided by the Vision and Mission of the School, the course deals with
Rizals philosophy, ideals of freedom and nationalism for which our hero
lived and died. It likewise deals with the influences of Rizal towards 1896
revolution and the different perceptions that people have upon the
national hero. The course aims at promoting critical view of the social
order in which he lived, through an analysis of his works and letters, his
opinions on liberalism, government, religion, education, as well as his
philosophy of living and the relevance of these ideas to the
Contemporary Philippine Society. The GCIC students, future leaders, and
servant of the global community, will benefit from this course particularly
on matters pertaining to equality, justice, freedom, sincerity, leadership,
and building of collective consciousness that precede the establishment
of commitment, excellence, and sense of community.

CREDIT UNITS : 3 units (54 Lecture Hours)

PLACEMENT : 1st Semester, 2014-15

OBJECTIVES : At the end of the semester, given a conducive and innovative atmosphere for
learning, the students will be able to:

1. Recognize the relevance of Rizals ideals, thoughts, teachings, and life
values to present conditions in the society.
2. Explain the importance of Rizal in the formation of ideology in the 1896
revolution and the Philippine nationalism.

3. Foster the development of moral character, personal discipline, citizenship
and vocational efficiency among the Filipino youth.
4. Imbibe the values of nationalism, honesty, hard work, and dynamism.
5. Pay tribute to the national hero for devoting his life and works in shaping
the Filipino character.

6. Describe and compare the Philosophical ideas of Rizal to other
Philosophers in his time.
7. Internalize early Filipinos initiative in establishing a sense of nationhood.
8. Perform and adapt relevant issues of Rizal on actual projects and
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Time Frame
Topics/Contents Expected Outcome
Classroom and Course Policy Awareness
INTRODUCTION: World of Rizals Times Ability to:
Philippines of Rizals Times Introduction:
Instability of Colonial Administration a) Possess an overview of the worlds
Corrupt Colonial Officials situation that conditioned Rizals
Philippine Representation in Spanish Cortes viewpoint in life.
Human Rights Denied to Filipinos b) Realize the power of the state over its
No Equality Before the Law people
Maladministration of Justice c) Reflect possible solutions on problems
Racial Discrimination encountered by common people in the
Frailocracy state
Forced Labor
Haciendas Owned by the Friars Chapter 1:
The Guardia Civil a) Identify and Describe the Value of Family
and its influences
CHAPTER 1: Advent of A National Hero b) Realize the value of education to the
Birth of a Hero formation of the society
Rizals Parents
Rizal Children
Rizals Ancestry
The Surname Rizal
The Rizal Home
A Good and Middle-Class Family
Home Life of the Rizals

CHAPTER 2: Childhood Years in Calamba Chapter 2:

Calamba, the Heros Town Ability to:
Earliest Childhood Memories a) Realize the significance of parents and
The Heros First Sorrow ones roots
Devoted Son of the Church b) Describe the underlying messages on
Pilgrimage to Antipolo stories taught to Rizal
The Story of the Moth c) Enrich potential interests that one
Artistic Talents possesses
First Poem by Rizal
First Drama by Rizal Chapter 3:
Rizal as Boy Magician Ability to:
Lakeshore Reveries a) Remember past events and persons that
Influences on the Heros Boyhood that influenced ones thinking
b) Describe the essence of martyrdom
Chapter 3; Early Education in Calamba and Binan c) Explain the difference between justice
The Heros First Teacher and injustice
Jose Goes to Binan
First Day in Binan School Chapter 4:
First School Brawl Ability to:
Painting Lesson in Binan a) Explain the Jesuit System Education
Daily Life in Binan b) Refer the connection of contemporary
Best Student in School songs to ones current situation
End of Binan Schooling c) Describe the joys and struggles of
Martyrdom of Gomburza educating oneself
Injustice to Heros Mother

CHAPTER 4: Scholastic Triumphs at Ateneo de Manila

Rizal Enters Ateneo
Jesuit System of Education
Graduation with Highest Honors
Extracurricular Activities in Ateneo
Sculptural Works in Ateneo
Anecdotes on Rizal, the Atenean
Poems Written in Ateneo
My First Inspiration
Rizals Poems on Education
Rizals Religious Poems
Dramatic Work in Ateneo
First Romance of Rizal

5 CHAPTER 5: Medical Studies at the University of Santo Chapter 5:

Tomas Ability to:
Mothers Opposition to Higher Education a) Explain the differences of acquiring
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Rizal Enters the University learning information in reference to the
Finishes Surveying Course in Ateneo (1878) preceding educational levels that one
Romances with Other Girls has already experienced
Victim of Spanish Officers Brutality b) Distinguish the difference between real
Other Literary Works love and superficial love
Rizals Visit to Pakil &Pagsanjan c) Describe the importance of moving on
Champion of the Filipino Students and moving forward
Unhappy Days at the UST
Decision to Study Abroad Chapter 6:
a) Describe Rizals life as a Mason
CHAPTER 6: In the Sunny Spain b) Assert the necessity of being globally
Rizals Secret Mission competitive
Secret Department for Spain c) Explain the cause and purpose of radical
From Singapore to Colombo activism
First Trip Through Suez Canal
Naples and Marselles
Life in Madrid
Romance with Consuelo Ortiga y Perez
Rizal as Lover of Books
Rizals First Visit to Paris (1883)
Rizal as a Mason
Financial Worries
Rizals Salute to Luna and Hidalgo
Rizal Involved in Student Demonstrations
Studies Completed in Spain


CHAPTER 7: Paris to Berlin Chapter 7

In Gay Paris Ability to:
Rizal as Musician a) Identify customs from the west that are
In Historic Heidelberg good/bad and relate such identified
With Pastor Ullmer at Wilhelmsfeld items to eastern culture
First Letter to Blumentritt b) Explain Rizals significance in Germany
Fifth Centenary of Heidelberg University
In Leipzig and Dresden Chapter 8
Rizal Welcomed in Berlins Scientific Circles Ability to:
Rizals Life in Berlin a) Discuss the overview of Noli Me Tangere
Rizal on German Women and the corresponding reasons and
German Customs rationale on important characters
Rizals Darkest Winter mentioned therein.
b) Create a flow chart in discussing the
CHAPTER 8: Noli Me Tangere Published in Berlin story of Noli Me Tangere
Idea of Writing a Novel on the Philippines
The Writing of Noli
Viola, Savior of the Noli
Rizal suspected as Frenchy Spy
Printing of the Noli Finished
The Title of the Novel
The Authors Dedication
The Noli Based on Truth
Missing Chapter of the Noli

9-10 CHAPTER 9: Rizals Grand Tour of Europe with Viola Chapter 9:

The Tour Begins
Ability to:
First Meeting with Blumentritt
a) Discuss the reasons why people are
Beautiful Memories of Leitmeritz
driven towards discrimination
Danubian Voyage to Lintz
Rizal Resents Exhibition of Igorots in 1887 Madrid
Chapter 10 & 11:
Ability to:
CHAPTER 10: First Homecoming a) Discuss the effects of Noli Me Tangere
Decision to return Home b) Describe the influence of Religion to
Happy Homecoming ones life
Storm over the Noli
Defenders of the Noli Chapter 12 & 13:
Rizal and Taviel de Andrade
Ability to:
Calambas Agrarian Trouble
a) Distinguish the impressions of Rizal in
Japan and USA
CHAPTER 11: In Hongkong and Macao
b) Identify political problems and the
The Trip to Hong kong
attempt of the state to free itself from
Visit to Macao
capital imperialism
CHAPTER 12: Romantic Interlude in Japan
Rizal Impression of Japan

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Romance with O-Sei-San
Rizal on O-Sei-San
O-Sei-San After Rizals Departure
Voyage across the Pacific
Rizal and Tetcho

CHAPTER 13: Rizals Visit to the United States

Rizal in San Francisco
Across the American Continent
Rizal in New York
Rizals Impression of America

11 CHAPTER 14: Rizal in London Chapter 14 & 15:

News from Home, Good and Bad
Ability to:
Annotating Morgas Book
a) Understand obstacles founded in being
Short Visit to Paris and Spain
a leader
Christmas in London
b) Understand the setting of creating an
Rizal Becomes Leader of Filipinos in Europe
Rizal and The La Solidaridad Newspaper
c) Discuss the significance of Morgas work
Writings in London
to Rizals mindset
Romance with Gertrude Beckett
d) Explain Rizals position regarding the
indolence of the Filipinos
CHAPTER 15: Rizals Second Sojourn in Paris and the
e) Explain the purpose of being a satire
Universal Exposition of 1889
Difficulty of Finding Quarters
Rizal and Paris Exposition of 1889
Kidlat Club
Indios Bravos
R.D.L.M. Society
Annotated Edition of Morga Published
Comment on Morgas Publication Date
Rizal as Historian
The Philippines Within a Century
The Indolence of the Filipinos
International Association of Filipinologists
Project for Filipino College in Hongkong
Por Telefono
Christmas in Paris


13 to 14 CHAPTER 16: In Belgian Brussels Chapter 16:

Articles Published in La Soldaridad
New Orthography of Tagalog Language Ability to:
Rizal Criticizes Madrid Filipinos for Gambling a) Explain the functions of La Solidaridad
Bad News from Home b) Discuss the meaning of Orthography
Presentiment of Death c) Describe the effects of division in unity
Preparation to go Home d) Discuss ones presentiment on death
Decision to go to Madrid
Romance with Petite Jacoby Chapter 17:
Ability to:
CHAPTER 17: Misfortunes in Madrid a) Explain the purpose of a duel in Rizals
Failure to Get Justice for Family dispute with others
Rizals Eulogy to Panganiban b) Compare and contrast old and new
Aborted Duel With Antonio Luna traditions lived by Filipinos on marriage
Rizal Challenges Retana to Duel c) Discuss the reasons behind Rizals
Infidelity of Leonor Rivera abdication of leadership
Rizal-Del Pilar Rivalry Chapter 18:
Rizal Abdicates His Leadership
Ability to:
CHAPTER 18: Biarritz Vacations & Romance with Nelly a) Discuss Rizals retirement from the
Boustead Propaganda Movement
Romance with Nellie Boustead
El Filibusterismo Finished in Biarritz
To Paris and Back to Brussels
Retirement from the Propaganda Movement
Rizal Stopped Writing for La Solidaridad
Revising the Fili for Publication

CHAPTER 19: El Filibusterismo Published in Ghent Chapter 19:

Privations in Ghent Ability to:
The Printing of El Filibusterismo a) Discuss the overview of El Fili and the
Ventura, Savior of the Fili corresponding reasons and rationale on
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The Fili Comes Off the Press important characters mentioned therein.
Dedicated to Gom-Bur-Za b) Create a flow chart in discussing the
Noli and Fili Compared story of El Fili
Rizals Unfinished Third Novel
Rizals Other Unfinished Novels Chapter 20:
Ability to:
CHAPTER 20; Opthalmic Surgeon in Hong Kong a) Explain the reasons on why Rizal needed
Farewell to Europe to leave Europe for good.
Rizal and the German Ladies b) Explain the reasons why Rizal wanted to
Arrived in Hong Kong colonize Borneo
Family Reunion in Hong Kong c) Discuss the connivance of Spanish
Ophthalmic Surgeon in Hong Kong officials in entrapping Rizal
Borneo Colonization Project
Writings in Hong Kong Chapter 21:
Decision to Return to Manila Ability to:
Last Hong Kong Letters a) Explain the purpose of La Liga Filipina
Rizal Falls into Spanish Trap and be able to identify its distinctions
from other organizations where Rizal was
CHAPTER 21: Second Homecoming and the La Liga involved
Filipina b) Discuss the reasons why Rizal was
Visiting Friends in Central Luzon arrested and jailed in Fort Bonifacio
Other Interviews with Despujol
Founding of the Liga Filipina Chapter 22:
Rizal Arrested and Jailed in Fort Santiago Ability to:
Arbitrary Deportation to Dapitan a) Understand Rizals life and achievements
in Dapitan
CHAPTER 22: Exile in Dapitan b) Determine the cause of Rizals word of
Beginning of Exile in Dapitan honor against the escape attempt from
Wins in Manila Lottery Dapitan
Rizal-Pastells Debate on Religion
Rizal Challenges a Frenchman to a Duel
Rizal and Father Sanchez
Idyllic Life in Dapitan
Rizals Encounter with the Friars Spy
As Physician in Dapitan
Water System for Dapitan
Community Projects for Dapitan
Rizal as Teacher
Contributions to Science
Linguistic Studies
Artistic Works in Dapitan
Rizal as Farmer
Rizal as Businessman
Rizals Inventive Ability
Rizal & Josephine Bracken
Rizal and the Katipunan
Volunteers as Military Doctor in Cuba

CHAPTER 23: Last Trip Abroad

From Dapitan to Manila Chapter 23, 24, & 25:
Rizal Misses Ship Going to Spain Ability to:
Outbreak of the Philippine Revolution a) Explain the truth behind Rizals Manifesto
Departure for Spain to his people
Rizal in Singapore b) Explain Rizals view on death and
Victim of Spanish Duplicity Religion
Rizal Arrested Before Reaching Barcelona
Arrival in Barcelona as Prisoner

CHAPTER 24: Last Homecoming & Trial

Confiscation of Rizals Diary
Unsuccessful Rescue in Singapore
Arrival in Manila
Preliminary Investigation
Rizal Chooses His Defender
Reading of Information of Charges to the
Rizals Manifesto to His People
Rizals Saddest Christmas
The Trial of Rizal
Polavieja Signs Rizals Execution

CHAPTER 25: Martyrdom at Bagumbayan

Last Hours of Rizal
Death March to Bagumbayan

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Martyrdom of a Hero
Aftermath of a Hero-Martyrs Death


Zaide, Gregorio and Zaide, Sonia; Jose Rizal: Life, Works, and Writings of a Genius,
Writer, Scientist, and National Hero, All Nations Publishings, Quezon City, 1999

COURSE WEBSITE : http://gcicrizal.wordpress.com




Class Standing 60
Recitation 10%
Output/Project 50%
Quizzes 30%
Attendance/Attitude 10%
Major Exam 40

Total 100

Final Grade:

Prelim 30%
Midterm 30%
Final Term 40%

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