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Welcome to KTH

School of Engineering Sciences (SCI)

While youre waiting, please fill in the contact form

School Introduction 23 August 2017

Gunnar Tibert Director of undergraduate and graduate

My Delby Master coordinator
Susanne Lilliehk and Karin Gorgn Student counselors
Helena Legnell International coordinator
Linna Andersson and Esther Frithiofsen Student Union
Chapter/THS Sektion

Programme Directors of your Master programme


Access card
Web registration
Course selection
Conditional admission
Swedish Personal Identity number / Personnummer
Disability support and Student Health Service
Study leave
Student counselors
Exchange studies
Student Ambassador
Student Union Chapter/THS Sektion
School of Engineering Sciences (SCI)

Information to new master students

Gunnar Tibert
Director of 1st and 2nd cycle studies
Welcome to the School of Engineering Sciences
Departments of Solid
Three fields: Mathematics, Physics and Applied Mechanics.
Mechanics, Mechanics and
Six departments for education and research in mathematics, Aeronautical and Vehicle
fundamental and applied sciences. Engineering.


SCI Student office

Address: Teknikringen 8,
ground floor
Open (MonFri) 12:0015:00
Departments of Physics
and Applied Physics
Departments of Mathematics
and Mechanics

You are now sitting here!

Education at Advanced Level
Master programmes:

Mathematics ( 15 new students per year)

Applied and Computational Mathematics (80)
COSSE (dual degree) (5)

Engineering Physics (40)

Nuclear Energy Engineering (15)

Aerospace Engineering (50)

Engineering Mechanics (40)
Naval Architecture (20)
Vehicle Engineering (30)
Maritime Engineering (dual degree) (5)
Educational organisation for master programmes
Directors for 1st and 2nd cycle studies

Gunnar Tibert and Michael Hanke (deputy)

Directors for master programmes: Student counselors at SCI student office

Your primary contact for course selection and For changes in course selection (after
academic advice! discussion with director) and administrative
Maurice Duits (Mathematics)
Michael Hanke (Applied and Computational Math.)
Michael Hanke (COSSE+N5T)
Mathematics and physics programmes:
Susanne Lilliehk, susli@kth.se
Magnus Andersson (Engineering Physics)
Waclaw Gudowski (Nuclear Energy Engineering) Applied mechanics programmes:
Karin Gorgn, kgorgen@kth.se
Christer Fuglesang (Aerospace Engineering)
Sren stlund (Engineering Mechanics) Dual Master, COSSE, N5T
Anders Rosn (Naval Architecture+N5T)
Lars Drugge (Vehicle Engineering)
My Delby
Some small pieces of advice
Login at www.kth.se and complete the online
course about students rights and responsibilities
at KTH today!

Some small pieces of advice

You must sign up for examinations to get a seat in the

Registrations for exams may close as early as 4 weeks
before the exam date! Sign up for your exams as early as

Ask experienced KTH students for advice and tips!

You will study together with students who have studied at
KTH for three years, so if you are unsure how things work
at KTH: do not hesitate to ask them for advice!

Do not take on a too heavy workload during your first

Your programme director will guide you.
Some small pieces of advice
Mobile phones must be switched off and out-of-reach
during exam!
Violation of this rule will give you a six weeks suspension from
your studies.

Degree project reports fall under the Swedish Public

Access to Information and Secrecy Act and are to be
publicly available to everyone!
Most students do their final degree projects at companies, who
sometimes want to classify the degree report, which is not
possible. Talk to your programme director as soon as you have
secured a degree project in a company to avoid problems.

Do not leave valuables unattended at any time!

KTH Campus is a very safe place, but beware of pickpockets!
Content of your folder

1. Swedish Personal Identity number / Personnummer

2. Contact form
3. Information about your access card at KTH + Access card
4. Study plan
White Access Card
Code for the access card needed evenings and weekends


If you have a problem with your card or lose it contact KTH Entr
at Drottning Kristinas vg 4(Mon-Fri 8-16.30).

If your card gets stolen or lost please report this to

08-7906600 during office hours, other times KTH
Emergency number 08-7907700

You are responsible Never let anyone else in!

Master programme 120 credits

30 credits per semester, 15 credits per period - Most courses

are 7,5 credits

Bear in mind that if you do not take programme courses, you

might not be qualified to take the next course
(progression/competence profiles)

If you want to change a course, you need to cancel it within 3

weeks of course start through the personal menu on KTH.se

Contact Student counselors about new course

Course selection Autumn 2017
Programmes with course selection in period 1:
Vehicle Engineering
Engineering mechanics
Engineering Physics

Most other masters programmes have mandatory courses in period 1

but may have to make a course selection for period 2.

Programmes with only mandatory courses in period 1 & 2:

Aerospace Engineering
Mathematics (Joint programme)
Maritime Engineering (Nordic Five Tech)
Computer Simulations for Science and Engineering (COSSE)
Applied and Computational Mathematics (Dual Master Programme students from
Erlangen-Nrberg and Louvain)
Nuclear Energy Engineering (Dual Master Programme students from Tsinghua)
Personal menu

You log in to your Personal menu at the KTH web page with your
KTH login/password (have been handed out to you from KTH

The personal menu will appear on the top of the kth.se page.
Programme and Course

(Course registration only possible if

you have mandatory courses or
have selected your course

How to register:
1. Log in on KTH.se ->
Programme -> Registrations

Between 28-31 August!
Registration overview
It is easy to see in the Academic overview in the personal
menu on KTH.se if you are correctly registrered:

= Admitted to the course but not registered

= Registered

You can also see when you have completed a course:

= Some results reported

= Course completed
After registration

Library card

Student card (Mecenatkortet/Studentkortet)

- Register your address in Personal Menu (KTH

SL-card (Stockholm Public Transport)

- In order to get student discount you need to be
Extra courses and language courses
A student is not guaranteed more credit than the programme the
he/she has been admitted to includes.

A maximum of one 7,5 credit course may be allowed during

the programme studies.
ONLY applicable to students who are doing well and completing
their courses
Not allowed in the first semester
Students liable to pay tuition fee cannot take any extra courses
(without being liable to further fees)

The Unit for Language and Communication offers credit-giving

courses in both Swedish and English.
We will send more information in November on how to apply for
Spring 2018.
The course administration
at each department

Course registrations
Course results
Questions about exams/re-exams
Canvas access
Students with a conditional admission

Will need to show original degree certificate in original

language and English translation as well as photo-ID to KTH
Admissions Office.

If you cannot upload your documents by December 21, you

will have to contact KTH Admissions Office and make an
appointment to show your documents once you receive them.
This must be done before you apply for graduation.
E-mail: admissions@kth.se
Study leave

If you do not intend to study for one period or more, it is

very important that you let us know

To be guaranteed to keep your spot on the programme,

you need to have been granted study leave in advance
Swedish Personal Identity number /
KTH registration number/T-number (YYMMDD+TXXX)

International students who have a residence permit for at least

12 months or are admitted to studies for 13 months or more, can
apply for a Swedish personal identity number from the Swedish
Tax Agency, Skatteverket.

You can not apply before you have registered as a student

at KTH at the beginning of the semester (end of August).

Swedish Tax Agency pop-up office on campus (Quick service)

Friday 8 September, 11:00 Place: KTH Entr

When you have obtained your personal identity number please

send an email to studentdata@kth.se
Funka Disability support
Students at KTH with a permanent disability can get support in their

There are many different types of disabilities and even more

variations within the same disability (for example ADHD, Aspergers
Syndrome, Asthma and allergies, Dyslexia, Deafness, Impaired hearing,
Psychological disabilities, Physical disabilities, Impaired sight, Whiplash)

The most common support measures

Note-taking help a course mate takes notes and gives copies to the
Longer writing periods for exams and tests
Opportunity to take tests in a private room

If you have any questions, please contact funka@kth.se

KTH Student Health Service
The Student Health Service at Avonova provides support and counselling for
problems related to your studies at KTH, such as stress etc. You can talk to a nurse,
counsellor or a doctor depending on your problems/issues.

E-post: studenthalsan-skoterska@avonova.se

If you wish to apply for a doctor appointment, please contact the nurse.

Social Counsellor
E-post: studenthalsan-kurator@avonova.se

Tel: +46 8 120 125 00

Outdoor activities

Your Student Office, SCI

We give you guidance and support

before and during your studies.

How to visit us during office hours:

Address: Teknikringen 8 (ground floor)

Monday to Thursday: 12 am 3 pm
(most days)
Friday: 12 am 1.30 pm
Student counselor 2 year Master

Susanne Lilliehk
Engineering Physics
Applied and Computational Mathematics
Nuclear Energy Engineering
Mathematics (Joint programme with Stockholm University)

E-mail adress: suslil@kth.se

Student counselor 2 year Master

Karin Gorgn
Aerospace Engineering
Engineering Mechanics
Naval Architecture
Vehicle Engineering

E-mail adress: kgorgen@kth.se

Master coordinator

My Delby
Computer Simulations for Science and Engineering (COSSE)
Maritime Engineering (Nordic Five Tech)
Nuclear Energy Engineering: Dual Master Tsinghua KTH
Applied and Computational Mathematics: Dual Master programme
Erlangen/Nrnberg + Louvain
Study Abroad Programme (SAP): UCAS KTH

If you need an appointment please send me an e-mail

Email: master@sci.kth.se
International Coordinator Exchange

Helena Legnell
All master programmes

E-mail adress: exchange-out@sci.kth.se

Exchange studies

- One term at one of KTHs partner universities.

- For students at a masters programme its only possible to
study abroad within an exchange during the autumn
semester year 2
- Students on a KTH tuition fee waiver cannot apply for
exchange studies.
- You apply in a database which opens 15 November, the
application deadline is 15 December.
Student Ambassador

Would you like to become a Student Ambassador for KTH?

Answer e-mails from prospective students

Leading campus tours and give presentations
Telephone sessions with prospective or newly admitted
Give lectures at previous home universities
Other opportunities

Information will be sent to you via e-mail. Apply no later than

August 31st to master@sci.kth.se
F- Physics Chapter