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Items Description RC Product Wall Product

a) Length of member 5mm 4mm

b) Width 5mm 3mm
Dimension c) Thickness/Height 5mm 3mm
d) Straightness / Lateral Bending L/750 & 20 L/1000 & 20
e) Squareness / Diagonal 0, +5mm 0, +5mm
f) Warped (Twist) L/1000 L/1000

Opening a) Reserve Hole (Small).

a. Centerline Position. 0, 5mm 0, 5mm
b. Hole Size. 5mm 5mm
b) Reserve Hole (Big).
a. Centerline Position. 0, 10mm 0, 10mm
b. Hole Size / Depth. 10mm 10mm
c) Door Window
a. Centerline Position 0, 5mm 0, 5mm
b. Width, Height 3mm 3mm

a) The position of the centerline of the

embedded anchor plate. 0, +5mm 0, +5mm
Cast-In Items
b) Height Between Anchor Plate and 0, -5mm 0, -5mm
Concrete Surface.
c) Bolt, sleeve, nut centerline position.
0, +2mm 0, +2mm
d) Bolt exposed length
+10, -5mm +10, -5mm
e) Wire box, tube, ring centerline
f) Wire tube, electric box, hanging ring 0, +10mm 0, +10mm
and concrete height difference

0, +10mm 0, +10mm

Surface Roughness Interior (Inner Surface) 5mm 5mm

Exterior (Outer Surface) - 3mm
Groove Line Centerline Position 5mm 5mm
Length, Width, Depth 5mm 5mm
Starter Bar / Reserved Centerline Position 0, +3mm 0, +3mm
Bars Exposed Length 5mm 5mm

Keyway / Recess Centerline position 0, +5mm 0, +5mm

Length, width, depth 5mm 5mm